Arizona Republic from Phoenix, Arizona on August 8, 1963 · Page 40
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Arizona Republic from Phoenix, Arizona · Page 40

Phoenix, Arizona
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 8, 1963
Page 40
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Woody Strode, Ace Saturday Serenade ior Dot Froehling Shows Way BALTIMORE (AP) - Top-seed Dot Wilkinson will be serenaded!the PBSW Ramblers softball team Brazilian Victor n Arizona Republic 41 i Phoenix, Thurs., Aug. 8, 1K3 HAMBURG, Germany (AP) - . Jose Mandarino of Brazil, de-1 I 8 f TMfX feated Gordon Forbes of South DUIIUCi S Africa 6-3. 6-3 64 yesterday in Why or ca fof tjrimatef the third round of men s singles Dependable . . . Competitive in the German International ten ! Robertson & Son Plumblna by the Boys Club of Phoenix when Ud her rapid rise to fame in the she is honored on "Dot Wilkinson!.,.. . . pitches to their old-time friend and catcher. j Several awards will be made to Dot, including a surprise gift paid for by funds collected from Negro Player Has No Axe to Grind at Rambler i 11 ,11V WUiUt UUJ ed Frank Froehling of Coral Field. Performing in addition to the Gables, Fla., opened his bid to choir will be members of the local softball fans The 60-voice choir is preparing nis championships. 1420 N. 32nd St. BR 5-24S1 Maricopa County Sheriffs Depart- n-i An " I a. . ..r:i a.-An , a 1 i a a The ceremony will begin at six selections for that evening, in regain the Middle Atlantic Invitation Grass Courts Tennis Championship yesterday with a 6-3 t t ii ii- ;P-m- Pnor ,0 t"e game between titled, "How To Legally win A,. dki... the Ramblers cluding a couple of surprise fa 6-3 first-round victory over Lee vorites of Miss Wilkinson. Softball Game." Fentress of New Orleans. and the Orange, Calif. Lionettes. Admission is $1.50 fur box seats, and $1 for general admission. Dot will be feted for the many mm mm Former battery mates of Dottie will be on hand to deliver a few game for anything short of an amputation. Woody played clean, but so hard mat some halfbacks got a nosebleed just looking at him over a line of scrimmage. But what made Woody's ca Froehling, who won the title in seasons she has been a star with 1961 and then passed up the tour ney last year, gained a second round berth in today's play against Clay Primrose of Jackson, Miss. Primrose eliminated Norm II LAS VEGAS, NEVADA JL Turf Results DEL MAR Cloudy 1 Ft By JIM MURRAY The Los Angdea Times Service Apart from Bob Waterfield, who may have been the best ever to play anywhere, who, should you say, was the best football player in UCLA history? Kenny Washington? probably. Ronnie Knox? possibly. Jackie Robinson? hardly. Woodrow Wilson Strode' Undoubtedly. Woody Strode was an end by profession but he could do whatever had to be done with Perry of Los Angeles, 6-3, 3-6, 6-3 in a mild upset. Pro Jobs Staked In 11-Game Set rap ii Form prevailed among the other seeded players as second-ranked FIRST, hjrlongj Old HMsomt (LamOert) $16, 4 80. 3.80; Jolly loose lYanejj .0,, TuUne iBnnson) $2 80. T 1:10. SECOND, 6 furlontjs Bright Strike (Valenzuela) $19. 40, 8 60, 6.6C.- Home Town (Bnnsonl $5.20, 3 60; Roman Break. (YorlO $5.20. T DAILY DOUBLE Old Hiafuim resort city n a tower of luxury Don Dell of Bethesda, Md., ousted Richmond, Va., ace Bitsy Harri son, 6-1, 6-3. Third-seeded Larry By MURRAY ROSE Associated Press Sports Writer 'Bright Strike (101 $151.00. i THIRD, 6 furlongs Accelerated (More no) $3.20. 2.60, 2.20; Have Music iBrln-ison) $.80, 2 40; Vital Spark lYanei) Nagler of Los Angeles bested All the fun, the glamour, the excite complete Gene Gerber of Baltimore 6-3, 6-2 $2 70 T -l:104. contest, the NFL goes almost full, ay that ipells LAS VEGAS fabled city of thrills and fabulous entertain- and fourth-seeded Roger Werks- FOURTH, 6 furlongs Ifsnoproblem Rookies and insecure veterans who have survived the wholesale cutoffs so far will get the full blast with five exhibitions sched-j iraneii j.4u. J; seafaring (Long- den) 140. ?n: llnitH KiAt.nnt II ih,aui man, another Los Angeles netman, reer unique was that it was one long fight against prejudice. Woody is a negro. But it was not white people's prejudice. It was his own people's. The story goes back to the Los Angeles of the 30s, a carefree town, where the movies were riding high, the smog had not yet arrived, Hitler was just a character Charlie Chaplin made funny movies about. There were no black ghettos in Los Angeles. Every other person seemed faintly dotty, guys went around in beards and sandals making speeches in Pershing Square. Kenny Washington was raised among Italians and logged more lasagna than a regiment of Mussolinis. At UCLA, Strode, Robinson and Washington seemed as natural a part of the scenery as the oleanders and Royce Hall. defeated Les Sack of Clarksdale, uiea ior saiuraay. ine programi'F'j:T ''J' convention facilities for reservations lonas RkI L in lvn,! pressure treatment in a series of.for that day shows Baltimore vs, Miss., 6-1, 6-2. ment are captured under one roof at the RIVIERA HOTEL. NOW football exhibitions starting with Philadelphia at Hershey, Pa., Chi i Brazil's Ron Barnes, one of $3 SO, 2 60. 2 40; Mustachio (Burns) $4 60 3.40; Sapot (Church) $2 80. T-1:I05 SIXTH, 6 furlongs Nevada Princess (Lambert) $27.70, 8 70. 5 0; Gdvola lHalli $3, 2 60; Crystal Classic (Longden) $5 T 1 102 SEVENTH, one mile Savail (Brinsoni $4.40, 3 20, 2 80; Corolla (Longdenl $6 20, the Dallas Cowboys vs. Rams game at Los Angeles tonight. the hottest performers on the a football. At 6 feet 4 inches, 200 pounds, he was strong enough to strangle a horse and fast enough to catch one. He played at UCLA at a time when a "squad" consisted of 11 cago vs. New York at Ithaca, N.Y., Cleveland vs. Detroit at Detroit, Green Bay vs. Pittsburgh at Miami, and Minnesota vs. San LOUIS ARMSTRONG 4; Can't sleep (Yaka) $4 60 T -I 35. Jobs will be at stake in that E GHTH. one mi fr Hi Ratrnl IfhitrrM eastern grass court circuit and the dark horse in this event, got off to a fast start by beating Ron Goldman of Washington, 6-3, 6-3. CALL ENterprise 1-2119 OR CALL YOUR TRAVEL AGENT Francisco at Portland, Ore. no-count contest and 10 others in the National Football League and SB 80, 5.80, 3 60; Poonetta (Campas) $24.40, 8.40; Curious Clover (Leonard) $3. T-1:36' j. CONNIE HAINES NINTH, 1,', miles Ooert House IHer JANE RUSSELL BERYL DAVIS THE AFL, which has had three nandez) $88.20, 37.40. 15.20; Cover Wave Ian Crookenden of Auckland, American Football League within a week's span. (Lambert) $10 20, 6 20; Furvvan (Lonj- Murray den) $4. T I4J. New Zealand, was the only seeded player to run into trouble. The surprising results in as many exhibitions, puts all eight of its Following the Cowboys - Rams guys who wouldn't leave the No. 2 foreign entrant behind teams on display from tomorrow through Wednesday. Barnes, he finally bested stub Not Color Conscious; He Wed Hawaiian Coif Rrsults SHOWLOW CC Lidlet Club Championship born Dave Sunderlin, a Junior Prescott Race Davis Cup player from Los An Houston's Eastern Division geles, 4-6, 6-2, M. Barbrtra Eemon, 88; Ruth Hall, o champions, whipped 27-14 by Den Deadline Anjr. 19 ver on AUg. J, plays tlie NeW:Lucille Greer, lOI. Final 18 holes will VnvL- -ik .,.!.!. - e plaved tod.iv. Awir. vio, cl liuu niui a new PRESCOTT Interest is pick name, new coach in Weeb Ew-bank, new management and fresh money, at Shreveport, La., tomor ings were prejudice and bigotry. Woody was as baffled by this as a Pacific Coast dolphin. Alphabetical agencies began to fault-find Woody because he did not "join the cause." "What 'cause'?" demanded Woody. "You're out here in paradise and you're sore because the wings itch." In 1946, he found out. In a way. He joined the Rams and, ing up the Prescott Downs Quarter Horse Futurity, with 39 Lee Walker row night. The same night the Sovereign Race Champ COWES, Isle of Wight (AP)- of the roiginal 50 entries still eligible for the Aug. 31 running of Buffalo Bills make their exhibition debut against the Chiefs at Kansas City. The chiefs, who won i the rich event. Woody had been born In Los Angeles, had lived in fashionable Westwood from the age of 14. "We were," he admits, "unconscious of color. We used to sit in the best seats at the Cocoanut Grove listening to Donald Novis sing. If someone said 'there's a Negro over there,' I was just as apt as anyone to turn around and say "where?' " Woody married a Hawaiian girl and her people enthusiastically accepted him. His own people were not so enthusiastic. Then a war came, and with it, the waves of migration from the South both white and black. They poured into the state with their belongings on me sedan roof and among their belong the 1962 AFL title as the Dallas Olin Stephens, American yacht Nominations for the futurity Texans, were whipped 26-14 by on a trip to Chicago, he and designer, watched Sovereign, closed June 26, and the deadline Vestal Lwli DEWAXER MiA the San Diego Chargers a week ago. Kenny Washington were directed to a segregated hotel. for the fourth and final payment Britain's likely challenger for the America's Cup, score an impressive victory in the Cowes Regatta STYLED FOR BEAUTY. .. BUILT FOR DUTY! Comfort, Silence, Speed and Smoothness of a passenger car-plus safety and traction of 4-wheel drive with the extra convenience of optional Automatic Transmission, Power Steering and Power Brakes, The one family wagon you can drive almost anywhere, in almost any weather. THRILL TO A TEST DRIVE TODAY of $75 is Aug. 19, at noon. yesterday. The management gave them $200 and told them to show up the day of the game. "It was great. I rediscovered my own people. We went to hear Count With the $1,000 added by the Yavapai Turf Club, the potential pot is $7,165. In addition to the Tony Boyden's new yacht defeated three competitors in BOSTON'S Patriots, runners-up in the East last year, take on the Chargers at San Diego Saturday. The Pats were upset 24-17 last Sunday by the lowly Oakland Raiders. Or Sunday, Denver and the for: Rubber Asphalt Tile Terrono Ask lor Demo. ARIZONA JANITOR Supply Co. lf Basie, the best in jazz. I never purse money, trophies for the win the day's 12-meter event. She was timed in 2:53:48, with Lord had so much fun in my life." ning jockey, trainer and owner will be presented by the Thunder- RwjTftKU0t 1500 N. CENTRAL AL 2-6844 OPEN SUN. 12-6 Told Negro Press to Leave Him Alone Craigmyle's Norsaga second in 2:55:43. Stephens, who designed Colum Rattlers . clash at Oakland, and Boston and Houston meet at Lowell, Mass., Wednesday, Aug. 14. 2021 North Black Canyon Rd. Phoenix AL 2-4034 LARK HAWK AVANTI bird Hotel of Las Vegas. Expected to be among favorites for the race are a pair of Arizona-bred and owned youngsters STUDEBAKER TRUCKS JEEP bia, successful defender of the America's Cup in 1958, watched the race from a Swedish boat. Mack Hastings' Sweety Bar and Meanwhile, Germany suffered Placeurbet, owned by Duane Ells an unexpected blow in the Ad worth. Both displayed good speed in recent wins on the Prescott miral's Cup competition. Officials oval. colder. He got into the movies. He wrestled professionally. When Yul Brynner shaved his hair off, so did Woody Strode. He starred in John Ford pictures like "Sergeant Rutledge." He fought Kirk Douglas in "Spartacus." He plays a villain In the current Jocko Ma-honey "Tarzan" picture. But now, a revolution is In the streets of the country. The Negro, at last, is marching peacefully for his rights. Decent people everywhere root for him. Then, the militant Negro press got wind of the situation. They descended on Woody with fire In the eye. Woody was dismayed. ''Look," he groaned, "do me a favor and mind your own business. We get $200 a week, we don't have to stand curfew, I hear the white guys on the dub are about to mutiny to get the kind of a deal we got. Now, you're going to louse it all up." It was no use. Woody finally left the Rams. He went to Canada which in some respects was like L.A. in the 30s, only announced that the German sloop Rubin had been wrongly named as winner of Tuesday's Britannia Tops in breeding is represented little League State Tournament . . . GREATEST THRILL OF THEM ALL in the futurity entnes with such uip, second oi the lour races prominent sires as Three Bars, counting towards the Admiral's Depth Charge, War Chant, Direct Cup. Win, Tonto Bars Gill, Clabber II and Joe Blair. Pop Warner Football Registration Slated Registration for grade school Woody Confused; Always Had Equality JACK POT ROPING SUNDAY, AUG. Ilfh Steer and Calf Roping Cutting Horse Contest (RCA Rulis) boys living in the Madison School District who are interested in .. V .. DANCING DRINKS LIVE MUSIC COCKTAIL LOUNGE playing Pop Warner football this year will be held between 10 a.m. and 5 p.m. on Saturday, August 10, at 1850 E. Minnezona. Boys 10-14 and weighing between 85 and 120 pounds are eligible to compete in either the midget or bantam divisions. never happened to you. It's hard to fight for equality when you've always had it. What is one to do?" Woody knows the answer. Grab your hat and follow. The wings are not only itching, they're causing a rash. The good old days when Kenny Washington was an Italian, Woody Strode was a paying customer at the Grove, and UCLA was only two stories high are as dead as silent pictures. The idea now is to get the whole country to be what Woody Strode's L.A. was In 1936. But, every revolution's first victims are its own. It is its own hostage, in bondage to itself. It scares its own leaders. A Robespierre sees the mob dash by his window, grabs his hat and says with an edge of panic, "There goes the mob. I am their leader. Therefore, I must follow them." Woody is in this stage of confusion, too. "Listen," he says desperately, "I never had to sit in the back of the bus. I never had to step off the curb into the mud. I went in houses by the front door. It's hard to get indignant at something that Kirkland, Arizona 4 ivVfd i i i -n 3815 N. CENTRAL Phoenician Net Loser IEGOR fourth nationally, beat Hugh Sweeney of Houston, 6-4, 6-4. Fox currently is under restriction by the U.S. Lawn Tennis Association GLEN COVE, N. Y. (AP)-England's Bobby Wilson and Allen Fox of Los Angeles, the top-seeded players, led the field into tiie third round as the historic for playing in a European tour without USLTA permis-J nament sion. Nassau Bowl Grass Court lennis Tournament began its revival yesterday. Wilson and his British Davis HEAVY DUTY Plasticized Synthetic Woven Materials Luxurious Colors and Patterns "COOL" Ail Vinyl Trim "SHOCKPROOF" Cup teammate, Roger Taylor, left England immediately after Great Britain's Davis Cup success over Sweden Monday and arrived in "Jltty" k Uy shines L f) time to take part in this tourna INSTALLED FREE Tonight marks the exciting climax of Little League baseball this year for some 30,000 Arizona youngsters. The teams playing in this tournament seek the highest Arizona honor of them all the state championship. Arizona Public Service Company congratulates these top teams as well as the many others throughout the state. And we extend a special vote of gratitude to the many dedicated managers, coaches, and other officials. Their supervision and guidance has enabled these boys to experience the thrill of competition, sportsmanship, the will to win, and the strength to be a good loser; a foundation that will reward them all through their lives. nt M.h konm in 1Q1T onH Id Jlll.111, U-HH 11 I"" " Little League manager Joe Braly is one of many Arizona Public Service employees who believe community responsibilities extend far beyond their working hours on the job. back on the crcu.t after a -,OllCe-a.WCek' Wilson, seeded first, defeated Bailey Brown of Bronxville, N.Y., a Penn player, 6-3, 6-1. in the second round after a first round bye. Taylor trimmed Fred Drilling of Phoenix, a U. S. Junior Davis Cupper, 6-3, 6-2. shoe shine tr I lasts s-M(L Days Vn r4nM ! Fox, a post-graduate student at UCLA and ranked INSTALLED FREEI Little League Tournament Finals Tonight Madison Park 2, 20th Street and Campbell TELEVISION COVERAGE 8:00 10:00 PM Channel 5 presented by Arizona Public Service Company, sponsor of the state tournament for the past 10 years. America's Finest Auto S 88 DE SAFE PROTECT SEAT BELTS YOURSELF AND FAMILY PHOENIX PEOPLE WHO WERE Lyip.TyiiEiO) When thy came In three months aqo, now report RUPTURE NO LONGER COMES OUT under normal activity. Let in thow you how you may have immediate and Lasting Relief. An improperly held Hernia can cause strangulation. NO SURGERY, NO INJECTIONS, NO STRAPS. NO BELTS OR BUCKLES. SYKES HERNIA CONTROL SERVICE is the least pensive, satisfactory method of life-time RUPTURE RELIEF. WE SPECIALIZE IN SURGICAL RISK CASES Sm Mr. I. A. RUSH Oni DV Only SATURDAY, Avtvrt ism, 1 A.M. to WM. ADAMS HOTIU PIwmIx SVKIS HIRNIA CONTROL SIRVICI m i. oiive st sitt nu, im Ant cmt. m. m mm 0m m ARIZONA JFUDIMC derVMCe COMPANY Serving Arizona . . . America at Ita Best CUSTOM MADE LOWEST INSTALLED DOUlLE POLISHED PRICES IN PHOENIX CRYSTAL CLEAR a

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