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Arizona Republic from Phoenix, Arizona • Page 14
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Arizona Republic from Phoenix, Arizona • Page 14

Arizona Republici
Phoenix, Arizona
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I i Henry Fonda and Maurvn O'Hara. Also "Margin Tor DRIVE-LV "Larceny, -I Was Framed." Wave Officer To Come Here To Interview Applicants Amusements Today ORPHEUM By for Pnhrrt Taylor. Brian ARIZONA REPUBLIC Phoenix, Arizona Friday, Feb. 5, 1943 Page 2, Section 2 Somebody 'Blabbed', Says U-Boat Victim's Survivor DENVER. talk JJ united nations cargo vessel in the Atlantic, WhJ- ipr steward, of Philadelphia, said today in recounting his 31 days in an open lifeboat with 19 other survivors and a idoR Donievy and Charles "Mexican Spitfire's Elephant I DniTfi'Vtrs with.

I Jit I LUJInici in Ritchie, 41 years old, wno is offered this proof: Icantain asked the amaciated sur- "I was in the No. 1 how onz they had been at which was pickea up aner ox "dsiSea in the mid-Atlantic area between Buin Airfield Is Harassed ALLIED HEADQUARTERS, In Australia. Feb. 5 (Friday) (AP) In indirect support of our forces in the Solomons, Catalina flying boats harassed the Japanese airdrome at Buin. on the southern tip of Bougainville island, for three hours in a night raid early yesterday, starting seven fires.

Four were believed to be burning planes. Buin is roughly 300 miles northwest of American-held Guadalcanal. Other raiders attacked seven places in the Southwestern Pacific area, including Rabaul, New Britain, which had its sixth straight night raid. Observation there has been extremely difficult lately and nothing specific has been reported as certainly hit for several days. A direct hit was scored on a Jap cargo ship camouflaged with coconut fronds at Arawe on the south coast of New Britain and it last I -V VV.

1 The first Wave officer to come this state, Ens. Rebecca M. Strib-ing. will interview Arizona women applying for commissions or enlistment in the Waves Monday through Wednesday in the naval officer procurement office, 306 Heard building. Ensign Stribling.

attached to the naval procurement office staff in Los Angeles, will be accompanied bv a woman veoman, said Lt. Comdr. J. S. Frazer, officer in charge of the Phoenix procurement office.

Graduate Of Stanford Ensign Stribling, 26 years old, is a resident of Pasadena, Calif. She was graduated from Stanford University with honors and holds membership in Phi Beta Kappa honor society and Kappa Alpha Theta sororitv Following her graduation i iff i 3 -3t 4, tfcV ssssg from Stanford, she completed ai fnnrsp in nfrsonnel administration at the National Institute of Public i Affairs in Washington. D. later inty Civil becoming a personnel lech Willi Ulf rtllftf i Service Commission. She took heri (rininr, ot Qmith fV.TWo i fir- -J ENS.

REBECCA M. STRIBL1NG Women seeking commissions Feb. 4-(AP-must have at least two years of col- ice-President Wallace surprised a i. Hcnn oh luncheon audience today by open- Greer Garson and Walter Pidgeon. PHOENIX "Stick To Your Guns" and "Powder RAMONA "Rock River Renegade" and "Fingers at the Win dow i STUDIO "Hell's Angels and "Scar STRAND "Down Texas Way and "Tramp, Tramp, ramp, Sergeant wit If GMsm 0 Tonight a- p.m..

I Vsr 1 I ,1 II III I mm "Mein Gott. 22 tager exciaimeo the captain, and he took the officer in charge off the lifeboat. When the American officer revealed the name of the torpedoed ship, the Germans promptly told the Amen-ild from, where it was going ana wiiau iaigu carried. "That's proof somebody blabbed, and' the Nazis were placed on our trail," said Ritchie. He said one of the men in his lifeboat died of exposure and -that the dog disappeared the same day.

The two lifeboats, he addedi became separated. STARTS TODAY WILLIAM BOYD I "POWDER T0WM" VICTOR McLAGLEN Commencing in the 2nd BBBaBBBBa Jl records of professional achieve- ment. The age range is 20 to 43 vears and the pay scale, including allowances, for Waves without de-l pendents ranges from $216 monthly for ensigns to $361 for lieutenant commanders. Additional alio w- ances are made for dependents, but women with children under 18 years are not eligible. Other Requirements Listed For enlisted personnel, two years of high school are required and the age range is 20 to 3fi years.

Lowest grade of enlisted personnel ap prentice a a receives 5 montb v. inc uriintr rations a quarters allowance. Lieutenant Commander Frazer said. "It is imperative for applicants to bring several items with them in applying for enlistment or commissions in thp Waves," Ensign Stribling advised the local officer. They must supply a birth certificate, a college transcript, in case a commission is sought, three letters of recommendation in triplicate, three full face and three profile photographs, 2'-l inches square; a marriage certificate, if married, and divorce papers, if divorced.

Letters of recommendation, all signed by the person making such recommendation, should be on the latter's stationery, Ensign Stribling Africa and South America known as the In that lifeboat were 19 men and a dog. "In the No. 2 lifeboat were the rest of the ship's crew. They were at sea 22 days and. on the 2Jna day just before being picked up bv a united nations ship, a German submarine came along.

The Nazi Slayer Faces Sanity Hearing A sanity hearing which will rie-i termine whether Thurston M. Thames is to be prosecuted on three; first-degree murder charges was set yesterday by Superior Judge M. T. Phelps for 9:30 a. m.

tomorrow. Thnmos 7D-vea r-nlrt state oen- I sioner is charged with shooting to i i i i death hVee neighbors and Mrs Thomas J. Harris awl Mrs. tena Crust, in Franklm village near in Franklin Phoenix January 8. He accused them of persecuting him.

Judge Phelps'said that Dr. Sethi Howes, superintendent of the state hospital, and Dr. A. C. Kingsley, court-appointed psychiatrists, have! completed their examination of Thames and are ready for the hearing.

The court will determine from the testimony of the psychiatrists whether Thames is sane enough at present to understand the nature of proceedings against him and to aid in preparation of his defense. If the court, holds Thames is not mentally competent to proceed to trial he will he committed to the state hospital, and if he recovers his sanity will be returned to court for trial. Mesan Compromises In Auto Accident Suit A 5500 consent judgment was entered yesterday by Superior Judg Howard C. Speakman in a $5,000 suit against A. C.

Farrell of Mesa because of injuries suffered bv Daniel Rodriguez, 14 years old. Mesa, when struck by a car driven by Farrell's son, Eugene. Mr. Farrell denied his son's driving was to hlame for the accident on North Mesa boulevard, a mile north of Mesa, last July 9 and denied liability, but offered to com- i promise the suit. 1 he Kodriguez boy has recovered from his injuries, his attornev said.

NOW 17c Till 5 RANGE BUSTERS "Rock River Renegades" also FINGERS AT THE WINDOW HKaBHBHZaaHM OtJDCCO NOW! IIOI-SUM BAKKRS "TffK IXJNK KANGKR" KTAR trl. 6 P. M. RADIO LOG Phoenix Stations Mountain War Tlmr) KTAR NBC Rl nfl work aim. ii 'iiv rjrrl TranmittT.

ith -St. and Thorns pX K'V -CBS NelWfrk, 1.0) kji. FStle. Studio N. Trirwij.) ter.

12'n SI. anrl C'ameiark Puj. iC' 4-1111. IFAST ft AWZQim J-Oat (CIS f0 UK5 RPHO 2.VJ watts, Stag and transmitter 2323 West Eacicev fc-Phone N'EHS KVERV HOtH SEI-KC1KI Ml sit I'KOORjIMS DIAL 1230 Ail national niMk progrsn-. irA ip.e talent Dif'ffii rreente rv station rrav be liJ chafj.

lher program when ptj as rtderi.sir.E. Trs'ie rr ik-ii' namin. (-loesns arc nnenptA ftn is tvpe. Cstj. advertising conditions nJ rs app.y.

FKinAY, JAM AR1 5, J943 A. M. The Rhythm Kodeo World War rre inteiit IU-prtini News Farm A Home Hour Reveille March Of Mercy T.ft Hora Mrxirana Morning Devotions! News Wnnrie Serenade imrie S-alnte 7:25 Headline Keed Lonnher Co. 7:30 First Complete New International Inuranre 7:45 Office Of War Muvlf-al Clo-k Bill Howard The Srora "leaner New Golden Cst Quartet 8:30 A To In Noel.v Sincerely Yours Journey For Dreft. Orcan Melodies 9:00 Cmd Of Life Iur nt Npm Vic A- Sade For nw" nt Roya! 9:30 Snow ViUaee For Willie Ijiundry ioap Mvctery Me)ori" Harmony Time Ha den Flour Mill Aunt Jenny 10:00 The f-eill Standard Bhe-ti k-7 ka? e'rs-koy Prand aHr-Kir Smith Speaks rbs-ky Ncms 10:15 The Alka-Seltier Nepaper Of The Air kur cbHp? 10:30 Boston Store Present Betty Lee War BoaUe Carter Presented ii re i kr 10:45 Luke Bail Tovrea's Ioe Story Time toy Red Cross Program kfho 11:00 fioldnater Present Raukhace ahe-ktar New 5 kv New ki'no Roberta's A'bu kiy 11:15 Music Vou Ixive To Hea Berridse Nurseries kt: There Work for Vtorren 11:30 Art Baker Seotrh Soap nbr-k'ar 11:5 Stult Fatle ItntB Store ktar r.

m. 13:00 IJcht Of The World ener-ii Mill nbe-kta? Young Dr. Ma'or-e cbs-krry First Natl. Benefit Sortetv Preent Latet War New. II :10 Twentieth Century Serenade.

12:15 Lonely Women Cieneral Mill br-ktar O. S. Stapley New kiJT 11:30 The f.iiidinc I.icht hea tie tihe-ktar We Ixive Ar.ri Iarn 12:45 Mid-Day New Consolidated Motor ktar Dinner Time ky 1:00 Tav Instruction Simon Schuster ktar The Indian Room Stomp News kri 1 The Three R's rhc-k'tar 1:15 Ma Perkin For dol. was seen on a reef, listing. UdCC LeCLmS 9 In I nib 11 CCfTfl A A UIK IVUOOIUK inS speech in Russian, switching yj'1 lu oa.v lo The vice-president.

vho already has won recognition in Latin 'i 1 ish and Portuguese, has been studying Russian recently. He was toastmaster at a luncheon in honor of Dr. Luis Quintanil-la, newly appointed Mexican minister to the U.S.S.R. Andrei A. Gromkyo.

Soviet embassy counselor, said Wallace spoke Russian "very well for a beginner." -Norway Honors Yankee Airman TORONTO. Feb. 4-fAP) Crown Prince Olav of Norway presented wings of the Royal Norwegian Air Force today to Capt. Alex McLeod, 45 years old, of San Francisco and Oakland, when he visited the Little Norway training station -of the Royal Canadian Air Force. McLeod is the first, person to wear the emblem of hoth the Norwegian and American air forces.

He has served in seven armies in five wars. McLeod is entitled to wear ihf wings of the RNAF, the II. S. Army Air Forces, the French, Polish and Chinese air corps. He is chief technical officer at Little Norway.

In OPA's Functions PAWNEE CITY, Feb. 4 (AP) Pawnee county farmers got a lesson in Office of Price Administration price ceilings when Bill Power auctioned off his farm goods. A buyer bid 51,250 for Power's tractor, took the tractor, stopped! payment, on the check, and mailed another for $864.32 with a note: that SR64.32 was the official ceiling! price for the machine. The bidder still has the Iective service act. and was bound over to the federal grand jury.

In Australia Ihe railroad engineer is responsible for making repairs on his train. Fort Huachuca Officer Replaced FOR HUACHUCA. Feb. 4 (AP; Brig. Gen.

Walter E. Lauer, who recently returned from the African war" theater, has arrived here to take over his new position as assistant commander of the 93rd Division. He succeeds Brig. Gen. Allison Barnett, who was assigned to another station.

A native of Brooklyn General Lauder. 49 vears old, attended Cor nell University, though specializing! in military tactics, after his family prevailed on him not to accept an appointment to west roim wnicn ne nan secured uuuuri initiative. His parents objected to his making the army his career. He served overseas with the First Division during World War I. After the war he served at various stations and spent some time as assistant, nrofessor of nvHr.rv science and tactics at the University of Vermont.

He played a big part in the African invasion because of his knowledge of amphibious warfare. An expert on this phase of training, he designed some of the equipment being used by the U. S. Army for this type of operation. Hero Of Bataan Highly Honored TUCSON, Feb.

4 AP) Capt. William E. Strathern. Gilbert. a member of the famous "Bamboo Squadron" which removed evacuees and flew supplies to beleaguered Bataan.

has been decorated with the Distinguished Flying Cross at Davis-Monthan Field. The der-oration was conferred yf-Fterday by Lt. Col. T. S.

Falkner during a full regimental review. Captain Strathern and his wife have been living here since he was assigned to the command of a bf.mbing squadron. Tucsonan Given Gallantry Medal ALLIED HEADQUARTERS, North Africa, Feb. 4 (AP) Second Lt. Alfonso G.

Seagraves. of Tucson, was one of the 12th Woman InducteeFrr Gets Lesson Force personnel decorated We happily present for your dining: and dancing enjoyment I liiillEI 1 111 mntll'Wl'Srjr Bedtime Stories By THORNTON W. BURGESS Peter Rabbit Has Spring Thoughts Winsome Bluebird's on the way; He is due most any day. It was Old Mother West Wind's children, the Merry Little Breezes, that sang this softly as they danced over the Green Meadows and I around the Old Brier Patch. Peter i Rabbit pricked up his long ears.

"How do vou know? Who told you so?" he demanded. "Nobody told us so; we just feel i it. Peter," cried the Merry Little I Breezes, and kept on singing as! they danced. "Huh!" said Peter. "Feeling isn't knowing.

Perhaps Winsome is on his way, and perhaps he isn't. I hope he is, for that would mean Mistress Spring is on her way. too. ant" she can't get here too soon to; suit me. But I would feel a lot more sure of it if I could see some! signs." "Use your eyes, Peter! Use your eyes! There are flowers in bloom already, for we've seen them.

What better sign that Mistress Sjiring is, coming ao you cnantea me Merry Little Breezes. Peter jumped a foot off the ground. "Say," he cried, "are you crazy? Look at this snow all over the Green Meadows. Do you expect me to believe any such story as that?" "We don't care whether you believe' it or not, it is so," cried the Merry Little Breezes, dancing round Peter and throwing snow in his face. Welcome Robin's on the wing; Verv soon vou'll hear him sing.

With this" the Merry Little Breezes danced away across the Green Meadows toward the Green Forest, leaving Peter to stare after them as if quite sure that they really were as crazy as they teemed. course, it isn't true," muttered Peter. "This very irloa of saying that they had seen flowers in bloom when the ground is still frozen and there is snow everywhere I don't believe a word of it. Nevertheless, Peter couldn't get It out of his head that the Merry Little Breezes had seen something he hadn't. Thoughts of the giad springtime began to chase each other through his funny little head.

Two or three times he found himself listening for the soft voice of Winsome Bluebird. One after an other his friends and neighbors vho had been sleeping all winter popped into his head, and he wondered when each would wake up, end if he would be the first to greet them. There were striped Chipmunk and Johnny Chuck and Bobby Coon and Unc' Billy Possum and Old Mr. Toad and Grandfather Frog and Spotty and Turtle and Digger the Badger and Mr. Black-fnake and his cousins and Buster Which one would be the first tr.

rub the sleepy-sand out of his eyes and come out to see what had happened during the long months he had been asleep. Just thinking about them and of the joy and happiness which sweet Mistress Spring would bring with her gave Peter funny feeling which little by little he recognized as the very feeling that the Merry Little Breezes had spoken of the feeling that Mistress Spring really and truly was on her way. "Huh!" exclaimed Peter, just as he had before, and shook himself. But he couldn't shake off that feeling. Then he remembered what the Merry Little Breezes had said about signs and about "using his eyes.

"Huh!" said he, again. "I guess If there was anything to see I'd see It! There's nothing the matter with my eyes, and I haven't seen any figns of spring yet. Flowers in bloom! Th very idea!" Next story: Merry Little Breezes Tell the Truth. Prcscott Woman's Rites Are Arranged PRESCOTT. Feb.

4AP Fu-reral services will be held in Phoenix Sunday for Mrs. Fannie Dreyer, wife of a Prcscott merchant, who died here yesterday following a long illness. She came to Prcscott in 1924 end the following year married 3 p.m. PUHS Aud. Brilliant Pianist COUNT SOLITO DE SOUS Tickets 50c to $2.

Ph. 42979 ON S4T.E: POnqs-HKVM. Met. Mrs. ARCHER E.

LINDK "Arizona Stagecoach" "Escape From Crime" Buckaroo Dirk Koran "Desperate Journey1 "Sundown Jim" I.uor WlrE-Ion Krrol In MEXICAN sriTKIRK SEES A AIo Ihe Three 'MeQiiteei- in "Phantom Plainsman" in I Ui-LbUUIl "The Bearh Comber" and f.ene Antry In "I all of the Canton" ALL EVENING EVERY EVENING Open tor cocktails and dinner at 6. Tiny Dobb'rs and his Ftur Kings cf Rhythm with Miii'e VV'ympre pisy fcr ycur c'a-c-ng from 6 Vu 12. HOTEL ADAMS I 15 DINE DANCE I I Eirt Show at 7.13; 2nd at 9:00 I I BEN LYO A'')X the maestro of South Sea Island Mapc JIMMY MacKENZIE and his "Music of All Islands" ANGELS I CARTOON AND L. r- ur-Virsi featuring rhumbas and tangos, congas and top tunes from the Hit Parade! HOTEL UJESTUinnD HO ContimiinK In the Dprt Room: Joanne Robert, Areordlonlst-Fianint Kxtraordinary IE I 2 SB fm.r-htA AMES I I 3llK-rllC m-mr bbam- W. af 'I nBHBBHfiBSQBBHHHHBBVHBHBBIIKQBEBBSBBHHEBBBBBHflHHH i mV.M"m 1 yBPilfi.jwTO 1 fMf A 'tSC 4 If Bob Anderson ct-k" I 1 fi -tvirrp Warner kaT Great events inspire great Caught By FBI SEATTLE.

4 UP Margaret Georgia Genevieve Hurst, years old, a young woman who preferred to live as a boy with a carnival, awaited grand jury aft ion tonight after she had gone one step too far in her role she got up in the draft. Representing herself to, the owner of the varnival as Bobby Hurst, 18. the young woman, along with other 18- and 19-year-old employees, last June registered for the draft. Later, when she was ordered by officials of the Auburn. draft board No.

3 to report for induction, she went to the board and told them her "brother, Bobby" had gone to California. Investigation showed, however, that there was Arrested by agents of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the young woman was brought before Harry M. Weslfall. U. S.

commis sioner, on charges of falsifying registration under 1he national se LUTE VELEZ LEOX ERROL In a hsnqnrt of fun anl laughter "Mexican Spitfire's Elephant" jJT DAlsCE tonight ryUJrtL od in fjr Featuring RITHIE REECK, "VocalUI" ia. Price, Eor Servi.en.en I inure ft-" I William Winter cbs-kcy 1:45 Richt To Hanpine For Ivory Bar nhr-ktf Cncle Sam Speaks Miller- afeteHa k1 2:00 The Poetry Exchange A. L. Moore A Son k'' Galen Drake cbs-ke News kpki 2:15 Club Mstmee Market Reports ke 2:30 Schooi Of The Air ebF-ko? Baptist Devotional itP1" 2:45 The Alka-Seltier Newspaper Of The Air ktaf 3:00 Baby institute rtbe-ktar Buster Kite's Piavbov kr? News kpn' 3:15 Portia F'are l.if C.eneral Food nhr-ktar- 3:30 t.eorce Warner Miiee ktar Bill Hay Read The Bible Mortensen Kinesley 3:45 Ben Bornie Orch eb-ke 4:00 The Heart To Heart ktar I'. of A.

Concert Hail News kpht 4 :30 t.eome Warner Xovarord ktar 4:45 Musettes ktar The World Todav ebs-k" 5:00 Riltmore Rendezvous Orch.nbc-ktar News fcf'' 5:10 News 5:15 New Of The World-Mile Lah Ifs Show Time Inrl. Km hc-ktar kv tsw fe VJt i if Maj. Gen. James F. Doolittle today for gallantry in landing unarmed troop carrier planes under enemy air attack during the invasion of North Africa.

Lieutenant Seagraves was award ed the air medal with one oak leaf cluster. Frank Dreyer. Mrs. Dreyer was born in Latvia May 27, 1895. Survivors include her husband: a son.

Lawrence: and four sisters who live in South Africa. Graveside services will be held at the Beth Israel. Cemetery. 4242 X. Central Ave.

Central Aip. Kim Y.xrry 30 Minute Friday, Saturday Sunday THE ORIGINAL LINDY HOPPERS ALL COLORED REVUE Showinc at the Club Royal Only Only Two Shows Nightly COME EARLY NELSON EDDY DARiTONE, In Person P.U.H.S. Aud. Mar. 5 GREER GARSON WALTER P30QE0N The picture all America has voted the screen's supreme achievement MRS.

MINIVER STARTS StVDAY Two Bi 1st Run Hits Edward Arnold-Ann Harding "Eyes in the Niffht" riii Chrtrr Morris-Jean Tarker "I Live On Dancer" royal All Scats Open to Public ,1,0, ,1.6, $2,0. ,3.30 OFFICE REDEWiLL MUSIC CO. Phono 3-8989 LAST 2 DAYS 3EW 0 IW93V I I 9m i I ftfPS mccoy tM I frk Tkfmkt RAYMOND A 4 TTo fff I Itf WW 4 4SM I SlJ IrfeS I NOW SHOWING Ws I Roarinfr thrill nrl f.Vht- Wf The first drama to come out of the African campaign! A story written in the blood, sweat and tears of today's war in the desert! Telling of the love, the courage, faith thai keeps every soldier marrhinn ClriUTIMrll ba a si Vl tl ti ci rr. in Ml in fu bi ai br et Td 4S tr fr i Bi Bi re ih Iat iin in a iba by Ithi spc rer bee to Pul om re Qor 5:25 News key 5:30 I.ate Afternoon News-Mission Hairy tar 5:45 Lady Of Million Or. S.

Hawkins The Adventure Of Superman KelloEK Pep -The I a wi ky Unkum RaL.rt- kt8f The Kate Smith Hour cbs-kov ken Song By Bine Croby krb 8:30 Information Plewse Lucky Strike The Adventures Of The Thin Man Post- Toastie iood Cheer Broadcast (5:55 Cecil Brown 7:00 Hit For The Camp i kphri cb5-koy ktar, ruoK I in; action with American I I II Jap hunters in the Paifit! II It JtST" 1 mm p'iiiB jewelry Ban The Cnnrprt Hall koyfwp New kpho 7:10 KPHO Spotlicht Review kPho tai 7:30 The shadow Thoma Fro. I Tnnimv Riirirc Jt. Rettir IlU Swan Soap nhc-ktai1 Ctiwl Comedy Caravan News kPhe 8:30 Mendersnn Bus Line Presents The I Hour ith Irl RrijIfrAk kt I'lpat rimi1.f.iilfll Ran tint Chlirrh Ph! Kl.lliilf Klllta To Mr. BurridKe Butler. 'Ot tHrf Warino- In I'if-lnrV I unt lime ii JEM ilAViiAViLVU, mm i JOHN BROPHY'S immortal war romance THOMAS MITCHFLI wffc News v5n3 9:05 Sears Roebuck Spanish :15 News Headline Highlight I V.ll.u Runic fcI I ALLYN JOSLYN REGINALD GARDINER Directed by JOHN STAHL ftWuc end Writfm for fh by Lama, TroHi Our Secret Weapon cbS-KPH a.

in vt n.itmirk v.w uui i.el tireeting Card The Plavhnuse cOS-'i in. oa i AKnA a iL--SeltxeJr. kn.vl New V.V:""V"V" kphtfl 10:15 -Sears Jamboree Sfirs- Koebnrk KWi 1 Dt.hfiaM w-. wl-W field Oil Comnanv PC-''l 10:45 Treasury Star Parade Cnllnn am ic Tr tt PLUS CLARE BOOTHE'S HILAROUS BROADWAY HIT "MARGIN FOR ERROR" NOW PLAYING With JOflH BEHHETT and MILTOII BERLE cbs-k1 11:00 News Allison Steel Manufacturing Company Nevs News 11:55 News 11.

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