The Rhinelander Daily News from Rhinelander, Wisconsin on May 11, 1926 · Page 4
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The Rhinelander Daily News from Rhinelander, Wisconsin · Page 4

Rhinelander, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 11, 1926
Page 4
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ffti tfft'JIMi.tfi'i? ___ ~"~ o£ ._„ entitled to the use 1 to* pubHaiilM ft of not otherwise credited in thfi i»p«f, hed herein. : _^ DAlLt NHWSrAPBft LEAGUE MAY 11, OX. Ms' imiutry tht> re the in tffiV llaW of . tax on goods e«t(fl-esslmi to that efhtfrt: But (hb'fbrecast I*' made 1 oh" thH ! 'wrfiho«ty""of Mil f'fh' 0 commit. the l^terlny'l)6dy will confer, this week, Vjyit'h'', Mmnesotrt's state tax <*omniJss)oi?f!rfl, n^'^t. Raul, with n view to developing nnlform lax rn«eS on Wflln so that there will be no discrimination/nctween Duluth nnd Superior^ ^tie.members of the committee are ' represented as de- tefmlned that the iViscbnsin port W|Il be given "nn, equiilchnnce with Us Minnesota coMpeijtOr /for the trfide In grain. -C.-> (^ . The report of di^-interlm.commit- tee^ is bb*'of vital importance to tbe taxpayers Of the state of Wisconsin. Its development is a subject of Interest. If IS :A NECESSARY TEST. the wave of opposition to a ft'atidnfll defense daj% plan's for such nn event this year.have been rfban- donert. .Pacifists and persons not fully acquainted with the purpose of the day^JJyljji'WrBll as^sppie politically.- minded i%oy^rnors, created -such a howl, about* militarism when the first mobil/zation day was scheduled, that the idea has never been successfully carried out in this .country. If national defense day or niobili- Ration day could be given son*e .less ominous name, the American public probably would take more kindly to the idea. We believe the rank and flic are fully in accord rvWtti^lts purpose which is mereiy;"a,:"cpun£lng pf npses' 1 <of men and Material Available in the event of armecf.CPnffi^^There Is npt the slightcst:sUgg^^bf aggression in this n;b&B:tt!a^8H|?b*ut because a few so-called rVa'jpGal >. ppli- tlclans saw a pMri^BiS^^majfe^, some :Votes and to i; '*='"'-- t «^^-'-^--"— In a false sitlon. J' y; ' ->. > A qu has bee] should In means of tind. practice~i 'Michigan le; Into a field frelt tilled. misslen has conducte'd^^ensive' research and a number; :QfjBta;tes have been 3&fr)f '" > ' j£ ~ v -- i '* ~-"~ *~~ 1 ' ha^ already Ution, follp York. 'Among" tUnis that .UptCU^t^IM^uiui m&ia- ^fl°^''r le f 8 " '-.sugges- . by law- •apdt students pt, |he sYtuatjonrar^tSe following: *-*-Vi v 'j»uft ^Bi^ei^.tp- the; system, of •Irig gunmen o^ h^ar'd^ned crlm- on P^fflSfeTR'^ -,k.... . . '. but.'' t,<?)' reauS of ^,(3j) Divor^ ministration oirUcs.frpm the ad- br'irtiliml'' justice. prevent the'constant continuance of criminal «?jWes"n'nd rfflbR* tlfeirf speedy trial. dp .judge,': take f the.BelBetlo^j,,qf jurors and ous wrangling :crlnv ' :rimc il)' Make/jTVcritne: tb Indemnify ll. '"•••?' nf.V ^^,. Abolish the right of'Kail after Conviction. -,.,..... t ; : ,. V (8) Suggest to ^he.lmr_that It be at once more vigilant' and ; ntore'ruth- lepp In weeding out all attorneys Who use questionable melhoQfi. 00) Have expertsHvHo^iyfe med- Jeal testimony pr teBtlmony f as regards Insanity calleffjhn/j^vt/by op' attorneys, b\it. .by/'J^s' court .jfo .•"".'",• Allow no other'jiiedical testi- tnqny to be heard. : ; ^t,., K,/ Establish a crime: c«n mission l'arge""c^/—a' commteaion :h, phould study and 'present' to '< .about csoromunrtjj .« the . Permit the person;t'^nvlcted appeal and one appeal-^ bn\y. '• CM) In the state courtsv'^lvW tl^i? a treer han4 .to'^'rvhf^the'pl^ gs. _ '. ;' .;..-; '••. •'....-. Stiffen-'sentences 4n all*erlrnes has-. been presipnt Inw nnd practices, borne by the condition of tho prisons. Michigan' prisons nre toll to the brim, and still they come. Prison construction and prison maintenance become increasingly burdensome 4o the tnxpay.ers each year, and this in no small part because the criminal InWs are flabby and are flabbily enforced.—Ironwood Globe. State Press Audrey foDfted rtt film, her limiting,. "You treat tftM llfte a bnby she. said, and 1'hi Ih'ed, *f U." 'n Mo'HfrVti 1 ' pftU^d he¥ m'ind. '"feflft't AM like a baby, then, litdy bird." He turned to Pafrlsh. "Xyill"yoi< come with me ttott?" he 9«ld^'iTh5fe •tviU'Hf 1 many'.rtrfa'hRen^Titfi trt hiakfe nt the office. Audrey will see thot my bags nre prtcked for s few days' journey. «nd .sont. Itt • the. station" in time for th* tibtv o'clock train to Chicago. - - ' . only , , glrtitce nt Audrey ly, fie the.flfst l With a ._ „, ]> ^ ^ fold BH» ' don't 9he?" silence, "f 8ftld thrtt, 'I the ntftfl , , _ "fWn StlW "gb* 4l .veitrs aRo, and Miss Mf| htnfried the fnnfen iwHs m hdS twins, fh%'ffc rtbtfti6 yenrsf old ho\X»—AJ»tI ttmt ti* we sunk is They turned off the ffft ten who ;*• - s t vr Shaft all and the iiew nitfalc , ori the ;: ofgan . nci*, Uatji'lsh • fol> rack In frottV lowed the' n'ldbr . inari J , to the hall. They well t dtvvvn the. .front steps, leaving a rather' sulky-fared girl peering at them through the Vclie- tton late that covered the. sidelight and tlw^fce, to atj -atfbyo ] Sf'ftfS Jtitt. h«H She lyinf: "t don't lie," Mfiwsit Veplfed, "Afid r don't fnre what you teJT «fr whrtt you do. I'm llirtnigh bfttfterlflg Wifh you " tte 'ft'ftlRfc^ MffcitJf'tlt^Hhncfct ; rhe deputy came u]j ttr Rlw> "What hhVfc »6t) fol 6Ti this fellow?" Moftofl ittkett WV«. V "Plen'l?f yfv ''ans«'6rt(l tHS youth, laconically, ".flist hoMlngf film Her6 to be identified by yrsu Hnd sevcrnf otheML .m ...^^ ^'- j -* 'j P hb«Bh 'him. 1 nMd up the steep poslte side. Kll chewing ' tobnceo nnd look n large bite. or! drew a jfjlet!6 ffohi Illin Niwc "You've sure mnl lady Iticfe on' your ,,de »*„#> he ml nOCTttfNfiS. (Oshkosh NorthweStefn.) It wns Karl Marx, Gernittn phllosn- pher, usilally regarded as the .founder of the modern school of socialism, who in, tho last century urged the general doctrine that labor alone produced everything in this world, and the work of men's hands and nothing else was entitled to recognition and reward. It was he wMb'Jmade the forecast that the proletftflat, who have only their labor' to^'sell, will finally organize and the means of production will be seized and managed for the good of all.' Russia has, just given the world's greatest demonstration of the emptiness of the Marxian dogma. Through years of suffering and poverty a population greater than that of the United States bos swung round the mad circle, like a squirrel in a cage, getting nowhere, until even the apostles of Marx have come to ad"mit that "Das Kapital" was sheer nonsense, and that capital in fact is the. key to prosperity and progress. " ..inhere is no danger of communism sWiillow/ng up the world. Quite the reverse. The tendency is for communism to open its eyes to the light, to recognize • that capital and management are indispensable in developing material resources to meet tho i demands of a steadily advancing civilization. Every day brings proof of it. ...Juste' now, the eastern press are''' giving attention to *he case of John TPVainen, a ypung Finn, who seems ' determined to enter this country in spite 6f orders to deport hirtS as an I. W. W., undesirable/: He" admits , of the door. » An unwinking Ariaona sun ben me down Upon Yuma ns Morton alight ed from the -train. Indian women squatted on the platform, offering an array of bead nnd bags and baskets for sale. Aior ton listened to their chatter, and Irt a moment joined the conservation speaking In their own tongue. Th Women, turned sfartle'd 'fdces to him "Still chattering Cho'ctaw," said voice behind' him. Morton turned to face a trill, Solemn-faced man, 1) overalls and high boots.-' "And I tell you again",- that Isn' Choctaw," answered Morton, ns 11 continuing a conversation just, in tcrrupted. "I should think thai after thirty years in the desert, you'i learn the difference.' 1 The man picked tip Morton's bngF and the two walked to a batteret automobile nearby, and climbed In "Eighteen or nineteen years since you've been over this road," sa'icl the man as he started the car. "You haven't changed • much, Harry. Lit tie gray at the temples. How's the baby?" "Young, lady now," Morton tolt' *hlm. "You'd never -know her, Ell. 1 "And pretty as n picture, I bet," Her Own JUDY DECLARES JERRY A 1 ^hastily ' discngiiged myself from he did agitate their doctrine. But in I Jerry's arms and I felt"my face grow the expressive .slang of the day, he !»'ed as Issaid: "Please let me go home,says,. "I quit, when 1 found it was;fMr-;/.O^fSC;e,r. : - I'.'ai-iV'juSt-.about .all ;in. the bunk." And he adds that the' Tomorrow I ,wlll. 'come back if ^ou I. W. W. never did anything good for I wish-and tell you all abput the jinx the .werking man. and that it will be that has been following me ever since dead within "three years, of inanition. Here is a -man who has learned the lessoTi. He knows the 'hollow mockery of Marxianism. So he proposes to adopt American principles, and by the good old Liricolnian precept work for others^ save, hire othe'rs to worl: for "him, and, become a Atypical Ameri- It is capitalism, and no Marxian- ism, that holds open to' everyone in the United States the eqUal door to American opportunity. Even Marx learned something of N thisfn.,his later days. When he wiis : forced 3to flee the continent of Europe and -take up' his residence in that liberal abode of caste and capitalism, the cjty of London. And peoples, generallS', especially in tH'e -United .States) where laborers become capitalists over night, are securing a liberal effective education on the subject. Klipt /Comment Nature is beautiful. It is admirable for the .take a day out under the trees ind admire her beauty. But leaving shoe -boxes, tin cans, banana peels and other-trash doesn't help the. fair face of Mpther Earth one bit.—Racine Times-Call. • Censorship of moving pictures by other than their producers would be another step on the part of our self- apppinted guardians lo compel us to Hv.e in the way they peint put. Reg- ulatlon gpes step by step, like a ladder. — Racine Jpurnal-News. In modem times art that gpes into the making of useful things has been divorced from "fine" pr "pure" art arid termed "craft." But more recently there. Is a premising tendency to restore the so-called crofts to their ancient and honored place in the arts; -and furniture, draperies, china and wall coverings are considered worthy fields of endeavor for even the greatest artists. — Appleton Post- Crescent, Gradually yet cautiously highway offiplals are meeting the- advanced demands of the auto. There are twenty million of them' now in the United States, They constitute a problem of many phases and of perplexing difficulties, nevertheless they present no situation that cannot be ironed out through the cooperation of highway officials, and the owners of autos themselves.— Fond du Lac Commonwealth. A nought Fur wrath UUIeMi Wie foullsli man, ami envy slaytth the silly oi»e.«rjol> •*%» a mlorugcphe . who. himself to be caught- Jp a fit ot pae- 4 JfO tfce a criminal prosecution. tt» JMdse tbft right to *»^t* :.•; ,/ f .M4j.< "i, f to Mass.—A container near a roaij box here. In th(s. vai-- murked "Garbage" im-d to tons articles of mail and'parcel post were deposited so often thjjt the b'urbage box hu dto be I came to this city of ypurs. "Nbw I want to g'o Iiome. If you will let me go, I am sure Mr. Hathaway will come over and tell you all about it in the morning." "My - dear young lady you don't have to tell me anything. Personally I to have you-prefer some charges' against a man' or men un known who came near killing you, but that I,s up to you. 1 can't kefrp you from going- to your home, youn£ lady, if. I wanted to. But I really would like some information whereby I could jug those men." ~. . "Did'thej; steal anything Horn you?" ••'•'. "Yes, they, or rather he,, foi I think there was but one-inn n, took' from me my purse." ' "How much money was there in it?" . "A little-.over twenty-five dollars which I owe to Mrs. Riley for my room rent. The p,»rae'itselC, however, Is probably worth—." I looked' nt Jerry. . . "Officer, I gave the purso to Miss Dean" this'morning and it cost two hundred and fifty dollars. It was,,the finest one I could buy. I gave it .to her incompensation for the insults she received In my father's restaurant when a purse oC hers was taken containing" two hundred and fifty dollars. It is a long story, officer, and--I haven't time to toll it to-you now," cbntlntjed Jerry. "Besides I UUnk Miss Dean should he taken homo arid put to bed. I will return In the morning and answer any question won may put to me, for I am just as anxious to have that,.nift'n found and punished as you are." Tho officer looked both curious-and somewhat disgusted. "Don't worry," said Jerry, "because I haven't lime to tell you nil that led up to this attack, but I will tell it a|| J-PU in the morning. .It may h,ave Homo hearing'pn the case," .."The sooner wo get the story, Mr, Hathaway, the easier it will bo to find the thief," -',-•• , "All right," said Jerry as he rushed me out to his roadster.. "Judy," he said the moment we were on our way to Mamie's: "I want Jna- too. lively. "Aiid^ I'm rfern Remetviber wlftm you : ni')|t,>.e'amr- down here, hungry as n; pup?.,you were ibtlng n. canvas and it Us* of paints. Ditched 'em "When, yen-.jjnt ,rlc.h, didn't ynii?". ' . - , "Long liefol-e t -jgot ffcif;'!'.nH'««fer.ecl Morton soberly. • "Co.tildn't : 0ncl( them over the deSerti"-; .'•; ; -•'•.' i;:t 'Jfell mounted • a hill, tottpciJiAVIth rotted,laVn, and carefully•••Jwrftfli/'tn steer down the Steep desc^nti?' i Ci^eer how yoiV flnd bad -iluck, s on-1 l<pp l 1 n ^ m ' ft l ' <e dw **^ rts JoflK rt9 '"• - O j illveq, I guess." Arortoil Walked rtway. Three drfy^ later Mottfln Visited the slope bcVond the MlUbp. fhpro (jtk *f'ttrUiie( l stdiii< i , v \vitri/<h^ iiRainst, th4 'fence, ,hls llttfeera rlench6«t oround the sun-halted Iron pickets. ' Bends of'perslHratldti came out on his brow ns he Stqod motionless heedles^o 1 !: oVet-ything nrotind him but thrtt 41n£lc Wobk of stone. Fin- ;illv his) IrttrttlS dropped.' With , dfqbpltft? hcrtd. he, moved nwiy, whlketl to'the hilltop andfloWh and tackle it, nlifl Ihdre's goftd tuck ,,„ , -y , „„.._. „, ,..„ „„„..„„„„.. waiting -underneath," • hfe ;,;pli|l6flo- nie slope. Ite did not come again, phlzed. "You fliid Aiidrey, .Ifty'tiiK The wheels~f)f the l')w move swlft- nnd right behind ' there, there's your mine, waiting.'I Morton winced. "For fiod'a rtnkr, tft'lk about something elsc.I- ;: •-.•••. ; Tho cnr churned throupli ..Jtbrt sand. "Too bod you, dfdrt'l iocifto here," mused Ell. "You ought -'to have come and Visited, finyvijity/fbe- ing that they're your mines".?,; , , It wns evening when they,reached the cluster of ;bulldlngsy<^OiiiicjL mines. Mexican children" piii%tl the road iii swarms. 'Ell straight to one of the tlrik 'shacks Ijy ffhe/'roa/l. A. broad-shouldered ypjuith wearing a sombrero lounged.' by j'tlic door. He wore the'badge of/a^qep- in ly In Arissprttt. Two w'eeks after Mort6n'fl arrival in Yumn, a crowd of,rnnchmen and mlnerq heard the spokesman for ft jury glVe "-the Verdict of "guilty" .•iRfllnst Smith. TWo days later, the snm'e crpwd heard the s.ame verdict on n VT .__ J , T ._ V . Morton talked to the yer outtide the courtroom after the trial. - - "{ThcyVpljad ifHIjffi ,dcnd to risht 1 ?," said tfie % youn^ altorneyt "The judge will give him about'26 years. ' Me^ll never come out. I knew otir^brfsb^ w(3s' Jfopelcsv^pHitf court assigned me'to it, y 1 kn6w." No one • mentioned Morton's connection With Smith. Although the uty sheriff, and a revolyeri-lAilged on his hip. ; > •."..- '"'".-;:"':, ' story Wa4 well=-known, the/ "^Mortpn," said Eli/,. - - desert sen^e of delicacy was too "Go on in," said the yputh v ,hod-: stionp; to permit reference to it. ding indolently., " v; | Once Smith had tried to drag Au- A man Was'sitting on n cot in..the I drov's name into the record of the corner, elbows on . kneesi and'.'•jchin j n-ial, but the judge ruled it irrele- cupped in hands,- ., , , v vant to the case at hand find as Mor"Well?" said Morton. '-'. f v .._ The man's eyes', were' on'Ihij'Visitor but. he did not'move his''nea'd or speak. ,•••.••'. .-.,;• -:'.- ica, you get money to 'como out.vhere?" "None of your business,'*' gt'OWled the man. ;'.•.'•: -' •'• ;'; '.'v- '•'';••• l-."R6bbecl ,bne /of the passeiigers, . I suppose. ton settled back with a sigh of relief, the look that Smith shot at him was filled with a"'lively hate. On the afternoon of the .last-daj> "So you dldcL't go to South I'Amer- of .the,trial, .Morton soton the porch ii'," Morton continued., "HbSV" did i of the mine superintendent's shack, of the mine superintendent's shack, crazing out over the long stretches of deSol't, Which were sending up Quivering wnyos of heat. • . ' A. boy sauntered up with the nft^r- noon mail, and'Morton looked it over "Nope," said .the man. Hef.Vbscj idly. >Then ho started. A large square envelope ' was . addressed to him in. Aiidrey^s ,haiid.,.- •;, . .Wh.en. he had hastily'torn it open; ho read;. . •••, •• '.. .'• ' :- • ' • you .thoutiht .you, . slowly, aiid lounged -in Morton's di-j rection. But the young deputyVput- ' side stepped in line of ^ vision^ \Vitli the door, and the man ' agn'in. . . . . '• - - i * i • / • ' ' ."Look here," he said to Morton, 'you're going- to. get' me out.pfj-this could fool me!' I v ;lcnew where yould sonei two hours• dfterv-ypil left. Yes, Was it you that got me arrested?"! I got it ptft of-Jolin Parrish, though "I .knew nothing about it .till I! he .didn't, mean ot word that 'you'..were in jail.": him right.^ Aim ton icplied "But'; I'm not goln. to got you out of this. lol just ." ;•<=•-'' -V • • worked . going, -i "Anyhow, "I • know;.;< you are,' but I dpn.'t' know wli'y^.pu^'.i-e there; Dirt Farmer r Offersr Plan for %V^r Prevention • The 'only reason causc^John ParHsh doesh't Nona's shVtw Was a gr^it she's got a chancfe to b0 feht tti^ tur^ and &d in n /new cevue. > < 1 believe^ her fo'r- tune'q made, if She can just keep up the good work. ' ' ' "But I didn't write to tell you about "her I wrote to iell you 1 am going to Chicago to wait till you get back. It's too lonesome here without you In the cilv, 1'll^at least haMp Nona and the other girls.) " Ahd . I suppose Mr.; •Parrishj .will he hanging'around. But please conie home. .-' I .miss •• you so. ' All my, lov.e,. Atldrey. ','• .; • . . .; ; -.';. Morton smiled absently as he .folded up the letter and put-it in'-his pocket. Then, he, went indoors and gotn. railroad time,table. • •' Driving, put ; to camp a .few^-hours later, in' Ell's ~car, he txirned! to .look back. "This ; is goodby to this" place, Eli. I'm iieyer ^coming-, here^again.-- Yunin is/aT 1 61osed chapterv^'thank God." ".:'" ','-.•'.'. : -v" ' '.'.' >" : ' • Eli don't tory. now -that Smith~l8., i st,o\yed -away for, keeps; Jt,-.wou|j|ri$^be. sci ..badt..,,, And we'.d like to see.voii %back here.;'Mavi .suppose, you 5r~this ^terrl*" Can't say I ;biame l you. But ...,, we.'d..Jike to; sge^ofi >back here. 'May be; .-when n >tHe*vyoung;' nilss" i e:t^cX;i{p; ; :* marries; BY CH ABIDES I'. S^HWART * * * * * f *"0*'.'.•-'.'•*; * * War foi any- purpose 1 .shall illegal, and ../neither Uio United States -nor; any • stall', tonltoiv, issocla£lpn or•;, person, qubjcct to its lurisdjctipn shall prepare for, deolnre, cnjcnft'e in 01- carry on war ,'bi> cither ..armed' conflict, expedition',' Invasion nr undfartaking within or \yiiliout the United States, nor shrill any funds be' raised,..appropriated or, expended for such purpose. * * ..*• * *«'#•+' *V # - +• * * • * AV'ASlilNGTON,' May 11—Senator J;- .Frazior ' of North- -Dakotfl, Stains co)v H'fiinsl wiitv n sot/fci'rth abovo;.'nifl,v ho set dhurrf afely as,a radical., •' -.';_• It Isn't necessarily v radical 1 to wijiij- o qu'Uo.y/ war,..; •'.; •_ ',' ''$•''•' But for one country, all by itsdjf, n this turbulent world, to ilixnrm omplotoly, forget wU-it-little il ov'oi' Id kno\V about the nillllary art ii'nd irohibit -itself from ' over .unin^'a. and In anger again—well, if that Hi't a radical suggestion, what i.sf'>t ;: * * * < ' "\ suppose It does seem « littjo ndicnl at first," osreod Senator Frfi* jer, when I asked him 1C ho didn't onsider it so, 'However, we all want to end; va'rs—all except, .the profiteers. Tfte' of- Nations and the \VurW and 'Initiate tlio move- pendently pierit." . . : . . OC course .it's perfectly posslblb for a country to prohibit Itself'from ongiigiiiK in war, but howl Is it possible for it to prohibit itself from bo- ing attacked? "J can't: itnngino ah attack upon us," said the senator, "-—if we disarmed In'K'ood ifnlthi--'. .World''.opinion .wouldn't permit it. , ;r "Besidea, sup|)oso' iTapijit)'," stiy, did shew signs of ''"''" hal-d and bitter: tedious toil. The .sweat of brow Is muscle oil, that flows", 'forbidding crops to spoil. ' By turn of mind, and turn of -hand, T am the one who feeds the land. My "gold," though not, 'the .kind that's panned, is, by fi world of hungry, scanned.' " Theie's little else of life T See, than .just the land that looks tp, : me, . to raise things as they, ought to, be. A: stave— and yet, a slave'",that's free. Wh%n . a conscientious man •• p.w'en money,, 'his 'mind- can't settle :'until he has settled up. "Right after you have 'calling, cards printed, it's Just your luck.: to "find. people at home. , . i . , . . . ; Every housewife 'has a calling — tha,t's, what -gets the kids to gome in the house when supper, is on the "' ' The bill, collector rang. the bell, . There isn't any doubt, . . . . The'; wife -was sorry she was in For-'Shoi'tly she was ouf7 , . Husband leave you.,,. "' rest of the CumV.y of''nations'.would sit in on it at onco,. T.liey \vouidn'l. \5'ant' 3'apan- to. giilnv'})trongt|Jy,b tljeir own, at our'expense. 1 '*'' :••. .-''*'* * ' " why. tho prohibition ,ot would,jj't tTie"\patne.;resu'H r bo a" cutting''off .army nni navy ai)|)roi)rlaU«ns? .-'• .-;.'Jt would In -a way,-"- rejojiied "but 4uterpsts'_' w)ileli. profit to finaiicu you to marry me tomorrow morning, ; Court don't seem 'likely to i " " ------- - It is not safe to leave you out in the cold another moment without someone to take care of you," "Don't be In such a hurry," I said happily, for i wun begiriniiiR to like my impetuous lover very much. "You must know we are almost strangers." Ttt-MOftltOW; Jerry it. I think this method W |]|. n n \y r . somebody must make a start. We're. us wel,' situated it as any try, and, -better triftn most. '"Once we've taken the first step, I helieve the others' will follow Muybo the ..nations • of l?iirope will Jiuve (p have u general agreement first, ttut wo can act by wars tfiem even now. This iiniendmont yjjauld Ivpad them -off, , fr^'Tho gesture .would havo Us value, too." ".'•.' * * * , "Do yotj reajly expect the amend- nienl's adoption','" I asked, •"It \vill take eituciiiion," tirtmlltcd the Honatpr,- ' "Quo of my constituents said to me the other day, 'My father saw Hie abolition- jPt, slavery. I've 'soon the . adopfiPn of the Eighteenth Amenrtmeut, ferhaim my so;, will see war outlawed,'" » * * . ia u radical, yes. e.Jgo is ho? ., . , , • He was e.'.epted as a' KppHbllcan it » Republican caucus at'the Just session of Congress decided that he Isn't one,- •-/ ' "We proclaims hlinself the flirt the ''#t'••>< • only At' ? ' ; the":fw.ora;" 7 "mari ; le'S" : ' Morton frowned! They : drove the rest of'the way to the railroad .statipn'.at" Yuma in comparative sllen'c'e. ; •••';'???• ''•'"•.. ' , l The;' cpol, luxury, of .the great apartment"building fliv- Chicago was very grateful, after the western drought,... ^Morton, ran up the steps and -fhrou^h tlje leaded glass door, j ;* to flricVthe'^ elevator-man ; grinning i his usual'sincere welcome.- "'•• l>.' ,:.\. / "Miss Morton, is out shopping, j.P J.UJIT, : sir," said'the ^elevator. ».«•»,,« several hours- ago." Morton thrust his key in.'tho.door of his apartment, with'a"-sigh of relief at the cool i comfort that nwaitefl •within, and' five minutes later wa rbvelllng iii;. the delights of a' coUl shower. . . : There was"a knock, on the bath- •ropnj..cloor.,;;H«i turnQd'off the noisy stream .of .vVnter and answered. ' "Lady waiting ''for yoii .'downstairs, sir," said the butler,' "Says^. shto can't waif Iqnffi I think she's "iii trouble, sir," ., , • ., , W.ith a Ki'Miit; of d^sapjt<3|lht,inent Morton Jeft tlie s,Upwbr, ftii'd hurfled ly' s]Jpped' r into ;h"is dlotlie'i' •••', - At-the top', of'the stairs he stopped, Aghast. /•/••.The father, who; \yas1ipd 'the. a.larni*' clock's-face, and put' tholbaby .out, didn't i realize he'.was abs^rit-nilji^iqtl' until , he- ,'trletl._to' sei', the. 'cat 'up 15 minutes. .;•:...,'" -.';•...•.', .•.;„•:-TV!l;", RoHed: stockings make an impres- 1 sion^specially '•just: ^eldw ithe knee. -\ -have a good 'mind t won't object. 1 II 11)4 | I'* ' - •* ta i*!T **' * ^*" "~** W i** ' *. i* 1 iV*-'/-*^^*"*^ ^^* *•" Left I :T O PULt, THIS ONE COMMA A COUPLE./.\VENT ! Oil* AOTOING was slttin'fif'Ilirtply'o'n a'lmll chair; 'her clotliln^ ;torn//hoiS hat gone, and with! : Q" t 'lpr\£j>b|oo.<]y"gash In her .ariti_^ : wlHo!i:|iftQ";;8eja cradled By 11 At COCHUAN THE FARMER. panels are rugged, -,, calloused, worn; my niuspJss iJfvrd and labor torn. It sterns tli*t I was one ma,n born to. plft'flt of oatg ana wheat and porn, • '• V; ? /#" .,:?.• ; :. ; '' My face' Js reddenpt] by the sun. At dawn,>aph t Uuve grimly v\»n, and MARK 'TWAS A, BLOWp'UT PE RIQD THE Gri^L'saCMffESTED HIA -GARAGE' PERIOD 7 -TfJ3. QUOTATION' AIAlip T-'.' ANY JACIC Q^TATJ$>N PEBtob/mi^ j§wiq.;atroGESTEB THAT HE PliJC. IT HIMSELF -COM MA A;Np HE" REPLIED COMMA QU6T^Tl6N 3VIARK ,Ii HAVENT ANY JA£I<V.FERiqD:,QPOTATION MARK. :--. 'V" -^' "' r ' •'" ••••• • ••'- '(246) .B(iltimojfeMT ; ,s. 'Naval Acadamy JSarid. 1 . , : '• WMBB (250) ChU-aKo—Vocal and instrumental. • " ' WEBH (3.70) Chibagp—Vpcal and i»\. . (308) Plittsburgh^-Farm news; V. of Pittsburgh nfldrejs.s, WOSS (333) Sprlngneld, Mass.— Radio CA. (341) 'NUew York— Baseball returns; variety. WJZ (-155) New. York— "Grand Tpur," Alsp AVGY (370), ' • •• WPAAM470C) Pallas— Orchestra. WJ5AF \my New Yo Hour," To; \YTAQ (2«8), . , . 303), AVJAR (3000), ' WGR (319), (3801 38P), WFJ (305), WC'AE (4C1), (W), K&Q (54P). (-220) Chlcau'w and solpjsts. ... WTAM WCCO (410), (47U),' WOC Ovchestra ' • \VMBC (250) Chicago ~ Orchestra and 'Soloists. \VRKY (258) Now York—RTusWale< YVREO (285) LtJnqinft, Mich.—MUsl- -car features. AVGN '. (303) Chicago—"In a Gondola." WBZ (33.1) Spilngflcld, Mass—Musical." ,WMCA (341) Now York — Motor tours; musical. ^YEB^ S (370) Chicago—Musical varieties, WHAS-(40.Q) Louisvil,'.e—Concert. AVOG -(4S4) DaVenport-^-Travel talk. \V.EAF«(49p) • New, Tfork.;— Musical. To WGSH (250) \^.TAG : (268, \VQR 31!)); :W"\VJ (353), AVEEI (47C), WTAM (389),; AVCAE. (401); KSD •(545); -yincei|]t Lopez and orchestra. To AVCSH (256), WTAG (2«S), WGR (319),,,,. A\'WJ. (353), , \V.TAM (389), WCAE:(4C1),.K;SD (545). ^'(508) Philadelphia—Artist re- AV.IR (53,7.). Detroit—Orchestra. AYBBM. (220) .Chicago—Musical. AA^GN (303) Chicago—Sam 'n Henry; musical;' Play Shop. ..'•.'. 3AZ, (330) Chicago—Concert. ' : \VMCA, (3<1) New Yorlr-^-A'ocal; or- ,:,chestra : i ,; . '•-•'.' : ,, '•••'.',-< •'•'•;,'••••., •1KW& (375)^/1*0* . Spi'ings, i • Atkf.t=v • Baseball scores;.'prch'estra/ • ^> \VCAE. (401);, Pittsbur^h-^Muslcal,-v AA'RC f46!)) •Ayashington—Variety, ': AVOC : (484) : ,Dp.v l enport-7r-OrclieStra.. .-. AVEAF'(4fl2J^New York—.Ross ; Gor'.;' ; man,and'Orchestra. ,*<; -.'" • AVLIB (3Q3) Chicago ^- "cbrrcU -arid ; :.Gp'siapn';;'ensemble, .', ^V' './;'''' ., ; , KGO (3CG1) ^ttn.PranolscbT--* A r aude'- / vllle. ' ' KIIJ; (405) Los Angeles—Musical., "..':" -"- -•"-,; ;,.'ir P. M. ."':.'".; > W.TAZ ((330)' Chica^p^-Concert. '' : KGO (861) Saii Franeisco — "Wbri. dcrs pf the Sky"; iristrunVenrtU se-, .:; lectlpnsv -•••-.• ••. ,. -' '.•;- ^» r ' '' ' '• CRESCETO/ returned to evening, aocom- 'Mrs. Chicago •> SunHny panied r by -her 1 ', mother, . Wangelln, who will be' put under a doctor's ; care there.' ".'. . Darwin Culver, of Bancroft, visit- efl Sunday nt ; the homo : of 'Jnrnes Cujve'r." \. , •'.. ...-.' ' '. ; •.-..- '.. : TJ»e niajiy frlenda of Joe McNjibb are, iRorry to lenrn'he Is still ill at his horrid. .'"''.'•• .."''.'.'•. - ; . Mr,, and Mrs, D. A," Rpgers ; ore entertninfrig relatives froni Clinton- vllle,'- ,.,,; . • :-':. ";_-.'. Mrs. W, B, Amos will entertain the Kiiflles' chjij at the hall Thursday afternoon, . Cook spent Sunday with parents, Mr, and Mrs. Almbn Fred ; Bentley returned to Antlgo Monday after spenaing the winter In this ylolnlty, ,. '•'-. Mr. ancl Mrs. Blernure and' daughters and. Mr, and Mrs, Bruce Cook vero Sunday callers at the homo of Jamas Cqiyeiv,... ..,_.. Mr. ana Mrs, .Hubert CooH . son, of Bhlneiftpder. : vlsjtecl: their aens ' parents, Mr. and Ati'S, Alniona Cook, Swnday, ;., , . • • • Mr,.tin«l Mrs.Feriton oi-e'spert^lne v few days with their daughter, Mrs, rpHn '•-••••-- - . •••' ..*•'. . The' yqun'g people of tfils vicinity njoyed the wejper vpnst Friday- light given by Miss "' SALESMAN SAM ALL BEANS DON'T AIAK$ «pN SOU? By SWAN, ' £"»?./. .

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