The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 20, 1934 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 20, 1934
Page 6
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SIX BLYTHEVILLE. (AUK.) COURIER : jr\li- • I ^T • ~~ T*~m- =============^^=^====^=^^===^ ...=— ===== --^ r __ _SATUR1)AY. JANUARY 20^JM_I ChickJ^arsityjleets^ Cooler In Tourney Finals Hi Sr||r I II TT flnliiinhiji'i [Tf>r<-w>a \Y/,,l,.,iiii,.,l 1Tmiw> flrtft nnnnni n in T« • ,-,. „ .. _ _ '— — —— ;Chick Seconds, Substitut- , ing for Wilson, Are! Tourney Surprise ' I.fachville will |il.iy Osrcnla ill . tlic comdlati'cn final 1 . Innlglil, • tlaifiii^ at 7:oO o\!ock. ; In the unique dv-al role- of fln- i:i£ts ami .it the Fame lime n "b?aten" team, i.\v: Cooler. Mo, high £cliool cneors will clash iviti" the BlythcUlle lilgl; sdiool varsity quint, for the annual invitation l.ourney trophy at tlie armory here tcnlght. "The Blytlieville \arslly will be ',on the spot" il FV. i-r n team was. The Chicks wl!l be that way be- is.use the ChlCK scromi squad, snb- jlituted for Wilson at the last Moment when the Bulldogs withdrew, trimmed Cooler 20 to 17 in the first round ot ihe tourney yes- krclay afternoon, /ind would Ihe faces of the. Chic 1 : varsity cagers to red if ihcy failed to turn Ihe fit mo trick that the seconds have already accomplished. Not lo.take away any credit from the Chick reserves but In- Cooler's behalf the Missonrians reallziiif the game ivns an "exhibition" ci>ly iced sub* part of the name- ''Despite the met that the tournament appears •n be about an "all-Blylhr-vlilc" affair Ihe Chick seconds may not C'.cn yet in ths consolation nnals. Faced with the posMblllly of having two Hlytheviile leanis meet in the finals, lournev officials advanced Cooler to '.he second round despite Us loss and shoved the Chick seconds into t.he consolation competition. The Blythevllle second team proceeded to throw nn- clher monkey w.-ench into the tourney machlncrv by defeating Leaclnille, 15 10 H, anil thus advance to the finals of Ihe conso- is.lton round. No\v it seems tht I since Blytheville was supposed to have but one team In ihe meet that the Blythcvllir. seconds may possibly be booted out uf (lie con- iclallan finals In favor of their v.ctlms of last night, Leachvillc. At any rate the Chick varsity and Cooler, its record already blackened, tangle In the championship finals tonight. Should Cooler upset the dope and trim the Chick varsity it might ofTtr material for 'Believe It Or Not" flipley. Just •vhat teams will appear in the consolation nnals lemalns uncertain. Qsccola, by virtue of a win over Braggadocio, Is certain 10 be i: on the event, 'jut. whether the Chid-, seconds will be ruled out to let 'If ""••^*««tafc* in i ELEIGUEOF! CTnTEJ Hal Chase—Fond Memories It was a wild time in old New York town when Culi'.mbia's coninicr- Ing heroes returned from their 7-0 triumph over Stanford In the Rose Bowl classic lit Pasadena, Calif. Greeted by Ihe mayor, hailed as the "Gem of Two Oceans" in a motor ca.valcadr up Urondway, the Columbians worn given a lumiiltiioiis reception at inn campus (gymnasium '- astr year's where the team's nig Three are shown sulh ihe HOM< Bowl trophy. ] ^M 1 ^'"^Llf Left lo riglu: Al Ilarabas, who scored the lone lor.chdown; Coach Indiana Claims Largest Organization of Basketball In Country. MV WAYNE FOX I'nllccl I'rfss Slaff Correspondent INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (UI>)--In-' (iiana, whether 11 is the i;realcst basketball center In tlie world or no'., challenges any other stale lo conduct the spoi'l on u larger or- • (janlmt basis. i At present nearly 800 Hoo.sier : iuli school teams are in the midst of regular schedules which IK-rmit a maximum of 20 games. ' EiK-h lenni is allowed to participate- in Iwo tournaments in addition to the championship elimination. Membership In the Indiana 71lj;h School Athletic Association al the beginning of this year was' 78!). in 1932 it wa.s 803. and in 1931, 800. Only four .schools were nmler suspension when Ihls was written. The only schools In tile state v.ol belonging to the association have no basketball floor or do not Van!; have enough students from which tc ' ' select n team, according to A. i L. Trcstor, T.H.S.A.A. commission- cr Annual dues arc only $1.50. Itidice the Last year's final ot me slate Only a fnv pnunds over the wi-igln uhen he was lh, most graccim lic-Ker in baseball, ll.i Cl, : ,, t -, lorm,,- big league baseman '.".rung „, a ga;a^ at TIK-.S,,,,, Ari,. Charley Barrel:, left, lormcr trainer and I,I,.SPM Columbia football trainer, vislu-cl Chase- :u Tuc.son. 1934 tournament will I more uttcnlion than (he! Lou Little and Captain Clilf Muntijonu'ry NSWERS The sketch IH of RALPH •WAI.DO KMKRKON. JUNHAU, tin- capital, Is Alaska's larj;<?st rlly. Tim bridge blimvu is tho CANTILEVlill type. Mose Catches Him a Deer With Hook and Line 1-ave such things in the cage sport) will get intr the game remains to be seen The results of games yesterday .ifternoon and las; night follow: Plytheville 53. Braggadocio 5; Leachville 21, Holland, 24- Osce- Jla, 20. Strele, 21: Cooler, 17. Bly- tncvii!e Seconds. 20; (second :ound> Dlythevilte, 25, SUele 12- Cooler. 26, Holland. 24; (consola- nori round) Osecola. 17, Braggadocio 15; BlytheviU, Seconds 15, leachville, 14: ', near Dal Lake ,;i trie vale of Kashmir, grow, thiir vcgejables in -.floating; gardens • •, firhing nnd caught crawfishes, terrapins, and turtles instead ninny limes before but Mose "ain't never went fishln' and caught a deer " befo. It all happened (his way: Maw was riding around boat with one Lawrence man, Thomnsvlllc mercha In a Coach Seeks Woman Trespasser; Size 48 EUGENK, Ore (UP)— When 1'rlnce CuHlson. Univcislty of Ore- - 1C team.-; partici- paled, netted S32.-IM.50 gate re-! Cll <-' Vcar Ago Today — Hans celpts. Paid Admissions lor thclHirklc, Cicrman heavywi-iBht. dc- lasl day tolalcd 12,530. i fead-d Jimmy Braddork. Jersey The tournament was played In f -il>'. heavy, in a 10-roimil Gotham the face of the national bank. tm "t. incrntorliini, which .seriously han- : dicapped most businesses in this Fivc Years Ago Today — Bill I .section. It was the first time in Mt'hlhoni shot the lowest score i history all seals for tile tourney '-"•t' 1 ' made in a 72-ho!c match j were not sold. . over a GSGO-yiml course, winning I Coarh Glenn Curtis of Martins- i Ihc El Paso Open with 271. j f-'licerful Earful ville High School, 1932-33 slate ' he traveled Tc ' n Years Ago Hoo._ and __ Slides 5M_Braucher p.on football coacl 1 . returned lo his home after lliii-e weeks ab . .. satire In Ciilifortna. he found chaniplon. revealed there during 15.000 miles in scouting teams which his iiulntet was likely to encounter In Ihe tournament. Each of Ihc 10 finalist teams someone hnd iiis absence. Misslni: were n radio, revolver, mirror, comb, gloves, fishing rod , , i.nd flies, fn th5ir place were a nightgown, pair of silk stockings. pair of pajamas, perfume atomizer tind a corset <:',?•. 48. Now Calllson Is looking for a iady burgbr size 48. Bnlterflles need plenty of sun- even the shadow of u light and passin cloud makes them drowsy. The post muster gciifral of Ihe last year was Riven $300' in addition to transportation, meals and' lodging lor the two days Unit ths tournament lasted. Although admission prices have been reduced from $3 to S2.50 this year for season tickets, the earn allowances remain the same. Seals for more than 14.900 fans nre available al Butler University field house. Indianapolis, where the slate final is hr-kl in March. Trester and members of the as- States. United States receives $12,750 an-1 sociaiion council, composed nf „, mini salary. | members. Imvc expressed eonfl- . Things arc definilelv on the im- Fen Years Ago Today - The turn, Alciblatles. Soon vou'll have noston. Llravcs oiwndl negotiations thnie chickens in the Dot and uvn 10 secure Kogcrs Hovnsby from cais in your garci s e-if yo-i slill Ihe St. Louis Cards. ' , own one. For the Poni;hkce;:sie re- ---- i 6 ntta 'S to he revived this season James Buchanan was tlic only'"",'? f' 0 ' 1 kntm - M - ti ™ "is boys president of the United ' f"l' etl fll ° rr , last >' car because of 0! " f , 0! "" !<ls - Tlle regatta — ah. there ! sports spectacle! To our is n mind ; ' — -i"- wvu^i\i; nj uijr 111111(1 When building their nests, birds nothing can be as vivid ns [he pic- use bright-colored or con silk-nous materials, as llic?e would attract attention to ti.cir homes. t»rc of (hose frail shells va .,,^, n through the water over tlie four- 2 Steyei-1 - — nit. when ' he spied a large buck floating In j the lake tiying to escape some ; hunters. He dived into the waler, with his rod and reel In hand. He swam to Ihe deer and. with the aid of his rod and reel, soon towed the buck lo the boat. Rend Courier News want Ads. CLOSE. SHAVE By Krenx mile course driven by the rhythmic beat of oars pulled by slrong young I nrms all <I ^acks . [he orderly PitlBin .the slinpifsl langiiaec in stroke during the first two mlV the wnrld nnd i, : .,il ,n . . . tho f i,,i cl:cnlns;lof "„""„, irecity ports, has b.'en urged as an in the third mile -111,1 IIP intmwllojuil hmgrase. j drsperate struggle -it 'ihc' last to PERSONAL --to a Lady This evening when your husband comes home, what would he think if you greeted him in the wedding- dress you wore a good many years .ago? One thing sure—he'd silently wonder how you could have seemed so lovely then in an outfit that looks so old- fashioned now. We wonder if your husband realizes there has been as much change in furniture as in wedding- dresses? (Remember what you told him the other day, "Most of the furniture in this house,was bought right after we were married.") There,is no better time than now to greet him in that wedding dress—and then show him the furniture advertisements in the newspaper! Today you can read .about and see pre-views of the furniture shows that will be held next month, so close at hand. And it will probably .surprise you to learn lie is as interested as you arc. Men don't like to go through the stores But it's quite easy to get them "to read over the advertisements in the quiet of your home. ti Wouldn't today be a good time to get him to sav yes about that new furniture you've been wanting'? heave that bark over ihe line firs'. ! • • • and then (he collapse In n neap at the finish from an excr tlon that knows no equal. <>''. That Drprcttioii! B "t to slatre a regatta between | Columbia, Syracuse. Navy, Cor- • Hell, Penn, California, Washington i Stanford, and tho.-.r; other schools, costs doiiRli, WK dough. And last year tlu-y didn't have It. i So, we can take It. lhat the re- "innjition of this rowing classic Is j Pn Indication that prosperity is -here again. Hnppy days! Resum]iiinji of the race after a lap-re of only one year since 189S —except, durini; the war years of | l!U7-i8-in-v.ill mean eximiditure. or the follusvhi',' by all'schools ink- inn pan; Ilachii; shi'll. 11500: eight oars at $20 r.ich. ?li,'0: lowing coach at a fala-.-y t'.ir.c tn S5000 a year tratnlni; barut-s that can't be l:oni>)it for i-liickcn feed; main- Icnance <jj training rinarlors: nni firms; shell risking, including sli<les autl oarlm'ks: li'iiiisjwrtaiion of crew and subs from as far away as Washington m-.d California. This i'>:nen=r\ of cuursc. is (or the train- ins? uf one crew, and then there must l;e shells for junior van Is and. in soaie cases, freshman crews. All in sill, the college sup- Porlint; a crew must spend in the neighborhood .of S20.000 a year, i and that figure is conservative. •* * * A Tidy Sum Calculating on nn average of six crews in a rate, and you can see nearly 8120,000 going past when they finish in front of the speciators in the 'Keepsic. Let it here be said that the spectators are of a rare type. They arc of the non-paying variely simply because the schools have no ] way of building stands along a' four-mile course, and no wav to ft-iice in a body of water to keep out prvirig eyes. Therefore, crew racing has no revenue. Rowing as a sport is full of thrills. H is a mark on the credit side of the ledcer for colleges lhat they have decided lo renew this non-comuicrcial contest. But then, ncrhrins. ihc increased attendance at fcolbull games last fall had ironiclliing to do with it. Hcd Leads Green Kor the llrst time In 33 yours, llartinmnh lias stepped outside the ranks ot Jcs alumni In signing n football coach. Earl "Heel" lil.iik. aljovo, of Dayton, O., has luic-n made head roentor at Han- ovfr, siiM-oPcltriE Jackson Cannell. Hlaik lias betiii Army bi.cki!,.-lcl coacli lor .tUt Io4t seven years. G. G. Caudill General Insurance 106 N. Broadway Phone 797 Roat! courier Ncivs Want Ads. CHADE A Raw Milk I'hone 74 Craig's Dairy ROXY Last Time Today Matinee—(Oc - 25c Nitc fi:!5. I0-25c 1Y WOMAN' 1 Saturday Only MAT. and Nile— lOc - 2ac 'TOMORROW AT SEVEN' with Chester Morris Vivrenne Osborne SERIAL - -.CARTOON Helen Twelve-trees Victor Jory CARTOON - - SERIAL Sunday - Monday MAT. & KITE—lOc - 25c WOMAN ! HEIEN TWELVETREES VICTOR JORlf Wcllaco ford Clal.e Dodd Waron Hymtr 0;r«f« d 6 , VICTOR SCHrHTZINOI* A Columbia Piclur. IMPRINT^ Charley Chase Comedy Novelty Keel Sunday - Monday .MAT. and NITE—iiBe-35e n Y . ", lou cant make a CHUMP of your HUSBAND if he makes a CHUM of - your SWEETHfART Fox Film preitnts i Je«» I. Lotky Production with FARMER AXTER (ELEN VINSON WARNER OLAND iCatharine Doucct ;I CirxH4 by I Hamilton MacFaddcn S Screen play by Sonya Levien B Additional Oiobgu* by Sam 8*tirma-. Paramounl News .Muairnl Short "Rufus Jones" with Ethel Waters <i

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