The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 28, 1938 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, February 28, 1938
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BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NORTHEAST ARlCANKAfi AV« c™,.,.,,,,^.,. PS- ' VOUJ1IR XXXIV—NO. 294. Blyllicvillo Courier Blythcville Herald II HOC Recognition 01 Ethiopian Conquest Bright Spot; Hitler Overshadowed {'. ; United Press l:-jly's >l«r u|>p:-are:l raoiiienlnrily in ISie asMidancy lo<tay as ICurope <:mej-9,ii! l/im ;L htctic week during which li'&cbmr-d ijt lirst thai Hitler said Mui;,Uiin were ^etiint to^c-Uier lor it join', <iruv ii^.ainst tilt- Dwfio-:- j lii'.'lc..,. V/licii UK situation shiiinc-rou dowji, nc.u-vrr, tlio nonic-licrlln •.ixi.s dxi noi emerge as a slrou^i'i 1 laut there were ({rounds. f'jj- susplcluu that Britalj) hail v,«aije'icd it by gains? through the backdoor into Italy unit leaving Hitler to wonder where lie would .'.tand when Ihe British-Ilalian negotiations are conclude<i. « Mussolini gained two major victories. Tlir first v:us persuading 111 tain 10 ouen negotiations which i:rnbatly will result in Britain's rec- cjnftloii of the Ethiopian conquest.. The scrah:l was the decision of Ihe Balkan entente, composed of 'I'mkey, Greece. Yugoslavia and Hcumania to recognize Hie con- UiUw. so far. has gained little heyc-id getting a Na/i foot in the Austrian door, what the Nazis may accomplish in the future remained lo b° •.•csii. But for the present Chancellor Kurt Schuschnigg manifested every intention of putting down the growth of the Nazi movement. A serious threat in the pro-Nazi province of Styria was put down by a prompt- and impressive military -lisnlny whicli discouraged the Nazis from going further than muUerms threats and displaying their emblems. Hitler, however, has not retired from the European field of diplo- Forrest City Resolution Condemns Labor Board WASHINGTON. Feb. 28 (UP) — Senator John E. Miller <D ?m Ark.j loclay placed In (he con" Sessional iccorii u resolution from civic und churcli ort'imlzatfoiis of Fori'i'M City, Ark., condemn in., the iintieiial hiboi relations board In connection with an election m die Miildwcll giu-nuMH factory. Tlie rvjolutton conii'iKiiHi Hint tlie Inlernailnmu udle.s Gnrmt'iit Workers Union, a c . I. o altlll- au-, lion i, railcctlvp nnrsja unliurly und (hat a sliut- >r el 'i- plant resulted. T1IE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NORtyEAST MHCAMM8 . AND SOUTHEAST HII8SOUIU BlA'TllEVlLKB. ARKANSAS, MONDAY, FliBRUAHY 28, 1<)»8 Mississippi Valley Lender nlythevlllo Dally News Flood Motto-Any Port In a Storm SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS Allomey For Ross Abductor Challenges Constitutionality Of Act CHICAGO. Feb. aa. (UJ-.-Coun"'' f ° v J"' 1 " "emy Seadluiul, con- fowed kidnap Mayer of Charles s Koss. elderly Chicago valentine nianufacturer, today attacked co "!°"S: °'"* ""dbcnth law Important Decisions Rondo red; Justice Kml Gives j'irst Opinion Jackson's Nomination U Reported Favorably WASHINGTON, 1Kb. 23 UJP>-J The scimte Jildlclnry committee today reported favornbly Ilio nom- Inatlon of Hubert H. Jackson to be solicitor general, The vote wns 10 to 'i, with Bcinilor William II, King (Dem., Utah) and Senator Wai mi Austin <!?<•)),, Vein.) vot- inn against-- the report, Floyd E. Thompson, former chief justice of the rllinols supreme court «'lio «-as appointed by the federal court to defend Seadhmd. offered a motion (o quash Iho indictment asserting tlmt (lie constitution gives' congress no power to define kidnap- ing or fix u s punishment Judge John P. names rejected the motion mid Thompson filed an exception. Indicating that he may test the liuv's eoiistltiitlonallty in higher courts. liamas flood in near Fulton. Ark., while, (he Red river \viu on "one of the worst rampages In ll.s hlsloi.v. (aken Tubercular Sanitarium Head Will Speak Here Dr. J. D. Riley, superintendent, .„.. ^ C.W^M lltm u, U ij,, u - of thc slntp tubercular sanitarium) iati= bailie. Tlie question of cob- at Boon eville, will speak on "Earnis! restoration remains (o- be ly Dm 6»°s>s of Tuberculosis" at a nettled ancl (he best euess is ihatj mcrtmg of tne Mississippi Coun- lie eventually will get concessions' ty Mc<llc al Association at 8:00 of some kind. : o'clock Tuesday night;.at (he Bly- Brll'sh-oermnn lalks undoubtedly thevnle hospital. will fellow the British-Italian. Brit- niiv. lio-mcr. is dealing -with the dictators; separately, not-together. -T4ie-:cyn(csf mieht--suspect .dial, Britain would not mind driving at i leasl a partial wedge into the axis. / France, having proclaimed in stroiKr terms her intention of «ro- .lecli'17 her European Interests awaited developments and centered p'tcnli".!. for the moment, on the iiUen'ol i):'oblem of labor relations. The foreran policy of the chau- lemra povernment was upheld so rreni-lieltnlngly by tlie chamber of dpmslies lhat if tlie cabinet should fflll over a domestic issue there Is no rrascu lo believe Ibal any suc- resw would make radical changes in policy abroad. HoM« Fuch Coin Slot Is "Separate Machine" LITTLE ROOK, Feb. 28 (DP)— Reversing a lower court's decision Die slate supreme court today ruled that each coin slot in automatic music and vending machines shall \be subject to tax as a "separate ;md distinct" machine. The Putaski county chancery court earlier had enjoined State revenue commissioner Z. M. McCarroll and his agents from collecting more than five dollars per annum on - each machine as a whole. B. lj. Williams, owner of several machines, had sought (.he initincUon. Williams alleged only n five- pent slot was necessary on tlie machine and he held that slots for coins ot larger denominations were for convenience of customers onh I'LL T€L BY ~ BOB . BURNS Drl Robert A. George ' Dies At Age of 81 MEMPHIS. Feb. 28, (UP)—Dr. Robert A. George. 81, pastor of the | First Congregational church ' here since 1919. died today after an extended illness. He was pastor of a Congregational church in Cleveland. Ohio for 25 years before coming to Memphis. Dad Sues Film Star Daughter Negro Dentist's H o m a Burns; Blaze Near Gin Is Dangerous Three tiros since Saturday night caused at least several thousands dollars fire loss but Fire Chief Roy Head had not estimated- the damage this afternoon. Fire of an unknown origin destroyed the modern cottage owned and occupied by Dr. w. H. Young negro dentist, at 1012 South Franklin street. Saturday night about 10:30 o'clock. An adjoining house wns also damaged by the flames. Neighbors and firemen were not able to save any of the Youngs' belongings as the fire was out of control, before It.'.wns discovered A leaking oil tank" at the Jake Ungar gin caused a flre at 12 o'clock today which threatened to ra serious before it was brou°ht under control by the city firemen The flames spread'rapidly through the dead grass along thc railroad tracks for-several hundred feet At 2:30. o'clock this' afternoon firemen were called to 100 Dou- gaii avenue, where reported afire. a house was Mosl people who come out here are disillusioned when they see actors or actresses "off stage." The i other night, a Shakespearean act- i ress came Into a restaurant and jibe acted so haughty and talked In such an affected voice that jome.of the people took a dislike to her. They couldn't understand why anybody would want to see her in a play. So I told 'em what a wonderful actress she was. I I says "When she plays 'Aida.'l >he starves In a prison cell; when she ulays 'Klgoletto,' she's murdered and dragged away In a. bag and; when she sings 'Ophelia' In Hamlet, she's drowned In a brbek." Wants Laboratory To Be Located At Memphis MEMPHIS, Feb. 28. (UP)—W H Jasspon, president of the Memphis' chamber of commerce, today wired Senator Kenneth D. MsKellar and Congressman Walter cimndle- asking their aid in obtaining for this cUj one of the four regional research, laboratories authorized M> the farm bill. Jasspon pointed out that Memphis is the largest Inland' cotton and cotton seed market in the world and is "ideallj- situated for I thc economical and efficient operation of such a plant.-, Memphis will become tlie research capilal of tlie soulh If one Judgment In Favor Of Insurance Company Upheld ROCK, Feb. 28. — The supreme court today upheld (he 'decision of the Mississippi county Chiekasawba district circuit court In the case of Tishlc Smith ,.VB. John Hancock Life Insurance company. Mrs. Smith's contention that she was entitled to approximately $300 as beneficiary of an Insurance policy on the life of her lale husband, J. P. Smith, mis over-rilled by flic trial court and the action afflntiod by flic supreme courl, The policy allegedly lapsed nearly six montlis before Smith died, the company contended successfully. Mrs. Smith was represented by Holland and Barham, local law firm, and the Insurance company by a Little Rock firm. , LIFTS LIMIT ON All Retired German Officers Now Subject To 1 Service Call FIRE BESIR015 Home of Mrs. Ben West Burns; Loss Estimated Over $3,000 of WASHINGTON. I'd). 28. OJI')~ Tlm Hi|iroine court In two slgnlll- canl labor cases, today upheld nn important, power of iho national Inbor relations board and voided ..,, federal injunction against ptek-| World War Commander RnJlies and Takes Notir- islnncii! ' TUCSON, Arl*,, I<Vb. 21). lUP) — |(J Ins vitality that surprised physl- s | clans, milled today and look nonr- . Tlie action came on u busy court decision day market!' by pi«cn(a- llon of Justice Stanley Heed's opinion and rendering o( a number of Important, decisions. The littior bourd decisions con- mnrd cases Involving the Pnclflo und Pennsylvania Greyhound lines 'I'hc .supreme court wianl- mous decision, presctMed by Justice Itarlan p. Slono, upheld the power nf the board to order con I Islunrnt through the mouth for the first time In (our diiy Tlic txiniiiiRiidcr of tho ..,..,.. can vxpedlUoiini-y forces and the The picketing case concerned a federal district court Injunction to;,, prohibit picketing by (ho'bulchcr.s' 110 . 5 , °" " ,,.,i— ..t-i,..-, ... „ . _ cottage, named ' " wl lin l )nrlc< ' union against Iho firm of E. a. Shtnncr, Milwaukee. T'he injunction wns grtutcd on grounds no labor dispute was Involved slnuc Hie union had no members employed by UIB firm. The supremo court reversed lower courts holding thai the Norrls-LaOtmrdla act prohibiting such Injunctions was applicable. BERLIN, Feb. 28 (UP) completely destroyed the home of Mrs. Ben West In the cast pnrt of town early Sunday morning. The home has been closed for the past ton days white Mrs. West wns in Hot Springs on a visit. The fire was discovered by Flnlcy Cartwrlght, who turned in the fire alarm around two o'clock. Mr. Cartwrlght thought lie heard prowlers around his house and upon getting up to Investigate discovered the Are In the West home which ,is opposite. his home. V -• The fire had made such headway by the time firemen arrived !t was Impossible to save the louse or any furnishings, Only a few pieces \\itfe sand from the kitchen. The house, which had six rooms, Is valued at around $3floo Only a small amount of Insurance' was carried. . Tills makes the second fire of r- 1 major Importance In Osceola wllh- • —'—•' * "•" tu vwt/ — UVL- i *""J w ' *in|joti«iite in usceoia wltn- ..iany today abolished the age limit In the week, the country home of for military service of retired reg- M!ss Emma Cox Just north of'town inn,- nnri ^pn n ... ,.-.,... .. ' fc e )ng destroyed by fire last Sim- day nlghl. Circumstances were similar. Miss Cox and her father ulav and reserve officers under a decree Issued by the supreme command of tlie arrned forces. As a result of the decree retired officers are liable lo military service us long us they fulfill medical of the laboratories here. Jasspon said, is established .Funeral Rites Held Sunday For W. S. Lowery Funeral riles were conducted Sunday morning for W. S Lowery 11, who died Saturday at his home' 1005 South Lake street, where lie lived with a son, Frank Lowery He wns stricken with paralysis n generally has been ;}5 years. order is applicable to ofllceis who retired from the imperial army and thc Reichswehr before tlie Nazis look over control, os well as officers wlio have gone on the retirement lists since that time. Some such move had been expected since Fuehrer Adolf Hitler In his speecli to the Reichstag on Feb. 20 Intimated that the German army would be strengthened. Stock Prices NEW YORK. Feb. 28'(UP)—Trading slumped on (lie stosk exchange tcday and prices receded one to more than two points. Bonds and commodities also were lower. Wheat lost a cent a more a bushel AT& T 137 Anaconda Copper ........ 32 3-4 Associated DO ........... 71-2 Beth Sleel ..... .' ......... sg Boeing Air I Chrysler week before his death Burial was made at Sawver cemetery with Holt Funeral home In charge of funeral arrangement,;' chr >" s!er 53 5-8 He is also survived by another' citles Service 15-8 -on. Gene, and a daughter Mrs £ OCa ^ 0l t,'V, 121 '" 2 !aie Sanfnrrt iwih «r 1 *• General Electric 4n i-R General Motors were returning home from tlie midnight show when they saw the house In flames. Tlie two-stury home with Its entire furnishings, including valuable heirlooms, was completely destroyed. • -Amtmtla on World Cruises SYDNEY (UP) — Australia has been included In the Itinerary of virtually all world cruise steamers. Three of tliem will visit Australia In 1939. They arc the jrnnconla, the Empress of Britain, and tlie Reliance, Goes to Town 4 After 35 Years 33 53 5-8 [ , — -•— '» ^"llg!n(j|- Kale Sanford, both of here. Few York Cotton NEW YORK, Feb. Cotton closed steady, open lilff) 908 912 921 928 930 Mar May July Oct. DfC. Jan 931 915 821 927 938 928 934 28. (UP) — low close 908 914 912 921 921 927 928 931 927 93G 93G 939n "And" I says lleve 111 She makes you be- Orandpa Snazzy says "Well, I'd pay to see that myself" Pleading that he. was broke, un„ — ..aa uiuriu, unemployed and unable (o go on relief, Allen Whitney, lower photo, has riled suit l/LosT- <p les , '° Jorce his film sfar daughter, Eleanore Whitney, top photo, to contribute 'S25 a week to h, s support. Miss Whitney, ^ownwSMUweek, Is living with and supporting her mother, ™^ '• A i and a sister, Spots closed acady at S27, up 5 >Vew Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS, Feb. 28 (UP) , . (UP) -Cotton futures closed steady to*» .-»h day with gains. Mar May July Oct Dec Jan .three and four high low open . 923 . 925 . 934 . 941 '.941 . 934 938 945 1)45 945 close 9291) 933 938 945' 939 945 041 045 925 930 spots closed steady at m, up 5. 34 1-3 Inl Harvest 68 3-4 Montgomery Wart 36 3-8 N Y Central ; 18 1-4 Packard 4 5.3 Phillips Pet 39 Radio 67-8 Schenley Dlsl 24 7-8 Simmons 20 7-8 Socony Vac 15 1-4 Standard Oil N J : 53 Texas Corp 43 ,U S Smelt 59 i_8 U S Sleel 54 5-8 Livestock • .. . / EAST ST. LOUIS, III., Feb, 28. (UP)—Hogs; receipts, 10.500 Top. 9.25 ' Heavy weights, 9.00-9.15 Ll?lit iveights. 7.25-8.35 Hulk sows, 7.50-7.90 Caitlc: receipts, 3,500 Steers, 7.25-8.18 Slaughter sfccrs, 5.15-9.00 Mixed yearlings, heifers, 6.50-7.50 Slaughter heifers, B.50-8.25 Beef cows, 5,00-5.75 Cuitcrs and low cutters, 100-4,75 Negro Women Are Fined $50 On Assault Charges Women were tlie chief offenders arraigned In municipal court today. Minerva Partloiv mid Oladya Holmes, negroes, were each fined $50 on charges of assault with deadly weapon as the aftermath of a light alleged lo have occurred between Uic women last night. A pistol and a knife figured In the altercation but neither was injured Constable Ervln Harrison of Hu/T- ;riian made the arrests. .^A white woman was fined $10 on -a'Chnrfre'dl public drunkenness on the city docket. Bob Older was fined $sS v oii u charge of carrying a concealed weapon. Constable Raymond Bomar was thc arresting officer. February Chancery Court Term Begins Here Today The February term of chancery court opened here this morning with Chancellor J. p. Oaulney of Jonesboro presiding. Most of the morning session was consumed In tlie hearing of oral testimony In divorce cases and child custody proceedings. University Men Puzzled By Percy Suttle, Co-Ed kidneys Pcrslilnu bed In ,n little Apache" for lliu tui. (u(-,v, IILII^I^M MimuiiL lur LI trllK that fjave Ii1ni his baptlst of lire wlien ho fighter 52 years ngo. mis nn Indian ILffBE IS IDfflflFFICE,? Bymcs Declares Measure Essential For Economy And Efficiency WASHINGTON,' Feb. 28. (UP) —Semite iiclminlslrallcm leaders, ciicflimlcrtnjr slnirp opposition to Hie governmental reorganization l>i:i from a minority coalition, Icmporarlly fold die measure iii-ldo lotliy to consider the conference report on the ?250,WO,WO dellricucy relic/ bill, The senate approved the revised deficiency relief bill by ni;rcclii K to a conference report siifiltorUiiK (he house's version of (lie measure. j WASHINGTON, Feb. 28. (UP)— Sonnior James p. Byrnes " (D&tt,, S. 0.). seeking to guide President Koosoveil's reorganization' bill through the senate In the lace of' opposition by a minority coalition, loduy plendcd" for, enactment of. the measure for greater "efficiency arid economy." • . Ojicnljjj tlio senate fight on the measure Byrnes emphasized the ' Asks Re-Elcction need for a sacrifice of some jobs In die Interest of federal economy.' ' "There in no way W accomplish Hint without giving tue piesldent power," he cried, striking at one of i lie main protests of the opposition lUalnst fiivln? Mr. Roosevelt what ilicy consider too much power. Senator Harry F. Byrd (Dem, Va.) nssnllcd Byrnes' agrument on grounds that more power was prc- ! cosed for tlio president than neces- 1 sary. Divines said that both slate gov- biis.ncss had Improved City Clerk. Miss Ruth Dlytlio today oulhor- Izod the Courier News to limke formal announcement of her candidacy (or the office of BlytlJevillo oily clerk, at thc municipal election In April. Miss Blythc Is new serving her first regular term as city dork, In seeking a.second "regular term shu asks -consideration of Iho olty'j electorate on her record as a- city official and In accordance with the Democratic custom of returning officials who hnvo faithfully discharged their duties to office for a second term. „..„..»,„. ^^^ >.-iiiinuijv«no ous.ncss had Impro • Olid " Regular Term As sleatlll i' tllclr emclency In rec /-.', Ai i fth >^r s while the federal governni i uad done nothing, "For 60 years virtually no Holdup Suspect Hangs Self In Benton Jail BENTON, Ark., Feb. 23 (UP)— Using n bed sheet to make a l|ang- mtm's loop, E. A. Hojisloy, 38 former Little Rock policeman, charged with participation' In n $5,000 pawn shop holdup, hanged himself today In county Jail here. He;islcy was In jnll awnltln&r transfer to Little Rock to face the ribbory charges. Two other men were implicated In the holdup. has bean done, \ Byrnes said. • "The president would have call in a private detective to 1 .' locate some of the 13CT bureaus aicndoj Uiat exist. Ana even he would never hear of' so them," He recalled that Presidents ^ Roosevelt and Woodrow f t — — ^-, ? .-j ~^-". ffff -. r«w* w o reorganize Hie Tederal maoh Three Escape Serious Injury In Accident Miss Dorothy Krutz, 20, was slightly injured in a highway ac- •• cldeht, late Saturday night In- 'Vhlcli the automobile was com-'- pleteiy demolished and her three companions, "Bud" Fisher,: Earl Stone and Ben Fisher, escaped without Injuries. The accident, which ocourred -itout 11 o'cfoek on the'curve-lust" south of Burdctte, attracted - him- .Ireds of tourists, many of whom •vere reluming home from' the :ounty basketball tournament at Joiner. • It is considered almost mlracu- bama freshman co-ed, thinks maybe this bit of publicity will help to correct a greviously Incorrect impression 'about her at the University. •Having made an exceptionally high scholastic average in 'her first term al the university, Miss Suttle found In her mailbox an invitation from Phi Eta Sigma, freshmen honor society for men, to attend Its smoker for prospective members. Incensed, Miss Sultlc went to the registrar's office to clear up any doubts as lo her sex, --- -.-.« — ,,. -- ,-, --•—.• vi w*,^,u dlUlUOli lIJUUt,U" Hcnsley's body was found at'loiu; that no one was seriously 8:30 n. in., dangling from the sheet luirt. "Dud" Fisher, who was drlv- tlcd to the top of his cell, A vcr- ' ncr lnr ' """'—' -<• »- - -diet of suicide was returned by A Father Wins Back His Son CaruthersvilJe Woman Has Sleeping Sickness CARUTHBRSV1LLE. Mo.. Feb. 28 —Mrs. Marie Darrett, about 30, wife of Johnny Garrett. is reported ill at the St. Joseph's hospilai at Mem- Phis from a sleeping disease. Mrs. Garrett was removed to the hospital Wednesday and her illness was diagnosed as "sleeping sickness" today. * Co-cds Behind on Spinach CEDAR FALLS, la. (UP)-Co-eds at Iowa stale teachers college consume less spinach than they need while men students eat more than their quota. That fact was disclosed by the college sanitation and hygiene class. Although Andrew Reese, above, lives within four miles of downtown San Francisco, he recently visited the city for the first time in 35 years. "Yep," commented Reese, "35 years sure do make a lot of changes." He liked the tall bulldingt and new bay bridges, but growled through his whiskers and headed back to his little shack when he found he could no longer shoot squirrels in th« parks. Slronj--Arm Squad Strong LEBANON, Mo. (UP)—Unable to "crack" the^afe they found in-R. A ! Walser's home here, thieves carried the 200-pound strongbox to their car. The safe contained $75. g, lost control o/ his machine -hen he was passing a truck 'on ;hc curve. The' car overturned •hllc traveling "rather fast" occupants 'said, and after ti ing on Its'side, struck a cut Miss Krutz received a cut r icr head and her back wns sli ly strained. Passing moto KU Vonsht her to the Blythevllle hos- ttal and after first aid was ad- -inlstered she was removed to "er home. She Is able to be up today. is' Condition Is Reported "'Very Gra MEMPHIS, Feb. 28. (UP)—, (iitlon of Wils Davis of Mem former Blythevllle, Ark., attoi™,, ~HS -reported very grave this afternoon bv attendants at Methodist hospital.' Missing Boy's Father Will Contact Abductors NEW ROCHBLLE, N. Y., Feb. 28 (UP)— Murray Levlne, prosperous attorney and father of 12-year-old Peter Levine, missing since last Thursday, confirmed the boy's dls-' appearance today, and said he would conduct negotiations for his relum without the aid of local or federal authorities. The father would neither con- ' firm nor deny that he had contacted those responsible for the boy's disappearance. , May Jul. open hijh 935-8 933-4 891-8 891-4 low 93 881-4 close 931-8 881-2 Ciricctyo Corn May Jul. open 59 601-2 Iilgh 591-4 605-8 low close 587-8 59 603-8 601-2 WEATHER This picture just about tells its Arkansas—Mostly cloudy tonlrtit own story. Howard Frankel. 12, 'and Tuesday, prcbablv rain In ex' and his father. Julius Frankel, give each other a big bear hug fitter a Brooklyn, N. Y., judge awarded custody of the boy to liis dad. Young Howard previously had run away from his divorced mother time after time, despite earlier court rulings placing him in her custody He insisted he didn't love ber. treme west portion "Tuesday. Memphis and vliinlty — Partly cloudy tonight; lowest temperature tonifht. 34 to 33; Tuesday Inonas- ,in» cloudiness, probably rain Tues.. day nljlit. : | The maximum temperature here yesterday was 70, minimum 38. j clear, according to Samuel P. I Morris, official weather observer.

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