Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on September 20, 1896 · Page 8
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 8

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, September 20, 1896
Page 8
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TO :•^y^•^^ E This Week's Prices Cannot be Equaled EUewhere Great Dress Goods Bargains. 2£wge lot of Mixed Wool Novelties SO in. wide regular price 25o a yd. Choice of lot per yard , 12*0 Barge lot of Colored Wool Kovelties in Figures and Mixtures 38 and 40 inches wide, regular price COo yatd. for choice of lot per yard , 30e lot of Fancy Silk and Wool Novelties 40 to 44 inched wide, regular priue 75o to 85c a yard. For ehoioe c! lot per j'ard.... • 4 8° CHILDREN'S FALL JACKETS AND Ladies F Capes. A Little Money does a Big Task in this department, 300 Capes and Jackets Jackets to select from at prices to suit the mass s SCHMITT & HEINLY; ,THE GLOBE. 3s the money saving institution of. 'Logansport. It lightens the expenses «f -living, by lessening the cost of nocc s'sitlos. New Fall Goods magnificent S* volume, variety and beauty received bought direct from the mauufacrur- «rs, paid for all discounts saved, and t o be sold at price that credit houses •aa't match. The Store jammed full o f clean, sparkling, new goods, which TT2J please everyone who sees them. . \Ve avralt your verdict. HEN'S. SUITS 300 Men's plain and fancy cheviots wo rtli ?0.00. our price ....... .....$ 3.50 35 Men's black, blue- finished worsted worth $5.00, our price .......... 5.00 3K> Men's plain and fancy casslmere w orth $10.00, our price ........... 7.00 U» Mea's black 'and blue Imported cla y worsted worth $15.00, our price 10.00 BOY'S SUITS. "Boy's surts all colors, good fitters from 14 to 10 worth ?5.00, our price 3 - 50 6 -°° 7S:Boy.'-s-black, blue, and fancy chevi ots, well trimmed and made, worttr-97.50, our price .......... '. . .............. ;•• ---- . ........ 5 -°° 38S Boy'« Mack, blue, and fancy Impor ted worsted equal to custom work, worth $10.00, our price. .....: ........................... 7 - 50 SCHOOL SUITS. 3DO Tweed suits, good fitters, well made at $1, $1.50, worth $2.00 and. ,$ 2.50. 3bj-'s Scotch Tweeds, newest fall patterns $2.50, $3.00 and $3.50, worth $4.00, $5.00, and. ...... ............ ............................. 2toee pante, ages 4 to 15, special lot ---- ; AB wool Scotch cheviots worth 50c, our price ....... : ................ •• O»rduroys all colors, worth 75c, our price .............. • ............ Kemember our stock is all new and we have all up-to-date novelties aJJoTir goods are marked in plain figures, strictly one price. No Misrepresentation, come, fee for yourself and be convinced what we say are facts, THE GLOBE. Strictly One Price Clothiers. ' -.-• , CORNER FOURTH AND^MARKKT STREETS: PROTECT YOUR EYES. The HIrchberg Optical Co., The nail-Known Specialists o! Nnw York have appolnte 'if. A. HA.XTK as agent for their celebrated Spectacles and Eye tilaswa, every pair guaranteed. " D. A. HACK bus complete assortment and Invites all to satisfy themselves of the gceaf saperlorltr oJ ttiusa gooisovcr any manufactured, at the atore of D. A. HAOK, Sole agent for Loganspoit Ind. No P^dlers Supplied, $2O.OO Will Buy a €ood Winter Suit -OF- W. D. CRAIG. 426 Broadway, Second Floor. \OIAN-S OPJSKA HOUSE. ) Wllllniii llolnn Manager, THURSDAY SEPT. 24. HAMILTON'S Company of Players. Producing AGUSTUS THOMAS' Greatest Sucocis IN niZZOURA s-.?!. 75c, 50c, Sue and 20c. . on sale at Johnson's Drugstore Oil cloth and linoleum. Buy at H. WHcr & Go. • :'. See the lino of stoves at Fl'anegin's UOTV stove store, Georgo M. Schneider has -been given a license to retail liquor. Old papers for sale at the Journal office. 20 cents a hundred. Positively the best cup of coffee in 'the city at Dykeman's cafe. Monica, child of Mr. and Mrs. S. P, Sieerin, is silck with typhoid "fever. Charles. Young has taken the position of day clerk at the Johnston- hotel. We are showing a 'liandsome line of Etruscan, Austrian and Venetian .vasca. ^Fox & Dimkclberg. •". Tlia't low prices rule In our cloak department was shown by Saturday's sales.—Trade Palace. A complete line of heaters and cook .Stoyeis at the.now stove store.—Flame- gin's, 310 Market street. TOic best thing era- offered. The Jowell Carpet Cleaner, 25c a cake; will clan 30 yards of Brussels.—H, Wller & Miss Alice Booth will resume teaching on plaino, mandolin and guitar, September 21st,' '96.- Studio, 1107 Broadway,.. , 'The body ofr'-the late Samuel S.tough was taken to the town, of Walton-yesterday for burial, the funeral services, attended by several from the city, be- iiig conducted'by the. Rev, Harold. • .The death, of Charles Steflron, formerly of Camden, occurreil & short time ago at Sedalla, Mo.,'1ie being tak- en^siek on his way from Texas. '.Sis death occurred In a hospital. Mr. Shedron had friends in -the city. . THE SOUND MONEY MEETING Popocrats Endeavoring to flat e it a Failure. The Popoc-rats n.ro passing 1 it nJoii the lino fh-ii.t Jill forinur Dcmocr:ir.>, should st;iy away from the sound money Democratic mecfing lit the i-i next Wednesday. An cllort' is being m«do to kei?i) from soirud money DIMIIO- cra.ts fhe '1n.te of I he mcetinjr and the ;':i.ul' that Dr. Charles Si-Moil, Ho'n. ,T, E. Wilson and Hon. Kul'ns Uag(H' would speak. Every Democrat J.s inrercsted in hearing .ill sides of •tlie.imO'iiC'y iiuos- tiou, and the spenkei's should l>e {ii'vun an attentive licnring. Let Ihere 1 1X' ; a largo nittemlauco. The Poi-u Sound Money Democrnt.ic club lias, chartered a sipccial train :ind will send a-large delegation. - ; "'•'•" Mr. Magcc is a Democrat,-• jis he always has been,..and he iA'.ln 11-uc with Democnitic precedent on the money question. The money question Is the vital issue o-f this campaign; aid on this issue, which lias' not before been raised between Republic.ans'and true Democrats, he is sound. The .Tour-, nal does not agree with Mm--on--party* po-Wcies, but Is mot afraid of his 'principles. It asks a respectful hearing aud urges citizens, regardless of party, to bo present. Cold and Wind Hake the '.a Raw One. But Royal Center Picnic Draws W : - More Than a Thousand. ANOTHER BIG GUN. •'7'T?*i*''- ' 'Hon. RosweH O. Horr at the Rink Friday September 15. Hon. Roswell G. -Horr, the famous exponent of sound money, will speak at .tKe rink Friday, September 25thv Hs will arrive'from; Chicago at 1:55 p. m., and will 'begin 'his speech at 2:30 o'clock. Mr. Horr was for years the financial editor of the New York TrK Bane, aid Has a more than national- reputation as a debater and financial authority. He went Into the hot bed of; free silver and debated iwlth "Coin" 1 Harvey, routing that famous distorter of facts completely. Ho has -done rrfuch' for the cause of sound money. The people should all near him. Friday afternoon, '2:30, September 23th.: •High grade novelties to.lace curtains- are mow 'being sliowm by. H. Wiler & Co,. ' ' • • \ : .-••. ••' \jAf'ter all the fusion of the disagree s oC the season,'With the ', in an attempt to Money picnic yos- Eoyal Center, the affair i'ricnds aud oppo- Thcre were as many pres- thc Poi>ocra.tic Aduims- w-tth liv-c liuudired to i'c>"people bore with the disa- greeable''conditions with fortitude, though nil fhe seaits were da-uip, and •tlHTw-'Kf rusUed among the people as if it li.'idithought'only to strike a-Populist tfl'ttliering near Royal Center. Hon.'i'W. .S. Kejiworthy of the West, a. most able speaker, eloquent and logic.-il, spoke to the crowd, send Hon. W. D. Oweu. made a characteristically "sound and effective speech. There •wa's •plenty of ..music, by the glee club, and by a good band, and in the face of ad- ver.sit.ies, Hie managers of the event Mrfe'liic'liucd'tocongratulate themselves on the big touniont, and profitable time. " ' AT TWELVE MILE. Also at Ha/el Patch, Republicans !.!.'.,'Hear Sound Money Talks. Two excellent meetings ,were held in !,r,he country, last night lu the name of sound money and prosperity. At .Twelve Mile, Major Stcete spoke forcibly and effectively to almost two hundred-people; The house was crowded. .The Adams- township glee club before .(.be. .speech livened up five- spii-ite of those who ibraved the cold weather t'o hear the truth. The meeting was a €^*™«i!^ been an' InviUd,andCnow : hc, : -ls : con fined to. his room and helpless of Injuries received in the service. this faithful soldier Oheadlc goes ou of bis way to assail. General H. V Boyn'toiii who was colonel of Dr. Lan diV regiment, writes a. scathing lettei about I'Ms matter. whWi must tak' Cheadle very uncomfortable K he ha: not lost flill -sense of shame. Severa yours ago a Damocraitic candidat sneered at 'the record of iliis oppoucn as a soldier. The lalte General Mansoi heard of it and was so indignant tha •he notifiod Dhe.candidate of his owi party that ilf 'he repeated the .itfiack h< would feel it to be Ills dirty to a com rade to denounce Ms candidacy. Ever} veteran should turn Ms back on .Tosepl B. Chead'lC'aml treat liilm with the con tempt due a man who casts aspersion upon the service of a man, who- wa* conspicuous for his good service, and who has been a sufferer for tliirtj years,-beca.use he did Ms duty. S'h-amc Choadle. OFF TO RICHMOND. . ; - -Harry Whistler- addressed a good crowd at Hazel Patch school 'house in ^Bethlehem 'township, As usual, -that logical -speaker pleased the people, andr convinced h'is Kenrers of the evils of a proposed change of money basis to a e.hoa.per motsil, -in an effort to double •the -price of the -metal in the world's market, . CHEADLE REBUKED. Clinton County Turncoat Called for misrepresentation. Tdie Indianapolis Journal yesterday priuited the following editorial commenit: "A few days -iipo Joseph B. OheaMle sanv tit to assadl Dr. A. H. Lan- dls of Logauspont, in a speech at Laga, -by saytog that h-e was never at IbiJy.li'me in fhe UnLte'd States service. Dr:.Landls is not a candidate, but Iris son is eheadle's opponent. He made the .assertion 'in order to'brand the edi- pnaf the Grnmtfordsvllle Journal as a jar!.because 'he"said .•fflutfc Charles B. . andis -was the son of a soldier. Now, as"a: matter of fadt, Dr. JUandis was as assistant 'surgeon in the TMrty-first o^-tone- of the' most gallant of soldiers:^ He. was taken prisoner a.t ^ Chlckamau-gai while In charge of a hospital :and taken to Libby prison. At the babble .of Konesaw mcmntato he went under the fire of Ms regiment and had .3ils leg broken and crushed by a •aiitnon ball. He came out of tire ser- j Logansport Well Shown in Quaker City at Brooks Rally. There wore more than two hundred and fifty took advantage of the excursion to Richmond yesterday, and hcarO the speech of the Hou. J. T. Brooks last night. The party reached -home this morning about 3 o'clock. At the head of the big delegation was the,Republican drum corps iu natty new uniforms, and' the boys made a-,line display at Richmond. The demonstration, while not of. the kind given here, was a mon iter laCftiir. There was an excursion of six coaches from the Bradford division, and a banner carried was a neat and unique device. It was a triangle, with red, .white <an-d blue lights at the points, and a gold dollar suspended within. .Many who failed to secure a place in the .opera house when Mr. Brooks was hero, heard him last night. "IX MIJ5ZOURA." Ttet gem of an American play. "In 1 Mizzoura," Augustus Thomas's best •effort, will be at tie New Dolan September 24th. This season it will be an entirely new production, new stage setting taken toom life as it were, as it -Is from sketches made on- the spot where the story is .loca'tcd, and a company specially selected by the author, each one for their peculiar fitness for the characters ,tihey are to portray, and "In Mtooura" Is pairticultirly strong in quaint characterizations. The company -includes A. S. Llipman, Clias. H. Rlegel, F. C. Hamilton, Chas. .Mason, A. J. Edwards, Fred Webber, :C(has. Hall, Billy Woods, J.'H. Surridge, H. Charles, Mrs. Jean Clara Walters, 5Iiss Margaret Dibdin, Jliss Mamie Johns-tone, Miss Margaret Mercer, •the Imperial Quartette, etc. WAS KNOWN George House, a conductor on the C. H. & D., killed in a fatal wreck' a.t Con- nersvHle, .was -formerly on a ruii between this city and Indianapolis. He was well known here. His body was biikeu for burial to Greeasville, Ohio. It wias thought he was riding on the ta.nk, and leaped to avoid danger, being, caught by a falling car before he could make his way'to safety. It is a matter of a good ' deal of amusement that neither of the evening papers have -heard of the sound money meeting next Wednesday evening at the rink. Oh! What a Beating the Reds Got Yesterday. The enthusiasm In the race between Cleveland and Cincinnati for second place, will die out now, as the contest is practically settled. Thu Spiders wove the men from Cincinnati in their web yesterday and before the nine innings were out succeeded in. securing twenty-one runs while the best the Reds could do was to push two men around the circuit. This practically settles the race for second place, and it is very probable that Captain Tc- beau's men will have the" pleasure of playingthc Temple Cup series with the Orioles. Baltimore won from the Phil- Lies wh'ile Chicago took one from the Browns. Baltimore now has .702 per cent., Cleveland .031, Cincinnati .605 and Chicago .559. Following arc the scores of yesterday's gomes: At Cleveland—Cincinnati 2. Cleveland 21. At Baltimore—Philadelphia 2, Baltimore 7. At Brooklyn—Boston 3, Brooklyn 3. At Washington—New York 1, Washington 8. At St. Louis—Chicago C, St. Louis 5. A SILVER ORATOR. Saturday's crowds do not discuss the silver question as much 1 as they did. for the free silver men are quickly routed by some man 3n ;iuy crowd they happen to get into. There were a few discussion? yesterday and one big maa had a little consumptive looking individual cornered near The Journal office and was giving him his best argument. "What the country needs is cheaper money," he f<rgued; "Money thai we can -all get hold of easy. Then make it a penitentiary offense for any man to take a dollar of it out of circulation. Then repe-al the laiw of supply d demand. That's what we want: I tell you they don't know how to run this government." Walt for the fine display of trimmed iatsi and bonnets, Thursday, Friday and Saturday at Mrs. W. J. Potter's, 117 Broadway, near Sixth street Invitation to all, , PRICES THAT TALK. Women's Ofxvl pubbers :.23c Women's Sturm tiamlals '.'.-• -28c Men's Good Rubbers .36c Men's Arctics 5Sc Women's Arctics • •4? c Misses' Arctics 38c Men's Overs for Felts .OSc We also have the celebrated Good•oar Glove Rubber goods. No better >raud of goods in the world. Women's Kid Patent Tip Dress Slioes, Button <5Sc Women's VIci Kid Patent Tip, Button -9Sc .ten's Velvet Slippers 45c Icn's Buff Bals, Plain Too -98c Men's Buff Congress, Plain.-Dress Toe ....- 9Sc Youth's Good School Shoes. TSc Boys' Good School Shoes ........ .SSc Boys' House Slippers ......... 45c Women's Very Fine Needle Toe: and New Coin Toe, Lace and Button, Kid Dress Shoes,-Good'Value-at ,?2.50; Our Price on this shall be.$1.48 The above goods -are all ftesK ne,w oods, which are arriving, daily, bought ircct from the manufacturer for cash", ,nd our customers shall have the ben- fit Line W. Pilling, Shoes, 412 Broad- vay, Logansport Ind. We're flere and Here to Stay. You are cordially invited. We look for your acceptance with eager anticipation, for we are confident of ybur enthusiastic commendation of our efforts. We assure you that no finer stock canbe-found in this country and you will agree with us that it surpasses anything ever before seen in Logansport, We have entered this field as leaders should, avoiding the time trodden path, shunning the policies that have hitherto prevailed, but with un- eauaied facilities and.eharacteristic energy we have sought the best that you may enjoy the convenience of finding :here at home those exclusive styles you have hitherto been compelled to seek in other markets.: The managemeritrof all our departments is in qur own hands. We'v< experienced guide our, judgment, we know every "Fashion Inlet" and "duality Harbor in this and foreign countries. Behind it is our capital, our enterprise, our broadgrauge methods. Such a union of tact and talent must succeed. We've gathered a stock that is artis*> ally perfect and marked^at prices that will be an agreeable revelation to you, Bearing out the reputation that we wiltwin for this store and your confidence. ^ _ . : Very, Truly Yours, THEHUJS* BERWANQER BROS. & CO. y ccessors to HARRY FRANK.

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