Arizona Republic from Phoenix, Arizona on March 9, 1924 · Page 12
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Arizona Republic from Phoenix, Arizona · Page 12

Phoenix, Arizona
Issue Date:
Sunday, March 9, 1924
Page 12
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PAGE TWELVE THE ARIZONA REPUBLICAN, PHOENIX, SUNDAY MORNING, MARCH 9, 1924 A Remember WELCOME GIVEN C METRO State Bankers' Association Offers University Scholarship to Rural Boy or Girl With Best Club Record mm CHARGENEGRQES WITH FRAUD IN Attorney General John W. Murphy Announces Candidacy In Democratic Party Primaries For Re-Nomination W.RWi utricle t s CHEiHYS IN The Arizona Bankers' association John W. Murphy, attorney gen 99 "The Best Show of Any Season OPENS TODAY AT THE Ing the rest of the money required. Before offering the scholarship the Arizona Bankers' association had already offered $500 in prizes to the boys' and girls' club champions. Most of this money will be used to defray the expenses of the champions to Farm and Home week at the university. It is expected that at least 19 champions will attend. COLUMBIA Phone 6008 For Reservations of Gila county at Globe ' for four years.- He has practiced law in Globe since 1909. He was a member of the first legislature of the state of Arizona, serving one term from 1912 to 1914.- During his two years as attorney general, friends of Mr. Murphy point out, his office has achieved state-wide recognition. The most recent victory, , they declare, became known yesterday with the announcement that the suit of ' the Arizona Eastern railroad for an injunction to restrain the Arizona Corporation Commission from en eral, announced yesterday that he will be a candidate for the Democratic nomination to succed himself at the primaries, September 9. No statement, other than the announcement itself was made by the attorney general. Mr. Murphy was elected to his present post at the general election in 1922, and succeeded William J. Galbraith, as attorney general. Previous to his election, Mr. Murphy served as county attorney See Our Window Display UUIAIK MOO A "flier" Into the realms of frenzied finance, in which Albert Turner, in order to secure $300, In alleged to have Introduced Km ma Lewis as his wife to a 'local real estate firm and to have signed with her a mortgage on his wife's property, was revealed yesterday with the arrest of Turner and the Lewis woman on charges of obtaining money under false pretenses. The principals in the case are colored. Turner, according to Investigating officers, secured $108 from the firm of Healy and Conrad as a result of th transaction and was to receive the balance of the $300 at a later date. The mortgage was executed and the money paid. It was stated, without the knowledge of Turner's wife. When the alleged fraudulent transaction was discovered a com- plaint was issued against Turner and his pseudo wife and the defendant arrested by Deputy Sheriff Bill Williams. The complaint was signed by G. J. Conrad. . The defendants were arraigned yesterday before Justice Fred C. Bolen and will be given a prelimina forcing Its order cancelling the lease held by the Arizona Eastern to the properties of tfee Phoenix and Eastern had been denied in Los Angeles by a court of equity composed of three federal judges. Another outstanding, achievement of Mr. Murphy's short tenure In office, his friends assert, was the fight made by his office as interveners to sustain the constitutionality of the famous highway bill which provided for a 3 cent gaso ry hearing on the charge at 10 o'clock next Thursday morning. The defendants were released, Turner under $1,000 bail and the Lewis line tax, a mill tax, and a 10 cent woman under a $300 bond. )k 1 AX MUSICAL EVENT Phoenix accorded cordial welcome and gave praise without stint to the Cherniavsky Trio last evening in the fourth Musical Events of the season at the high school auditorium. No less generous were the music lovers in their recognition of Josephine Lucchese, .coloratura soprano, a newcomer, finding: ready favor with her listeners. The program was well balanced and the numbers of conspicuous merit, if the testimony of the audience could be taken for a sign. The Cherniavskys, artists In the group as well as Individually, play with a definite appeal, and. an obvious sincerity and faithfulness to the theme. , Their work as a group Is ripened the individual performance mellow. Of Mademe Lucchese much can be said, for her reception was enthusiastic from the very first appearance her attractive stage presence seemingly a pledge of the enjoyment evident in the unanimous expression of those who listened. The voice has the warmth, and limpid quality with fire and sympathy In the right portions is handled with ease and always In perfect control. Madame Lucchese sang an English group for her first number and followed with the aria Caro Nome," well adapted to the voice of the coloratura showing the range and shading of the voice in a most satisfying way. A sharp contrast was offered in the encore, "The Boogy Man." piquant in its suggestion. Individually the Cherniavskys may be said to be of uniform excellence in their chosen fields of art. Thy are Leo Cherniavsky, violin, Jan Cherniavsky, piano, and Mischel, cello. Each apparently out of a complete devotion to his instrument, has made his performance a thing of admitted beauty of tone and technique as soloist and in the group. RUSH TO CANADA LIVERPOOL, Eng. So great is the traffic to Canada becoming that the Cunard line is transferring to Canadian service the steamers Ca-ronia, Carmania, Antonla, Ansonia, Andania and Athenia. These formerly were in the New York service. There will be seven sailings in March, eight in April, nine in May and six in June. Is offering a scholarship to the University of Arizona for 1924 to the high school graduate having the best club record through a period of years- The scholarship carries a cash payment of $150 to be expended in ' attending the university. This scholarship was secured through the friendly attitude of A. T. Esgate, the president of the association, and on the recommendation of its agricultural committee. The award will be based on the number of years of completed club work together with the quality of work done.- In addition it is expected that the candidate will have been a club leader for one or more years. .While the amount of the scholarship is not sufficient to defray nearly all of the candidate's expenses for a school year, yet it will help greatly because the boy or girl who wins it will necessarily have shown enterprise enough to insure them rals-? Former Teacher At Peoria Asks $296 Judgment In Suit County school district No. 11 and the Peoria High school district of Maricopa county are named as joint defendants in a suit filed in the superior court yesterday by Ruth Hol-son, recently discharged school teacher of Peoria. Miss Holson petitions the court for a Judgment of $296, claimed as compensation due under a contract entered into with the defendants. This amount, the complaint alleges, covered salary due from January 2, 1924, the date of Miss Holson's discharge, until February 22, 1924. Filing of the suit is the aftermath of a controversy brought about by the school teacher's dismissal by the Peoria school - board. Miss Holson alleges in a rather lengthy complaint that her discharge by the defendants was "arbitrary and unlawful." o Vaulted chambers have been dug on four different levels in the salt mines of Galicia, the galleries having a total length of 30 miles, and on the lower levels are streets and houses in which live the miners that rarely come above ground. a levy on each $100 of accessed valuation; for highway purposes. The bill was attacked on its constitutionality by a local taxicab company, and Mr. Murphy's office, arguing as intervenors on behalf of the secretary of -state and the oil companies, succeeded, it is pointed out by his friends, in obtaining an opinion from the Supreme court upholding the bill and voiding the vetoes of the governor to the bill. During the last year and a half, the attorney general's office has assisted the etat-. reasurer.and the state inheritance tax collector, Mr. Murphy's friends state, in the collection of inheritance taxes in the state, with the result that a larger amount of inheritance taxes has 1 V4 . I been collected during the past two years than in any similar period in the history of the state. Mr. Murphy is the first candidate for the nomination to the office of attorney general, subject to the Democratic primaries to announce his candidacy. Pleads Guilty To Automobile Tire Nationally Advertised i New Capes ' ji Hr an RY JEWEl 4 Beautiful Styles XvfyiKm Uilw Sweaters I as low as $19.75 JfV lTlU Snecial At Lowest Prices! . . hi vsw i i i XTiwvn i vi ii ras-i i inr n i i m K",a ymmmmm 54.95 to And Tube Thefts Prank English, arrested Friday by Inspector Daniel J. Iucey in connection with the theft of two tires and tubes from Charles E. Harris, rancher residing near Phoenix, entered a plea of guilty on a charge of petit larceny at his arraignment before Justice Fred C. Bolen yesterday. The defendant will - be sentenced at 10 o'clock Monday morning. English, according to officers, was attempting to dispose of the alleged stolen tires when he was placed under arrest. Questioned at detective headquarters by Inspector Lucey, English at first denied any knowledge of where the tires came from, but finally made a statement to the inspector, stating that he had taken the articles from Mr. Harris' $35.00, up to $55 11 II VivKf 11 AfMPll $10.50 Graceful, good looking fl i .rVfra ?f" I III i ssssr irai bM m u 11 uu "Feat th.e bia, Fashona, Franzet- Y0 A rfTfyUffl jfUi IieW Mandarin ta,. Poiret Twills and f, y ffl f 4tfV4 d mats in the Silks. Sand, gray and tfl 'i ffliv'dl ' AW CUato 111 UW black are the favorite 1 ' COlOrS. Why Wait until Friday? Have Your Dental Work Done Today At this office, inconvenient delay and fear of hurt have been banished. Through the use of TWILIGHT SLEEP "for the teeth," we put the teeth to sleep ( not the patient) while work is being' dona and there is no hurt. Because you ape not hurt we can work better and quicker, with vOT an . 3 sr m BBr w m sTZir nrj a m a-. out "spoiling" your whole day. 0. C. Ludwig Enters Race For Post Of County Attorney O. C. Ludwig, Phoenix attorney, yesterday announced his candidacy for the Democratic nomination for county attorney o? Maricopa county, at the primary election September 9. Mr. Ludwig has been a lawyer in Phoenix for several years, and maintains offices in the Heard building. He is an ex-service man, a property owner here, and the head of a fam THE tremendous success that has been achieved by the Funk Jewelry Co. is based in its ability to offer reliable diamonds, watches and jewelry of the very finest quality, including nationally advertised lines, at the very lowest prices obtainable anywhere in the city. And in offering them, to extend -also the privilege of buying on credit. pHE development of the extended payment system of buying is the outstanding fea- ture of retail business of the past ten years. Today wise people use their credit, just as big business men, municipal, state and federal governments and big industries use their credit. Credit is the basis of all modern business. YEARS AGO we realized this and inaugurated our now famous system of extended payments. No longer do wide awake, ambitious folks save, and save, and save, until they can "plank down cash" for something .that, ily. Three of his children were born in Phoenix. As a member of the house of representatives In the last legislature, Mr. Ludwig introduced a bill to give women the right to sit on Juries, which failed to pass by a close vote. He has practiced the legal profession for 11 years, with the exception of about a year spent in the United States navy during the World war. 1 Means v There Bs No Hurt and h is administered exclusively at this office. No other dentist in the city is authorized to use this nationally known dental anesthetic. Phone us for an appointment. Here yon win not be hurt. DR. W. P. PHILLIPS Upstairs over Mason's Pharmacy Corner Second Street and Washington Entrance on Second Street Phone .4242 when purchased, wTill be used over a long MONDAY is DRESS and CO AT DAY Starting Monday our second week of our Annual Spring Sale with still greater values in Dresses, Coats and Suits! Ratner's has always been known as Dress, Coat and Suit Headquarters but this eclipses even our own spectacular record and maintains Ratner's leadership in the realm of Fashion. Rancher And Wife Held After Raid By Dry Officers period of time. They prefer to pay for their purchases as they use them. So, today, furniture, pianos, financial investments, real estate, clothing, jewelry and many of the TTv TTT. IV sTV other worth while things of life are purchased in this way. s Mr. and Mrs. Nave Simon were arrested when prohibition agents raided their ranch 10 miles north of Tucson and found a quantity fo liquor, according to a report yesterday to M. E. Cassidy. director of federal prohibition enforcement in Arizona. Simon was charged with possession of liquor and his wife with attempting to destroy evidence, according to the report to Mr. Cassidy. They furnished bond of $750 each on arraignment, the enforcement director was advised. i IT IS A notable feature of our CONVUNl- Two great sales of fering the utmost in values highest quality "diamonds, watches and jew- on elry at prices that are never higher than you g Hundreds of Smartest New Dresses Exceptional Value Models gracefully straight and Slender or. effectively draped, other Frocks showing the new idea of higher waistline and bouffant skirt in fact a veritable exposition of the Mode for Spring expressed in beautiful quality, crepes and satins, georgette and flannels, in all the new shades i . NEW ROAD TO WEALTH PA P. IS Many Parisian women are buying pearls. P.ecause of the rising prices, these jewels are regarded here as excellent Investments. Better and INCORPORATE safer th Partnership We are Specialist in incorporating companies small or large. Our 20 years experience is at your disposal. STODDARD INCORPORATING CO. 322-24 Heard Bids. Phoenix. Ariz. Stunning Sports Frocks-Smart Tailored Frocks-Lovely Dinner Dresses- would pay elsewhere for , cash, and in most cases for less. To seuye conscientiously has ever been our ideal since the inception of this business several years ago. This service personal and confidential has built us a reputation of which we are justly proud one that assures perfect satisfaction to our friends and patrons. YOUR credit is always good at this store. A small down payment will buy any article in our stocks, and the balance can be paid in small, convenient easy wreekly or semimonthly amounts later on. You get the article of your choice at once. RELIABLE DESIRABLE REASONABLE "Open Saturdays Until 10 P. M." Cash for Diamonds Have You Any to Sell? MACK GARDNER 45 NORTH CENTRAL A Remarkable Selection Specially Purchased Here you will find an exposition of the smart modes for Spring reflecting exactly the effects seen in models from most exclusive Makers, at a price within every woman's reach. Flat Crepe - Crepe Satin Georgette Lace and Chiffon Beaded Georgette Roshanara Moire Alpaca Satin Canton Sports Flannels A man is known by the lawn he keeps A ragged, uncut, ill trimmed lawn detracts from the inviting appearance of the most beautiful residence; a fine lawn, well cared for, repays you many times over for all the attention you give it. Tools for working the lawn and keeping it in shape are here in great assortment; lawn mowers, hose, sprinklers, nozzles, shears and edgers everything you'll need! Before you buy a mower, let us show you the Johnston All-Steel Non-Breakable Mower It's lighter running, and simple to adjust. Full ball bearing, case hardened gearing, and is made entirely of steel. Every mower is fully guaranteed to give satisfaction. Come in and see one. Ezra W. Thayer Tractor Radiators CLEANED AND REPAIRED PHOENIX SHEET METAL WORKS 320 West Washington St. W H Mi 0 RADIO APPARATUS SERVICE omen s an lsses II MAIL ORDERS SOLICITED RADIO SUPPLY CO. 27 South Central Ave. WEAR WHILE YOU PAY WEAR WHILE YOU PAY Commercial Hotel Bldg. D NEW SPRING COATS $16 $19.50 $35 These are the new swagger coats being worn this season made without belts and fashioned of soft rich fabrics which are warm yet light in weight. The assortment consists of plaids, mixtures, stripes and plain colors. Sizes 16 to 44. 46 West Washington WRECKED Body, Fender, Radiator, Frame Axles Repaired. We are Experts. Owens Radiator and Welding Co. 248 N. First. St. Phone 6737 "Everything In Hardware' 124-130 East Washington St Phone 6621

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