The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 18, 1930 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, July 18, 1930
Page 4
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THURSDAY, JULY 17. 1930 CLASSIFIED ADS Two csnis a word lor first Insertion and one cent » word lor etcb lubjtqutct ln»r- tlon. No tdvcrtlttBierit taken for less Hum We. Count the words ind send tn» BMh. Phone 306 8ALB FOR SAVE—Baby Chicks, Custom hatching each week from now on. Marilyn Hatcticry. 26ck-tf MNt PAGE "SEVEN CORAUE STANTON <W iCATU UOSKEN 1Q50 CWELLSF.A HOUSE. VACATION TIME Take That Trip In a Qood. Used Car. You will have the use of ihe cur while you're there and also save traveling expenses. Make your Selection Worn The Following List of Used Cars. Lowest Prices and Easiest Terms. 1929 Model Wliipiicl Coach.. ?295 19J9 Model Ford Roadster ..§215 1S28 Model Chevrolet Tour. ..$195 1930 Model Ford Coupe ... 5525 1929 Model Essex Couch .. $255 1017 Model Font Fordnr Sedan §165 1928 Model Ford Tudor Sedan $215 192G Model Ituiok Sedan ... 5175 1929 M:dcl Ford Std. Coupe §425 1929 Model Ford Spt. Coupe S3G5 1928 Model Chrysler C Sedan §315 1926 Model Ford Touring Car 585 .We will accept your ulci car as part payment on one of the above iate Model Used Cars. See Us AT ONCE—Phciie 811 TODAY. Used Car Dept. PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. Authorized Ford Dealers 1IEOIN HHKB TO1JAY JUDITH CHANT, utlUl'. MinJfl, Invrn A LAN STBYNE. linhutr, vhii I. uliu luvrtl h} UIIIJMM* .MOIlI.i:*', JiiJHVN lie»t trim*. <:hi ii) hud luvid SlrMir >»ar« IIRCI, nnJ fciiti lu»< *« mi'imiry iihrn tit VM-JII imliyi Uiiuuh Slrjlir luvv> Jlldflh, Jlldl Ih IniUI* II (• hth duly In nmrry CUuiiiui jr, \\h<> rt-K»ln« Ni-r nirninrjr ulirn hW JUT* lilm tiunln. Judhk »{udlf« dniic'Iiii? niul tuiLkrx H •rimudoii tn II iiiu»l>'til .hiivr Iinrkril IJJ UICII- AUI) WYI1.V rhunimy, tin iW rv« nf Jipr iniirrEn^t:, «cr* Jlldllll In HU'j-iie'x firm* mill tirrnkM (lit rn- KIIKCIiirnl. Stcjlir IhfK* Jlldllll 10 ninrry tilru lint t.hi- rcfiifurn. ti-n- Ini; Eiliu hr Urhui^v In Clilllliiil y< J!ASTir.\ DU.^inN'r. yoiinR nrll«( vim |[ivf» Juilllh, Inkr* lirr In nn nvllsu' bull. lie Iciirn" Hint Wyiin U rcnlly the imtMit nl Hlirci-^ f.'ll)!CO>'i rich BniinL-Irr, nhn ttni Iitfii Infnnmlcd iTllh Ju- dllh fur n I.nip 11 inc. imd 1111 I !"• nflcrnoiin of thp hJill he fcrrw Jll- rtiih c, nul ol <;l<lcgn'« liciu«r. NOW C.ll IIX WITH VIIK S'I'OHV CUAPTUil XXXIII 1 'IIE suiiper room was lone ami narrow. Half of it was taken ess proposition. Thais' <i He. llo's 3ldeon's ngcnl—It was Gldcon'a money. You Hcd to us all, pre- endlni! you knew nothing nhoiit II. 'lio Monopolo Is Utdcon's theater. 'vo beeu atlklng to hla business nnnoecr tills afternoon, and lie old mo nil about It. Wyon's only ' man of straw." : "liastlcu!" Judy's fnco was whin- [•]'"'' is a sheet. Her eyes stured. ful> ' v of a dreadful fear, "liasltcn. yuu .t' 1 " cant be telling tbo truth: YIUIIV' mild! It Isn't so. Mr. Wyuii-" • t Unl now liasllen was p:t:i ,',':i .•• Irol. llo d'raKged Judy i,y ij.^ . sltoulder oul Into llio room v Teoplo crowded around tlii'iu I : and oilier dancers pushed ihslr »nv ,. In from tbc ballroom. The 1111 .luily btd swiftly spread lliat Iliere was u . i;, ;V .,, scene—by no means an imUu'iwti -jrrifi Incident at tbo Lemon Grove. 'null" IVjmonl's voice rang nut. usly j tliMn tluor. They hclpcil J«'l? out through a y»r<l, nml Into llio taxi- calj. Blic smiled in Mlcluiel In tho olil clillillsli nay. "I was n bul (I w:is perfect silly, Mlchiiol; KI) vciy iMl 1 ." KENT up with tallies, covered wlih i«l- and-hlue-checkercd tablecloths. Al the farther end there was a kind of alcove, wllli a window looking Into a disused limber yard. Tlia window was curtained with orauee and 1 green. On a long buffet were spread sandwiches, pastries, and sausage rolls. Most of the foreign element drank sirups with waler. hut there were always spirits, vermuth, and nk ami Iht j 11 ;!viis Itfi gripped I'l'Lijn ' and reckless with til us of Jealousy. Judy by iho shoulder all the time. "Yon people, see here! Tlila Elrl wo thought we knew so well—she's taken a rich man's fancy! Thin swine. Ilruce Gideon— she's been taken up by him. if you ptcjise, and made Into » great dancer! And sbe kidded nil of us—tier old friends—that It was all business, aud that Gideon had nothing to do with It. She's a liar—that's what u ;i her nr:i;a fill Ikon! down into Ibe "Vv'hm did Itosll my?" she yskcd. Judy darling! It dooan't mutter— lot n phi. Nubody would liavu lio- Icvcd 11." "llasllen said 1 was a liar! llo told llicm nil! llo'a found out some- thins—If ho Isn't ijulto mad," "Deau-sl, lie never uicnnt II. llo wasn't l:iniself. They nil Know that, Now you inusl real, JuJy. I.u! u:c put yon to lied." "Nu, I'll put iiiytcH, ilianks. Chuniiny, angel, tlinnks ever ro nnich. und pood nli;l:t. Don't slny — I'm nil rlaht. 1 must Ktl Biuiia IL-S!, Uvausc toiuonow 1'vo LI gvoat deal to do." i IL'DY was up ipilio early llio nest . . a vi'iV' muniing. Shu dressed hcmull , ..a.> iiiil i)t witb more c;;re (linn usual. She .Liul-iiis col- looked (pilto collected, but sl.o w.ia , ii-.. car- |simply bolllni! Inside. Kbo would Judy nwi'in liuvo brought down the unlveijo ;ii. »:i.-':s iitnl tinwld. .'ilnmt I'.cr bead without a rpialm. v.aitr everywhere. She nas Koine to have no truck I n,v window, wltli with in,:]] of straw, il them, nnd [hint; Sbe raiiK up Ilruce Ghlcon'3 npartn:cnt, and asked him \vlieu lie L'II ^ay. Climn | rould see bcr. Tlio answer wbcn sbe had; lliai l:c hail iin appolntmcni nt H )UR BOARDING HOUSE beer for those wliu wanted them. I she Is! Judy Grant's a liar! When Judr and Dumoiit entered, [she's—" thero was already a crowd round' tbo buffet, and all tho tables were And Blainnicd llie wlndo\v down. "1 wasn't tbcre." Ler friend an swcred. "l!ut you mist tmve hcaid from tbe olhers. Cliumniy, I must know! As far as 1 can remember, lie said that Mr. Gideon was—" FOE RENT—August 1st One apartment, One office Ingram Building Inquire Parhurst Company. Oc-tt. FOR RENT—Furnished Apartment, 108 Kentucky. Phone 683. 15pk22 WANTED WANTED—Several young men or women of energy for local work of unusual nature. Pays every day and pays well Write Box 1 c»re Courier News. 16pkl9 WANTED—Furnished house or apartment for couple. Phone 129. 15pkl9 WANTED — Family Washings, Washed and Ironed by competent white woman. Mrs. Brown 704 S Lake St. 17ck-tf LOST LOST—lied hcund pup between Merchants Grocer Co.. and Main street. Answers-'-'to'Uhc • narne='-of Madge. Findpr return to Merchants Grocer Co. '$1.00 - fc'ward.' 18pkl9 full. Dumont piloted her to the alcove. In which wero placed some basket chairs. There was nobody there at tbe moment, and tbe others made noise enough to make private conversation easy. Judy sank Into a chair. "You migbt get me some lemon' ade. Bastien," she said. "I'm parched— Oh. Basticu!" Her voice had suddenly fallen to a whisper. As bo stood over ber she noticed for the tirst timo tlia there was something tlie malic - , , hrongh the crowd and seized Du-'ably. "He told all tho boys nnd Tony vltli "Judy, darling, poor Uastlen was the rest was never •poken.\ (IrullK '" Leigh and 'Michael Stone, "He said Mr. Gideon was giving horror-stricken faces, burst I me money,- Judy went on incxor- with her friend, pale; the dark He was ghastly hair lay on his temples In wet rings. Ilis eyes bad a wild stare. He swayed to aud fro on his feet, as be stood there; but ba bad control over his voice. "Judy, what were you dolug at Gideon's apartment this afternoon? ' he asked. ••I—She stopped, and looked at him with a touch of offense. "On, yes, you were there. I saw you cotno out!" •'; •:. -."-Yes;' t was there, liastiep; but "4i<faVqueer*jou-are! I was/hiv'l'ng tea with Mr. Gideon aud'hls sister Madame de Toros." Judy gave a low cry. As Uu- monts grip on her rclaied. she slipped unconscious to the floor. Chummy rushed to her friend's side. Other men cleared a space. Dninoiu was led away, laughing riotously in his madness, and Jvdy was carried to the cloakroom. Thero was a hubbub for a slfort time, and among the liltle crowd ol frleiids there was Immense surprise U was BO unlike Basticu! He was such a nulet fellow, and they knew that he adored Judy. Many of tbo other people, how ever, though It rather a storm In a In ihe District Ccurt of the United Slates for the Joncsboro Division of (he Eastern District of Arkansas IK THE.MATTER OF Claud Miller and J. P. Homer, doing business as Miller & Horner. in Bankruptcy. To (he creditors °f the above named bankrupt of Manila, the County of Mississippi, Division and District aforesaid, a bankrupt. Notice is hereby given that on July 7th. 1930, the iibove named petitioner wa s duly adjudged a | bankrupt, and the first meeting of | th.? creditors uill be held at my office in the Ciiy of Jonesboro, in said District on July 28th, 1930 at 2 p. m., at which time the said creditors may attend, prove their claims, appoint a trustee, examine the bankrupt, and transact such ether business as may properly come before said meeting. At Jonesboro, Arkansas, this July 18lh, 1930. P. C. MULL1NIX, Referee in Bankruptcy. "You lie!" he said under bis breath. "There was no other wo man there. You were alono witb him!" . "1 was not. Rastien, aro you mad?" "You are a liar!" he went on bending over her, with bis back t the others. "You said this ma \Yyon owued the Monopole, au broufibt you out as a ourelT bual eacup. They knew it as a matte t common gossip tbat Bruc ideon was "running" the lilll ancer. Dumont had drank to much, bni got excited, and ha lade a fool of himself. Well, h would have a head in tbo morning ud would feel very sorry for bin elf. Meanwhile, on with th dance! .Judy .opened her. eyes., cloakroom. Cbiinirriy was batliln icr forebcad and tbe attendant wa lolding smelling salts to ber nos She gave a little moan. "Take me home!" sbe said. "J 1 bead is splitting. What a tcrrib noise that band is making!" Chummy hastened out to te some one to call a cab. Tho r tendant tried to make Judy drli somo brandy. "X6, take it away," she said. Chummy came back, and with h Michael Stone- There was a Is that 1 had taken Mr. GIdcoii's ucy, and that ho bad paid for erything nnd brought me out at e Monopole." "Judy, Basticu adores you niinin? Insisted. "He is Jealous, id he was drunk." "I know ho was drunk," replied udy; "but that was what ho said had i o'clock. She ^;iiil tbat she would bo at bis homo at half pabt 10. G!dron was In bis Btndy, nnd the was sl.nwn straight In there. "is it true, or la It not/' sbe be- pati. "tbat you osvn Ibe MnnopojG Theater, and Unit you paid nil lb» exponcss of bringing mo out7" "What have you been hearing, las Judy?" tlie big man cautiously eplicd. "Just tli.,1. Is II trite?" "Well, yes. How have you oil ml out?" "Never mind! So you're fouled 10 over Ibis business!" Gideon behaved wilh commend- ble tact. He was neither frlvnloiia or EuH-satlsfioil uor provocative In ny way. "After all, what do you asu't it?—that. Mr. Gideon lid for everything—that the onopole Is his theater—that Mr 'you Is only Mr. Gideon's man o iisiiiess. And Dasticn said 1 lied ccause I pretended lhat it was Mr Vyon vrlio had brought me out, ant hat It was a matter of business s that right, Chummy?" "1 wasn't there—yea, 1 suppos that's what he said; but he wasu esiionsible. 1 "You see. Chummy, you ieve me or not. but I didnt know t was an awful shock. That's why I fainted. 1 know riasilcn never meant to hurt me. 1 knew that he nc mad; but U was the shock. —bis shouting that all but before the boys, and making me out to be Heaven knows what! And 1 didn't know, Chummy—1 didn't know! That brute has utterly deceived me, Chummy, aud lhat slimy little devil with tho old woman's face! And 1 thought I kncv men!" bjcct to?" he asked persuasively. "I object to being deceived." fald Judy savagely. "I object to peoplo BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES A l^T-DOWN FOR BOOTS By Martui aying dial yon rim me, and that 'vc taken your fnncy. I object 10 nnybody thinking I've ever taken inylldng from you, except a few meals!" She hir.g the last words out with biting contempt that brought a glow lino Gideon's [iale eyes, "Who is saying thai 1 .'" be asked. ".Never you mind! It has been said." Gideon looked at her Inquiringly. "Since your conscience Is qulto clear—" he began. ."My consclenco Is clear enough," Interrupted, and tho woida dialled from her lips like n rnonn- tajii waterfall. "l!ul I shouldn't like to' have yours, Mr. Gideon! Lying to a poor girl who baa lo make her Mvi:K-iaal:Ins her name a byword! IK) you suppose I'd havo gone on wilh Ihe Job, onco -M. Guarvcnlns was dead. If I'd known it was you behind It? Of course, Closing Stock Prices NOTICE From May 1 to September 1 3u r dental offices will be closed ;sch Thursday afternoon. Dr. If- H. Moore, Dr. H. A. Taylor, Dr. II. S. Davis. NOTICE Why wait until cold weather? Book your coal orders now, for future delivery. Get my prices and save money. See or call JOHN BUCHANAN 108 N. K- K. Office 107 Phone Kes- 71" V. R. WASHAM— Transfer Dally trips to Memphis. Will pick up and deliver freight and packages ' anywhere. Special rates on carload lots. Local Phona 851 Memphis Phone 3-9315 WEBT He Makes 'Em See A. T. >t Aviation Chrysler Cities Service Coca Cola Fox General Electric General Motors Grin.sby Grunow 1. "T. & T. '. Montgomery Ward ........ 37 Packard ............... 15 1-8 Radio ................. 43 6-8 Simmons .............. 28 1-8 United Gas ........... 37 3-8 U. 5. Steel ............ ISTi 220 3-4 G 1-8 31'i 31 181 3-8 -18 73 -15 15 1-8 48 5-3 FIRE EFFECT STUDIED OKLAHOMA CITY, July 18 (UP) —An ecological study to determine the effect of forest flies on reproduction of tree growth antl range grasses in the pitic tree section of eastern Oklahoma is being conducted under the direction of the state forestry department. New York Cotton NEW YORK, July 18. (Ul')—Colon, closed steady. Open High Low Close Mar 1312 1362 1338 1360 .lay .... 1355 1380 1355 1378 July .... 1305 1322 1292 1318 Oct oUl 1318 1344 1318 1340 Oct. new 12<15 1310 1292 1310 Dec. Old 1341 1300 1338 1358 Dec. new 1315 1338 1312 1334 Jan. old 1341 1360 1340 13CO Jan. new 1352 1345 1318 1341 Spots closed steady, 25 up. at 1340. New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS. July 18. (UP) — Cotton closed steady. Open High Low Close 1336 1361 1336 1352 1371 1352 1245 1285 1245 1288 1323 1288 1307 1340 1307 1319 13*2 1319 Mar. May July Oct Dec 1361 1377 1285 1319 1337 1342 Royal C, Mills Public Accountant and Auditor PpeclalkUig In Income Tax, Bookkeeping Systems Phone 52 tasram Bldg. BlytiievUle, Ark Spots closed steady, 31 up. at 1309. iPOSSIBLV A HINT HE: There was something I wnnttrt to say to you, but 1 forget what It was. SHE: Was It "good- night? "—The Humorist. BLINDED COTTAGER: If what you say is true, that you love your work, then why don't you find seme? TRAMP: Oh, madam, you know love Is blind!—Answers. SEVEN ANGELS MAID: When I accepted Jack he was in seventh heaven. ELSIE: Of course.-He's been en gaged to six other girls this year —Tit-Bits. ?O£AM»i \ WOHDER. ff VEUTO TOR Mfc —W»M OOOH 60<j\\ 1 KEEP Wt<b»\ rt*«t VWJt YVANO —«=\ Poor Judy dropped on a chair 1 was a fcol lo be taken In. Other and laughed and cried convublvely. it— my frlendd, all lhn people 1 love, and a lot of horrible Chummy did her best to comfort her, very much at sea as to what it strangers; but I never knew It uiy (To Ka Onntiuued) MIXED Mi:i>IClNE J DOCTOR: You should lose your- in your work. What do you do for a living? PATIENT: I'm a cement mixer. —Answers. Edmonton, and after live consecutive Friday night, raids local cili- rcns formed watch parties and the police warned everybody to take their weekly wages .upstairs. RAU.OON CROSSES SEA CATTERHAM, England. (UP)—A toy balloon released at Catterham lias been returned by mail from M. J. Israel, 107 West 8CUh St., New York, who wrote that he found the RETS IIEIl MAN I'OTl'a: 1 hear your daughter married a struggling young man. TOTfS: Well, he struggled, but lie didn't get away.—Hummel, Hamburg. , BURGLAR'S KMLrill' EDMONTON, England. tUP) — Friday night- is burglar's night, in balloon on his roof. THE STRANGKK AGAIN! FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS OU BoV/.' LAUE....TUAT OM fAV UfOCLC CLEWS ^•s^^^^Sg^ SHAOV510S I- Wi V10UV;»J' AT TH£ M&POBT OF US AMD DO\';M A LITTL6 — THfrT A THE ESCAPE sue V4SUV.DH"V V-tt MC KEEP VOO ' SUCH LODWNQ OOGG1C-GEE. 1 , 1

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