The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 19, 1930 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 19, 1930
Page 9
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WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER Id, 1030 BLYTHF.Vll/Ll''. (AUK.) COUIUKR NFAVS CLASSIFIED ADS 'ivo oenu a word for ftrrt In- wrUoo tod CM etat a wort Icr Mefe iubMoutai Uutr- Uon, No kAwUMOtatUken lor ten than Mo, Count Uw word* and taud tbt cf*t FOR SALE—Almost new Nabors Master Trailer, equipped with fine 32x6 heavy duty 10-ply tires, ready (or hauling logs, Lumber, bolts, piling, etc. Cost $340 ne*. Now ONLY »225. U. G. Cash. Telephone 811. 19c-k22 FOR RENT FOR RENT—Five room house in 1000 block on Ash St. Call M. G. Goodwin. 4C-TF FOE RENT—Furnished apartment. Garage. 305 Dougan. 14P-K21 l''OR SALE—1930 late model "A" Pord Tudor sedan. 5 dandy tires, bumpers, motor A-l. Guaranteed. Looks like new and is a REAL BARGAIN at 5425. Cecil Decn. Phone 811 or 776. 19c-k22 FOH RENT—D room house, two baths, all newly painted and pajiered, located on corner Highway 61 and Highway 18. Ideal lo cation fo rtourist rooms. $40.00 per month.' Call L. L. Ward, 968 or 650. 12C-TF FOR RENT—Rooms, One month tent free. 9H Hearn. 13p-k21. FOR RENT—2 rooms, furnished for light housekeeping. 625 Walnut St., Phone S21. Mrs. S. P. Cavendar. 14p-k24. FOR RENT—Modern 6 room house. Garage, 2 lots. 16th and Main. Will rent or trade 8 room house on Lilly St. J. W. Maloney. 11p-k24 FOR SALE—1930 Model "AA" . Ford IV' ton truck with steel closed cab, Anthony steel dump body. Truck has dual wheels, dump body carries IVi yards o! gravel, dirt coal, etc. Cost $845 new. For quick sale ONLY $475. U. W. Mulling. Phone 811 or'552-J. 19c-k22 FOR RENT—Nice sleeping room. 310 Walnut St., Mrs. Nolen. 18C-K22 FOR RENT—Furnished apartment, 108 West Kentucky. Phone 683. P-K-25 WANTED WANTED — Family Washings. Wished and Ironed .by competent white woman. Mrs. Brown, 704 a Lake St. nck-tt FOR SALE—Late 1928 model Ford Sport Coupe, 1930 license, fully equipped, has S excellent tires, first class condition. A beauty, for only $255. Bernard Gooch. 'Phone 811 or 332-W. ' 10c-k22 LOST AND FOUND STRAYEP OR STOLEN—Female lemon spotted bird dog, name Blllie, lemon ears, spot between eyes. Reward. 101 E. Ash. Phone 278. 17c-k20 FOR SALE—1926 late model Ford 1 ton truck with closed eab and platform body. Good tires and motor A-l condition. ONLY $95. Cecil Deen. Phone 811 or 776. 19c-k22 LOST—One brown Suitcase, containing woman's clothes. Lost between Holland and Blytheville. Notify Sam Taylor, Portageville, Mo. 18P-K20 FOR SALE—Late 1929 model Ford Town Sedan, neat and attractive appearance, motor in excellent condition, 5 good tires, bumpers, license. ONLY $395. Bernard Gooch. Phone 811 or 332-W. • 19c-k22 I THE BEST HOT PIG, CHILI AND COFFEE RUSTIC INN WERT He Makes 'Em See V. R. WASHAM—Transfer D^Iy trips to Memphis. Will pick up and deliver freight and packages anywhere. Special rates on carload lota. Local Phone 851 Memphis Phone 3-931 GOOD STEAKS AND HOT FISH TOM'S CAFE Pflving and Sewer Taxes District Xo. 1. , Now Due G. G. CAUD1LL, Collector. Upstairs In Farmers Bank Bldg. NOTICE W|th onr rectnt partnership with Mr. Gee> Carney, we now nave the best equipped Independent shop In (own. CARNEY-JENKINS GARAGE Pickwick Bnlldlng "We know 'we know bow" e cxr t OUR BOARDING HOUSE UKUI.N HERE TODAY CKMit H1TCUEI.L, K, I»TN BnltlMorr wktto >ke *•> 11'** with krr •r«M«tTrM uiOlhrr r BIAIUJAHKT HOOKRS, to )o!° >"' wtnllhr feiktr, JOHN MITCMKH , In NV*r York, The ppr*»C« BIT * lUvcrcrd unO Mr*. R«c«r* l» • widow folluwloff m M^oad iu»r- rlnvF. DAnXKt SHIELD*, 7<JyBB ntvrn- pnpcr |»bu1o|;rflpt]«r, (• In tuv« wllfc tkr jslrl. Mltrkttl ••«• KVE- 1.1'X I'AKKO.VS. IxaXIfu! nlJoir, <u ' lBlr«Jurc kU rfiophler lo olkrt yoHBf peoiilr, 'UrH. Pnr- •on» aicrcfH, cDnildrriBK Ollii • • mem» to \V!B MltrkcITi BfTrcdon*. Sh«! Kckruim fo grt rid of CelEn %V eBrnurnclntr n rnmflnr? lir- nvrm hrr »•* TO» 40IUIAX, ffnirJaaUnp but of dubious rknr- •f trr. Kllfli!. conn t« NUT York <o n'ork BHd IUC«N rclla. Shr irll* falm »kr cnrr* for Jordan 'but Inlrr rrnitin Jt la fikfrldB rrbom Kfir lovr«, Mm. I'arxoiia nrutj»r« Shield* nud ILc father n»d dnufffc- tfr qaru-rrl. OUtt Arynrtm for llnl- llmnre 011)7 <" Und thni ho * iHuthrr hnft dlprLi>;»pnrrd. IravlnR nn rlriT fn hrr wkrrfalxiul'. MKchrll nrrivrn, ftttttn a rrron* flll.illnn nn< inkM Oil. bark (o Nr\v VorU. MrmiivMIr Mm. I'nr- cnn-i hnii infarnica Shield* thnt Olln I. tn umrry Jorrf.n. U'krn Crllu mfr<M 11i« ynun* a»*n rnrb nlMimtlfralnnilH ih* offcrr and Inlrrvlrir nidi with the nSnlr 1v.-rrn Ihrm bnikm : off. No ivard c<i«ir» <if Olln'« mother. TJit- Klrl In MiUrrnlfle nnd loHrl7 nnil vrlirn Jordan I hrr to rlopr »he zot* »wny wUk kltn. Hllrlirll npnmlii In Shltldi lo hrlu him (Inil Crlln. Thrr "" • n JorJna, ivho dfalea .fenB* vtkt-rr «lie I*. MHchrll Irnrn* fll 3lr.N. V.'irxoni' Afffli imd (rleki VrnfrKklonnl Oclfcllvm nrr ' ftSIr lo Iwnfr Olln. who U MSI llUNCAV.i Uomr. Llil « nhonr* Ihnt Jordn* • »* Crlw Jinvc- drlvrn imny lopcfkcr .fet'cHr^s rtpfirt thr.t Jordan "ionkrd p»B*npt to Cuba. ROW CO ON WITH THE STOUT ClIAl'TEU LIX VN a few frenzied moments Jolm * Jlitclicll had the till! story. Zelia had been at Llsl Duncan's Borne for three days. Tlie girl had Arrived Ihere with Jordan. Cella had seemed worried anil unhappy but she hail demanded—at the price of friendship—that no one should know ot her whereabouts. "i saw Celia aud Tod get Into his car," Lisi went on excitedly. "I was In the living room bcbind them and when 1 heard tbe car 1 looked out the wiudow. 1 heard Jordan say 'We'll be back In no lime.' Then I called but they didn't hear me because tho car started. It was four o'clock then and now it's alter eifihU I'm afraid there's been an accident, Mr, iUitcholl. What can we do?" "You stay where you are," Mitch ill ordered, "aud if either ot them {tomes telephone ine Immediately." "But don't you think v.'« ehouli Oo somethiug—t" "I do, Indeed, and I'm going t do it! You'll hear from mo later Goodby!" Barney had heard the entire con vertation. As Mitchell put doTyu. the telephone the young man zaught his arm. "The boat?" he cried. "You .think she's with him?" John. Mitchell did not answer Ho was ordering the car, rummag ~ i&£ for his hat, shouting orders a o butler. Edwards hurrlci) for- ard with an evening paper to tell i«m the name ot the eblp sailing r Havana at 10 p. ui. and the umber of tho pier, Slilelds'had posted h'tmsclt at the oor. 'Tho car's here!" .ho cried, ralB- ug Ills volbo lu keeping with the eneral hubbub. lie opened the oor and ran dov/n the steps, Mitch II following. "Drlva to pier " Mitchell old the chauffeur. "And Imrry!" Tho big motor car pulled »\vay rom the curb. ''I can't believo Bho'd ilo It!" illtchcll moaned. "I cau't bcllove he'd do It!" Shields Eald nothing. His eyes were glued on the street 'ahead. The 30 minutes' triu seemed end- ess. Ho did not hear whut John Mitchell was saying. If Cella bad gone aboard that boat with Tod finally reached tho pursu'j It waa Bomo time before : JorUau It coulil mean only one lilng., It meant that Ceila lovcil Joidnn. She must love him enuugli to marry him. Tlicro was a lump In Itemoy'B throat and his lips were dry. A constant chorus dinned ever and over la his nitud: "It she's on Ilia boat it means sho loves Jordan." • « • HB motor car BKUUE in a wide • circle and hacked against a liar tendiut listened to their rawest. "Jordan!" ho asked. "You bay tho name's Tod Jordan?" A moment later ho wus noiMhn; mid gavo them the number ot a Btntc. room which Jordan had cusu;eO. Tlie two mou lurucd away, A youth In immaculate uniform was passing and Mllchell tom-tinl his arm. "Can you show us to —f ho asked, menliuuloE the nnmlKT of the stateroom. "Yes, sir." The boy louchnl his cap and led Iho way duv, t, :l cor . rldor. They .inado a luiu to the right At the. far end of t;>o ynss- ageway a sleward WUB Glithsj;. ' He rote as lio saw them. "Is Mr. Jordan In bis slat the youth asked. "Ho came. In but I IMiiti he's gone." Tho steward wnllml « few- steps and knocked at a door. There illcc. Utrlilo tho short distance nml toncfc at- 1 Cello's arm. A startled exclnum- tlou (ell from the girl's lips as elio faced about. Jonlnu stralyhtoncd, but bcforo lio could micuk Mllchrll bad bceun: "Cella, whal's the mraiiing bt this?" Iho father domiuidcd. "llavo you lost your BCIIELS?. You'ro com- tie homo wltb me—at once! Tlil.i s outrageous—!" "Oil, no, slio's not going -wllh yon!" Jordan cut lu. Ilia scowl und lono were both uugry. "She's Bolng to slay rlulit hu'i-e!" "Ccllu—I tell you come at once!" Mitchell ciioko ns ttoup.U ho hud not he;trd tho young man. * • * did Orl, PO -l&LL MORE -IrlE PRIUCE OF WAt-E-5 7 SIR row sidewalk, the pier. They passed way marked They .had reached through tho I'assou&rs 1 door- En- r r>HB girl * brown eyes trance".and hurried up a flight of Blairs. The long pier was a confused mas: o( llglils. Men and women standing lii • grou|i3 and thers moving about. 1'llca of bag- age, and men In ship's uniforms. Mitchell tood tho (ead and the •ouns man followed. They walked o ths gangulsnk labeled "FlrEt Class." "Jlow're we going lo know If hey're here?" Shields asked. "Is here any way to find that delcc- wan 110 "Not in," tho steward announced "I expect you'll find him on deck.' "You'ro sure ho Isn't Inside? Mitchell persisted. For answer the man lit uniform turned the latch and tlnuiy hack Iho duor. Mitchell and Shields cur- veyed tho compartment. There was baggage ou tho floor and an overcoat thrown across the bed. Otherwise the .stateroom had bjcu untouched. Certainly It was imoccu- led. Thank you very much," Mitch- II said. "We'll look for him up- lairs." lie started away nnd then urncd. "Oh—did you happen to otlco It Mr. Jordan was alone •hen he came In?" "Yes, sir," the sleward answered. Ho was alone." They retraced their sleps. As bey reached tho purser's office tho outh who lind led the way asked: Is thero anything further I cnn do for you?" Milchell shook his head. "Have ,o go on board," he said. The man ou duly nodded pleas antly as' tho pair mounted the gangplank. A crowd ot young pco pie,- obviously a wedding parly were Just ahead of them. There was a girl's shrieking laugh ant then the whole group burst Into hilarious mirth. In their wak the young people letl n trail o rice. The officer on deck greele them and a second gale o! laughtc fll led the aJr. '"Lots of honeymooners tin trip," the man In uullorui volun leered as Mitchell and Shield stepped aboard. Tho officer was still emilins. "We're not passengers," Mitchell explained. "Wo want to sco a man who's sailing. Jordan's tho name." ."You can get the number ol his cabin In tho purser's office." The confusion of the pier was multiplied tenfold on tho ship. Mitchell and Shields fought their way down tho broud staircase and M ITCHELL placed a coin In tho hoy's Jiand. '.'No," ho said, "I bellove not, We'll go outside and see It we can find tho gentleman wc'ro looking for." They circled tho fleck, both eyeing the changing crowd. Then Shields suggested trying tho upper deck. Ho noticed as they went up tho stairs that tho hands of his watch pointed to D:1D. Forty-five minutes more aud tho boat would sail. "Look!" John Mitchell demanded. Not a dozen yards away a man and girl -were leaning against the railing. The man's back was toward them but the girl had turned and her profile was revealed while and clear-cut against the black sky. It was Cello. For an instant Cella gaicd up at the man beslro her. Then sha lurned and looked out across the water. "Wait!" her!" llarney. shadows. not move. Her held Mllchell'K steadily. Her checks wero flushed but otherwise sho showed no sign o[ excitement. "I'm not going with yon, futher," she said Blowly. Mitchell seemed speechless. Then ho hurst forth violently: "Hut I tell you you will! Good God, Cella—do you know what yoii'ro saying? 13o you know wlial this means? You'll go wll'i mo now and no moro nonKoUGO nbout It. l)o ns I tell you!" The girl drew baclt, Icanlug both arms ngalnst tho deck rall!i>y. "I am not going," Culla. repealed, "nnd (hero Is nothing lhat you cau do about it. I hava my-own llfo lo Hvn n.nd I Intend to llvo II In my own wny. I don't want to quarrel with • MI, father, but don't you sec it was n ralstnko to expert mo to fit into tho Wo thnt suits you? I'm sorry hut it cuuldn't bo done, that's all! Tod uiuler.itnnds me. We're going to bo happy to- :clhcr. Won't you give, us your blessing?" "I'll nnt havo It, 1 tell yon! won't Bland for II!" Jordan placed his arm nhout Celia protectively. "Haven't wo had about enough ot this?" h'o askc4 menacingly. "You'vo no right la Mitchell said. "I'll get was concealed In tho Ho walched tho father Interfere; you know Cclhl's IS nnJ wo lovo each olhcr—" Barney Shields aclcd on Impulse. Seeing Celia In Jordnu'a embrace was moro Ihrm lio could cnduro. Without realizing what bo wns Ing, Shields sprang loward Iho lii lie group. "Celia," ho cried, "pleaso coinof away! You can't really mean what you'll) auying. Won't you let 11 take you homo? Plensc, Cella!" Tho girl was slarllcd. Her pale clrceks bccamo a shade wbiler and for tho barest instant, her gazo faltered. The.n.Eljp laughed. "Well, there's tiulto a parly lo sco mo oft! No tininke, linrney, It's too late now lo change my plan?." Their eyes met. Then without a word Shields lurncd'and walked away. As ho went downslalrs ho heard it booming voice call: "All asboro who's uoiiiK ashore!" . ;(T« lio Concluded)' VOLJ 5£.£ - A5 I SAID UM-M - PAV/IP, BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES !'. OVO \OOR UV 1 PWViV ? LOST—Brown leather purse. Sun- LN THE-.MISSISSIPPI CHANCERY day night. Reward. Miss Winnie j COURT, CH1CKASAWBA DIS- Pliillips, Wright's Five and Cents Store. PERSONAL TAXT—F. A. MCGREGOR ! Day or Night Service, Phone 10. i 1C-K30 Ten! TRICT CK-22 ' American Building and Loan Association, and W. L. Delony, as Trustee, Plaintiffs, No. .4864 vs. J. J. FOR SALE--Chevro!et Coach, 1928 Gilless, et al., Defendants. WARNING ORDER Tlie defendants International Bank of St. Louis and Proctor & model, looks and runs fine, good '• Cambll arc warned to appear In tires, 1930 license, fully equipped, j Ihls court within thirty days from Priced RIGHT at $175. R. G. Cash.' this date and answer the com Plione 811. WARNING ORDER CHANCERY COURT CHIOKA- SAWBA DISTRICT MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, ARKANSAS. American Building & Loan Association, Plaintiff, No. 48T-3 vs. J. J. Gilless, et al., Defendant. The defendants, International Jank of St. Louh and Proctor & Gamble, arc warned to appear vithin thirty days in the court named In the caption hereof and answer the complaint of the plaintiff, American Building and Ix>an Association. Dated Nov. 12. 1930. W. w. IIOLL1PETER, Clerfc, By Harvey Morris, D. C. Ivy W. Crawford, Atty. Ad Litem 12-19-26-3 1DC-K22 plaint of the plaintiffs, American Building and. Loan Association and W. L. Delony, as Trustee. In Witness Whereof, T have liere- unlo set my hand and Ihe seal ol Ihe above court Ihis 12 day the American Government for re- of Nov., 1930. ciprocul concessions. W. W. HOLUPETER, (Seal) Clerk of the above Court. FINALLY .GETS A BEAU By Harvey Morris, U. C. | :- MOUNTAINDALE, N. Y. IUP) — Ivy -W. Crawford, | Geo rge Enscrl, a farmer, a'ttc Atty. Act Litem. hunting- for more than 30 years 12-13-26-3 ; nns bagged his ilrst bear. Embark ling on a deer hunling trip, Eng CHINA CHECKS TARIFF (ert saw the animal, a 250-pmmder, SHANGHAI, (UP)—An invcstl- ! a short distance irom him. He gallon is being conducted by the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Labor to ascertain hcj.v much China's exports liave bc.^n nffcct- ed by the new United States tariff. Government cflicials and merchants are to meet soon lo discuss Hi-? advisability of neuoliutton with fired and the bullet, struck the bear near the heart. A he shot a deer. hours later READING, ling, tUP) — Police Sergeant Andrews who, during liis years of service, served 18,333 summons lias retired. FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS FRIENDS OR ENEMIES? fap/BEsrawGER T&EVSbuMDW ALIKE To •TrtE'WIFEi-v ACH AT O.x. RAUCH, UNCLC CUGNS AND Pux*r Ritey "mey err THE ser OF FLOATS THAT THEY WB£o FOR,Trj PUT ON Rll£YS W.AME, SO LAND on THE LA.14C v*JHtn TKey SASW posm\ie;.' AND j AS SOOK 1 AS VJE 6ET" CHAMGSD OJER. TO FLOATS MJE'LL OPF r eer. uzs soany V£ EM£2 WO Ik) AC6 VOD soce DO-ywmiWK I JUST A3 Soon AS , ScT AvJAV, \ 1U2> 7 tA«S FbR NV > / es sseivie A PLA>J€ _ | COWNS vinw "ute.'A I \y l' A-v WMUI6NW1 " To BKIMS FBe 8ACI4, »«.RH gse...i'1-t Be JMTHS FBKkUSS AMP TUE OLD GET A RE6 STARTED OH TH6 SHCXJES OPTUS *~JS7£R-iOu£ LAKS, • HEXPtT OF WASH TUBBS RIDICULOUS WT TRUE WHO HOD / Wf VJORD, S\R, TnW «lN(i TO I I UWJE hLWEAW REFUSED $60,000,000 .\- IN CASH BECMJse I FE^REO TrtE eS\SNS Of -,_/ ^ T v_ SlXTf MlLUOM POLXARS WHW? YOO REFUSEP TKW? SO LOMEROFFatePOM. I TELU .SlR, WOSEWHOOOS ^BE THEY AR£ P6U610DS FftN W6WT EfVSIlN SthRT fS HOV.V WkP, hdWHST THE 5 IXUM 1 . VM TO n.EMM£tUEPESPONS\BIKW | of Trift JOB. IF ME PiHO W,\S1I FML TO KEEP THOSt BIRDS 961X0,6 OFTrtE FREEOOM OP ftMERlC TH£ ENTIRE WHITE R<* MldHT PEPeNDON V AND MR.TUBBS. *, J

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