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Lebanon Daily News from Lebanon, Pennsylvania • Page 39

Lebanon, Pennsylvania
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Expert Gives Tips On Photographing Cats Jirthday Dinner field For Mother And Daughter BELLEGROVE, Nov. 21 Mrs. Patteson Sr. and daugh- cr Mrs. Penrase Hosteller Jr.

of town were feted at a dinner Sun- KITTEN CARRIER is an appealing pet photo by Walter Chandoha which appears in the 1958 Cat By IRVING DESFOR A Newsfeatures When I am deluged with cats and dogs, I know the New Year is at 'hand! 'What mean is, the 1958 Cat-and Dog Calendars have arrived. These are practical weekly engagement schedules, each one' illustrated with an appealing cat or dog photo by-Walter Chandoha. Probably -the best known in' cat and dog photography today, Chandoha traces his success from the (Eastern blizzard of 1947, when he. gave asylum to a half-frozen kitten found in-the snow. He never' did -get around to finding it home elsewhere it rohiped and purred peed, both of which are essentia good pet pic iires," Chandoha says.

two sma aperture and a fast shutter, are the. two' big for' using Even with lash bulbs like the its way 'into his heart and became a rewarding subject for his camera. years and more than 20,000 cat photos later, Chandoha has some advice to pass on to camera fans who have a cat or the household! As a general rule, he believes that it's best to use flash in family pets because' it's the simplest way to maneuver the amount of light necessary. Photoflood which can provide sufficient light, are apl to be accompanied by enougi heat Jo make it uncomfortable for animals. "That's especially true the lights are placec close enough to get a small lens aperture and a thigh shootin; a lens stop of or f-32'can )e used for the close distances at which pets are photographed and still produce good quality negatives.

The' ireason it is necessary to use a small stop is- sharpness. Animal pictures should be wire- sharp. By-stopping down to the smallest stops, pictures usually sharp even if there is a slight error, in focusing. The extreme depth of'field compensates for the focusing error. A fast shutter speed is also pos- day in the home of Mr.

and Mrs. eroy Grubb, Hershey R.D. in observance of their brithdays. Guests included Mr. and Mrs.

3 atteson and son Basil; Miss jinny Becker, Mr. and Mrs. and children Gail, Rodney, iCevin and Natalie. Mr. and Clarence Patteson and daugher Michele, and the host and hostess and their children Dennis, Gwen and Miss Violet Krum, Maple Annville spent the weekend with niece, Mrs.

Lester Long and her family. Linda Blauch observed her ninth birthday Monday. The celebrant, the daughter of Mr. and s. Charles Blauch, is a fourth grader in the local elementary school.

Harvest Service Harvest Home was observed by the local. E.U.B. congregation Sunday morning with Rev. Lester of the Lebanon Rescue Mission as speaker. At the conclusion of the service, the donations of vegetables, 'mils and food supplies were the smallest presented to Rev.

Miller for use midget M2's, at the The women's Society of World Service completed plans for their annual thankoffering meeting to held Sunday evening. Eustace Renner of Sierra Leone, Africa, at present a student at Albright College, will speak. Charles Fackler and hLs son, Jharles attended a father- banquet in" the a 1 St. Church of the Brethren, Annville. Mr.

and Mrs. Waller Noll and son Richard also their- grandson Jeffrey, visited the Paul Schreck- Kenneth Stover attended the livestock exposition, at 1 Mr. and Mrs. Russell Smith and children Carol and Kenneth of Palmyra, were guests of the former's sister, Mrs. Harold Smith and her family.

Larry Snoke was an overnight guest at the home of his sister and her husband, Mr. and Mrs. K. Donald HummeLs- town. Mrs.

Ada Berrier of Lebanon attended "the; funueral George Beok in the Bellegrove EUB Church, She also visited Mr. and Mrs. Roy Speck and son Michael. WEALTH EJECTED WATERTOWN, N. Y.

Part of cigar store owner Riil Devine profits lies in the dumps. Devine, who told police he forgot his cash box.containing $750 had fallen into a until it was too late, asked city: officials to make a check cf the municipal dump. Lebanon Daily News, Lebanon, Thursday, November 21, 1957 Page 39 Wife Can Be Painful Burden Sometimes By DOC QUIGG NEW'YORK man is sitting there in the security and upholstered comfort of his own home, content and ignorant, reading the papers and being only mildly distracted by the distant gunfire of a Western on TV. then, suddenly, without even the grace of a forewarning whistle, the bombshell falls. It had- been so a ul.

And ''What do you' want for your birthday?" Sometimes a wife can be a painful- burden. This is one of those times. Coning'so suddenly, the question doesn't sink in at first. "My what? "Your birthday," she skys. "Is it this week?" "It's tomorrow, space dreamer.

Don't tell me you even forget your own birthday." Dislikes Reminder "Look, I not only forgot it, I don't even want to hear it Can't we' pretend it isn't Why does everybody fuss about birthdays every year? I don't care if I never have another one." "Why, you poor thing. I believe you're scared of getting old." "Getting old? Getting, she Look, two minutes ago, in my ignorance, '-I was whippersnap- young. I felt fine and beautiful. Now. that.I know what time it is on the calendar, my joints grate, my mind wanders and totters, I feel dizzy and my.

"O.K., go ahead and dodder," she says. "Only wise men know that beauty of age. Remember what Robert Browning said: 'Grow old along with me, the best is yet Quotes Dagobicrt Runes "Oh If Robert Browning was here I'd hire Kovacs to let hinvhave a lenion menngue pie right in the beaa'd covered pass. Let-me give you a quotation: 'Age is no cause for An old crocodile is still 1 a menace and an old crow sings not like a D. ''Who, in the name of Confucius-say, is Dagobert D.

Runes?" "I don't know. Somebody left a book of his sayings on my desk at the office. But he's a wise man. I can tell that." "All right, now please cut out this reveling in a hog-wallow of self pity and tell me what you want for your "Well, you could cheer me up by taking me to a nice, sexy movie, with a luscious babe in that might help." "Just who did you' to mind?" "Clara Bow, the 'It' girl." "That does it," she said. "Do you also want a pair.of balloon tires for your wheelchair?" She brought it up herself, not mo.

Birthdays after the age of 20 are for the birds. The gooney birds. TWO FOR ONE FALLS, N.Y.—(UP) Lecn Schultz has" a hunting tale that is hard to The 36-year-old bowman killed two cock pheasants 'with one arrow from his 40-pound diamond He was practicing in his backyard when he noticed the peasants, one partially obscured behind the other, sitting'in the grass. He let and the arrow pierced both pheasants. sible with.flash,•(provided the camera is.

synchronized. When -accurately adjusted, the peak of the flash can be caught at l-200th or l-250th of a second. Even if the camera is set at l-50th or l-100th, the duration of flash is short enough to stop action, especially, of course, with strobe or speedlight flashes. Flashes give sharp pictures not only by stopping subject movement but also by minimizing camera movement, probably the cause of more fuzzy pictures than subject movement. "If shootingTpeT pictures with flashes a continous engast family in Palmyra, and Mr.

and Mrs. Paul F-locken of Lebanon. 1 Sunday Rev. C. R.

Swartz, GrantviUe, Miss Verna Miller and Miss Edna Sara Swartz, of Conestoga R.D. were guests of Mr. and Mrs. Edward Baldwin, Sunday. Mr.

and Mrs. Victor Bomgardner and their four children, and pastime or specialty, as it did with me," concludes, "then I recommend strobe or speedlights. It has the advantages flash but is far more convenient and economical. Fix TV snacks in your living room Hush! Mother doesn't want to miss her favorite program. So she's grilling peanut butter sandwiches made with HOLSUM BREAD right in front of the TV set.

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