The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 20, 1934 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 20, 1934
Page 5
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AV, JANUARY.20,<rli3*Kli" u' CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION L'aiiy i ale per line for consecu. Hie insertions: (five average words to a line) Oi:e lime per line Tv:o tlrSes 'per 'Ikie per day' Inree times per linn per day bW times per line per <Uy>., iloaUi r*M per Una ^tnlrmim ChftTJjO QOO Ifle OSc . 06c . 05c 60c Ada ordered for three or el> times and stopped belore explra- uou will b: charged (or the num- ttr ol times Ire ad appeared ana »t bill nude. All Classified Advertising cop; . by persom resldUig out- •":(ie ol the city niuai be accom- (anted by ca&h, Rates may be racily computed from above table. No responsibility will be taiteB for more than one incorrect in- teition of aay classified ad. Advertising crdered Jor irregular insertions take the one lime rale. Phone 306 or ,31(7. USED CARS \\K NKKU ROOM SO WE AKfc OKFKH1NG YOU SOME KEAL 1 BARGAINS OPPORTUNITIES PYROIL" PERFORMANCE" AT~IN^ DIANAPOLIS SPEEDWAY ASTODMDS -WORLD Pyroil manufacturers revolutionary new lubricating process (Pat. TJ S and Canada) offer ground floor factory contract assuring permanent 'profitable business unlimited [Jrofils. " Nationally advertised Sat Eve. Post, Time Magazine etc. Demand Universal. Startling facts guaranteed true. Pyroil wins firsl second and fifth at Indianapolis Motor Speedway Classic Memorial Day races. Second car driven by Wilbur Shaw finishes 20 laps (50 miles) at 102 miles per hour with no oil In crankcase. Prolecled by Pyroil breath-like self lubricating film. Laboratory tested at leading Universities, Popular Mechanics <sce July 1933 issue) highly endorsed. Car driven 8,300 miles without changing or adding oil 4 ton loaded truclc runs 30 miles without oil. Airplane flies 35 minutes without oil.-..Chevrolet runs 903.4 miles, others 745 miles ant 316.7 miles. Essex' 206 miles' a'li- olher 166 miles with no oil in crankcase. Used in World's longest trans-atlantic airplane flight Breaks flve motor boat speed records. Famous flying service cer- I'fics starling gas, oil. over haul economies and new safcf factor in flying. Doubles ol! life for largest American Industries Pyroil added to regular oil and gas makes these possible, starts where oil leave? off; _ . what, oil can't. II you are the man HMd. ji'i'i further Ftorfllne fact '32 FORD TUIHJU. Uootl DELUXE V-8 Looks and Kuns We pay more hides, brass, $385 ':« FOKI) POR1X1K SEDAN. Spcci-ll A- 1 'id FOKD TL'UOK A Gcud tar SEDAN. '30 NASH SEDAN. Clean . •it) CIlltVSI.Eit llOADSTtlt. 1'amt, Kubber and Motor A-l Vj FO RD 5TAN DA KD C O U i'E ! • TRUCK SPECIALS '30 G M C TRUCK. 'M GltAHAM TKtCK .... '3d DOUGt I'ANEI.. Bargain $Mb 1'lCK-l'P. Closed 3D FOKI) Cau Your Old Car I'scd . faynitut. As 1'art PHILLIPS MOTOR 20U tiiit Main Slrecl 1'hjmi: Sli-810 lilylheviUe, Arkansas. HUSlMiBS iUttECTOKY Typewriter and Adding Aiachinc Kepairing. U. s. Blank enship, 116 t. Hose. Call 1S3-J. AUTOMOTIVE Atilo CfcbS All Kinds Installed Xlie Ark-Mo l.umhfr Co. IOC R2-IO Call 308 - Rcci a place -118 E. Main For Auto Fainting Kody and lender Service _ 28CU-29 LARGEST STOCK~IJSED"PAKTS isclwccn Memphis and St. Louis Also Aulo Glass—Phone 66 JACKSON AUTO PARTS CO. 3e kz-b LOW PRICES on winter car needs, heaters, alcoiirv', GPA glycerine, Model T lops <fc side curtains, $1.93 up. WOLK ARIAN, 128 E. Main. 23c kl-23 Call Us When In Need Of Guaranteed Mercbandue Tircs-Rallcrie* - RcpUcement Park HUBBARI) HABDWABE CO. Aulomolivc Dtpt, CLEANERS. TAILORS To look your best is always essential. 1*1 us keep jour Clothes fit. Unique Cleaning Service Call 171. 20-ck-2C TTAM HEATED BEDROOM. 5U W..Maln. Phone 18. -Jc k^-3 FOR LKASE 'or lease: M acres cut over land. Tw» year lease. Will IwUd huusc mik-( w «t of Hljlhevillr. Conay tc HcwchlrB. .. 15c ktl WANTED tor pecans, furs, (.oj>per, raclialors, aluminum, Icai, butteries. I'lione 1VC, Wolf Allan. 128 K. Main. 23c kl-a GOOD used conpv, 19J( \n> chi ^87. Ford . '31 or Chevrolet • "12 model i-ash. 1'hor.i- lUc Middle asird or t'ld^rly woman lo live in home untl lidp wllli )lsl>t niiuse work and cure of baby. drr.v> "IdO" 'courli-i- Ni-wa. 1 Three SOLICITORS lo sell selling aiili-li- Ivro. Pay McKiiiney, Gull Hotel. I'Hr to I-'ordson Irnclor AruioiX'l nnd Lce-Coiiiu'dgc" Gin. UUR BOARDING HOUSE WANTED M'anlcJr Tr.i anil Coffee llmitc 111:111 fur rrjular routfl thruutii Mlyllirvillc and MUsls^lppI Coun- ly. Apply hy Irtli-r Immodl.itdy. *. TogtLul (,'ullro Company, Ku- kiiinn, livlUiw. 2Upk«! and bookkMiilnj uassus. Sue- 1 , fl ! ria ' cti as I1tb girl" was leading l l-rlm. Call hsj-AV. h-kil-l! 111 " 1 lnto ll '° ^ rd of -the Thomp— - ----------- 1_ son farm home. Wllh one .weep f, k , lK>ac ,' he taiiscd hcr JI| B" m V . , . , ""; alr a "" fillc fc)1 to tho around. Young Girl's Life plljllstr " s - t ,!' e L " m tx w>" '« sore ~— expert Marksmanchin P Mrs. \ u M. Bnrwtle iinnouncfs tin- bull ' "i"™ 1 ' un..,Lli ltr of ahort hand, tw^Tll- I The unhnnl smklenly became liJously W "" '" JUre<1 ' h " t ' " Ot scrU J!y iiumiin "V /" $&) i'~" -"M A\ J /~3\ * . j^--^^^r^^ (?'-. \s.±-y$ t fa w.^fe 2 ^.* V..--P- Z .FAWH' FOfzV.EVENlF i HAFmnuts'iiiiia H,5 LEG'S VIEAR afftH DOWH TO'15 KtlEES.'J AN'.WHEM > OO- CAKI'KNTfiRS R. .1. Peterson—200 N. 21 SL Carpenter work of all kinds. Ilck2-ll BATTERIES New Fcrd Batteries Ifcntal . Recharging - Repairing m TIRE & BATTERY STATION 26c 1:1-26 FOR SALE FIVE Pool Table.'; "Vici oilier equipment in billiard hull doing good niiMiieM. Chcnp. Mn>. Ed Webster, G16 l«nkr. Call 743-J. 17 P k^l S'.onevilia No. 4 COTTO^f~SEEb~ piicc $1.75 hundred. See P*. Black or Clarence at Bly- tl-.eville Gin. 5c k2-5 I-'UHNITORE: Conlculs five room liouse. Good condition, reasonable prices, b. E. TULL. 1302 Hcam Slicct. IGpklD FORDSON" Tracior equipped with disc tutnlng plov.c. rau! Byrura. 17r. V24 (VEBEENOYPED.' UT-TLE'-ZOOZU 6uv w- W1TW PATCHED U MUOT ^ £ i WHO , ) sc>METWN6 ABOUT USES OTHER -pEOPLtSJ HI SHAVIN6 SOAP, YOU 1 "BURIEDTRt^UVfc &OT A LOT OF CRUST, MAYBE WE 8E1TCR GO see WHAT'S WHAT CHUMPS TtAERE / CUUMPG THINK THEY LO-R6NETT& OM US WAHG-OVE SO SNOOTY, HOWL1N' V'lOOVAViSf ' UMPATEEDUE'S ET DINOSAUR, ON , A RAMPAGE.' V LOOKIT 'IM GO' . and country's biggest opportunity All. Bfyli"*, in^l^lnj R, o. A., irr briny dosed out al cmt [« CASH at Ilobbard lUrtssre Co. 12c ki-i COAL & WOOD I'HONt 107 ••Uur Ctal is But We Iratl »o« w«tte" DC K- Book seed .with us now {or Marc . delivery. They v are sure lo Hiibbard Hdw. Co. ck2o BOOTS AND HER 15UDDIES FKA1> JEST ATE CLASSIFY SOMEWHEKE—. IV 1-4 acres between inc. CoitoB Ben, and J. 1,. C. <S; f. hailroads jusi wesi 01 the fceaeral Compress. Will sell all or any pavu Belect whai you wani and write me ior- jjnce. K. ti. WAKE, JR. Tallulab, Louisiana T'UMOW *.--JV\0 .A.OWN ON W\RE VMAVS\& A FOB SALE. « um, all in tulU vaUon. OE<S mile south of GM- "cU. Roland Green. Cwne in, Ibt your nml estate See what we fc»vt u tell E. tf. Ten7 'Jfrmfd Dealer Terry-Ko«hln»ton Title Co. Jffione 6H. 23c lU-i, WASH TUBI5S POJLTRY & EGGS W6. GOT TO FORGET THIS HONSCNSE ABOUT SPCX5K9, PODHER. AKO HAVE A 11ME. *W, t)0 VOJ REALIZE THAT WE HAVEN'T THROWN A SINGLE •i PARTV? S- / BUT, GEE \^ / \Ml! WE \ I DQMT KHOVJ I V ANVBODY. / I KWOVJ TH6 BROTHER OF A OL1EEN E! EVER .. _ ...... LA OREGM/X? VJELt. HER NO- BROTHER, OLD WIKIDV OWES HE TWO —, BUCKS. WANTED HIGHEST PRICES PAID Cash F«d Store lli Eut Haul 10pkZ-U THE _ VCU DUMPY OOODLEBU6, 1'Ll FILL THIS ROOM WITH THli HOST GORGEOUS CREATURES EVER LMO EVE.S ON. ^^^^ v gg^^g^y^ li 4^T_ • 1 ,: SALESMAN SAM KAIR ENOUGH! SPM 1 . OL r MftfJ HQPPa-/ ^&O£% He UWtS pHoueo THP.T HE'D Pivf / OM "cna OUTSKIRTS OF T>.' 5512.00 Bii-u T'DP^V * J Tc«.'M — BUT I'LLc-<=T CAV c'J ti. FWE P&ti CEWT,SO I'tA OFF ORCP DOU&H iJJ TH' eovt P.M' TAKE ft CHP fie SURE: THI OVER. TME Cf\MW- ^X£--Q^= FRECKLES AM) HIS FRIENDS STORJI CLOUDS! FRECKLES ANO NUTTY OUGHTA BE ARRESTED FOR HAVING ALL THAT ELECTRICITY AROUND LOOSE WITHOUT A''. HARNESS ." .'M, PIPr DOWM, 'C'J LITTLE BUNT...veuf{'?iC = IS SETTIM 1 J'JST A30U" BIG ENOUGH TO SLAP'.' = S A BIG SHOT NOV.'.JUST BsCW.'SS HE'S INVENTED SO'.'ET^S!' US WASN'T EVEN TR'.ED OUT.... ; TW GOWNA TA1<:E HIM [XAWM A PES OK IT IS SHOCKING, AiNT IT, is uis A=P'L.E! WJL AT T-i ROSS-COLOEEO , BANDAGES '' F"sh eggs dally, direct frem hen- nery. Packard's grocery, 1IH« thickasawba. Spllu-fc Steam heated BEDROOM, private home. Meals if desired. 301 KMucky. Phone 893. as-ck-23 Two or three room nicely furnish- cd apartment, private hath. 619 W. Main. Call 332J Unfurnished Rooms for llghl housekeeping or bedrooms. "EAM HEATED, lights, water, bath, Free. Peabody Hotel or call Hcdroom, phone 303. 310 W. Walnut street. k2-I FURNISHED bedroom, 1017 walnut. Mrs. Ed Hardin after 5 P- »• 20-ck-tf MODpN Three room Apartment with bath, unfurnished, Phone 7 «- Jl-clc-tf GOOD COAL IS THE CHEAPEST I COA'.L M There is no cos!, West ef the Ali<- MouiUJm, u hlffc in h*»t:and aa low in ash u tbe a bold .<hr i '•. "~~" "*""' *"* " ** ethical, bcutse il'i Irme We »j»ve »nthortUU« anilysij an Ifata ctAbtt. • SUPKE^E Syp«.fce»t U the only coal ef Ms kind and MM oalr by Ihh f «ap,ny. — -,. **3 Medimn '-'•*** -Sire Lamp Ton - »7J« Ji Ton H-00 o'iV-a'S*' Cash A Rkh Plan's Coal at A Poor Man's 1'rice SuperW Cc*l & Mining Co 304 W. Wiln.Bt - Phone 700 PAVIS BROKE INTO 'NUTTYS WORKSHOP ANP TOUCHED. TVIE WROMO ELECTRIC WIRE....

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