The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 2, 1966 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 2, 1966
Page 10
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ft*Tte - Blythevllie(Ark.)COTglerNewi - SaKirday. CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION •DM aaMttttB-f BJSU • Daily nut per line eonsecutlTe II .00 . SOc ._.....»— chant J , time per line times ;er line per day times per line per day times per line per day liMonth per line — : 1 line minimum , . .„. i Count four average worde to the lit ordered tor three or seven •met and stopped before explra- • Si-will be charged for the num- te"of times the ad appeared and Adjustments of bill made. Cash re- me . i iSt be picked up * All*" claallfled «d«rti«lnf eopr •iutt bt accompanied by c&en. ttOM mar be eaiUy computed from *Adt«t2uU b ordered for Irregular taiertlontale tne one time table. TNO rMxmalbillty will be taken lor •on^nw Tone incorrect to«rtlon S any claatlfled ad. ™AlTadl are reatrlcted to their Koper claatlfled atyle and type fneCourter Ne« reserre* the right to edit or reject any ad. dasilfled adver- tifemeot ma; be changed fc any 3*d«j period at • Cbarge ol et cents. When •ddltional ctunges are r«- mired, the •dvertisement w« be billed as • new advertisement.) Fishing Bait Large 'let worms, 414 4. Sycamore. O 3-3278. *-'"' P* "incomeTT«x~St!rvict* | .A SMARTLY styled shirtwaist idress that is slim and grace- iiftd. Rolled collar, bowtie clos- ;ing; roll-up sleeves or sleeve- iless, If you prefer. '; No. 8109 with PATT-0-RAMA fc in sizes M to 20, bust 32 to 40. Size 14,34 bust, with sleeves IVi yards of 45-inch. •! DON'T MISS the Spring 4 Summer '66 issue of Basic L : fASHION, our complete pattern |Jinagazine. Me. ;: Send SOc lor each pattern. !;;»—To Order Mail To:— i|C^lr»rtie»ille Courier New 3isfartera Deer. 7» ~ 4t>7 Sou* Wocktr Dr. ; S^j»,iea»»,llliaoit«1607 ftrhim No...........$!» - ftakM look D h, IM elm millii* «W I0e fer eeciferlera. SKILLED SERVICE DIRECTORY Underwood — Olivetti ;> talu . Services - Rentola :; Boainess Machines Co. »08 W. Main PO 3-8991 i: ' • «.*> ei 0 . AMentlona 's etothlaf only ^Piff'Jff^S^^ ~a4'f». Ouchlta ita Planing Boats. 1I«1. WMT1BOOK VOLKSWAGEN Central Motor Sales Guorentttd Uitrf Cars 1300 S. Division Ph. PO I-1I12 Roal flood Stltetion Of CUcm Lot* Mod«l Guaranteed Cars to Choose From •«t CHEVROLET 4 door, real food ear ................ M** •51 CADILAC Seoan DeVille, full power and air conditioner. •«4 FOW) Falcon 4 door, low mileage, one owner, real clean M CHEVROLET Station Wai en, VI, automatic tram., low mileage one owner original turquolie real clean ... »HM 'M CHEVROLET, pretty cood old car M»« er, runi food ti CHEVROLET Impala 1 door H.T., V8, full power and »lr conditioner, real nice.. •«Z CHEVROLET Bel-Air, 4 door tedan, « cylinder, white with red Interior, radio nnd beater, only fTN •C2 OLDS W 4 door aedan, radio and heater, automatic tram., power iteerlnf and brakes •«S OLDS '88' 4 door H.T., radio and heater, automatic I16M •M FORD Galaile HO 4 door H.T., full power and factor; *lr conditioner, low mileage, white with red leather interior I"M M BU1CK 4 door, local ow/- , $141 '61 BU1CK 4 door aedan, fully equipped Including factory air conditioner, real good car '(1 FORD 4 door sedan, VI, automatic traaa., radio and heater, white atdewall tlr«_ •64 CHEVROLET Impala S door H.T., white with red Interior, clean a* hew.... flSH •M FORD Galazie 50* t door H.T. V8, radio and heater, white sidewsll tins, original gold, real clean IWW 'M PONTIAC, Bonnevflle, 4- door H.T., full power and factory air conditioner low mileage, exceptionally clean car, SPECIAL TODAY CUM See One of These Men Today: * John Nelson * W. C. "Dub" Colston * Bruce Ritehey *Cfaude Williams OPEN 'TIL 9 P.M. DAILY 333t Birch — Newly dec. 1 M Oouse. modem. PO 3-8008. 3-3 pk 4-4 Modem bide, across from Air Base 15 per mo Call Randall Hawks 3-8188. 1-31 Ck U Clothes Line Poles . nmeollle iron i. J-i» «k tt Equipment Rental Tomato and peppei plants. Bl Jumbo >nd other Hybrids 60 eta. dz Common nnues 30 ct>. dl. 1511 W Ash St. 3-33 pk 4-39 Bulldoccr-mmv BBca Alt compresson Concrete aosera fneelbamws-ptcn o aaoretl Water rumps Heavy Jacks - crane* Trucks a, Handwreacbee Oupenura Toola numbere aleownlo Too* lard « Garten Toots Wteelcnalr * MUawaj Bed a\ak lor aaftnmc not listed We deliver ft fO 3-O93 or PO J-373* Kelwn FntnoU FRANCIS AND FOB Modem' 9-rm. house on Interstat ss.South at Burdette. Ark. Call ~ 3-3223. 4-2 pk FED. & STATE $5 UP H * B BLOCK CO. America's Urjeat Tai across from Plrza House. 17 a. Second „ Phone PO 3-6453 . Weekdaya tam-Spm Bat. * Sun. (-5 1-31 ck «-«d INCOME TAX SERVICE Individual Farm, Business General Accounting Servlcet A. Victor Evans 1000 N. Second Bt. Ottlce PO 3-6911 Res PO 3-9208 ' 3*17 p* *»!/ All tai lorms completed, t come M your home at no e«r» charge. Call Leroy Richardson at PO 3-3840 or PO 3-9322 for appointment 12-31 CK II Insurance Call PO 3-4553 For Complete insurance Protection T. J. POLLARD AGKNCT Planned Protection Moving Light moving' &~~haullng. Free Estimates. PO 3-4764. 4-2 pk 5-3 'OutbeariT Motor* •Xpert outboard motor lepaUa and tlbreslaes repairs. BTRtTM BARD- WABC. 11« E Main lO-« <* tl Painting _ painting & Expert Paper Ranging Zddy Rhodes. PO 3-8935. 3-30 pk 4-30 Pecan* pccaas for sell & pecans cracked Jenkins Farm. 695-612. 4-2 ck tf Plumbing Service For fast service on all your plumb Ing repair pnone Myers Plumbing PC 3-8349. 3-» pk*-" TV -Radio Service, now available at Dorria Oarage. Air Bwe Highway Service calls S4.00, LI 1-5301 or LE 2-S15S. 3-23 pk 4-13 General Rug Cleaners Run cleaned In your home. Phone PO 3-1445 P.O. Box 891, Blytheville. Ark. 3-16 pk 4-17 Peerless Rug Cleaners ncftup A DeliTerJ aentloe 118 ». PnnkiiD - Pb PO °"&nclbla«tir>g _' ^^MM. -**r*r*v * f I ^BILI'll^^allll We remove net, eonthton. old and etc.. from metal by sand- it. No Item too lane or small Jno C ^^eJciiiJS <«-'•!«• «-' _ .. tuta, «t«a and eawer .. iara»teed, Oen, Nuckh Vine ceae paoia i. unae. ui Structural StMl win tea* at* * geefl «nfle. -'* aTyofM ai| Bo; * othere. thsrp* "* -«•*•%»«« Tomato PlanH Typing Wanted Typing, mimeograph, notar photostats. TYRONE TTPINO SIC VICE & ACME TEKMtTC PO 3-3280 3-1 ck Venetian blinds repaired. Oordo Harris. 817 Chlckaaawba, PO 2-289 3-15 pk 4-1 3 BR house wltb ehools. PO 3-3123. garage. Nea 1-16 ck 1 modern 4-rm house & 1 modem >rm house. Apply 628 S. Lake. 4-2 ck 3 unfu-m. houses on S. Hwy. 8 4-1 pk :i an house. lurn. « unfurn. I-4S11. after 3. . 4-1 pk 4- Trsller space, ] ^ ml. N. of A Base gate. LE 3-5129. 4-1 pk 4. 3 brlrm brick, 1H baths. Carpe Jvlng rm., dining rm. Cent, hea Si air cond. Fenced back yard ex cellent neighborhood. PO 3-EOS9 «f ter 6 PM. 3-30 pk 4-3 Business Bldg. 503B 8. 21st S S30 mo. 2 bdrm house In resr, 503 S 2Ist, (40 mo. Trailer space Ros( tt 21st, 812.50 mo. PO 3-3737 nigh PO 3-4110 3-1 ck 2 BR house, 830 per mo. PO 3-641 3-31 pk 4 3 bdrm house, 2237 Carolyn. ' 8-5560. . 3-30 pk 4' 3 rm fura house & bath, coup only. PO 3-3217. 3-31 pk 4 2 BR Brick, built-in range an nf. 1 mile North of Bly. PO 3-367 3-30 pk 4 3 room house. South Locksrd, 2-3334 3-30 ck 4 Newly painted 3-rm house, wt turn. PO 3-6272. 3-30 pk 4 2 bdrm. house 3 ml. south 61, 3-3022 after 6 p.m. 3-29 pk 4 4 rm unt. house. Available Ap 1st. 2301 Marguerite. PO 3-7572. 3-29 ck 4 4 rm house with bsth. newly de orated. 640 mo. PO 3-6738. 3-29 pk 4 2 BDR fura. house 520',i Park 8 165.00 per mo. PO .3-6867. befo 5:30 P.M. PO 2-2303 after SM. 3-18 ck Fura. 3-bdrm. house near Ode nell. 885 mo. LI 3-8837. 3-28 pk 4 i br. tint, house, 2201 Marguerlt 3 rm & bath furn. house. TO* How ard. $40 each. PO 3-1546. 3-38 pk 42 Bdrm house »|» S. Clark. 880 per mo. PO 3-3331 or PO 2-2112. 4-2 ck 2 bdrm trailer w/water fum. mo. Near Air Base. PO 3-9985 or P 3-7108. 3-25 pk 4 Trailer space on pvt. lot. Plen of shade. PO 2-2011. 3-25 pk 42 BDR turn. apt. carpet, wash connection. Lr». den. PO 3-0954 PO 3-6247. ^3-88 ck 3'bdrm brick home. Unfum. t tO 3-4081 nights. 3-94 pk 44-rat house, turn., fenced yd. 1 t. Ath. PO 3-7192. 3-23 pk ' a Bit home, m C. Ath. Air Force personnel welcome. PO Fum. house, 1 rms * bath, u pd. 407 (. Vine, eall PO 3-2401. 1-91 pk ' Store building. Close In. reasonable. Suitable lor warehouse or storage. Day pnone PO 2-MS8 after « fM PoVelM. . 3-11 ck Mice I •» unfura house PO 7J77. ' : 3-11 Ck 308 tut Kentucky • S-rm fura Muee, feneed-ln yd., carport, PO 4'88-day; PO i^W-nlWj 4-rm fum. house; 1-rm fum. an utl. pd. PO 1-8417. J-I8 pk 4- l.rm turn apt.; ram pd. Couple rX5l-*8»4 m*. turn aM. uttjrtjpafli at fum. BOON. PO WM8'PO j-7883. 1-rrn fura bouse, rear 111 I. Ath FO 14304 after 8. . Ml pk 4- OFFICE SPACE 10x55 3 Bit mobtto tema an cond., atber. atathlt Trailer court a. wy. 81. HI e* «« rum I N. house, oath i-roomt and bath Hot* WsntM 3-» ek a Nicely turn. J-m MUM, bath. Hew a Odm nun •"»«!» **£*•', 1-10' wide * I-t' wwe houM trail. at O'Steen's TreUer Park For UU O'Stetn'a. K> 3-4392 e-rm stucco house, Hi ly decorated PO I-ISM. 8*4 ex baths. 2 BR moDUi home Close » toy t (urn PO 3-3331 « PO 3-1113 13-14 ck u MODERN 3 BDRU HOlOt OAR- OUT AND 8TORAOE. NEAR CHOOLS AND DOWNTOWN SOS W. PARKWAT 87» MO PO WMT Hoc em house. 1031 McHaney la- jted near Nlbco end Central Metla. $40 mo. Mat. gas. wash, conn •Steen's. PO 3-4432. 2-8 ek « 3-btdroom (arm nouee located »• bout s4 miles WMt of Air Bwe on 3reen store Road. ttt pet month O 3-3331 or PO 3.1.11 Per Rant-Colored Property 3 room house wun oath, IMS W. itewart. Can be rented furnished ir unfum. FO 3-3331 or PO 2-2112. 3-36 Ck tf ELECIHCnL DRAFTSMAN Work with engineering iUff in development of experimental and production design drawing. Unusual opportunity to work in diversified metal machining, fabrication and assembly plant. Position offers excellent future, liberal fringe benefits, and salary commensurate with experience and ability. Interested individuals should send resume of past experience, education, and expected salary to: Yale Hoisting Equipment Division Eaton Yale & Town* Inc. .Forrest City, Arkansas An Equal Opportunity Employer M/F N't rttt 4-rm houae. aaatua n« ten Buntin M M. ft Plihlng Lota Write, 1, JO 4.MM. 0.11.^ ^Jter file Real latele 97 acne land. M tt. W. ef Win. way M S. 01 Steele. Jnklna raim <M-«13. 4J ck tf 7-room house, W2W.M. Low down payment. . Very nice 3 BR; kitchen A family room. Buy equity, 987.S3 mo. Lane spacious home In Country Cluo adtatton shown by ippt. only. DAVID REAL ESTATE PU 9-W3I jer - Bite •MS Godwin . Mite uartments For Ref 4-rm furfl apt., 5-rm unfurn. pt. PO 3-1733, PO 3-8168. . 4*2 pk 5-3 16' boat. 35-h.p. John«on A trailer. Elec. start... steering wheel, conv. top., wOskts & 730. 4-1 pk 4-9 , side' curtslns & i. AU 8800. LE 2.571 One 5-pc. BR suit. 155. 3 corner Ktllsn .prov. chests. ISO. New. Corner Oe.k desk, 815. new. Isrly Amer. chair. 525. PO 3-1558. 4-1 pk 4-» IP cs ull and drear, re. Lou Keeiuer - Bite fg J-J1W WANTED Real Estate Listing! Want to Sell Call Me Raymond Zachry Phone PO 3-8815 4-2 ck U By Owner: 140 A. hill * creek bottom, 60 A. open, rest In timber. Large amt. marketable. Old house « bam. 2 wells ft creek, fronts on Hlway 22. 100 ml. E. of , Memphis, Terra, between AdamsvlUe & kllU- edgevllls. 820.000. Phoae RC 5-8718, W. Memphis. Ark. . 3-31 pk 4-3 FOR SALE 845.52 monthly sound about right??? Then buy this equity for 8UOO. If you want a 5 room home with low psymenf, this is it nil! 520 E. Cherry. • Qro Store, Beauty Parlor Ready to open. Across from Air Base Main -,te ixmnle Boydston. PO 3-8813. 3'3-7814. ' 3-5 ek tt 3 rm fura apt. 115 W. Rose. PO 1-3406. 4.2 pk 4-6 3-rm. turn. apt. pd. PO 3-9794 117.50 wk., utl. 4.1 pk 4-9 3 7x14.5' 8-ply trailer tires & wheels. Ress. 1 Equalizer trailer hitch i elec. brake. L£ 2.5495. . . 3-31 pk 4-3 rum. duplex apt. for rent. Call - . PO 3-0554. 4-1 pk 4-8 3 large rooms, pvt. bath, all utl. pd 865 mo. Come to 404 E. Davis ir'call PO 3-3483. 3-S2 ck tf 1 Mahogany BR Suit, I Ireakfast R. suit.. '2 leather top tables, 1 toffee table. PO 3-7477. 3-31 pk 4-4 3-rm turn apt. 845. PO 3-7945. Oood location, 3-31 Pk 4-7 Driftwood arrangements espec. ally crafte'd for the cbwpoke West- Em Shop. 4 ml. 8. of Blytheville on comp. turn. 1 BR apt. Cent, heat »nd air. auto, wasner a TV. 8100 per mo. • 1 BR turn: apt. vacant Uarch 31st. 875 mo. PO 3-9272 3-30 pk 4-30 The Town House ''Apts. I BR's, plenty of closet*. Eat-In kitchen. . Stoves ts refrigerators. Separate dining room. Central heat & air. Garage with storage. No children or pats. 8125 per month. Mrs. J.L. Lewi. - Sine" LStrerRent elecTrrshsm 1 :! Urge, den dbl csrport. 818,000. Close pooer 81. Hubbard Hardware com- j to schools. 1>lnj - '• 4.1 ck 4-» j Bedroomi , den , 114 D ,ths and air Priced right HI! Vacant. 31500 equity. 804 N. Parkslde. ,. .... 1 Bedroom home;.for the young or old couple. Payments only 860, buy equltr and tske over loan. 411 Sum. mlt. ' ..-,•.-. Take your pick - 3-Bedrooms, d and central (hot weather. coming) air conditioning, 'Parklane, Belmoor and Brbadmoor. Others, no signs, and not advertised. We may have what you need. Try us. ; MaxLogan Realtor Ph. PO 2-2033 Harold R. Knop, Salesman Nite Ph. PO 3-4233 Milton Snow, Salesman Nite Ph. PO 3-4613 3-31 ek 4-8 8. 11. Saddles bridles, halters, spun, blta, blankets, pads, saddle bags, belts,'buckles, western clothing. & many other Items, cowpoke Western shop. 4 ml. S. of Blytheville on S. »„. for f».Wt.«hm, good condition, used. BUI Hurst Piano Co: Plaza ghoppli 'O 3-9505. 3' Will sell fixtures, rent or lease bldg. Lols's Csfe, steele, Ho. Thrlr- ng business, come In or. call 8953600. 3-29 Pk 4-5 2 BR unfurn. duplex 622 W. Main near all churches ft Jr. High. Oeo. Tates, PO 3-4222. 3-29 ck tf OTM-PANOT PLAT OROOND i EQUIPMENT. Swrngs-SUdes-olImb- ng Towers-Merry Oo Bounds. LAD 2-rm fura. apt.. Us,, wtr. pd. Clean, 101 E Cherry. PO 3-3535 3-30 pk 4-7 & LASSIE. I .Main St. 3 rm uhf. apt., ntwly decorated. 207 «. Dougan. PO 757 Ion. See at Elmer Stone's Osrage. W. W. Beckham PO 3-7800. 3-28 ek 4-5 3 rm unlum apt. Bath, nice. 418 E. Cherry PD 3-3535 or PO 2-2624. 3-28 pk 4-28 curve If Main St. PO 3-9658. Clean well fura. 3-rm apt. Wash' er conn. PO 3-7538. 3-29 pk 4-5 3 ndim turn. apt. & den, PO 34293. 3-29 pk 4-4 Will trade air conditioners or psy cash. tor hobby shop equip. Drill press, bench grinders, metal rolls, itc. P.O. Box 1011. Blytheville. Ark. 3-26 ck 4-4 3 rm * bath turn. apt. Call PO 2-SS38. 3-29 ck tf 2-bedroom brick duplex. 903 N. Pnmklln. PO 2-2538. 3-2» ck tf Bldg. 94 x 30 ft. W. Hose at Carr. Sell or trade for house trailer or camper. LE 2-5301. 3-23 pk 4-23 3 rm turn. apt. TJt. only. Near Baee. PO Couple 3-9902. 3-39 pk 4-29 3 nn. turn, apt, w/bath, $60 mo. TJU. Pd. PO 3.6T;». 3-11 pk 4-21 Completely turn. apt. Close to three schools. In desirable residential area. Max Logan Realtor, PO 22033. 3-24 ck 4-24 3 rm. turn. apt. w/bath,.8M. mo. Utl. pd. PO 3- 6738. 3-31 pk 4-21 3-rm. & 6-rm. apts. Call PO 3-6815 or PO 3-3753 after 6. 3-22 ck tf 3-rm turn. 850. 108 E. MO. PO 3 7874 or PO 3-4656. 3-21 pk 4-21 *-nn. apt., bath downstairs. A. dulte 865. Bills pd; PO 3-9008. 3-18 pk 4-17 : nicely turn. apt. PO 3-8190 or PO 3-4311. 3-15 pk 4-18 3 BR unfurn. brick apt. N. 31st . St. PO 3-6217. . . 3-13 Ck tf 2-rai' fura. apt. Blllapd. 3 BR nicely tun. duplex apt. PO 3-246S. 3-10 ck tf 3 BR fura. apt.; utl. fura. Drum, mer Boy Motel PO 3-8168. 3-8 Ck tl Fura. apt. 3-rm; & bath. Oood location Couple oaiy. FO 3-3123 3-5 ck t] 4-rm unfurn. apt Near Air B Call,IX 1-8452. 3-4 ck tt ' 1 room unfum apt Ph. PO 3-7171 9 large rms * bath turn. apt. Utl turn 8W mo. PO 3-6961. nighu PO 3. 47M S-13 c* tt FOB THE FW1ST tN FimOT|R- EO OR UNFURNISHED APART* MENTS SEC OR CALL THOMPSON RIAL WTA PO 14111. * . TIOHJV *Hlern tum._ sf-J J*^ a, fh. !K l-ll t « I • nut 8*5 1034 W Wal< H ck tt 1 BR unfum. tt. PO 1-«I7. brick ant. H. Met i-U ek tf Hllclency apt. completely and eauipped. Otl turn. By week or monta PO 3-3188 turn 1-31 ck tf OMe In. call tt- a-tt ck tt Cor I«M Alfalfa Ray.' Carl Lymsn Rsnton. PO J.4JM. FOK "a JOB well done feellnr' clean carpew with Btae Lustre. Kent elec&lc ahampowr «1. Sher- wln-Wllllama Co . 4-1 ek 4-10 3-3» Pk 4-30 Hammond . organ, spinet model, Center. ck 4-8 antid. ln«m vard Sandy loam yaro ' i " 9 ' fill d im " * •" for Sale—Colored ProotHfy Bouse at 1825 w. Stewart: Bm. own pymt. P»r as paying rent. Will sell furr unfum. PO 3331 or PO I 3-38 ck tf •81 belux VW Bus. red * .white, xtra clean, 38,000 ml. 81050. watts. - 2-8243 " . . - 4-3 pk 4-10 '- rm house On Davis St. EXC con a. very reas. Pay equity - pymts $50 mo. PO 2-2893. 3-31 pk 4-3 3-28 ck 4-28 For Sale MCE 3 BDRM BRICK 3 full baths, .double, carport on , , r ~~T T, H, large lot. Located Northeast Blythe- Truck body 12 ft. van fair condl- ,„ Mn nimille on ^^ sssump- ' 1 -- ... Used TVs Appliances. First 3-26 pk 4-38 1st grade shingle, several colors, wt. 215. While they last 84.50 per sq. O. S. Rolllson Lbr. «: Wreculng Co.. Hl-way 18 W. 3-32 pk 4-J3 3 Bit trailer - Lake Korfork PO 34763. 3-16 ck tf Yard dirt, 83.50 load, delivered. PO 3-8493. 3-14 pk 4-14 Cull hens, 50c HtlseU Egg Farm. PO 3-7960. 3-8 ck tf 100000 B.T.TJ. gas Reznor beater. reas O'Steen's PO 3-4523. 3-8 ck tf Trl-Sttte Mobile Home Exchange Repossessions • smsll equity, take up notes. South Hwy 61. Phone PO 3-1921: . 3-3 pk 4-4 tlon with reasonable down pymt Monthly notes 8114.90. Immediate possession. NORTH CENTRAL LOCATION 3 bdrm brick. I bath, large kitchen Well landscaped lot, excellent location for all schools: Only 8^50 down FHA or 1125 down Ol. NOTICE TO ALL COLD WAR VETERANS We have several properties with no do'wn pymt to eligible veterans having military service before .or after January, 1955. Call for Information. KEMP WHISENHUNT Realtor Ph PO 3-4460 Joe Wnlsenbunt, salesmen Nite Ph PO 3-7880 Kemp Wnlsenbunt, Jr.: salttmaa Nile Ph. PO 3-8225 We make photostatlc copies. Coins and coin supplies. Money loaned on dlamonde. We buy old gold rings. . O'Steen's Jewelry. 105 W. Main 3-8 ck tf gal steel gofflage nsrrels free delivery PO 3-7161 S3. 1-3 ck tt NOTICE; J&T Photo Studio now offering Otl Painted. enlargements and Hand Painted portraits from your photograph Exe. for Motber'e bay to 3-870* or PO 3-0508. 3-3 Ck 4-4 SPRINO SPECIALS New damaged 13'. fishing boate- llmlted quantity—889.59 New 14' fishing boat*—8129.95. New boat tisl)eis-»B».9S Used ruaabouta from 8595.00 up (35 b.p.l. Deed runabouts from 35 h.p. to 75 h.p On display now: Pontoons,. Inboards - Outboards. 8 new runabouts. Pickup truck csmpsrs A 50 used boate and motors "Parking In rear," Johnson Sea - Horse Sale* * Service. Byrum Bdw * Seed Co Money orders, City Drug T dare u week. - '•: W, ck tt per week. WATflt . . Bale* end service tor Gould Otnv- tt« Lero and Modern Water totten- eri Bubbera lardwan M W Main Osed Rxftdaire aamaatu watB- re. Uatd Maytai washer. All etcMIt Mek « REFRIGERATORS Fully Guaranteea $49.95 up HALSELL4WHITE For Rent er LMM • , r .^^f.f,f.*. f . «*--.. .> Modem Texaco •erviceSttnjn. Lane Mala iweet aulMwf. Can give pBHsmnB m M dayt or laae. W««e'aw fW e/» .tola jaaper. .,. jaaper. . ' *r^- ^™ ff A . Bill Baney, salesman Nite Ph PO 3-7889 . 3-25 tit tf 3 bdrm home, panelled living rm dining rm, kitchen & bath. Carpor & ut. rm: Large • fenced back yard 2126 Peabody. (Owner). 3-29 pk 4 218 Walker - One 3 Bedroom Brick, 3 baths. Lot 100 i 165. wel landscaped. Malcolm Oreenway, PO 3-7070. 3-22 ck t 1016 Moultrte: Two Bedroom home near all .schools, 1400.00 down .Includes sil closing, cost. Payments only. S62.00 per month. 413 east Cherry: Two Bedroom and Den Rock home. Has garage apartment to help make payments Near Oosnell: Three Bedroom with paneled living room * kitchen Av- liable .now. lie WestvHardln: Small .down ment 'and assume present . movea you In this 3 Bedroom name Possession Immediately. 2013 Chickasawba: Three. ' Bedrodi and two full batils. Immediate pus pay loan session 'Jgfi small down paymen and assume present loan RAYMOND ZACHRY REALTOR 2nd at Ash Phone PO 9-181 PO 3-1524 3-18 ek tt For Sale 1304 Julia: extra clean. 3 bedroom t. bath home. Wall to wall carpe . In lltlni room,- dining , nalle. large fenced back yard. 8MO.OO equltr. «6J» total payment, • nonr ard. 8 -an 103 West noultrtc: FtactlcaUy .new 3 bedroom, I'.i baths, 24' by 16' kit chen * de. combination. All elee trie kitchen. WaU to wall carpet la Uvlnf worn. IntMe, eleojinitiWo utlttw_room...l«je teneeil r y\rt. Price IllXOi 401 Cedar Lens: Jftedreom. Sbatn home. Kitchen ant den eomlstnatloi aepante dining room. All etaetrl Kitchen. Central beet and alr._Dou- bto carport, larte owner «x. toeell. •• .••••-. .^ « •• 100% PI loan mjsn-*K&j* JOHNNY MARE, • Realtor - : ' !; IM Wett ,waMvl M. ,' . FO Mill oi Ml, PO 1-MH MMN ANNOUNCING Richard Gilmore We are happy to announce that Mr. Gilmore hae joined our sales staff. He is in a position to offer you the very beat deal on a new '66 Olds or one or our late model Value Rated Used Cars. Come in or call him today for a demonstration ride. He will be happy to serve you in any way. lour Business ia always appreciated at SAM BUCK MOTOR CO. 317 E. Main I bdrm house, carport Ooenell 49 Shield, lane. It 3-54W ^ ^ White lots tor sale .Will arrange nanclni to build. PO 3.6008 or 0< 3-2544. Osceola 3-3 pk >-4 Rural lota - near IB 55 at Dog- ood. Call PO 3-8282 3-10 pk 4-11 SalMinan STANDARD BATES FOR PILOTS? Wntt- kind of underwriting Is that? [ft the klnfl you can expect from Hit Orande National ,lfe. Expansion bss opened ter- torles in rour srea tor full ir part-time mllltarj' insurance gents. Llbersl underwriting, top ommtsslons, advance if needed. Jsny other openings throughout J.S., Psr East and 'Europe. Send ontldentls.1 reply to Gene L Mc- ClnntF. Regional Manager. Rio Orande National Life Insurance Co., P.O. Box 3013, Pensacola, Pla. 3-31 pk 4-3 Witt- trade '81 Super Sports w/ loor shift & con&ble 2 dr. for. eta- ton wagon. LK 2-1730. 4-1 pk 4-5 1962 CheT. pk-up. 8 cylinder, full denuni. LI 2-5S90 after 3 p.m. Buiinett Opporruniti*!^ Call on established account la Blytheville, O&ceol*. Psragould. a onesboro area, handling, our na- tonally famous Quality Tool line. A lew hours work weekly c«n mnke TOU hundreds of dollars monthly. Ve do all the selling necessary. All you do Is service the accounts. Investment of $995.00 pule you in business. (100% Investment return :l»uie:i For further information jhone Jim Ashworth 683-4811 Memphis, Collect. 4-2 pk 4-5 1181 Volkswagen tedan. Pick up pymU. PO 3-8154. 4-1 pk 4-3 1M3 Volkswagen Deluxe station waion.-Less-tnsn-90,000-ml. Would rade for late model pick-up. IX 2828. 4-1 pk 4-» 1982 Cadillac, 4-dr. hdtp. Beautl- ul green t white finish with match- ng , interior. Fact. • air. all power quip., radio. Low mileage. Good end. 11875, LI 2.5870 3-31 pk 4-3 ¥l»rd~l»»0 H.T., air cond., white, uli pawn (995. LE 2-8512. 3-31 pk 4-8 Store for Rent We will Invoice stock. Near Air Base. PO 3-9902. 3-29 pk 4-38 Notle* Reg. female Dachshund In season need Reg. Dachshund stud. PO 34503 alter S p.m. 4-S pk 4-10 1842 Chrysler, 4-dr. excellent. 8780. t 2-5970. 3-30 pk 4-8 1963 Red cbrrair conv. 4-speed, 105 HP 81100. PO 3-1739. 3-26 pk 4-10 Snorts car ~ Alfa Romero.- Clean ,nd cheap. PO 3-4762. 3-17 ck tt Travel Trailers - Holiday Rambler. Nomad, , Streamline, Apache camp- ug trailers. Camping supplies, n'.t- :hes Installed Trailer rental. Mobile homes. PRESLEY TRAILER SALES. 110 Missouri Ave., Slkeston, to. 3-14 pk 4-14 JHelpJWanted Many lutings in tne -Half or "Female" columns are not la- tended to exclude or discourage applications trom persons of the other sex Such listings art, tot the convenience of readera because some occupations are considered more attractiie to persons of one sex than the otner. Discrimination In employment because of aei la prohibited oy 1964 Federal Civil Rights Act inth certain exceptions Employment agenc"* and employer* covered by the act must Indicate In their advertisement whether or not the listed positions are available ,u> both ses- Deslgnauon as to sex in our Help Wanted and Employment Agency-columns are. made only (II to Indicate bona fide , occupational Quauflcatlbns for employment which' an employer regards 'aa reasonably necessary to the normal operation of hit business or enterprise, or (3) as a convenience to our readers to let them know which positions tne. advertiser .bellevea would be of more Interest to one sex than another because of the work involved Such des- tgnatlona cnould not be taken to Indicate, that the advertise! Intends oi practices any unlawful preference, limitation, specification or discrimination In employment brattices Wai'.ress for night work. Apply at Red Rooster Inn or call Mrs. Henry PO 3-8715. 3-31 ck tf EXPERIENCED HAIR STYUST NEEDED, male c: female for Interview call Charley's Beauty Salon Plaxa Shopping Center. PO 3-2561 after ( FO 3-3MO • •. • ' - 3.4 Ck 4-» Interviewers for part-time work to conduct public opinion surveys Working hours W fit your schedule Experience or college background helpful: Write to BOI AJ c/o thl; paper. 3-a pk 4-S Bsleslsdy; for Saturdays O'Steen's new Jewelry * Olft •hop Must have sales eip No phone calls 105 W. Main. • \* et tl Diesel truck drivers, Must be in good tlon.goodi ' Car hops .wanted. Must apply in person. Kream iitle Dr.-Inn. Corner Di- viaion and Walnut Sta. •• • - •;- 1-1 ck t» •po tou un TO aau? en be a eueeeeaful saleswoman . '. ': with • • • ATOI Oeemetlce 'Write Bos m. Jonetbora 4-1 ek «•! Car Linda Tlllman Sherwood Is at Betty's Beauty Shop. PO 3-3616. Will do typing, bkkp., Income tax forms of all kinds In my home. See or csll Calvlnta Halfacre, 561-4693, nila. Ark. 3-29 pk 4-9 Now open for business. THE ROPIO SHOP. North Highway «• Tropical Fish *, Supplies. 3-29 pk 4-6 LEDBETTERS DISCOUNT SHOES A» BASE BILL'S COIN SHOP new hours 10 a.M to 9 P.M.. 7 days » week We buy and sell coins. Supplies of all kinds. Located In Hotel Noble Lobby 3-22 ck tt We buy & sell used bricks O.s. Rolllson Lumber & Wrecking Co.. HUT. 18. West 1 ml. 3-21 pk 4-31 rhe allssuslppi count} onius, ji.sslon needs youi surplus clothing. nouse&old Items nerdw&re. furniture, etc Pleaie call PO 3-8380 or .ring to 410 » -dalo 4-18 ck tf Expert repairs on all makes of sewing machines. The Singer Co. Plaza Shopping Center PO 2-2782. 2-1 ck tt At Stud—Fee or pup—German Shepsrd it Poodle The Pet Shop, PO 1-3101. 3-3 Pk 4-3 Child cars and Ironing, done call PO 3-0827: 3-11 Pk 4-12 ~r™ Personal Seceive Presnell Courtesy at 853 8 Division. Oroc., * 1208 S Division. Shell Station 3-26 ck tf Private) Rooms Bleeping rooms for men. PO 38844. 4-1 Dk 4-5 Front BR, pvt. home,- pvt. ent. PO 3.4231. 4-1 pk 4-9 Comfortable bedroom, ' adjoining bath. Ml West Ash. PO 2-2209 .;--'. 3-31 pk 4-31 Room & board. $17.50 week Men. 113 W. Ash Mrs. Cassldy 3-18 pk 419 3 BR's w/pvt. oath 4* ent. 121 E. OavU. PO 3-0643 3-15 ck tf T.bdrm pvt. bath 1131 W Walnut. Pit. >S 2-2938 3-9 ck tf Nice warm rm.. pvt ent. Ill E. Davis, PO 3-4050. 2-17 ck tl Room for rent close in. rentle- men only PO 2-3147 3-3 ck 4-11 Comfortable bdrm..conv to bath 1,08 W Ath. PO 3-3862 ._. Wanted to Buy 1 buy Indian relics, men & not. tery, Ph PO 3-3840 3-12 ck, 4-H Wheelchair-adjuitable legs.Call after 1 p.m. PO 3-6100. Ml db tt W Art Trar. boat Otteent PO H5U 3-8 ek tt •Indian relics, arrowheads nawks, notterj. etc. or will «»««. BLTTHI%LtErH01J,4. 1O!TAI.CO. 1300 B 'Jim, PO »-«M«. • »« ck It IF You Want To Drink That'i Your Business! IF you W«nl to Quit, That's Ourt— Contact Phone PO 2-2000 tf

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