The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 12, 1936 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 12, 1936
Page 3
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TUESDAY, MAY 12, 193G RLYTIIEVILLE, (ARK,) COUHOSU NEWS 'FAGE.TITREB Marry 1 iearn Erecting Modern Dwelling Sile of Old Home on Model Home in Texas Work has started on n new bungalow, bein?. erected by Harry Hearn at 912 Chicknsawba Avc. This five-room house will Have an attached garage ojwning on Tenth St., and will have other such modern convergences us a fireplace in the living room, two east bedrooms with a bath between raid built in features ln( Ihc kitchen. lie has not yet decided whether the house will be frame or brick veneer. The house is located on the site of Ills mother's former homo which was recently dismantled. Mr. Hcarn's home Is at the rear of the lot. facing Tenth street.. Numerous Improvements are be- 1 ing nuulc to local buildings. Tlie Golf Hotel Is having insulation wall board put on the ceilings of nil of Its rooms and is being redecorated. The M. o. Hoeggen house, at 000 W. Walnut street Is being redecorated on the interior and o\itsidu and minor repairs made. The C. S. Baggett house at Fifth md Chickasawba and the iDick Webb hosise at 522 Chicknsawba, have new porches. V! !1 \{ :s&m >JM si» II is Advisable lo Leave Plaster for Several Months In new houses flint have plaster walls, the owner will do well to leave the. walls unfinished for several nionhs to nllow the plaster I to dry thoroughly. Some fine I cracks will show up here and 1 there in the best jobs, due- to the I settlement ami shrinknge that J goes on in the frnm -during its I early life. If tlie walls are painted 1 immediately, ciTicks will show up I more plainly, nnd spots are al- 1 most certain ,to appear where I dampness tries , to come ol I the pliisler. usually, with ilie'coh" | trariness of" siich things, these spots will appear in the mosl I conspicuous places, and when thej I do the whole panel in which thej I occur must be done over. It is al- Iwnys difficult to match new pain • to old, so much repainted panels I may show up rather conspicuous- Paper o\i walls that are no I thoroughly ch-y will peel and clis | color, and cracks w'ill show. Bare plaster walls are not n: •unpleasant ns llicy sound. With Ilhc trim painted and the rooir lfi:rnislicd, with bright cm-tains a Ilhc windows find a few pictures lining, not one person in fifty wil Inotice the absence of wall finish •The present fad for white ii Idecorations will make these whit [walls seem intentional. If the owner makes up liis mini Ko adopt, this suggestion, he shoulc Icaiilion the builder that the wall lire not to be finished so that lie • may exercise some control over Tthc workmen who ordinarily use tittle discretion nbout where they place their soiled hands. I This nUrnctive home cotnprisps the cx'hiblt of tlio Southern Pine Association on the grounds of lhe Texas Centennial E.xiwsition nt Dallas. It wns designed by Gooil- i «te Tatum, Dalkvi avchUccts, i the iden llml It couid be re- jroducod nln^ost nny where in the Jnitcd Stales nt ft cost ranging 'rom $4,500 to $5,000. The over-all dimensions of the lome arc 37 by o9 .J'eef,. All the rooms are a good stae for a small ionic and contain numerous built- fentures and provisions for nodcm conveniences. Thoro ave ample closets with jjlenLy of shelves, and tlie bedioom closets have snoe racks. 7'here U a closet ia the hall, a linen closet in the bathroom, and i coat closet in the entry. The numerous large windows and doors nsure plenty of sunlight and excellent ventilation throughout the intirc house. JT~J iC'unUimcd from Pnije 1) see Hint his k'ljul rlKhts me pio- tccinl." Itci'jiiiMiii revealed Hint Mrs Fnnuvs Uoblnson, wife of tho iTMwIiilc fuKltlve, .who. wllli In I fiillHT-ln-lnw. was nci|UHU'd at eoni|itldiy hi tin' riline, "Is out In tlif fuiiiitry vvltlt lier inuihcr and Ilii' li'i!^ ixiy is w|ll« her." I'livnicr Asylum Innnile '"luMiirts II. Doblnson Jr., WAS Uitl [or (lu 1 kldnuplLH! of Mrs. •i' S(«ll In lAwtsvllIu In October, iwi. IK> wns nlh'i;ed lo haw! •cti'iml I lie $50,000 paid In liui- otn lor (In; safe return. «( Mrs. Sloll, ItolMiiMm, now ?,f, was* n law =h'ik In Nashville, his family iiojiii 1 . :it tlie time of tlie kldtnii)- PORCII --. IB'-O' • B'-IO' eeo • ROOA H'f-il-o' )•/ LIVIMO 1 ROOM w'w.jro" ORCll 5'.i,o- KI.TC11EM 16-7' >IO'-6' PORCH 9 0 -l-IC 31 iTR^, OARAOe 19-6' '9-<> The garage built as n part of tlie home, Is O',i by !9',i feet. Lonvercd windows in the side form nil agrcc- nble break in the wall. Holland People Build Four New Bungalows HOLLAND, ifo. —. Two new liomcs have recently been com- ilctcd here and two more arc under construction. All arc four- room bungalows with hath. ' The new homes of Mr., and Mrs. W. A. bates jr. and Mr. and Mrs. Evevctte Utley have been completed. The former, located just off Highway CI near life king residence, white with green roof. ....The. Utley home, near the L. -Berry cotton gin, Is finished in green^sUUn.---' -•-••- •••"*• •;•• " Mr.'inml Mrs. Jim Miller and Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Stivers will finish their homes within a few weeks. Approved Mortgagee v Increases Earnings ALBANY, 'Ore.—The First- Federal Savings and Loan Association of Albany, reports that slilcc lie- coming an approved mortgagee under thn, insured Single Mortgage System of (he Federal :Housing Administration it has Increased Us net earnings 19 per cent. . : When the association's officials nolcd a decrease in assets, plus an increase in real estate and the expense of making callections, they communicated with the Housing Administration office in an effort to increase the volume of business. The association's net earnings for the first 10 months if 1935 were 385 per cent. As nn ipproved mortgagee its net carn- ngs were 4.74 per cent during the first quartre of 193G. Crafton Co. Has Acquired PlaiU Site on South Sec ond Street ••"-..- , The Crnftoh Co., wholesale g'ro- STOR16S IN: »y 1. S. Kleiil , . rHW'-WlHml'mWWr.VTl LATEST ROYAL! V J TMIK FHA Loan Finances Big Housing Project , .MEADVTLUl Pa.—There will be 202 homes iu lh e large-scale housing project which is under way itere nna which.; Is being financed thru n mortgage accepted for Insurance by the Federal Housing Administration. V The, total cost of this project will be $1.012,000, 'of which amount $212,000.-. will be fiirnis'iicd locally ahdjthe rcmnining $800.000 will bs covered by ati' insured mortgage. Meadyille Housing Corporation' is the owner of the project, which is purch: the, defimc.1. First : National Bank. uS k ^ ^z JKSSS roT c ^n,,Se M ^ !1!c sr-r Bi'occry, will begin a little Inter in ' ^ ° Commercc - me. .architects the'summer. " ;: . : city, nnd Roy L. Phillips is the engineer. liegeman-Harris , Co., of Mortgage Granted on Ancient House BOSTON, Muss.—The National •Shawmut Bank of Boston has granted a mortgage. Insured under the Single Mortgage:System of the Federal Housing Administration, on what it believes'to be I'ne oldest house to IJD mortgaged under the |Veterans Magazine Urges Home Buying FORT WORTH, Tex.—The Vct- Jcran Outlook, the only official (veteran publication in this city, Is cooperating with the Fort Worth Ilieal Estate Board, the lumber •and contractors' associations, the Itanstcr plumbers, and the Federal • Mousing Administration in placing teforc veterans the benefits to be |lerived from home ownership. A home, according to the maga- Ine, will safeguard the future of Ihe veteran and the future of those dependent upon him aftci [tie is gone. In its columns the Jmngnzine urges the veteran to l.ake the first step toward financial |independcnce by buying a home |>ul!dlng a home, or repairing nnd liiodernizing his present home. If t'ne water lines "chatter'' when It faucet is partly closed, something 1.5 loose. Put in new washers. li Ithat <!oes not correct the trouble Isomcthlng else in the faucet is •IOOEC. You may have to replace Ithc entire faucet. )istinctive Entry Proves Key to Home Your front door gives the visitor ils first impression of your home: Unattractive hardware, chip|>ed paint, or drabness indicates an un- attracjiive house. Distinctivencss is easily obtained. Bright red, Wue, green.' or orange doors are gaining favor. Consider t'ne type and style of your house and then decide on the type of door you .want. House painting is elfgJMe under the Modernization credit Plan of the Federal Housing Administration. ' in? Administration's insurance. The house, which Is located In Wcnliam, was built in 1680. The use of a fairly heavy ns- bestos paper between the subfloor and finisli floor will give a c( siderable amount ol fire resistance. A room lined with plaster on metal lath or other fire resistant material, with asbestos paper under the floor will hold n fire for many minutes without allowing it to spread to oilier parts of the building. An efficient fire department should be at ttie door in plenty of time lo extinguish the fire before it gets out of the room in which it started. ., New York, is.tlie general contractor. Forty-three acres constitute the property.. .Twenty-seven., acres arc being developed, five reserved for expansion, and 11 nnve bsen dedicated to the,city for park purposes. The lots are GO by ,80 feet, and garages are built in groups of six on separate lots at entrance to culs- dc-sac, and 11 six-room houses have garages attached. Thomas II. Utibhisoii Jr. Ing. He had been Imprisoned on two previous occasions, however. First time wns In lD2i), when he \vns committed to the Tennessee stale insane asylum for one month nfter being arrested on clmrgcs of impcisoitntlng nn officer, lib next police appearance was In April, 1(13-1, when he was arrcslcd In Nashville on n charge of robbery. This case Is listed us "iraid- lng." ,111s wife, Mrs. Frances AUImuscr Ubbln.sou, and his father both were tried and acquitted of cliarg es of hying participated In Hie abduction of Mrs. Sloll. ., . >Robinson wns known (o be.,mi expert e.t hnyicisatiating a \vomun and the "wanted" card distributed by the. justice depnrlmcn makes note that, lie frequently disguises himself in female garb. Failure of G-men to capture Robinson furnished the few- enemies of the bureau of Investigation with considerable, ammunl tloti. Director J. Edgar llooyci however, answering such criticisms, made no excuse for the failure, but merely promised that eventually his agents would "catch lip ivltlt" the elusive Robinson. A great . clamor for his npprc- I'.enslon went up over the country at the time of Mrs. Stoll's nl> Inloinnllonnl Ordci 1 lit lioynl Exiles", has oddC'ci.16 .1(5 circle another member, Halle* Se- hissie, ICmpcroi of Ethiopia. (<i\m recently lied Addis Abuba; leaving the ciipllnl lo iniirniidlni; natives. Itnlliin troops. hnd pushed ,t>,i6)> the grenl Negus, who boasis illfcct descent from King Solomon t»titl the Queen ol Sliebn. imlil he fc- soitcd to the safety of foreign sol! Unite Sclusslc had been''-.Em- peror of .Ethiopia since lijs bril- llnnt coronation'In IMO. -Hi- \Vti.J l>orn In 1051. tmd bccuinc .rcsciri, wllh Empress Zauititu,,in 1916.-A3 emperor, he iissumed the uwcsomc: Ille of "Elect of'God,'King Of Kings, Conqucilng Lion of Judidi: niul Light of lhe World. 1 ' He. is veil educated nnd, durli'iri • Jill eign,.Introduced many social bnd iconomle reforms. 13ul he could not build mi ofmy ot prlniltlve_lrlb(!smen, yiisjiiti Ihclr icarlesf" ness aiid cfiiifi jige, lha'f coUJd fate Jttillnh inVndef'!.' ^. Tile .iljiinp slibwn hcfc^is ond of itii; first Facts About I Arkansas (iirvillo High School iti ccmn«-ll(m nltli Ihp Arlf.uis.i? (Yh(r)ihlnt ob- t fry a nee.) ; it « tin; ht,vii. ftp fCAhS The Trail '. ot Tour* l.< to be cimmuMunvatfd .In AVkiuisivs d«v- h'K His Arkniistis .Centennial cclc- . hintlon this ; year tram Juno to I December, \ \ • ' , The 'hall of Tears In Aricnnsns Is coi'inccleil yvllh 'otic of the most hiMHbreakltiif tales In. the entire lilsldry of. Hit Amerlenn Indlnn. T|ie old Tnvll ot Tears fol- 'ov.'s almost the • e.vuet , route of H. H. lllyhwiiy No. '70 and mnilut tin 1 trek , of UK- Cherokfe Indians on Ihelr \vi\y Into the new Uulltvn Territory, In l!13'2 -they will, under inllllary escort, from tlu'lr Innils east • of .Iho Mlssts- »lvi>l to the: west, ThoU3l\ 0.0- inpnnteil wllh military Impossible to slny (lie a'lh of hundreds who perished OKI cliolern. 1 Tlie suiiiid of tho nth Kf "' ' roiiKh v Incinerators The burning of garbage In unprotected areas creates n definite fire hazard. A fireproof Incinerator can be constructed nl a small cost. Every dwelling should have an incinerator If ft Is necessary lo burn paper, garbage, or other debris on the property. showing Hit U n c r o \V Hod mo u a r c Ji Mr. nnd Mrs, Ilolton Cantor inot orcd lo 'lo nnd 8 Sunday; Mrs. O« ; eii Doss nnd- (la Lornlne, of Dljthevlllc, \ytrd .__... Elkln Austin mid . Miss r MtiXl Forshce were married in Blyllic vllle lust Saturday. ''There wns a Mother's Diiy. pro tjinin nt Hie Ekroii'school'hous Sunday night, spoiisbred by th Ladles' club. ' , •' .' v ' • The Rov. Joh'n Cocki'iW| , t u Jcncsboro, ! assisted by the _ Re' Joe lloldmnn. Is conducting • ii re vlvnl meeting nt the En/on siliao house. ', '••'..• i :,•'•• Mrs. Brucy Oyvcr.s . flud ; Mr Lily' Proctor, of Rdscldlul; vlilte Mrs. W. H. Piiyne Si'huny. Kansas Mennonites; ' ; '-,'l\ Flee Froin Oil ~Ricli£ .. ....... ...... _ _ ........ _ ......... , p FAIRHANKS. 10. (U ductlon. Tlie' nation : in~ gcnerai|oil was discovered, on '(heir) farm s near the helglit of its IiullB-Mnn'ls hi Kansas, 30- Aintsh Men nation over the wave of kidnaping which .followed the abduction the Lindbergh baby. of Ekron News W. C. Stone, who lias been confined lo his bed for a week, is still very ill. last week of Mrs. W. H. Payne. Tom Norton family and nonlles have moved h6r'e,7'.'" Mcinljcrs of that faith fi<Sd : fr6l prosperity to what they, hops'.wi be the tranriiilllity of an .cxlsteric unruffled ' by modern, civilization Although tlie Mcnnortltes nn opportunity to reap a , ,„ harvest when oil spouted bh the Kansas farms, they r«ruJ6a , extract full advantage' v froni tj" situation, selling ' the!' only $100 an acre. ige' Ironi ti :lr tijtrii 16 WELDING ELECTIUC & ACETYLENE TROMrl SERVICE REASONABLE TRICES Barksdale Mfg. Co. ALL KINDS OF CABINET WORK AT BEST PRICES Screen Work See Us For Estimates BARKSDALE MFG. CO. Call 19 In Modernizing a House is THE FIRST STEP: The Wise Builder Selects Red Top Mineral Wool or Celotex Insulation Board Call us for a free estimate. THE ARKMO LUMBER CO. Phone 40 Now Is the Time to Build Your Home-Easy Monthly Payments This coinpany will gladly help you with y6ur loan applications Through arrangements perfected by the American Asphalt Roof Corporation, we have connections with the Planters Bank and Trust Company, Forrest City, Arkansas, whereby it will handle all new construction Federal Housing Administration title two approved loans in Blytheville and vicinity. East Arkansas Builders Supply Company Ed R. Jones, Myr. phone $9 . tlip' forest. Traditions every inllo ot tlmt '' DIP wst wlilcli ho,led In nioro Hum Iwciity bnltlte. Took pnvt- In Price's hild Inld Mts$olill. Ocn- cral Cuiwll tarried Mnjor Kite lviort tin lighter 1 . * + • it rimy ho Irlily Aild Umt Ar- kmisas htis . mnilo ffircnl. etrlitca llw ninltor of 1»ibUc Ion. At the World's Pair In ^hleneo, Arkansas received over 'ony myaids en Its public. Bchool vork. in tho Ir.rger "cities nnd towns the schools of this stnte ue the e<i«nl of those hi tiny other stale. » * t In 1803 the people ot Arkansas received llu-lr mall only t'.vlcc n month In ecod weather nnd In tad wcnlhcr not oftcner than once In two months, The majority did' not receive nny nt nil. The nulls' WMC can-led on home back from St, Louis to Mor.roi', La. On the roulo mnll wns delivered at ' lite only post offices In Arkansas, Biivldsoiivlllo ntid Arknnsfis Post, I' ' .Iburniiy 'was' innrked 'by n inibstouc. ' i • '•••,'• Tlio Trnir of Tcnrs. \vi\a tel : mMl , I'onto frdin Memphis Utt|o Reck 1> 1821 In; 1020 II tis lni|]|oveO ,bi; cHlzQiis nloiiR 10 i-lnlil of wny visli'fj 'slnvo tor,. U. l)co»mo;n inllltiiry . rond or Indliih dc|)6rlnttons nnd wns vlohded.'.to Port" Siultli. •:<• „.'•.•.*;,••.;.*'.• . :: , . IINBEK; FIVE FI.AOS Till?-, lltlc' iWonUl' 1» n " P,iHe Experts RequiTe Many Years Training WASHINGTON <UP)-Ono-hMf of America's lending ilfle nnd pistol nmrksmcii Icurncd to shoot. hetwccn' 1 the P.SCJ of IB nnd 25, but, they did hot • reach top rnnk until they wcie nearly M, nc-' io flames released , for .,(iitv hlslorv of Arktinsns. /mo : "flcur:qc lys' 1 .or-Prniico wn 1 ? rst ,180!! over: Fort , Jhnrles ; Ilf. by iioml' (16 Toiitl, ' Cnvcller. hcndquarlcts of tho Nntlonnl Rifle nsicclntlon hero, Tlw association, which ts the CovcrnhiK body of tlio 5)101 1 oi ilflo shoottnj; . hi this country, iccjis n personnl lilstoiy fllo of nnrksmen who havo Irecu able, to' vjti hl|;h honors on the.rnngc. Of llio 225 iicrsolis listed. 1IC mtd tlicy imlled" their ; first trlgsev when Ihoy were young men bo- ,wcon 18 nnil 25. Two of them knew how to shoot, Uctore they went lo kindergarten, nnd one future national clmmnloii ' wns a SZ-yonr-ald (jrnndfnther before ho (aivjet practlco. ilfcur ilo la HAHo, who claimed the Mississippi vallbv 'for Frhiicc.' Thi ratters Soon ' cKnnrc'd'• tlio foil's iiirn6 to vVrfiinsii^ Post, The stnndn'nl of ' Spain of'llc- nlly Pouted over. the-, post 111 ! when Frdhcc lost this land .s n result, of tlio French Ami "n'djnn \V|ir. • .Iii ICto' n ; secret ,treaty, 'nyc the: land toFranco. But W. chaniii! was not known untl' 1803 . hvhon : ,tho United Elate ii(jdu the loulslnim Pi^rchnso. Duo to' a sentimental revest oy French settlers tlie Prchci 1iJ8 was ; llown for'U: 'iours';.b«(oto' the'Stnfa (ijidiBtytpc; .•Wiieit-fiu!; piyll'.-'Wor''rtc'd he banner of , the.,:.Confcderncy • ; ns. flor.n' for'ifpur years lihtl '0(15, .whqii Ulio," A'miilbnn" fin's ' l ns n'snln oii [Jie'stairs'of Ar- 'iaiisns.. "The work of Hip > laigs In :'ArkJ)mas.'mid ;:lhcir lii- luence : wni -bo •;dcpUled •'In jillt, f\\\y :jiijd;. story • dvrlhg ~. the ^ontcluilnl C(!ie|h'r'ntlnn', tlila •'•'"' 5lyll ' . , BIOOUAPIIV W. :'L. ;,Cabell,":£Qrli' :l8ir, TrfKVIIIe,"-' Vn., ' was 1 rlradiiftlcd • frcii Vest Poiilt •In.'ilBSp.-i .^yiien'-. War. liiqkc, 'oi'it '. lie , wei . ;Rpok' : U>-'offbr 1 ' his 'sir- vices .lo'^tlic; ^overnofr.'.'.In -.1! 'inbill "?vis hssSijriMlAb Vnn Dorn' UhlT 'ntAJticksoiiport, 'Ark. Pro- liiileil ,; lo" tirlt r ndler-gehct[il...Lj;'d ils Ijriijade "at ••Snltlllq nhd lukir. Wounded. it potlnlh _anrt .Oatclilc nUdge'.', : In command In northwest Arkflii4s In 1662, Cabell cavalry , co'tnmands ' 'n Courier News c^iaslned Adll PICKARD'S GROCERY OUn MEATS ARE AS, 'GOOD • AS THE BEST THEY MUST ( SATISFY 'Staple & Fancy Groceries Phone. 073 MtMUOGKAHUNO BUaifTESS & POLITICAL, LETTERS A SPECIALTY, Work ucat, cheap & quick. Veterans .Bervleo Work ' •••All Kinds Blank Forms ;.;; Curlis J. Little . Jlnlo Cldg. , REFRIGERATORS NO MONEY DO\VN "COSTS •.LESS- RUNS L&SS" BROADWAY . SALES CO. I 111 S. Rnnihvay - Ttl. 112 DONT GAMBLE! Leaky fr-oofs arc a nuisance—but in addition to that they can -cause expensive damage to the interior of the home. The longer you. put off making repairs the more cxpemive it will be. Don't gamble. Hnve the roof fixed the UNIVERSAL way. ,' . ; Our FHA Budget' Plan Makes Payment Easy • Mtono 100 E.C. Rfl'BiNSON LUMBER Clean Up-Paint Up U. Program lU i& National Housing Act X: Give your property a NEVVDEAL •u

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