Daily Sitka Sentinel from Sitka, Alaska on June 30, 1955 · Page 1
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Daily Sitka Sentinel from Sitka, Alaska · Page 1

Sitka, Alaska
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 30, 1955
Page 1
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Daily Sitka Sentinel dome-Owned Newspaper and The ARROWHEAD PRESS Member of The Associated Prett VOLUME XVI 1Oca Copy Thursday, June 30, 1955 NUMBER 142 C47 crashes on Sitkinak Is.; 10 aboard believed killed § Wreckage spotted; rescue force on way to scene ANCHORAGE (fP) An air iforce C47 transport with a four jnan crew crashed on Sitkinak Island in the late yesterday Noillih and 'a Pacific spokesman here said all aboard were believed lost. The ElmendortE air force public information office said a search plane spotted wreckage several hours after the plane was listed 'as overdue -on a flight I ram Kodiak and saw no .signs of life. The transport crashed on the "highest peak" on Sitkinak, located 90 miles southwest of Kodialk, while on an air drop mission. Military au'thorities said the plane carried « four man crew ·and three soldiers in- addition to the tihree civilians. , A Navy plane from Kodiak .«nd a Flying Albatross from, Elmendorf were sent to the .scene. The Albatross carried paramedics 'but because of se- .vere tuifbulence over the area Bids for constructing the facilities were opened only last weak. The plane wreckage was reported covered with oil (but it did not burn. The oil was scattered as barrels of it in the plane's cargo 'broke open in the crash. Gale force winds whipped about tihe desolate island today. One navy and one Coast Guard (continued on page three) To White House WASHINGTON (IP) A bill to .permit Pacific Northern Timber Co., to 'buy 45 acres of Alas-' ka Ittdelands, was sent to the bill Survivors tell story of attack ' on Navy plane by Soviet jets Faint radio signals spur hunt for four missing Marines TOKYO UP) Two faint radio, signals flickering out of the 'aciific fog spairked slight new lope in the concentrated hunt K» ittaelanas, was sent to the 11 I · White House yesterday by the NOW 010116 WOS III : the P lane and said Russia was ihouse. It accepted senate a-; * * (.willing to pay one-half the international area, crew maintains accepted mendments to the bill. The land, six miles south of Wrangell, would be used for a sawmill and pulp plant. Unlicensed seamen open bargaining talks today SAN-FRANCISCO WP) AFL unlicensed Feaimen -begin collective bargaining negotiations with West Coast ship owner representatives today. But two of j ;une shot down 'by Russ attackers over the Bering Sea .last week was over in'ternation al waters and two Russ migs took part, crew members vig- .orously insist. First 'interviews allowed witih the seven painfully burned and wounded fliers yester- .day bore out, with colorful de- .tail. 'the terse state department description of the internation- .. , ,. . - al incident of a week ago. , the coast. V D.ggeift l, ne s w o n t ; Last week in San F ^ ncisco · be sitting in. American President Lines and Pacific Far East Lines pullout of lipowners' Pacif- 'or four lost marine airmen,, ic Maritime Assn., yesterday, n its fifth day today. explaining they want to do A feeble international aircraft distress signal was heard at 5:40 a: m. yesterday .in re-, t h r w " PMA president Sure described the Paul St. two com- sponse to a resuce plane's call, P 31116 ^ * he air force said, 'but it gave no clue on location. A weak voice signal was heard albou't 11 hours later. An it was not certain whither they a i r force spokeman said it "was would parachute to .the wrecks m t audible enough to make or land at a nearby lagoon. out." The plane, attached to Dhe.j Mystery and confusion arose .5093«^air transport^ group at;over who might be sending the intermittently .Elmendorf, left Kodiak at'signals, .12:22 p. im. yesHerdlay with six since Monday. .hours of gasoline. A plane j Previous emergency from Ehnendorf wreckage. trans- rawal as "nothing uniisal." He siaid both have "done this several times before." PMA represents nearly all West Coast Shippers and u n t i l yesterday association contracts covered approximately 1 damages. j The state department then ; issued a statement saying in '.part: "The Soviet government j.asserts that -the United States ANCHORAGE (fl) The Navy plane was within the Soviet air space but under atmospher ic conditions which made possible an error on one side or another in regard to the exact location of 'i'he plane at the .moment of the incident." Ensign David G. Assard. Terryville. Conn.. navigator ,who charted the plane's course .on its routine mission, put it: "I know damned well we weren't within Russian bounds when we were fired upon." Aviation ordanceman Donald E. Sonnek. Minnesota Lake. Minn., added: "I was looking out one of the two windows in the aft station when I suddenly saw this Ru-ssian plane. It was firing tracers. Sure. I knew right oflf it was a Russian plane. He had no time to shout a warning before a bullet ripped into the ship. "There had to be another continued, "because .Soviet premier V. M. Mokrtov [ expressed his 'government's re ; down of OS Hoover commission submits report WASHINGTON :.-Pl The Hoo- "£· ver comfission wrapped up its e . two yea- job today embroiled M han where I sa L W U V t r v . L J nr^l.3\ c. 11 o* w J i»- ti , . ?* in controversv. but'claimi!* its/ 3 " 6 f ' r!n ? * e *»««· '° re-organization plans, if adpot-' He admitted however, he i c f ^ r - C3;«r / \ W l i 7 .nrna W u c ^ o i n n ml RMS* spotted the mitter signals were attributed sh^s sailing from West Coast ^^^arT'the Contracts covering al, -nV"^* £S£n t licensed workers have expired; HQOVI . ., R c h a i r m a n . ,; 5sued ,, I 19th and "final" report -- it ,, , - ! to either Capt. H. P. Montague, Sitkinak fa one of the remote 1 Jackson. M'icih.. sites recently announced for one of a series of defense projects described only as military. 'installations. It is listed to cost close to .four million dollars. V eatchcombfng For a short while ALL Alaska plane crashes will be in- vestigaited closely 'to see if the Russians lhad anything to do W'inton Bell. or Lit. David Minneapolis, buduet saw onl -" one Russ an plane. I The seven men, talking from | w'heeleliairs and their beds at ( t h e air '. r orce base hospital here save high .praise to Richard H. whose disappearance Sunday intgton Senators staved night in tfieir marine skynight inning jet touched off the search. and "final" Pa., and er will 'be along in mid-July -- ; aviation machinist mate Thad ills formal name is the com- dens Maziarz. Oakland. Calif. . miss-ion on organization of the Maziarz. who fed fuel ; to the rs staved off a executive branch of the govern O ne good engine from leaking threat -by Boston. men , t _ is due to go out of ex- »nd 'burni-r..* "« a s tanks to bring . I isn't quite final because anoth, Fischer. Pittsburgh. IOaOy er will be along in mid-July -- j aviation machinist i WASHINGTON :'P Wash-' Their commander said yesterday "the records show that a three game losing streak, they had no radios," but other officers said marine fliers some times carry equipment shown on the records. today to squeeze out a 3-2 vie- i ste nce at midnight tonight. tory over the Red Sox and e n d j BROOKLYN iff*) George Shu The .oulbKc rower ion.e caus- cd the 'commission to expire in, btee of confHrt. A Hoover water resources and The 'third missing marine air lyn wn jpTed 2!2'±? ^ pi J? t ^i t :,?" n '^ ?."d d«nped 'ba's pindh single over second ] re p Or t on not 'base drove in Carl Furillo in power " issue d yesterdav urged the llth inning 'today as Brook M Tr nf Jr.. OT Y. definitely had a radio in 'his nla'rp piace. with them -- in any way. emergency 1 iferaft when he dis Three" times the Dodgers appeared Tuesday niglht while - W9 It's not surprising oontrovesy should caige about' the Hoover report. iHertberit has ( been a con'troversial itigufe during most of his 80 or more years much of which has been spent in the public eye -- one way or another. i v i · u '* -,. L fought from 'behind to tie tihe j-t,,,,,- helping seairc-h for Montague score as , m , anager Leo Duroach- ' that and Bell " a drastic curtailment of federal New York 6-5 p Ower development and larger tihe Giants into scc , pe for ^rivalc utiltities. It drew sharp dissents from 4 of H'he 12 members, including Atty. Gen. Brownell and mobilizer Arthur S. er shifted pitchers, using four James Far]e foirmer The fourth missing marine' p'itohers to face -four different (continued on page four) | batters in the 10th. · iWe note that ifor the past lew weeks -- since Julius went south -- our "progessive journalist" is having a hard time to produce a paper Could it be tihalt his "angel's" Ibook isn't sell in!f the way it Should? · Tcrnorrow we will have a switches to papers master general in the Roosevelt administration, charged CHICAGO (fP) Ray Boone's '' he report came "dangerously two run homer iin the eighth clo^e" to .inviting tihe govern- nullified a two run circuit blast rnen-t to "abdicate" its responsi- by 'Minnie Minoso in 'the 6th to Mli*ies in development of the give the Detroit Tigers a 4-3 nation's resources. p. i victory and a three game sweep ·= over the Chicago White Sox to- LOS ANGELES (fP ette man.ufaotu.rer O. McComas, presidenit. of Philip _., ,,,».. ,, , . .... Moms, Inc! says his company^ TM; TM«* S °* A TM^ t *£ A commission the crippled ship in for the crash-landing had little to say. "My first thoughts when we were hit were: Tf I could only .Set a chance to get a l t one of OUT guns' " he said. But he knew he was needed on the Tuel line. The seven men will be flown to the states for further medical treatment. The New York Times today quo'ied "authoritative sources" .ns savin? United States air patrols in The Bering Sea have been suspended temporarily. In a Wasihirasfton dispatch from Anthony Leviero the npwspaloer ?aid the action was taken bv Lr. G?n. Joseph H. Atkinson, commander of the Alaska theatre, snjrarenth- bp- . cause (1) officials were trvitiff spokesman , ,, . - , . _ . " clc "«'g F to faWiom RirasiaTi. motives in is shifting much of its advertising from radio and television to newspapers and next. He told newsmen games behind the idle first place New York Yankees and l j -i (games ahead of the third place Cleveland Indians. yesterday MILWAUKEE (IP) Four un- said tihe task force report was ^ '« j ""'"';?" TMtives in delayed in printing, but might ;t«*TMg down the plane and appear next week. ' f 2 1 ak ° '·o*TM* wwMe TMe.- this The foreign operations admin istration. which also dies at midnight, delifvered a deathbed kick at the commission in { r cnn , in ,,,,, 0 ; complete prograim for the lode-J his '.firm believes more people earned runs in the eighth inner ai(ions. "" ' Marine forecast L'rom Thurs- pendence Day celelbraition -- read newspapers than listen to nirag. because of Ransom Jack- it would "plav directlv into day to Fridav all that is lacking in the pro-1 radio or watch TV. son's wild throw, gave the Mil- the communists' ' h a n d s " thei Outside waters Dixon En- p«mi is something everyone) 'Consequently, Mis year we waukee Braves a 7-4 victory FOA sa5d to adopt the Hoover. trance to Yakuata variable rijould do once a year -- read; will more than double our news over Chicago today and second proposal that America cut off winds 5 to 15 mph the dooumenit on wil*^** *«*» no «%a»\f« A^mw^i..,**,.* ~».j T r_«i .«!«.»» ;« .«A, A ivT n ^: n _._i i ' . . . _ - . - . .. . r **""r*j ^^ut Americans 'base our · -- tihe Declaration · d*nce. said.

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