The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 2, 1946 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 2, 1946
Page 3
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TUESDAY, AlMUL-2, 1946 BLYTIHSViLUS (AUK.) COUBIER NEWS Senotors Drool When Packers Offer Exhibit Of Juicy Meats Urges US. Aid For Air Industry Aviation Needs Help So Kates Can Be Cut, Engineers Are Told CHATTANOOGA, Tonn., April 2 <UP>—Federal aid should Ix' given (he uvhilion industry to spe«l adoption of ;i three-Clint airplane fare "10 iinywheje" and so foster world amity, J. Parker Vim Znnilt.' aviation authority, urged Mcmdiiy. Tlie by-products of sucli « pol Icy, Van Zaudt told the tlirce-daj spring mcrLlug hero of the Amcri can Society of Mechanical Engi IKHTS, will contribute to uutionu .security in addition to assuring i healthy uireruft manufacturing in <Ui.stry. "Such temporary nid would also I l]e n small premium to pay as insurance against future possible ag- (jiT.sMOU," he explained. V:m Zandt, who is a director of aviation research for the Breakings Institution. »nd u former adviser to Ihe Civi! Aeronautics Board, predicted that by December. J940, major cities of the world will be connected by a network of trunk air routes over which daily nights will jooked'like n meat counter used to operate at- sustained speeds of 300 | I OQ ^ w iien all you needed to buy h> the lolls of the (jovurnmiMit because of their inability to tell whether a live steer will make tender steaks or tough ones. "Yes, sir." mlded Meyer, a small man witti a diamond horseshoe on a loud necktie. "That is why we brought Ihls meat along. To sho-.v by PKKUKKICK (-. OTIIMAN TnltiNl Press Start 1 Correspomlenl WASHINGTON. April 2. (UP)—I There was a rustling In the buck-1 ;round when meat pucker Leonard rf.yer Ip&tlfled that the govern- nent's inability to decide what mikes a good beef steak was ruining his business. "Here," he told a dov.en senators, spreading inanUa pajiev KO he'd drip no blood on their green balw table, "I'll show you." The paper-crimpling noises were being made by Meyer's fellow pnck- froiu Richmond, Va., James J. McSweeney, who had trimdled two larye boxes of meat Into the Agriculture Committee room and now j Grade A. was cracking 'em o|>en for the bene- "That's because tin lit of the hungry lawmakers. "I'll, take that one," said Sen. Allen J. Ellender of I.n., pointing at u particularly juicy rams> roast under the nose of Chairman Elmer Thomas of Okla. Meyer moved it a little further from the gentleman from Louisiana. McSweeney kept hauling out roasts, steaks. shoulders, briskets, and sides of lamb. Meyer stripped them of their wrappings and arranged them artistically until the senatorial tabl UcAVIll and Miss Etflc cnlvrrt bolh of DlyliieviUi'. Harry 1,. Jliu-k of lllylhevlllc and Mss. I <>.st['r M. liuck of Osceoln: Hay Odls Hall ot Hell and Miss Maxlne iivuwn t>l Reiser; W. H. Ciarivu of Hlythevllle anil Miss KVflyn Kliwibclh Ouerin of Osi-c- ola; l''Jvd Hums and Mrs. Mury i Lucille limn-; linth ot lilvtlicvllk 1 ; Johnnie Murshali Cull-mill and and Miss Kthel Mae Kbordl. both ul Memphis, Ka Kiiiii|v;o]i and Mrs. Uessle Prince, bolh of Coater. Mo.; Ivi-nm'th A. Sly of Maiden, Mo., and Mrs. Julia' 1'yles ill St. l.ouls. Yewell Altnn and Miss Opul Hn'W- er. both of Ml. l.nuls; James II. WoocLson Jr. mill • Miss Ciiurlynn ' 'IVn'y I-'ivnniui. both of lllythevllle; si rue the tt'oril 'frulerulnnlloit'—lo, riot In' It with -the sole meaning ot Immurullly—uiicl K&tiUy over-em- phasl/e and imsinlerpret the rela- llouship between inember.s ol the A me i leu n occupying forces nml the JupiinttW |H>ople. , "Tbls results," he continued, "from the prominence of the Amerl can uniform In Japan—a uroml- Ar- you just what Is happening to meal." Jle held it)) a moulh-waUTlni;. 10- \>ound rump roust. "Take this beautiful piece of choice beef," he cried, "It's got plenty of fat. marbling, youth, everything. Now look at the I). S. government stamps, on It." One stamp said it was Grade H meat. Another stamp said it was Johnson both of Carriers tcli "I 1-eiiehviUe; C.U'1-jMis:; Miuy Fny fates of l^uohvllle; lul Miss Itenilci.' Hoyd. ,- Mn \ nou'd O f I'llnceton. Iu(l..'iuul inile.s an hour or more. Kmpliasizinf; that aviation is milking tlie world Into n neighborhood, lie said that to suppose that this country can keep the secret ol ato-1 |-,ptly upon this ' prodigality from inic bomb production indefinitely is "to put our heads in the sand." As a further stimulus to inter- ] national understanding. Van Zandt proposed the disposal of United Slates surplus abroad, stating that much of the $5,000.000.000 to $10.000,000,000 worth of such property could be used for postwar civilian purposes by foreign governments and citizens. It would be feasible for the United States government to accept payment for tiiis in the currency of the foreign country, and then to slimn- latc international travel by making the money available at attractive tourist rates to Americans going abroad," lie explained. Van Zandt also proposed air travel fellowships for teachers. government graders look at a piece of meal and can't tell what kind of meat it is," he said. "One of 'em called this lovely piece of meat Grade lj. I got his boss and lie stamped it Grade A See? Bolh stamps on the same piece of meat. Now if these ex- perls can't mnke up their minds how do they expect us to gradi meal with the hide si ill on it?" He said Ihe OPA demanded Dm packers tell exactly the <|ualily tile meat in a steer by looking the animal. If the packer guesse wrong he is penalised; sometime he's taken to court, he .said. "No wonder there's a black ma] 1 ket," Meyer exploded, sitting dow in front of a crown roast. "The gentleman from Loulsian seems to have his eyes on one a by-gone day, like patrons of the those roasts," commented Sei Miss Ni-llii morel. Victor Duynlie l.'iu> of Mills, ill., .,'ud Miss Julia Juanlla Webl) of Uarl.sbiiVH. 111.; Tmvls Manila and Miss Ueaiine Durtcli ton James n bolh of Hlylhevllle; L. U. and Mrs. Cluia Oi'iu'ii. bolli of Blyllu'vlllt'; Everett L. Grimes iitul Miss ftvt'lyn Lewis, bjth of lyllievilH'; II. 1). Ulilcs of Leitch- l!k' and Miss Uuby Jewell Ijum- c'l't of Manila. Cirady Wilson and Miss Ruth Hinos both of niythei'lllc; Hen Heaver of Tulsu, Okiu.. uiul Miss • Louise Cliism of lilytheyille; Jake liohuin.s of eUiehvlUe incl Miss Ma/.le Elizabeth lllutjlns if Manila: CUUon Graves of Uel- .vui'e Ark. and Miss MnrgiiiTl ivne of Manila: George 1>. Horn- XV^lie CrtK-' and Mtif Oli'anj nouce \vhlci» causes one nilsdecd lo both of Itolliuid, i\lo.; Herman Siiyiv "Mil Mrs. Mury Yutha lut/, both of Kvunsvllle. fnd.: 1 loyd Hood of Eiuli 1 , Ark,, and Miss I'aullne Miller of Gideon, Mo.: Joe Keese tif Bun Franeiseo, and meat was money. Think back; surely you remember the beauty of the porterhouses nestling among the filets miEnon. The senators gazed arts, while the pink-faced McSweeney made :a speech. He said the OPA's incut regulations had collapsed of their own complexity, that 90 per cent of the meat being eaten today was from the black market, and that even honest packers, like -himself, were liss uolistance Keklss ol Mount 'armel. 111.; Woodrow HL(!i;s and Miss Dorothy I.olard. bolh ol lily- .bcvillc; frank l.eiglnon of Memphis and Miss Helty Storey of Itlylht'vlllc; J, 1'. Love Jr.. of $*auty Stop Owners Plan To fftct Building Mrs. Minnie Strlokler and Mrs. Marie Arnold plan to tttct. $ business establishment )u a frame building on North \ Second street, ivi'rshiulow a thousand good deeds lowevcr more truly the latter ma> relleet Ihe .slei'llng character of Ihe average American soldier Hillonal duty." The letter to chaplulns was Mac- If « |:i>i;mit Is urajitcd. The notice .^nnouncud thttt Iho ; Is to be viwil us a Beauty i *> > on oceu-1 lioual Kt^coiul The two slsli'i's now n 'be»u- ty sh"i> loenled In the First Na" Hunk bulldlnt! "h .South Stl'OOt, Auollcntlon Is Uclim made for Arthur's first nublli: eoinineut on'orocilloii o! u tranie bulldliiK, ao by the moruls of American troops iii.B4 feel, on n lot 50 by 150 feet. Japan. In U liv called on the chitp- lulns Jor "slronK. ilireet inonil leadership." . 0r**r 'Ye«* MacArllHir said houses of Uition hud be.rn ijhvct-.d on pros- and that olher available measures had been laken to protect occupation Hoops from the spread o( ve- and Miss Luxvne CHrnrdeaH. Mo. U • Thomas. "Oh. no." yelped Meyer. re.lru>\ ing his meat. "We'd leave this mei here gladly, but we're (,'Oing lo have to use. it later on." He and McSweeney rewrapued .their roasts, folded their steaks and stole a\vav. ran/, and. Mis. Lola I'r.nRle both il l-\>rt l)o(U:o, Iowa; O. C. Hicks I l.uxora and Miss Karidi l-'ranees Kou-lnnd of Hlylhevllle. Gro\er I). Hamljo ami Miss Lavein l-lac-k, both of Hlythovllle; iKK- Whistle of Rosoiand and Miss i:ll/,abelli Mi'elw • of Paru- 1!H\1-.|-, Clmvles H. Uuvis and Miss Julia I., l-'iste. bolh of I'oplar Bluff. Mo.; Harry li. Kills of Cairo. 111., and Miss Tmnnile IIIIOKCDC Stanley of Danforth. 111.; 1M Marlaln and Mrs. Matlie Adams, both of Uly- theville; Louis Michael Chafffc. Mo., ci. of Cup,. MacArthur Asks For Soldiers To Observe Morals TOKYO. April "I. (UP.-^ai'Ui 1 Uouuhis MucArtluir ttxluy c«Heil 01 I). y>, troops In .Japan lu obi'-owv \ *'\\\t\\ standard of inontUly 1 ' in tht'U j I'hiLLnns with JupttiR'.sc wunu-n U uvuid sorrow and dtslicss lu tht'i Atnf'L'lciUi liouics. Connnnntinu on ItdU-rs ivccivci Irtmi Anicrlcu, MnvAi'lhiii' sviU "i;r:ivc caucci'n" \\*rts Ix'iliK i'Xl)i't\' over pubUshod ropnrts which .sun ci'Klt'd "\vitlcs|>roiul" pruiuisi'.uLl ;imonu CM's inul Jiipdursn ^irls. I "Unfoi-Uinuti'ly." he suld In n lot U')' l<i Anny olmpluiiis. "Uu'it! hi 1 tytulcncy to inlscoj en for Business!. TAYLOR SAND AND GRAVEL CO. Specializing in ' River-Washed Sand and Grave 1 Plant and Office Located On River at North End of Bushy Ave. CARUTHERSVILLE, MO. Vfi the Ne* cr th»t IMtlg eMUr »M tt .ttelently. ""•'.'•':•;•••"'•:. YW« »il>ii tm M, tUm urn - Mil. fH H. Jutt PhoM 26SO . ML finm, Phone 2611 When You'** in a Hurry for That • CM • TRUCK OR • TRACTOR 3 Service Truck* and A Tire Men 'I pt Your Service ; ;•' Hourj--6 to 6i>-7 Day* MARR'S AUTO SERVICE at Second Street Experiments With V-2 Rocket Slated WASHINGTON. April. 1. fUP'-- The Army soon will begin a series of eKpevimcnUi with the Naxis' famous v-y rocket '.n an effort lo find a defense against such weapons. The War Department said the first lest .will take place on May 3 at the ordnance proving grounds at White Sands. N. M. Army ordnance experts plan to fire a ,V-'J weapon and follow its flight with radar. . Army' experts expect the rocket, which'~ tltp Germans showered on London in a last niir.utc attempt to win the war. to rise 100 miles into the stratosphere and to reach a top speed of 3,500 miles ah hour. They believe it will land 80 miles away. precautions .wll be taken .any juiscalc.ulati.ons. Witnesses to the.lest will be inside a reinforced blockhouse, .which supposedly is strong enough to sustain a direct hit. The War Department said it .also planned to test .proximity fuses and defense '--weapons capable of destroying the rockets before they reach their target. The ..experiments will continue throughout the summer, with rocket week. being launched out'oncu Marriage Licenses Marriage licenses issued the past following Lee dunnf two weeks were to Ihe couples; Jessie Robert nolin and Miss Dorothy Scoggins both of Holland, Mo.; Rnlrrt' Lee Via and Miss Billie Kinh Farley, bolh of Painicali, Ky.; WiUi-.ui PrcsnPll of Steele. Mo., and Miss Ruby McClish of Dell; Hyrd U- Huff and. Miss Emma Lois \\".itl- aker, both of Blylbeville; Uvereli FOR SALE 2000 BUSHELS RALSOY SOY BEANS Planted from Slate Certified Seal 50 Tons Alfalfa Hay D. & P. L. 14 Cotton Seed EARL MAGERS Dell, Arkansas Phone 635 Waiting For... The NEW "BUICK" It's "Big" It's "Beautiful' It's "BUICK" Now Tliat You've Waited^This Lon Now thai you've waited.this long for a Modern Elcciric Range, don't settle fo't'any'thing less'mYou k'npwrthctc's no substitute for CIean7Carefree" 1 Electric^ookingTjlDrudgery^and inconvenience have Had their dayijl Old-fashioned [cooking methods are on their way out.** Soon,,vcry so.on we bope, T nipre"clcctric ranges— new and beautiful—will'come'rolling off the'production lines— in ever increasing quantities.'^ Right now,'many dealers arc already receiving a few. So now that, you've waited this lo'ng, it will pay you not to compromise.^ Hold out a little longer for the many advantages that Modern Electrical Cooking has to offer. There's No Substitute For Clean Carefrey Electric Cooking Let Our Service Department Make Your Old Car Safe to Drive! 9 We Have o new machine to Recondition Brake Drums . • A Complete Line of Ports to Overhaul Front End • A Full Service to SUMMERIZE Your Car. I'linne 553 Langston-Wrolen Co. Btiick Authorized Safes and Service MOBILGAS U. S. TIRES 21 Flo.ur Service Walnut & Hroadwav ( t Settle v For ^ Any thing Less! Don't settle for anything less than the real thing — a Modern blectric Range. There is no substitute for an electric range when it comes to cooking in the modern manner. Electricity is Economical, Fast, Clean and Safe to cook w j t h-^makes you absolutely certain of unconditional surrender from such enemies as drudgery, inconvenience and unclcanlincss when it comes to preparing the family meal. Victory over drudgery is nearer now ever before^ so now that you've waited this long, •'we suggest that you wait just a little longer, please. You'll be glad you did. You'll find that it pnys to "Live Electrically —and Enjoy the Difference." LIVE ELECTRICALLY AND ENJOY THE Start Planning Now For That "MATCHLESS KITCHEN OF 194X" You don't have to wait another day to start planning that Modern, Time-Saving kitchen or your dreams. Just mail this coupon for a free folder chuck full of ideas to help you plan a "Matchless Kitchen for I 3^'\$3ft'ife^,-f!-ffii#'a. Prepared by the Electric Kitchen Committee of the Edison Electric Institute, it shows how you can start with only one or two units and build from there—as modern labor-saving appliances become more plentiful. And what's more important—it gives you ideas on how the job can be "timed to your budget." Mail in the coupon today. Start planning that "Wife-Saving Kitchen of Tomorrow." Free 'Wife-Saving' Kitchen Plant CLIP THIS COUl'ON AND MAIL IT TO: Send in this Coupon tor Free i, Kitehen- •> Planning Folder Rcddy Kilowatt Uox 641 Blytlieville, Arkansas Please mall to me without cost or obligation your kitchen planning folder entitled "Matchless Kitchens tor 19iX." NAME: ; ST. NO.: . —£-— \'..:".,:" ~ ADDRESS:. (Please Print) Coupon may be presented at our Dearest office if you desire. Ark-Mo Power Co. ..,•:*?•• , '*'•" Dependable, Low-Cost Electric Service

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