The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 19, 1944 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 19, 1944
Page 2
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TWO BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Jewey Strength pauses Concern & * - v ; Arkansas Democratic Leaders Are Anxious As Election Nears Ej JOHN If. BEUORD - Unlled Press SUff- Correspondent LITTLE ROCK, Oct. 19 (UP) — emocratic party leaders In Arkaii- arc a bit jittery as the Nov. 7 * election draws steadily Although they probibly would he last ones to admit It, they ^liave a feeling deep down (hat there possibility, no matter how re- tluu Ihe folks r cast their votes for De'<ey instead of President tfmote u may seem, Sot Arkansas might a 1 They : aren't worried about the gout come of the state races. 'Ihe ^Democrats of the stole apparently 5<are .satisfied that the Democratic .^candidates are as good us any of- fffered by the Republicans. ^, But ihey are far from sure that J?every good Democrat in the state ??is going President Roose- S\elt They i,ooh-pnoh onj sugges- .mtum that the Republican jiresiden- &lial candidate might draw in more 1 •Jf votes than expected—nnd then rush -^home to the aspirin bottle i ' or course, feu observers believe itiiere is any real chance tint the S>Republicans.'will swing the state. 5 But they do believe that the Dewey § vote Is going to be strong—and dan. (j-Eerous }-,—* Ruling Didn't Help Party "And the Arkansas attorney gen- nCial's, office dtdn t help the situa- >il{on much when it Issued nn opln- •ion that- a voter has the right to votp for whom he pleases in a general election in Arkansas and may DOPE BUCKET t. r. SCI.DIER AlltS i'ET PEEVE It often does us good to get something that has been eating on us out. of our system; B problem Iliat has been prowling on our minds quite probably for a long I had o Mtcr from time. Yesterday Corporal Sanford Boone .husband of the former Miss Frances Mol- Imulr and a graduate of the local high school, written somewhere In France presumably. Sanford EOI ;» couple of things off his chest which apparently have been bothering him for some time. Let's tune In on him aiul get his view of a situation that has caused imicti controversy over here: HQ 15 FA Obsn. Bn. APO 10 3> PM, NYC 10 October, 1944 Dear J. P; I haven't ever written you before along lhes,e lines. The reason for this is to get a few of the Service pointed out. "This sum would be reduced considerably ns t\ result of curtailed production resulting from tlie Imposition of s.iicl! a heavy lax burden is proposed in the Hollln^s- worth Act. "The- Council recognizes the fact Hint public education in Arkansas is in need of more money and con-; seijitently Is opposed to any 'gravy train' proposals which would tend to shrink present revenues." He also contended that other cs- • ,, t ,. . ., , ., . • *ic «iov cui i n 11 u uvi L*Jni unm ^» split the ticket regardless oJ nf- scntla i services of state'.government would also suffer from shrinking revenues. In fact, he said that new sources would probably have to be tapped in order to maintain necessary operations of government. "\Ve cannot affor t | to get caught between the two millstones of de- Intcd Income and inflated taxa- ion," Staht said. "That is one of he reasons why the Council, along with the Arkansas Medical Association 1 and numerous other state roups, Is opposing the Holllngs- vorth Act." jStnljl isn't spearheading the drive 'or the Council by himself. James M. Boharl, former Riyettcville newspaper ecilior, has visited practically every' newspaper In the stale in behalf of the Council's campntgn to bent the Hollingsworth Act. '.•••., ' The Columbia Broadcasting System has sent recordings of 'the Liberty Bel] ringing to all of- Its nf- filiaics over the country. "The recording .is scheduled to be broadcast over the stations the dav Qcr- mnny"tosses' in Us guns aijtt yells Uncle:Sam. r ,'•!., • filiations Of course, most voters knew lhat they could bolt the party in the general election .and vote for whom they, please.:. But there were a lot of voters that didn't realize this— until the opinion was Issued. Democratic- spokesmen say it was _n_.",campa}gii tiick" on Ihe part of -Wallaie Tovinsend, Arkansas mem- '.•ber - of the Republican Nalioiial l^Committee, wh»asked;forIhe ophi- ,Ton They' said Town^end' realized; Jifol'tfte opinion would be In'his Javor,, and lhaf it 'probably would ^receive front-page play In - the ^state's newspapers Thus, they said, It was his scheme for calling the fact that, they could vote Republican to the attention of Arkansas voters. In requesting .the opinion, Town-; tend said that'in-some parls ol< ilie slate election judges have ruled that n ballot marked for Republican electors and for Democratic slate . mi6 ...county, officers is "spoiled"'.ballot and linve refused lo count-It.-? Steve.'Sth'nl, executive director of the Arkansas Public Expenditure. Council, is"still polug stionj urhis campaign^-to .defeat the moiirjsec] irollings«or,th Hospital Art—which will he volea on in the Nov. election. ,* figures On Schools ; Sthal went out; to the slate treasurer's office the other day — and Kent buck, ta his office loaded down \vith figures having lo do with the operation of the slate's schools. ,. "In. the .ftscar year 1843-4-!, the fschools received $1,123,13988 from "plate..odor" Ulcnture breath). Get ^ \anous "se\ei*ahce taxes,," Sltihl • FASTEETH-nt any drug store. men nt home and oversells, yes and Ihe ch Illnn opinion on a few tilings lhat I read nboiil happening in the States. One is about Die way they treat the Prisoners of War. We read about them Kolnt; ou a sll down strike because they, were milking Ihcin work nine hours a day. 1 know thai is a long lime to work a man, but look at Ihe treatment they gel; Dances, Excursions, Whisky nnd Beer to drink. I almost forgot to mention, when I was In civilian life working, the biggest, part of leu years 1 put in from 12 to 14 hours a day and part of lhat time I didn't make any more money than the POW arc making. I call that reverence to Ihe follows who died taking Germans nnd Italians Prisoners. Yes 1 forgot in mention that the boys on the front line and in the rear just put tn from twelve lo twenty .four hours a day and when they are uol working twenty four hours a day they arc subject to call any time. Can they sit down? You answer that one. NOT FOR FUN Too, I hope Ihe people at home realize that those POW were not just playing for fun when they were killing our buddies (If you nolk-c 1 put. buddies in the plural form). Jusl get the War Departments figures. If H could be told how many Battle- Weary American boys lost their lives to take those prisoners maybe a few of our soft-hearted TUUKSDAY, OCTOBER 19, 1944 stuck to Die iJileninllonnl LIWS set forth by. the Geneva Conference: 1 don't Maine Hie POW for gel- ting all he cnn out- of us. If 1 \w>j;e In ills plncc I would do 1 the same thing and cnll the American lenders siickors just as (he Germans nnd Italians ore doing now. J. P. this is the first letter I have ever written like thin but 1 thai we're goltig tack to the slates if- should ta'Klven u two weeks course! V_I fCWS- In ettlfiiiette. After a man has Uik- -_ ,-, '_ en a chance at the supreme sacri-' | ! O OGQt rOtTOHS can say H won't be the last time ns long ns we have free speech. This has been building up Inside me fui twenty months and In, Hint /Ice and pulled through and is «o- Ini; home to his family and friends, should spend two weeks to learn fiomelliliiK (lint he may have be-, come a little rusly on. One embarrassing moment and. he would be light back In the groove. What do you think about It? This subject hasn't bothered me too much been use 1 don't think I twenty months there has been .two [will be able to get home before; Ihe winters and before It Is over I ex-> I war Is over, anyway. However I pect three or maybe four winters. I hope you cnn conceive of what a winter Is like, living In the rain think It should be brought to the peoples mind nnd the service mens mind too. That Is the treatment or ami mnd with only n pup tent to! Ihe fellows returning from over- shcller you, seas duly. I have read several letters in the Ynnk • and letters iii- I'Cct from the fellows. Almost all letters written by men wiio wci'c' of " lcm rpn<1 alo "K the .same lines. I am inclosing a clipping from Ihe October Oth, 1944 Ynnk. H Is two Prisoners of Germany (you probably have rend them but Just In case you inlsse ( | that Issue). Too I would like to make reference to tlv 10th July, 10-14 Issue of Time article "Army nm|. Navy". Just n short paragraph to Impress you, •'There was dlsci-lmtnatloii at evcjy lurn. Negro troops being shipped through El Paso, Texas, were har- lert from the . Harvey House rcs- Inui'fliu nt the depot nnd given cold handouts. They could see Ger- nifin prisoners of War seated in American leaders would wake up and slop some of that stuff. What arc they trying to do go them one betler than is set forth by-the Geneva Conference. Of all tile articles I've read by the Americans (even belter Ihan that the Allies) who were German Prisoners were blood curdling. Or Is U Hint, our leaders are trying '« convince the Germans that our way of living jmd Government is the best. Maybe they are afraid lo hurt the POW feelings. .That would be just loo, too tad. The real truth is lie would respect us more if we Ihe restnurnnt and hot food" . J. P. there Is a negro division fighting on the front right here with us. I wonder liow they feel towards the people buck home thnl ar e doing that to their buddies? WAS LAST STRAW Those letters and the above mentioned were the last straw, I Just couldn't keep my mouth shut any longer. I wanted to get the opinion of a few of the fellows from home and in combat, if almost every combat man doesn't feel -the same us I do then I am ready to shut tip. This little Item Is quite old but still fs a thorn in my side. About six or eight months ago Mrs. Roosevelt suggested that men overseas IRRITATIONS OF EXTERNAL CAUSE Acno pimpl?.', cczemn, factory tloiiua- lilis. Eimplorinpvonn, tetter, sjiUrhouni, bumps, (binckhends), nml uply broken- mit fikin. Millions relievo itclnii^. burning nnd Eorenc&s of these miseries wilh humctrcnhnont. Gooa to work nt fuccc$3. Alon.ey-tack KUflrantce. Vital in cleiinsmi; id uooil soap. Enjoy famous Black j!ntl White Skin Soop daily. 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Fence Your Soybeans With One of Our New ELECTRIC FENCES FENCERS 95 KWIK 35c New, im. proved S»(c, shaped hard' wood handle, finished in highest jjraJe insulating vnrnish. galvanized mciol parts. The moil economical and safest Fencer on Ihe market. Simple to install. Fully guaranteed. Fencer has only 2 moving parts, so no expensive upkeep. Streamlined and compsct wcalhcrproof case. Operates on Model "D" l'/i volt ballcry. (Less Bailer)-.) WIlllRD JJUJIRY "6.63 6 volf rechargeable* storage battery, style CR-2-3. Ideal for fencers, replaces 6.volt dry Igllcries, PLANTERS HARDWARE COMPANY Incorporated .126. W. Main.... . Phone 515 Having to take orders from junior grade non-coms, given KJ> and others loo numerous to mention It wont be easy for me to go to the polls when I get back and cast a vole for the leaders who are permitting such as this to go on while we arc away from home. It is like selling out a man while his bark is Uirned. / J. 1'. I have already said loo much but I would like to get the opinion, of the civilians who. are going to the dances for'the POW an,| to (he service men who 'are aetliij,' ns interpreters for the POW nl the bnrs. They are' drinking enod American whisky and we can't even get a drink once-a year f liopc it Is not asking too much of you lo try and get this printed: Yours truly, . Cpl. San ford Boone A single.plant of winter rice produced 14,000,003,000 roothnirs with a lolai length of GOO miles Next To Rings Those who always have yearned lo get close to the rings at circuses had only to attend the Dalley Bros. Circus here last night to have that wish realized. Bo many people attended the performance that men, women and children, sat on rails of the three rings while animals and people performed Inside after all aisles and passageways were taken up with people sitting on the ground. One-half of the show program was omitted because there was no room left for performance of such acts as the grnnd entrance of all animals and performers and scheduled ftcts featuring monkeys, bears and other such animals had to be omitted, The nine elephants, several groups of horses and ponies and Iwo dogs were used with entrances into the Ihe three rings possible by spectators moving temporarily for Your BUY-Word for FLAVOR SLICED "Good as its name" a passageway. Acts which made «1> tin 1 oiw-lwur •performance were lauded by tlio .crowd with the aerial acts mid the ' show especially |K)|)ii!ni'. Although no figures were available today of attemlauco ill Iho night performance, n circus man said tile tent held 7000 people ami at least 1000 more had no seats, It v.'Af estimated. \ Attendance at the afternoon performance ivas considered good for a matinee show, It was said. 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