The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 2, 1966 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 2, 1966
Page 9
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Ryftevffie (Art.) Cswter Ntwa - fetedey. Apfl J, UN - Pin 1 SHORT SHORTS CONWAY, Ark. (AP) - Memphis State University edged Arkansas Slate Teachers College 6S41H In a tour-team track meet here Friday. Two other Arkansat Intercollegiate. Con-, (crcncc (cams rounded out the field, with Arkansas Tech {coring 43',ii points and Hcndrlx t. .- ... ''..'• : ' ' ' ' FAYGTTEVILLE; Ark. (AP)-The Arkansas Razorbacks put on an chlit-run rally iri (lit seventh inning to beat Buena Vista 16-13 in a baseball game here Friday. The rally way sparked by Howard Atkins' two-run homer. . .. •• • ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. (AP)-The 'Arkansas Travelers bombed Knoxville 15-3 in exhibition baseball here Friday, Art Mehaffey,- at St. Louis Cardinals pitcher playing with the Ar- : kansas squad, hit a three-run homer. CONWAY,': Ark.. (AP)-Arkansas State Teachers limited Little Rock University to one singles victory in beating -the Bears 5-1 in match here Friday. SPRINGFIELD. Mo. (AP) - John Brown University of . Siloam Springs, Ark.,-beat Drury College 7-4 in baseball here, Friday. . . ...... • • • HARRJSQN, Ark. (AP)-The Harrison School Board has: revoked the .contract of .basketball coach Bob Denniston, who , led the Goblins to the state tournament six straight.years, a member.said.- Thursday. The action was. .tiken'for reiuons personal to.the.board,.he said. The board;had met one:week \ earlier arid re-hired alt teachers. . ..'. ', , : '. ... COBLE'i FISHERMAN'S CALENDAR tint* ferlMtrDiy, "T«lli Whtft FUh Bill BW" APW1.1W4 SUN FQ , 3 11:07 PM ' 10 AM 17 AM 24 3-.18 •WA MOM NM 20th . ifflfc PM' 11 AM ,18 •.AM/ 25 4:16 " TUE U} >«••• 12th : 5 12:23 AM 12 •s* . -AM 19 • AM-26 WED FM 9 JSL. AM 13 AM 20 AM 27 PM THU & AM U AM 21 PM 28- SIS PM.. FRI PM -AM, 15 «O 8:30 AM 22 ' .29 SB' PM SAT 2 10:14 PM AM 16 -XO 9:13 AM 23 IS PM 30. All time li-glvin^fii i Central Stintfird t!n«. Add ww bowferjht Ejiuto timt ion*; «ibtriet one hour for Rocky tyoimtiih_tjme;. two houri for Piclfie lime. In locilltiw using d*ylijht living '(inn, «dd Crn.hOiir.t9 timt found «bove. Copyrijht— WlniterfSrtemirN.-V.. Bliektr tht FUh — B.tttr the Day for FUhini LITTLE ROCK — Last year Arkansas ranked second for the nation's' longest deer season for bowhuriters. During iU last meeting the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission set season dates that now make the 1966 hunt the nation's longest. The opening date of the new season is Oct.i; with the hunt to continue for 123 consecutive days through Jan.. 31, . 1987. .. Previously, bowhunters opened the season Oct. 1 and ended the hunt Dec. 31. In 1965 Nebraska haCoffered.the nation's longest bowhunt deer season, about four days longer than that of Arkansas. In addition, the 1966 season allows bowhunters two kills. Deer of any size or sex may be taken with long-bow and arrow only— crossbows are prohibited. • • : Non-resident bowhunters must secure a tS bow permit ta deer hunt. In the event of a deer kill, the hunters must pay an additional *24 in order to tag the deer. Arkansas bow- hunters need only a valid hunting license with tags already attached. Deer must be tagged by the bowhunter as soon as the kill is made. . . Bows used In deer hunting must pull a minimum of 40 pounds at a 28-inch draw. Arrows must have broadheads that are at least % of an inch wide. *"', * * BOONEVILLE — Commercial fishing has been banned by the AG&F in Blue Mountain Lake and all its tributary, streams. The new regulations state that it shall b« unlawful to fish, or at. tempt to fish for commercial purposes with the use of commercial tackle such as trammel nets, hoop nets, gill; nets, seines, snaglines, or other types of commercial equipment. Violations of the regulations, which are now. on.. effect, can result in a fine of $50 to 1250. COON, HUNT IN COUNTY Howling Success First coon. hunt staged by the Mississippi County Coon Hunters Club was a howling success. Such was the description by Charley Felts, Courier News correspondent in Joiner, of the hunt held last Saturday, with nine members and 1« guests taking part. Billy Walker's Black Boy hauled away first-place honors and took the trophy with 32S points. • • ' George Edings' Hen took wcond place with 250 points. "The contest between those two dogs would have been much closer," Felts observes, "except for Hess receiving s«me minus points." Here's the way the others finished: 3 -Doyle Kellett and Mike; 4 -Donald Jones •nd Stormy; »-•«» Martin and Hock; I -Kenny Palmer and Dan; 7-M. For- terfield and Rose; »-M»r- via Cook mi Sally Jo; .Jr. Wesley Murphy and Kowdy. **•.,• -The wwtner «§ coM and the ' were pepped up and raring to go. It was a success from every viewpoint." Additional hunts, sanction* ed by the United Kennell Club, are to be staged the fourth Saturday -night - of each month throughout ihe year. .Both men and women art Invited to join tht organization. Details can be obtained from George Edings at KEystone 7-4212 in Joiner. Next hunt is April 23. Tony C Lives Down His Living ByDAVBBURGW , WINTER HAVEN, Fla. - (NBA) - The switchboard operator Interrupted a lengthy request for the whereabouts 6f one Tony Conlgliaro to lay finding him would be no problem. . "He's either in the dining room," the said, "or up in his room. He seldom leaves the hotel of an evenin'." "What? It'* only 7:30 p.m. This is for Tony Conigiiaro ... of the Boston Red Sox ... C-0-N-I-G ..." ..' ."Y«»," th« laughed. "I know who you mean. Tony C., we all call him down heah. Everybody says he's a playboy, but that's "not true. He works hard. Hit two horn* runs against the Yankees today. Such a nice boy." Tony C., which is what they call him up theah in Boston, too, was found in the dining room, eating and reading. "That's right," Conigiiaro Mid. "I come back to the hotel every evening, rest for awhile, eat and then I'm in bed by 10:30. • "What's everybody think I do ., . go out party it up until S in the morning?" Something like that, perhaps. Conigiiaro, who is 21, has acquired a reputation as one of baseball's real swigeri in his two .years as M outfielder for tht Red Sox. "Well, sorry, but that's not tht way It Is," he said. "I'll ttll you something else ... we don't even have • curfew down here, to if 1 wanted to I could run around all night but I don't," ; . ' . During tht season, manager Billy Herman does have a curfew. ConigUtro missed it more than once last season, and once it cost him (1,000 and the wrath of curfew-conscious teammates. "That wti a lesson for mt," he said. "I took that incident seriously. It happened with a month to go in the season and I didn't do any thing off the field after that. T hen my average picked up 35 points and I hit 12 homers in tht month." •' ' • :.**•* His 32 homers led the American League last year, but his 280. average disappointed many because in Boston they think Tony C. should hit .320 and could if he'd quit fooling around and get serious. "I know that," Tony said. "So I've made a couple mistakes. Isn't that how you're supposed to learn, by mistakes? Well, I'm learning and I intend to do better. . "But I've given up trying to please peo- ple, especially Boston writers. Some are disappointed when I tell them I don't really go out every night and chase women. I don't know where they get some of their quotes. Writers on the road are pretty good Joes, though. They tell it like it is and that's all I ask." * * * Conlgllaro's reputation as a swinger got swinging the first day of his first regular season in 1964. The Red Sox were due to open in New York, but rain caused postponement. Tony got up, saw the rain and went back to bed. He didn't know that Johnny Pecky, the manager then, had scheduled a practice anyway. A rook is supposed to be eager, and it was the kind Of thing that made league veterans buzz. Tony also is a singer. He did a night club act in Boston after his first season and now he has two pop records on the market which are doing well. "That's where I was last night... here in the hotel at the disc jockey's studio, plug* ging my records," he said. His discs are titled, "When You Take More Than You Give," and "Why Don't They Understand?" Tony Conigiiaro Baseball ' — juiiiinwiii ; Exhibition Baseball By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Friday'* Results Minnesota 10, Cincinnati 6 St. Louis 7, Detroit « Boston 7, Atlanta 1 Cleveland 13, San Francisco 3 California 5, Chicago N 0 Kansas City 4, Houston 0 New York N 4, Chicago A 1 Philadelphia 7, Baltimore S Pittsburgh 7, New York A 3 Sunday's Game* Cincinnati vs. Atlanta at West Palm. Beach, Fla. Houston vs. Chicago A at Sar- «ot»; F!a. NewJVork N vs. Kansas City. at "Bradenton, Fla. Philadelphia vs. New York A at Fort Lauderdale, Fla. Pittsburgh vs. Washington at Pbmpano Beach, Fla. Minnesota vs. St. Louis at St. Petersburg, Fla. Chicago N vs. California at Long Beach, Calif. Los Angeles vs. San Francisco at Phoenix,. Ariz. Boston vs. Detroit at Lakeland, Fla. Cleveland vs. Portland PCL at Tucson, Ariz. Baltimore vs. Miami, Florida State League, at Miami Cage Pros 'iiiniiHiimiiimiiiiiiiiiiiNiiiiniiiiiiiHiiMiiiiiiiiittiiiiiw By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Friday's Results Eastern Semifinals Boston 112, Cincinnati 103 KC COMBO: No-Hitter By DICK COUCH Associated Press Sports Writer : Alvin Dark, Charley Finley, a mule and a bunch of guys named Joe. That's what the Kansas City Athletics had going for .them until Paul Lindblad, one of the anonymous A's, stepped out of character and into the baseball spotlight Friday night. Lindblad, a 24-year-old left- bander, teamed with relief specialist John Wyatt for the second .no-hitter of^the exhibition season as Kansas City blanked, the Houston- Astros 4-0. The no-hitter came four days after Bob Veale and Luke Walker of Pittsurghb.. held the Los Angeles Dodgers hilless. Lindblad worked the first six innings,' retiring 11 straight batters before issuing a Walk to Jim Wynn and then setting down the last seven he faced. Wyatt walked two and was helped by a diving catch by Bert Campaneris in his three- inning stint. : Last year Lindblad had a 1211 record with Vancouver before joining the A's late in the sea- the National League, whipped the Chicago White Sox 4-1 behind the strong pitching of rookie southpaws Rob Gardner and Dick Rusteck. The San Francisco Giants rested half their team for a weekend exhibition series with the Los Angeles Dodgers and the Cleveland Indians wore out the other half 13-3, scoring 10 runs in the fifth inning off Ron Herbel and Lindy McDaniel, ..-' Marcelino Lopez hurled seven shutout innings, allowing only three hits, as, California trimmed the Chicago Cubs 5-0. Norm Siebern and Willie Smith homered for the Angels. * ' *' * A three-run homer by Zoilo Versalles and Harmon Killebrew's solo blast poweried the Minnesota Twins to a 104 victory over Cincinnati. Don Pavletich homered twice and Tommy Helms hit his first of the spring for the losers. I Carl Yastrzemski drove in| four runs with a homer and bases-loaded double as the Bos- Fan of Phils Comes to Aid of Milwaukee MILWAUKEE (AP) - A Phillies' rooter with baseball in his blood and schedules on his mind has slipped into Wisconsin's late-inning lineup, and baseball attorneys are hollering foul. Alfred A. Bruton III, 33, of Linnwood, Pa., was ducking the high hard ones after Judge Elmer Roller allowed him to testify Friday on the 11-team schedule he devised for the now 10- team league. Bruton, an automobile salesman, was the final state witness in the : trial of Wisconsin's antitrust suit against the Braves and the National League. The month-old trial was expected to end. sometime today, with a ruling by Roller likely before April 12, baseball's opening day. "Just because he has a hobby doesn't make him an expert," said Bowie Kuhn, National League attorney, after Bruton told of spending 20 to 25 hours a week drawing mock schedules. "I spend 24 hours a week at golf," said Earl Jinkinson, Braves' attorney, "and I still can't play." * * * Bruton was put on the stand to demonstrate that a schedule could be worked out that would allow baseball to create an 11- team league by granting Mil- waukee an expansion franchise. The defense insisted that Bruton could not be classed as an expert witness and had no business on the stand. Bruton's opinions, the judge said, "will be considered for what they are worth." The battery of defense lawyers opened up on Bruton at almost every turn. At one point, Ray T. McCann objected to a Bruton comment as stupid. GET THl REBELLION COMPACT 'C£llADT 2Door ICC 54 36 MOB, 00 UAH I $295 Dn *K) Plus Ins. 5 Year - 50,000 Mile Factory Warranty! SAM BLACK MOTOR GO. 317 E. Main Ph. PO 2-2056 ton Red Sox winner Tony routed 24-game Cloninger and son. He made four relief ap-1 whipped the Atlanta Braves 7-1. pearances for Kansas City and St. Louis edged Detroit 7-«, 1 Tim McCarver leading the way with three hits including a bom-. wound up with an earned run average of 11.57. Wyatt pitched (Boston wins best-of-S series, 32) Western Final Los Angeles 129, St. Louis 106 (Los Angeles leads best-of-7 series, l-o) Today's Games No games scheduled Sunday's Games Eastern Final 'Boston at Philadelphia (first game of best-of-7 series) Western Final St. Louis at Los Angeles in 65 games, ail in relief, and. was 2-6 with a 3.24 ERA. Robin Roberts, added to the Astros' roster earlier in the day, took the loss although yielding only two hits in six innings. One of the hits off the 39-year-old right-hander, biggest winner among active pitchers, was a two-run homer by Bill Bryan in the second. Larry Stahl closed out the scoring with another two-run homer in the eighth. The New York Mets, last- place counterpart of the A's in i more ' Fig/its HMMINMHMMHBMIIMMII WNuilMwmiitMmH*** By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS ROME, Italy - Sandra Maz- zinghi, 156, Rome, stopped Sugar Cliff, 149, Miami, 4. Clarence James, 164, Oakland, Calif., out- pointed Bruno Santini, 164, Italy, 8. BALTIMORE- Johnny Gilden, 147'/4, Baltimore, Outpoint- ed Libertad Rueda, 146Vi, New York, 10. OAKLAND, Calif. - Jimmy Lester, 159, San Francisco, stopped Aristo Chsvarin, 160, Mexico, S. BOISE, Idaho- Heavyweight Boone Kirtonan, Seattle, Wash., made his professional boxing debut a winning one by knock- Ing eut Boise's Lou Phillips in 2:8 of the first round. OPENING! FRIDAY, APRIL 1st MMNOW SHOP Completr Fishing Supplies And Bail 216 LACLEDE er. The tigers rallied for four runs in the ninth, Norm Cash and Al Kaline homering. The Pittsburgh Pirates struck for four runs in the llth inning and topped the New York Yankees 7-3. Bob Bailey's three-run homer pulled the Pirates even in the fourth. John Callison pinch hit a run- scoring triple in the eighth inning and tallied the go-ahead run on Tony Gonzalez' third hit as the Philadelphia Phillies came from behind to beat Batti- Nicklous' Caddy Has Pro Lead GREENSBORO, N.C. (AP) Young Tom Weiskopf, who hated golf until eight years ago, and short-swinging Doug San-, ders were tied for the lead as the 1100,000 greater Greensboro Open moved into the third round today. Wiskorf, 23, » fledgling pro seeking his first major touma- ««" ««««• * msnt victory, played flawless "crry pill and golf from tee to green Friday as '" tie shot a four under par 67 for a 135 total. Sanders, who led the first round with 65, finished nearly four hours after Weiskopf and had to birdie the 17th hole to gain a tie. His 70 included three birdies and two bogies. In third place at 13* was lanky Al Geiberger, who one- putted seven greens on his way to a 70 Friday. Tied for fourth at 137 were Dave Ragan, R. H. Sikes and Steve Reid. •, Three strokes off the pace at 138 were defending .champion Sam Snead, Howie Johnson, Terry Dill and Terry Wilcox. Julius Boros, Joe Campbell and Bery Yancey were at 139. Weiskopf, who caddied a few times for Jack Nieklaus when the two were students at Ohio State, hit every green in regulation Friday but had 34 putti. is 33-34 round included. four birdies. Immediate Delivery 1966 Cadillac CALIASCOUPE ir LIGHT BLUE COLOR 'if FULLY EQUIPPED BOB SULLIVAN CHEVROLET.CAOILLAC CO. OWN IVIN/NCS [W.Waliwt ALLEN PETROLEUM CO. 2604 W. ROM — BlythevilU, Ark. — Phon* PO 2-2005 DISTRIBUTOR JOBBU • Shell Petroleum Products • Anhydrous Ammonia • Clark Ammonia Applicators • Applicator Tanks, Valves & Equipment Remember We Give You Complete Service From Storage Tank to the Field. Ammonia Field Tanks & Applicators Available At No Charge When You Buy Your Ammonia From Us. 2-2005 FREE -OVENWARE- FREE Of DOHA COST) (OTEXRACOSII PROVINCIAL OVE NWARE atioo of your continued patnmat*. SOUNA WARE is a time»tested and proven ovonwaro of the finest quality. SOLANA WARE carries a special guarantee ... ......It Is craze- proof, dishwasher-proof, fadeproof, and oven eookproof. 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