The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 19, 1942 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 19, 1942
Page 5
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TUESDAY, MAY 19, 1942 BLYT1IEV1LLE, (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS PAGE FtVB BETTER HOMES American Modern Design Home owners .should make the most of late Spring and early Summer to return their houses to good order, authorities on building maintenance advise. Minor defects caused by the rigors of Winter are easily repaired now, but they may 4 become serious if they are neglected. The War Production Board's construction conversion order, put it- to effect early in April, specifically exempts maintenance and re- pnir. It also permits remodeling and rehabilitation, as distinguished from maintenance and repair, when the estimated cost is less than $500. This cost includes the total to be spent on materials, labor, fees and financing within a 12- month period. Should Protest Homes "With careful planning, the home '•iowner can accomplish a great deal within these limitations," one authority points out "The order does not 'freeze' building materials in the ordinary sense and it recognizes that Americans must be permitted to protect the billions of dollars they have invested in homes." While the building of new homes except in defense areas, is restricted, many ways remain open for the owner to add needed living space. Room can be added in the attic, for example. It can be made into an extra bedroom, a playroom for the children, a sewing room for mother or a den for father. A side per ch, or an upstairs porch, can oe enclosed to provide an attractive sleeping -room. An easily applied material like insulating board does the job quickly and at small cost. Turning waste space in the basement into a playroom or den is a simple matter with insulating board A cVer.ul j finished basement makes an ideal retreat for the family during blackout tests. The windows are small and it is no job at all to make them lightproof. Resurfacing Interiors The interior appearance of many- homes is marred because of neglected plaster. Walls and ceilings defaced by broken, uneven or stained plaster can be resurfaced inexpensively with decorative in sulating board. It not only renews the interiors but reduced heating costs and makes the room more livable in both summer ancTwinter The War Production Board hai moved to make it easier for owners to remodel houses which will provide additional living accommodations in defense areas. For sucl projects, a hgih preference rating •will be granted foi the purchase of scarce materials on the defense housing critical list up to $100 pei room, but not «xceeding $800 per structure. Remodeling of this type will be exempt from the provisions of the conservation order. EXTERIOR This house is one of our best examples of modern American architecture. The plan is barely more than a simple rectangle with the , __ interior flexibility divided both for Hvability and views. One feels that sulatmg Dairy barns need the protection of insulation in Summer almost as much as they do in Winter, farm experts assm. An eificiently Insulated barn has been found to be from 10 to i") degrees cooler in hottest weuthor than the outside temperature. Year-round temperature control helps to keep cattle healthy and productive. The same insulation that keeps a dairy barn cooler in summer makes tfmperaf.uv control possible in Winter. Then it helps to prevent the loss of body hoat by the cattle and. with tho aid of ventilation, enables the dairyman to keep the temperature as near 50 degrees a.s possible 1 . At that temperature, authorities agree, a cow oats less and produces more. Wide fluctuations-either up or down decrease production and In Winter increase feed costs. A dairy barn can be effectively insulated by lining the interior walls and ceilings with insulating board. Either half-inch or one-inch bo;>rd may be used. In northern climates the thicker board is advised to com{M'tv;ate for the greater variations in temperature. The recent order of the War Production Board restricting con- jstruction specifically rcrogniiws the | importance of keeping farm buildings in good service. It permiLs the farmer to spend up to $1.000 in a 12-month period on remodeling oi rehabilitating any farm structure In most instances the cost of in- dairv barn would COIIK Sugar Rationing Regulations Are As Equitable As Possible How democratic is sugar rationing? That's a lair question. Some persons may feel Unit the allotment them for their particular business could be larger. Most of them i'l said any tiling, but some may think somebody else is lIT deal. 1'hey can put these fears at rest right now. Among the • requests for larger allotments were turned down by the •Jf 1'ricc Administration are the lied Cross and the USCX These Croups come under the sanio • rationing regulations covering or- .. , , ... , . . dinary civilian institutional users ot i( * l )1<oculct - mul Lhc " ml lo *"V allocation percentages as near uniform as possible in order to fudli- Office They net 50 per cent ni what. th-:v used each month last t ycm-or 50 IXT cent, ol their March I tjiU.' "cimlnis ra ion ot 'a us , v , (> (iously comi^^'uted program •--' fr ' - ' exceeds in magnitude anything like All Treated Alike I iL heretofore iittemplei'l in thl: Jhey are treated no better than anybody else and no worse. The sucl tact is that the suyur supply :an stntch so far anil no matter low deserving an individual, uroup or business may be, nobody's allot- it has an openness which would allow all the rooms to be instantly flooded with air and light whenever one wishes. Window openings lave a pleasant balance in the outer walls, yet arc primarily placed or plan convenience. Detail throughout i.s simple and inexpensive. :et sufficiently bold to put punch into the design. Tho house Is bcau- .ifully composed—would appear to excellent advantage with white vails and trim, weathered gray roof and entrance door in tang red or blue. FLOOR 1'LANS This quite perfect plan provides five attractive rooms on the first "loor; and on the second two which may be completed, as the budget dictates, at a later time. Circulation is perfect. Note the convenient and ready arrangement between important rooms, the oversize closets and ample walls spaces, the open wood box and other features galore. fireplace, built-in book case and The living room and dining room under that figure* nent will be any bigger than anybody else's. Tho GPA food rationing division s in the position of a college ath- etic manager on the day of a big country." Revisions The OPA food rationing division ame. The stands were sold out weeks in advance, but nevertheless, old grads. college officials and the public still wanted tickets on the 50 yard line. i.s making every effort to maintain these standards. Some of the allotment tables may be revised If this is proved necessary through the practical application of the rationing program. But nobody will get a better break than the next fellow. You can count on that. Plan 250 Buildings For School United States District Engineers yesterday tentatively set June 5 for opening of bids for construction of approximately 250 buildings for the Advanced Twin Engine Training School near Blvthcvlllc. Invitation forms for bidding probably will be ready May 25. Col. Jarvis J. Bain, district engineer, said two principal types oi' construction will be used for the structures, which will Include administration buildings, barracks, supply biddings, mess hulls, shops, a theater, chapel, recreation buildings, and a hospital group consisting- of an Infirmary, ward buildings, clinics and storehouses. In addition, certain special type buildings, including ammunition storehouses, maga/lnes and a radio station will be included. Pft tUF If and when a greater amount of .shipping space becomes available, larger sugar tonnages may be brought in from the great cane , Pl -.„. . ,. . . . , sunnr producing areas in the Carib- Thc OPA hasn't turned drat ears j jj eim> to those who requested large allotments. Every letter has been answered, each complaint has been Unfortunately, this possibility on far-Hung battlefronts. Even thi ships coming from Cuba can't bring too much sugar. Manganese chrome have priority. Rationing needn't cause too grea a sacrifice anywhere on the civil Ian front and every American ca druw some satisfaction from the fact that every pound of sugar very unlikely Right now the ships | whu . h (locsn - t rcnch his flhmCT Authorities Register Homing Pigeon Lofts SAN tration DIEGO, Cal. of nil pigeon (UP)—Regis- lofts in San sombined provide a spacious, modern feeling with plenty of sun, glass and atmosphere. The kitchen is the last word in convenience, and planning, and for economy, too—with the bath by. It's a dream house returning a maximum in comfort and convenience for the money. CONSTRUCTION DATA Walls Brick Veneer Insulation Walls and ceiling Windows Steel casements Heating ' Winter air conditioning or forced hot water COLOR SCHEME Walls white Roof . .... Weathered gray Entrance Door Tang red or blue CONTENTS House Cubage 21.250 cu. ft. Porch cubage 2.210 cu. ft. Plans and specifications for this house may be obtained from Willard Walker, Architect, 307 North Michigan Ave.. Chicago. Diego city and county under supervision of police and .sheriff's offices is nearly complete. -Sheriff Bert Strand said registration of pigeon lofts was a defense measure to insure a large .supply of homing pigeons for communication purposes in case the war should actually come to- the Pacific Coast. The registration also served as a check on the use of homing pigeons by enemy agents. Cases Of Rabbit Fever Reported At Batesville BATESVILLE, Ark. (UP) — At least three cases of tularemia (rabbit fever) have been reported in Independence county. The disease is transmitted through cattle ticks and dressing of wild rabbits. It is fatal in about one out of 10 cases. J. B. Daniels, chairman of the Arkansas U. S. D. A. War Board, has announced that farmers planning to construct a new farm building or farm house must report to their county U. S. D. A. War Board if the cost of the buiding runs over $1.000 or the house over $500. IT. S. D. A. War Boards have been authorized by the War production Board to review farmer applications for construction projects affected by the WPB construction curtailment order. The WPB has issued an order prohibiting the starting of unauthorized construction projects which use material needed in the war effort. Mr. Daniels said agriculture was affected in two ways by the order: 1. No new agricultural construction may be started with out permission if the cost is Sl.COO or more for the proposed building. This in effect exempts all farm construction costing under S 1,000 which will cover a lavce percentage of form building. Mr. Daniels said U. S. D. A. War Boards will consider applications locally. 2. Farm houses are affected by a provision under which the exemption is limited to an estimated cost . of $500. unless the purpose of construction is to rebuild or restore construction damaged or destroyed under specified conditions. Army Drafts Farmer and Farm BOISE, Ida. (UP)—Gerald C. Robbins, now stationed at Gowen Field, was drafted into the army, and then the government purchased his 180-acre farm near Joplin, Mo., to convert into Camp Crowder. Wynne Lions Re-Elect Everett Proctor Jr. WYNNE, Ark. (UP) — Everett Proctor Jr., lawyer and city councilman, has been re-elected president of the Wynne Lions club. Other officers include: Harold Falls, re-elected first vice-president; Woodrow DePricst. 2nd vice-president; Edgar Holla n Jr., re-elected secretary; ajid Al Bassham. re-elected treasurer. Negro Woman Recovers Money Lost In Ruins WYNNE. Ark. '(UP)—Fireman "larencc Reeves thought he hac discovered something in the way o buried treasure when he found ; purse containing $640 in a Negro', house that had burned. But he sa\v a Negro woman .searching the ruin, and asked if she had lost th money. She claimed it but wasn' satisfied and a few minutes late produced $251 more. The Negro family didn't trus banks. Tire I'inch Curtails Patrol FRANKFORT, Ind. (UP)—Daytime patrol by Frankfort police cars has been discontinued for the duration. The police department wants to save tires. The night patrol will be retained. The American flag also is known as a color, a standard, and an ensign. considered, but the invariable answer to each request for a larger allotment is "no." Carefully riamml Pre-i'atiouing planning- took all factors into, consideration. The procedure determined upon was felt to be Uu> best possible for all groups —wholesalers and retailers, mnmi- acturers. institutional users, indi- 'idiwl consumers—and the Refl Jros.s and USO. Dietary needs of the entire pupu- ation were considered. Federal lealth experts were consulted. Nor- nnl commercial sugar channels were >tudied. The amount of sugar that cts into each home, restaurant, institution, and anywhere else wns ictennincd. How much of this su- .jar was likely to reach each individual consumer in some form or other was computed. The conclusions reached were a combination of those considerations. Supply Fairly Distributed The OPA makes no claim of infallibility but it does believe that under its regulations, each individual consumer in the country will receive as near a fair share of tho available sugar supply as pas- sible. : /Thtr nrmed forces are 'the only group excluded from the restrictions but arrny procurement officers have assured the OPA that the greatest care will be exercised in the army's use of sugar. So far as industrial users of sugar are concerned, the OPA has applied four broad standards in making allocations. These included —the nutritional value of the product; the importance of each industry to civilian and military morale and the war effort; the 1m- ure needed elsewhere to carry materials of war to Britain, China and Russia and to our own .soldiers table is n pound of material devoted to the war effort. Restaurant Will Be Moved To New Location Iii Suclbury Building The Palace Cafe will be moved to its new location in the Sudbury Building, 207 West Main street, sometime next week, E. R. Jar-vis, proprietor, announced today. The new home of the cafe has been completely remodeled along modern lines. The walls have been refinishcd in white enamel; new Inlaid linoleum has been placed on the lloor; a partition has been built to separate the kitchen from the dining room; and a modern rest room has been built. When work is completed and the cafe is furnished, 300 patrons may be seated in the large main room. Present plans call for some new fixtures to supplement those already In use in the dining room and kitchen; a ladles lounge will be constructed on the balcony as soon us plumbing equipment can be .secured; and new sterilizing equipment designed to conform to government regulations will be installed. New structural glass will be placed in the front of the restaurant. Complete air conditioning units will be installed. portancc of any .single industry as measured by consumer demand for Democrat Wins GOP Pri/c GRANITE CITY, 111. (UP)—Probate Clerk Joseph Healey. Republican nominee for reelection, offered an attendance prize of $2 in defense stamps for a social meeting sponsored by the Security Benefit Association. Prize was won by Carl Heaton. his Democratic opponent in the election. PETE IS THE LUMBE YOU CAN BUILD New Kitchen Cabinets Garage New Roof Any kind of remodeling up to $500 Painting and Papering Farm Buildings except dwellings up to $1000 Commercial Buildings up to $5000 FHA Funds are still available. Talk Over Your Building Problems With Us. Phone 551 E. C. Robinson Lumber Co. Hlvthcville Ark. TOR PAINTING WALLS, CEILINGS. . .AND OVER WALLPAPER! pon't paint or decorate a single room in your house until you've heard all the details about KEM-TONE Wall Finish— the new miracle paint by Sherwin-Williams! It's entirely different from ordinary paints - -. brings new conveniences and economies to painting. Sec us today! HO MUSS...HO FUSS...HO BOTH€X> COVWS WITH OHECOM... 2 98 OKIES IN ONE HOW..» Gallon Paste Form NO OFFENSIVE ODOR... READILY WASHABLE.... M i x 1 gallon with water and make 1 \ j gallons paint. Your cost, ready- $•« .99 to-apply, . . per gal., 1 IN THE NEWEST, SMARTEST PASTEL COLORS! TOM LITTLE HARDWARE CO. "The Complete Hardware Store" 12f> W. Main — — Phone 515 SHERWIN-WILLIAMS PAINTS TRUE-TAGG "THERE'S BETTER "WE'VE USED IT OVER FORTY YEARS" Many people over the entire South have used TRUE'S 100% PURE PAINT time after time whenever their home needs painting. FREE 1 Gallon of Linseed Oil (Pol-Mer-lk factory Sealed Cans) WITH Each 5-Galtoa Can TRUE-TAGG 106! Pure House Paint, $ Q SPECIAL this week 5 at O 25 Per Gallon in 5 Gal, Cans Save 50% On Wallpaper We must reduce our inventory and we are marking down a number of our Wallpaper Patterns 50 percent. SOME PATTERNS AS LOW AS — 8c Per Single Roll When Bought with Border AUTO GLASS HEADQUARTERS ARKANSAS PAINT, GLASS "Hlylhcvillc's Only Exclusive Taint, Glass and Wallpaper Store" 105 E. Main ___,_ — — Phone 2272

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