The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 18, 1930 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, July 18, 1930
Page 2
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ttlURSDAY, ,H!|,Y 17, BLYT5EVHIJ!. (ARK.)' COURIER-NEWS PAGE THRRK Skirts for Chic Afternoons 'Continued from page one) ter of ilie taxpayers committee, iiiijgis'.cd rather than to \\u\e j resident overseer represent ilio (cutty al tlic farm it would be bel- li r m appoint a committee- of 12 ningutrate; to ta;:o turns in visli- inti Liie iiHtiuilion ami inspfciin: Al Hits juncture Justice R. I,, i McKnigiu of Blytly.-ville moved thai \ a committee representing the- just- I •{.•Cn a! the peace, tne taxpayers' i-.s- i s'jcinliou and His convict toard l>j chcnen to prepare a resolution fo: 1 Hibmisslcjii to the meeting. T!iu w3:; defeaiEd by a vote tit 20 to 9'j. C. Ciillom of Wilson inn't. ilu> ficor to suegcsl that the whole- matter be left in the -hands of i:u- | county jud:;o and the conviot i Loan). . ! trie convict board. • Magistrates Nuine Ccminltlee "It is apparent." Mr. Culloni snid. "that '.lie whole .stir ilia", r?- snllnd ii: this meeting was the result of misinformation. 1 believe the cuimty jud^c and the convic: hoard are competent to handle ill? situaiion. T:.e county faun .should be abolishrcl, hut that is not possible now." J. T. 'Cos'-oii declared that as a intinljer of t!ie taxpayers assacb- | lion he knew that il was iinniurial- • ly impossible for the county i'l abolish the farm, and that he believed much .ol the dissatisfaction with the institution was due to the natural tendency of inmates ot the farm to exaggerate their gric- Twining the whole matter a Lorain LeSienr Will Bo On Aii- TTere Saturday l.orain LeSieur. 20. of llnyll, Hie "singing milloiilcr.' will again rip- pear before the microphone at ra- i dio station KI.CN (o entertain !i!s many listeners Saturday afternoon at 5 o'clock. A brakeman on the Frisco railway. WSieur has nevertheless won the hem Is of many radio fans throughout (he middle west anil iiart of the south with his singing and yodeling while playing his own accompaniment on a guitar. Hf plays and sings his own coinposi- llons as well as lequesls for popular and old time tunes. Lnsi winter lie v.'as yulie popular in this seel ion ns an entertainer on the stage and nt club nnd organization affairs. His latent hap been displayed at special social nf- nirs In Ponlar Blulf. Blvthcvllle Senatli, Kfcnnett and nt Hayll '••. '<: n popular member of the younger set. ..y, ^TO,^ heard over radio stations KMOX, St. Louis.. WWJ. nclrnli- WMC. Memphis; W3M Nashville; KTHS. Ho'. Springs KWKH, Shreveriwt: KFVS. Cape Glrardean, and KLCN. Fido made in your garden, dear? HUSBAND: No, darling, (Ills is Ihc hole I made for him.-- Noillng- lioin, England, News. A: ALWAYS LAUfiHIN'O I nm not thln-skhuicd. I'm . the first to Inngh at my own fort. khnrss. B: What a funny life you must. leai!.— Answers. 1.KAII J'KNCII. AlirmVAY • H1CI1MONI). KiiRlanb. lUl')- Jounialisis from Kicli nil nnd Twickenham fotmrd an urchway with block lead prm-ils ni ilic local cJiinch when one of iliclr fellow sc: ibes was married. HEADING, Errglai'.Q. <UP>—1>»- nlss Allrlght wns 111 \vrong, accord- Ing to police officers who brought him lo I'ourl afler he liad drlvrn his enr over (he sldewallt nml knocked down a man and a woman. KIU,AY. tiiiBland. 'Ul'l- The IX'ateiul b'.u.lnc'LS of lu'tdinn shr-ep w.ia broken for Arthur Williams when his arm was struck and broken by ii go!f ball. McMULLIN'S CASH GROCERY A Home Institution Long skirls for afternoon were worn by Paris models at the race track a'. Auteuil. Left: Baby blue soij fashlcntd a cape costume mad.*? with a long skit t trimmed .with rows of braid, ,\" j circling the hip", a:id old-fashioner! riekraek braid edging the bl:irl j black purse and! VOTK PIIIST PICKNICKER: Isn't till an idea! spat for a picnic dinner? SECOND DITTO: It must be Ten million insects can't be wronir. —Pelc Mele, Paris. OH, HOW JIF.AN! •'.Tones is- the meanest man on carlli." "What did lie do?" "He's deaf—and he's never told his b.irber."—Til-BUs. he said he ar.d the cape. Black gloves, btack suede pumps, "tempest in a teapot thought the county judge ha | liandltd the situation well, anrt j concluded with a motion to leave j Ihr- rnatltr in u.c hands ol th? j cape sleeves and a judge and the convict board. This was carried unanimously and was followed with a motion by T. J. Mahan lor the appointment of a committee of magistrates if conler with the board and irr judge. Judge Barnaul named Jus- lice Mum-ie Sisco of Little River to preside while the magistrates named their committee. G. L. Waddcll, W. P. M son. Oscar Alexander, Ed Walker MIC! W. A. Rogers were named to the committee, which met imme- | Bta m outlined above, calling for dialoly with the judge and tlie con- I rc guiar inspections of the farm vicl board, consisting of T. J. Ma- without advance notice to the managers, giving Henry Brinkley sole authority to inflict physical pnnish- • ment on prisoners, and requiring medical examiuati-n of prospective farm inmates, was adopted. Roy ,. So ^ ou .y e taken on old Mcft- black, banding on a natural colored hat added a note of contrast. ! l j mer for tetter or worse, Mary?" R j H )n.: Orchids in rich beige, browns, lavender and purple figured a j "No. Bertie; I've married him for delectable chiffon made v;ith flarinc skirt, ankle length all around, more or less-lliafs what a girl yoke of plain beige net. with orchids appllqued on do " nowadays."-Tit-Bits. it. Th?.orchid chiffon scarf of her beige lint swung iU ends through . GRAVE QUKSTION a slit in the brim and hung -over one ear. | \VIPE: Is that the hole naughty they were sentencing the man who I came bnfrrc Ihem. Mr. Mahan advised against employing a county representative at the farm, sayinsr thai he thought such action would simply relieve Brinkley brothers of responsibility for what went on at r. cr ,? u " thf farm without substantially bettering conditions. His view was finally c-ncmrcd in and Ihc pro- Fresh Vegetables i'^or yourTablr, ihcy'i'^ crisp and nice in our new ice cold cases-Make your own selection Pure Lard lb.ll!c LEMONS han. William Wood. A. I,. Crafton. R. H. Wilmoth, E. E. Taber. an! Oils McClenden. all of whom were present except Mr. Wilmoth. Larham immediately announced Ibc appointment of E. B. Woodard of Osceola, R. 3. ns a seventh member of the board, and inti- raafed-that"fflf might add an eightlr and Henry Brinkley were called before the mceling and gave tneir agreement to permit no punishment melnber. -.- . Iii tlie discussion which followed iiKmbars cf the board and ccm- mittee concurred with Judge 13ar- liam in the opinion lhat under present ccnditionr. there was nothing for ilie county to do but continue the present system cf leasing prisoners. Neither a county cwned farm nor the use of .prisoners .on county highways would be economically sound or otherwise desirable. it was agreed. Justice W. A. Fcjers of Leachville said lhat lie did not think it possible to do away with the jurni at this time, urn, that lie believed the county ouglu to maintain a representative there to see that the prisoners are not mistreated. Suggesting, scini-humcrously. that perhaps, the best oure for whatever troubles exis: might be the i lequiremcnt of a three months term on the county farm as a qualification for magistrates and con- rlables. so -lliey would know what of prisoners by guards. Send a label from a can of Eagle Malt to Eagle Malt Extract Co., Memphis; and receive King Zats Bed Time story free. Grandma Mayor Mils due Law EAGLE MALT SYRUP You can use Eagle, in some way or every day ,in the week— Zats WATERMELONS Average 20c Nice Si/.e 15c Home Grown field Corn, 2 Tor 5c CARROTS 5c BEETS 5c Fresh (ireen Field Pound lOc BEANS (!reen I'ound 12c TOMATOES Home Grown Pound 5c FLOUR (iiltedge, S. R. or-l'iain 21 T'onnds 75c FLOUR Heliotrophe, Plain 21 I'ounds $1.15 CREAM MEAL 21 Pounds 55 c ETHYL SUGAR 10 Pound Limit 49c The NEW thrilling, smoother anti-knock gasoline Mrs. Pennola Jones, 63. "grand-1 ma mayor" of Lake Milton. Ohio. '• \~ :eady to sweep the town clean r -f rrinic. but. she hasn't any use fr,r reformers who opp'se Sunday dancing. Her first official act was io lift the official ban on dancing on that dav, and what's more ?He &ay3 she'll ^ow ttis £oun{{ njjks "now to M9p." I ;NOLIA The <JiA?W(/ GASOLINE •Jus ETHYL FLUID MAGNOLIA The Quality \ ETHYL GASOLINE ME IB MAGNOLIA STATIONS AND DEALER THROUGHOUT TH E A.O U T H W E S SOAP I'. & G. [Jars 33c PEACHES Dflmonle No. 21/z i\!elba Hsilvt-s 22c SPAGHEHI or MAC AH ON'I Per liox Sc BACON " " Sli »". "- 25 c VEAL CHOPS i'ound 25c FRANKS Swifts Pound 20c LARD Pure Pound BEEF ROAST Pound 15c STEW MEAT Pound 15c HENS AND FRYERS w '"""""""' s " Windows For Prices BELOTE GROCERY STORE and MEAT MARKET f> I'liund Limit, I'ound Phone 177 We Deliver Bacon § lb.27c Salt Meat ' Ib. 125c Lemons Nit'p. 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