The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 26, 1938 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 26, 1938
Page 5
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( V BLYfHBVILLE (ARK,) 1 COURIER NEWS CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Daily rale per lino for consecutive insertions: One time per line lOu Two times per line per day ...OBc Three time* per line per day ..06c Six times per lino per day . ...05u Mouth rate per line coc- Cards ol Thanks 50c & 75c Minimum charge 50c Ads ordered for three or six times and slopped before expiration will be charged for Hie nura- ler of times Iho ndd appeared uiul adjustment of bill made. All classing! Advertlsin;! copy submitted by persons residing outside pf the city must be accompanied by cash. Rates may be easily computed from above table. Advertising ordered for irregular insertions takes the oue lime rate. No responsibility will bo taken for more than one incorrect insertion of any classified ad. Nicely fwnislicd rooms. Beaut if ^ Business Directory HARRY BAILEY'S CURVE IN CAFE Good Food at Go.od Prices All Kinds Sea Food Fresh Crappie Cigarettes 2 for 25c HARRY BAILEY'S Holland, Bio. Phones 5-F-4 & 878 Furnished ho\|se. Mrs. C. A. Tunt.'JT 1 ,?? Coll «8-J, or M5-J. M-ck-3-1 _ furniture. room, bedroom and kitchen Phone SJ2-J. H-ck-3-5 DUPLEX— 3 & •> room furnished Burke Hardware llxdircs for sale. apartments. Private 280. baths, call 26-ck-tf Modem bedroom, steam heat, reasonable. Mrs. Simmons, 818 W. Walnut. M-ck-J 317 DouBtm—$25.0(1 113S West Asli—$30.00 I'hone 100-E. u. Feryuson M-ck-tt Newly decorated 3 room furnished apartment. Very reasonable. 717 Chickasawba. Four room house. 1)07 Call next door. Holly SU 22-pk-3-l Furnished aparlmeul, iicwiy~d5oo- ratetl. loa W. Kentucky, phone M. 23-pk-3-l Well arranged, newly decorated, 4- room apartment. Unfurnished. Private bath. 1129 Weal Asli. phone 582-M. 21-ck-tl Comforlabic bedroom, 1017 Will- mil, Call 102. Comfortable bedroom for gentleman. Phone H77-J. Cull al 625 W. Mail). 17-ck-3-17 Coal My Coal I 5 Black But I Treat You White, LOCAL HA,V!L1NG John BuchaBan BlytbeviUe, Ark. Phone 107 15-ck-3-15 Nicely furnished steamhcatcd Ijed. room. 603 W. Main, call 642. l-l-ck-3-M Radio Service EXPERT RADIO SERVICE Complete Line Of PARTS, TUBES, B'TEKIES Hardaway Appliance Co. HENRY WERNER <& 5th Phone.i'^ ; Glass.' SAVE The Top of Your Fnniilurc With Glass All designs cut & finished. CALL US Blytheyiljc paint * Wallpaper Co Three-room furnished apartment, 713 Chickasawbn. B. II. Eaton. IQ-ck-tr. Nicely furnished bedrooms. Steam to bath. Call Convenient 560. Comfortable bedroom adjoining bath. Gentleman only. 713 W Main, phone 800-W. 1-ck-l! 40 Acres landi Retiulrc stock, feed tools. D. IJ. Gainer, Armorcl. Nicely furnished room entering into bath. Inner-spring mattress Will plvc 3 meals a day. Call G36 818 Chickasawba. 25-da-da Box "B", Courier News. . K-ck-3-14 Hay^Soybeans—Ouls Seed Corn—Milch Cows And Tractor Work. See W. L. Talc, Aiinorel, Ark. Complete 10 volume set of Slan- dnrd Reference Books with 10050 lcn[ binder. Call 239 or 792. 15-la-Ia tolar Post*, Wie caeh. Jefl M. Jones, Rt. 2, Sinltlivllle, Ark. Female Help Wtcl ADDRESS ENVELOPES A FOR US. GOOD PAY. Experience iijmccessary. Wonderful opportunity. Everything Supplied, Write immediately for Free Details. Nationwide 'Distributors. 401 Brcadway, ri. Y. Room and Board Steam licatcd room will S03 W. Ash, phone 151. Ouvls Jr. or Tony, .... CHi'l 2«-dn-d« Batteries BATTEUY J. Ben Clone Phone 8 at Tom Jackson's Cliaii. Ho. lilcliard J. U. Dawson; Muvy B, Uiiwson und Mildred Ciuld are Wiiiiiect to appear Ui the Cliuucery Court for the Chlukas,ii»'l)a Oiii- trlct ol Mlsslsiiippi county, Arkansas, M'llDin Uiirty days from this <lnle, nnil iiaswer a complaint, tiled agal^l them therein by Homo Owners' Loan. Coriwmllon. Dated Oils 19 duy of February, 1038. ' 1IAI1VBY MOHR1S. Cleric. By Elluabclli Blythe, U. U. Reid and Evrnrd, Attorneys for I'lnintjff. 19-20-5-J^ Iu llw 'inaUer of Hip dissolnUon of School Ulslrict No. 3ti (Ek rcui and its eonsiilWallon willi ULsirict No. 23 ll)ell> Norici: \Notice: is hereby Riven Hull » pctllion purporting (o w sinnea u,v 11 majority of Ihe mmlllieil electors ill school District No. 38. ol Mlw-sippl comity,, hus neon ninl in HK> County Court '.•ra.viiii! lluil Miiil School, nislrict No. ail 1 X ' (lissclvnl mill Ihat Iliu Umluiy tlirreof Li- unnexi'd lo mill mmle ;i (mil of School Uis- irici No. 'a. ,\ hem-Inn on suld litlltion will he held in the Comity Cimrl Hoom n( Dlylhevllle. Ar- KBiisus. on the I6lh day of March, All inteic.'.tcd persons ure , . notified to nppenr on Ihiit, onlc mid show cause, If any they Imvp. wliy (he prayer ol mM |iell"- COUNTY,'i-ye«i'-oUl"s«Hs nml' 5 tliocs, his p«rcnls said. U Is Illeijal to sprinkle suit, on SEEDS' .. tii-tds of All Klmls Wholesale & Kvlail W. 0. REEVES So. «. It. SI. Wyllievllle, .555 Aik. New Counting System ' Used on Chinch Bugs .AMES. In. (DPI — lown College cntonioloaistK huve SlatG davel- O|ied a new method of coinitiiiB eliincl) bugs, iliereby dvtcrmiiilne For Sale or Rent I ,,.. . , „ i (1| c we cciiius system, dovcl- C room house. 1510 VV. 'Asli," He-) 0 !'?' 1 b j' u ''-.Goorgn Decker, con- ccnliv remodeled from froul-lo • s ,, l' lftcl "5 clumps of carlh tack. WiJl sell on easy IcS or'iT 1 ??;" sl! , ollf! C ' i<;C ,^'' lifihls ""• teise to- responsible party. $22.50 [.,. lllc licsls are (iilvcn illtu l"c ucr niontli. LouLs Auplebaiim.l ir „,,,.„ 1 • , ,. , Hione • 167.' 107 So. 2nd SI, 2fick-2 —..Ti.. l - ' ls a . "'.'r-livuly smull Personal Kirby's Tasteless CHILL TONIC Contains More Quinine—More Iron t*» Ecoommended Trsilumit for MALARIAL CHILLS and FEVEK. ^WAMP FEVEE^-AGUE I' At 411 Klity Drue Stoiu bugs in the dud. they arc oiitntcd incllviduniiy. otherwise *i\ey are 'vrighed lo deter mii|e Ihe jnunhcv. The clod Uifii is broiton mid mii-eil with water. Dead buns rise to t.'.e top of (lv.> nif.xlme and are skimmed oil with n brush, Tlu :.timl>er of dead hugs recovered ncler.'nii.'LS the iioccciituse of winter inirlality. Dutkcr said there was !!t!li prospect of n inn lor outbreak in Iowa Ihis year. nt Ihe county ciiiul, (his Ihe 25 duy ol Kcbrimry, 1038. MUS. THOMAS rt. IVY Counly Examiner. Baby Weighs 3D Pounds 6 Months Alter Birth I'lTCHVlULK, O. (UI')-IMM- dmis of |his\ villngr uiive <iom- imtril (j-monihs-old Holsurl linr- tr.ii us ihi.||> ciinrildnl-; for u "yiaul' ba'u-, 'UK 1 ton or Mr. nnil Mis. Clar- KLECl'RtU & ACUVLENB WELDING AT BEST PKICE3 PROMPT 6HRVICB Barksdale Ml;. Co, ~^wLEK~mU(rco YOUR , I'KESCltlPTlON DRUGGIST riillroad track* In Alnbnmii. ^^^^^"•'^••'••'••"•T PAY $2 WEEKLY And Small Down Payment ENJOY A Main A Isl Vhou<) 111 FARM LOANS "^ ISM mat Up Arkanju »nd Mluovrt :.u«Mt rale)—loimt fUWnM Also city properties ' DON H. KASSERMAN Thomas Lund Co. OHIco P. 0. Box 470, I'lioiiO 637. Auto Radio Hemorrhoids-Piles CURED WITHOUT SURGERY * 514 Main Ssfr, sure and with less discomfort. AU diseases ami conditions of nervous origin, cured at our clinic, foot ailments a nd akin cancers IruJcd and DRS. NIES £ NIES , Osteovathlo PhjslcUnj I'hone W Blyihevtlle, Ark, ONIA' OHEVROW ofMis you giiimmlccd Sd(cl-O-Mi<tlo Tim- tnif. I'uiili ii button- uiul there's your .Hluttoi). Come In Today! fc'to inul Hour Utlti sonwiUomil new radio. Xwi loo will mini one on your ci\r. Auto & Household Radios Repaired TOM LITTLE CHEVROLET CO. 301 Watmil I'hunc TO Drt, Wert & W«rt Ow Joe iMau' SUM "WI MAX! '£M BOf Plume MO J. C. EVANS Box 604 Dlyllievllle, Ark. WWrtct Manager HAMILTON TKVST-. Sponsored By Hamilton Depositors Corp. Hubert Utley's Service Station and Cafe All Leading Hrand.i of Jhrc kiy, wine, Gins A'Kl Cordials OKAIiKR IN Co:i| _ I'HIUU'S W GAS i3>,i,c TAX PA'IO UIU Alt EWES 3 I'k, Mo ur SU5 per Carton 24 Hour Service H.\V. Ul, I'lione 17 Holland, 'Mo. Now IxwaleJ ut lUl ! Not«L Second ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU BON EDWARDS, ' Propriety Rebuilt Typewriters, AdiJInj Macbloci ' i'iiiis_|<iii|]ci, s Thane CQBB FUNERAL HOME funeral Insurance Furnished comfortable bedroom. 515 Walnut. Phone 351. 10-ck-U One comfortable bedroom. Call Mrs. S. S. Stcrnbcrg, 984, IMP Holly, aa-ck-2-28 WELL, GIBLS - WE.VE PUJ 17 OVEE.' U5 HAIESHIKTS NOW HOLDTH' PQWEE. OF MOO IN) OUR HAWP; -'* UMPA IS NOW JUST \ PUMMY.'.' Foimd "tcathcr folder with 2 keys. Own- , c^ii have came by paying cosl of this ad.' Phone 880 111 S. 2nd Poultry Top quality famous Blue Grass, Eloodtested. purebred. Reds. Barred Rocks, White Rocks. White Leghorns. Also other brced.s 10O— $6.75. Heavy Assorted S6.25. Prepaid live delivery. Columbia Hatch- cry, ColiunMn, Term. Black leather key holder containing one key. Owner can have .same by paying cost of this ad. Courier News. Mclal key ring with 13 keys. Found near High School. Owner crm liave same by paying cost of this ad. - Hatcliei Baby Chkks PUBLIC HATCHING. Mnrilyu Hatchery. Blytheville, Ark., H.W Cl North, Phone 742. Radio Conductor HQRWQNTAL 1, 6 A leading musical conductor in America. ISA molding. 14 To habituate. 16 Wind. : 27 Being. 18 Intolerant person. 15 Stream. 20 To declare solemnly. 21 Chooses. • e 24 Before. * 25 To impel.' 29 Dentist's lool. 33 To hunt. 34 Hair orna- incnl. 35 Posilioi). 36 Crystalline i substance, 37 Female pronoun. 38 With respect to. 44 Needle- • • shaped. '' 18 Age. Answer (o Previous Puzzle f 20 He vas bom 49 Venomous recitals. 23 Fcculi^r- 26 Portuguestt coin. 27 To obtain. 28 To piece oui ' 30 To be sick. 31 Varnish' ingredient. 32 Silkworm. 36 To break camp. 37 Seraglio. 39 To pry. 2 Dyefng srjakc. appsratus. a , 4U 1MJ . 51 First woman. 3 Cotlon fabric. 40 part 52 To erase. 4 Examination. 41 Heavy blow. 53 To revoke. 5 chest bones. 54 Democrats. e Excavated. 56 Ho won fame 7 Ascended, asaconduc- 8 Rhythms. torot- s. o Monster. 57 He has long 10 Ketch, been a leadevji Coagulated °[ or ." blood mass. ^ chestras. UMale pro- VERJICAI. noun. 1 Griel. 15Insccl's egg. -12 Wood sorrel. 43 Covers with sod. 45 To do again, 46 Kiln. 47 Half. •'-.-.. 50 Turkish "-' governor^ . 52 To accomplish 55 South Carolina. Haniboilct! Dictator V. T, IIAMLIN GUARDS/TAKE THIS INSOLENT CA1 AWAY/THROWER IN TH' PIT' QUESTION ME WCTATOR! SOMETHING TELLS WE WEREA BIT MAS-TV IN'OUR JUD6MEWTOF QUEEN UMPA me BY nEAsEavio'-'.'mc'. T;M. ma. u' BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES ME TO -WE RftCEfe , IF AMV O? VA VOAMT A IKC. T^gEC, U. S. POT. OFF. WASH TUBBS More Yii!<'ii1)onds fHMWOTTA \ DOtfT RUS IT IN, WASH. DON'T DESERT 6A>V CAREFREE) M!j ft I W¥ HOUR. OF NEED. W LUWBAC VAGABOND , I. KILLING NVE, EVERY TME i BEND OVER OW.' SOT HOW TH' HECK f-OMEBOOV'S COKMN'. D£ COOT" IN 0(6. 8WKET. FRKCKLES AND HIS f > BOY . NUTT/S UUCLE IS A PRETTY JMPOP.TAWT K',A|4! YESTEPlPAY HE: PHOWED LOWC3 D1STAUCE TO A'.ASkA ^UD TODAY MET PUT IM -THPEE C/SLLS TO SOUTH AMERICA AMD OWE 7 HAV/A11 f BIG FISH CAMMING COMPAW/ IW . A RUBBER PLAWTATIC'W IU BRAZIL AMD A CAWKIED PIWE- APPLE PLACE IM HAV/AII WHEW A COLLECTOR OPEMS A PHOWE.BOX'AFTER WLn"TV'S UMCLE GETS •"THRU USIWG IT, • HE: THfMfts- HE'S Hrr JACKPOT.' MOT OWU/ TWAT, BUT OWNS A FACTOR/ TWAT MAKES AIRPI.AWES THAT FOLD UP IKTTO AUTOMOBILES ? THEV FLY IM .THE AIR OR GO ALOMG GROUWD GEE:, ME MUST BE 'RICH!

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