The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 19, 1939 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, June 19, 1939
Page 3
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MONDAY, 1939 '(ARK.Y COURIER NEWS Sunday's Major League Games Produced Sensations And Sentiment >. BY GEORGE KIRKSEY United Press Staff CorresponrtenJ NEW YORK, JWIe W (UP) — Baseball dripped drama' and seiiti- inent today—deeds of Dizzy Bean, Gabby ' Hnrtnett, Schoolboy Howe, Lefty Grove, and Ted Lyons, who tailed time backward In Its flight; of Hank arecnberg and Ted Wil- llatms and tlicir mighty baps'; and last but not least, a testimonial to 1 crippled Pepper Martin, moving spirit of the St. Louis Cardinals. , Right In the front row we find tffezy Dean, .who has graduated wito the greatest "Sunday pitcher" In the majors with Ills third straight victory, n. 1-0 shutout of the ' Brooklyn Dodgers. Behind Dean's inspired pitching (he Cubs milled to snap their four-game losing streak with n double victory over the Dodgers, taking the nightcap, 9-1. Dizzy, using his uncanny control and curve masterfully, let the Dodgers down with six hits lor his secontl shutout. He had to be good to' win as the Cubs made,only two hits 6lf- Luke Hamlln and Tot Presstiell-one of them a •100-foot homer ; by Gabby Hartnett. The Dodgers Had two men thrown out at-the plate. Bill Lee,, whose Joss of effectiveness had started some folks to-lagging him as burnt out because of overwork Inst year, finally won his sixth game in the nightcap after five previous failures. Schoolboy Howe, .with only one victory to his credit this season, jjgaincd his magic and pitched the vigers 'to..'an 8-5 victory over the Yankees. For six innings he held the Bronx bombers'to three hits but eased up behind an 8-2 lead. Bump Iladley was batted out of the box and had his straight snapped. of six Hank Greenuerg slapped out his IGth homer and a double to drive in. four runs in tile Tiger assault. Manager Joe McCarthy of the .)-•'*. Today's Sport Parade By Henry McUmort NEW YORK, June 19. (UP)-u' Sydney Wcoxlerson Ihinks he is angry about what happened i»t Princeton last .Saturday, he should. talk lo any one of the 28,000 per, sons who paid good money to see him and his -tour American rivals run tlieir dismal mile. It was ajilly, publicize d . ns the mile of the century," because after the first quarter had been dawdled In M seconds, It was even money Ihat it would require Hie rest of the century for Die men to cover the full distance. They started the race nt a pace which Indicated they nil knew the snol fired from the starling pistol was only u blank, and Hint there was ivj cuuse for alarm. And they finished the race at a |mcc remindful of a. youngster "hurrying" home from school bad report card to show with papa. If Sydney Woodersoii was fouled on the final turn lor home by Elaine Hideout, and I believe lie was If un elbow poke in the ribs constitutes a foul, lie has no /one lo blame but himself. He was block- Ing traffic out in front to such an extent that any ol Ihe other runners who had a train to catch, n dale to keep, 01- a desire to finish a mile befprc sundown, had to get by him somehow. If no one had tried lo pass Woodeisoii, or hurry him up, all 28,000 of us would still be In Princeton Stadium watching him finish a mile in the remarkable lime of two days, two hours, and ten minutes fiat. 1 clocked him In the third lap with a Gregorian calendar, and was npl far oir. He seemed perfectly content to win if he could only.stay in front, no matter how long it took. Wcoders,:in, from where I sat, appeared to be a selfish little cuss. When the pistol went oil he placed himself in front, on the rail, and became a, two-legged read hog. In his sombre black suit, of the .Blackheath Harriers, lie looked like Hamlet in shorts. Jiisl like a supporting cast, Cunningham, Fenske, San Romani and Rideoiit played minor parts lo WoalorsorTs lend for three and a halt of the four laps. Then Kiileput. as if suddenly remembering- that he was a runner, not a walker, started running. This ,,„.. ^u^, *ii\,w«i L.IIJ- ui n m took tlic 28,000 do/.iii" cuxloiYicn; Yanks was presented with a 5325 and Woodersoii by surprise. In try- pocket watch for being the out- ing to get around Woodersoii who sh.i.,11,.,, ,„„.,„,.„•.. ,., »....,.„„ , ... j,,,^ in(o ft , eth(>rgjr by thc Vo , ga ' boatmen tread of five pair of feet, standing manager in baseball season. uumiutiL uutiu ui nve pair 01 ICCL, The Red Sox came out of their >efiised to speed up, Hideout bump- doldnims, knocking off the Indians, 5-4 and 5-3.' Lefty Oster- mueller bested Bob Feller in the opener, and ancient Mose Grove did the .honors for the Red Sox in the nightcap. Ted Williams' double with the bases loaded was the game winning punch in Grove's game. Ted Lyons, another of Ihe an- ^ient pitching brigade who keeps We'fylrig ed the Englishman. It was quite an unintentional nnil small bump,, but Wcoderson is a small Englishman and it threw him of! ills stride—and when i say threw him ofF his stride, I actually mean it threw him oil his stride. He did sort of a highland fling before he settled down again to the killing pace (killing to the specta- tators, I mean) which brought him in a cozy last. impromptu dance, there on the turn verdict in for home n " ri wllal filol Y 'here is er niirhivl in winning one of these miles, our Win Pair Sunday While Lookouts Drop Two To Travelers By United 1'ress Tlie star of (he Memphis Chicks was In the ascendancy mill that of the Chattanooga Lookouts was fading today. The Lookouts, league-leaders for ft month pr more, fell from the Southern Association lop In n big way yesterday when they dropped a double-header to the lowly Little Hock Travelers, while Die Chicks were winning two from the Allnntn Crackers. The Knoxville Smokies. In llilrd place, snuggled in) close lo the I-ookouts with a double win over , New Orleans while nirmlng- ham and Nashville divided a twin- bill that muttered little in llio pennant ehnse. The developments left the Chicks out, in front by two full games and the margin appeared eioiijjli to keep Ihcm on lop until July i—ihe date the host learn for the annual all-star game will be selected. The Chicks wen Ihe first game /ronf Atlanta A to 2 when their star hurlcr, Herman Besse, limited last year's champions lo six hlls. Memphis got no more bbws, but coupled Ihcm in the first two Innings for all four Chick runs. The Chicks' rallied lo overcome a three-run lead and then scored four more tallies lo sew up Ihe second game and win it by a 7 lo 5 count. Lyn Stout relieved Gaddy on the. mound and held the Crackers safely In the closing Innings. At Little Rock, the Travelers made it three in a row over Cliat- lano^ga wilh a pair of 4 to 1 victories. Kraiisse held the Lookouts lo seven nils in the opener and Prendergast and Meadows let lliein have only four in Ihe nightcap as the challaiiooga altuek bogged down, it was Little Rock's first double-header victory of the season. Knoxville's leading sluggers, Woody Abernathy and Bud Hafey, stole the limelight In the Smokies' 8 to 5 and 4 to 3 wins over New Orleans. Abernalhy got four for five in the opener .while Hnfcy slammed a homer in each game. The Smokies were outhit U to 4 in the nightcap, but Hafey's two-run homer gave them the decision. The Vols shut Birmingham out in HID opener 8 lo 0 and received a coating of whitewash themselves in the afterpiece when old Sheriff Blake pitched a one-hitter and Ihe Bnrons won 3 to 0. Blake held the Vols hltless for slx ancl two-thirds innings of the abbreviated nightcap, but Bert Haas smashed a single with two out to deny the Sheriff a look-sec at the Hall of Fame. .Today's games are Atlanta at .Ojhattqnoosa, Memphis at Little Rock and New Orleans nt Binning hain. BASEBALL STANDINGS Northeast Arkansas league \V. I,. Pet Cm-ill hcrsvtlle 29 12 ,(»•) Newport 24 20 ,545 ParagonM n 20 ,395 JcmesUoro .,,, 1G 28 ,304 II l.easuc W. Jj. Pet Memphis 35 24 .593 Chattanooga 33 26 .55!) Knoxville 31 20 .54-1 Hi mhiBham 28 a? .6011 Atlanta 30 28 .508 New Orleans ..,'.' us 32 AM JHshvllle 23 32 .418 .itlle Rock 23 3D .391 Boston Philadelphia four. Out in St. Louis Pepper Martin's host of Southwestern fans from Oklahoma and vicinity threw a party for him before the ball game. He was presented with two brood mares, a- sow with her litter, a heifer, two milch cows, a beagla hound, bantam chickens, a plow, tractor, cultivator, hayrake, a set of harness, and an electric grindstone and churn! . Old Pepper, still laitf up with an injured wrist, jumped right aboard the tractor and drove it around .the park like a Roman gmdiator on a chariot. Then the Cardinals (taapped the Giants' nine-game ginning streak by thumping the Terrymen, 8-4. Lou Fette, the recent bridegroom, got one foot In Hie hall of fame but )ind the door slammed in liis face when Harry Craft got the lone hit off him ns he pitched the Bees to a 5-0 shutout over" (he Reds in the second game of a twin bill. The Reds slaughtered the Bees, 12-G, in the opener, in which Bill Werber, Reds' third sacfccr, had a perfect day, "5 for 5." Rain fell throughout both games. Rabbit Warstler, n .220 littler, blasted Paul Derringer for- a double and single which drove in four runs in the nightcap. Yesterday's hero — Lou Felle, Bees' cagey righthander who let (lie League-leading Reds down t "h one hit ana allowed only two n to get ns far as second as he pitched Boston to the first victory an eastern team has scored in Cincinnati this season. Then en me. the great drive down the 'stretch, with Amenca leading to 1. Fenske, who had promised OBTAIN RELIEF FROM CYSTITIS (Inflamed Bladder) A 30-day test of this NATURAL MINERAL WATER will cost you very little . . . Slake this lesl yourself and note (he improvement. Distributed by Crosstown Whiskey Shop IMPORTED & DOMESTIC WINES, LIQUORS, ALKS 109 S. Division St. some friend to get In before curfew, managed the mile in 4:11 which barely beat Hid time of the winning fat man til the Elks' convention In 1931. Cunningham, San Hcinani and Dumper Rldetiiit dribbled in later in the afternoon. .Woodersoii rallied toward • the finish to preserve Ihe trulli of the saying; .'The sun never sets on Ihe British • Empire." One more seconc and it w.onld have set upon him. PAGE iTKrows'EmOut National 'Inclnnnd St. l.oills New York Brooklyn Mcayo \V. L. Pet 30 18 .007 29 23 .558 29 23 .5:17 I 'X W .6001 21 28 M I I 24 29 .-153 [ 22 30 .423 i 18 31 .301 American 1-caguc W. L. I'd New York -10 11 .184 lioston 20 21 .580 Cleveland 28 25 .52B hlcago ; 28 25 .528 elroll 29 20 .527 rtillndclphla 21 32 -,33ij Washington 21 33 .389 St. Louis n 37 ,270 Yesterday's Results Northeast Arkansas League Caruthcrsvlllc 5-4, Newport 3-0. Parngoiild 7-0,- Jonesboro 0-7. Southern tongue Memphis 4-7, Atlanta 2-5. Knoxville 8-4, New Orleans 5-3. Nashville 8-0, Birmingham 0-3 Little Rock 4-4,Chattnnoogn l-i. National League Cincinnati 12-0,. Boston C-5. Chicago 1-9, Brooklyn 0-1. St. Louis 8, New York 4 Philadelphia at Pittsburgh, postponed, ruin. • American league Chicago 0-4, Philadelphia 5-9. Detroit 8; New- York 5. Boston 5-5, Cleveland 4-3. St. Louis at Washington, postponed, rain. lute lo nip -is Cleveland outfielder forced Holly Ileinsk'y at second bnse .In Indians' hly eighth liming | n n>[]<| nn(] (lc . clsivo game it series at Yankee Stadium, Vlllicrs To Hii«! New 'Ship HOB ART, /Tasmania (UP)—Alan Villlcrs, author mid Journalist, vho recently sold his windjammer. Joseph counul, to the United Stales Murinc Commission, hns ordered a leiv one designed Iry J. Murray Watts of Philadelphia. It will be wilt In a local shipyard, with a length of 75 feel, and a betim of 20. Read Courier News want ads. Today's Games Northeast Arkansas League Cariithersville at Newport. Jonesboro at Paragould. Southern league Memphis nt Little Rock. New Orleans at Birmingham. Atlanta at Chattanooga. Only games. ^ National League Hfc'e'klyn at Chicago., Philadelphia at Pittsburgh. Boston at Cincinnati. New York at St. Louis. American League Detroit at New York. St. Louis at Washington (two games). Chicago, at Philadelphia. Only games.-. • , It is reported by the U. S. Bureau of Public Roads that the construction of super-highways on the six. transcontinental ••';routes', previously . selected, would' cost nearly $3,000000,000, and annual maintenance and fixed charges would amount to about $185,000,000. The onjv /ow-prir«J cor "411 MATS BEST AT IQWKT COST? Countaccelerationand hill-climbing... count riding comfort and reliability . . .count economy of got, oil, tires and upkeep . . . Owners say It-sales prove it—"Chevrolet Is the best performer ever,bullt!" They say Chevrolet Is "thc best performer ever built" because It out-accelerates, out-climbs, one-performs nil other economy cars—bar nonet Because U represents thc highest standard of smouth, safe, steady riding and day-in-and- day-out dependability. Because It gives all these results at lower cost. But riding beats reading! So drive this fleet, powerful Chevrolet and prove to your? self what Chevrolet sales prove to the world, that owners are right when they say It's "thc best ferformcr cfer built." CHEVROLET Frank Crosclll usually completes double plnys, bill )> n || seen In this picture readied Dube Uuhl- ' Scores Soar Under Adverse Cond i I io n s In Inlra-Chib Golf Match Jerry Harwell's st\naA won over Jiimes Terry's si|imd In nn Inlra- club ijoll match at the lllylhnvlllc country club Sunday. The score wiis :iO to 20. lllljli scores, apparently duo to some- exlciil ul Inisl lo wealhor conditions, wuro the- ordiT of Ihe liny. ]>. A, Lynch of Hit) Terry tribe was mt-dallst wilh an Hi, eight over pur. K. n, Ocu of Harwell's aggregation was second low scorer with un 83. Jimilli: ot Individual mulches follow: : Fnrr, Sr. ... 80 3 , Biniison, Cecil 02 0 Clooch ..,,,. 91)' 3 Khshncr .... o Jllchnrdion Forfeit 0 Bell 3 Totnls 20 oo »o«(h f'ri'iiiimlfloii Tjud AKHON, O, /lW_"CJCt two caskets iciuly," wild Paul Dilnkci, 85, when his wile, Sarah, 82, died. They hud Jived logdlicf for 02 gre-n's hnml.s loo B ' c Score 05 . 81 . H'l .. 1)2 . 119 . !):! .. 00 ,. 80 . !)•! 91 8!) G8 Tilllos 102 llubunrd, Si 91 Stoekcll ... 05 Hrnnson, U. S. 00 Leech 95 Allllck, O. W. 98 Terry ... lliirwell . I'olliinl ,. Lend ... l»ynch .. Ti'nynor Ki'iulrlck Oec Cluavd .. Morse .. Fendler . licchcr .. finulnnd Terry 0 Harwell I EACH WEEK BUYS NEEDED , CAR [REQUIREMENTS years, fifteen hours later, the'old , • man also died, , C ^< 4 ^ Ererything for your enter-' Uinment and comfort Watch Society Pif• Of Conner New* F«r Free Show Guest* Last Times Today .. .PrUe Musical Drama ol A Colorful Era... With. The Prize Star Cast oi 19391 Francis Turner .. Soymorc , Davis ... Parr, Jr. Ilttbbnnl, Barnctt . Florida . I'hlllliw 110 flB 100 1U4 112 I OS Ull 81) ICG Alllick, W. A, lOli WRESTLING LONG BILL HALL vs. NED TAYLOR LES JENSEN vs. STOCKY KNEILSON AMERICAN LEGION AllRNA, MONDAY 8 P.M. Tires, liMlcrlcs,' radios, healers and oilier proilucis for your car can l>s Imuiilu on the Vircilonc Ilmlgct Plan fur sur|irlsiiif[ly little cash outlay tuul terms so Jlllall you'll liar Jlj' notice lliem;- RING Nelson Eddy ^ .,ik Vlrtimt BRUCE .'. ViclorMcLAGLCN • > lionul BARRVMORE Edward ARNOLD GUI ktbbi Also 1'uraiiiounl Comeily LfiltH to tiff l*ot(t of Virulent. Mttnfjy rrenftiit oi'tr NitlfoHU'fife N. IS. C KtJ Neluvti i'uiie in (lie IJicltone Voice of ihcl'arni HailU Pro turn iwice cjcd week tlurlnic noou Jioui PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. !ith & \V»lnu( I'hone 169 Telephone Teamwork in Arkansas TOM LITTLE CHEVROLET CO. Phone 633 Some people arc surprised to learn that there are 117 telephone companies serving Arkansas; The Southwestern Bell Telephone Company is the largest, it is true. Rut there arc others—116 of them —which have the important job of providing telephone service in about 195 Arkansas towns. The Southwestern Hell is glad its lines connect with the lines of these other Arkansas telephone companies, blanketing the state with a vast network of wires—so that boundaries between companies arc not barriers to quick, slate-wide telephone service. Through teamworkand friendly co-operation, 117 Arkansas telephone companies work together tofurnish Arkansaswithtelephone service that is fast, accurate, and dependable. Long Dlitanc* In Arkontat U thtap. You can telephone 100 mile* for 60«nt« ( 3-mln it fa conversation, day tate t station-to-ttatian). SOUTHWESTERN BE11 TELEPHONE COMPANY AilmisslDii M.itlnce lOc & 2fie t Adnihslan Night ICc & Xe TUESDAY PAL MATINEE & NIGHT Z aOoilltfr) for the price el 1 AL«i ".elected shoris Aihnlssiciii ftratlnec lOp * 26o Admission Night IGc & Me * * * $ * 9 I I FRIDAY, JUKE 23 175 GOOD REASONS. Why you should attend th» shnw Matinee or Nijjht Ills ii i; i 6<milii|r Soon: , Only Angels lliivc \Vlngi Coufcsjlous of a 'Nazi Spy Sliisccoacli ' . On l(orro«rd Time Sin-\nn:ui of Minmtles Sim Never'Sets Invitadun lo Iluiiplncss .lua re;. ROXY Admlulon nlways Ite & 2«c Fri.-Sat.-Sno. Last Times Today Also Fox News & Comedy Tue.-Wed.-Thur PAL NIGHTS! 2 admitted for the .price of 1 I HOTEL IMPERIAL Als» ^ shorts

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