The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 12, 1936 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 12, 1936
Page 2
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TWO KLYTHEVILLB, (ARK.) COUU1EU NEWS TUESDAY,-MAY -12, 1930 ~\ ' Social Calendar WEDNESDAY'S EVENTS Mis Whit' Goodman hit Ing Wcdnesdaj ' Biiclfse club ' Sunteun's meeting First Baptist church, 4 P m .Mrs.; M. O. Usrey and Mis. Chester H. Bibcock having P. E. O luncheon MnV'Breakfast'of Woman's Missionary Society, First Methodist church; • on • Inwiv ol U. S, Branson hoinc Church ot 'Christ, 'Bible study and Mrs. Harry Fjltzlus, uroup captains. ' . - ; Arthur Kelson, who condv.clcd the music for. the • evangelistic ineelliig held rccoiilljv •'.discussed the reorfianl/ation of the' cliolr Hi a talk. I U. I), C, To Have A Call MCrllllK < Tlic'-'U:' D. C. meeting Wcfyicajny , morning, 1 o'clock,, M .the hotne o( Mrs., R. S. .Molt, .which .every'.muiiLu !•, to ntt'cnd by tlie president, tho will have a call fl Air-Girdle Globe 1000 Times CHURCH EXCUSES : By O. W, Barium- ifieetlng with Mi's Biirlcy Vrec- man; 2:30 p. m. Altcvr Society of Church of immaculate Conception binjo paily, S P m "!• » n " - THURSHAY'S EVENTS *Mrs E\ctcU B Oee l Thursday Luncheon club iMid-Wcck Bridge cliib' ine'cUhg wtlli Mrs. itsiiTy W. Halncs. •Mrs/ Edgar liorum hostess to .Thursday 'Contract' club. Mrs. ; Samuel C.- Owen" having Thursday Afternoon Bridge, club. vMrs. W.' D.-McClmkln cnlertain- ihg Thursday Bridge club. Women. of tlie" First Clnnch ol iiie'JKaznreito .incetlng at church. < ' if. D. -C; .meeting with Mrs. C. B.'-'Wood, ,at Luxora, 2:30 p. m. ..TJaccnlan'reate sermon choir practice First Baptist church, 7:30 p m FiUDAVIS EVSNTS Wonfan's club' h'nvhig benefit bridge and rook party, nt.lint, 7:30 p in ' American Legion A n x 1 1 i n r j jncctniR at 2 30 at the Hill Music. department. Woman's cTu'j, meeting 3 P. M., with Mrs. R. P. Paddlsoii. MrsV Hendci-son C, Hall, ThJ5- inecting will he followed by the' regular mWtliiR at Hixoia Tlnirsday aficnioon, at the homo of Mftl'C. I). "Wood.* * • »' •. To' Have lihiRo Tarty' : The'iillnr'society of the Clrtirch cf Hie 'Imninciilnlc: Conccplloi has made |>lans for n binno parly V/c'dncsdivy. nlghl B o'clock, »i the t€L'i;il hull. Moslly Personal Junior Hadasssli Has > Members of the • Junior Hadas- Fflh \\cie hostesses to 75 guests jitci Sunday foi a ten at the hut'.lixf carrying out 'the nnnual 'ofts'orv- unce of Mother's Day "by thh or- ;gam>alion Guests «eie from Coming, Manila O^ccola. Port- ngc\illc, Caruthci^ville, biXcsloh. New Midi id, Dcxtel Memphis, Manila;- Urxbra nnd Blythevllle. Miss Anna Oarkovitz of .Port- ngcvillc, president. of the group, •welcomed the quests and Mrs, Ro^e Goldberg ot Osccola, re- F]tondcd foi the mothers Tlio princiual tnlk Avas by Joe Hanover, Memphis" attorney, who used the Mother's Diy theme Miss Evn Becker, of 1 .Slkcston-.playcd a violin. Eolor'.lnd".'Miss Ksthcr Shaln- licrg, of I^en Madrid, ga.\c tf. rcad- ~r'*t 1 t •»*"*! , Refieshmcnts were scnpd from a prettily decorated t.iblo presided o\er bj Miss RoSC Ilubcilstcln, .ol Osceola, nnd Miss Fiancise •Hoscnllml. Scinors Con rlhncnlcd A number, of affairs arc belntr given for. the senior class of the city, high scncol \vliicU will have ih commencement exercises Friday, Mas -9 The fit Hi annual Junior-senior liicnic .wns_-aivcn_ Thursday. After a • swim at' 'Arinnrcl lake the stii- dchUi cf. the. two classes motored to Barficld where sandwiches cakes and cold .drinks \vere served en the tank or the river the Public Speakinj; class, which has a number, of seniors as members, and. a. few .friends had It; third animal, picnic at Big Late The Red Rnzzcos had a flsri fry Tuesday at Big Lake will; the seniors 'as guests of honor, Mr. mid Mrs.' iicriy H. rsrook nnd daughter, Vlrginja, of Mem plils, spent Salurdny iiflcrnoo with • Mrs, Brooks' molher, Mr Allan Walton. . Mr. nnd Mrs, Lewis Wilson .an (laughter, Anna Lou.' of Mcmph! sjicnt. tlie weekend wilh.tlitlr pi> cnts, coming up for Mollicv Joe Fclscnthai, lormeny of he nnd now of Opelonsns, Ln.. came over from Uvownsvlllc, - Tcim.,. to fpeiul Mondiiy with- friends, lie and Mrs/ Fclsenthal -are- spending mine time in firownsville. Mr. nnd Mrs.-. John Ij.- Fox vls- rclatlves In .Little Hock- over weekend. . . Elmer Tirynnt; of-Osccoln, Is a li.illenl nt llic Memphis Methodist, hospital. .E. H. Mann, .of Wilson, has'been nrtmiltcd to , (he .Memphis Jiapllsl hcspltal. Mr. and Mrs,-,C. W:-ll«yncs-<iud children, of Dyersburg, Tenn., .visited Mr. and Mrs. C. -Cox over thi. weekend The condition'of A. li. .-Fnhfleld, who is. quito ill,..Is-unimproved. Mrs. .J. ^Gj Barnes- hns rcturtied Irotn Uciic-hvlNc, where .she visited her Bister for • ten • dnys. Mr. and Mrs.; L. : I.-, Ward : hnd as iheir -i:\ical.s yuslerday jMr. and M'IS, •'!'.,•!). Thompson,' pf-Memphis.;, ,„,,{' , .; ,: , . ';. • I . "Mlsseij'. Lillian-Sltaver nfid Cnt- rlyif Hiilry, who (fncl, In the Manila school, have returned here Tclkivvlitg the close of schnal. Mr. and Mrs. W, S. Lnngdon had as their BiOTls for Hie weekend Mrs. Walter Reynolds and sen, Owen, of Little Rock, .Hoy Reynolds, of the naval school al Exj)ecfs Ei'feclive Stale Progi-aiii W'il Coii'vciniiou Mis Jiimc.s n. Clark, leader! o( ork for crippled children In'this eetlon, Is eiiHhi.sla.sllc over the rogram adopted by the Inler- atlonnl Society for Crippled Children In the 15th nnnual nccllng at, St. LouLs last week. .Irs. Olark nttendcd the mecthiii. A number ol phases nf the work jccullur to Arkansiis were taken IP n (i special meeting and Mrs. nark Is especially pleased with lie Security program lor, dis- rlcting the state. The program vhcn completed as , outlined tt i his convention, will develop orthopedic surgery thi'ougliout tin 'tnte. Arknnsns Is one of five Males which has no coordinate! •ecurlty nrogriun outlined for crip pled children and this lack o Liganl'/aXion has liandicn.pped thi work, reports showed. Hot Springs as H second Warn Sprinss, for crippled children, \vv (llseusscd. According to Mrs. Clm It wits shown that certain bath nt Hot Springs will •'effect th "lone cure- as ; tl!i!'-.\Varm''Spi-inB> OB., baths nnd - Ihat pcopld.slioul try to seiid Arkansas cripples/1 Hot Springs, when this type treatment Is needed. - * Mrs. Clark Is confident that n faction in Arkansas rcgnrdiny il work nmoiiK crippled children wl lie "Ironed, out" following tl meeting, and she believes that tl stale will now curry out (i i complete program. - Jim, thul's my husband, Is iuv-1 lully good at doing wlialcver he can tlilnk of and he is always (stliiKitlng thlngti such as how long it will lake to do a llilng and what II .would cost tnid.whcn he gun to try nnd work out n plan i non-losable churclt-lcltcr, he minenccd to c.stlmiile jusi how any had been lost and how.long would lake and how many pco- ; could be engaged in the work iliulliti; them. Uc heard , some- 10 say that our government..was ying to find employment for cv- •yone who hasn't, a • Job and vcnccbui'B. Tonn,, n quavlal from Dyersbiirg, Tenn., a girls trio and ethers. The Vaivjlin trio consuls of W. B. Wnlbcrt and Mr. and Mrs. Luther Drummond, the latter the former Miss' Louise Smith. Everyone Is invited. HELP YOUR KIDNEYS PROTECT YOUR HEALTH Hcdy I'oisons inff CJcnuinc by Tah- Demoiibtiatioii ('Hub jMewb Nolcb .Cot ton Finds Profit In Strawberry Patch maybe work If some light Job was offered. He now Is work- Strawberries arc seldom Brown ini! day and night estimating how on a commercial scale on delta ":'.•> there arc In. thc'coUon farms but W. S. Cookcr- vs, and should : the ham, ' who operates about 1,000 government decide to create > a acres -hi. the Ktowah community, lost church letter organization ; to has found that they can be a \x known as the U C. L. O, the'profitable, sideline. / number of supervisors, bookkcep-j cotton growing is Mr. Cocker- j crs, stenographers, skilled and un-! | mln . s n ,;,in business but just at, rkilled letter hunters it would present he Is engaged In packing lake. Well, yo" can see what Oils a i )( j marketing the berries from A \ Is going to run to, nnd it Jim, 1 three-acre patch. Although Jack I that's-iny-husband. Bets It ".<SU-'ef ,- a tiv has held down the size of j Ben:-.: =, Fouler Drus: blore, IIigH- inaled, who knows Ihcy may send;the berries to some extent the wa y Cllt Ualc ' Kirtl >' I)rn!r slor0 ' him to Washington as chief esll- mmtlly. has'been excellent and he Mair. «'"' «»'«••• Kol»'ison '"'"if estimates tha he will get 800 24- Co., .Illylhcvillc; l.cms I'lmrnucy, uttes If >ou aie good at I »«": Comirt• I'liurmaoy. Uoler anil arithmetic- >ou can ngmc out that Midland; Stewart & Mcvnrt, tlie cash 1 return per acre is highly Manila. ;aiisfactory. Mr..; Cpckcrham snys', C ' Y laboratories. Inc., M«»|™V subs anthl put of. FOR THE BLADDER hialor. by (he Rcy the Arinorel giyon Sunday night Cecil Meadows, at mplisl chi rcli The ten graduates ol tho tenth rride lie Maul Inn Hirrlwn Anni Fjiicst Rjan lliith Flckkb . Catherine McusG A' 'thousand : trips arbuml .the \\oild alo chnlkcd up to the cvciUV 'Ol. these six. nllrnctive'air Mc\Vaydcss'QS t 'scnlors.,ot..U)iilcd Ail lines lnsv>oikcd plolt Jor triovcj \han tluc'o yearfl'aud Ihey • have' 1 n tolal ot 2,500,000 miles of. flying as their record. No similar number ol women ]>ilols can cqnril their lime in the air. Miss Jlc'ss is Midwest chicl anil- Wss Cimple Ii;isl • ..chief. . I»S Mother's -Day. with Mrs. Tanner's mother, 'Mrs. T. J. Mahnii. Mines. R.--..P. . Klrshncr, . James H. Hell nijil, Uyrpn Morse were, in | " '' ' Memphis" Saturday. . Mines. C. 'W. Aflick. M:ix D. Miller of Helena, ami Harry Kirly, \vcvc In" Mcmuiite Saturday. Hill Farm News. Mrs. N. Spencer, of Mempli spent, lust week with her inothi Mrs. Ira... Hichaidcon. ; Miss Ocraldiiie Holt Is 111 U week. ' ; j | Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Jolly have announced the marriage of 'their daughter, Franklc, to Lester Goodwill. The wedding was solemn- i/cd at Oticeola on Mny 9. Mis 1 ; Mablc Yntcs anil Eugene Jolly were [lie attendants, Mr. and Mrs. HeiTliel 1 n't spent the week-end \\ilh the for mcr's parents, Mr. and Mis. l)c; Hale, at Dyras. Mr. and Mrs. llfimnr Moslcv had as llicii guests Sunday the .Misses' Mnblc and Lavadu Richardson, J. T. Islington. Vei'gi! Necdhain, Viirdie Vcnion, of GO!J nell inut George aiid Huold Hob orison of Yarbro. l •Mrs. Vcss Robcils. of • Chlu nlC Moan Chili. The Women's Home, Remonslra- Ion club of llulc Moon, met Ture Iny nt Iho cannhig center with en members present.' -A demon(ration wus given by Mrs. J. W. "citlock of hats, purser,, and rug miking from oran-je nnd onion ;arks. ' •... II. was reported limt the belter iicmcs tour had, been held, and hat niany new ImprQvcnici'.ls |uid t^en made. Some.- hoiises hav^ been imlnlcd. tome remodeled. Others have lidded new rugs, crr- lalns, lee.boxes and other things. Much ink-vest has been taken among the, , members : l.n -ralslnj chickens; and canning. Some have nlready canned spinach, mus t^rd and turnip greens. H wa i'epcrt?d that several showers had been given,' that a booth was being planned- tor the connly fair and thai much interest was being taken hi quilts, fancy work and ether articles which [;o to make a good exhibit. Mum nidcnoui I ickcns Ji D S Mi\ Witsrn , James Jewell- .Lyon, Mildred Mitchell, Minnie V. Ki.sscll and .Richard li, Roy Graduates grade chss well, from the are: Johnson Uchvillc Downing. eighth L here Black- lion. H. B. it will piy " MJU-) timru |j 111 in i the cOit of making his cotton crop, M-ukct'ng his picicnted no dlf- fleuillcs is home gio\\n berries nppiicnll} a\fc SLVCC Mi Cocfc- orhain -has contracted With the Kiogci and Hggl> Vtigelj stores to take most, of his produc- Lucas, Charles Graham, George W. I'ruilt, Thomas Samr.el Hale. Sylvia Ditnlap and Dixie Lou Randolph. Mrs. Mary Ella Criddk Dies at Home Near Cooler Fcndler Will Address Graduates at Armorel COCTER, Mo.—Mrs... Mary Kllfi Broderlck Griddle, 83, died at her home near this city Friday after a lengthy illness. •• ', ; She was a resident of this county for over 40 years and for several years was a teacher in the llollnnil .school. Funeral services were held from (he Catholic churcli of Cnrulhers- ville of which she was n member, at 10 o'clock Saturday morning. Interment was made at Little Prairie Cemetery. She is survived' .by her husband, E. T..Critld'.c, one! sen, Jack, of near this city, one| daughter, Mrs. Geraldinc Macklin of Stcele, a brother, T. E. Brodor- ick, of Cnrulhersvlllc, and a sister, Mi's' liiz^tc Slinkard,' of Carthage, Mo. '' I,.- .'• •''•;• Singers Will Gather Sunday at New Liberty Singers of Mississippi county. Ark., and -Pcmiscol cornty, Mo, will gather iicxl Sunday at Niw Liberty, five miles south of -Bly-- Ilievillc, for an all-day convention. There will lw a number o! special attractions, Including tho James D. Vaughn Irlo from Law- Operetta Thursday night, 1:30 P. M. Clear Lake Farm School By Studenls ol the school Admission lOc xes SIR- ONE OF THE-* .FIRST REQUIREMENTS; CRAIG'S DAIRY 'DEMAND CLEANUNESS, FROM TO. END/ f KVEKY DAV THICKS Kodak finishing—any size 8x roll, j finished complclc, 'J8c Post caul liholograplis, 2 for 25c or SI per dozen. Stamps, C for lOc. Wylie Picture Shop Across From Roxy Theatre The -sanitary coiulilions rind uxlrn [jrccautioiis insure 100 DRV cent W-II'OLESO'AI E CRAIG MILK'for youv children. A Pnoptctl Norfolk, Vii., Byron. Unrthn- Clcar like Farm Schccl Plans Play. .Tlie Clear Late Icmew and children,. Mrs. C. I,. Smith. Mr., and- Mrs. •John Lc Coiiij>lc and Uvo children, of Mcin- lihls, and Mrs. -Martha .Carter, cf Joncsborp.."' •' V Mrs. A. J.. Wicker, of Clcnv I.akc, Is llic of Mr. .a'nd Mrs. George. Carney.- Mrs. Ada-HarRCtt, has been,admitted to the Eye, Ear, Nose nnd Threat hospital nt Memphis. Miss Geraldtnc Ifoll, 'of Marie, has been admitted to the SI, Joseph's licspilal, Memphis. Mrs. JolunSlc Woodslilp, of Wilson, is n. patient, at,"the Memphis Baptist hospital. Mrs. Hunter C. Sims' and son. .Hunter, .'Mrs! ..Eltoii. I'.W.. Kirby, Mrs. W. C. Hlss'inson nml daugh- Farm school j tcr, Uovolhy Joan, were in Mi-m- CoUou Pickets To Play Monday .Niglil On " UI1 have a program TlmrKiftyi phis Saturday. night, 7:30 o'clock, which be featured with an opcrHta axuj playlet "IIcw lhc: : -Stofy -Grew" Mrs. James _M;'While Is -in-chargr of the- picgram in which 1(1 grammar school -students mil participate. * * * ; Woman's'Club'" Mans Baiefil Card Tarty . •The Woman's club Is sponsoring ti benefit, bridge awl rook parly ft the hut Pridaj night, the proceeds of \vhich iwlll be «s«l for the building indebtedness. There, will be a~prizc for each table and refreshmenls will be served,-Mrsi E. P, Klomcycr, pres- Sfipnt, ha$ announced. Rcscnations maj be made with Mrs. Joe S. Dillahuntv, Miss Jewel Maxwell and M W. McGhco, both ot Cosntll, 'ttvt married Sunday 1 'atlsrncon" In a ceremoty performed, at the home of the «?•>» V E Cl •*! hnl. pas- lor. of ilic Like Street Methodist church, who 'read the service. * * * T. E. 0. In Mc'ci Chiipler "D" of the P. E. C. ^ill have tt luncheon meeting Wednesday id the' home P! Mrs M-. O. Osrcy when Mrs. Chester R. Babtock -aill be co-hostess.. Chcir Has._ft SuDfcr I'arty' The choir of the First Bap church had a supper party anil bUEincss . meeting' Monday night st the chwlirfrhcn the S5 prrr, cnt included 'husbands and wive of the Inembcrs .and three olhc Miss- Minnie Foster, Miss L«e and ML^S Marie Fox, the latter,two ofrAshevHIc, N. C. In the mcciing ^hlch followed supfcr Mrs. W, rt. Wlliioms was elated -vvtsloerit Miss Emmalinc Ptjc, secretary, Mrs. Russell Flaa ] 1 Mr. and Mrs. W. T,. Homer and son, Jack, were in Wtieatlcy, Ark.. fcr Mother's Day, with Mrs. Hoi- nr.r's parents.' Mrs. A. C. Ward, formerly of here innd now. of Kansas City, is in llic city fodny. Joan- \Viiijnrh.:-of • P-atiijiiVuld, Is (lie pirost of Mr. and Mrs.-llnrry Klrby for several - days,^ Mrs. T. J. •'Mnbnn'.'.-who has been ti'iilc' ill. since: i&vudny, is! greatly improved Cbdny.- Mrs. Mnx.D. Mrtler'hnr.-rcliun- ecl to Helena- after spcndin;. a fc'.v days ,.here. '"Mci, Milter remained lor ^several.,n.iorc dayi. Bernard Gooch is ill' from' Influenza and complications. Mivs ; porpthy_Evnns has rcturn- ccl< to her Ji'oiiJe'if! WiEon alter spending several days, with Mrs Antic Stevens Potter. * Mr. and Mrs. \\. B. Tanner and •son"; 'Jimnxlc, -liavi" "rctniicd to :helr home in Helena'after spcnd- The Dixie CoUvm Pictevs, 'producers of "foot-niovin rhythm" for Mlsili-slppl' : iivel-""cs'cinviloii crowds for several years", will play aboard .(lie Strackfus Steamer "J. S." next Monday'night when the big beat comes to Sans Souci landing, 'jclow O-sccbhi. A 12-Piccc novelty troupe, the Colton Pickers of"er not only n high grnde. lypc : of dance music but. improvise Ihcir own . novelty numbers to i)ut zest into out trips on the J. S, Next Monday night's dnlicc excursion will. be held under the joint sponsorship ot the niylic- vllfc ' American Legion Auxiliary unit and Elliott Fletcher chapter of the U. D. C. Mrs. C. G. Hed- nwii, for the Auxiliary, and Mrs. J. B. Clnrk. for the U. D. C, .ire charge of ticket sales. The boat ,will leare Sans Souci land- lug..-three and one-half miles lie low Osccolu, at 8:30'n. in. and will return nt about mcl, vlsilrd her daiiMhter, MiS Johnnie Miller, last week. Odls Roliannon and family, Osccolu, have moved to tl\is vic- inily. ''>" I5oylc Clay entertained tlie yoni'.'Jt people with sii!3inx Kt the home of his nicillier, Mrs. M. A. Clay, Si'iiday night. The Demonstration club met Friday at (he home of Mrs. D.' P. Hall, Nineteen members au;l two visitors were present. .' (JHfTord nml Edna Mosloy spt-nl (lie week-end v\Uh Mr. nnd Mrs. Jack Dobert.son ol Hiclgclahd. '• Girardeau Man Cooler Commencement Speaker COCTKH, Mo.—Forrest H. Roso, of Southeast Missouri Stale Tca- ihers college. Cape Girardcan. wjll deliver the commencement- addrer-s to the Cooler high school graduating class here Thursday night Sunday morning the 13 m (if the class and a large nimibci of vtsllors heard the Rev. Cfci Meadows, of Armorcl, Ark., giv the annual luccnlaureate :-ermon Drs. Wert &. Wcrt Over Joe Isaacs' Store "WE MAKE 'EM SEE" : .'. . '•'..] Phone. CM HI) Ol- 1 THANKS V/c desire to express our sincere Appreciation for the ninny expressions of .sympathy and the many acts of kindness by our TrU'wls in our ucrcnvcment in Hie loss of our 'dearly beloved husband and father, William G. nakcv. Mrs. Eva Dakcr, Mr. and Mrs. Arch Lindsey, Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Smith iMolhcr's D.'ly Special 8x10 Kramcil' rnrlniil 5 0 And This Co',|,o,i Groups 50c Kxtra Offer Good Only Until May 13 HICI.T'.S ART S'l'lHlio : Oscar FciKllcr, local attorney, vlll clc?livcr llic coinmenccniciit ail- Ircss of the Armorcl junioi hi2h 'clinol Friday DiglnV 7:30 (o'clock The bnccaliuircn'tc sermon wav ALL THRE JSeforeyouBuy any Low-priced Carf 100% DOUBLE HYDRAULIC BRAKES PRICED WITH THE LOWEST... 510 UndUp.lilUI t*t\nr,. Detroit I'«K nisTiNCTivi; HKAUTY SKKVIfK Call 10R MAKGAUKT'S IIKAUTV SllOt' Insram Bide. U. D. C. f.ttian Flrlthrr Chapter _• — and —. .ifttcritttti l.i-c'ntn ^ii.\illniy KITE PRICES Every day on Food. Flour, Meats. Groceries. Frcsli and Produce, Fancy nnd Staple, any quantity. For. convenience >7C .oftcr "I'ra- fil Slnriiid 1'rolMlivc Credit" Come In or 't'lionc .. RITE PRICE GROCERY .Phone 23! . \\'c D 'OJTT TAKK OUR word on safely. Sec for yourself. 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