The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 20, 1934 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 20, 1934
Page 3
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BLYTOEVILLE, JARK.); COURIER NEWS p O E There Am Novel lies Galore in This Year's New Motor Cars g^g.-thc_Mgtto.rl».U L .._.__._ ; " M * Introduced In New^Srs t Front Wheel | Ipnng Suspension Is jmpha sized. IIY ISRAKI, KI.EIN Service Staff Correspondent W YOHK, Jan. 20.- You've enough about so-called -action" on the new c:>rs of to be prepared for this iuno- i. But there Mill are moie ises coining—radical changes (Kly design: new ventilation two new sixes, one under a name;. besides improvements iing comfort, steering, engine Eiy. headlighting and many failures. alest technical interest cen- bout the much-touted "knce- or independent .spring sus- >n of the front wheels. But! forward until you see some of the xxlies—such as the Chryslers. >e Solo, and some snort "mod- thc Hupmobilo. . ( iter Chrysler has gone en- uncoriventloiwl. He lias >ed all the former models in Jhryslors and Ue Solo for a that has been pushed for- nearly 20 inches, in relation c wheels, and that represents nost advanced of streamlining yet ventured. y his Plymouth and Dodge :an be reconciled as related e automobiles of 1933. ' Drastic Changes Made j -re is a moic acute .slant to ••Indshic-M and the hack. The | or curves backward with that hides all but the lenses e headlights An example of the "knee action" in ihe new automobiles is this coil spring and lever combination shown on a Iront wheel of tlie new Plymouth. There is nc front axle; tlie wheels act independently a< each other' anti smoother riding Is said to rcii.ll. Orcatcr vision for the driver is i-Horded by this new-tyue windshield oil the 1934 Ilupmoouc. There's more slope to the front, ar>c' the sides are "beveicd" back, bringing the from pillars fanner to the rear. N'o longer will your baggage crowd you in thc rear 01 tin 1 car. Tor. as this picture .shows, ninny of the new curs have room for equipment behind the rear seat. Tne li.ick nf Die seat raises up, ns in the Uotkc shown here. Tilt same space. Is reached from the rcai In other cars. Roosevelt, Today you can drive a V-8 fifty Apilculuiial Hccov-.iliousand miles and then, instead ".IvanciMl ine iann.|i:f Duyli.j, new parts, you can ,'lr cotton, diive your car to the nearest >et In in; i-Vird deafer and ho will install a localise ol ^ laulory rebuilt ci.plnc. Your car A Ford. < rive oir to anofner nfty thuu- we Intro- fund nnios or more." the sale . ' 7 , r ! r ,, n (l ,|| enuiii' mulel T am . Kiln. Of course, mice • tad th,. new FQ..J v,. .... .„„, linns look u ni»:ljie. ij nrl s!> |,., have (July liicn-x.-d -shir,. lhl , I'l'iiU'i- (jot bad: into his u!d Ford." "In (he old (My*," continued Mr. Diicku'iirth. "nit,.,- n car hud uicn (Irlv.ii twenty-five Ihousiind miles, It ni-tileil IKK Hats They suckle animals, not birds, tlielr young at their „ „ ,..,.,, jv.uij wt 11.VII bteasis and arc classed by ZM!O- L'isl S ;iLi HIII 11-.,.. ._.„!_ J Local Dealers Experiencing Brisk Business in Trucks "Vi/" r n- AMI!-'" recciv «l tr\ rrame Uives Added models are While local dealers who have not" their stock of 1934 Stability; "Pitching Eliminated experiencing a brief ,u . u,.. ^Ajjtutijuiuy a onel ,, lull in the passenger cnr husincss. sales have continued to be Unusual strength is a feature of; [the chassis of the 1934 Chevrolet.! --.-—. [according to Tom A. Little of the! de. the car discards thc con-1 Sliouse-LVtle Chevrolet Co who ual seating structure for the, placed the new model on display' n type of chroinium-plntcd I here yest^rdav ' work-ultra-modern in all re- Tne , rameworh of thc ncw to thc car. B attached by levers, or what nl Motors calls "knees," to rame and the wheel in such that; while 'the wheel may r drop from a bump, the car remains level. •re are no '"knees" on the wheels—so what happens to iissengers in thc rear still is b!em. Except, of course, in ise of the Chryslers and the )to, which swing the passen- little forward of the rear brisk and all dealers reported satisfactory business during the jxiit two weeks. W. T. Domett, local Dodge dealer, recently delivered two ncw panel delivery trucks to the Ely-' tiievillc Baking Co., ns additions IP their fleet now serving tills territory. Tlie Kelly Contracting Co.. of Kennett. Mo., recently purchased a new Dodge 1'i ton truck from Burnett for use in their business and other Dodge I'.i ton trucks ... 1 been delivered by Barnett to Recovery Associated Transport Co. of Lifting o{ Depression in Micl-Soutli Puts Back in Service. Them MEMPHIS. Tuni -Thousand's of Ford cars have returned to the do? The lower the price of cotton :cll. the heavier uii'ame the dust and cobwebs whle'i shrouded them like some wicked ;-]-cll. But a new dn.v came to pass. Early In the full. "King Cotton," filled and abetted by the U'lt Agricultural Kecovery Pro- iriun raised his hrv.d on high and titan to smile a(,r.ln. lioal dol- larf begun to How !mo the south- ti'i) farmers' cij'pl; pockets. Fords 'if all kinds and vinliigu were immediately pushed oil their blocks, 'lasted, polished ncw parts added litre and there, am! with n UIIT ri the old crank. t!,cy rolled out In Louis. Two Dodge commercial Another important improvement \ Thc " ew Plymouth for 1934 will „ ni ? hfinW7" r";'-":" »' i.vtl.e revolutionary new engineer-i ^ on , <ils P'»y ^rly next week at : me , B 5 ' S M ^ ^ "'VJ 10 ' J»E ] principle known as "knee ac- :lhc sll °«'rooms of tho'W T n, r .i mc .'!!. mi5 !»ess, Mr. Barnclt said. , nett Auto Sales Co. it i local dealer. 1 The manufacturers Among the outstanding im- luiell Also Has "Knees" :k's "knees" are somewhat r to the Chrysler type, but General Motors care have coil springs placed in oil-, cases, along with a -set otl anrt >y shock absorbers. :k, probably, will follow suit, tyiw of suspension used by power st of the- family " tion' wheels. Each of the front wheels is independently attached to Ihe frame through its own individual spring. This eliminates the rigid front axel and lon» stiff springs and makes uossthlr the use of much softer coil springs By making the front springs as £(ift ns the rear of pitching has This feature of construction is' said to result also in shockless trol is completely isolated''from °iV ° f - Si - 8ht ' The windshields' on all down wheel movement. Although a demonstration model .-need todayly^. T. 'Sirnctt^, 'SL^n^^ IT",^!^- ^ ^'^ '» ^"*™ rountry roads. Tlslr sure sign of liiospedty was King Cotton.' teamed together I W. P. niick'vorli- manager of " RooscvL-li Agricultural [the Memphis Ford plant, when In- Pi-ogrwn. nrvlewed as n U'c L .ju. ct of the Tennessee, in Mississippi, In I 'cvlval of Iiirmcr.-' Fords on Ml all over ihe south, old " imrany. said. "We hnve naturally followed th'.:, revival with keen Interest. !t Parted in a mild ".ay last summer when Ihe first > ^ ii _ cotton was being j.lcked It Kiiin- ;o rest on a set of woc'den 'blocks! ' 6 momentum cs ijit crop matur- ;n cow sheds, cor'.i cribs or what |?crds long idle nntier Ilia depression, arc bristling v.-ith new n'cllv- express ity. Most of these can,, when the tiucks have been purchased by depression was at" its'"pca'k,"weri^ C ' M ' 0 " was not. Tires deflated, engines idle, SllOUEC-UttlC new models Chevrolet Co., . local n ncw day. They could not no i; Ur n ],:iy alK | . ll]L ,y n . 0 , M not eat for | (.cm. w]mt werc .,,, lmm;vs la * e se ' for some time nnrt *m.» if A A A THE FROST-PROOF The ncw Chevrolet valve-in-head engine develops a full 80 horse- giving car speeds up to 80 : ""frnn/Ti" lvil \ tte ^'.Ing'Of been' delivered' a crank. Ihe car also has a safe- farmer living '•-"" .body, hydraulic brakes and ville. and to J. Y. Turner. Dell I planter. Both will be used in gcn- ks and passenger cars. Among ,.'. those who have recently purchas- ! new Chevrolet, ',.'. ton e<l nclv Ford-V-3 cars arc B A ' for light delivery scr-' Lynch, president of the Farmers CRACK-PROOF Other y. -(on 'trucks have Bank and Trust Co.. Henry Brink- '• to P. F. Michael, ' 0 V ot Oscrala. Ihe Nabers Trailer.' of Blythe- Co - nr Memphis and Carl Bass of • ElytliL'Ville. j A ncw Ford V-8 truck with' Joyner & Ronifielcl hird type of "knees" is of-.' 1 ™') anv . --inl equipment by Jin Chevro:ei cars : n-Terraplanc Here the from A radically Improved brakin/ s not discarded entirely. system with cable control o all' ead. it is divided into two lour wheels is also c?a ,ed Brikpi as. between which is a rec- ining has been increased over SO' 1 ' lar link which permits one! to comnensate for the ?re\ter cir' f the axle, and thc wheel it speed. New brake fhces wUh im : ' "'- moved lining make thc brakes 1 longer lived, safer, and smoother 1 in operation, and they are equip- • . .. 1' wcl «'ith a dust .shield'which nn> ct tins same type of spring-!'.-Is them from dirt mu imi i the ncw SK Nash Ls bring- 1 -f- and maintains an o icien it-the LaFayetle. named af-, braking action in anv weatl e,• i hash's classy LaFayette of! _ "eainei. i J'ears. ] , i LaFayctte and two new six=! ^'^ K 'akcn t will "carry the Auburn nanuv his year's infants. There's \'.. :g exceptionally different ncw cars, except ... .... .,_„.,. _ ... s'noothly to rosuond lo a bum]) inde- ntly of (he other side. Hudson Has "A\lcflc\" son calls this "axleflex.' You - s, T1 'e new Ford V-8 for 1934 has tlie Phillips Motor Co 'j'"" |nut;i - Ji(1 n<l Courier News Want A ds. FORD V-8 for 1934 THE CAR OF THIS MODERN AGE Heller Performance New Ventilation System • Distinctive New Appearance Greater Riding Comfort PROVEN MERIT No Experiment IMMEDIATE DELIVERY Phillips Motor Co. Authori/ed The NEW PLYMOUTH SIX Others, like! Choker, have a slot half-way! ? the top of the front window i , r "nt and rear windows, and ! ncw cars, except that TJI- : Ameers ray the air comes in one, tc has an L-head engine in-'., "^ ?."" slic!cs smoothly out! of the regular N'ash valve- rf, t t M r ;villlout discom-' ad. and it embodies thc "ax- '", 1'°.] , crE - bi!t keeoing the! " type of knee action. There Th T ' re ?P. nt n!1 times. | " ' on the ncw Auburns. I .,..„,.„ p rc , thc ^^tanrlinr; Im-i • io>cmcnt» for 19.H. but there ar« snr.nv more novelties al(hoii"h not' .10 5i»niiieant as "knee-action" and! vfmifUion. i Manv of tlie cars, for example ' IIVP the ncw type of cross-beam I hiadhghtlnj. by which the lights cii'=i each oilier and the right cam can be deflected while pass"'« an approaching car Will Re On First of Nrxt wheel springing * ieel hody : smallest cars will continue thc Austin, thc little Willys. Continental's "Beacon" — all Continental has decided to its Ace and Flyer models. sixe-s, and roiiccntrale on the Sidcswav Is Overcome I In place of "knees." thc •n Fnorts a transverse front ,'. like Ford, and two longitu- cantilcver springs in thc re's only one shock absorber.' center, which Continental j oers say h even more effec- han two nn the sides, fight- .gainsl each other when the ways. some of the larger cars, like s. De Solo, and LaSalle. side- is being overcome bv means )ar across thc rear. • cars. ihcn. can take curves gh speeds without throwing ear passengers In a heap to •Mc~ parlially. at least, course, practically all new oblles will follow the lead of a l Motors and Fisher body some sort ol ventilation ar- nent. Kfepj Air Fresh like Ford and Lincoln, will 8 narrow vertical opening ai > extra turn of the window T^ Most Careful Driver h Always at thc Mercy of a Reckless One Vfur only protection frnm brnvy d.^masps is l.^bilily nnrt I'ropcrt.i Ham age Ir.- rurancc In a strong company First- National Insurance Agency Central Insurance Thonr 4ft6 This year—let's be comrnrt-bU! Let's ride smoothly, evenly, swlflly. in safety! Don't let a small-car p=c':cttook keep us from enjoying a "b:3-car" ride. Every low-price cnr buyer can now have a car that's a rca 1 satisfaction to own and to drive. Every Plymouth model—m matter what the price—has Plymouth's new h dividual wheel sprl lining. There's no axle to transfer shocks from one «'h:cl to another. There's ry more of tne jo.ting, Jounclnj, r.ose-boun.-ini "Iramp" that a rough road rsed to develop in a low-pncea car! Plymouth has ended the bumpy ride. Ana ihe bij, husky. 77-l:orscpower motor is cradled in Koatinj Power cngim mountings. Yon get fmcollmers—because in Fbattnj Power engine mountings you have tlie only Kisie solutioii" 01 engine vibration; Then look at Ihe body-lfs O f ste:l. reinforced with steel; Protection, at r:ll times. Long life and quiet, tool All joints ore permanently welded together; they can't work loose to weave and rock. And try hydraulic brakes just cncc. Sec how they arid lo the thrill of driving Smooth, sure,' positive stops every time! Br.ikes can never Become imc<.ualized . . . b-c.n-', the pressure must always be the fame on all four wheels linings, too— Longer life fiom your brake because pressure Is equal., Yes, this new Plymouth lias everything me American family wants. It has comfort It has powar. Tt has safety. It's the Best Engineered Car in thc Low Priced Field. Now On Display CHEVROLET Pwsenger Cars and Trucks FOR 1934 W.T. BARNETT AUTO SALES 117 E. MAIN PHONE 8SS KN'F.K ADTIOX I.ONGKR H'HEEUi.VSi; IHGGER FISHER IIO»ll-:s I1LUE STRKAK KXOI.N'K SO HORSEPOWER-SO .11II.ES PKIt IIOUK 1'ASTKR ACCELERATION K'-, GREATER ECONOMY AT TOUKING SI'KKIKS 1XC«EASED SMOOTHNESS AND QUIETNESS NCW. LARGER AU.-WKATIIKR HRAKFIS SJIART .NEW STVMN« IVI'ICALI.V I.OW CIItVHOI.ET be satisfied with any other low-priced car SHOUSE-LITTLE CHEVROLET GO.

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