The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 19, 1930 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 19, 1930
Page 6
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mwm^fiw---.-'^''^ • ||||||i;V;. ( v-..^ BLYTHEVILLE. (AR&): News of file Blytheville Sqhopjl IN The following pupils had perfect; attendance''for the second month ;ta Sudbury' school: IB—Eloise Barnes, Lura Davis, Junior: Bujarskl, Donald Esles, William Trench, Harvey Morris, Herman .Posey,''Albert Sallba,El- : llott Saliba, Sam Warrlngton,' Heischel Besharse, Margie Anderson, Freida Haulam, Betty Joan lllh- son, .Helen Henry, Shirley Rogers, Emma Lee Barger, Ruby May Collier. • 1A—William Cavashere,'J. B..Elder, E. T. Landon, Clyde Matheny. Tuesday ud Wednesday Wanted .by tho American Public — John Mack Brown in ILIY 3. O.Parlmbre, .Richard Bweot, Nioral Byreahs, Mary Joe Fisher, Rachel Forsythe,. Gladys- Johnson. I 2B^J. W. Brown; Tiierman Tin-j ker, Raymond Wilson, Peggy Burks, i Marie Dootey, Peggy Jean While, June Workman^ JEIle.n .Love English, Edna Slae :B«rsh»res. • 3B-Juntor< Blatkwell, Jack Foster, Paul Saixford, Clint Wheel, Billy Woolen,' "Dorothy Cross, Margaret Davis, Pauline Haulum, Mary Van Worsley, , ' . .'.'-. 3A-Charles Drake, Charles' Jordan, Joe Keller, Malcolm McDermott, Paul Pullam, Charles Pur-tie, T. M. Yeakey Jr., Nellie Boswell, Eugenia Crawford, -.Irene Joyce, Louis . Lovelace, Eloise Ra-' mcy, Betty Sallba, Betty Sue Sml- bury, Christine Scott, Pauline Vern. 4B—Fred. Burgerson, -Edward Boird, Howard . Besharse, "John Brown, Irivln liarger, Sammye Collins, Tom Ed 'CUftou, Ollfton For- sytlic, Bobble,,Holt, Lucius Lenden- nle, Earl Noble, S. 0, Posey. Avon' Wilson, C. V.'-Work, B>n McWhite, Edward .Webster, Margaret Jane Actonj Irene" Dawson, Ora Sue-Ea-. ton, Dorothy Hyde, Mary Ann Nabers, Blllic Joyce. Payne, Lei a Bell Ross. Burma Bobbins, Joyce Som- crs, Ruth Secoy. 4A—Jill Burton, W. H. DaVls, Jack Jenkins, Byron Smith, Vernon Thompson, Edward Workman, Eloise Blythe, Imogen a -Dooley, Sal-lie Jo Joyce, Polly Nash, Jane Nlr cholson, Ethleyne Roblhspni' Allca Sallba, Rebecca Saphiah. Virginia Scott, Rose Lyn Yales. SB—}l6well.-Ailey, Walter Arnold. Thomas - Qipson, Hershel Oldham, Marvin-Sudljury, Tommle, .Tinker. Bonnie Jeari -Buchanan, Mary: Joe; Buchanan, U'n'fVlhUred Crawford,, Louise Keller, Helen-Lovelace, Sue' Ramey, Josephine' Saleeby, Minerva Sallba. '•' . -.-' • ; .',"• A—Leroy Brown, William Ha'r- Carl Hughes, 1 Arthur-'Patter-' i, Jolly Sp*rk», Sybji .Brackln, Sylvia Buchanan; Winyie Harwell, Estelle HawksV^Bessle Henryj. Ruth Lindscy, Jessie' Irene Livingston,' Jane McAdams/.Eyolec Nash, Fron- Many Enrolled ,, in. Junior High . A ' . TX . ' ••' 'JT • Of the two hundred,and Uiijrty student*; in Junior High'Khoo).''one hundred and eighty-nine ara'iaV Ing art. Ninety of this'number are from the 7-B classes^'The work be'- came so heavy that, the te'icher of this department, Miss Vflda Adcock,, h« Mis* Edna EarJe'-Whjle to a'sslst her. The' sec lions', are still crowded, however, because . of-the fact that only two periods are given with the 7th and 8tf) grades alternating day*. •:.. . ', ••,.-. Jit Is not the »oie aim of this department to. product'.artists however, some outstanding talent Is shown. The chief aim is to'make art an everyday, giving thing with the child. He leanis.a sense of harmony and.balance that helps him! In his varioui relationships A special effort Ls made to correlate art with his. other; studies, arjd' projects. Community aervlce is also encouraged as is sjVpwn In the making of posters. for the 'Red Cross, good, health campaigns, and other drives. Students art given an opportunity to pursue their own Interests in so far as It;is possible. .Their crude beginning*' may ultimately resMlt in creditable -; designs, • car- was /sponsored by'. Wat Hughes, was givin on Armlstloft D»yi. AHimbly (On bugle).Robert Re*der Invocation '... R«y..W. a, 1 Harwell Intfoduciloa /.. Mri LlicUe Hatey .Talk <he meaning • of . Armistice ^o a mcther .'. Mrs. C,-/^'.crlggef Song: "Keep.ihe Home Hrt<J Burning ..,,,.'...,-.•..;.-..,;., all Piano Solo .....Miss Leooie'Calecutt Vocal Solo ;•..,.. Mrs. George Lee Introduction of Speaker .'..«; i Crairtijrd' Greene Talk .../-Leifl»'cherry Reading ."The Recessionary •• '••.'.-.. Miss VeWa* Adcock Taps (On Bugle;,.. Robert Rsoder • Friday, November .the 7th, the 8-B-2 Mutk- clasie^ vWttjl High School to.hear.'Darnroeh Educatlon- ,ftl program! broadcasted oveY N B. C. Network. They , heard "The Surprise .Symphony" by Hyden. 'The Hoar of the Lion,* 1 from The Carnival of the Animals by Saint fiiens,' 'Tlie -Whit* -Knight:'' Irom Alice In Wonder .Land, by'the American Composer 1 'Taylor';' -Tho Dance af the . Autumnal."! "Tick .Tock," by.; Straus and 'The Ansslan Dana" from."The Nut Cjackc'r Sweets by StoBliy.. "•'• • , Tlie 8-B-" ciUV^'had the assembly program November 10,:wjth Peace as the ' Btneral- toplr. "Flanders Field" wag given by 'N. B.- Menard; "America 1 *; Ans.wer" by Helen Ilnr: w.ii. "rw- whi.-. .,„ jung'bj. nji. Ou»rd;: A War NEWS j^N|DAY._SOvl]3ER 19, "* The money stcel be the opportunity to a great advan the -.rt de, of good books In ob- ccrvance it Good. : Book Week be •' ?uinlng Nov, 16th- . , Tk.1 following students took part in an Ait Program.; presented by 8B2: Ruth Burks, Bill MbKenzie, Armanda Thrasher,. Luclle. Bourland. At the end of this. program several art collections, planned by he iiudents, were displayed by dif- rent pupils. ' au aitorlumThc folow ng win be given with Wallace Beery anrl Karl Dane Matinee —' 2 o'clock : ,:, iO and-'30c. ; Night-^6:45 an.d 8:30 : 15 and 40c. : pMEMATRE • • Tuesday, Wednesday & ^ .-. ' "Tlmrsday lyn Smart, .Ju r anlta Sml^lij Emma Sue Stewtart. .Helen .Walnwrlght, Margaret Williams, Nina Wilson, Marjorlc Wood.' '"&.'?:.•;• • SB—Homer Basnears, Clayton -. Fowler, Hubert Fow|er, Simon, Marilyn,'BlacknjeU 1 --.N6rma 2row, Roberta: ! Qraham, .Opal Me-.- Parlarid, Cleo Ozment,'',Irene-Tin-' kcr, Nancy.-Kir»hner;,',^Carl Lay,' Lloyd -Hognn, George Orear, Chas^ Elfrank. Dixie Mack, Henry Wilson, Theodore Payne, Charles WOfid, Roland'Hunt, Au£e E. Edwards, Ruth Rhode*. .:•'.. 6 A—Dick Bums, Golan- Douglas, Ralph Haulum. Alvln; Ledbelter, 0. A. Martin,.Earl B.'Shjfder, BUI Turner, Roland ' WtUlania,': Helen Marie Olpson, :ai»dyi .'."• Hamners, Eula tvliidd, Nancy CUlre McCauley!" Dtatrloe ' 'pldham','"Kmmallrie FflRc. Lorratoe Secoy, 'MHrgaret Wright, .Mary, Sue ,'WlUlngham,- Orbver Clifton:' ••;-'.-: : \> rjivi.;-" 1 -}-..' •. V. The Industrial „._ strong appeal for' many .... and some very good work Is done in this field,V : Every year a. number of .take prizes at tht county i»u,-^uu cont«il?'bf various kinds. The type of work, entered In the. future is hoped,to excell that pf-^e past; •<.. <: quite.possible that some'of •the students from this departirient will some day be leading cartoonists, designers, Illustrators or-'ar- chitecta."Th«re are «veral, thoinh' no longer connected .with'- tiuY school, yho are still pursuing'their of mention. It s honed'that th,e Iftr'' tie vision' galne^ ln s ; Junior. High 'School wlU be enlarged as the'Etui ident progresses In', his work, .thereby enabling him to be more happy' .and appreciative ln''hls sphere.'ot- me - ':.-^^"':^i.^m Junior. High ,•'-/.'. The 7-A^class got out at ^Sd'frrl- day .aftCTrioon, Nfnrember.. ft,'- for. having had perfect attendance for five .consecutive days. < : A great deal of ttoie will be spent by the 7-B-3 English class on .the study, of good books, 1 beginning .with the week of Nwenib^r 18, .to bb;eryance 6f Good Book W^ek. • Anna 'Margaret Dent -his-been' ill at' her home' for ley^ralJdajrs'.^auiir fd by i : toruiilectoiriyVat the 'Baptist hotmltal .-In' MemitoU. •'•' : '• -•; "•• '*****'• & *& ' • Clold 8t ^ r Motliers ' Jo. Hinders .Held" by William *' (UP)-A brewifry; in 1600 Is closing 'i. Thrills .... L>.j.-. 'Action". . . • i i-f.^^-i it T j '- n ^t^"c7 *~~sr*t :~T, isco,Te)rtng;and '»[U1. sani.|b^ '&&.;•$ achopl^i—'-y ;'—.'. -:..=l£;.;.'..!.ii:i.':' K^i'^^t?: . I ^^(':?i^ Pi'cs.-^Burnliur'*.v, by 411* ^^it^tiKo Banq«t" ; .by ; Sill -ilcKentie;'. "Tlic Assault!:Heroic" by Lorah Hojan; 'The Fleuretft" Mr. Branch; and Taps.dri..Bugle by Robert. Rccder. - I>i • ti*' hall' • of. Junior • High School <«i'.a; table U-k model of a Bloux Indian ^ll^ge, Thpre a4o two clani b[ Sioux Indians rep- reaentedi'one a.Yankton'represent- ed by .the llglit colored tepees, and the : I4U1.B pom 'Stoujc: representea tijr.. the dark tepcei Thls.'.vl.liaBc is composed /of nine .tepees, and one medicine: 'lodge'. -The : medlclm Iodge : .is ta. the e£ntev; arid Ui? other "(epees.' grouped .around it. Th>re is a background of'trees lii iybtoh, njajfybe^seen, : twb or, (lira" tOMa '• sheds? • -Thare^ Is an Indian oti'Horse' camp.wlille a'few Braves are .seen, grouped arc|und..the, vjlliage.. This Village Is the'first .of *.' number -of-.Indian Bceries 1 to-be nude, by .Hal 'Moore arid N.''B. Menardi -Who are 'in' the B-B-2 art' class, taught by IMisjj'Acl- copt -..- ': • "..',.-.- '-' -..;;..'.. ' taking, indiutrlal art plan '. to exhibit;, their work soon. which consists of many • beautiful plUows, i scarfs,. luncheon "oek, "and other i articles,--'whioft -they liave tn»H.--.-.-{. ..-•:. ..-'-.:ry. •• • >' !. . , . anning' to -.^ v -Tha ' : art' c : pQ6e v '$ome, : cij, ; '«>a/ famous Wh4rtW' A *-^--- ' *^- * — •»-'*- J.V^ ' -'cti ''^ : ;^;.^^^ '•'• See liqtihe %»Vx Gilbert Roland , Comedy and Review Matinee and Night— .10 and 25c. Coming—Friday and Saturday—Buffalo Bill in "BAR L RANCH".; ; Coming—Sunday and Monday •,-rBetty Compson and Jack C(kkie in "STREET . GIRL". :'-,: •• :-«.-... •:....- ,-.... '" Every dollar you invest in buys definite value—value in terms of improvements thivt save time, work and trouble—value so plainly' self-evident that mor'e Frigidaires have:been bought than all. other electric 'refrigerators combined. / ' '-' . s ' And you not only'get definite value but extra value. For you get the famous Frigidaira "Cold Control" "at no extra .cost. You pay nothing extra for-the surplus power of the Frigidaire compressor. You pay .nothing-extra^for the improvements that have. made Frigidaire incredibly quiet. .You. pay nothing extvn for the sound engineering which eliminates complicated parts and the need of factory service. ' You'll be amazed, that you can buy a Frigidaire with all of these features at the remarkably low prices now in effect. Call at our display room. Let" us •give you facts and figures—today: Free Cooking School Now Frigidaire is-equipped with a' special compartment for, freshening'' vegetables -r- the Hydrator. Celery comes out of the-Hydrator crisp and, brittle.- Lettuce- takes on a dew- drenched freshness. Tomatoes become firmer. Parsley, cress and other gar-, nishes seem almost to grow again! Let us . demonstrate, the Hydrator, the "Cold Control" arid the many other Frigidaire -features . that , save time,- \vdrk and trouble. ' Call'at our display room. ;VV W, P. VEAZEY Frigidaire and General Motors Radio Phone 641 • V North Second St. I a[ ' - - -- Piano 'solo—Sarah Pauline Ev- 'Poem—"Thrift", Bessie Sue Arl wood. ' ,-_ '-.-..,• "Ten Commandments for School • Chidren"—Mljdred Ellis, i Play—"Books Speak for Themselves." Lange School The following program was "gh- at 11 o'clock Tuesday by. the Udfen.of Lange school/in com- emoration of Armistice 1 Day. : Song, "America the .Beautiful"; ttylew of .the World War,". Bessie, ue' Arwood; "Peace Quotations/' Irginla Little; / soiig, "keep: the ome Fires Burning," "Geneva, raves, Mary Eunice Layspn, • Len Luttrell, Poem, "On Armistice' )ay," Saran Pauline Evrard;'play, The Siprlt of ArmUtice"; charters: Spirit of'. Patriotism—Dorthy Robertson. • Spirit of 1776— mes Reeves. Spirit of I860—Wil- im Altken. Spirit of 1914—Howd Moore. Red Cross nurse—Mll- cd Loli HufcbardX,Chorus: Gene- Graves, Bessie Sue Arwood. hrlstlne Turner,. Levin Luttrell, irglnla Little, • Mary • Eunice • Layn and Leora McLepd.- :;.' ; Lange Fifth grade- soccer ball am defeated Central Ward team to 2. '•:,:'• . . . • The fourth grade .pupils have "or- nlzed a Reading club with Chas. ngleton president, -Bonnie Jean .elton vice president, Ralph Wa»' am secretary, 'and./Madelene eeves reporter. The. children liaye, nated books to .the/hcinie room jrary. The, club-meets once a ^k and each child reports on his ading during the", week. ' • The sixth grade,. soccer team ayed Sudbury school '^Wednesday ternoon. The scixe.was 13 to 11 favor of Sudbury. , < Tuesday, Nov. : 18,was' P.,'T. : A. y at Lange school. Written- in- ations were sent out" and.a large owd of mothers were present. A ort Thanksgiving • program 'was vcn. ....... •. . ; The third and fourth grades'haye nd tables showing the. : first lanksgivhig feast. :;' . The sixth grade 1 Had a candy and ndwlch sale last - Thursday and' nde (7.69. In all, this grade has ride about »18 selling candy : and The.'Second' grade of Lange school is studying the story of "Peter Rabbit." Therefore the children are- writing a story of Peter ; Rabbit. They have hectographed pictures of the story! Each day they are given a picture to study and .color. For language they write sentences' about the picture for that day. First the children' give sen- tho best ones are -wrlt: bpa'rd and they copy —, the picture. ;When the finished there will be ten These children are learning how to change-money. So for an arltli- 'metic project we are to liavc a store. Each child will bring something to put In the store, and 'paper money will be used to buy with.- ' .. . The sand table In the second gra'de is now a Pilgrim colony. There is a log cabin, an. ocean with the Mayflower, and some clothespin PUgrlm dolls. ;,^' r tor , CCQSt fM !'" c ent1 ^ nev '' WORCESTER,. Mvs , (UI >j, ' E^nesch was » accurate In his alauflw'^"^!.,^ t?? 111 ?; 1914 ,,' predictions for 1930 that His pro- gc7c 1™!,^ UnUd S ,t« thtt houncements for 1931 will be taken k not located on he occin n uka by many without reservations. . or river. ' * Secret Study of Onion '' Gives Hi mWeather Dope MARSHFIELD, WIs^, (UP)^-The concentrio layers of an. ordinary onicn, separated and minutely examined during the last half hour of the old year ana the fir.U hall hour of tlie new year, provide Ewald. Beaesch with wcdther prognostications that have contributed to- iyard his reputation as-a weather oracle here. .: Each New Year's eve Bencsch takes his onion and spends an hour in secret study hi the bailment of his home. He returns'with a wean .. . . |»l> Bitter how Itrp .ad Mob- twn, Clftcil imunllr Bop« TUX* rtptuindhc&U wont boil •r cxiUincle often oreniitM i. Ptta tods'lika nuck. Boils ta'oltli with tmulnc speed. ATTEND .i'HK COOKING SCHOOL Dojigan •will tell you: B •$ '• etter meats mean better inealj —that's y/hy she eliosej slo-cured hickory-j smoked ."FA'Gv-Gof products for .CouvioJ News Cooking School! B free today • .• • ' —and !o-moiTow ' 10 cups Ever-Good Mexican Chili 10 citrlons Evcr-(ioad :'.il-me;it Sausage! Prmlucls of Memphis faik-ng Ccrp., jicmphis, Tcrt "Must be soot!—if .it's Ever-Good" Hams-Bacon-Sausage-Cl Ask for them by name a pleasure to Bal^e when results are ass Most housewives know ihey will get gjod results • with . . . Whitewater Rose Flour "The first principles of. successful baking arc unfailingly, found in Whitewater Rose Flour", .so say-s ?.!rs. Dougnn, famous Domestic Scienc; expert. Order ;i sack of Whitewater Rose from your proccr t'oday. You'll: notice a big improvement in your linking. It's an all around flour for every purpose. H at all good grocers WHITEWATER ROSE FLOUR Merchants Grocer Co., Blylheville, Distributors

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