Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on September 20, 1896 · Page 6
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 6

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, September 20, 1896
Page 6
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^ ALL THE WORLDj Knows that the Peerless Remedy j i' for Diseases of the Liver, Kidneys j 1 and Bladder is ! Dr. J. H. MCLEAN'S ^^^ LIVER AND KIDNEY BALM [it has Cured Thousands of Desperate Cases. Try It ! AT ALL DHUQQISTl, PRICt, »1.OO PtR BOTTLl ! OR. J. H. MCLEAN MEDICINE CO, ST. ^ B EST with ft big n. Blftokwoll's Gonulno Bull Durham is In iiclusa by Itsolf. You will find ono coupon inside oiicli two ounce bug, and two coupons inside each tour oimco bug ot Blackwell's Genuine Durham Smoking Tobacco Buy a ban of this celebrated tobaoconnd road tho eoupon-. WOF?L-C> TRADE SITUATION. No Distinct Improvemsnt Though Conditions Favor It. K DYING :h and Then T«ll» th* Attendants Bow It Feetn. ; ,' JX. Argyle Mackoy, a prominent pong- physician of .Washington, while. •eat-ally deranged from disappoint- P iii a Jove affair, shot himself in the hospital here the other day, and • three o'clock in the morning. 10 death was ft remarkable -one. :berss of'his family, physicians and ol the hospital were near.the. ide. At times he expressed a desire :er, and then again he saidjw TecT tne cn3 would come.. He re- cwBUied steadfast'in bis refusal to dis- rfbKr'the na-mc of the girl who impelled Wn/.-tfr attempt his life and who wrote tte letter found on 'him. He was con- «fousrto,rbe Inst and calmly noted each Surge-that took place in his condition UM rEc -end drew noa-r. To the doctors he explained most mi- •ly the characterof his wound and the that were lending to his demise, •tried to feel his own fluttering ... , He- repeatedly fclt. the. tips, of his : {• ' Sfcscrs, and noted the slowly-decreasing '"'•'"BpwctT.of circulation'.and'the peculiar •atnso tions of approaching death. • 1 Early Tn the' night his tody began to' aprell;andhereadilyex'pto:medthe swell-' ay-was due to the escape of air from the, 'jBdtt lung, which the bullet .nod punc- r.: ..' •• . .....• -• His nerve was wonderful, aca he was ui»-wilm- as if he had bcen.'.onc of, the pro- Jftseors' of the hospital 'delivering a j»«nic' lecture' at the 'bedside of a' dying '' ''•'•'•" ' Remarkable Freak of a Stnull Near Baltimore. . During a fierce thunderstorm, which came up suddenly at Baltimore the, other afternoon Capt. Edward Dulaney and two other men on the steam yacht Estelle, owned by nhode Island parties, had an' experience which equals the most-remarkable occurrence in western cyclones.- -.'..•' ,_ The boat wasicoming up tne channel. .When abont;three miles from the-city she ran. into what appeared. to be the vortex of l£e storm.', The 'force of the Wind raised the 00-foot craft out 'of the water about 20 feet aiid held it'suspend- ed in midair. "If'thcri-'-plunged^back again and was thrown onitsbeam. The men,, deeming every thing: lost, jumped overboard and succeeded^ iu swlmm'ingashorc, w^hile the yacht drifted against a wharf/stove in her side and •sank:' ' : '. - Be' bade his-' weeping 1 mother: and • ifcother farewell with no more:emotion - jOunn it he hud been going on a shor.t Sirney. He told them .he was. sorry ho pb£ shot'himself, aEd.wished he could Scorer. He told his motlier'he had but toffinr recollection of the fa'slh act, nnd rftriButecl It to drink -alone. He said ; "itrSsiUHe drank-ho became overpowered .wJlfire desire .to kill himself for no spe- 'iiW reason, but simply, because liquor W^e.-him excessively despondent. 1 -ODD- FELLOWS AT DALLAS. •kmrelKn Urand Lodge ID Seventy-Second Bullas, Tex., Sept. 10.—The seventy- 3 annual session of the sovereign I .lodge of the Independent Order v_ v Jd Fellows, which will convene in •OKs city Monday, promises to be the largest, and most notable gathering of .any kind'ever ussi-mbled'in tbe south. EfcCTJ' state in the union, the Canadian jpnvmces nnd other, parts-it\f North .fltorriea will be represented. Head-. qBarttrs of the sovereign lodge were. ' awrBcd Saturday morning at the Ori- eattrf Iiotel, and Col. Stilhvell IT. Euss'ell, di ) cfrinaii' of the executive commit Ice, M»S'Grand State Secretary George C. gftina were on Iiancl to receive the early Mr/Frederick Jj'ocKer-sampson tions in : his autobiographical 1 sketch, ''My Conflden'cee,"-' ! that:'walking in Greenwich park one/day, the only ^mortal he met.was a simpering lass, reading. u comic paper, and pushing her charge. |E a bnby-ca'rriage. He thus comment on the meeting:' There is uothingmore' benuUX iil'in' nature than'a'^woman with •K"child in her arms. An experienced nurse dandling a babyiaa pretty eight- Conceive if Kaphad bad had..to deal nviti thcperainbiiUatortJ/V.^ , ; • THE MARKETS. : Grain, Frovlslont, Etc, Chicago,' Sept, 19, 'WHAT—Active 'and 'IrrOKUlar.- September,. COV-jiSOlc: December, .6;%@C2o;;:.May, rrval£-.. i : , , ... In connection with the raeeti Jig of 1 he - jnnnd lodge there "'ill be held the an- aaaT'.convention-of the oddfellows' un- cfrrwrit'ers, the editors of f ratf.rnal pub- Hesrtions'snnl of grand lodge secretaries. 1 ' A Mli«<l 'Mcraphor, .' ' ATbne of" the Kritish : university -stoms-on ornior declared that the Brit,. hH libn. whether i-t is roaming the dea- 'C»>of 'Tntrju err climbing the; forests,of. ' . win- mrt.'drnwjn its homs or . ... CORN— Firm. No. 2, 21%@21'/4'c; No. 2 Tel-' 'low, 2lT-i(5!22c; October, 21%@21«c;.Deoem- bor, 22@22y t c; May, ,24%(gi25M.c. .. : OATS— Slow and Bteady. No. 2 cash, 1C® JCVic- October, 15%@15%c; May, lDVt©10%c. Samples llrra. No Grade, 9@14o; No. 3, 130 16c; .No. 3 'White, 15019&C; No. 2, 15©17c; No. 2 TVWte, 20@21c. '' MESS PORK— Market fairly active and prices steady. Quotations ranged at J5.90S COO for cash: »5.S2Vs@C,90 for September; $6.28%@5.00 for October, and.J6.90«j>G.05,, for January. LARD— Trading moderate- . - and > .prices steady Quotations ranged at J3.47M!@3.50 for cash; $3.45(83:50 for September: J3.453J 3.50 for. October, and $3^2^03.87% for January . . . . .- • . : • BtJTTER — Market ^firni at 9fi>15c tor creameries, 1 : and I0@13c for 'dairies. : ' ; LIVE POULTRY— Quiet. ^Turkeys,. CiJJ lOc; Chickens, 7©7«c; Ducks, S@3o per pound; Geese, pcr'dozen. $3.00®G.OO.- WHISKY — Stea'dy on tho .basis of Jl'.13 for highwinds. , ._ . ,. .,,.,. ,..., ; . .. ..New York, Sept. 19. . FLOUR— Quiet and firm. . Unohansed. . WHEAT— No. 2 red diill^ steady, %8*£a up October, CO%@CG 13-lCo; December! .685-16@68%c; May, nW®71%c. CORN— No, 2, quiet and firm. December, 28Vic; May, 307-lCo;:No';2ja;%027 1/ 4c.; -. OATS— No. 2 dull, Bteady. Western, 19© Me; October. 20%c; December, 21Wc. PORK— Firm.; .New Mess,'n.W<g>8.25. , , ,' L'ARD— Firm. Steam Rendered, J&S5. BUTTER-^Qulef, i weak; liberal Supply. Western Dairy, S@U%o; Elglns, 15o; do. Creamery, ll©15c; Imitation Creamery, 0® 12c Western Factory, ,7Q1014c. EGGS— Firm.,.. Westorn, lilgiiac.. .-• --,, : • i LlTC 1 Stock. ''. " '''.'• . i !,-..- ChlcttRO, 9ept;19. . ' CATTLE— Market steady. Fair to Best Beeves, 53.00<2>4.9<y; Stdckern and Feeders, J2.4003.75; Mixed Cows and.Bulln. n;10@3;W; Texas, J2,DO®3.00. - ... ,.,.,. , , ' HOGS— Market steady tb a shado higher, Light; $2,SO@3.30; Rough PacklnK,-»2.EO(5)2.70:, Mixed and Butchers 1 , $2.8003.26; .Heavy Packing 'and Shipping, 12.75@S.20; Pigs, »1 50 03,16.. •• . ••:•.:: •-. . • :' - '.•'.- '•' Impression Growing That Certain and Safe Revival of Trada May Not Be Expected Until After Election. New York, Sept. 13.—li. 0. Dun & Co.,, in their weekly review of trade, say: "There Is still no distinct Improvement in buslncsa, although conditions favor It. Confidence slowly rises, speculative, buy- Im- of materials for future use continues, Imports of gold do not cease, and tho Bank of England has not tried to clieel: them bv further advance In rates, as tho weight of tho demand now falls upon France, but an enormous business la held, back until tho future la more clear. "Outside of speculative markets tho 1m- tii vsslon grows that certain and safe revival may not bo expected until Novera- bi-r In cotton, hides, .wool and pig Iron l.,.yln B openly, speculative In character, p.- irks the current business. Resumption o'i work by a good part of the Pall Klver oo, ton mills and advances In some kinds o, cotton goods helped to raise the price 01 middling uplands to b% cents again, Kiuugh realizing sort down to S'(4. ••me ono Industry showing Incruaso of wurklng 1'orce.ln the cotton manufacture, n'-trlctlon of. output having secured more h, ^ithy demand for some goods. Most of ti.f mills havo sturled or are about to HI- i-t though the uncertainty of tho cot- t..., market embarrasses prices. Prices of su. Jle goods have advanced so generally li., 't the average of representative quota- tiJ.s Is 0.7 per cent, higher than in the Hi.ii week of Aueust.. • A'caKness in stocks was partly, aue .0 si:...11 earnings, St. Paul especially reporting decrease, anO all reports for Septem- bi- thus far deci-ease 1.6 per cent, from hi.,i year and 13,1 from 15U-, returns being k- , favorable for tlie second than tor the ll>"-'! week. The wusi-bound movement ia llynt. especially in dry goods nnd shoes, bin east-bound tonnage from Chicago nas bfrvri as large as last year, and 4 per cent lai,,er than In 1SD2. •• i'ho iron and steel manufacture Is still wu ting for business, -with nearly half Us pivJucIng capacity idle, but hopefulnt-sa aii'i the speculative buying of pig Iron sus- ••Uold Imports continue, over J5,000:oOJ Imvlng been ordered, inaliir.ir sauffi.OOl' in all. of which about ^.t'M.OOi) has arrived, 'j In- Interior movement druwsoff the money about aa fast as It comes. $4,GM,COO having L'onc westward this week. The New. Or- leans dllileulties have passed, bui tho northwest is makins larn'e drafts. Icecent heavy falim-c.n Increase the caution of bur.ks and while inore commercial paper Is offered, the ruling nita of S per cent, greatly retards Increase In business. •"Failures for the'past week have been 317 In the United States, against 213 last year, and 32 in Canada, against 32 last year." JlradHtreei'H Mew. Bradstreet's says: "The moderate improvement In trade the last few weeks continues, and Is emphasized by further speculative purchases of wool,'renewed buying by wool manufacturers tho reduction of surplus stocks ot cotton goods, - Increased demand; for seasonable fabrics, continued confidence among manufacturers of iron and steel that there will be an early revival in demand- and improvements In request for staple goods in the South Atlantic and gulf states, "The volume of sales of general merchandise shows a small gain over last week, and the feeling among wholesale .merchants Is one of more confidence In a comparatively early Improvement. Unexpectedly large sales ot dry goods are reported from Boston, Chicago and St. Louis, with Indications they may continue throughout the month. At the more Important •northwestern 6erifcTS larger Bales 61 hats, .shoes, hardware and drugs aro reported, although the total Is less than In the like portion of last year. Much of tho gain at the south is duo to tho rapidity with 'which tho cotton, crop .Is being gathered and marketed. At San Francisco general 'business Is somewhat more (\ctivc, particularly exports of barley. Trade has been stimulated at' leading Washington business centers. In which state rains have damaged the grain crops. Willamette Valley (Ore.) wheat raisers are selling -wheat freely at current quotations. "The total number of business failures .throughout the United States this week Is SIB, which is seven more than last week OT more than In tho corresponding week last year, 97 more than In tho last week •oTlSW 31 fewer than In tho corresponding period ot 1893, and not quite twice as many as In the like period of 1892." CorlMitt-riUBlmmojui Indictment. ! New York, Sept.. 19.—No one at the district 'attorney's office Saturday would'admit the fact that on indictment has been found against'Corb'ott arid Fitzsimmons for misdemeanors for basing agreed to meet in .the prize ring Judge. Fitzgerald denies that he had ; is sued a warrant for the arrest of Ihi men, as reported. In fact, he declares 1;hat he had no knowledge of the indict ment. Assistant ; District Attorney Battle', 1 while refusing to talk abou the indictment, would not deny tha one had been : fonnd. ,•, 1 ' Stool Making a Succrm. , Birmingham; Ala:, Sept. 19. — Grea interest is manifested here in .the re suits -of recent'experiments in- stee niaking. Thc low silicon iron now manufactured by the Tennessee Coal,& -ton company and the. Sloss compan; has attracted special 1 attention to thi section. Chicago parties have -joincx with local capitalist's in exploiting th new -process, .and a 500-ton steel : plan is the practical outcome of the under taking... . . . ,,, Shoo by BID Own Bllle.. ... : Helena, Ala., Sept'. •'19.' : — Bichan 'Cdbb, son of'ex-Gov. K. W. Cobb, wa -shot and probably 1 fatally wounde< Friday: He was walking across bridge when he -stumbled .and dis charged.,a rifle he was carrying in : hi 'hand. -When the -gun .struck ..th bridge it was discharged, the ball pass ing through Sir. Cobb's lungs and rang ing into the shoulder? .' ' ' The R»ceiJ»t t,oul»T)ll«. Louisville,; Ky., 'Sept. 1 19.—The stake and purses for the fall meeting of'th Louisville Driving and Fair association closed Saturday with 200,entries. ,Th meeting opens Scptember.aS'.'aod close October '.". '.'The /purses and stakes of fered aroovmt ; to $27.500; . , ' Engineer Kl'liod. , . Scranto'ni Pa.; Sept; 191—By the colli «ion of'fr'freight and'coal 1 train onth ,Delaware,-,Lackowanna & WesternTfli ; road,.iicar Halslead, Pa., Friday morn ing; Engineer .Coddington, of .the form er train, was'killed. More oold Arri-»e«. New.Yorif, Sep^lO', ; —,Th'e steamBhip 'St. Ebuis,'.w.hiclt' arrived from Europ Saturday, brought $605iOOO in gold. To tal arrivals.to date, $27,836,550. • ' RIVALS' .FATAL QUARREL. 'wenty-Flve Cent» and H Woman (,'an»o ml Encounter Befivi'<:ii Luborerii. Pittsburgh, Pa., Sept. 10. — For the. ove.ot a wonian and i5 cents lEichard ones, ngcd-2-i, of Burkinghnm comity, V. Va., and Moses Si i-onthcrs, nged 23, f the sume neighbui hood, fought a )loody battle to the tii-uth nearHarmar ille 'Friday niglit. Stronthers WHS mortally and Jones si'rionsly wounded. :ho duel occurroii nt McDonald's camp, he temporary abiding place o£ halt a lundred colored ;md white Inborers.en- •aged on construction work of the Buter &. Pittsburgli railroad. Both men re colored laborers, and the cause of .he estrangement was the colored woman coolt in Ihc camp, whose affections Stroutlicrs bml won from Jones.. Fri!ay evening I lie men engaged in a gnmc of crap. A dispute arose nnd Jones dc- rianded the return ot a quarter he had oancd Stro'itliers. The r-aine of the vornun was mentioned nnd Jones be- camc-violently .nngry. Taking deliberate aim Jones brought Strouthers to •arth with a bullet in his left breast near tho heart. A second bullet pierced Strouthfi-s' groiu. Siroutbers raised liniself on one artn and with the other Irew \\\>: revolver and n number of shots vere exchanged in quick succession. Al't- "i- Join-shad been shotthrongh the right eg a ml right arm both men were dis- inm'il by the on-lookers. The injured nen wore brought to the West Ponnsyl- •anin hospi<al, Pittsbtfrg-li. The <te:t!i )f Stroulhtrs is a question of only :> e\v hours. Joni-.s will probably recover. ^ WANTS TO RESIGN. iultiin lu.slHtd on Uriinil Vl/.lor Bctnliiins Uls omen. Constantinople, Sept. -.9. — It is earned that 'Friday the Grand Vizier llalil Kifal Pasha had an audience with the sultan, when he requested permission of his majesty to resign his office unless the chief of the Constantinople lolice should be at once dismissed. 'J.'he sultan refused to permit the grand vi/icr to resign, nor would lie consent to the dismissal o£ the chief of police. An English merchant litre has offered to provide free transportation to the island of Cyprus for 500 Armenians, "•naranteeing to provide them with food for a month. Upon the strength of this offer, Sir Phillip Currie, British ambassador, wired the Cyprus authorities, explaining the situation, but received a reply that the authorities would be unable to allow ihe Armenians to'lnnd there, as there \yould be no work for them, nnd therefore they would soon become publb charges. Wants Bloro Troops.. H^M London, Sept. 19,'—Thc Standard publishes a dispatch from Madrid stating that Gen. Blanco, captain general of the Philippine islands, has telegraphed to the government asking for further re- infdrccroents of troops and warships to quell the insurrection there. Gen. Blanco declares that t he rebels are numerous in several province's, nnd that they have eight acting war vessels. The Standard's correspondent says that the gov- jrrnhiont underrates the importance o£ the attempt to throw off Spanish rule. Report Al>o'ul SW.JlonO ln<flj»n» Denied. , Omahii, Neb.. Sept. 10.—Telegrams to urmy hencl(]UiirtiTs from Cheyenne and from Fort Hall a^'oney slate there is no-truth in tlu-' dispatch sent, out from Washington-that the Shcslit.-iio Indians are oil tlieii- reservation :ui<l nre hunting iii Jsiekson's Hole. Tin- Shoshoncs arc on their reservation, and none have left or nre leaving. . Small bands of Bannocks have crossed from-Idaho into Jackson's Hole and arc hunting. Tho Indinn police 'have gone out to round them in. HIl»«lonarl«ia Sail for India. New York, Sept. 19.—Si;: missionaries sailed Saturday morning on the American liner New York for Madras, India. The party was headed by Miss Mary Hill, of Chicago, who willassumc the assistant secretaryship of the Young Women's Christian association at that place when they arrive there. Between now nnd November nine other persons interested in tbe religious welfare of the people of India will join, in Madras, the party which left Saturday. Woman Given Twenty-rear Sentence. Grand Haven, Mich., Sept.-19.-—Mrs. Alice Lawrencc.who was convicted in the Ottawa' circuit court a few weeks ago of fliUrd'er'in the second degree for complicity 'in the murder of her husband, Enos Lawrence, was Saturday morning sentenced to Jackson prison fo.-20yenrs. Since her.conviction she lift* made a confession which, implicated Dr. Wetmore, of.- Holland. . She will testify against; the doctor when he Is tried. It Depend!. - .. ... Mrs. Anteek—Do you think it brings good luck to walk under a church awning? .'"-:i'.:v •:.-'•- '' "••.',:'• • ' Mr. Lemons—Not for. the bridegroom—Cleveland Plain Dealer. . .. ... MORE SACHIFCIE. Miss Oiai-a Barton Foregoes Her • Trip Homo to America. jkiflttled Cocdltlon of Affair* In Turkey Causes Her to Deuldo to Remove co Enylikncl, fcio ftn to Be Available, If :<vo(le<J. A representative of the press learned the other day that despite her long' and wearisome experiences of the winter, her nnxiety to be at home and the immense amount of work which awaits her in the United States, Miss Clara, Barton; president of the American Bed Cross society, decided on the eve of the. sailing" of the steamer Servia, by which she. and her party were to return home, that she would not leave Europe so long as there remained the slightest chance that her presence would be needed in Turkey. In view of the present troubles Miss Barton has telegraphed intimating her willingness to return to Turkey if she can, be of any service to-the Armenians, and has received answers stating, upon the highest authority, that there is apparently no immediate danger c-f further troubles, but .that no one-knows •what may happen from day to day. Owing to the tenor of the telegrams received, .Miss Barton has decided to remain for the present in England, within short call of the field of danger. ' Positively cored by .these ''' "., V^ LJittle Pills. '.../' •, • , They also relieve. Distress from .Dyspepsia, Indigestion and Too Hearty Eating.. A.pcr.. fcct reiincdy.for Dizziness, Nausea, T>rbwsi : . 'ness, BaiTasfcin the Mouth, Coated Tongue Pain in the! Sidej TORPID LIVER. Thejr ''Regulate the Bowels: ; Purely Vegetable. Small Pill. Small Dose. Small Price. MOTHER AND SON REUNITED, Romantic Story of n JJ<ofrro Woman TVuo Kounrt nor Son After 30 Vearn. Mrs.. Martha Harris and her so] James Harris, have just been reunited after a separation of 30 years. Mrs. Karris and her son find two si* ters, who are colored, were slaves on a plantation in Tennessee, about 100 miles back of Memphis. When the war broke out the master of the plantation enlisted and the negroes £'.-:utored Martha and her children got a passage up the river on a steamer, tut at one of the landings Iost 1!)c bov - Thc bont wont on, and she Oiil not know whether the child had fallen overboard or hue been lost on land. She finally drifted to Fond du I.DC, Wic., and, with her daughter, has .accumulated quite n little fortune. In :S03 she visited tho world's fair, and in the colored people's department found a piece of music with the name James II. Harris on -the cover as it- composer. She wrote to the addres given, and iiitime received a reply, and tbe son finally carne^to Fond du Lac He has a barber sho-p in St. Louis am hns become quite a musician, several o: his compositions having been in the colored people's department at the world's fair. RELICS OF MOUND BUILDEHS. Find Bone Implement*, Believed to Be 1,OOO Vear« Old' Great interest is manifested at Pitts burgh, Pa., over'the discovery of a num bar of implements in a mound at Kce's Rocks, which is being excavated for scientific purposes. The mound is be lieved to have been built by the ancien 'SSunl WMers Sid" tyis implements lound place-the mound-on n par with those that have been explored else where. . The work is being done under the di rection of TEoma-s Harper, of Pitts bnrgh, who believes that the specimen? found are not less than 1,000 years old and prove that they were made by the most ancient people that inhabited thi- con-tinent. The specimens will be placed m th< Carnegie museum. Since this mound was opened a month ago 1C skeletons have been found, innny of them being o 1 gig-antic stature, TO VISIT THE HOLY LAND. Rev. F. F. Bill* Inaugurate" a Novel Plan for tho Children- Kev. T. Frederick Bliss, of Chicago the projector of the youths' congress o: the Columbian exposition, has launched at Grand Ledge, Midi., the Jerusalem Celebration society. Thc purpose o the organization is to conduct' annua pilgrimages to ' Palestine culminating in a great delegate convention-of American Sunday school children at .Jerusa ,Um in .1000, thus celebrating "the tri umphant completion of 10 Christian, centuries," The expense for each delegate,'talc ing in London, Paris and Rome, will be $400. Thus, of those who pay annually 2. cents one in 1,600 may go us a delegate among the CO-cent members one in'80 may be ,; delegate; and there can be one delegate among 200 of those that pay +.wo dollars. Competitive examination will determine who will be delegates. LILLIAN RIOES_AN ELEPHANT *»lr Actrcis Ene»seT» Trainer to Toll Her How to Do It. In the new opera, "The American Beauty,'-' Miss Lillian Eussell's part re quires that she shall make her sccon act entrance' on the back of an elephan. • Miss Russell was averse to the pro ceeding, but the,,rooment that she re- 'alized ,tha.t the elephant.was absolutel essential to the play, she cast her objec tions tci'the wind and'tbrew herself int the rehearsal 'heart and soul. The onl trouble was MUa Kussell felt«he coul Hot ride-well enAig-h to;appcar.iapub . lie, so in order.-.that.there might ;bc n hitch at,the opening,; she.,has-engagci Tod Sl6an, the champion .light wdgh fockey, to give'her a series, of riding lea sons. '•• ''''. ' ' '. ' "' ' ^'j. '".'.''. A Wonder-Joi yarn.,,., . .... : A correspondent of the Toronto Glob reports the most marvelous thing ye; lit ;the Hva'y' of" mirage." At a" certain point on: th'e const of'.Alaska a town loomed up 'in;:;the: -skyi" which torn was .clearly recognizable ; os; Bristol J] 'England, just half way round the world ' ''• ' -''Drown Hli'-'Crlesl ' ".' ' i'i'In China while the dentist pulls th ,tooth an assistant stands by and drowns the' lamentation, of the victim la ti aoisc of a large gong., ,-..,- be saved in many ways. A man m»y commit suicide in • it many wa^ Shooting himself through the head is quicker, but it is no more certain fean neglecting his health. If a woman saw ber husband with a pistol to his head, she would take prompt and vigorous measures to°save him; but the same woman might see her nusband on the down-grade to disease and deal* irithout seeing the seriousness of''*• O^ sixth of all the people who die, die ol SnTnmplion. Conlumptton doesn't eome all at once. It is msidious. The seeds is foot-hold in a weakened dy Low vitality, impure or poor ood imperfect digestion, nervousness, eepl'esS^Ull these lead to coasump- Won in time, Dr Pierce's Golde, Medical Discovery will prevent the development of the disease. Taken accord- tae to directions, it will positively and c they manifest themselves. If you want to know all about it, and what it has done for other P^.*** twenty-one (21) one-cent stamps to cover Se cosfof 'maUin S M l? for a FREE corv of Dr. Pierce's great looS page vork, "Common Sense Medical Adviser. Even- family should have a copy of thii book for realy reference. World's D»*pe» iary Medial Associauo i, Buff--' 1 '>. N. *• ONE-HALF SIZE OF BOIC^ POZZONI'S DMPLEXION POWDER! , ,,»* been the stnndflM for forty years »»<! • , is more popular to-day than evc^ before. I POZZOXI'S I is tic Idonl complexion powdcr-boinllfylng. | 1 rcf reeling, clcnnly, blr-lthful ard barmlcw. t I A delicate, InTli-lli'o yr"if cUnn to the fuce. • nlficcnt J!ic<s^iJ»"* o**H^ fl}ff BOX IJ Riven frc« ol charge. 1 AT DRUGGISTS AND FANCY STORES. i^-^~- tract to paylttilro(wlfnro«nil hotel ni!l»,tna - ~'f - nre. I f wo lull to euro. If you have takea mer- ';ury. iodide nptasU, »nd Mill tiivo agbei ami *niri& ~yi ixcousTPatclie* in mouth, Jsorfi Throat^ ••'ivoplcn. Copper Colored Spot*, Ulcenon jy'pnrt oi thewdy, Hair or K f**"iy*MUDg •-.it, Tit la tbll-Secondary BLOOD FOISOV •f ~n*rantco to cure. Wo solicit tec most DDftlfc' ••i& car OS and cnallraiee th« world for ft • •.•!»> wo* iiumotcuro. This disease nas aliran Gained the skill of the most eminent phyrt- -',:.nx. »50O,000 capital behind our nucondl- lemplo, Manhood Restored wriucn Mnjrnw tec to our* *u Nerv. out Di»oiM">-. «"<* »; .Wc»k>Ieni«Ty,l-OM« Bruin POM-IT, Hcad- • liie, Wakcfulneflfl, Met MmlKHMl, JfCT»- OISDMII, Atropliy, Ftilwlona. Vnrlcocsie, Llr.eltudc, Ml dralni ' !os« of in. w of After Thirty Years' Experience IhavetbO'bost. Brain and Nerve Tonic >n oartb for »11 weakcnod conditions regardless of •uue. MedicinoB scat for lull month's tremtmenl • Wouidti Old Boreit Burn*. For wounds, old sores and burns, rilian Balm is of priceless value. ..-or cuti, vounas from gunshot, brolceo class, or torn fiesh it almost instantly stops the pain and bleeding, prevents Innammation, prevents lockjaw in all cases, if used at once, and heals hke; magic. It cleanses old sores and ulcer* horn "proud aesh," kills the microbe which cWs the formation of pus thus stopping the discharge, and promote* eranuUSon and hefufng more ^rapidly than any known remedy, tor Brunei, Sprains, Burns, Blackened Eyes, etc , it., is eaually prompt and efficacious. It l» indiipensaWe in every, f«ctbrv and home. SecTe»timonial»incirculat. About tK«Eye. Pi* people with Fore "eyes, T, •mterv eyes, and red and inflamed eye*; caused by age, catarrh cr otherwise, tho 3razUian,Balnj is a priceless boon. Put L- • • rtrt • j, ^_ n f •nnlt-t ---I*/-* 'o cf.nnTifiiil Toslah BRCon, .conductor, on, tne P. W. & B. R. R., says "Brazilian .Bahn cured jne of invbterate catarrh which-1 had for SO years." . Brazilian -Balm kills tie catarrh microbe/ making a rau.--al cure.

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