The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 12, 1936 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 12, 1936
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VOL. xxxnr—NO. -is BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEW8 THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NOUTHKAKT AltKAMSAS AND GOUT11EA8Y MISSOURI Courier Blythevllls D»llj Newi Blytfievllle Herald Mistmippl Vtllty U»der BLYTIIKVILUV AKKAXSAS, TUK.SIUY, MAY 12, 1<)!JU K COP1B3'P1VB "qENTS E DELEGATES HOME irvx w f «• > 4'^\. rof JLiie Ui«i MIICTIN! [EIH PIP! Slock lias Busy Day In New Jersey Abductor of Mrs. Alice | Soeed Sloll Arrested in 1 West by G-SVlcu WASHINGTON, May 12 (UP) —Thomas II. Robinson jr. admitted after his capture In California, It was learned today., that he subjected Mrs. Alice Speed Sloll to merciless violence while he held her cuptive. This admission, inuler the new federal kidnaping law, makes Hob- Inson eligible for (he death sentence. Robinson wus captured at about 10:30 Inst night at Glendale. Cal, where he had been living for two months under the name of "John Simons." No shots weic fired In junking the capture, although Hobinson was mined. licat Her Wilh Lead Pipe J. Edgar Hoover, director of tlie federal bureau of investigation, was advised by his agents In California today that under questioning Robinson told them he was forced (o use a lead pipe to beat Mrs. Stoll into submission. It was revealed at the same time that Mrs. Stoll was Robinson's "third choice" as a kidnap victim. Originally. Hoover said his agents were told, Robinson had intended to kidnap Mrs. Stall's father-in-law. He even visited the residence of the elder Stoll but found him away from home. IIo| then went to the home of the son, i intending to kidnap him," and finally decided upon his wife 'when , tjie.son. t^kv,Vr.osvEuyay.., '•',:.•'-:• - f .. -••---^According-"to tiie confession -as transmitted to Hoover, Robinson said he was forced to bent his victim to make her obey his commands. Under the federal kidnap- ing statute the death penalty is provided for kidnapers in any case where victims are physically harmed during captivity. Find I-'ive duns Hoover said that a check of ^ (>, iMfcw 4«r i »K$&K.;I S'osts Reward (or Stock and Chicken Thieves WVNNK, Ark., May TJ (Ul 1 ) — ' Mi'iifl c. M. Slney of Croiil i< "my lodny iwslcd a $:)!> reward 1 >r luCurmntlon UwMiiB to cnpUli'O nil eciaviellon of chicken or cal- ti'.' Lhluvcs—dead or nllve. Stacy nd iln'iv had bi'cn heavy thefts i Uio county during the pas! few (ninths. He -said he believed nei'"x were rcs|ioii5lble. OF (JOEY I SENfllE Fallin s just short of the record of Callnmler, Out,, home of l!ie riulnti-plets, Little Ferry N. J. . dcnly found Its population increased by four-the girl and thrc: hcys— Fr.iuces, Fvnnk, Mix and Ferdinand Kaspar, displayed above by nurses at St. Mary's licspltal, Passaic. lo Mrs.' Emll Kas- railroad yard employe, the liny quartet, weighing n total of 13 jmmxh, liar, wife of a $20-n-wcek Erie 2',i ounces at birth, must remain in incubators for a white. The girl, held "l>y "the nurse at left" was 1 horn first. Weighing 3',i pounds, she could also boast a head of dark, curly hair. The [Caspars, wcct in 1030, have two other children, a boy and girl, "going on" 2 and -I. respectively. The .quads' were the first born (n New Jersey. Joe Berry Maiming, Old FoilV PlaVlHalCS for Til CHI fiITi«l.Tv» .' Steele Resident, Dies Roblnsnn's longings resxilted in nndins five firearms, including n 45 calibre automatic revolver, STEELE, Mo., May 12.—Funeral services were held here this aft-i- noon for Joe Berry Manning,': 80, retired farmer nnd one of '.Uic oldest! if not tiie oldest rpsideiit o! attele and'this communitV; He (lied ;;t -cr.e ci'c!,oc!r .this inornin,? ""Th"e Hev. M. A. Massey, piiitoi of the Methodist church, offici it cd at the Services held at the cliapel of- the German Undertaking company. Interment. uis made at Mount Zion cemetery. Mr. Manning is survived by his widow and two sons, Fate and Wsss. | Generally believed to have been a resilient of this section lon(jev than liny other person, Mr. Manning had been in ill health-for which was in Robinson's pocket, j sonic time, being an invalid for Iwo 25 calibre automatics, n 38''he last several mouths. automatic and a 12 gauge Rem-1 — :— — i.'iL'ton automatic shotgun. , • . He said a close check of money U. B. tlgm. found on Robinson 'showed he was carrying S2.3CO of the $50,000 ransom paid for Mrs. Sloll's return. \ Hoover quoted Robinson as sayhip: "I paid plenty for protection." This evidently was an indication that the ransom money had been largely dissipated in Robin- FOU'S liarried flight from the law. It also carried the inference that perhaps Robinson had been in mine manner connected \vilh the underworld despite the general belief that he was a "lone wolf." However, Hoover denied flatly j a report that a tip from Alvin Karpis had led to the capture of Robinson. Trailed Hansom Jtoncy Representative. Is Dead JONESBOHO.—The Rev. O. B. Elgin, 56, Craighead county's representative in the legislature,''(He'd'', suddenly from a heart attack at I n small cabin in the wcods near | Otivell at 3 i). m. Monday. | He had gone to the shack to visit his son-in-law, Howard Griffin, and Henry Griffin. He walked half a mile through the wcods with a sack of flour on his Khciil- der, to reach the place. .When lie, arrived he .complained of feeling Not many toys and girls are as lr:ky as little Ellcri Kaspar, 3, tight, and her brother, Ralph, left. In one fell sivcop, a perspiring Hoover said trailing of the ransom money as it turned up across Ihe country was one of the major factors In apprehending Robinson ill and lay down on the of the men went for a glass of water, and upon hearing him fall, returned to find him dead. Apparently in good health, lib death was a shock to his many friends. Sends Car Into Flip stork brought them three brothers and a sister — Frank, Felix. Kerdi- nan and Francos— Now Jersey's first quadruplets, bom in (i Passnlo hospital. With Ellen and Ralph at their 'home in Little Ferry, N. 175 Expcclcd at Disli'icL Conference Here Wednesday and Thursday Evangelism ami vncnllnn Dlblc will be. featured in the discussions at the annual con- feronce of Mctlmdisl. churches In the Jonesboro district which will meet nl the 1-akc Street Melho- ehiTch Wednesday afternoon and Thursday. The 175 pastor. 1 , nutl laymen will also discuss bon- cvoleuces, Clirlsllnu education hospitals, orplmnngivs and the general work of the chinches. The, following churches will be represented: Uono, three churches at Jonesljoro, Netlliiton. Hay nrccklar.d. Truuiann. Marked Tree Lcpanlo, Tyransm, Marlon, T'ur- lell, Joner, Wilson Osceola, ora, Kelscr, Dyess, Lake City Hindi Oflk. MraiclU-, U-nuhvllle Manila; pell, Hnif Moon, , Cos iicll, Yarbro. Promised Lund. CJnr den Point., Glliuorc, Rosa, To mnto, Ilightower, Riverskfe, Whit Ion and the two churches : iiprc Ia>mai-(roiii lUtse. churcVieVliwi will also be n number.' of vlsltin: preachers, ' .'..'. ; : • ' Plans will be made for." holdhi: icvlvils throughout. ihe' 'dlstrlc bcfcre Uic Ninth Arkansas- .conference iiioels at Bnlcsv'lile hi'Xl foil. Teiitnllvc plans also call foi n number of Dlblc schools to be held .In this district this, summer, ; "'• ! The first session will convene tomorrow, afternoon, nt .2 o'clock with the fiev. Sam !!.; W of Jouesboro, presiding elder, in charge. The addresses, at thh meeting will be by Henry Heditcn. of the Memphis Methodist hospital; Uic Rev. Inv linmicly '. ol Conway, conference executive secretary, who will spenk on "Chris- linn Education", and Dr. Jntmi Thcmns'. who will discuss the orphanage. ; The Rev. John A. Woinnck, of Marked Tree, will preach the scr- nion Wednesday night in n service beginning nt 7:15 o'clock. O C. Barnes will lend the song service. The sermon will te followed by reports of the churches of the district. \V. F. Dcnmiw of Pi'cscoll Files as C a n d i cl a I c Aguinsl Joe T. LITTLE nOOK, Mny 12 (UP) — \V. K. (Bill) Ucmnnn of l'ivscoll, former Inw pnrlner of the lute Seiintor lluey r. Long, today an- ncunccd his candldiicy for Iho I United Slates seiinle In opposition to Semite Majority Leader Joseph T'. Uoblnson and two olh- rs. .. • Ucnnmn's niiiiouncement rocnll- il threats by the Into Louisiana enntor to put a cnndldnte in (he field ngnlnst Hobinson nnd per- onally fight the veteran ArUnn- iiis senator's reelection. Donimin's was the fourth cnn- .lldiioy for the office. Senator Robinson, J, nosscr Vcnnbtc of Little Rock and Cleveland llol- nml of Fort Smith • announced some time ngo. nenninn hns been prftctlclng Inw In Prcscott for n number o[ i'ears and reportedly has ninnssod, ;i fdrtunc throutih oil Investments in the North Loulslnun and Kast 1'cxns Holds. Tcrral In OnmlMuto I'Voin reliable sources It York Clings to Life But Recovery Unlikely Unconscious since he wns cell- Irnlly Injuri'd In n IllKhwny 1)1 arcldcnt nonv Holland, Mo., iibmil cue o'clock M(i|idny nioriilnu, Clinrlos York. 23. of Slcelc. Mo., nnd Dymbmg, Teiin., clung to life nt the lllylhevllle hospital this nl'lernoon, Physlclnns ex- pressfd sl'.jhl hopo for his recovery however, York's rnmimiton, il. A. Kor- rest, -ID. nlso of Dyertiburg, who was Ihe driver of the cnr. wus In nn Improved condition loiluy. lie .sulfered n frncturi-d fihould'.'r and Internal Injuries when the car swerved oil the liluluvay nt u high vftle of spwl nnd crashed inlo n concrete culvert. learned today (lint, former Governor Tom Terrnl would , formally announce Ills cmuUtlncy tor Democratic nomination cnior tonight. Rumors for gov- that the TO KEEP DEE IN Italian Dictator's Aclion Aniounls Virtually lo An Ultimatum proud pnpa Emll Kaspar, 47, £rie rnilioad employe, still is a bit (iawrt by the multiple blessed event. who Courier Will Review County's History and Tell of Progress to Avoid Hitting Child I A special historical and progres-, t mice Just prior to the tlie hunt or exactly what had led to his final apprehension. He did say. however, that the „„,,,-,„ ,, „ • NP iv^ m ivim capture was entirely the result HOLLAND, Mo - Swerving U>j"?^j m » "< of work by F. B. I. agents and ?.™1 „». "5?.™ ?'» * h ° tartcd i 1,^°^', edition of the Blytlicvills Courier in which the celebration nnial of Arkansas' celebra- former < governor would enter the race hnvc been heard from lime to time. A close ndvlser of Ten revealed today thai the announcement had been written, the corrupt pructlcc pledge ' filed liiid ballot fees 'placed with Iho 'secretary of the stnle''central committee. .•'':;. . • ' '. ' • •- •j.It'mis understood 'Hint Terra! |ii ••."•.; Ills announcejiicnt .-pledged 'liJmself to'' 11 frco r *:t'extbookV'pr(j- giam/ lower nuto/ licenses, removal of'clinree.s for "use of toll midges, and the nblilltlon of the poll lax receipt us'. K voting requirement. Italic. Announces' . ivfarcus Done of Ilntcs- villc hns announced his cnnriUncy lor governor, .filed his necessary pledges and pirUl "the fee to Itnvc his name" pinned on the ballot. A supporter' of ;slate Senator John O. Ashley of Melbourne announced "that' the ImrA county cnndldntc for govciiiqr would Ille Ills cornipt iiractlces pledge and pay his ballot fees late tomorrow. Harvey Combs, secretary of the slate Democratic 'committee, re- venled tlmt Ally. Gen. Curl E. linlley, Secretary of Stole.' IM u McDonnld, Stntc Comptroller aril- fin Smith and Lt. Ooy. Leo Ca- rorl arc other guliernnlorlnl can- illdalcs who have putd their fees. Administration Takes Active. Hand in House Bal- llc Over Measure WAEHINOTON. Mny IS (UP) — The Hoosevelt iidinlnlslratlon en- lei'ed directly Into the Icgl.sla- (Ivo Unlit ngalnst the liillatlon fnrin iiiori^agc bill today, dls pnlehlnii to hoiico members n statement Issued by the farm cv«!ll bmc.iiii ndmtnlsti'iUloii ul- lacklug the. nhti-Novv Denl bll as dlsnslroii!) lo the (ninii-i's nm Iho nntlon. The stnleincnt Imnicdlnlcly pro voked n cliaiito on the house floor by liiip.'WIlllnm I^inke (Hep, N, 11,1 that the Niivv Heal ii "lobbying" against the bill nnd rs- Ing unfair tactics The iinusiinl appeal for defcn the bill nrnrktd probibly the Irsl lime 'in the memory.-of-/con- lusslonnl obsencit. hint the ex eenlive branch of the g(»i<in incut had dolil.unlcly lowed writ Mny n (UP)—Premier lienlto Mi'ssolllil loiiuy withdrew his deleuiillon from Geneva' wid wnrncil Ihp LengHe ol NA- Hons It musl consider- Iho Itnlo- lUliloplan conlllct n closed Iwlic If It wants Italy's co-opei'iitlon In Europe. : , aliiiullnncoualj' Clille Appeared ally of Italy when Manuel lives Vienna, chid of the Olillcmi lelegallon, demanded ihe litllng f Lcnguo sanclioiiH against Italy, fiiimcdlntely utter receiving Mussolini's orde-r, Uaron Po'mpco.' Alolsl and the other meinbeis 6[ lie Unllnn delegnllon |mc!>cd Ihelr preparatory to bottrdhiB tho M. trfiln for Home. New York Cotton statehood will be made the occas- tton planned for the first week | changed. NEW YORK, May 12 (UP) — Cotton closed steady. open high low close May 1162 1102 lias 1158 July 1127 1129 1125 1120 Oct 1020 1033 1020 1020 Dec 1029 1032 1027 1037 Jan 1030 1030 1027 1027 May 1033 1035 1031 1031 Spots clcsed steady nt 11G3, un- Closing Stock Prices NEW YOHK. May 12 (UP)' — Volume on the New York stock exchange today dwindled today to set a ten months low and prices followed the recent pattern—early flrumess and a Inst. hour decline. A T and T 155 7-8 Anaconda Copper 32 3-4 Bethlehem Steel 48 I- Chrysler SI 3--I Cities Service 41-2 Coca Coin 87 1- Oencral American Tank 44 1- Cleneral Electric 35 1- Gencrnl Motors G3 1- . . , , tips liad been received! llUo thc gress in 1934 for the spectacular succew of his bureau in stamping ley out kidnaping. Witnesses reported that the car, "That was the turning point in l] ^. cli ^ fr ^ ^^ ^'^ tlmic<1 measures which for the first time ' f ricc Tatuni, who was riding in conferred upon P. B. I. agents I ' nc r ''° nt scat with llim ' was b»"- power of arrest and authority to engaged to a,*t the cany weapons and generally tightened federal statutes. 1'arculs' Anxiety Ended NASHVILLE, Tenn., May .12 (UP)— "Our boy— our son, lie's living -- he's safe." were the first words of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas H. Robinson sr.. wlien told their son, Thomas jr., wanted for the Stoll kidnaping at Louisville in 193(, was caught lost night by G-men. "It's a relief to know my son is living," the father told reporters. "It ends a long period of anxiety for us. I don't know what steps will be taken hut t will try to provide counsel for him merely to (Continued on page three) c»t bruised about the neck and shoulders. A negro who was in the rear scat received a broken hand and a scam would. All three were taken lo the Blythc- villc hospital for treatment. Mother of W. M. Smith Reported Critically 111 WYNNE, Ark., May 12 (UP) — Mrs. Belly Smith, mother of \V. M, Smith, prominent )and owner and member of Ihe state penal board, was in a critical condition at her plantation home at Birdeye today following a scconc stroke. of the edition, which rniicruay. of July in dedication of lilythc-1 vitle's new municipal park and fairgrounds, there will also be several pages of pictures nnd dc- Iptive matter about the park. adly Hurl in Fall from His Brother's Shoulders J. W. Robertson, seven, of Bragg City, .Mo., is in the Bly- Iheville hospital in a serious condition with a 'fractured skull and nn Injured knee sustained in nn unusual accident. An endeavor will be made to The child .wns plnying with ai\ Spot Average Is 11.55 The average price of 7-8 Inch middling cotton on the 10 spot markets today was 11.55, the Blytheville Board of Trade reports. Growers selling their cotton lo- dny will be entitled to' a"'subsidy of .45 of n cent per pound. New Orleans Cotton International Harvester McKesson-flobblns Montgouicrj' Ward New York Central Packard Phillips Petroleum Itadio Corp St. Louis-Sun Francisco EillHIlOUR IlCd Standard of N J Texas Co U S Smelting U S Steel Warner I!ros Zonitc In td n bnt^lu ovc ! ,' Colonial Fire Biickef", Shown at Smithsonian WASHINGTON ,(UP) — Hum lalutcd buckets which colonla Americans used more than 15 years atfo are nil display .today n tho SmlthsoiLlan /Ji.'UlMiUrin .a [iart of an exhibit siiowlng th ileveloEniient of lire fighting cqui|) inent. These buckets were tossed hit Ihe street when the alarm soi'tidc and picked up by the volimtee firemen as they raced to tlie bln/.e l v , Wilt nruok No After the first Inlerfciruie shock of 11 iluco'6 netlon hcauue circles upcc- .ilaled. ns lo whothcr the Hal* an depiirluro Is Inlchdcd to represent a final wnrnlng lo the I ca- ane Unit Italy hoiiccfoith will not, lolcinto Intervention In KOi- lopln U \\iis unrtDiBlooil thai -\\hcfL Alolils deptiitiiro fiom ycslcid.iy',1 piivntc .coiuie-ll miictlnt; failed (n llnl othei dcleuale.s, MussO- dLildid ii|ion a .spcclaculir ic to show his dctcriuliwllmi' to SLttlo the 'Ethiopian, problem' \\ lUimit Uic I cnguc'h Intel lei ence. .(iravo Uiiveloiiiiieuts Feared IIOMF Wiiy \1 Oiavp develop- mt'iils Inelucllng possibility ihnt Ilnly will iibtiidon Iho League of NntloiH cntlroly, wcie' fore- hccn In HCMHO HollUtnl 1 clxclcs today afkr 1'ri.mloi Denlto Mils'- so!lnl ( oidciei| lib de.lcsa.Uon j cdhmicnt oti Uio prcelpltatc do- parlui'c of ,13aron Potnjico. Alolsl mid his co:deicgntlon : from Qeu- evil. In many quarters there .vi'ns lively spccujntlon as to; whether Mussolini would ninke mi impcrl- ant pibiioiiiiccment when tho chnmber of depultc'; slls TWus-- day lo ratify I annexation of, Ethiopia. Selassie III JERUSALEM, M.iy 12 (UP) — Emperor Ifallc Selassie today was so 111 that IIC/WILS' confined lo-hli They are made of hand-sewed i su "° "^ tnc'KIng Dnvld hotel. His ' leather. Many \vcre decorated witli family designs and scenes of the times ns well ns the owners' name. A hand-pump "tub" fire engine built In IHO nt Snlctn, Muss., showed the first improvement on the bucket brigades nlthoiujh water had to be carried lo this machine and then squirted on the lire. 81 1-i 8 1-8 ; 39 5-0 32 7-8 9 1-2 41 1-8 9 3-4 2 1-1 25 59 1-2 33 1-2 89 1-2 55 1-4 Campbell Is Given Life Sentence For Kidnaping ST. PAUL, Mny 12 (UP)-IInny Campbell lodny pleiulcil guilty lo charges of kidnaping nnd conspiracy to kidnap Edwnrd O. Dremer, January 17, 1934. Federal Judge M. M. Joyce Immediately sentenced Campbell to life Imprisonment. Uistviol Attorney G. F. Sullivan said Campbell will not be used ns a witness ngnlnst others the Uarker-Karpls (ong. maje.sty abhndoncd ' his usual morning prayers M the Church of Ihe Holy Sepulchre nnd .before tlic shrines of the Jerusalem Coptic Christian monastery. Lt. Gen. Sir Arthur Wmichope, British high commissioner for Palestine, visited Ihe NCKUS. Upon leavtni; Ihe sick room the high.. commissioner declined to comment upon his majesty's condition' or upon the nature of their cons'niui- tlon. Subsequently E. A. Colson, of Maine, American adviser lo .the Imperial court of Ethlopja, visited,'. Hnile Selassie for private consul-! tntions. of Old River Days Will Endure in Federal Mural. tell'the story of the county's development and progress from pioneer times lo the present. Liberal use will be made of pictures and readers who hnvc Interesting! Khctojrnphs. particularly any of historical significance, are invited to loan theni to the Courier News for reproduction in this edition. Articles or Information concerning any phase of the enmity'.-; past or present will also be welcomed. The edtllon will include sec- lions davotcd to thc'covjity's history, to Ihc principal communities' of the county, and lo the important activities of the present older brother when the. accident occurred. He was siting astride his brother's shoulders, the latter playing the part of .1. W.'s "horse," when he fell to tho ground. The. accident occurred several days ago. The child was brought to the hospital when he failed lo respond to treatment. Divorce Is Granted A decree, on the 'ground of indignities, has been granted Thurman Clemens by Chancellor -'- F- Gnutney in vacation, divorcing day. As it will make Its appear- him from Mrs. Mozcllc demons. NEW ORLEANS, May 14 (UPI- Small gains on the cotton market tcday were attributed to Ir.- flatlon talk In Washington and belter feeling regarding the for- political outlook. Prices advanced one lo three points except tor the May option, which was down three . open high low close May 1153 1153. H48 1148 July 1119 1121 1118 1118 Oct 1025 1028 1024 102-1 1026 1029 1021 1024 1020 1026 1024 Livestock Submits Substitute For New Deal Relie{ Program WASHINGTON, Mny 12 (UP)—! Senator Arthur' H. Vnndcnburg (Rep.. Mich.) tcday presented to the senate n complete substitrle fcr the S1.-I25.000 relief program n r'o approved by the house. ' His plan, he said, would restore relief ndmlnlstnition re- lo tlie states and Dec Jan March "cure all political exploitation of relief so far as possible." 1027b Spots closed steady at 1159, off 4. EAST ST. LOUIS, III., May iUP>—Hogs 8.5CO Too 9:i5 • 170-230 Ibs. 920-930 IW-ICO Ibs. 800-910 Hulk sows 815-835 Cattle 2.800 Steers '00-835 Slavjhlir steers GOO-835 Mixed yearlings and heifers 675-775 Slai'ghur hellers 600-825 Fli-cf co.vs 500-575 Cullers and low cullers 350-450. 'Chicago Wheat May July cpcn high 91 1-4 94 1-4 86 3-8 80 1-2 low clo^ 01 7-8 92 84 3-8 01 3-4 Chicago Corn May July open 82 3-4 CO 3-1 high low close Council Meets Tonight The Blytheville city council will hold its regular monthly meeting nt the city hall tonight at 7:30 o'clock. Only routine business Is expected to be brought before the council, according to Mayor Cecil Shane. DUUUQUE, la. IUP) — Historic landmarks of Dubumie's old river front nnd a pocket steamboat traveling up the Mississippi River will take form his summer in a mural to ornnmcnt the walls of Dubiiquc's new postofflce. The murals will be painted by Aert Adams and William Biinn, University of Iowa graduate students. The murullsts now ivrc studying at the University of Iowa under the famed Midwestern artist, Grant Wood. They received the federal commission for the murals on basis of sketches submitted in Washington. Bunn. will paint the packet steamboat. Adams will do a panel of landmarks >cf the river town. Each murnl will measure approximately 0 by 8 feel. It Is expected that the work will be completed within a year. WEATHER Legion Meets Tonight The Dud Cason American Legion pos will tot the hold its C2 1-4 62 5-81 regular weekly meeting nt the CO 1-4 GO; 3-8(Legion Hut tonight at 7:30 o'clock. Arkansas—Mostly cloudy tonight and Wednesday. Warmer In northwest portion tonight. \ Memphis nnd vicinUy—Probably showers tonight and Wednesday. Not much change in temperature. Tiie maximum temperature here yesterday was - 72, minimum 62, cloudy wllh .19 of an Inch rainfall here last night, according to Samuel F. Norris, ofllctal weather observer.

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