The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 19, 1939 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, June 19, 1939
Page 2
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TWO (ARK) MONDAY, JUNE.19,-;19;iP COURIER NLWS E*T™?^ I<iet S\lll Admit Albert Cronse 4 Companion Blvtholllc, Rt 2 t ' * RITZ THEATfcR " Socid Calendar » «• r ! i • < ' ,Maple Grove Cemetery associa (ion' .meeting 1230 o clock \iH,lt Mrs Ton} 'Thompson on Baiflold road Tvlrs V O Miller entcrhining Tuesdaj contract club Tuesdas Afternoon club meeting Kith Mrs Renkert Wetcnkamp WEDNESDAY S EVENTS Mrs O yi? McCutchen entertaining Town and Countrj club Bl Monthlj Luncheon club meeting v,tth Mrs Sheldon Hall Miss'Marj Virginia Cutter enter tainlng ADC club T,HURbDAY'S EVtNlS Mrs Ed Cook entertaining Double Four Bridge club ' Mrs P B Joyner enleitalnin Thursda> Contract' club FRIDAYS LVEN1S Elnvwood Cemeteiy 'association sponsoring bingo parU, eight pm at 'American Legion Hut Palmei-Hardm Riles Splemmzed , , The First Baptist church vis the jelling jesterda; for thi rfcd ding'ot Miss Selmn Hardin, cla\igli- ter of Mrs Robert Hardin 6t Dell, and PJaVence E 'Palmer of'Tiipelo $iss,'5on of Mr imdiMrs \V M Palmer of Oha^lnnoo^a Tenii Tlie Jic\ 'Alfred^Carpenter, pastor of Ihe church read the cciCmom Tlie redding pirtv •jloo'l before a fan shaped' arrangement of while gladioli \\hlih aiosc '.from a bank ing ot fern about tlic'nlhi mil- ing Floor baskets of pink gladioli Vere placed nlar the \\rought lion 'candelabra 1 of cathedral tiper 1 tthfch illuminated tjhc green bick ground Miss'^/irglnia Mailln orginlst and Miss Jeanne Hai risen, \ocahst ga\e' a program of nuplial music Miss Martin E numbers before Ihe bridal parti entered Were Corene s Beside '(lie Still Water IIK! Lamares Andanlc Miss Hnmson Is Bride p; Alabama Man Mis p D Legg Mr Taft motored oicr jfot her " '" ' ' Mrs ,Vorh Woikmaii, of Hqlland George! DMftger altenci<;d r lo busl ness In Memphis last week. jbai\ Miller 1 spent the weekend In St Jxniis with iclallvcs ' Mil!) 1 Anft Scif ell and Bill Scwell of Essex, ^3, arp spending two weeks fiuc as the guests' of Mr 1 ' and J. 'M Moican Barnes Is 'an'lc to' be out been stricken ill PocU \vas befoic her marriage Saturday, Miss Adclc Jjangslon daughter of Mi and Mrs C C Langslon (Mr and Mrs Poeta will Ihe at Annislwi, Ala *ahg Clifford 'Gicy s White Dove .slicels puring the ceremonj, 'Adagio uj Roterb was placed Miss Martin woie a diibonnct printed ^hiflon with a while trim and a corsage "ot Talisman loses Miss Harrison ifas dressed In arum \oiie ^with ,lace insertions and she had a' corsage of j allow rosebuds As the traditicnil wedding pio cession was plajed, the bride en tercet the church on Ihe arm of her brother Ed Hardin She wore a Claia Mae Pittman To Wed 13 F. Biogdon ills \\1lliani ^\ Branton of Avon, Miss.; . has announced Ihb engagement of hoi daiightci Miss Clnra Mae plttman, to Benjamin rrankhn Brogdon, son cf Mis B r Brogdon The ueddlng will bo solcmnl/cc on the morning of Jidj i at tne Avon Methodist church Miss Plliinaii «!io 1m ilsitcd here a number- cf tiuies as the tuest of Mfes Pcl(lBjars attciuled Delia State Teachers college al Cleveland. .Miss. Mr. Biogdon, son of the late B. P Biogdon attended the UnUcisili of Tennessee Junloi college at Mar tin where he pas ciilstancilng t) tl In at,hlctlcs and scholastic activl ties He sened hs president of his freshman class.' He' is 'connected wilh tlie Farmers Bapk and Irus company After tliclr marriage, they wll make Jheir home-here in the now home which is being erected 01 the coinir ot Hollj and Dlvisioi tailored crepe ensemble of blue to which color was added bj a trim of chartreuse find ro e Rose slioe c v,\th the cosiumc while other accessories were \\hitc Her corsage »ns of \ illej lilies and gardenias The bride was attended bj Mis Grace Franklin as matron of lionoi anud Miss Marj Sue Wright as maid of honor Ihe former \vorc a chartreuse embossed chiffon fashioned in a semi sport design He" accessories Bits ''of News Mostly Personal* Mrs mrl BULKIIJ am puenls Mr. and Mrs.'Fletcher Fisher, ail dniphlei Winibclh spent jesfer daj in Memphis wilh Mr Buiklcj parents. Mrs. HibbcrI Botloiu, of Ens SI, 1-onis, will return home lotto iftcr having vhitcd leliuhes her for two .weeks. She will be nctioni named home bj her m Jlior 1 fiobert K Ijcc King who will ' her there. Mrs JOG Wilson ind diutlitcr Mary Jo, of Osccolri,"cniiic 'tin morning to be with Mrs. Wats'rjn accessories were of whcit Mi^| ino , llcl Mls O «MBC U MUtlmv Wright also woie embossed chiffon | ftho Is ill it hoi home " ~" J ~ White iccessories] Mrs Flwm Jones in i rose slnde e iccessones Mrs Flttin lones an, son were worn with the too piece cos Memphis ire visiting Mis Jonc: tume Both attendants corsages wefe of Johanna hill roses Dr R E Echirmi-r Mr. Palmers be'l man Ushers were Charlte F Armstrong Jr Alfied Meredith M F Brovmlce Jr and Tom Hnrdin brother of the bride An informal party for members of Ihe bridal part.v and intimate Iriends of the couple followed nt the Hotel Noble Mr and Mrs Palmer left today for a brief wedding (rip before going to Tupelo to mal e their home where Mr Pilmcr is associated with the Liberty Cish sto . re .} Mr. and .Mrs. B. B. Nallv Among tlie out of town gutsU Mrs . clarence H. WiU... here for the wedding were Mr 1 j,ug. ter Miss Iltobeln Ann ES JSZ J** 1 " £«"* ot .^ w» Billj, and Miss Prince- l>arenls, Mr. and Mrs. O, Kins, here, lor a week. Marion Gray, of Memphis; spsn \cslerdiy here with hi- piruit MI. nnd Mis. 0. M. Gruj Tliad Oliver ,Cd|>ifedge, -;f We; Memphis, spent 'Ihe' wceKCii'd wit ms uncle, Oliver \y. O:ppedge, nn family. U. S. Harris spent yesterday i Memphis .'with Ins dnugmcr. Mrs. B. J. Alien and son, llcrr. came home last night from llo Spring- wnere thcs spent thic weeks 'W'itli Mrs, Allen's parent bridegroom of Chattanooga Mi s Louise Welch Mi^s Alma Brittiin Guy Malme Mr and Mrs Jimmie Moore and Mr and Mrs L°land Ba.ney spent- yesterday In Memph with Mr. Wilson, who Is ill at' 11' Baptist hospital. Although stcadil improving. Mr. Wilson will remnl In tlie longer. Graj all of Memphis Walter Glr n=on of Chance, 'Uo, Mr and Mrs IU ,, B(:I Sims Michie, of Stole, Dr and! Mlss Ppurl Lec . wln rclurn , h T.L , f ? ? a Mrs E R ' afternoon from Ashevillc, N. O neea 01 usceoia, Mr and Mir lunere slip 1ms h"pn vkiiinir hn Parker Cassldy of Catron Mo " S C •* « - •* iUlcnd Familj Reunion four generations were repre^enl- M W 1 h:spilal for some tin sister, Mrs. Worth Grlcc, and M Grlce for a week. Mr. and Mrs. N. A. Beard spei aftcr having I Ihnrsdij Eddie B Divld is iitlcndlng to i&iiiess In liilllc Rock todaj Mrs. c: A. Ktiinlhgliam is rcsl- g well following u majoi opeia on pel formed a.t a Jocil hospllnl rid ay i Mrs Q A. Turner and her iiughtGi MKs Doils pi CutlniBi) la WCIL the wccl'eiHl guests of i and Mrs 1 T G Jlelchcl, and a'mlly. Mr. and Mrs, Eddie fl. puvld. 'i^ Dick Pottcj and Mrs B T ottci spent jesterdaj In Mnnlla nd Paiagould ?n Manlli lhc> eie guests of Mr David-i pmcnts li and Mrs Lee David who Ob cr\etf their foitlclh wedding nn iveisaiy itic) ucie Ihe gi(cs-|s of Tr aiid Mis- Bob Weal and fam Ij in Paragould Airs .Ruhcri, Crafton Is- 111 at, her ionic on .West Chlckasuwba ave'- Osceoja Society — Personal Yeaman Class J'arly Meniphis lomorrcw' to be'Uje giic's' of Kir', and' Mrs. Wesjey Harvel'l. Miss Sue Wright of Wob'dland, ls-s, Is the giiest of Jicr aiiiit, Mr? E. ft. Reid, and'Mr.'Reid. Miss H;rlcnse Louckes has "returned from two weeks vacation in New .'York. She' was" accompanied by her parents, Mr. and Mrs. F I LOuckcs-of Memphis, i Joan Laney was .quite ill Thuit, day and Friday' from food pols 11- Inp. Mrs, J. B. Bunn and daughlcr, Marliia jane, will iiirlve home Monday from Pcrryvlllc, Ark., where lilts Jiiivc spent the past two weeks as guests cf her parents Mr. and Mrs, S. A. Bowen, The Rev. Paul Galloway ind Mrs, Galloway and children, Pull & Month Al| Over the Country ! thirty fricmbcrs or the Yraman Sunday school class of Iho - . - -Methodist (.ninth cnjojed a. covcicd J nll<1 .iSl.lxubBlh Ann, will an he dish supper iii the church pallors ll me today from port Smith when. Thursday' night 'marking' the 'end of their social activities until fa\l Hostesses in charge of itiange meiils were Mrs w D Kctly, Mis P O Gwinn, Mrs Mamie Little During the business session !cd by Mr£ /\ r Barhntn president Mrs.'j. A. Plgg'' and 1 Mrs."Jchni Wlilln'Oi'lh were iin'nxxl '« cotnmll- tcc to purchnso Venetian blinds foi the ch.rpcl Plans v\cie outlined to innlntnlii 'the'' normal attendance' 'dining vacation months Mrs E Stcpllcnson *"•- added is :i mem her of the dais of which Mrs riftrrv B Jones, is leachei, Mrs Maggie Barbtcrs scoreUry and Mrs J A Plgg, treasiirci they have attended a family reunion of Iho Galloway faiyily They (ilso slopped In Conway and Clarendon .for short visits. iUC. The reer at her condition of Mrs. Prank' wha Is quite scuouslj ill home- on* Waliuit-'st'reet. Is mchanged today Miss "France;, Little returned >cs c/daj inoining from a 'ten dijs visit in points of Oklahoma ailc ins met in Jonesboro bs her sister, vllss Saia Jo Llllle and Jerry lar.vcll. Mrs. Hamilton Talbott, of St. jOUls, arrived ' : this'' afternoon ! tr pcnd a week hcie wltli hci 'mother Urs Emma Nolcn ' 31 G Partlow ind Gene E iiiadlej arc In LHlle Rock toclaj (hcic (lies appcircd befoio the Arkansas Suprcivic comt In onl arguments on a appfcnl cnie Pohisett counlj Attend School of Instruction Osce^la members of Ihe ^ailem Star'who attended the school of instruction 'conducted In Biylhevillc "FVldij by 1 JUrs Trances Began ])ist w 01 thy grand matron of the Ai Kansas grand chapter and Mis Geneva FovUer dlsliicl deputy grand le(;tur'ef \verc Mi and Mrs E 1 R Reid Mr nnd Mrs F n Smith Mis, A S Hogeis Mis ^rma Dandy, woitliy malion of the Oiceola chiplei Mis Fmmctt Wit libs Nona Crews Is Oj Biiniey S'^illi ORCEOLA, June 19—Mrs. W. B. .Crews announces the marriiige of her daughter, Miss Nona, to IJ u i cv ^jinitli, son of Carter- Sinuh 'I lie ceremony was performed in the homp of L. II. Fielder, minister of the Church of Christ in Lppinlp, Thursday aileinoon. The couple was attended by Mr. ,iiwl- Louis . Johnson. Mis 'Johnstin \viis attired in a navy blue triple chiffon \vilh matching it, I'Eisorlcs. Her corsage WHS of sweet heart roses and sweet peas. I lie bride wore ix dress of white silk Jape. - Her wide brimmed hat vvns in harinuiiy with her ensemble and other accessories were of Alice blue and •white. A corsage of stvrcl licirt roses complimented her costume. . . • . Following (he ceremony, Mr. and Lepaptp Club To Honor Officers Of E, A. Y. M. C. LEPANTO, Ark., June ID.—The Lepanto Young Men's Business club 'First-Year' Students To Be Examined Tuesday Plans /or the nmiun! smmiiei- round-tin for children who will cii- and the Civic Qluh of Marked Tree t" the first grade of school next banquet at, Hut, here will be cc -hosts at a the 'American Legion Tuesday night, June 20, honoring the newly elected officers of' (lie E.A.Y.M.C. District Chios. ' Dr. M. Vise, president of hie Lepanio club staled that 'an Interesting program 'had ticcn arranged for the' baiiquct/wltii ' many outstanding speakers and musical numbers cu the program. Scnaicr I.u- tlen 1J. Colenian will lie .master 'of ceremonies, Immediately following the banquet a (lance will ')m helrl at, the ' music iiirnislicd b'y '' »'"• . „- „ --- -,.--.- -, •Smiling" Bill Thompson' and ills Hotel clarklgc orcliestra, All ol Ihe clliccrs 61 Ihe- District L.A.Y.M.C. ami their "lady ,:f (he veiling" will be honor guests .of he 'Marked Tree 'and LcpaiUo lubs. All 'of liie 13''iltibs iii'fee iislrict- have been Invited to attend 'laces (it er 'pel-son fall liave been completed, It was announced today by members of :hc Parent Teacher Association committee" tt;hicli' is sponsoring jthc check up for physical defets: Children arc to be at'the office of ilie Mississippi Coutty ' Health Unit at the court hoiise at nine o'clock Tuesday' iiiorniiig wlicn Dr. R., B. Schirmer, director of tlie unit, and his assistants will examine t,he diiidreii '/or ordinary defects. ' Reports of the examinations will to sent parents aiid .the Parent Teacher Association of the school iiieV will attend In an effort ;to have remediable defects corrected before school opens. son Mrs 1 E bclioolci Mis 'Mrs. Smlt|h left on a brief weddin; Gcprgp Rnlncs Mrs Gilbert Mastiu ('"(> '° Hot Springs. Mrs C S Stcpheiib and Miss] "Doris 'Clark. " ' Frank Herring of Sallsaw. Mis Oainail \Vheclcr and Vlis I^uth Carlisle Weds Mi Edwaid Riley OSCEOLA, Alk JUnc tfl—In n jeautlful nfteinoan wedding Mis i Ruth Hale Cirlislc daughter cl Mi ind Mrs H: J Hile bccime the biide of E(|KIK| H Rtlej son of Mi and Mrs F H Rilcj o[ Now Midi Id Mo nt'foui o clock S\liiidnv nt Hit new licme 1 1ecenllj bought, by Ihe couple foi their home Tin, house, ioimcrly knovji n^ the John p JCelsor home and out o fthe most attractKc in town I located on South Bi^ndxvay ant Kcis'cr itvcniic nnd 'has been re decorated and repainted. The' briilc dcsceu'ctc'd Ihe stairway to Ihe impioviscd iiltnr a I Ilie fool of the stuns, nuiked bi tall llcor baskets of pink nnd while hvdmngCT, lied with pink rlbb n She wore n bctiie and .brown tailored suit vllh linunonulntr actcyione with a corsage of gnrdehlns and swecl. pens. Magistrate G. i,. Waddell performed (the single rinc ceremony in the presence of Immediate friends and members ol both families. Mrs Arthur R gors of Jickson Miss and sister 01 the bride \\i tier only n^lcndniit She wore n afternoon' dress' of vvlil'le nnd pink with cprsage of pink rosebuds nnd swcclnchs E R, iSmlUi 1 Jr \\A best niriii. Preceding the ccicmouj Mrs C s Diivcr plajed n pionam o nupllal music ns guests assembled Am ng her numbers wen Nc\ins 'Love &oii" friumcri Al Sundown bj Huertcr in I Me Dowcils w lo a Wild Uo^e during the exchange cf ^bws An intormal reception was hcU after the weddni" RcLCiving wilr the bride's mother, Mrs. H. ' j IJale ind Mrs C H Idfcj niotlie c-f the bridejropm, were five cpuslii: of the biidc Mrs E R. Ainllh Jr Mrs. Fabcr While, Mrs.' A. W. Bovven. Mrs. Jc.t,Ue Priver, and Miss Joscph.iiie .Montague, and Mrs. C. B. Driv'cr, Mrs. James £>rivcr nnd Mrs. Hale jackscn. Alter a two weeks vvedding trip to Lake Taneycomo aiid the Missouri Oaarks tlie couple will .be at home hero -where'Mr. Riley Is in business. The .bride is a graduate of Osccola lilgh school and nttcnd- cd the Univ6rsity ol Arkansas. The brldejrcom attended the Murray- State Teachers .College, Murray, JKy. Oul-of-low'n giiests were Mr, and Mrs'.' E.. H.' Riley, Ulborn Ulley. Mrs. Phillips 'aiid Mrs. 'Martin of Mrs. Okli d uinhter ^otty Jine of Port Smith are the guests of ( their sister ' Mis L S Driver and family Mis C L 3ullcni{cr Mis W W Prewitt Miss Aline }Vord Mi )>nrl Mrs Guy Drlvei and diuglitcr Charlotte \\cic Memphis vkiL is Thursday and Friday. Mrs. Smith was graduated with honors fronv.t he Wilson high school and Die Blytheville hospital School. of nursing. Mr. Smith Is connected with his father in business, Ijiqniil Keeps Lips Ked JOnANNESBURG, 'South Africa IUP)— A' -liquid '. jdcriycif from a Central' African plant Which tunw •-Hn pcrnianchtly: red may make regular use of lipstick unnecessary. A monlli after Baroness J»iseUc \on Capn Svil?eildnds omy licensed wonun pilot arnvcd in fins countiy she completed a J?500 mile an plane lour of tie U. S, and Mexico, reported it cost her'only $10(10. She is pictured a she ended li"i Inp in Nc v Yoik Oxford, has returned here after spending eight months in Centra Africa collecting rare drugs aw pi ml- Miss Ruth Masses will go to A C. Buckley, a'former student at ORESTON, n. C. (UP)—A thrcc- hair pitched' battle •• in Koolena river near here rewarded Fisher nien Jack Smith and Henry Cliris- (enscn with (he largest cai-ch o: the seiisoh^a 220-jiouhd stnryeoii It nearly 'cxliiiu'ste'd the two fishermen in the struggle.' Antt'lojtts CliaiU'C KaiiKU g.QLDENDALE, \Vash. (OP.) — In search of a. new range, antelopes /have invaded ' Klickilat csiiiity. l-hc biiiKiiict' 50 cents inuking their new' hoiiie'iicar Rock '"• ' ;'Creek'cniiyoiir 16" miles cast of here. "ficKcvcd to have' wandered I'froin reccnllv-slockcd slopes north '-' of y<ikima, the aiiiina'ls llrst were sighted'by farii)ers"'iii' lliis vici'nity. The Hospitals '(/rosier, city, ad- Rayder, ad- Gliy \Valter, city,' \lisniisscd, : Mrs. Viryinla Lane, Leachvillc, Jdmiticd. Mrs, .Goldie Dcnnisqn, city, ad- nill,cd. ' ', l\ r alls hospital Charles Prlch'iirfl, ""Sleele, ad- nlUed. Mrs. A. ,\V. mittcd.' ' Jan Wayne milted, Mrs. Mae Cole, city, dismissed. William Louis' Cox, Manila, dismissed. ' : Mrs. Opal McClurc, city, dismissed. • " Billy Robert Poscy, Hickman, dismissed, ' Mrs. Lillls Drnghain, LciGiiville,! dismissed. Erby Kirby, Holland, dismissed. Carl Tipton III, Manila, dismissed. iMciilphls Baptist hospital Virginia Ami 'Nailing, Osccoia, admitted. The Rev. P. H. Jernigan, city, admitted. Mrs.. C..C. Gctlings, Ilayti, admitted. 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V * 1 * am ° nS Mr - «nd'Mn.f. /, Bishop and a ° Cran i 50 " Fred ' and Daughter, Elizabeth n ,,r d Mrs 'Ann otPascagoula, Miss., returned L * *># l>t«e>lurta» after having Mo, who joined them here Son A son 'was born to Mr and Mrs spent a few days'ii'llli Mr. Bishop's brothct, Walter Bishop, and latniiy. Miss Ami swanson, ol Jonesboro, is spending the week here as the ! ... . J '" O H«»«I"B WE WCCK ncre as M t>yest * rda y mor n' n S Bucsl of Miss Frances Holland The '" nnd She was inot-ired over Salby her sister, Mrs. C. Gilll- GiliisolV <f k., and Mrs. ' Arthur Jacksc ». Miss- ' /"CAMEL'S c\pctisnc tobitccns, 50 inexpensive to siuqkc— is 'welcome v_> news to millions vho arc keen for the smoking thrill of finer tobaccos' Natunllj, a slower-burning.cigarette, Camel, gives more and hello smoking for die money. And now the impartial research of a leading liboratorj pro\cs that Camels burn far slower than the a\crige of the 15 other of the largest-selling brands. 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Vi'hen „„ ^J ' j , " 1 "^ «i*-i. f)ujM;l, ivlls. llalOlO pounds and fifteen ounces, Shaver, and Mrs. Paul wiittt iii- the second sou ot the SlocketU Ion and children, Mary Paul "nd had ruifln nfliTio^ tj^^lnll r^^.i— r\i i i ~e ^»u'j t oni nnu Dick, also of Jonesbor-j, who spent Gas Ion ,He has been * for Mrs 'Sfoikett's "father. ' • * Son Born '£ son Has bom to Mr and Mrs Frarrfcun s Sfiiih jestef^ay - V* " .(iwo-vn jtifci.iydj' Jlivjill- Jng fat, their* home In the Pride *KJ.,, J t. ». J ' pounds, has been named Vrth • the day with Mrs. \V,hUtiugton's parents, Mr. nnd Mis. V. G. Holland, tmd ; family, spent Thursday here \\ii\\ her aunt and cousin, Mrs, Honderson Hall and Mrs, .Cli^c Fowler. Mre. 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