The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 18, 1944 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 18, 1944
Page 8
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PIGHT. Papooses Again Tackle Osceola -. Reagon, McFarland Missing From Lineup As Juniors Invade \Coacli.Sylvester "l'oi>" Moslcy's Junior Hl?li Paoooscs. bonstlnc i\n even-break In their.(list two stnri.s, Kg after thoir second win of thi; season at Osccoln tomorrow nlplit when they face the Srminole reserves in a return engagement, starting nl 8 o'clock. ,~Tyn weeks a»o (he iimiors pot off to n winning start under the erl?>lcd ."Pop" li v nrwhi" o"i, (lie Swindle seconds, 13-7. Trnllimt 76,at the half, (lie • "Pans" drove over n touchdown nnd converted for the wlhninB niarcln nnd were j"st a'scaiit vnrd from pay dirt at llio final whistle. Ijist Wednesday Ihev inn into a veteran team flt Jonnshoro nnd went down hattlinp. l(!-6. Hchlnrt tliree touchdowns coin*? into the last nuarter. the Pmwrws sndrti'n- Iv came tn life with renewed vi°or trj score their touchdown and finish stronc. >"Pon" nn.i Flunk WMhvnrth, who has been helntne out after work lipnfs, were lond in nrnise of Die fljjtillne youiiBsters. Despite .superior numbers, weight nnd experience the "PUDS" never i?nve np nnd cvni outplayed tlicir big foes during (lie last quarter. Tiro Changes Likely ^Coach Mosley likely will lie forced to shift-his starting lineup for (his second start against Hie Scmlnolcs. He must find replacements for Gerald Heagan, bis tackle, and Fullback Billy Wayne McFarland. Upon tile advice of the family physician young Reagan has given up the sport, while Billy Wayne Is still out with a severe shoulder injury. There is every indication that McFarland, a left handed passer and fine * kicker, will not -be nvailnble for at lensl two weeks. .While botli Kenyan nnd McRir- land showed considerable promise, their places mny be adequately fill. James Sllnson. chubby 150- ppundcr, and Don Hucy, half pint speedster. Both were In the thick of the Jonesboro battle and did all right. However, Stinson was at BDard. In practice sessions he show- cq rapid improvement at ills new job. •; Starting End Undecided I JOne other position is a question mark as'to probable starter. It is l«t end, Hiiey's original post. "Pop" is/: undecided whether he will open with; Ifiuis Davis or John .Hoover •Davis opened at Jonesboro but shared the job with Hoover before it;, was over. , ••IHarvey Eaton is a certainty for rlcht end and Don Heshnrse likely w|ll be Stinson's tackle running mate. Billy Bob Bracy, who turned • in a 1 great game at Joncsboro. takes over one guard and will be flunked ; by . Billy . Bob Elliott, back after missing the fray because of an injury. R. B. Hodge Is the snapper- back. -.Operating in the backficld with Huey quite probably will be Dickie Greemvell, elongated left halfback whose running has featured the first two starts; Mose Simon, stur- ny right halfback who has pigskin mannerisms similar to the srent Rddie Saliba; and Jack Eiliott, crack-Mocking back and signal caller. '- '••'•.• I Coach Homer Bourns is expected .to start practically the same (cam which opposed th e papooses In the first game. BLYT1IEVJLLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS llti DOPE .BUCKET •r t. r. mum TJJJCK 01' IMTTI.K .overseas when the letter was inib- Wlicn Pal Chltmon was a mem- llshcd.) her of thc Biylhcvillc Chicks in 1039 ^ I'm sill) gelling the Courier. First he saw a lot of action on the grid-, thing I do is lurn lo Hie "Dope iron. Rattling side by side with Bucket." It's really Interesting. Huge Bill Godwin, who later earned (Thanks, pal), the nickname of "Thc Tank" at the I had several good chats wllli University of Georgia, Ihc compar- Lieut. Bill Doyd :\ few weeks ago nlivcly small but willing young'but haven't seen him since. He guard played a prominent role In'said Buddy Terry was close by Inil Ihe great season that Included defeats over Ihe visiting Soutli Bend, Ind,, team; Joncsboro, Forrest City and five other Arkansas outfits. Head Coach Joe Dlldy was proud of Ills team that year, despite the fact that it did not finish wllli a perfect slale and nail down Ihe Arkansas High School Conference championship as many cxpcclcd. Especially was he high on his quartet of guards lhat season nnd Pat was one of them. Now Pat, married and proud papa, is overseas along with many of the other local boys. He Is attached to n field artillery outfit nnd already had seen action In two major battles in Fiance when his last letter, was written. farther into dated September 2, Likely he Is inuch France, and possibly fighting right now on German soil. HAS CLOSE CALLS His vivid description of some of the contacts and other highlights is contained in his letter us follows. Pfc, Pal Chltmon (38444397) Bultery C 250th F. A. Bn. APO 403 % P. M. New York City. "Frnnco" near J. P.: While I was resting and writing all the home folks I thought I would write a scratch to you and let you know what Ihc score Is over here. 1 have been in France for quite some time now aud have been In, sonic close places while taking part In two major battles. I have been In one bombing altack and one tank attack. And II we hadn't thrown enough shells at them to lurn them I never saw him. J. D. Davis nnd I lire i be home for Clirlstums. Sincerely, to Pat, PAGE THE BROWNS NEW YORK.—Sam Vitola. Lyndhurst, N. J., bowler, recently rolled 34 consecutive strikes in four practice games on iicw alleys using new phis. Duck Callers Will Compete At Stuttgart STUTTGART, Ark., Oct. 18. (Ui>) —Duck hunters from,over the nn- tlon arc limbering up (heir vocnl cords or drugging out their duck cnllers In preparation for (he nn- nual World's C'tnmiplcm.ship Duck Calling Contest at Stuttgart Tuesday, Nov. 14. This event, sponsored by the DJIri- le! Harder post of the American Legion, Is expected to attract even more entrants this year than ixt miy time before, thanks to (i longer hunting season nnd role-use ol more ammunition. Dr. 11, V. Glenn, chtiir- mnn of the m rnngemciUs committee, predicts that this year's contest will be the best ever. The contest Is open lo one nnd nil, young nnd old alike. And It doesn't cost one cent for n hopeful lo compete for the numerous prizes that will be offered the lucky winners. It's going to be a wide open affair. Any kind of duck cnllcr, or none nt all, may be used. And the caller who wins the title will truly back" I might not be "writing"tiiTs ' H e one of tlie hest llllck callcrs '" letter now. I might nlso report-that th ? count '|. because (he judges arc wo destroyed runny of them T j lnt ) v f'c™"s who know duck cnlllngjusi Seminoles Set For Blue Devils Osceola First Team Takes To Road For Conference Contest 1 OSCEOLA, Oct. 18—The Osceola Seminoles, riding the crest of a new season winning streak, take to the loud for the fourth time this sen- soii Friday as they go to Augusta for n conference battle with the Blue Devils. Coach Homer Uourns', Seminoles showed tremendous offensive power last week {luring the 35-6 defeat of the Enrlc Cardinals, their fourth win of the year and second triumph atMliisi Northeast. Arkansns Conference competition. Led by the (wo backfleld aces, Denver Wilson and Robert Clay Driver, the tribe was not lircsscd to subdue the ried Birds ana likely ; - ould have plied up a larger score iiatl they elected to bear down all the way as (hey started. Only three iliiys were necessary to rack up the first touchdown that climaxed a 15-ynrd Jamil. Line Slum's Strength • The tribal big chief was highly pleased over the fine manner in which his forward wall stopped iravticnlly every Enrlu threat and line thrust. With the two crack :u»rds, Gene Butler and Stan Kramer, and Center Freddie Bnn- ilster leading the way, they smothered the hard running Earlc backs, Chester Morton nnd Charles Ber-, :inr<!, before they got started. Only two first downs were gained by rushing against the hard charging 1 ,Sen(lnolc forwards. Oil the basts of season records, the Blue Devils arc not expected to offer ' any serious threat to the Semliiole championship march. Making their first start in the conference they have not been too Impressive but may make a strong stand In their own'back yard. Point To TUers With the strong Parkin Tigers coming up next, week, Coach Bourns Is'expected to take the wraps off his youngsters and give them the green light to eliminate any possible upset. He has warned them against over - confidence, pointing out trial many games have been lost before actually played because of . underestimating the strength and fighting power of the opposing team. •fhe entire squad-escaped without any Injuries and should be at their •WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 18, 19-M physical :\mi mental peak. That means that th c same lineup which took the field last week will again get the starling assignment, wllli possible exception of Charles Jones at right tackle. Coach IJourns may give Tommy Bannister first call this week. Though accepted In the Navy last week Freddie Bannister is on furlough and due to be at center. Butler and Kramer will be at tlie guards; John Griffin, who did a swell job against Earle, will be at left tackle. Long Tom Cross, left end, and Jimmy Carlisle, right end, complete the line. Melvln Waggoner and Henry. Griffin, a pair of capable speedsters, learn with Wilson and Driver in the backfleld. team will vie with each other in exhibition bouts at the Manila American Legion 'Hall Monday night, Allen Hurley, assistant physical training director, said W- Boxers Will Perform At Manila Legion Hall Members of the BAAP boxing FARMERS We have plenty' of Iran Ro«J- Ing and Hough Cypress for barns and sheds*, ; , ,. 3 Year FHA Terms if desired, E.C. Lumber Co. day, COLO CLOGGED' NOSE? Feel stuffy? 2 (IrojM In c-ncli nostril, help you trcutlio freer.' Caution: Usoonlynsdireclcd.Get PEHETHO NOSE DROPS \vns one plncc we really had to do some Hist work. Another time we were to move into position, but something Imp- imiccl, delnying us a few hoius. The enemy shelled Hell out ot the place, thinking were already there. Then another time It was Just the opposite. We moved out of u position and the next morning we heard that the place we lert was literally torn up by enemy shell (Ire. Those German SB's are a mighty dangerous weapon, but I think we have just about gotten Hie best of them now. IIOI'ES FOIl PARIS I haven't seen Paris as yet but hope to be there soon. You probably read nbout that French nr- morcd division which was thc first to enter the French Capital. They're a rough bunch of boys. I know ly- cuuse we fought with them for u few days. "Hell On Wheels" Armored Division, i believe, is what tliey're called. They live up to that name, too. , J. P.," I-heard about the few'words you wrote about me being In England n while back and which drew comment Iiom thc chief censor. I didn't see why that would hurt anything, did you? (It's all right, Pat. It wasn't what I said about you. They warned me to be extremely careful about publishing units of the boys overseas. Unfortunately, 1 your unit hndn't been announced as having been nbout ns well as do thc ducks. Officials hi charge of the allalr haven't announced the, but they will go to winners of thc first three places. Winner of last year's contest was a Stuttgart resident, Clyde Hancock. Carl Geislcr of De- vnlls Bluff look second place and II. A. Manskcr of East St. Louis finished third. Sergt. Loimie Fhui- nery of the Stuttgart Army Air Field won HID prize for Ihc best caller In uniform. . Navy Trainees Most Successful Eleven In U. S. KANSAS CITY, Mo., Oct. 18 (UP) —'Ihe most successful football team in the nation so far has checked Its suits back in ana called it a season. • , .The Maryvillc, .Mo. StateiTeai'h- ers College squad quietly finished its seven-game schedule last Friday night unbeaten, untied, and practically unheard of outside Missouri. Navnl trainees manned the Bearcat eleven that scored 207 points and allowed its opimncnt.s only 21. Tile sailors leave for other ports on Friday, their semester is over. But they won't be forgotten quickly at the little' Missouri Teachers College. Read Courier News Want Ao». WE NEED 10 AUTOMOBILE MECHANICS Permanent Positions. HIGH PAY. To repair Curs and Trucks '(Fanl and oilier popular makes), we w:int six or i an re experienced automo- hilc mechanics. I'ay op "50-50 Labor Turnout" basis with liberal Riiarnntce enables :i jjoocl mechanic to receive from $GO to SHO each week. Safe ami comfortable 1 working nnulitions; ample labor saving m;ichfnc.s; luind tools available, il ncctletl. ; ;•',. ^ i .> We want lo select mechanics several competent men lo be Shop Foremen and I'ti r Is Department Managers, earning excellent-pay in permanent positions, v , . Ex-Service Men Given// Equal Preference. £ Von men, \vlio are now empiaycct\iti temporary jjositions, , undoubted!) know there's coming "Another Day' when thousands of mechantc^lly- traincd ynung men will compete for your. jol»s. Get Wise Now. Grab one of our permanent positions that-,\ insure you steady ami well paid Wj for years to come. Automobile IS chanics arc classified "Essen tfcl Workers" by our Government and lit la patriotic work (o help keep cars anil trucks on; the road. Get A Good Highly-Paid Mechanic's Job Now. Phillips Motor Co. Tel. 453 (See Husscll Phillips) ; Walnut al 5lh Have a Coca-Cola=The family welcomes you or greeting new and old friends Unexpected visitors can be expected ia wartime. Sons bring home ,heic wives. Solchers on furlough drop > n without notice, New neighbors come ,o call. ..With wartime shortages, a simple but heart, welcome is best. It's what you share u, fncndli«s s , not what you have, that counts. There's no more friendly greeting than U ave « "CoV. And you caa phy hoy on a moment's notice when you have Coca-Cola on hand in your refrigerator, U ave a »C> ke ». says Wtkmt... makes new and old friends fee! a, home with you aad yours. SOrrtEO UNDER MIIHOIIIY OF THE COCA-COU COMPANY JY ' • o COCA-COLA BOTTLING CO. 0 I BLYTHEVILLE "" It's natural for popular named to acquire friendly abbrcvia- lions. That's why you hear Gxa-Cola called "Coke". R1TZ THEATRE Manila, Ark. WEKK-!>AV NIGHTS (M Box Office Opens 7:15—Show StartJJ at 7:30. SATURDAYS & SUNDAYS ' Box Office Opens 1 ' Bhow Starts 1:15 ...FOR YOUR BATTLE WITH THE BIRDS! There':; no I a thing about the weather that this jacket can't conquer for your battle with pheasants, quail, duck or geese. If the wind blows a gale, the Byvd Cloth resists il . . . if thc rain pours down the fine Doeskin finish repel il! And if there's a sudden Chill, button in the wool lining ... if it turns warm, detach the lining. All ihis for only S 35 tailored by Hart Schaifner & Marx for MEAD'S Last Time Today 'MADEMOISELLE FIFI' with Siiuune Simon UKO News Disney Comedy Thursday and Friday "HOUSE ACROSS THE BAY" with George Haft & Jo:m UciiucU Paramount News Short Open 7:00 Show Starts 7:15 Wednesday & Thursday -•«; News of Hie Day Shorts New Theatre Manila's Finest '$ Shows Nightly 8:00 P. M. Matinees Saturday & Sunday Best Washed Air . Cooling System Wednesday & Thursday 'LADIES COURAGEOUS" with I.orclta Young 1'o.v Xcivs & Short CHICKASAW West Main Near 2I»t 8t Bat. Jtarts 12:45;' Bun. start* 1:15 Night shows 5:*S Except Monday, opens 6:15 Continuous shows Sat. »nd Son. Wednesday & Thursday Double Feature "GLAMOUR BOY" with Jacfclc Coogan mil! "TWO SENORITAS FROM CHICAGO" With Davis & Jinx K.ilkcnbcrg

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