The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 19, 1942 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 19, 1942
Page 4
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PAGE FOUR BLYTHEVILLB (ARK.), COURIER HEWS TUESDAY, MAY 19, 1942 CLOSEJ11T Elffl WASHINGTON,' (IIP)—President Hoose.velt 'is "keeping an ear close to the ' ground,' listening to what the-housewives and the store clerks as well as the high-browed eco- monists. have to say about the way things' are going- He hears from an amazing variety of "reporters," ranging from a people know-that he- doesn't plan to vdisclose any vital military information. When he was asked how Gen. Douglas Mac Arthur got to Australia, he related how the "sweet young thing" asked him the same question. His reply was that MacArthur rowed a boat from the Philippines to Australia. Later, the "sweet young thing" asked how we bombed Toyko. Mr. Roosevelt told her: from a new secret base at Shangri-la, the never-never land created by Author James Hilton. What's more, the President said she believed him. Mrs. Roosevelt Helps To people who asked Mr. Roo^?- t'elt recently whether he planned to reduce non-defense spending Oscoola Chinese Merchant to the "sweet, young things" who, included occasionally among White House dinner guests, ask, questions about the war that are becoming known for their naivete. Then there's '-he fellow who runs the garage in a "small village;" the small businessman who walked, his he told of having bcon asked the sine question by a famous economist, Mr. Roosevelt asked in return where the cuts could be made. The economist didn't answi-r. The Presidents mail is heaviest just after a "fireside chat." Letters and telegrams pour into the White House by the thousand and it Sot™ to Wa htagton tTytag £ta . lano .U.H to read then, v.v o " Rii* hr> mcmnnp'c * f \ Jrfion nhrfivl. n' to sell a few tiles; the "economic expert" with a 'string of degrees and theories; the smalltown newspaper editor, and- the "very large steel manufacturer." Press Conference Relay To these people, and many more, Mr.' Roosevelt listens and often takes what they say into consideration when preparing important state decisions. Many of their complaints, praise and ideas about how the country or the war should be run are relayed to the nation by the chief executive through his press conferences. One of the president's favorite press conference methods of illustrating a' particular point is to say, "only the other day, a storekeeper told me..." Maybe he actually talked to the storekeeper, or may, be he had a letter from him. Some times stories of this nature are plainly parables, told to illustrate trmV way a certain situation is affecting Mr. Average Man. ..'£. Shangri-La Base The chief executive has used a "sweet young thing" who comes to the ""White Houss for dinner to let But he manages to keep abreast of ,he general trend of the mail, reading the jnorc interesting messages himself. Matinees Every Day Ei u. cepl Saturday & Sunday. JA Show Every Nipht 7:00 ^ Box OlTicc opens 6:45 Continuous Shows Sat. and Son | Listen to KLCN 9:flft a.m., 12:45 p.m^ 4:30 p.m 5 Tuesday A^AIIHGI'AWUSIKOI.^,, ^fK^£^^M^ : ''' StqutntK in MUlWtANE [ECHHICOtOK Oi:i:ibuicd bv RKORADIOPJciuiei. Inc. , ' Also ; Selected Shorts. Wed.-Thurs.-Fri. WHEREVER AMERICA'S GLORY HAS SEEN WON ^THE MARINES HAVE THERE- / SHORES TRIPOLI Strawberries Used In Varied, Tasty Desserts BY MRS. GAVNOIl MADDOX NEA Service Staff Writer Strawberries will dress up your menus. And they arc plentiful and cheap now. STIl A \V B KRII V M O US S E (Serves (>) One cup crushed strawberries, •>i cup sugar. 2 teaspoons lemon juice. 1 teaspoon gelatin, 1 tablespoon cold water. 1 cup crcain. Mash the strawberries thoroughly, cr rub them through a sieve. Add the lemon juice and sugar and stir until the sugar is dissolved. Soften the gelatin in cold water and dissolve it by heating in a pan of boiling water. Add the gelatin to the strawberry mixture. Chill. Fold in the cream which has been whipped until stiff. Freeze in a mechanical refrigerator or turn into mold, cover tightly, and pack in ice and salt. SPRING FIIUIT MARMALADE (Serves 4 to (i) Two cups shredded pineapple. '1 cups strawberries, 2 cups chopped rhubarb. 5 cups sugar. Cook pineapple in its own juice for 10 minutes. Wash and hull strawberries. Add berries ;t n d rhubarb to pineapple and boil for 10 minutes. Sift, in sugar and simmer, stirring almost constantly to prevent sticking, for about 35 minutes, or until juice jellies from a spoon. Turn into sterilized glasses and when cold cover with paraffin. STKAWREIIKY WHHTKD CREAM TIK (Serves '1 to ft} One .pup 40 per cent cream. 3 tablespoons confectioners' sugar, 1-^ teaspoon vanilla, 4 cupr. whole frqsh strawberries, cleaned and hulled: 1 cup strawberry glace. 1 bajted pie shell. ..tVVhip cream, adding sugar and pilla. Spread in pie shell. Cov- •rwith layer of sliced fresh bergs or whole berries. Glaze ber- 3s with following sauce. J GLACE SAUCE One cup strawberries, Vj cup ugar, IV-j cups corn syrup. 1-3 cup atcr. 3 tablespoons cornstarch ifsclvcd in 3 tablespoons water. Boil sugar, corn syrup and wa- er together. Add strawberry and ornstarch. Cook (5 to 8 minutes train through fine sieve, and our over strawberries. Chili bc- ore serving. Attend Shrine Ccronioiihil Osceola Shriner.s headed by J. B. Bunn. president of the Osceola Shrine Club, who drove to Pine Bluff Thursday for thc Shrine Ceremonial of Sahara Temple were Leo Schrcick, Mr. and Mrs. Jess (Cramer, Jake Threlkill. Robert Green, Tom King and Robert Noble of Keiser, Walter Hill, Lepanto; O. H. Ford, Marie; Tom Willet and Carlton G. Jerry of Joiner; S. J. Cohen, Blytheville. Included in thc class of 27 given the degree were Jess Cramer, Robert Noble, Tom Willett, Tom King. Tom Haley, Jess Boinar and S. J. Cohen. Mr.. Bunn also announces a Stag Party fcr all Shriner.s in this area to be held at Osceola Community House on June 10. * • Washington Among Osceola business and professional men who have transacted business in Washington thc past week are Mayor Ben F. Butler, George Florida, S. L. Gludi-sh, W. W. Watson and D. F. Taylor. * fr * Mrs. I'rcwilt Hostess Mrs. Dwight H. Blackwood. Mrs. R. C. Bryan and Mrs. John W. Etlrington were guests playing with th? Friday Bridge Club in the home USO Contribution Blank Enclosed please find $ , which I would like to contribute to the United Service Organization Fund. Signed. Address. Albany, Miss., Thursday for a visit J of several days with Mr. Rogers' j parents, Air. and Mrs. Arthur. Rogers. Mrs. Rogers is spending the months here with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. H. J. Hale, while her husband is in Washington in special training with a federal bureau. Mrs. R. H. Jones lias returned from a ID-days visit in Houston, rt'.xa.s, with her daughter, Miss largaret Ethel Jones, and son, Dr. Harrell Jones, and Mrs. Jones. Another daughter, Mrs. W. B. 'horning Jr., of New Orleans, came ver for th? week in Houston and U. S. Envoy Does His Part ol' Mrs. W. W. Prcwitt Friday afternoon. Arrangements of Summer flowers from tlu> gardens tended by Mr. Prcwitt decorated the home. Defense stamps went to Mrs. Ed L. Quirm lor highest -score, with Mrs. Dwight H. Blackwood receiving handkerchiefs for guest award * •+ » Leo Schrcick, eminent commander of O.sceola Commandery Knigh Templars, siccompanied by Leahmond W. Williams, captain of the guard of the Arkansas Granc Commaiui(>ry. went to Littb Roc Monday for the- meeting of Ih Grand Commandery. O. H. Ford recorder of the O.sceola Command cry, also accompanied them. A i uon<; these from Osceola at lending the funeral of .lanrs Gu; Barton, Memphis air cadet killcc in an accident at Lubbock Fielt Texas, which was held in Mcmphi Sunday afternoon were H. J. Hale Edward Ten ford, G. B. Scgravc R. H., R. A., and Joe Cromer. Frot Memphis Mr. Scgraves went o to South Bend Plantation for several days business. Mrs. SleaHa Gray Moore of Franklin. Ky.. arrived Saturday for several days visit with her cousin, Mrs. E. A. Tcaford. Mrs. Moore is cnroufc home from a visit with her son, Lieul. Charles Moore of Kenslcr Field, Blioxi, Miss. Mrs. Tea ford also had as her houseguest the past week Mrs. C. A. Simonson of Girard. 111. Dr. II. R. Coston ha.s returned to is horn? in Birmingham, Ala., af- er a visit of six weeks here with is brother, J. T. Coston who is onfined to his home since an .PHOENIX.Ariv,. tUP)—An old :;e;i-dog-, who reiusod to take Ills losses quietly and Jet the law take its course, can sit back in the .sun_, , , „ .,, -.. , itr> LUUI.^I:, uaii .-iiw iitii^r. iii LIJI; ;uui- or Mother's Day with Mrs. Jones. shine |n smoko hlg c and tfrs. Thornmg Is in New Orleans smi , 0 WJLh th(J Batisfaction of kccp _ or the present with her husband, ;apt. W. B. Thorning who is sta- ioned at La Guarde Hospital, new IT. S. Army base hospital erected ho past year on Lake Ponchar- rain. AMENDMENT NO. 32 Proposed by thc General Asscm- jly and filed in the office of the Secretary of State on the 27th clay of March, 1041. BE IT RESOLVED BY THE HOUSE OP REPRESENTATIVES AND SENATE OF THE STATE OF ARKANSAS, A MAJORITY OF ALL THE MEMBERS ELECTED TO EACH HOUSE AGREEING THERETO: THAT THE FOLLOWING IS HEREBY PROPOSED AS AN AMENDMENT TO THE CONSTITUTION OF THE STATE OF ARKANSAS. AND UPON BEING ing a promise to himself. Louis Van Ril'ncr, a retired sea captain from San Francisco, \\v.s .swindled out of $7,700 in a hoist race bunco gamr on Nov. 2C, 193 ( ) while he was vacationing in phoenix. He vowed hi: would never rest until he iiad put the .swindler? behind bars. He became an amateur Sherlocl Holmes and began a lorn? one sometimes discouraging search, bu he always remembered his vov that ho would locate and prosecute the confidence men if it took hin to the ends of the earth and tlv remaining days of his life. Sen relied; 2 1-2 Years His perseverance won out. A the result of his determination, .1] three members ol the bunco gan who flcccd him out of his hard saved cash are now serving sen . SUBMITTED TO THE ELECTORS ^" m thc Ar ' 70nJl statp P ris01 OP OF <VPATT? FOR APPROVAT STATE i OK APt KUVAL iscipline. A great, deal of what in ic days of craftsmanship was reative effort has become drudg- ry." Remembers Debtors in Will ALBANY, N. Y. (UP)—The will 3f Harold W. Cadby, paper box manufacturer, gave relief to his debtors. Cadby had directed that iny debt owed to him by anyone at the time of his death be can- elled. ' Nelson T. Johnson, United States minister to Australia, rides his bicycle to thc American legation nt Canberra to help Australians save gasoline. Housewives 30-35 •11 As M II osp rials KY RUTH You have to I)? AT THE NEXT GENERAL ELECTION FOR REPRESENTATIVES AND SENATORS, IF A MAJORITY OF THE ELECTORS VOTING THEREON, AT SUCH AN ELECTION. ADOPT SUCH AMENDMENT THE SAME SHALL BECOME A PART OF THE CONSTITUTION OF THE STATE OF ARKANSAS. TO-WIT: Section 1. Thc General Assembly is hereby authorized and empowered to provide by general law for the creation, establishment, support, regulation and control of JUT. nior College Districts. Each ciis- story of .sleuthin and tracking clown members of the gang covers a '• \vo-and-half year period of travelling throughout the United States. MILUiTT a man lo get into the actual lighting of this war. You have to have thc strength and quick reactions of the vnry young to do many of the jobs that will help win it. But. . . Then 1 is one job at which Van Rillacr located one of the ih ouscw uv" 0 [ between 30 and 50 trio, Max Kaplrin, in Florida after a year of .searching: and caused his arrest. Knplan was returned to Phoenix for trial. A jury found him guilty after five minutes deliberation and Kaplan was .sentenced to from five to 10 years imprisonment. Thc retired .sea captain-detective then took up the trail of Edward Price and finally caused his arrest in 'Portland. Ore. Price, who excels. A .survey conducted a,fc Bollevue Hospital in New York Citv shows that women of that age MILWAUKEE, (UP)—Too many Americans read, listen and look on without taking an active part in anything—this is the totalitarian, not the democratic way of life, asserts Marshall Bartholomew, conductor of the Yale University glee club. Addressing the Music Educators National Conference at Milwaukee recently, Bartholomew expounded the belief that living on "canned' music from day to day is just as unsatisfactory as any unvaried die 1 of canned food, Music " is a fundamental human need," he contended, "and .something inside o you goes hungry and empty with out it." Participation Good Citizenship The phonograph, radio and ' sound-films were conceded to be "magnificent inventions," but the speaker held that they made it accessary for Americans to guard nove intensively than ever against permitting the audienc habit to dominate adult life in the United States. "Today, with a second world war iripon us more devastating than the first, when we are fighting for the democratic way of living in all its phases, when everything that we believe in is under attack, we must fight this audience habit," Bartholomew declared. "One of the fundamental principals of good citizenship in a democracy is to oarticipate. Music Inspirational "Listening is not enough! If we are to win this war, as win it we undoubtedly shall, a part of our job as music educators is to see that more of thc music which we learned and in which we participated with such enthusiasm in school and college is actively carried over into adult life. We must learn again to take the singing spirit with us into our daily work." Before the days of machinery "melody was the companion and the inspiration of the worker at his task," but today it seems out of place in thc crash and roar of The newest house in :he block? Mo! It's iust been resurfaced with Sun-Proof paint. With 2-i colors to choose from, it's easy to find a scheme that suits your particular needs . . . bright, conservative, struct, homey, or unusual. Sun- Proof paint K'yes long-lasting beauty and protection to your home. •arc" equipped than any others j modern industrial life, Bartholo- to take over ' the job of nurse's [mew lamented. trict, at the time of its creation. ;>lso used thc name Phelan as an shall contain contiguous territory alias, pleaded guilty after being with an assessed valuation of real returned to Phoenix and was .son- -IS'cws & Selected Shorts. and personal property of not less than $8,000,000. The General Assembly shall have power to change thc boundaries of such districts and .to abolish them. For administration, faculty, maintenance, repairs, and for the purpose of creating fenced to from two to five years in prison. "Good Faith" Scheme The third man. whom authorities said was the "payoff" or head man of the trio, still continued to Finally, through aicic. Here's why. in thc words of Miss Lois E. Mills, director of volunteer service at Bellevue: '"We have found that, women between 30 and 50 arc earnest and faithful. They have reached an nge of wisdom in dealing with people and seem to have a way of adding thc human touch to what they learn in th-j course. "The older women, cxpr-sed to the realities of life, who have had r,ick children and fainancial troubles of their own. have acquired a tolerance that gives thorn an ,- e lirlr> Van T?il1ipi- TVinnllt- Hi cm in!-. a (AMi'i ivm..f mui. ^iv:.-, vin:iu <n and for the purpose of creating a ^f 3 , ™ n ^' laccp *' n < 1 "*• U ' <^ understanding in dealing with pa sinking fund, to obtain sites, and <-«c clients of ^Iicuff T,on Joiclan i . , • ,, , ,._ _ ._ ., __ ... . .._». Of Phoenix- P nnr n nlTirm-e: ^:-i^.,-o_ llt-nu>. for the construction and equipment of buildings, -and all other necessary expenses incident to the effi- ccidcnt in December resulting in|. cie * U; administration of such Junior n injury to his hip. Dr. Coston planned to stop at Maxwell Field. Ala., on his way tome for a visit with his two sons, Maj. J. M. Coston of the air corps, and Capt. R. M. Coston of the medical corps. Mrs. J. A. Moran of Memphis is the guest of her sister, Mrs. Sam Cobic. and niece, Mrs. D. S. Laney, this week. Mrs. Raymond McCarty of* Memphis spent thc week end with her parents. Mr. and Mrs. 1. S. Burton. Mr. and Mrs. John P. Keiser of Memphis spent the weekend with his mother. Mrs. Susie Keiser, and Mr. and Mrs. R. H. Jones. Early arrivals of Osceola college students this week include Miss Mary Virginia Segraves from Florida Southern College, "Lakeland. Fla., who will arrive in Memphis Wednesday and be met. by her parents, Mr. and Mrs. G. B. Sc- gravcs. W. W. Prrwitt will also go to Russdlville. Ark., for his son. Dick College, a tax not to exceed two of Phoenix. Florida officers anpro- " From Art to Discipline "The descendants of thc old- fashioned miller now work in a grain elevator; .stokers an deck- utmds on a modern ship are seldom able to indulge their fancy for chanteys or barcaroles; a spin- ding song is unthinkable, in the din of a cotton fatcory; the shepherd's pastoral doesn't fit the atmosphere of a stockyard. "In a large sense," the speaker pointed out, "industrial humanity has ceased to be composed of individuals and is made up simply of labor units. Mechanical invention has turned a large part of the world's work from an art into a RATUBE'S COLORS IN USTING BEAUTY PITTSBURGH PAINTS 'Harry Lewis. a man • So yci!tr spot, ladies, if with 11">, and he was brought - vou nave tnvic - nr training and here for iriil —"~ —"— '" " : "-- in\ u~ ~ Just as Lewis was to gc< on trial. i.o serve in prison. on the taxable real and personal , 0 e , property of such district if at an Van RUIaer ' - d election to be provided for by the ! schemc involvC( , a horsc General Assembly, a majority of bctting syst em which would bring thc qualified electors of such dis- ibulous profits. He said-' he was I fir-tt; «holl \rnhn "For Junior Col- ^^-.,^.,:., 1 __ i.._.. , , ,. tricts shall vote "For Junior Col lege Tax." Such tax or taxes shall be in addition to all other taxes now authorized by law and the lew thereof shall not be subject Phone 42 Box Office Opens 7:30 p.m.— Show Starts 7:4.") yi. m. Admission Always llc-23c Tax luc- Bmrgain Night Every Nigtot Eicep' Saturday. Show Every Night 7:00 Box Office Opens 6:45 Continuous Shows Sat. & Sun. ; Tuesday & Wednesday TOUGH^ 7Hfy COME! It takes more than the threat of hot lead to stop a news hound with a hot story/ Tuesday—Dime Nile All Tickets lie (Tax Inc.) Buckaroo Benny ami His Rodeo Rumpus Comes to Town! JACK I5ENNY in 'Buck Benny Prowiti. a student in Arkansas Polytechnic Institute. Jack Boll of Bassett is also a student, at the same school and will rrturn to hi.s home Wednesday. Miss Depraves, who will bo a junior in the Florida collrpe in September, has bmi offered a scholarship and a place as student, assistant in the mathematics department. Mrs. Arthur turn's went to Lo the provision of Amendment No. 10 to the Constitution of the State. Such tax or taxes shall be levied and collected in the same manner that thc district taxes of common school districts arc now, or may hereafter be levied and collected. The General Assembly may authorize such district to authorize thc issuance of bonds against the tax which may be levied as herein provided. Section 2. Provided that if such a district so created shall include more than one county or parts of more than one county, then such a district must, be ratified by a. majority of the electors in each of thr said counties or in each of the sak areas smaller than a county, vot ing for the tax herein provided a thc election heretofore mentioned Following r.uch ratification the on tire area within said District sha constitute thc said Junior Collep onvinced so thoroughly that, he iade a special trip (o "San Fran- LSCO to obtain the S7,7on and rc- irnecl to deliver it r.o the trio to low his "good faith" so he could :iare in the horsc nice winnings. Jand Purchases Radios For Soldiers In Hospital can manage to £ive ISO hours a year to hosijitnl work after you complete your There won't bo anything very glamorous about it. You'll get the dirty work, relieving ;->cmc trained nurse of her purely routine duties, so that she can have time to take over more of the work that only a trained nurse is capable of doing. THKRE'S SATI.S!'AC'T!()N TflYWG TO IfKT.P OTI!KZ>'S But that is about as important a job as you could do. You'll have i.he sat-i.s fact ion of knowing that while you take tempera t.urcs and carry ice water, and oner in a while have a chanc to make use :s of living If you have never worked to EL DORADO, Ark. (UP)— The make anyone outside your familv ' SI Dorado high school band in co-operation with thc Lions club. comfortable, there -will be real satisfaction in the job for you— - ' ^ .1 * I U » • I A * « ' V * *,' • * lit. VIII., J 1 -'"*^ I'/k > \ » I € used proceeds of a concert to a kind o f satisfaction you might 3uy radio equipment for soldiers 'n a Little Rock hospital. Expect Trolfay Ri f ]< T Kisr: CHICAGO, (UP)— .A :i7.0f»O.OM) •ise in street car passenger traffic during 1942 can be expected o>- smtc n. three-cent, fare increase the Illinois Commerce Commission estimated. Street car officials said tire rationing and never have experienced before. One older woman who has already given her 150 hours of work and is starting on a second stretch says: "This is the first really useful work I have '-vc-r done—.-:o. you sec. I'm getting something from t as well as giving." A COMPLETE Building Service —ESTIMATES —MATERIALS —FINANCE HUFFMAN BROS. LUMBER CO. Phone 729 employment, in war industries were responsible. District. Witness my hand and Seal th 30th day of April. 1942. C. G. HALL. Secretary of Etate. 7\mas Tree Cut Sots Record ST. PAUL. Minn. (UP)—Minnesota's Christmas trre industry set . an all-time? record in Ifl4l. Ap- «.,-fH n , C T rgCd from th( - sca I pm.xitnalcly 'J.OOO.non trees were \mn a rich limestone cap and is|shipm-cl oiit of the state and 800.- a \oicanic island. • 00 0 were cut for Minnesota homes. with Ellen, J>rr\v. Aticiy I>rvinc. Pliil Karris "Korhcstrr". Virginia Dale, LilHan Cornell. Dennis Day and "Carmicliacl." Alsn Cotncdv Wednesday 'Barnyard FoHies' MART I..KE, Knfc Davis, "Pappy" i Cheshire .ind most of screen and radio stars. Shorts r.nd News. CKICKASAW West Main Near 2lst St. Prices always lie and 22o \V. slaiUs 12:45: Sun. starts 1:*5 Night bho^Fs 6:4V Continuous show* Sat. »nd Sun Sunday & Monday 'Adam Had 4 Sons 1 —with— Tncrid r.orcman. Warner naxtor. Susan Huuard. l\\\ AVrny, Kobcrt Slia\v. i Comedy—"The fiaby Seal." Also—Universal News. Si:rap Cash Will Buy Plaque HARWICH. Mass. (UP)—When to\vti officials sold the memorial live-ton cannon for scrap, they used part of thc $00 they received for \var bonds and set. the ivst aside for a plaque to World War II soldiers. Thursday, Victory Nitc A $25 Defense Bond JANE WITHERS in 'Small Town . with Jane Harwell. Bruce Krlwards. 1 Ccbina Wright, Jr., Cecil Kclla- way, Katharine Alexander, Jack Searl, Buddy Pepper. Shorts and News. Tuesday & Wednesday BUDDY NIGHT 2 for the pr'^c of 1 'Meet the Wildcat' —with— Ralph Bellamy. Margaret Lindsay ami Allen Jenkins Comedy—an all Star Short—"Bundle of Bliss." A tropical fruit of Brazil, jaboti- rah:i. f:rn\vs .straight out from tlir bark of the tree, not on branches. Expert Tractor Tire Vulcanizing! Oon't wailh until the last minmr lo havr your Tires Kepairccl—( nmc in NOW - - Materials Limited! Blytheviile Tire Co Highway 61 North — Thone Z''01 We have a limited stock of ihc good and thc manufacture v and sales will soon be stopped. Hurry and give us a ring for an estimate. Phone 115 1801 W. Main Redecorate Your Home . . . .. . PAINT WITH— GLIDDEN PAINTS "Endorsed By Best Painters" FHA TERMS DELTA Lumber Co. "Blytheville's Only Home Owned Lumber Yard" 204 N. 2nd St., Phone 497

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