The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 17, 1930 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 17, 1930
Page 8
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BUI I IT (ARK,) COIJRrRR-NRWS T1JUI181MY. JULY 17, 1930- Makes Sick Goldfish Well Performs Operations (or Sick Members of Finny Tribe. By NEA Service TORONTO. July 17.—HusiM, il Isn't the heal . . . nor the humidity . .. . and it isn't last nnufcr "flsh story," either! A hospital especially dcvvtrd to the care of sick fish may suiuul like a flight of some-body's Imagination; but Toronto has .such a hospital and it lias "patients" learn all over Canada and frcm many c-Hira In the United State.-;. Owners bilng sick fish to this hospital and have them treated. Surgical Gyrations are j>crformcd on some. Others urn yiven medicines. Each Is kept in a sepaialo tank, with un attached chart Just like a patient in any other hospital. The. fish hospital Is In tin- Walker House Hotel Aquarium. Jummy Palmer, the manager, gets Ilr.h from everywhere. When they are well again he sends them home- puts each flsh in u vacuum bottle two- thirds- full of water, lightly rorkiil and capped and packed i:i a special j box to withstand handling. | How a Goldfish Acts \Vlicn He Feels KaclVy Recently a Toroiuo man found that his pet goldfish was ailing. H would lie down on tin; bottom of its tank and look helpless, or It would dilft listlessly about nf-ar tlie surface, half on il.i tide. He to:k it to Palmer and asked lor a diagnosis. Palmer put tl/e fish In a tank, collected the patient's "case lus- lory" and wrote il all down on the chart. Then he kept the fish under observation. Unable to find just what was the matter, he took it ot the Toronto General Hospital ;uid had it X-rayed. The Xray showed a small jagged • stone, about the sl/c of a bean, '.inside the fish. Palmer piorhptly took the (ish back to the aquarium, operated on it, took cui o bit of flint, and put the fish back (WIPE i WAS IIO3PITAI-. rO'JEE A-JiCK FrtlENO O'"TJr/ Ing well Tuesday, Gilbert Aclktaion left Tuesday for ast PrahlP. Mr. and Mrs, .). A. llagan, George Cassldy nnd mother, Mrs. KNIFE TRICK COSTLY WOODWARD, Okla. (UP) — Because a local boy was unable (a open n knife belonging to R. H. Mottle Cnssldy, were guests of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Haslctt Sunday and Monday. A riowd from liern enjoyed fi swimming party at ihe blue hole Sunday evening. Hoy and lloarchcl McKay and Miss Cioldic Host ks of Blythevllle and Die Mlssos Aync-.s and Mabpl j Mi-Ray aUc-nih'd a dance on (lit P. ] Jinnies larin Friday evening;. Misses Mildred Itay nnd 1'ro.V.on 1'eciy v/ere iiur*!.t Friday niiiht ol Mr. and Mrs. G. II. Cassidy and attended (lie daiicft Friday evening. Mr. and Mrs. Jo.wph Cecil nnd family, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Cecil and family were KUC.SIS Sunday of i Mis. Dolph Adkisson und family. I The levee mnwint; parly siicnt Die v.-cek-end viith their fain:l:M! lll'lT. '• Mr. Green of Blyliievlllr-, who i : doing the inlerioi- palming of tin-1 Catholic I'hurcli, now almost, cum- plHed, Is the guest this week or Mi. ! ami Mr:,. T. II. Haifleld. | Friends regret, to hear of the ill- [ ness of Mrs. Olllc Fletcher of Mem i ptii.s, daughter of Philip -Kissel of! hero. Mr. and Mrs. Dallas Sca!l!on< announce the- blilh of a daughter i Saturday, July 12. j Mr. and Mrs. T. H. Ilaifie'.d. Me.sdamrs J. A. Cas-Jdy sr.. Manuel Adkisson culled 0:1 Mrs. Dallm i Scullions Saturday afternoon, i Ik-archel McKay and Miss Gol- i die Sparks of Dlythtvillc were • gursts Wcdntsday lit tilt.- Mi-Kay I home, i Burni and W. B. Cook the two men served five days In jail. The men bet the boy h? could not open their knife. The youth lo>:i a dollar v.hen he failed, so he signed a com- lilalnl a&alust them They v.'erc jailed on charges of obtaining money under lalse pwUMivs. Hfiad Courier -News wan!, ad? RITZ THEATRE Wednesday and Thursday ELINOR GLYN'S Sensational melodrama of masculine "llr." Jimmy Palmer, is shown here iKTformlng an oprr- allcn un a sick soldi*!' while the trauied nun»e stands by. Above Is the chart that lungs over rach j,allcnt's bi-d—or, \ve shuulil say, bowl—which IflU what's WTOIIK with him. fee', long, has been Kindled by scientists at ihe University of Toronto, and Is imported to have 132,000 electric cells along the .sides or its body, the cells being charged by the nervous system from the- brain. Taking care of this eel Is no Joke, as voltages as high as 120 have been measured on it, anil scientists believe 11 is capable, of producing 500. The first, time Palmer SUCH MEN AIM OAVUIMHS CAT FINDS HIS OWNERS TULSA. Okla. iUPJ—Two years ago when Mary Elizateth, 8, and ,.j>y Jane Welch, 5. went 0:1 their vacation tliey left their cat behind. When tiny returned, the em had . disappeared. After two years' ah- | sence the feline found the family I ayain recently nnd is nov; at home, j The Welch's had moved from the otlginiil rcsldc-iic." in tlm mear.tlmr-. i but. the cat found l-hwn. vrtth WARNER BAXTER EUNOK 6LYN1 CATHERINE DAIE OWEN In its tank. It lived — perhaps j had co change il. from one tank to happily ever after. Fish' at this hospital are treated for- every known disease. Sometimes a. fish gels sick because Its owner uses Ico cold water when refilling 'Its "pool, the sudden change another he picked It, up and got, knocked across the room by the shock. Now he treats il with re- Lpecl. Last year Palmer had two such . eels, but they got Into a fight, one in temperature causing a variety of | day nnd one of them was electro- ailments. • i cuted. When examined after Occasionally^ flsh Is constipated' j^o, its, aomnch was found to be | In such a case Epsom salts is put in 'completely charred by Ihe shock |l>e i (hj water—or, 11 necessary, the fish victor) had Riven II. | i-.. picked up In sterilized gauze and ' . . i a drop of castor oil Is put down its I ;- „ », ihroal. I Huffman News ' f How Docs Klsh Wilh Itch Scratch Himself, | Mr. nnd Mrs. Lynn Beavers who Some fish get infescd with a j have been attending summer school meeting Thursday, July 17, at (he .school. All iiK'nibi'i 1 . 1 ; lire requested to be present. Messrs. W, E. flagun and A. S. Johnson motoml to Aimslroni! Springs Wednesday of last week ami were accompanied back Thursday by the former's parents, Mr. nnd Mrs. J. A. Hngiui, who will nuikf their hitne here. Cllifortl Plagey and an Elliott, boy of Armstrong Springs, who brought one load of ihe l lagans' household goods, returned there Friday. Mrs. T. H. Hatllckl was the iiucst Tuesday afternoon of Mrs. Paul Fil/yerald. Mc.sdamcs Paul Fil/gcrald, Em- inn Pecry. B. 11. Williamson. Hcr- I man Paris, Bessie Oxford, Mildred | Ray find Preslon Pccry called on j Mrs. Moss Moor6 Tuesday nfter- I noon. hot water m.'crliinied Mr. and Mrs. W. W, Hughes and family had as their quests Sun- lay Mr. and Mrs. Weldon Lcige •u'.d family of Mc.Fe.rren. Mrs. W. W. Hughes called at he Swnfford home Monday after- 10011. The Ross families of 40 and '. •md their guest, of Flint, Mich., cn- iuyed a flsh fiy on the old channel Friday of last week. Joy Adams wns the guest Sunday of Helen Swailord. Francis Adams was the guest Sunday of Essa Mae Stokes. Mr. and Mrs. H. Adams ami lit- lle son called at the McKay home Sunday afternoon. Mildred Ray was the guest Sunday of Agnes and Mabel McKay. Turner Kissel and Joe Cassldy Jr.. were ucsls. of the Misses Jewe'l and Lois Mick Saturday evening and Sunday afternoon. i itfrs. i(. i,. Adkisson and son. Peary Lee, called at, Lhc McKay A JOKE The orderly seheeani was mak- y a to'.ir of the dininfj room. "Any complaints?" he boomed. "The Irish stew's funny," replied one soldier. "Oh, Is it'. J " barked the serseant. ''Then why aln'i you langhin'?— Tit-Bits. HEDDA HOPPER ALBERT CONTI SNUG FIT KL'CKKTT: Where did you get, tho;e trousers, Uicketl? Tlicy fit you like a glove. BECKETT; That's just why I'm kicking about ihein, they should lit like trousers.—Answers. Norway controls 60 |>er cent of the world's whaling industry. species "of lice, and others eel the m nine Mumiliilii c:iUc(;e while vis- itch, ...and special treatments arc King the liutcr's parents at Riplcy. available for them. Just how a llsh Miss., arrived home Monday, with 'Hie/Itch can scratch himself., M| . Nnm , c rathcr of Mrs ,, cav . ] thmsh',, has never been explained. | m nll(| ,.,,..,,,1; McrriUi lvho rtcellt ! Other fish eel a sort of dropsy, ly lllldc .rwenl an operation', is con- which',causes them to swell up-to v^i^cinjj nicely three ; times their size. Digitalis Ml . !UlU M ,: s U1M Pmy and Gccasiortully settles such cases: i Inml |j. ot ]Iuy(i Mr A. Tidwell and sometimes it is necessary to lance cimmhter, Mr. nnd Mrs. Marvin the fish-and let the dropsical P.uld ! - 1 . ilWC | 1 anrt family, all of Tyronzn. out. This.disease, says Palmer, t- | vm 8licsts Simrtny O f Mrs. Emma- rather bafflina, and no certain cure i p e , r y. has been found. j L. Ifcnson, who underwent an Fish Thai Eat Raw Meal i ,, ui ,,^tion al thu Baptist hospilul --.and Walk Krcct . tn x[r-inphi s Thursday of last week. Paln'ier has some rare, fish ui Ins js improvliif aquarium, He has, for instance, j ' Mlss i. ouisc chantller, 'who has some ' ;Mexican sword-tail fish, vje^.., visiting Mr. and Mrs. Elbert which .liave young every six or sev- : ni.pfmnn in lllythevllle since en weeks, the young fish being born • Thursday of last week, returned alive instead of from eggs. Then j | 10 me Tuesday. ' there is the parana, a blood-thirsty i -n, e condition of Mrs. Mo.-a • mile flsh from one of the tributar- Moore is considered berlous. She is ies of the Amazon. This llsh, which , Bt |, cr llomc on u, e snell fnrm. is only four inches long, eats only : Sydney Miller sr., and Ermia raw meat and will kill aiiythme F 05 t 0 ,- O f Cooler visited Mr. Mil- Uiat comes In its tank. H will even i cv - s daughters, Mcsdames Fannie i bite human beings who trail their' Moore and Lucy Clrccn Sunday af- hands therein. I teruoon. ! Palmer also has seven Egyptian M r . a , 1( i Mrs. Smith Brackei walking flsh—extremely rare. Thc^e ] an a rr.mily and Xfr. and Mrs. Grecr nsh. when they are not busy swim- Mn C » r we're guests Sunday of Mr.s ming. will desert the water and Ella Ray. "walk" about on dry land, oven • ,\ir. and Mrs. Paul Fi(/«eral( climbing low hills and jumping : had as their guests Sunday Mr. am hurdles.on request. Tliey "walk" : M IS . Hulbert Welch and family of by hopping. Hichman am! the Misses Jewel and Those Electric Efls Arc Lois Mick of Promised Land. Perfectly Shocking! The HiifTiuan tall team will piny Most, startling, perhaps. Is an elec. Un- Promised Laud team at -13 Fri- iric eel. brought from the Amazon i day. July 18. river. This creature, about four; The *8 P. T. A. will have a call Thursday mornini; of lost v.-cck )•' home Sunday evening, slowly Improving. Her mother, Mrs | , ' XIrs - Frank Merrill Is ill with co- Hicks of Jonesboro, Is with her. Mrs. Florence Cole of Hickman Ky.. who has been spending her vacation with her brother. Uob Joslon of Tj'ler, visited with Mrs. farmou Adams I'.ere. NOTICE From May 1 to September 1 )u r dental offices will be closed ;«ch Thursday afternoon. Dr. L. H. Moore. Dr. H. A. Taylor, Dr. H. S. Davis. OUJi GANG—Comedy "Shivering Shakespeare" Sound News Matinee 2 o'clock Night 7:15 and 3 Admission Matinee 10c-30c Admission Night 10c-35c ALERT BUYERS Your Time toSave Now is the Time to BUY and SAVE. This is YOUR opportunity to effect real economies. Our counters are packed with extra ordinary values. BUY NOW! THRIFT PRICES- HIGH QUALITY YOUR TIME TO SAVE! Silk Dresses For Women and Misses i Read for your choice Silk dresses so smart, so well-mads, so varied in styliriK—you will recognize the moment you see them and try one on ... that they are worth much more! Solid colors and prints in models for sports, afternoon, street and resort wear. Come in and make your selection! Values like these will go quickly. for women and mis.-es. BUY NOW! J. C. Penney Co. DEPARTMENT 220-222 W. Main Street :- lae. STORE Rlytheville, Ark. A message was received by rela- llves of Mrs. Pearl Alisson of Cnpe Ginirdcau Saturday evening '-sin' ini! that she underwent an'opera- lion for appendicitis. She was rest- How One Woman Lost 20 Pounds of Fat ,ost HIT Double Chin Lost Her Prominent Hips Lost Her Sluggishness Gained I'liysical Vliror Gained in Vivaciousncss C.iincd a Shapely Figure If you're fat—remove the cause! KRUSCHEN SALTS contain the C mineral salts your body organs, glands and nerves must have to function properly. When your vital organs fail to perform their work correctly—your hot n.M?r every morning—exercise regularly—do not overeat and—in 3 weeks jet on [he scales and note how many pounds of fat have vanished. Notice also thai you have gained in energy—yonr skin is clearer— vou r ryes sparkb with gloriou: heallh—you feel younger in bodv —keener in mind. KRUSCHEN wil give uiiy fat person a joyous surprise. Ot an 85c Ixiitle of KKUSCHEN SALTS nt Kirby Drug Co.. (lasts 4 weeks i. If even this first boltle convince you this is tin safest and surest way to bowels and kidneys can't throw oft, doesn't thai v.asle material—before you realise it—you're growing; hideously lose fat—if you don't feel a superb tali improvement in health—so glorious Take half a teaspoouful ofjly energetic—vigorously alive—you KRUSCHEN SALTS in a jjlass of mciify uliidly returned.—Adv. HOME THEATRE Wednesday and Thursday "SEVEN FACES" wilh PAUL MUNI Who plays 7 characters and Marguerite Churchill. The Star of Stars playing in the most outstanding, nov,el pic-' hire ever brought to the screen public. Also Comedy and Reviews. Admission Matinee nnd Night lOc and 2ik Time Matinee 2;:W, Night 7:115 and 0:00. Coming tn Ritx Friday nnd Saturday. Marie Dressier and J'olly M'nraii in 'CACGMT SHORT." Y^ T T^Y^ *r i Tr JU L/JuL HOTELS ST. 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