The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 11, 1936 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, May 11, 1936
Page 6
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PAGE SIX. BLYTHEVIJXE,. (ARK.) COURIER NEWS STORM CENTER S p.a n i a v d Takes On Knickle and Lope •/, Tackles Wily SwccJe 11V 3. I 1 . FlilKNl) One cf Ihc Ihhi'Js that Promoter Mike Mercury prcpilned when he took o'vor the Ameilcnn I/cglon athletic franchise six v.eck'i ago \\.\s that the wrestling, programs \\ere goin^ to feature the best available talent. Tonijhl's card brings together four lending grapplrrs and promises lo ortrivnl mo.U" cards for action and skill. Bon Corltz, 112 pcunds. from Madrid, Spain, and Freddie Knlckl?, Blrmlniilmin flush, nnd • one of the best, liked • nuunicn ever to perform here, will clash , in the miiln event. < Olc Olsen, the foxy St. Paul, Mliui,,. S\v«ie.' will ,. (jmleuvoiit 1 U> list another foreigner, a scrappy Mexican—Paul" ijayn— as his fourth consecutive [Victim in the loi'iil 'ring as the opener. Two best falls oul of three, with a ninety minute (line limit will govern both matches. (,'orto-i Tillr (.'onlciidor The Spaniard, Cortex, ranks veil among the leaders in the middleweight division, AUhor.ih ' slightly heavy now, lie has been wrestling the best and hopes for a title match. He has not been ici this country long, coming direct from Madrid, where he claimed the national championship in Ills weight. 'Knlckli! has not been beaten since .'the matchmaker recently took over the athletic reins. In his first match he whipped the game Toledo boy, Bobbie Samson. Two weeks inter he was dated to face Mike Moreno. But the .Greek was injured in a match and was not, able to appear. Ills 'substitute proved very good but Was not able to take i-VciUllc's measure, dropping the match In straight falls. Swede Is Smart Pew wrestlers have proven as smart ,and ring-wise here as the clever "Terrible Swede," Ole Ot- scn, who swaps grips with Lopez. Olsen plr^vs a foxy, defensive game., somewhat, alons the style of llic frVmfcr champion, Jlln Lonclos. lie plays along with his opponent, worrying Ihcm with his tactics, and at the same time availing lor them to provide, an opening which to work on. Soonei or later II will show up and when it docs, pronto,/quick as a flasl' he goes to work, ami In a few' moments the job Is done. Charley l.ayden, i the polished Chica^Oiin, OHtwrestleo. .Qls^eii :U)r,o«gho\it. llreh' bouts. • But lie made 1 two'mis- takes, and those, cost, him a fall each, and of course, were enough to beat him. Floyd Byrd was no match for Ole, neither was Billy .Vcnable, whom he iMlished olT with apparent case. In Lopez the matchmaker says he has a wrestler who is capable of giving the Swede a good match,- and It wouldn't 'surprise him a bit if he didn't give him the works.- He Is a vicious, strong mail physically, and will have a .decided weight advantage. But Ole gives away from - five to ten pounds each match • nnd doesiv't seem to bother. In tact, he has stated that he'would much rather iackje heavier men. Hot Gillinm. Caruthcrsvllle, will referee in the absence of the matchmaker, who is nwny on business.' The first match will' get under: \\ay promptly at 8:15. uirls Lift Lid On Soft Ball Season The lid will be HflMl Iroin the Iris' soft b;ill league wasun lo- Ight wilh n clouulfhfiuler ut lulcy Field. vivcwilMl Dy "opcnlne light" ceremonies. Tin 1 first name vlll he called at 8 o'clock. . A parute nl 7 'o'clock tlirpugli lie business 'district will start, tlio Klil off, Al ho field, Mrs. Cecil Slianc vlfc of 'the timyar, will hurl Ihe Hisl ball, Mrs. (i. K. Keck will Hie ciHchor mid Mrs. poyle leiidei'son" the taller, while 'MIS. C rf;'\vlUoii "will lie Hie umpire. The Cocn Coin club will clash with. the, Nu-Wa Cleaners in the opening llii mid Jack Applclwum'ti .cam ..'.will meet Hie lilythevllle tcatii 'Laundry In (he second ;amc, i- • •••• •: • Admission , or Ion cents for uhilb. nnd five cent.s for children will lie, charged wllli 'proceeds to :o lo-the city IVT. A. groups. ' l Hint organized baseball refrain from signing college slnrs while (hey arc attending .school was made, to Commissioner Kcnesaw Mountain U;m- dls by Kdward (Slip) Miidiu nlhlclic. director of Saint Mary's College, following Hie signing of frauds Kcllehcr, above, by the New York Yankees. Kellehcr, 18 and a sophomore third uase- inan 1 , was Ihc outstanding player of Pacific colleges this season, lie reports lo Joe McCarthy 1 In Chicago on May 10. GOAt-GRTTETRS By Krciw .- •• <'.' • ._ • . .. ,..•-• i . j By ray son Southern l.rnguc W. 1.. Atlanta Llllle licck ., Nmv Orleans Nashville .... Chntlnnco&i Binnhmlmm . Memphis ... Knoxvllle 23 15 18 M 11 . 6 U .025 .550 .MH .441) .351) .OT .308 National League W. I.. Pel. St. Louis .......V 11 VUtsmirgh Ohicn-jo .... flew' York . Cincinnati . Boston lit!.-— Philadelphia I3rcok]yn ... ,5'il S(, r > .0*1 .'ibB .420 .417 American League .' ' ' W. L. Pel New York .- ........... 17 1 .708 Boston ........... .. 17 8 .138(1 Cleveland ............ 15 8 .051! Washington ........ 13 14 .481 Detroit .. ..... - ...... 10 11 .473 Chicago ......... : ____ 9 10 .414 Philadelphia .......... fl 15 .348 St. Louis ............ 3 10 .138 Northeast .Arkansas League • v . .W. U Pet. Newport ............. .. 4 0 1.000 West Plains ...... ...'3 .1 PnrnBOUlcl ............ 2 '2 Osceola ........... -..'. 2 2 Batesville ...... ...'... \ 3 Jonesboro . ........ ... 0 4 .750 .500 .500 '.25(1 .000 Baseball Results Southern I*ariie Atla'nla T, Memphis 2. Nashville 7, New Orleans 4. Little Rock G. Knoxvllle 1 2. Tiirminuhnm 9. Chattanooga BY ART KRENZ NEA Service Oolf Wrllcr One movement that alt good golfers use is a distinct shoulder and body turn. This U done to ! N'ationnl I.cagtiR SU Ixmis 5, Chicago 1 (five. Innings, vnln>. Cincinnati C. Pittsburgh 0. New York G. Philadelphia 2. Boston 5, Brooklyn •! (12 iu- nings). American League Washington 4, Hnstoi'i 0. New York 7, Philadelphia 2. Cleveland 9. Detroll 7] Chicago nt St. Louis, rain. America looks to Louisiana for Us hop, stop, and junipers. Unless, one' springs' up Unexpectedly hi some oilier 'sector, the Creole slate .probably will furnish thu> Olympic, team wllli three or more. Strangely, ' loulsiana has been more successful 'limn any other commonwealth In developing hop, step, and jumpers. Maybe this peculiar proficiency was transmitted to Ihcm by ancestors of Ihe swamps, who had to hurdle Inlets and cypress stumps and step over Spanish daggers In their perambulations about the land of the mainibila, Keuardlcss of how It all slnrted, the 'hop,, step, and jump has been dominated by I-ouIsiana alliletcs In llic lust three' National A. A. U. meets'. Firsthand linrd in .IBM. first and second'in 1934, and fli'sl last srihlneil ' '• During the , sainu Bonn Pelican Imp, step, n'nd jump- ITK'finished on'c-l\vb-[hrce In the Southcrii A. A. U. championships. Afler culling llic entire, list of Ainerlcnus' who' spccially.e In the hop^ sleii, and .liunp, you fliiillhiit those who stand''out a'rc Louisiana bred. There'ls'"nolan(l""liontero, mid- ley Wilkins of. Soi'llHVcstern Louisiana Insilltute, Billy ' Brown , of Baker High School. J/Y. Diinca of 'Southwestern Louisiana Institute, Naihan ' Blair of , Louisiana State, nnd Sidney Bownmji. All have negotiated '45'" feet. pi more. The vyorUI record is.'51 fee 7 Inches, established. by 'Charles Nambu,''the, p'lieiiomciinl Japanese, hi the''1932 Olympics." Breaks 'Oldest Uc'coril Romero appears to be Ihc pick of Ihe lot.'--Tills'; lanky," dark skinned young man'has. iriipr'ovei considerably ''since, he' was out jumped In the ''Olympic Game four years ago. ._,;',,! 'Romero celebrated ihe Fouvt' of ,'July last year by .hanging « a. • new' National 'A: • A. U. recor of- 50 -feel 4 "5-8 ; Inches ,iii Lin ccln. Tills remarkable .leap 'broke the oldest mark existing in the 'A. A.- U.'book, (lie 50-foot-even jump recorded 22 years 'before by, Dan Ahcrn of the Illinois A. C. Billy Brown may surprise Ihe veterans in the trials. Wilh n hop, step, and jump of 48 feel 4 3-8 Inches, this gangling 17-year-old lad easily repulsed Louisiana's flucsl and Sol Furlh, 1832 American Olympic competitor, in the Sugar Bowl meet In New Orleans Dec. 30: "Brown -Is one of Ihe greatest nalnral Jumpers I '.ever savy,' says Ted Gormly, Veteran Loyola coach. Blown is a versatile scanty .MONDAY, MAY 11, 193(5 Cardinals Lead Norllieasl Arkansas Loop; Osceola Suffers Double Setback Newport moved Into undisputed po;:sesilon of first place in the Northeast Arkansas league Sunday by taking both ends of a doubleheader from Jouesboro and extending its winning streak to four .straight crimes. The score; were 9 to 2 and 4 lo 2.. Wcsl Pinto, tied with Newport nnd Osceola until yesterday with two victories each, managed to split n pair with rwtesvillc at West Plains and was in sole possession of second . place. West I'lains won ihe first game '11 lo 0 nnd Hatesvlllc look the second, 11 i in 4. .....".'eola dropped both ends of its twin bill to Paragould, 8 lo '2 and 5 to 4, and dropped into a tie wilh llic Hebels for llilrcl place. The league has an open dale ttxlay. L THIS CURIOUS WORLD third. Romero flashes of brilliancy. Smolherman is expected to continue as n player. lest Iti 'Doten Years j _ Blair .finished first with 47.40 1 , |xnl ., A rran( ,«. TU; no ihe Naiionni A. A. u. meet in Luxor a Arranges Nine Chicago In June, 1033. liomero Game Football Schedule vas third'.with 40.05. A year ago, he Louisiana State lumlnnry rc- ordcil .the best mark mode' in llx Action, Pollard finish Ahead In |} oinL Toui'hamciit > eun Relays in a dozen years, .75. ' . : •• Don't"be sui-|jrlscd if you.'see he name of'lllalr in major league jox scores' within the next 1 year or Iwo. lie hns been'doing lllllc or mrtrack woik this spring, hav- ng a clllilcull lime deciding be- .wecn n ' lrlj>•• lo Berlin nnd a chance', for Olympic glory and launching a baseball cnrcer. Duncau . gmbbed tiie junior Southern A. A. U. hop, step, and lie 1'anthcrs will ^play games next'" 'all, Sanderson has an- Northeasl Arkansas I/cayuft Newport 9-4. Jonesboro 2-2. Batesville 11-3, West Plains 9-4 Paragould 8-5. Osccoln 2-4. Today's Garnet Southern league Birmingham at Nashville. New Orleans at Chnttnuooga. Atlanta at Little Rock. Only games. clad, a fine catch for .some col- ge. Although specializing, 1" the nips this season, he lias rim the 20-yard low Inn dies in arount 4 seconds and sprinted 100 yards 10 -seconds. • "lie has broat mipcd more than: 24 feet, ant eared the bar in the high Jmni t G feet 2 inches. He plays bas- etball and baseball, loo. , In the Southern'A. A. U. nice n Baton Rouge last spring. Wil Ins was only three Inches shor f 50 feet In defeating Romero Brown, and Blair by inches. Wilkins won the National A. U. junior hop, step, and jump wtti 8 21 feel in Milwauliee, Juno 30 034. Blair was second wllh 47.54 ind Furlh Ihlrd with 47.18. Dur tig the same year.. Wilktns cop P«l Ihe Southern A. A. U. senlo championship wllh 48.85. Bla lump last year with 40.94. betters 45 feet consistently. Bowman, a member-of the last Iwo Olympic teams, 1 Is essaying''n comeback after lielng out/ of competition for two seasons.' His inore'.than 45 feet in training is pi'o'of that there is still quite K bit of sprinj In his aging' leg^ Two Loulslanans ure nnmed ill the hop, step,- and jump in the listing of -llic "first 10" in all events In German Olympic litcra- lure. Romero • is rated third wilh 15.38 meters > behind Metcalfe of Ausialla and - Oshima of Japan, nnd Wilkins sixlh with 15.17 meters. • • Tsvo Louislanaiis served as bop, step, and Jumpers wilh Ihc Olympic squads of 1D28 and 1932. Bow man and Lloyd Bourgeois were members In 1928, while Bowman ami Uomero competed' In 1932. Perhaps the Louisiana hop, step, tut jumpers get that way watch ng the frogs in the loitering nyous. The jumpln' frog of Mark 'wnin's famous piece of foolish- ess had nothing on any good -ouistnna bayou frog. 'Too Many Managers," Says Resigning Pilol Jimmy Smotlicrman hns resign (1 as manager of the Lions Club n tlic Commercial Softlnil .cague, he' 'has announced. "Too many manager" was given as ,the ren.ion for tendering his •csignation to Lion James.II. Bell, who appointed hin The Uixorn nine football Coach Marvin nounccd. They open the season at Wilson, September 25, nnd take on Earle, West Memphis, Shawiiee, Marked Tree nnd Kciscr hi succession before they wind up the year. with tile annual Turky. Day classic with the Osceola Seminoles In Luxora. Only four nrat stringers will be lost via graduation, and with some likely sophomore material coming up, Coach Sanderson is optimistic over the prospects, although not claiming any honors. The complete schedule: Sept. 25, Wilson, there. Oct. 2, Earle at home. Oct. 9, West Memphis, there. Oct. IG, Shnwnce, at home. Oct. 23, open. Oct. .30, Wilson, at home. Nov. C, shnwnce, there. Nov. 13, Marked Tree, (here. Nov. 20 Kciser, there. Nov. 26, Osceola at, home. prizes on the • basis of 14 played. Two points were Floyd Acton and W. J. Pollard tied for lop honors in a point tournament, played with each golfer taking his regular club handicap, at the Blythcvllle Country club, Sunday afternoon. Each scored 30 points. Rain prevented a number of golfers participating from .-playin: Ihc required 18 holes so the tournament committee decided to awn rtl boles scored for each par, Ihrce for '(Mich birdie and five for each englc. Farmer England was • scconc 1 with 28 points. Cecil Shane was Ililrd wilh 25 points, Bill Afllick was fourth, with 24 points nnd Jeff Rolnnd fifth with 22 points. Club members are expected to put in some good practice licks this week, according to Hiehnrd Kcmsma. club pro, - for the ap-j preaching Inlcr-club tournament wilh Jonesboro at Jonesboro Sun- itay. May n. The tourney will be the first inter-club lest of the season for the locals. and will find them matching skill with their old rivals. National T.cafiii! New York at Philadelphia, Brooklyn at Boston. Only games. • . ©NM give the player a chance to hi from the inside out, or at leas along the direction line. If the left shoulder U not allowed lo turn far enough, it Is almost Impossible lo keep from (swinging acwss Ihe ball, producing a-slice that Vills bolh distance and direction. American leagu Cleveland at Detroit. Chicago at St. Louis. Only games. Northeast Arkansas League Open date. lead. Courier News Classified Ads WAR.- DID NOT END FOR THE UNITED STXKTES LJNTIL- JUiy 2, /92/, WHEN PRESIDENT HARDING- , DECLARED THE WAR^ ••"OFFICIAU-Y OVER.," WITH ANNOUNCEMENT OF THE; WAR. COST. <r, I9]g By NEX SERVICE. ALTHOUGH WE; SPEAK OF EJEir^lCi HOT o^ COLD, TME. TEMPERATURE OF A HEACTWV HUMAN BODV NEVER- VARIES, ' EXCEPT AT THE VEKV SURFACE, fAOPJS: THAN A SMALL. FRACTIOIN OF A DEGREE FROM BLOOD HEAT/ THE FIRST TWO LETTER? IN THE NAME Of= *PLUTO" STAND PER.CIVAL . T^E ASTRONO^\Ea3. i WHO DID MUCH TO BRING ABOUT TMAT PLANET'S : DISCOVEfJX Pluto's- name was considered appropriate for Iwo reasons. Besides honoring Ptreival Lowell, founder of Lowell Observatory at Flagstaff, Ariz., where the discovery was made, the name seemed riling because Pluto was a god of (he outer darkness; and (his newly discovered planet circles the sun far out beyond the other major planets. As yet, Mount Everest never has been climbed, even uy cumbers carrying oxygen tanks. But it has been proved t'nat it is possible for human beings to exist at that height without artificial air. Oxygen enables men lo climb faster and thus suffer less from the severe weather. - Ten of tile 55 signers of t'nc American Declaration of Independence were born in Massachusetts, MIMKOCiKAFHlNG BUSINESS & POLITICAL LETTERS A SPECIALTY Work neat, cheap & quick Veterans Service Work All Kinds Blank Forms Curtis J. Little Hale, BWg. Courier News Classified Ads Pay. DR. SALIBA Eye. Ear, Nose, Throat Clinic | GLASSES FITTED Room 210 - Ingram Bldsj. Office Phone 418 - Res. 41il I Crescent Night Club DANCK KVRRY NKJHT TO TI1K MUSIC 01'' Jimmie Downey's OroliosLra Wilh Tiny Dursl All lead i n g brands of lleer, Wines, Whiskeys and Cordials. .JK_.. Covet- Charjro Oply *T'" GOc Per Coiiplc .'.TRY OUR PIT HARIiECUR TASTY SANDWICHES On Highway 01, 4 Miles North of State Line at Holland Cigni-cttes ?1.25 Cavtou shortly after the season opened Tlie first sticker said Ihat lie iva; not rei'^n wilh Ih playing end of the club nml was uol permitted to make Mich trades us he deemed necfssary to strfngthcn the club. The Lions have lost llielr first four contests but have shcnvu Before You Buy Any Outbonril - ,Scc llic . NEPTUNK 2 n. r. c,|r Sinslc Cyl. '* D ' l ' ) (Olher Sizes to 10 11. p.i HUIWARD TIUM & HAWKRY CO. S Lag; Fees Cut REGINA, sask. (UP)—tlie Legislature has reduced, marriage license fees from $5 to $2.50 In Northern Saskatchewan in an effort, to aid lovelorn but financially | embarrassed couples. WELDING ELECTRIC * ACETVLENE PROMPT SERVICE REASONABLE PRICES Barksdale Mfg. Co. , Double Cellophane, seal-in the FRESHNESS of the Prize Crop Tobaccos in "Double-Mellow" Old Golds D VlD YOU EVER lasle a fresh- caught (rout, cooked riglit al the brook? 77ia('s REAL freshness! Did you ever taste a fresh-made cigaretle, smoked right at Ihe factory? T/ial's REAL freshness, too! •Every eigarclle merchant in Amer.a no\v offers you (hat freshness in Double-Mellon) Old Golds. It's sealed in every package by 2 • jackets of Cellophane; not one but TWO! Mois!urc-f>roof Cellophane, the finest quality obtainable. This doable Cellophane protection keeps out dryness, dampness, dust and every other foe of cigarette goodness. Once you've tasted a factory-fresh Old Gold, with its full, rich flavor intact, you'll never go back to stale, dry or soggy smokes. EilaUishtd 1760 ff P. S. Yes, indeed! Thai "Daulle-Money-Dadt" offct is still open. Good lor 30 dayj from this dale. : ,^^._ -v; "—-X > , »s\ w FoUlf* ''C£U0]PHAHr x M^t ^ : •M^-i^-*'

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