The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 20, 1934 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 20, 1934
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Served by the United Press VOL. XXX—NO. 2G2 BLYTHEVILLE THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NORTH: : ^^^m Mls'l""' 0 "°" y NC *' S U1> " lcvlllc °°" r k SUGGEST AND SOUTHEAST MISSOUlu Senate Passes Refunding^iU nnnnniTinn Tn ~ .. . ~ .. ,_.."" ~ —•.-• — r. ij. iu;ui 01 $.->[»,uw 10 urauiaye "~ •, District No. 25 of Craiehuad cm.n-. 6,500 Bnles of Cotton Burn; Fire Third to Destroy Northwest Winy Craigliead Gets Money for New Courthouse WASHINGTON, Jan. 20 (UP<, A Public Woiks Administration ! loan and grant of $112,000 for the ; conbtiuclioii of a new courthouse for western district of Craiyhcad j j county, Arkansas, at Jonesboro, was approved today. | Also approved loday was an It. Adoption by House of Fi a """ ot $5U ' WK) to " Representatives Expected Early Next Week. ' LITTLE ROOK, Jan. 20 (UP)The Arkansas senate passed lhe refunding hill without debate immediately after it convened today, climaxing the sustained administration dri/e which yesterday wiped out objectionable' amendments and jammed through administration substitutes. Tbe vote was '28 to 5. The bill wns at once transmitted to the house where it, was lead the first and second timc-s and made the first order of business for Monday. Senator Ashley, one of the administration leaders, forecast the bill would be passed by the house Monday or Tuesday with very little change. Tn its present form it is acceptable to bondholders. Tbe .senate opposition represented the last of the Norflcet-Evans bloc that at one lime had been able to override Governor Futrell's wishes by a two-thirds vote to adopt the clincher to the Evans amendment, giving priority tn municipal road improvement district bonds. Those senators voting against the bill were Abinpton. Games Evans Martin and Mitchell. Prespects for a .speedy dissolu- __ i^vtiij uia^HJJU- tion of the session were helped by an unayorable committee report yesterday-'on the enactment of-a mora torlun/MHra'-A rk arisas '•*, fceSi"i>i lhe ruling out 'again this week of I be liquor question' The senate recessed after passage of the bill to reconvene before I noon to consider a bill appropriating expenses for thc third week of the special session. Memphis Woman Jurist Urges Segregation o( Young 01 fenders. OSCEOLA, Art:., .Ian. 20.— -Men are conscious of ihc stream of men iciiij into penitentiaries, but they are thorough!;. mv-'uiHiious of thf stream of men coining oi;t of nen- itcnliarks," Jiid?'-' Cnmtllc Kelly c-f the Memphis Juvenile Couit told member? of the MLvdssiupi County Council of Parent Teacher Ar.'.ociations here v-ssl-jrday in a t: ; .lk 0:1 ••Woman anri her Citizcn- i-nip," in which SIK- nr^ed that wo men get behind inaveinenlo for ilic segrecation of young of?':iid- in ;rs- frcm htirdciv-'. 1 . crimir.nls . ' a fine con- -'ticctivc gro^p. b 1 -. they arc l:e- innd on cilizen-jhL-" she told ths I'liincll. The house adjourned o'clock Monday. until Cottontail rabbils communicate with each other by rubbing whiskers and stamping their feet. New York Cotton NEW YORK. Jan. 20. (UP) Cotton closed barely steady. open high low close Jan 1131 1131 1131 1131 Mar. .... 1135 n?3 1122 1123 May 1149 1151 1134 1135 July 1166 JK-7 1151 1152' Dec 1197 llSP 1183 1183b _ ., ihat they ^et squarely behind un-form marriage laws and other measures designer to •.safeguard yom'i. ^Judge.-rKelly sp-,ke to a hun- xJrea'-Members' and visitors at the morning session. N!is. A. S. Akers, chairman of the BcUrr Films Council of Memphis talked on thc afternoon program "Let your t!r alar, pickets ba ballots for better. moi'ies." Mrs. Akers said, declar:::;. that proiluc- tis judge pictures hy box office re ceipts and . ----------produce be.tlcr CARUIHERSVILLE. Mo -Fire '.-I an inikntnvn ori-jin Friday -if- tfiiiLon destroyed Hie northwest vi:-. of tin Soi:!!ie:iu Missouri ^.ottcn Coming company here will, an estimated :u,.s a( ssnu.ocu. There wer'e C5CO |. ;1 ]es of cotton burned which wen .stored in the flscdv. It wes sai-J (his prae- nr:al!y all eovem::e;ii option cot- tor., and was nut in.sur"d for ".ere than (be o.-il::,;. amnuiH ad- -aiiee:! by the goviTi : rni;iit This i3 the Hm-rt ti , ne th | s •vma has burned. Each limp tlie .Vss ha^ b-:en a|,|iroxiui;i(ely a miarier million dollars, as the fheds hnve been stored liBwily -,-.:lh cotton each t\me. Duly v.iih- ;n a year has this win K \ xm rc - ronnructcd Colloy.-ir.g a fire at a cost of about E500CO. Bog's " Slayers" I • Draw Heavy Penalties UUt.MlNOHAM. Alu.. Jill). 20 i UI-»—Charles L. Wiirtin, 2-1, iind Willis Ellis, 2-1, the latter a nejjro,! automobile service stntlon workers. 1 today were sentenced to six months Imprisonment and fined SaO each on conviction in city court of the "torch murder" of a fox terrier. 1ETY IN HILLS Rudy Vallee's Fdrmer Secretary ! 0 Aid Fay 1.0S ANGELES. ~Jnn. 20 (UP)A -mystery witness" who arrived n; Thursday nWll f rcu, N w "k O uld rny wvbb Valleo I,, r "ill iiK..ln»i uudy valleefo, I"! m " llllcll "»™ wns idimii- loclny as Johnson Hiird ' secretary. j''"'"HIT'S former .secretary. !> nlicc. However. Believe',, 1 !, 1 '" c Col ^-». attorney r or Mr:; Mi'co;,,,. W/.,.. .!._ D.._ 1 :.,'.', l ' l ':,! )ro '" ls « i " l '«l would Pi-o- VI • • iv, . ----•-•" vnik-c, promised Missive Wns the Prod-; vltlt -' "Maniim; «ct of a "Crank" i w "<"'^y « i ix terrier. . CHy Judge Henry U Martin. In'Br;,,!,, -uvl PK.-U issinc .sentence of Mir n.nvlmnml - U ' ill(J Llal K passing sentence or [he maximum I penally, declared the "Ihe most inlniin;!!i cas to dumb animals lhal ever cume itito this court." Hesitates to Anoly Compulsion Without Authorization of Growers Board Will Re Chosen at Meeting "January 29. " ~"--'^ Flection of a new executive board of the Chicka.sawba Chimtnr. American Red i Dis- FirHEKSUIEII John Jones, 55, Shot .Down at Caruthersville Friday by Monroe Leek CARUTHERSVJI.I.-E. Mo.—Moni 1 ; Iieek. alMut 33. yestertluy shot nnd killed John Jones. 55, in the Southend Garage, on South Ward ivenue. Leek, n deputy censlable living IK tbc Cliute Sixteen community, was in the garace when Jones I.TOVC up in a w.igon. Jones, it was said, apin'ared under the Influence of liquor and souL'bt to .•urcliiiER more, askiiiij.those in Un; tarnge where he fould do so. When he was urged to leave 'he place he was said to hove remarked, "You don I know who I am, do you?" and to have thrust a hand in his pocket. Leek Immediately pulled ;, revolver and cpcned fire, shooting Jones in the fc- • Death, w'sw. instant3neoi:5.: I.cefc bcld was arrested and „ the county jail pending in (he city ball, Jrm,y 29 wnf , M, is morning following " i ns , pieliminary hearing II is expected that l.cek will self defense but. the prcse- c-iiion will in all probability try (c prove (bat tin shooting was more or premeditated, as tn- ''"•}' at Lansing yesterday, met ,„ ,- believed lo include i-iyfip Harrow, near here early lo- day and flMl Into (he Osaw hills. Louis Dresser, Kansas' school teacher, kidnaped by the pair, was rrl'-afcd unharmci! when the con- ncl was made. He Identified police photograplis of Ilrarty and Clark as tbo>;e of his captors. .... ...u^t ui ni.i cupiors. Drover and his automobile were .•Lt7cd near Lansing yesterday to fnciliialc the convicts' night Dreiser snid that when the con-' the hills of nurthciist oo] teacher said that when (lie prisoners reached Oklahoma another automobile awaited (hem by pie-arrangement. H was driven by a woman who nc- coi-dinu tn Dresser's description was Bonnie (Suicide Sal) Parker cigar smoking companion of Tlar- tcstlinony". next the hearing of hi-r : for temporary alimony MINNEAPOLIS. .>.,„->(, .up, :,l™!J,'V'^,,rV )1 '° Vkled " S|lt A note .saving Edward p"!Jl7: Xtalca"H was ^v'7'; Sl " Uil W *S«™OTOH, Jan. '20 (UP.,n accl-iUciii., h!,t,l,-n ,„' n,„ "™! -i' .'"' S i A re'trcnilum among cotton farm- US. ! ers In detennlnp n*r,i.- attitude .. was committee ilture ;yho led five other convicts ovci Inecs district Into ycsteidny. nob- II was addressed to "Tile I'est- mnslpr of Mlneiinolls." Police believed thc note written by a "crank." was FoiiirM Abductors ST. PAUL. Jan. 20 (UP,-, „ant o. limner. 30, kidnaped bank, nreslilem. foucht a short biiijrv , battle with three abductors ^n' v beforn p,-ilicc be- (led Into Oklahoma The .school SpTV-^ ±^K%! "^Z^^ escape of five convicts from Texas prison farm. Joy Troves Fatal LEAVENWORTH, Kans., lie vert today. The Dollcc theory was advanced as Atlolnh Bremtr. wealthy brcw- velt. took personal charge of attempts (o obtain his son's release At Brcmcr's request police and federal antl-kldnnplng campaign agents remained out of the case to enable thc payment of $200 000 ransom for release of the victim. The theory was based on discovery of bloodstains in young Bremcr's autoino* " p „ Smn r to Government Program The collon "nrrciw vnrinct »r-p..rniii fo- Ifra nll(I In3s , fa lure In Mi w i«| m ,i county 'rc- si'H'i so far Indicate. The camnnlan. deslened to take •- raiooo acw of cot- out of been land in Ibis couniv was (n uncr < vmi "'"i"d l his mnnili, Un to date t|, e |frcopllri.r In iviinhln Inform..!Inn i'" 1 "> 0 re 10 ncr cent ot the '•wired nrreace has brcn n]nd<r»d in ,!,„ ^.,.,.-...:...,._- r|| ' • h chlr found. Foolprlnls In the snow and the position of trie bloodstains In ~"I.-IUIMIWIJ<I rnsirict of the the automobile supprl«l. this the- rr >untv. and renorls here arc that !' hc campalcii has met with mile If any success In.the Osccola dls- . New Orleans convict, loyed. car were many footprints. . Police jnld. however, that all of by three ,.,,., . ' -*..*<.*.. in?,, nii'iH .11 Wlltcll IJr A ',"; '," jr,?°"iL«> <"<•• >»- wash,,:,,,, ,,,„ R0 f En £ ^ Spots closed steady at 11SC, offb. New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS. Jan. 20 (UIM —Cotton clos°rt .slendy. o|»n ht?h' low close Jan 1I2UI) 1113b Mar !l:tl im 1117 ni8 May .... 1147 1147 1130 1131 July .... I1C2 Ilfi2 IMS 1H3 Oct. .... 1180 1181 HC4 I1C5 Dec lins 119:; us*. 1184 SjMls closed quiet at 1118. off 11. Chicago Wheat open high low close May 91 1-2 01 I-? M 1-4 90 1- Jllly 89 1-2 39 5-R 80 3-8 8C lionage of such nims. Mis. Akers said lhe situation as to lhe movies was lieitcr than five years ago, when not a company, she said, would have considered producing "Little Women." The x office receipts of "Littlo Women." however, iiavr been so satisfactory that the fame company has bought the rights for immediate production of "Pride and 1 lejudlce." The p;-j7ram included a short Ulk in the morniri; by Miss Will:e I.p.wson of f.iuio Rock, former counly siiperlmtndeiit of schoo's ? report of the safely program in the county by .MK-. Winnie Virgil Turner of Blytheville. and reports of effective work <lc:r.e bv the va- '•"iis associations. morning following m o n in|,t nl "•! fcl Dr A \f " illy " ad esistcd bl!wc ' (ln ln.m. ll.n " '*""* tim0 ' I and E. Alexander were candidates election. Twenty-four Fuller Named Member of House Committee WASHINGTON. Jan. 20 <UP>- named a committee to nnmlnnfp and arrange for the -- eandidatcs have been nominated for fnc 1C places on the board, and additional nominations will be invited Iho night of the election. All chapter me'm- ber.=. which means all who paid SI in tho roll call last November, are invited to attend the meeting nartieioatc in the election, inse Haced in nomination arc: 'ho R"v. E. K. rntlmer. Mrs. Paul L. Tiolon. Jof I.wacs, B. M Trrry. '''f Roland, (he Rev. J. J. Thompson. E D. Fenjusnii. Zal B. Karri."Oll. Dr. A. M. Washburn. Mrs. K R Alexander. A. D. Pairfield. Tom W. Jacfcfon. C. A. Cunningham. R. D. Huihc.s. J. J. Daly. C. K. Babcock. Dr. Hunter Sims. Mrs. B. A. I.vnch. Mrs. Harry Kirby, Max B! Reid. Mrs. Edear Horum. E. B. Ionian. Mrs. Howard Proctor, and XTrs. John Lenti. . , ~ - «*"i-J V IWUl. t\l tv. I I loday was elected a member of Ihe important house ways and means! committee. ! 'l •'! T^ 1 01 i -r-rr I hav ™ Touhy Sheds His op Believed Killed by Farmer The larec yellow dog. believed to bren infected with rabies. Chicago Corn oppn ht»li low clo^e 52 1-2 52 3-4 52 52 l-fl 54 1-2 54 5-': 53 7-8 54 May July Closing Stock Prices NEW YORK, Jan. 20 (UP) — Under impetus of the greatest Saturday trading pace since .summer f'e stock market today resisted heavy week end profit taking to Miox- an irregularly hi?hcr appearance. Tickers were jammed by tlie business that came Into the market. A T. and T 118 1-2 Anaconda Coppcv IG 3-1 Bethlehem steel 44 Chrysler .'.'.'.'.'.' 54 3 . 4 Cities Service 3 Coca Cola ' 93 General American Tank 3D 3-8 General Electric 22 1-2 General Motors 37 1-4 International Harvester 42 3-4 MidcllcviCSt Utility's 3-10 Montgomery Warci 26 1-2 New York CcMnil 38 3-4 Packard 4 7-3 Phillips Petroleum 1C 7-g Radio 8 1-8 St. Louis-San Fitincisco 4 Standard of N. .T <o 1-8 Texas Co 2G 1-2 U: S. Rlcel SS 7-8 Several years ago Jones shot 'ind killed James l.eek, father of Monroe, for whicli he was scn- iL-newl to 20 years In the penilcn- t'ary. After serving a portion of the time Jones <vas paroled and returned hern nbout a year and a half ago. He shouted and leaped into the In the front seat of Kramer's n it- Frisco Employes Find Lock Almost Battered Off This Morning. An attempt lo smash open .. large safe at the Frisco freight office some time night failed railroad employes lo!d police after finding the combination lock ol the safe almost tattered olf they opened the oftice this inorn- Dies After "Red D i, • w;' i r~ r ~i 1>n '"' od to Im ™ KesullS in Withdrawal nrcmer n "d eveimmiy summed of HrnnitaliWiVin him. probably with a pistol blow 01 nOSpliailZatlOn [on the head, police said. that Tiremer had been forced to drive Ills automobile at the point of a gun lo the spot where the- cfir was und. Police believed that the young banker spl?cd nn opportunity and struck one of the captors on the This man bled In Ihe front sent of the cnr. Other captors were bfllei-ed to have closed In with •nlunlly subdued trkt. ippearlng ,.ln conncc- F lion with the Bankhiad cotton I control bill before the. senate agriculture committee, said lie hesitated to recommend a policy of compulsion until views of the farmers themselves ivcre known. He said Indications . thus far were that three quarters of the cotton farmers wonted some form of cumpulslon. Senator Capper (Rep. Kans.) nuked If It, might not be possible l'i apply a compulsory limitation (n whent us well as-cotton. "rrom Liic scundjx>lnt of administration." Wallace replied, "It would simplify matters enormously If this type of thing could be USBll. . . "But from the standpoint ot tlie future of a democratic government and the psychology of the lieople I can't help but feel that we should approach this thing very thoughtfully. "If everything were such, and the people feel it, not we in Washington but the people themselves, that this Is such an extraordinary emergency that compulsion Is required, I would say the situation could be handled better from on administrative . Et°ndnolnt '• Termers . jien«rall>-./. It . Ij Mid Ecem I 0 iiil-n^nlzvi-iHili-^sia.^i " 'Terrible' Tag "TciTibto" Tonliy sliows no sin., ot llio ferociiy which jainod him bis fearsome nickanmc as be slla in a Chicago court, as slioivn hero, during bis I rial with three airte.i on :i cbarso ot kidnaping John "Jako tliii narbcv" J'actor. -. - Mrs. W. Emitl- Tuesday, is believed to have been killed late Tuesday. Louis Maxwell, farmer living northwest of niythcville. reported ihat he killed a rlog. answprinu the description of the mad dog. in his chicken yard. Th6 mongrel that bit the Smith child later attacked a negro boy ing. Police said the would-be sale i-nbbers apparcntlv pave up their attempt after deall;^; Ihe combination lock several hr.rd blows. They probably did not realize that the strong box was almost ready (o be otened when they gave up the job, police said. The attempt was the second on a railroad office 5afe within n rhorl time. The Ctlton Belt office was entered .several nights nso. Similar "strong arm" methods failed (here. nnrt bit a cow. horse, hog and another-dog. Tt w.ns last seen run- , jnlnGT-in (lie genera! directin of j Insurance Finrn Ra Maxwell's place heading north] mm* "d from Moore 1 Brothers store, near I the western city limil.s. I - . .-^ 'Airplane AicJs Posse Capture Bank Robbers CARTHAGE. 111.. Jan. 20 (UP) —Use of an airplane to direct the pursuit of five young Chicago bank robbers was revealed today to have led to their capture near Basco by 20(1 possemeiv Corn-Hog Crop Plan AMES. la. (UP) _ lowa insur . mice companies are practically 100 l»r cent behind tre federal government's $75.000,000 corn-hog crop reduction campaign in Iowa. At a meeting called by Stale Chairman R. M. Evans, nearly 150 ne.dmen for insurance companies owning Iowa farm land, recently learned of the government's crop control plan and how it would be M possemen. control plan and how it would be The plane was piloted by Law- applied on corporation-owned D-OD- nce Bonfoe. chairman ertles. rence Bonfoey. chairman of the c -»>». stale aviation commission. It was! Insurance men said equipped with radio which served ' lo warn authorities in various .communities in time to block the ihir-hways before the desperadoes. ' Pcsscmen who pursued the fugitives across five counties engaged mio iy:n leases i in repeated gun battles with the I to sign contracts bandits. Two of the bandits sustained minor wounds. They were Walker James. -ISI-year-old CWA v/orker. said to have been removed from the Btythevill- hospital yesterday while In a critical condition because high I-'ERA ofliclats refused to authorize expenses ot hespltali/ation. dii-d at 2:20 this morning at his !K,IKI- on the rear, if a lot on West Cherry street. I James was taken to the hospital Thursday, siilfcrim; from malnrla. it; the order of Mr:,. J. ,\ Colbert. worker out of Ihe FERA olTice. to Organize Monday CARUTHERSVILLE. Mo.— The Taxpayers Leapi" """'' for Pemiscot The order countermanded vcslerdaw after visiting officials of Hie relief oresniza'W from Little Rock pointed out regulations of Ihe PEHA and CU'A organizations] providing that in no case could T'KHA funds be expended on CWA workers until after they had been cff the CWA D;:yroll for two weeks. Mrs. Colbert was at first reluct- >'nt to discuw the matter but did so when pressed, telling a .story of the manner In which tangled "ml tape" of governmental agencies I pluyed the principal role. Mrs. Colbert said she had been '•'injected lo severe criticism by uninformed persons but that she could only tell hospital aiitlmn- lios James would liave to remain s? a charity patient, after hrchcr officials ha drefusfc 1 to allo'.v expenditures of FBI'..', funds In the case. The cost of the sick man's city courthouse to elect permanent officers. A committee, drifted to form a 'ft of by-laws anri rciiilalions Is composed of: J. Ralpji Hutchl- --i-s. ncreaite curtailment, "but for various reasons thev have been inj- willlne or unable to tnln In the Drorrnm offcretl by the government. j As a result sentiment is KTOW- Inn for f.'... |>ni bv Senator Bankhead which would limit the .size of this year's, cotton croo bv controlling the number of bales each producer would be permitted to gin. The Bank-haul, jilli, adoption of which will be souirlu at the present session of congress, provides for nn allotment to each slnte upon the. average cotton ion for the last 10 years An allotment would be mode to each county on the same basis the total allotments to counties being eiiual lo the state allotment. Allotment's would then be marie to each farm upon n v basis of the average annua production of cotton fo ra representative period or upon a percentage of what each farm would have produced had nil the cultivated land been planted in cotton. Alt cotton gins would be placed under license and prohibited through. neasureii. . . , "But there Is a grave ganger of ' x in : feelUyj,; oh the strong ' rejfuJs -Ifia t, •^^.•'iS from i ercd ;on. P. Keisey nnd 'EnnEn. by n ccrllficalc. any cotton not cov- producer's allotment The present system of ptinctua- • «... mini ui. in t \ m [' i\oisov nun ii — j*n.i%,m« •1. B. Latsbaw of this cilv • George j °" WnS de \f o i>=" "*' AldiLs Manu" K " llnn prlntcr a n ' 5th cc "'" ry - Merrrtl of Havii: O. P "Ti'»hmoii " llSl , "f Wanlell; and T. R Cole ol \ ° f Observations C. R. B. overnight stay in the hospital would be her rc.sjxjnsibilUy. the ~orker said, .lames' case had Lecn considered -cpeless even before li Sheriff Clarence Wilson has been dropped from the staff of the slate revenue department. There are no regret-s. sq far as we can learn, on Mr. Wilson's part, as Ms compensation as a revenue department agent was small nnd the trouble Involved was considerable The revenue department dis- ncnscd with the sheriff's services because of some provision/ In the law forbidding one two nubile Jobs. As a general pro- Position such a law seems wise At odes ror Newspapers ientjlhe «mc time it Ls h!«hly doiibt- nrl,. primary tint Ulit I. companies were willing to sign Ihe contract with their share - lease oporalors. Approximately half the major insurance companies wrote clause nto 1934 leases requiring tenants finally surrounded and surrendered without n show of opposition, For many years, both Provi- oencc and Newport were capitals of Rhode Island. -- -. „ ..^ ,,„.. C .,, L ....^ .,.,,,,. tl(IJl . , L j^ i]-.CTnjy flouut- hospital, it was stated. Thc (fill If the revenue department can L- reason for taking him (handle the sale of auiomoblle II> said to have been the|°"is« tags through Us own agents ---—..«,. of his wife, who Is aiij ns economically as through the ixpcctant mother. James had bceni sheriffs office and al lhe same on ^the CWA pivroll and hact|'ime render equal service to the wor<cd throufh SJd'rda-. He had Public. not worked this wrek because of II «*ms to me that it would be • lt!1<1M ' «''« ix>ltcy lo make sheriffs of• p c " throughout thc state agents English chcmi.sls are experiment- ,, c rcvc ''"e deparlment in the 'ni? with poison rases to kill 'o-1 colloctton of auto and truck 11- Boy Finds,Head of Prehistoric Buffalo McARTHUB, Col. (UP)—A small boy'.s curiosity rcsi'lted in the 'discovery of n prehistoric, buffalo Lend believed to be 20000 years' '0. i . . . Burnett Day. 13, was trying to round up some wayward.. sheep when he picked up ion object "to throw. It. was too heavy. It looked like an old horn. Burnett calleil his- father's attention and J. it. Day took It home. Some time later. Day began djef-- glng into a high bank on the-Pit river, where the oblcct was found. In the sandstone 20 feet down he discovered the skuli of a strangl rnimal. . -~« Paleoniologists said the skull, nd horn was remains of a buffalo which ranged the California p'ains 20,000 years ago. The horns a spread of 10 feet or more, and were seven inches in diameter at the base. Th: skull weighed 300 pounds. ' SclciilLsIs at lhe University 01, Cnlifornla began a study of the 1 find. Blackfoot Chief Dies As Portrait Is Delivered GLACIER PARK, Mont. (UP)— Fame came too late for Mike Llt-- tle nog. Dlackfcot Indian chieftain. The chief was painted in lull, colorful tribal regalia by Winold Reiss. nationally known portrait artist. Tr.c portrait was reproduced for the Great Northern Railroad's 1 1934 calendars. A copy of the calendar, sent to tbe ludif.r, reservation here, reached Mike's teepee just the day after the chief had rited of pneumonia. airplanes. . - ....... f:<ses to kill !o- in Africa by spraying from The cense fees. Such an arrangement would be both economical and satisfactory from the standpoint Adding ring~ derived hax-I^SLn^''niiw^tt Circular Fjrvntl™ hixrn. « j ?. . . * . - "MWIlg V, ve irom a circular Egyptian hlcro- Rlyphic. meaning ''eternity." easy and convenient for auto and truck owners to buy their Inpe, Appointed by NIU Administrator' Hugh S. Johnson to Lo Deputy Administrator in cliarga of newspaper codes Is Ralph Pulitzer (above) of New York. He la th« brother of Joseph Pulitzer, publisher ot tbe St. I.oul3 Post-Dl»- Pioneer Missionaries Endured Many Hardships BOSTON. (tJP)_The American Madura Mission in South India has been celebrating i!$ lOOth birthday anniversary. The centenary recalls the hardships which the pioneer missionaries to the Madura Mission had to endure. Tlie journey from Boston to India tfccn took four months, tbe youngest missionaries traveling on the ships of the Tudor Ice Company which were car- rymg ice from Wenham. Mass to India. WEATHER Arkansas—Partly cloudy warmed tonight nad Sunday. Memphis and vicinity — Partly cloudy, warmer tonight end Sunday. . j; ' The maximum temperature here KJterday was 81. minimum 43, cloudy, according to Samuel F. Norris, official we.iltwr observer;

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