The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 17, 1930 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 17, 1930
Page 7
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TI^RSDAY,JULY 17, 1930 BLYTHKVII.UC, (AUK.) COUTUKU-NEWS CLASSIFIED ADS 'l^wo cents » word for first In- Krtlon and on« cent a word lor Mob tubwqutot insertion. NO advertUetnt at taken for less than We. Count the words and ceud the Phone 30b FOR SAI.K KOK SALE—Daby Chicks. Custom hatching each week from now on. Marilyn Hatchery. 2Cck-(f B1NC PAGE'SIEVEN qp|' l |- i)UR BOARDING HOUSE -6V CORAUt STANTON and HEATH UOSKEN COPVR1GI-1T 1Q50 fcV CHELSEA MOUSE. in-xiJN 111:111; TODAY junrni CHANT, ;iriur» nmdri, li>vr* A LAN S'J'JIYM:, iintnlrr, «hu I* nlvi, InvcJ L> CIIUMMV MUItl,t:V, Judith'* drat frli'/ii!. rhununy luul Im vil Sir) nr )r;tr« u K" Jmil Ifii'l In «r BUT inriuiirx >f:!i Mr) IT I» \i tin r hurx Juilllh, .InJIlli Mh ilu(> to inn try ru rr 1:11 1 MM lirr nit* niur> .|.» 1,3111 ai;nln like old limes. Do come, won't you. "Wliat Chummy ilcar?" inont In Her plcaulni; fare was Irreslst brought lule. Cliuuimy-'s hiMullful lun- vukv lianvly .1 broke, us biie answered: "01 conrso I'll come, Jndy dear." <lo you tiu-uti?" asked On- I laku n wry nulol vnlco. "Wyon I Mi:;s <lv:uit nut. U was \i ttt-n VACATION TIME Take That Trip In a Good Used Car. Von will have the use of the cur while you're Ihere and also save traveling expenses. Make your Selection From The Follov. Inj; List of Used Cars. Lowest Trices and Easiest, Terms. 1323 Model Whippet Coach.. S2!*5 192!) Model Ford Roadster . .5275 1928 Model Chevrolet Tour. . .$l!)5 1930 Model Ford Coupe ... S5W 1029 Model Esicx Coach .. $255! 1327 Model Ford Fordcr Sedan S1C5 1028 Model Ford Tudcr Sedan $275 132(1 Model liuii-k Sedan ... $115 1929 .Usdcl Furil Std, Cuiitw §425 1929 Model Ford Spl. Coupe S3G5 1928 Model Chrysler U Sedan $375 1926 Model Ford Touriiif Car S85 We will accept your old car as part, payment on one of the above late Model Ured Cars. See Us AT ONCE—Phone 811 TODAY. Used Car Dept. PHILLIPS MOTOK CO. Authorized Ford Dealers • IIIIU-IHK. ri'Ji'i'i* ihr oft' IT i>f ibr ri.i. mum (;im:o\ — nimm Sii-jiir dlhtnikli — to hlnr lirr In u iiuiKliTit nhiivv, nnd ni»|iriir* In 11 Miow Imrkrd liy UirUAIUI U VON. tvhn l< Krrri'Tly iiclhiK n* Cltlfim « 1 1 urn I. ^hi- mn[;r* a ^rn^niLciniil hi) in ul li.nmirh Iiiumuv ( liu ...... > «.ct"< lirr In .SiryiitV nriu* ninl [jtfflttH lirr r I1U HKl'Hn^ll t. Jiff J HI* lu-i:* J mil ill in mtirry Mm, Uill »lir liihUti, II I* hi* duty 10 innro C! ...... tity ninl iflN him nfio 4 Em-* n ii I \\:i\\l in nrr 111 in npnlii. Sh^ i»irc[« rruiiuni) . \\iin tr-iia An Sjrj nc tm n limit (o uo alrrnrul tn •tin!*. NOW c:o O.N WITH TIM: STOKY ClIAi'TKK XXXll llil'd al Illlll. to ilio marines, hoy! Thal'd llio sl«ry lor tlio IICM. Dl.-ky \Vynn Is simply (her (o rnn anybody Cl'U'un Don'l fiii>p' lie's KUI a penny i« blesd himself with, lie v.ay u lawyer's clcik not ICvory llvlni; soul In the the door, anil Inlil him (hat I world knows tli:ii. Tin., lililc I'.Hi Miss Uranl m:i. lio left a note | lins cvl.tcnily (akin tl.o Kivat :min'i; that lie had \vtilU-n In view ot evciuuallty. round ike sho[i, and ;AN tlio day liefore Hie ilauco Has i^ lien called at Jmly's loiljjiuss to ask her In ill in: wilh him It nr.s about livo o'clock In tlic afternoon when ho ealled. A youny Ilie liiuill.iily'9 diuithlcr. i to "I Ik had ucoasio: corner to a tob;ict llieu to a tailor's, whrrc lie was having Eoinu dollies repaired, it uas about eteht minnlcs later, or tic parked Judy's fancy, lie stn toro llic I'M suddenly. Kiok In Miiuiinit'ii '1'owcr.i uas an Im.fK'iisKv IKM-^II, retailing what was lo iillil harmless DON'T think Alan would over;house nsalu on Ills way Lack lioaie. lo, Judy." Chummy sahl |J«si Ihcn tlie ilcor upoiicil •Hu's always workoil, ever MIK-C 1 .Gideon's Imlky form caiiw out. Vnew lilni. 1 bellevo lie's tliln'Kinu : was BUI Dt Investing some money In an oil iuncern out thero." "What's the mallei-?" \if "Miss (Slant Is a very old "U'lll tic slay out there for tool?" :inlllnfi m liliu»clf in a way Iici Justify him:;iIf. "()!H. mily hnowV.I,.,'',,,,, naile Dastien sec rod. • w |,. l( OIK , 1|C1 ,.., ;1I1I | c^vi,,,,^ -,,, vf !,. ;' . Ibat's the nay Tlity'ro always (o Juily hail ueeii al lioiue, (lien, all Die lime! lie followed ihe llaunUcr, and sav,- him enter Ills hlj; car, whleti jdcueL 1 liiat he did not wJtlj liic t>ub «as waltitiB In a side ttrecl iiarallel Ijecl [>urEin."l. .! . Judy asheil. "Me may," "We slmll nil bo static red," Judy murmured, nnd elio couhl not !ieep jwllli Judy's tlie liilter recrct out ot her voles. viic ncxl inor:ii;in l!a"Un re-l/"n:y TOWI-'US 'I-.' cisv-oln- "Oli. Cliiiinniy. and onco wo wci-s so jceiv^ „ Ilico | it ,| L . ,, olc ,„ j,,,|j.- 6 b KO od.jiaiiiiTd" f-o-iii ' liu" fre sprawling hand, siio co'Hil not !, H1 enter of clut, ,:< ' Fresh Milch cows for sale. Jerseys. Terms if desired, Live Block l-'i- nance Corporation, Blytheville, Pnone 201 or 827. 7c-tl *UR RENT ~ _ RENT—Five room bungalow, on Dougan avenue, with hot and cold waicr attachments. Partly newly decorated. • Vacant July 1. Ike Miller. Telephone 880. 26c-tf. "\Ye shall be tiaiipy af;aln." her friend replied. "Judy, you ought to he tiappy. with your wonilerful ilfc before you." "I am. in a way," Judy answered; "l)nt 1 want you lo he happy, Chummy. 1 wani you and Alan — " "IMease, Judy!" interiuplctl the other girl sharply! "I would nuicli r.-illier you didn't talk abom thai." And Judy, looking iato the cobl- en-lirown eyes staring witli a kind of dull anccr. knew that she wag !i< (lander of losing her friend. Hard though she tried. Cbumusy could nut feel the same toward her, now that she knew. She thought, perhaps. tlial Jnily was playing a part. tli; liuew wliat a stovm lio l:i.s coui|ianion's aroused dine witl\ liiin, she salil. a.s site had had another enraiiemeiit, whle!\ stic could not put off, lint she \vonUI be waitins tor him at her loilRiujjs at !io o'clock. That day he tn w e ; -.e ; l (n .,,c,n an-!„.„,,„ (MdLo:,-lliat bke od acqna,i,!aueo-i;n y Toweis. ;,„„,„ ,, r( ,, )n . ly> nH S()11 . 0 Iheatrical crilie, who hail iaiely inade rnthcr a hit with a tirst uhiy, lie iiad said what others saSil — lhai lit u-; ; s \viis all. Et was common knmvlcclKC lhat Judy (!va::i waj hc'lim "run" liv r.B Clile- ratiicr crudely |>ul it. tti'arlin; II.T tltiio wlih the hi irk culSar. fur r;i]i mi llfl l>:n:cii nf l-ls nut & CLP EA6UE • a clever social satire. On Uic When the two men had linisticil "l!:-..-li:-ii. your sn.nuh like :i f.llii'rnl! Ale:i't yon ivi-MV lliji-li ll[i. o!d lj;iyl Vim \v;iii>.i-d ciinuv" rcai-hrd (fie da- liidrcd a r.iln ul^lit. l-'i-<i!ii il'.o llj:!;l-i him:; In luiuui that <-:ifl nil the Tlio sllir t.-::m:i new i Hie wnlls iiril hccii nil niul their tubs n-aile FOR KENT—August 1st One apart- | ment, One office Ingram Building ! Inquire Parhurst Company. Sc-tf. FOR EENT—Fiirnislicd apartment \vith sleeping porch,. G03 W. Main, Phone 642 or 27. . 15ckl3 FOR RENT- -Furnished Apartment, 108 Kentucky. Phone S83. 15pk22 WANTED ^ in ,- , ... i - • * ^-- •'' mini. ji|t.'tiui'iLii lioint In order lo direction, hut did not say ani-ililng. | C . 11|H , ., Ip ,, s | t j,, linr j \v yu i,' '• !,' T.,"' 5 ,. col[1 i )Al .' io " wll ° mc " ness maii:,^-, wl,,,. as It hut She might even imagine that Judy harped on this |: torhire llicm both So Judy had to ho quiet, convicted almost ot impertinence by tills friend whom she loved so dearly. Slie had an aiided feeling ol foolishness because, in her ton- i».k-!n-d sli-ciiBlh of it Towers Had » little I 1 ! 1 ™' 1 aml l larlo ' ! - ' fl>mc3 strolll " i , r -- ;irl01 ' Tllc ««"'"«''"-l' "imnd ihe spam cash. Ilnmont. too, was not I' 1 ?* 11 llll> Avcl " 1<J - I'li'ii'ently |.|..ur s uaa srai-li-l. i,n<l all llio so impecunious as at old- FO t,,,. ll lk ' ;; " cl1 w1 "' "I" 1 " 1 ' a » :l w '"> U"?.l.-.M'i-: .-.-,-ro I,rl 1; ii' v,,;al hlue. In two of llicm decided lo IIJIK-II ai'- lv " rl11 '" K c " or ' 11 - » 1 " 1 'l" ll « ullc0 "- j" 1 - s '- 1 "i"-''- i'""» •'" ">-n m.,ie Romano's. jscious of Hie facl thai he hail (113-|d;i/.'.liiu uolor sclianr. had [icon ALAI „ MIL i n r .luri'cil llio course nf several lives, ivhni. as ihe n:cmln;is paid, "to At a able in He far corner sal, 1)mnollti , 11K1I1 , i.ile, wont Into ,a:,;,e v ullr { om , what M.u've cul- Bruce Gltem «'i»i four other mon. l!iri;< . t|le:1(1 . ica| clute onc att( . r „,„ I- ' . one of whom was lllcliar.l Wyon. lml:nr A , ,, d , „„,, „,, ,,,.,„,. wUll Dumont sent many scowls In their [ lhclc „, ! w;:s cuuvd.-d. Tltl'y dy Ilioy Itn.-v. 1 (.'i'mriai^ xiviidi i S-.iiu'. Olara ppeucd. |.Kn!;s wllli T.iny l..'li;'.i. Clara «aa had alsy liiinhi-d well, ami was no: i.-r> ^u:arl!y ilns^o.l and pics;er- •i averse lo farther intlnlaeuco. |i..u m i; ; e innnmit; Inn her snub fivuco Giilcon—;!o . Such thiai--: are managed liy tale. [,. r ,,. Ii; iiu with tl:c idd ::i|.i;"iM.ui ni yon know him? Koormonsly !a:nl cunnot control thet:). j :he i.i::ht c^I IVvsll.'n. an.I Judy ... chap. lie's just urouuhl 0111 : Dumont lalhril to Wyon's tinr.l- -nir.ile liini [;.> and d.uice v.ith l:i-r a't fusion' ot mind, she had Iried toi'his wonderful 'new danrer, Jiulyiru-ss manur,rr for half an hour.:once-, run Alan down oy pretending; that iGrani. Marvelous little person. 1 jwiicii tie v.\:it m:t Intn Uic calm ot INTKU jt llc was ? loafer, and dill no lionest Jmust say—:nn! lucky!" i.thc lale aftoi-r.noii, lit by a pale j]'work. She had not the brain lo I "Why Innky?" a?kcd Uiinonl.! winter sun low In the western sky. WANTED—Several young men orj cope with sucli a situation. [controlling his voico as lies', lie! bis head was on lire. The eky That reason for avoiding I 00 "' 1 '- ,sceini'il nlasteroc) with Ihe name "f "Judy Grant was tioned tiio (iTiancicr's name. , rich women of energy for local work of urliisual nature. Pays every day aiidVj&ys well- Write Box 1 CMC Courier Now6. . IGuklO It un i:nl iniiil halt an liunr later il. ,: he [:,iir,i! Jn:'.y a;;:i!n. >Vi1ii"i:l a v,oviV tio pni hi?, unii •ilu-.niil hi r ivnlsl ::-! the urrUrstril We Pay Cash for used furniture. Call 147. Hubbard Furniture Co. Ilc-tf. WANTED—Furnished house or apartment for couple. Phone 129. ' 15pkl9 WANTED—Woman aged tliirty to forty lo keep house. Light work. Address Box 242, Blytlieville. Ark. 14pkl8 .•5<L'iriiMi yna^Lercti win) u:e name wi:<uiuk t;|i, nml lh:-y dana-i! llio Ch'jmnir-. 'Judy'foll sure thai shel . ". Jull y Grant.^was lucky," con-jjiidy Grant. Bhe seemed lo ilaucc v.-lii.lo of a l.i\ not iliroiii;li nlthout woiild "pnt her foot In it," as she lillllcli Towers, "hccanso sl.c's ^ front of bini like a red llacie. l.-p-jaUlm. Judy ami |];;s!i.-n c.mhl espfesscil,..!!.' - ' .•• •'• ' Gideon to take her up.- Thill's liis KverylhliiB was rtd. : i-i^l.- a fux'iint lulu n lliia- ot Dul before Ihey parted that dav' nM ot , busi " cs3 ' 1)iL ' :; >" W - vn "- thc n " 1!lont v ' : ' IUcl1 f " r a'""" -i:beamy. her fcclliiBs overcame her and she T, ° fc "° n ' W ' U ' a fccc !ikc hn " r - A[ l!: '- c: " ! ''•'• l( llc f"-' 1 i V,'!.,:, •-. -.-.,,., over. f h: <!uu- a lu "'"-'an oid woman." h;::irclf un I'arh Avi-iinu. lie IK-\ d t -;-]i h "I'o you mean tho jnan wlw owns I come there af.alnsl his \vill. Me funny Illllc fellow , t sue luoketl at her friend wistfully. "Chummy, Hastien lias asked me lo come lo llio dance at the Lemon i|e«|v Grovo on Friday. Will you be llierc?" "1 hadn't thoughl of going,' elder girl said. "Oh, but you love, Canting! Ibe Monopole?" asked Dumout can:- ili the And "Well, but it's i supposed to own It, well-known fact thai w here lie had walked BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES i i IT'S JUST TOO BAD By Martin was. lie bad walked past it many I T:i:. a time with despair in his lic.irl. r,lv:a;..- Gideon has more to lio with it. lie uses it as a jumping-off place for conic to s;iy. lie did not know wbat he was do- inn (here now, csceiit that lio h..i! WANTED — Family Washings. I Washed and ironed by compe- j " ----- • I shall Ins touc soon, and all Hie aren't hoys wilt b« i^er*. U would seem iGranL' lils pet girls. Of course, nil of 'em so clever as tent white woman. 104 S- Lake St. LOST Mrs. Brown, i the work are on file at the Dis-' nck-U iricfs office. 1 A certified check for Ion LOST—Grey , Female year old. answers Police Dog, name Teddy. Reward. Call 603. R. S. Galti, McMuliin's Grocery/ 16ckl8 NOTICE TO CONTRACTOKS I Seated bids for the recapping of! eighteen miles of levee, from Big Lake North lo State Line and along Slate Line East six miles, will be received until 10:00 a. in. July 15th,' 1Q30. at which time bids will be | publicly oiKiicd by the Board of Directors at Its office, Lynch Building, Blylhcville, Arkansas. Approximate estimated quantities are as follows: Improvement No. 28 (52,072 Cn Yds Improvement No. 23 36,500 Cu Yds Total 08,572 Cu Yds Plans and specifications covering NOTICE Why wait until cold weather? Book your coal orders now, for future delivery. Get my prices and, save money. Sec or call JOHN BUCHANAN 108 N. It. R, Office 107 I'honc Kcs- 717 V. R. WASHAM—Transfer Daily trips lo Memphis. Will pick up and deliver freight and packages anywhere. Special rales on carload lots. Local Phono 851 Memphis Phono 3-9315 WERT He Makes 'Em See! Royal C. Mills Public Accountant and Auditor Specializing In Income Tax, Bookkeeping Systems riionc 52 Ingram Bldg. BlyUieville, Ark .May .... July .... Oct. old Ocl. np\v Dec. old Ccc. ncsv Jan. old Jan. new 1332 1340 1292 1303 1285 1333 13C5 K133 1311 A.T. and T Aviation Chrysler ....... ' Cities 'Service Coca Cola Fox General Electric General Motors Grigsby Gruriow I. T. and T Montgomery Ward Packard Radio Simmons United Gas U. S. Steel KOUWD RtftD rvo. MJOUT XOOR 9RIMCE CMAtO OV^ - fsN' ~WV vWJ^ P>vx itf-RO KaooT VOO M^' ft\M,TOO -o h.':!!! 1 !- than d. li:i..:ljn;- • vci :ii ninie daiu'en, L-, Al la:;l Judy ex- CAM'\ WCXJ — P.M :i,.n. I'm f.iiu! <if ilanc- t wa:il :L Mill.- i-h:il!" lie i-aid. "C'nmc luto Then suddenly he grew stiff, ac little form cams out fit the door fit lliu other nwm." fiiiieou's biiiidini;. Ir. v.;i.< iinniia I (Tn i!o Cimlimu-i' AND SO ON' •You c-vidrntaliy drink too iiiiu-!i." f "Wei;. I always led u-i;ibly tUI')—I ti-.ii-My wl'.cn I \rake up in Ilii' 1:101- u' so I lv?.;rr one. I fci-1 like ' a ui'w man, dcctoi." "I f.-c: an then?" I "And li'.ni tlio new i Iliirsly."—Til-Bits. INTOI.KUAKM-; liME'LOYER. Wiiat.'s ic:'j.v (if i.' lilVKi'i'K: Oh. 1 don't mind im iiK'i:- niis.s all tile liiur.— li:iniu;t-l:iu: nvel> all day JOIIL;, but .N'EW ORLEANS. Jntv il Oprn Hi ;h LD-.\ 133-! I33i 134B 1350 l:WU i'Ua liloli. 125i 12H5 12P1 1215 1301 !3ln Well. Hotly, arc you makiii; '.. ciicunh or.:', the c-nliru world Ulah tu j wnvrl i for ni'.re liETTY: miict. n up. nt I'JTB. IF THEY , VJOOL !! Close 1332 1340 1297 1313 1287 THE THIKF IS VNDKU Gtl (JHB£^«MY BED P.NQ BE (jylCT. \F HOrl CVElR:flNDS YOU SHE'LL GIVC ME HE.CK "CHAT.HAMBERQE.B percent- of the amount bid musl accompany each hid submitted. The Cotton closed quiet Board cf Directors reserve right to rcjecl any or all bids. For further in[o'.nia:lon sec address J- W. Meyer, Engineer, 201 Lynch Building," Blylluvillc, Kansas. Board of Directors, Drainage District Number Scv- cnioen. of Mississippi County, Arkansas. Scklo Chancery Court. Ciiickiifawha nis- Iricl. Mississippi Cminly. Arkansas Hiram Hardy, PlaituitT vs. No. -1777 Lillie May Hardy. Defendant The defendant Lillie May Hardy is warned to appear wil-iin thirty days in the court in Ihe caplion hereof and answer the complaint • of the plaintiff. Hiram Hardy. Dated July 2. 1MO. W. W. HObLIPETER. Clerk By flizabclh. Blylhe. I). C. W. D. Graven, Ally ad lilcm. July ^-3-10-23 New York Cotton, NEW YORK. July 17. I UP)-Cotton closed steady. Open High 1335 1349 1301 1320 120-1 1331 1310 133-1 1313 Spots closed quiet and unchanged at 1315. Closing Stock Prices

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