The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 11, 1936 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, May 11, 1936
Page 5
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MONDAY, MAY n, BIATHEVILLE, (AUK.) 'COUUIHH NEWS CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION We Guarantee to Save You Money on Screen Work Dally rate jwr line tot consceu- of All Kinds. Bve Insertions: D/ie time per nno lOc Two times per line per day .. Me. "'nrcc times per lluo psi day . 06e Blit times per line per day .. 05c Month rate per lino 60c Minimum cnarge 60c AO& ordered lor tnree or six limes incl s(OD!«d before expiration will be charged for the number of times the ad appeared anil •"Uuilment. of bill made. 411 Classified Advertising copy eubiiiltted by persons residing out- eltfc of the city must tic accompanied by cash. Rates may be 9*»l]y computed from above table. Advertising' ordered for irregular Insertions take the one lime, rate No nsiKULsmliiiy will bo taken for more tiian one Imiorrcct Iri- vsrtlon of any classified ad. Buy With Confidence Drive With Satisfaction MONKY HACK CU1AKANTHK With Every IE. * G. Or Si|«urc • Deal Car nought From Phillips Molor Co. 1035 FOK1) V-8 1>K LUXK TIIDOU TOUUING. Ita- clic, While Siilcivall Tires An t;\tep(tonnl \ r aluc Only ................. '. . 5 IDS l'J35 K OKI) V-8 C O U 1' E. lllaeli. Guoil Tires. Looks aiul Performs Liku Ncu A Uciil Jiiiy! Triced to Sell .................... $115 13:M !•' O It ]> V-8 1)1! I.UXK T U D O R. llailio. N c w Tires. Maioon. Perfect in Kvcry Ki>.S|lccl. Look This One Over! Only ........ 5^3 13^ 1 T 0 " 1) ^'-8 T li n O U. llhuk. Always Hccn in Ulylhcvillc. A Ueal liny fur llic L'irst One (o Try Onl. Tires, i\lolor, Taint 10U«,i Perfccl. Allo\vauce On Your I'reJ.- cut Car - - Low Finance Charge Through U. C. 0. Or.til Eveuincs fur Yimr .Cdnvenicrcel: .Drive liy I-ols. anil", (jcl Acrilhlintcil." "t'li'll 810'' - 811 ''for Dcnioni;tn((ton or Inforniattoii. 5 • Ask for Graves, or Harucr. t Shanks, Calvin PHILLIPS USED CAR LOT 5tll &, Walnul Phone SIO or 811 Open At Night Business Directory KILL POTATO BUGS Maiigamir or Cal. Arsenute lOc. Ib. Barksdale Mfg. Co. Phone 19 Screen Wire, Paint, Enamel, Varnish, Turpentine, Linseed Oil. Everything, for spring repairing. Lowtst prices /or quality Oberst Store Co., Inc. 35. ' all W. Main Highest Market Prices PAID FOIl SCRAP IRON • Metals and Rags, Etc. WE SliLl. AH trading Brands of COAL Small lots, Truck or Carload Delivered Anywhere. Also WOOD - KINDLING Superior Coal & Mining Co. Wholesalers, Retailors i Miners N. Hiway SI Oi>|>. .lake DiiRai Oiii Phone. 100 lUyllieVille, Ark. Arseiuile of Lend !S!Se !u. Purls Green Me 11). Lower prices on 100 Ibs. SOY UKANS: Virginia, Dluck Wilson or Miuuoy (yellow oil lj;aii). D. P. L. n Col ton Seed 0. 0. Hardaway & Co. 109 So. and - phone 2M Jlrs. J. j. ijavu — SiiSJiccr 1,'orsetlcro Call .121-w for WANTKD — AL1, KINDS JUNK Scrap lion, $3 to $5 ton Aluminum, lOc Ib. nmsa, 'Jo to Hlo Ib. Copper Wire, •)<; to 5c Ib. Radiators, Ilic Ib. 1IIUUS & fURS WOLF Alt IAN PHONE 176 128 E. MAIN Wanted To Rent C room house by desirable fnm- I Hy or lour,'no children. Musi I be clean, In good neighborhood. '" Courier. 25-ck-U Extra Special! SOUD BRONZB Screen Wire 5c iwr .sq. ft. Hubbard Hdw. Co. Do You Want to Build a New HOME? investigate Our PUA to 20 Year Payment flail E. C. Robinson Lumber Co Wanted -• Used Furniture SPOT.' GASH PAID We Repair Oil Stoves • Wade Furniture Co. , 301-303 E. Main Formerly Davis & Dodson AWNINGS 1 : VOR HOUSES ' 'COMMERCIAL BUILDINGS Kcarty j\lade A\vnings $1.2;* tip Best Prices lor Quality Work Carney Awning 'Co. Call CJ3 113 S. First VACCINOL ' For Sale MINNOWS-lc each CcrtiHed Potato Plants—Tom 11 to, Pepper & Egg Plants G. C. Hawks Cor. Laicc <fc Main or 520 Wtidfsou Bargains in Small Homes 1C you arc Interested hi buying n home, we have 15 liomcs, 4 & 5 room houses tn fair condition, cnn sell at Irom $375.00 to $500.00. Reasonable cash payments, tel- ancc on terms to suit. ' Notary public in ofiice 1 . W. M. BURNS AGENOV, . 115 West Main St. Plione ,243 MINNOWS lc each BILL LaSHOT Good Used Trucks 1335—1J-5 Ton Ford 1935—K Ton Fortl rick-Up TOi—l!i Ton Chevrolet. 193-1— IV' Ton Inlcrnalional All have Good Stake Bodies TLKMS Delia Implement Co $125.00 Credit on New Chevrolet or used car, value $400.00 or mo p ?, to buyer having no trade-in. G* od discount for cash. Box "AB". Courier News. dh. tl Male MAN AND WIFE — to run local coffee agency. Wonderful oppor- tuinty to make $300 in a month. 1 send cvcrylhmj complete. You risk no money. Ford Sedan given producers as a bonus. Write Al- l;erl. Milis, 184 Monmouth, Clncln- nalf, O. •An ton 10 live PRICES CUT ON AUTO TAUTS Tires, Tubes, Batteries. Paint, Tools. Motor Oil, Floor Mais, Scat Covers. Get our nrices before you buy. Save Money.' WOLF ARMN Phone 178 123 B, Main Kills When T% Swarm I'lionc 100 E. C. Robinson Lumber Co figgs, Poultry I'ODLTKY BOUGHT & SOLD hfehest Pilces raid D, T. WORTHY—316 E. MAIN STOVES STORED FOR. SUMMER Local Hading My Coal Is Black But I treat You White JOHN BUCHANAN—PHONE HARRY BAILEY'S AT ^^sso^JRI STATE LINE Open Day and Night FRESH CBAPPIE 35c Evciy Friday, Saturday & Sunday LION & TEXACO GAS 10.30 gal. Cigarettes $1.25 Carton BIG BASEBALL GAME EVERY SUNDAY Phono 1505-F4 or 5-13 Best Prices Paid For SCRAP IRON, WOOL Rags, Metal, Hides & Bones Blythcvillc Iron & Metal Co. 221 W. Cherry • Wall Paper ._ I'ATTKllXS-LOW 1'IUCKS CANVAS, PASTIi AND TACKS ASK ABOUT 1'ITTSBUUGirs NEW I'AINT FINANCE PLAN The Arkmo Lumber Co. Fhono 40 Free Estimates Cash Feed Store Pays Top Prices For Eggs & Poultry ill E. Muln iSalLeries BB1TER IIATTERY Call J. B. dune M Tom Jackson's Service stiillon Laundry Home laundering e.\(icrll y ,i m ie. Kcnsotiiible. Mrs. O. Ci AndC"- son, M07 S. Mtli. : ' ALLEY'ow — ~~ For Keut 'i room "17 AS)I. Mrs Hiews. Call 291. MiU- 3-rooin house. l''dlli Kt. couple Only. 608 N. dh fc •! room modern furnished iavtmems, Reiisonnble. Call L>80. _ _ H-ek-tf odern fumlslicn house Im atnu- " ; "' Kt ' fts *"'ulJlo. Mrs. Croiis, 300 W ^i3\vs ; - AJ —— : ; ' •'•• ' r ~ PAOlii FIVE > V MgLGWDEl .L L-lMHlill „, . _ i>..i!..,.. ,,.. ,'.. '' ll ^ llllt ' al) d nnswei' llU! coninliilnt *r -^ I'Mvlloni K'lereiUTs for Bciu'riil imrsliitf »V imilernily eases. 'JU M'ars experience. Mrs. 1, (I. My. ' '••;_ Wj SyiMuiioro. U-jik-ia Wo have si'i'iii'ed iht< . W'.AT CUTl'HU. I,, ba In el ••'I our incut di'p.iilinent,. Pickard's Grocery ! Imlruoms or a two rciom fur- iilsliecl aparlmenl. • Heiisoiiable. l "s. J. T. Collins, 1020 1 learn. rooms & • biiui,. imlmilslied. bcrcuiud buck & front iwcta. sw I'., iiavis. Call OliU or tiM nfU —.':"•_. • room tWlciKNOV HOMK lor !dc girls. Prlvntc. Very ,,„„„„• reasoinibic. i)ox 'M, wiuHeld *:l!l. Barber Shops HOLTS IIAItm;H SHOP lUT South 2nd st, IIAWOUT aoc, S11AVK 130 liulli-Closo a pm. pnviite balh. Well locu'lcd."'ctiiij WAHNlNd __1__ ck-U|IN TIIK OKANCEIIY COUU'I' Rooii."..(7; ~-~-^-T.^r-.:. I i'. 1 . 1 .'.^ 4 ASAWIU n i K r Lower lloor nl 1013' W. Walnut, •! uiiliinilslieii rooms. Call 227-J. . ck-tf Three room furnished apartment. f^TOly decorated. 719 \v. Cldekn- KIK'ta.JTiill' l!27-W^ ck-l( UKPUHNISIIIso H~ronm nuartiiiciit ' ")!>»>. Call 327, or 55 at 13-ck-U l-'urnisliKl Aparlmcnt in IIO Duplex at HH Wcat Asli. 97 or 571. ck .ui Cull Modern 3 room APARTMENT, iicvv- ly decoraled, /titnislicd or nnfnr- r ii J 1 * IillH & 2lltl - F - Simon, _._J 0 !_ ^_ 27-ck-U 5 Hoo/n A|mrlnieiilTrTootnl~rui^ »lslicd. J. H. Smtu-l. Call 805-J 2c ktr Two Nice Ijirjje Urcrooms Mrs R. 13. Kolcn, 310 West Wnlinil; 15o kill A. L. IJelony, 'IVuslfe. IMnimUt, • vs. No, G17(i • Mary s. H>\nooc!t, UefcnilmU, I'lur defciKliint. Miny S. llnn- «;li. Is warncil lo ii)>]ienr within llni-ty (hiys In the coiirl, imined m tlie cft|>lion hereof and nn- sai'i- tin- comiitalnt a f [|, c plalntnr, NOTICK The followiiiB dental oirices will be closed every Tnui'wliiy iillcrnoon dining the summer. lira. Itrciver, Chll.l, Mooro and Taylor W. !.. iMoiiy, Trustoc. IXUcd (lib 2TUV day of April, 193C)i H. M. OHAK), Clerk J>y A, K smiiii, i). c Vermi McMlllcn, Ally. , ' . Max I), Held,' AUy, Ad Lilem. Unlmi WAUN1NC OltDKU neda aiilibn; N. K. flulllu;' & PluntiTs Dank \. '|' rl j' s [ . iy, us trustet'; Union I'lan- toii Nnlioiutl Hunk .t Trust Company, us li'usU'Ci Kiiinklln iionil .Morl/^lgu Coili|iiiny uiul Flunk. Iln Uebeuluro CoipornUoii are \mrncd lo uiiiH'iir In UK.. i:| mu _ (cry Court for (he CbU-fciisuwlw IK.slrlet of Ml.'wl.s-sippl County Arkansas, within tlnve 1110111115] Knitting Classes Tiiesdays .t IMdnys, a.'30 i>. M. 1100 Chlckasnwba INSTRUCTIONS I'HKK oiinnna TAKUN rou "BE11NAT" YARN Mrs. Lcsllo Hooper Mrs, A. o. Hidey • 1'hono 702 RADIO REPAIRING A Compute tine of Totwt mid rnrfi tw nHARD TIKI! A »AT«QV C'O. HIONE VI All ;Now lx)cal«d it 101 North Sccon-1 ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU DON EDWARDS, ProprWor nUn ol Kbullt TyptwrlUrs, A 4dln t Mncnliici «nd C»l. cul»tor»— Rtpulrliit— P»rt»— Klbiwni ALLEY OOP, HORRIFIED AT F1WD1MG HIS PET DIMOSAUR , DiMNY, HUM& BY 1 HE KJECk , GRABBED A LADDER AMD RUSHED I-SJ TO CUT HIM D'OWU- -JUST AT THAT MOMEMT A TOWERING CRAG, WEAKEWEO BY THE WEIGHT OF THE GREAT BEAST, GAVE WAY.' TWO DOWN! Mil' complaint iNuimniuw C'Ot'JHlrillloJl. Duted tills Muy mil/ it)3J H..M. CUAICl, Clerk Uy A. !•'. fjnilUi, I), a. Ketd i^; .Lvriird, fov I'liilmllV. Coiu-|er Hows Citussincd Arts I'ay SOLD OU ore out ol nlfalfa seed mid i not Bet any, jnore from Die co wo .eol llio kin,t we )UIU , been liamllh,,,, „,„) w , lrc r , , . chaimo In fear u mt ( hl! m ,| »ould r.ot he us popular nn ono Unit ivo Imvu IJCBII tin. Wo now oiler Soy beans-Laredo, ii'ljlnla •Urown, Mnimiiuili lirowii llml New l 'tV™!' Cft We tlinulE our trade for I'.oiid volume' of siiles that wo ' I. R. Matthews Gin Co. Cullon, HoK,,,, s^j s . (;o . a Tcleplionu Isij-Kj • Viuliru, Ark. U'reihcr Scnlco - dm Ol'KN ALL NIGHT I'HlLLli'S SKHVICKCKNTRii. Phones 777 -810 SKUVICB STATION '[•Oil VOlflt CONVKN1ESCF/ SINCLAIR GAS AND UmiUCATlON Service — Itiulliitiu- — Hody W<»k — Fumh'r \Vdfk — C.liiss Instnlk'd —Auto Tads W, T. BARNETT AUTO SALES & ri>i)ioulh DtMlrr P1ION10 888 HEAR! HEAR! '«»/°lli»W h on -mr • ' ' '!" 1 '! SKOciilti01 ' corUllculo lovctl °"W when limy ru " vnluc °" U ' of COBB FUNERAL HOME I'HONK 20 ^* BOOTS AN1) HER BUDDIES VJHW IS. \T , BOOT6 : Hanilin KW-^i WASH TUBHS SUUI'IUSIO!" f\N OLD. . VQU F DANGER, EASY GIVES CHASE TO THE n t/-, t-\ I/-I-T- i i M i i r~.f~, . f —. " ' nL - RUNWN6 OOWM THE CANYON KHECKLES I V/OM'T CO ID COURT WrTH NbU'THE BCV IS GUILTY, AWD -)tu HAVE NO EVIDEWCE TD CLEAR HIM AM) HIS FI_»BM)fj . THAT 6OL DURNED PEP(JTVS 5TIU. ME. THU SMI'KH! (WELL,LET 'IM COMETl I'M READY. T By Cram W THAT ^ .CABE.YOUCAU EMJOY HEAR- IWG HIM SEMTEWCED! CLIMB IM! TIME WH.I, TKI,1,! TS.A S ABOUT ALL THOSE • CO1MS BEING UMDER THE- FLOOR....THERE WASNTA WICKELjDIM QUARTER Af/OWG IF MX) V/AfJTED TO MAKE THIWGS DIFFICULT, YOU SHOULD HAVE MIXED THOSE COIHS UP A, BIT! BUT ( v ttXJ CANT TELL ME THAT OWLY HALF-DOLLARS ROLL OFF VXJR COLHVTTER IJJTD A CRACK IM THE FLOOR ! ^ S) THATS VvOHAT COOK IS TRYIWG TO MAKE THE COURT BELIEVE liv Ulnssci MR KELLY, IS W THERE A LAW TD PUrJISH PEOPLE WHO IMTERFERE ( . \ WHEELS OF .\ JUSTICE? J :-S is >t)Ll CANT ACCUSE M OF SUCH AKI

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