Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on September 20, 1896 · Page 5
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 5

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, September 20, 1896
Page 5
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»£?^<<%$r^^ -•'.>?•• "S-'fy' 1: . ; ''!'^ ;'•;"•'•''• ^'"A/y-v;.;!;^-. 'i)' 1 , 1 , ?/! -".'".T,', ':';•:' •"•V ;U; ..' P • ' *',''''•'. ."TV&^vv^^^ ''^.Illziiil!!^^ *'»'"' 'r'*'^H- ~'"'"'' '' ''''"-' '-^V^V^i^i jl!''...' 111 'I'"'!'! '' ~'~'' '• : • - I'"'.'" ••-' ' '' '-; '" '''" '"'•"' •''•' ' '• ''••.•')•'•'••'•; . ' : '• '' ____ li mmim--J . li i"l'mili'ii '~ I.' .-———'••••• i «>Mwi""*^""^' l ^?.':.'??7 ...^_-,..^...^w-^*.^» 51. .--..-^M™*-.•; ^ •.-• .wajwvr.s.- "^'*JJ)!(fH|S :'•;•"•' -; '"".y ',•':« "'.'•" •"' Dunlap's Hats STIFF, SOFT AND SILK. Fall and WinterjStyles. DEWENTER It Will 5oon Be Time to Vote. I am a Candidate. Of course you know who you shall vote for/bat I want to be elected "Your Tiller." My "Platform" .discriminates agalost oo class. I promise if elected to make a -all of elolbesto your measure that fits and pleaset I recoenl« no superior in the art of Tailoring bat I admit than I sell cloths cheaper It don't cost anything to look over my stock a. d ask the price, if you place your ord«r with me »nd t don't unit you I dont wan yon .o take the clothes. Of course you won't onler f the prici don't suit I am ahowiDg-all the latent rtj lea and patterns in Fall Woolens. . i /-» TI T^I/CD The Original II» vJ. I UwtvCiV? Pearl Street Tailor. Rob Roy. Rot) Roy. The very latest in SHOES for children, Seecurshow windows Full ol the handsomest new st> le shoes ever shown in the city. SteveosoD & Klinsick 403 Broadway. THE FIRS1 RATIONAL BANK -OF- LOGANSPORT, .. INDIANA. CAPITAL $250»OOO. JL J Murdsck. Pr«», If. W. Ko». Cash. J. F. Brookmeyer, Awt. DIBKCTOB3: ft 3 Blc«, t i. "W- H- Brlnghont. If- *°Bteon« 0 H«wrv« Tuut 80n . all Us DepartmenU promptly and StoekhoW.r. L ADKS, 1 m«ke big Wiige, at home, anO. want all to h»ve the »»m« opportonlt)- The ^w .* la »erV pleasant and will easily :tW $18 weekly. TbU is 10 (lewptlon. I want no n. .ney and will gladly lend full parltalats to all sendlne stamp fllH M. A. S!«bb!na Lawrence Mich. W ANTED- Aieats to canroa for goods. OHVGriffith, «i.HUh Stouffer residence. '. DAILY JOUI<NAI SUNDAY, SEPT. 20, 189C. Capes at $2,48 nt the Bee B-ive Monday. Artistic novdfies in linens at II. Wl- ler & Co. Priced stoves o£ any kind at Flanegin,'s new stove store. , Many new and rail dress goods bar- galas at the Bee Hive Monday. Novelties in china, and silverware just opened.—Fox & Dunkelberg. Attend -the carpet sale this week at the Trade Palace. Ladles, wait for Mrs. Bruggeman's millinery opening nest week. ' Millinery opening next week.—Mrs. Ifruggeman, 'JIG Market street. We cnm show you the new styles of waffl paper for -season 1S07.-H. Wiler & Co. - • Tomorrow 150 capes at S3.08 and .$4.98, 'actual value ?5 and $T.OO.-Trade Palace. Ho-w.is Your Liver? Cure that racking headache. Dr, Hobbs Little Li-pcr .Pdlls -s\-lll do it-and do It quickly. For sale in Logansport by Ben Fisher and John F. Oouteon. The forty-first aainual convention of tt.e St. Joseph societies of the tJnitcd •States, is In session fit. Detroit, Mich. The .local'society js rcpresenited at the n.ationnl meeting by .Jkugtost Gleitz. Wil|ard"C.,Filtzer has. issued a call to' : the" Fifth ward "DeinocMitic" club, and concludes wl'th-tUe phra«e, "Come out." Mr. Fltzer evidently meant, JJOorae off." : That!'ls the proper 'thing for .all former Democrats to do. T. A. iicarns of Bringhurst, nineteen years .old, and Cora Wheeler, fair and fifteen, of Flora, were" married at St. Joseph', Mich.', recently,' having eloped on falling to.secure the consent of parents to -a hurried marriage. Mr. and .Mrs. Kearns arc now living at Flora. TO CHOSE FROM, The Two Sets of Leaders Democrats Have; Old-tim-e Democrats who will not vote for McKSnley must line up somc- wihere. Here are some of .the two sets of leaders to decide between: • ' • GIBOVEIR CLEVELAND JOHN G. CARLISLE RICHiARD OLNEY J. STEKLING MORTON. DANIEL S. LAMONT HIEINHY WATTERSON JUD60N HARMOiN SEP5.-VTOR VILAS SENATOR GRAY H. A. HERBERT BRYAN D. H. FRANCIS TJLLMAN: W. D'. W^SON .ALTGELD SENATOR OAFfFREY SENATIOIR LINDSAY GOVERNOR FLOWER, GEN. JOHN C. BLACK '. DON DfflCKEINSON COL. J. O. BROAD-HEAD .. GEN. DANIEL E. SICKLES HON. BOURKE COCKRAN GEN. FRANZ SIGEL Republican Meetings. Republican speaklngswill be held at the following places In Cass county: Monday, Sept. 21, Lincoln, Q. A." Myers. Monday evening, Sept. 21st, Waverly. Senator Boyd of Noblesville. Monday evening, Sept 21, Waverly, S. T. McConnell, Mayor McKee. Tuesday evening," Sept. 22d, Fox Den school house, Jefferson township, Q. A. Myers. Tuesday evening, Sept 22, Clymers, D. C. Justice, W. T. Wilson. _ Tuesday evening, Sept, '22d, Walton, Senator Boyd. Wednesday evening, Sept. 23d, Young America, Senator Boyd. Wednesday evening, Sept. 23, West 'Sand Rldge.school house, Noole town- •sMp, Robt, Oromer, Frank-Swigai't. Thursday evening, Sept. 24, Galveston, Senator'Boyd. Thursday evening, Sept. 24, Lucerne, Q. A. Myers, 'Gco. Funk. Thursday -evening, September 24th, Pleasant Valley school house, Deer Creek township, D. C. Justice. Friday afternoon, Sept. 25th, Broadway rink, Roswell G. Horr. Friday evening, Sept 25. Galloway school house, Jefferson township,ship, Col. Cromer, Frank Swigart. Saturdiy evening, Sept. 20,. Royal Center, Q. A. Myers, D. B. McConnell. IN OPEN DAY. Two Strangers Hold a Young flan Up lor a Dollar. Joseph Ullerick, ft young man of wbout rweaty-one summers,'who lives 'with the Barnebt boys four miles north at. i:he city, -was held up yesterday afternoon about 3 o'clock in an alley near Johnson's warehouse, onfl relieved of ifl in cod'cash. He had Just received tlie eoln'from one of tlie Barnott brothers, nmi'was walking through the alley unconcernedly, w-lien he met two ruffians'." They stepped to either side, and when they met, one seized him and .-held'him Wihlle the other rifled his pockets, MLr.''Ullerick was much frijrii- : .tened. He yelled and the highwny- mpn ran away. He was unable to give a good description of them /although he tried to remomiber sometlitag of their appearance. The police are making a diligent search. . Special comfort and 'blanket sale nt the Bee Hive Mondiay. THE CHURCHES, First Fres'byterhim.' ell.u roll.— The P- tor will preach hi the: morning; .at:';] t o'clock <iml nK*o In the 'ovwi'l'iiJT-wt 7j80! A welcome to sill. ' " ''.''... ;.'•!.-, I First Church ot' Christ (Scientist);-! At the Unlversnilst church today a,t,11 n. m. Subject • "Go<xl find Evil Onf tms t«3." A -welcome to mil. -• • ' ' ''' ! Sen-dees at the ••Ewnpreaieal' 1 church today as usual. Siiiukiy school at o':SO n. in. ' Breaching n't' 10:30 'a. m.' .X"r. A. a't G:45 p. ia. 'Preach i'np ot.Jistu^ in. IA11 are welcome. •••-.- • •" ' } Trinity Church— Her. F. ' C.-'; Cool.- baugh. HoJy Communion '.it 7 -a.' mi, Sunday school at 0:45 n. ui:' : Morning sen-tecs at 11 o'clock.. Subject ot"sc> mou "Miracle at Nain.'.' vice at C:30 o'clock. , . 'Services at the Ninth s •church today n't 1 11 o'clock 'n: m. ; -'fl'n<l 7:30 p. in. Sermons -by 'the pnStor;' Ms Rev, T. S. Freeman; Siiiulfi.v 'selVo,ohrt 0:30 a, m, G. N. Berry. Sjipt , I'.ipjj^. C. E. a* (1:30 p. in. •All-nrn.lK.yJtcd-..-- • Services at the A. M. ,E.- ehuralv' Wi'.- ner of Clcott and Mairtet streets 1 today ns follows: 10:30 a. m.'; sermon; by 'the pastor. 3 p. m. Sunday setiobJ^Fi'O'ti. G. C. Kin?;, Supt. 7;4D sermoi^by. ,the pastor. All fl.re welcome.— £.••, IJctH- ford, pastor. . -• i .:.•'•••.-.- j WbcaifrlajKl Street M. E: "::Clmrch-r Rev. M. A. i-Iartan, pastor, Sunday school «.t 0:30 a. ni. ChMdreriVScrvicp at 10:4n. Class a.t 32.' nv 'Junior League at 3 p. m. Epworth. Leagiic-a* 0:30 Revival services at 7:30 p. m. A welcome to all. . '•••' •'• •• i Market Street M. E. Church— Salj- bath sclioo>l a't 0:30 a. m. Preaching by the pastor, W. R. Wories, art 10:45 a..m. ia«d 7:30 p. m. Class 'meeting' at' 11;W a. m. and 0:30 p. m. .Junior League -alt 3 p. m. Epworth' League at C:30.p. m. Topic "Eaeimles Because 'Of.- Bigotry,!' Leader, Minnie' Johnson. ' All "nre"'-ia- ' ' Broadway Melthodtet ^church—IJ.'^Ij. Semans, pastor. Class at: 9 si. m. Sunday school at 9:45 a.- m. M. Sw-adaaojr- Snpt. Preaching at 11 a. m.-• Su'bfecjt "T-he ti-ue source of power." --Junior League at.3 p.' m." Epworth Le'ague.ajt 0:30 p. TO, Evening service,at Y'^0. Subject,' ."The. ^undny ScUoe>V". ; .A]l; are cordially invited. . . •-..-..: •'<";' |. At- tlie Baptist clnirdi—Sunday. school fit 0:45 a. in. -Pi-eacivjn«;. ser- : vice at 11 a. m. Subject', : -"Christ's Poveaty Our Rtciies." JuniortJnjUm nt'. 3 p. m. Senior Union at 0:30'• p..ni., Subject "Church Attendance.; 1 ' .preaclh ing service at 7:30 p.m.. Subject !'W-hb is on the Lord's Side?" A most cordial invitation is extended to all. • " 'lA't. the Cumberland. Presbyter.iau^ .Oliureh/ there '\vi-U'-"'-be service 'both ^ morning and evening'by .the jiastor, Ohas.-B. Wellborn, .Sunday school at; 9:45 a- m. Preflchirug at 11 a. m. and: 7:30 p. m.' Endeavor meeting nt 0:30 p. in. •Su/bject for morning ; sermon,, "Blind Hearts."' For evening..sermon',^ "Stakes." Everybody is .welcome/to n|l, .services.- ;•• • • •• .. • •••.i:-i.----'--v | ' Sit. Luke's. English Lutheran, cornep First-aud Market streets^. C -"•-••• i,' pastor." Sunday'school" , and cliurch services at. 11 i).. in..; S^b|-' ject "Chnritj-." 'Enstend. mteslon'jSiiil-/ day school at 2:45. Christian Endea^-, or at (5:30 and church services at 7:^0. p. m. The evening, • subject.wjlk?bp : "The Apostle church."—the- first of h' 'series on ehuvch history." 1 ''/'::"'.,"';,., j j Broadway 'Presbyteriiin.' olHn-ch ; ;.Jebr- ncr of Ninth street.'and'.-.Broa'dya^.H..; Atwood Perdval, pastor. .Euibilc,,^or-' ship at 11 a. m. .trad 7:30..p; : .m. <,S»V Jeot'Of morniog • sermon; !'Cotifiinei3 'Christ-Jans."' Subject Of e'vohflig^scj-- 1 .' mon, "Pentecostal Power. M ;G'^d;.nHy —Miss Lux will 'sing n-:«P.eciflX : *p "Thie Pilgrim," by 'Stephi'tt-Adfuris*.J ble school at 9:30 n. TU., .Mc.;P..Jady .superlntendemt. Young Men's:..!'BH)|eJ club, recently organized at- of Mr. D. C. Arthur,; -will uudionce room at 9:413 slii mton 'invited to join. Y, P. 0:30; -subject, ,','TJie Need of sionary Work," Miss Julia, ; leador. A new progra-m. All/heartily welcome. r ; •,"•'',• ".V;,^'.'. • NEW YORK'S ( *" Hajority Based oi Vermont and New York Tribune: - r; -,.--. not arrive In the city yesiteitihy^iind' \ the Republican 'National h,eadquaj:tc|'S' General Powell Olay*on and'-Mr.'^SQoitt 1 of the Executive •Committee, .saMrtb^ hid hot know vi'hen :/ to exp&;t'^MTJi>, Chairman'. Hanna will 'fiot ';lfea.vV'C.lilj cngo untu ,'Saturday!''.ntp;'ht,"He.,,!<vUV pro-bn'bly pass Sunday "and Mpnifp- Cleveland, nnd wlU.not arrlye .in "' York until next Tuesday; Charles- .W 1 . HacKettV ': of. tlie Republicatl'Stffit "was iat tilie .Nationj»i v 'heja «, time yesterday.. When for Qils estimate of the •State he said: "We have ,. 'up, and the results nre-iso stttrtHisfFtJiji^. reason wliy .th«ey.;sjioul4"np,t;: The same reaspnal/tliat affefi in Vennont and Maine-affect it in of Republ-icao •gai i n;;in, Ve: York would give a R^wtillcan majority of-725,000!- Usiug :tlie'Mo.lne vote as .a-.^t-audiirjlj'.'^!!!- "State would- give (130,000: The', •-luoiilie-injn.'ticiaiis may work.4ihtilr Ji^ijjis'oii •Ihese Hgures and see.-if. thcj-:Cfi-Ji'dteebvcr :in-y gromid u-|>o)i, w'liic > l)' i; (lic,'.Bi*y'in:-'sliouticrs base tJieir'.isscrl'io-jl -t-liat- New York, ts nn- corivlin. .;.•..',•;. "Tlie faci.-'ls that. Now York Is so cerfcsi'in to? 'J'ieKiiiley by'so. large a •majority tl>a«-I-J<lo not. dare'to maKe any .cstiiiiva.to, ; qf : i-t'at'all^ One cannot piclviip a n(»wsixiper,.4io'ma tier-whore l>nbWphed,-.i.,wiji l ho«t - seciiu^ .('lie 1111- nounceuielit-' of some jwomlnent Democrat declTii-ibS 'Vu favor of McKlnley, but yon do iwt'find'anywhere a.ny Ue- pubMcnns.com'tnji-ou't for Bi->':in. Well where you .hoar of one Democrat mak- -ing. open.dcclawitlou of. his c-Jwinge of politics y(Mi-TOJiy"bo-.SHre l ..1liwe are a ''dozen' of 'vrtiofu"yo.iiido no.t hear. Tliey 'are qtiilefvotcrs.-Tand Dhereis'any num- .ber' of i!h'eni:'i'biis ; ''i'a.l-l v I., have made :vei-j- ,cair'al'ui-iiii.vesil:i(Wi.l:ion. of every report o-t' 'Rc>piiblJlc:in (Irfeotion to sll- '.vw-In-Tlvl.K-;Stnte.-5i:nd I'have found only ,oue eftuut'v'.iu^rti'Mi nhere. is anylihiug •"not-aiiroimt-'l'to 'much. Whan people talk ,'iib«itReiniibli«ui, s'Mver sentiment Jal Now Y l ofk-"ilh"e-S'-t:iJk .'ilioiiit something tfJint (low-not-exist..- As for the Democratic p;u;ty. : ,.|'t.,ls'simply amazinp to see the old-time:icad«rs ei*hor indlffer- 'eiit,, i 'pr.otw'nly,\ag':iiaist Bryan, while a •set-"ot iiaw-.green han-ds nin the po-rty machine;" '' -" , h .yHE; JOURNAL LEAFLET NO. 5. (Cut iihis ,oirt and put in your pocket '" for 'reforen'cc'.). ... ,n Wise meiVare. not accustomed to enter u;iK>i»-"ii. business course directly op- 'iKisiilc tw'Jja.t.o'f their, most thrifty and Miiiccesfi;tiiS"iie'ljir]iliors.... If they see the 'best in'en" of t.lieir'- community pursuing a Rlven-iwlicy and becoming pros- ixavus^jnder it, -Aivd. certain unsuccess- •ful ones pursuing. a.u exactly opposite :cours'e,i.they are likely to follow the example -of-t-llie wiceessful ones in their' •own misto'oss. • ! \W'hflt;;;i.i'c T the^wi-seat and most suc- "c'essfui'' naitiohs ' of the world doing .aibouMHie. free and unlimited. coinage of silvoir twlay.' and..what are the least iSuMfsshil'tofthem doing?-. -"•''''H'ere-ari-a few of- the -nations which jia.v| ; lfi"'tii(i-i>;vst quarter ^of. a century : deenied' : iirwise'fo'suspend' the free and ..Ujn)*n>lW;..«)lnaKe.ot silver until inter- Jiattoiial; action, could restore ti-ue bi- m'e-tiA'Htem.r,.Alonf,'sicle of these we- will •pWce-'thfr nations which have persiste<l in reti'nJnR-' the unlimited coinage 'of .^'ver' nnil tJiereby made silver prac- only.,,money. . lom : Sllver.g nndnrd ITailoni Austro-Hunpirr S;at -s ' Indln HafmU South *m»tlcan States .o.'tolluDd re ,tml AmericaSt w» „ . Svwlnn nnd Nonviiy Strai'«Seiili>n>ent» '" ifcnmatk Mexico ... .gyeii: tJie most influential, of the a " '"'''' placed.in.the silver- column themseh-es iu shape to ^ gold standard-nations as soon ^'portlsWe; 'Japan Iws now as much J golA ; iis'sHVei-'mt>nL'j-nad Is getting on YoFJi'''^^'•basis'ns rapidly" as, practic- i.xiivi'-'u.. -^ -j^ accu'mu-lated a large gold 'in .the past few years. a]e..eentral aJnd-.Soutih Anier- '.iWili^Sta'te' -luivte already adopted a [,-'ahd others are moving The miuts of India . hnye. .been .olosed to the free and un- *J ft .'• -. ——'• '. ', • -1- • •'- ,,'.., ' .' rt ' A 1QO*J llmJtod-'CoJn-agc. of .silver since loUo. • -,J)Wis -reduces.'the list of nations still iftiTOxing-the-.-malmtenance oif -the .silver 'fcbiil«Wrai:to China., Mexico, the Straits Settlements, and a portion of 'tlie Cen- traP'aiMl. .So.u'tii American States. 'to take'the United :, tlie company of' tlie most of the world and !,.,.,& it'oil '4 level with China. Central '£dior'r&u ''Mexico, 'South America'and ip t. Ire 'better 'to wait for [Jnfer»atiqn'al action; which alone can •prod«cc.:-true. bimetallism.- ra/tlier titan- n •Hie free cotaage of sil- • ; -vvai'iuu «''dnl(l hisu.lt.'in givinig this iii'W-y a : si;lver 'e'u.rr'on'cy ? ,';^ : ,!';;.!;.'AM.,A POPOCRAT. The Washington corerspondent of the ilttsburg.fDJBpatcli says: Seniator Da,-(a ; B-':THW' fntemls. soon to announce that he will support Bryan and Sewali. 5£|s j,'4'M i &w> : ltaiW'''e. It is vouched for 1jy"no less'a. person tton the'Senator .(himself--. .He-, 'has written to friends 5re-'that;.-after; long.consideration of „ hilt 'Ills'- course as-'a Democrat ought '!><> be; %iuis'tdricludjed that, bad as the "ciitcago. pia'tforui .Is, and unaccepta.!}!* .ds- tht* ticket Is'in,many respects, It is bj'S.duty to.accejjt tlie decision of .the national -convention aud support, its The-'Seiia-toi 1 -wishes'it 'distinctly un- er'stood''th^. he Is 'neither -a silver i-jjionometaliist. nor a. gold monomet.nl- vlist)Jbut,.a simon-pure biiuetaillst. He •snjis'thcreis'no-dhoice, so far ns mono- r -fictftlMsni-• is- conicoi'ned, bcUvoen the Chicago platform and : .the one adopted litanapoll'S. The former practical- yocates a silver gttnnctnrd. while ^^...ittOTfior 'the first time In tlie Ws- stery :Q£ any. : convention calling Itself Democratic, comes.out flat-footed for >lil alone. .The Senator in- iie yras very miich disa.p- a'ctlon at Jndilanhpolls. Traveling men are Invited to send Items of Interest to this column. Personal notes will be fladly received. Matter •ihould reach The Journal office-by Friday night to insure publication in Sunday's issue. * * * To battle conttonally for business in tlie busy mart of this world is the lite of I'he fcuiglits of the grip. » * * It requires more of the qualities of mniuihood to be a first-class traveling salesman than .is demanded in any oth; er profession. No dullard can be a successful man on the road. * * » September ils flbc first month of fall. The leaves 'fa.lt, tlie rain falls, meteors fall,' the thermometer falls—in fact everything falls • except the membership in the T. P. A. That always begins to rise in September. * * • When the -ancient Sporrans were taunted for ihaving no walls to their cities, they -pointed to their warriors and said: "Theseare our walls." The siiimo may be said of the commercial traveler iln the world of commerce. Ho is the Spartan, warrior of commerce. » * * Just now the rotundas of our. hotels ring with polli'ti'ca-1 talk by commercial travelers, after their day's work is done. Talk, a.bout politicians—why. those w-lvo m'nke 'politics iheir avocation know only the A B C of diplomacy until they have gone to school with the knights of the grip. * « • Tlie many commercial fri^vl-. r-' '•"'. C, Fischer will be surprirwd '•> l>. Jl -"'<i •that lie 'took unto himself a better half Wednesday evening. September ICtli, at 7:30, to Chicago. Miss Ida Wood is the fortunate young lady. Soon, a.fter the ceremony the happy couple departed for a -short wedding tour through Wisconsin and other points of interest ill the Northwest. Jir. Fischer, with his new bride, will reside in an elegantly appointed home on Bringburst street, where'he. will be glad to receive the conigTUtulationB of his many friends. Post F being Interested in the welfare of all its members extends to this ex- celleuit couiple Its best wishes. FINANCIAL GAINER. Hospital Bazaar Thus Far Proves Profitable. The bazaar at the rink last .evening was better attended than on any previous night. Prof. Mooniltta's sleight- of-htwid per forma ace aroused the crowd for some time, after which a social was enjoyed. The supper was well patronized: The bazaar •will continue tomorrow and Tuesday evenings. Tuesday evening Fornott's orchestra will be present~and render choice selections. The wheel contest, In progress -for over a month, will also be decided Tuesday night. The miniature hospital In the southeast corner of the room has attracted a great deal of attention, nnd is the subject of much comment. .It represents a male and fcuwile ward in a hospital, with suffering patients lying upon the bods and attended by nurses. There are also two spare bed rooms and a reception room in this department, and the feature is well- worth the mite charged to see it. Since it commenced the bazaar has proved to be a. financial success. Wednesday night .$20 were taken in. Thursday night $CC were taken In; Friday night $71 were received, and last night about ?80 passed Into the treasurer's hands. Tluis does not include the money received selling votes on the wheel and other paying devices. A BOLD ROBBERY. riel Castle'a Store Burglarized, Friday Night. The grocery store on the Westside, owned aiud conducted by Mel Castle,, was entered by thieves some time Fri-i day night. The cash drawer, which- contained $0, was rifled. Entrance was gain-ed through the'transom at thefront of .the store. The safe had been moved' from its position aud it was evidently! the Intention of the robbers to blow. it open when they were frightened away. Tlie work is charged to local talent a-ud the officers are making an, investigation. ;v • INCORRUPTIBLE. Individuals Who Would Specu-: late on Human Weakness Foiled. According to the Pharos-some speculative cltteen called upon a, member of: the Populist committee of 13 to" invcsti-: gate the possibility of selling out tlie; Populists'«t a figure that would leavej a safe margin of profit. His name isj not given nor is it shown that he wnsj represeintlng any one but himself. HQ •was not representing Republicans be-; cause ithe Republicans are todiffiieeflt as to whether the Populists aud Pop*- crals fu.se or not. If they- fuse, nw«t of the.Populists and most of tlw Dcae- ocrats •will refrain from voting agsiiMt the Li' principles. If they do uot tase- each pa.rty will cast its own vote, alt will make no difference in the Kc-perb- lic.-vn plurality either way. The Journal i-s glad to learn that the Popu)isf» 'approached reseated the insult, aaff that the .Populists have put t f«n ticket •!» tlu- fic-ld .ami will svpportJ* to a man. It cost the Democrats .$!30,000 to lni? influential Grecnftackers in one cans- paign, a.nd The .Totirnal would to sec a similar veniallty in tbe list party. The Republicans (J.o u»t adopt this metiiod of getting votes, aafl. The Journal is glad to know that Ctas Populists a-ro ttimppronchtible. Wlcit- ever the differences in oi>iniou, it is rut pleasant >to know that any politic*? panty is open to purchase. I'KllSONAU. John O'Neil of Bowlins Green, has Tetuniod liome after n, sliort T'S'«£ here. >Ii-. H.-irry J.oujtwell, foreman ol. line .Touni.il composiJij? room, is serionAjy ill at his home on Market ~ street of' in.fl:immn:tory rlieiimatism. .Tames Nelson \vill leave this afternoon for Irijim, Ind., to re-enter Howe- M11it;i.ry a.eademy. His In-oilier' Alice will leave in a few d.iys fo enter Ore same school. jjn-s. Stella Seluisikin-MeClui-t- oC Gr-iu<l Rapids, Mk-h,. who is the pni of Iier parents bere, will sin;: a :it the First Presb.vtrTimi fivr^' who knew her formerly. .Clw.ries S. McGowsn, :'M rcnns.vl- • v.inia Itagisrasc'mnn. will lea-v-e neat .Wednesday for a. six weeks',-Tisit ii£ his son's, who is located at ' aaliforui.i- Mr. McGowen wilt S;ui Francisco, T^os Angeles and orjnsr points of special interest ia the- State that boasts a "Golden Gate." ADDITIONAL LOCALS. New! New! Now! Hi Witer>& Co."* stock of carpets for nhe fall season ? 9CE- CaJl nt Flaaegin's new stove stotR and see the best stoves hi tlie market. .Martin Pattou was arrested yesterday on the charge of intoxication anfl p)a.ced in jail. .'Try our .7. J. R. brand Mocha an4 Java coffee fresh Tuesday and Friday nit Rothermiel's. We wwe never preparCKl for a TrMter season as we are tliis year. Con»'83»a' inspect our many-'ftTa.pe.—Bee Hrre,,; The case of tlie State against Gcbrps Parish, charged with assualttas >B- chae-1 Howe, will come up in the Major's court tomorrow morning. Among our most important readln* matter attention is called w tie aJ- vertisernent of t'he Hub Clotlnag Co, successors to Harry. Frank. Berwajt per Bros, cla.im ,it Hie best a<3. tliat ever appeiired in the paper, .and tliat tiheSr opening proves it's only the 1ruOi what it says. A bay.liorse, the property of Jf- K. McMillen, who Kves near Adamsbonu escaped fromi pasture Friday motnJwg and ran toward the city in front bicyclist. Tlie owner was at headquarters yesterday inquiring Toe •it, but nothing had l>een beard of the nnimal. prof. Moore, the vocal music teachez; is minus an overcoat. He has bad Mo trunk stored at the Y. M. C. A. TOOOTB for some time past, and yestezflsy creniog when lie weut to get out Ws lieiivy ulster for use be found tliat V* trunk had been touctod, and the ccwt taken. Nothing, else was-missed. There is a case, of diphtheria in the family of Hon. S. P. Sbcerin, ana oms in tlie home of John Twdor of Hflm street The children of eaclx of fiz« families are compelled to'remain ont o:t school for six weeks unless accompanied by a notA&join the physHciaw to the teacher ndrnir^ng riiem soowai Logansport has ad.Jwl m.iny lia.nel- ,some storie windows tliis summer. It. F. Keesliug, 'Ben Fisber, Stevenson .'fc IClinsick'aud other business TIOOM* hnveliandsomenew fronts. One oT lie most attractive was lighted up fox .tie first time last evening. It Is tlie fnriit .in Hie cloak department of Wiler t 'Wise, on Fourth street Last evening occurred Atwater '2. Baniett's grand opening of a saTioon to riie building on Broadway, fonnorjly occupied by Wade Bush's pool rooia- The room in llie Murdock hotel formerly occupied by Mr. Barnett lias Denz leased by J. A, Hayes & Co.. who also had their opening last night BoOi •openings were liberally palrojiizctl.' Pr. H. D. H.i.ltwy-is iwt miiiKiiig any free silver speeches, and it is shvaja tliat Cliairmau LoutliaJn hns shut tiin> off. It is well known tlint his advocacy of the fi-oe silver cause was not Trol- corned by the- Pharos. The Pharos hae Hhvays been for sound money nn& .against Hattery. aud while it Ha* c»- poiiscd the free silver cause it Iws lout' none of its opposition to Battery. R»- .mor lias it that tbe Doctor Iws a squelched by the Pharos,

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