The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 19, 1934 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 19, 1934
Page 8
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•Seppalla'May Drive Ori ^ 'Team In Quebec's Can .''-'ine Classic. 'QUEBEC.- (UP) - An tniem'n 'lional angle to ''i.e running Hi* W4; Quebec l)og Derby ri*. '.Ipen 'assured by receipt of forma .entry forms on bohni; of J. D. Me )lheny;~ ' of. Philadelphia, an Mcstly Taylor, of llosion, and a,l ^nough neither of those gentleme *S11 pilot .their ov.ii teams,' the have engaged noiri! nnishers t .fjpndle them, in order that tfn United States may again walk oR v-lth first prize and. uliat is,more Yo.veted than anything eke. trie LT.amplomliip '.. ; •-Lennhardt Seppnlla, who halls 'frcm -Alaska, and v-ho wxs driving (jogs when .most of the presen (Jay. Inushers v.cre crawling around on- their knees, has bcei hired'to handle'Mrllhcny's No. '1 tifriiii, ii'nd li sho'jlrt be a curious rare., for Seppalla will be driving 2 mixture of his o'vn and St. God "dafd's dogs. -Th!;, was brought about by. the fact, that Seppulla ;j6H some of his Siberians to Mc- llheny .iwo -or three years ago, while St. Goddard did the same th-ng last year, retaining only .his |eader. . .'.'Inasmuch as St. Goddard Is ex- fected !lo- enter thlt year's race, even if : only for the honor ol ~S£ain capturing it |he race will be'a duel between the-two, with fiL.'.Goddard's former dogs fighting-to, beat their.ex-master. ..-'. Mcllhen'y may run two teams in ihe . dog classic, which Is being staged.' peb. 23, 24 and-25, and iiiiuld he "decide on this action, JM Mahoner will pilot the second <utflt. - '.'•;.••. - " ;>;Spselr- Taylor, or.e of the 'own- ,JiaV«' the Boston Globe, is also entering a, team 'In :the •. race,'- and frhlle his musher-hai not beeii of- fiflnlly'anaounceii, (t will probably oe_..Ha'rry .Mason. -"''•"• :-•••'• y > &ts.,Seely,' from 'Hew Hamp- •shtte,-.wi» has-anncuncfd her ln- featlbn ormushin^ a \earn in the :J?0 : mUe r classIc;- iuK not' yet' ior- • Raided -.her eniry'' form,' but this •n: expectrf to come m. around the fame-.tlme, as-)St.<doddard's. the latter,.: InclderiUllv', 'has' built iup ah\enUreljr -n«w team around 'his leader,; Toby^and >.xpects to crack ilj exlsUng-recordi-for.the race. .'.VL?t : ™.-8("C»<xJd«rrt last wori'the .race ;he.'^as : riiniiihg under . the ?•' the . Tayern Club, ' of and •• it: is • niore • thin he. will igaln rejx t^Kjt 40Mtnt i)«t. month! , '»'' ; '-'«"''rie' lait year, wan . fresh- football coach at the University of Alabama, ond J. B Whlt- • ^X. «MHtant' varsity head baseball coach at he same university, conferred here yesterday with high school ott\- aU and members of the Blytht- cmmittee"" 1 ' assoclat!c ! n ' s a 'hletlc No ^announcement wis forth com- ng after the conference ended but Is understood that Laslle-.snd school olfklals exchanged ideaa regarding tht athtetlc sll.iatlon " he school.- Laslie j s one of 'several men-rumored as a possible choice or football coach at .the local hool in lln* with a pronoeed deal " in ^He^C •'':";'•>< - owners -o[ . saiivii .fd( inspecUirs Jh/iall:.baniB''to' prevent" "hopping 1 : the' noble '.tboTQughbred. This action seems '.to 1 - sul(siantlate ' disclosures | of -Ltideral narcotic agents working'- at various 'tracks last summer. ;. Horse .doping - is even . more generarttuui is.suppceedi • A , : great ; many . Interior horses cannot, run,'- let alone *1n,.; without 'what some trackmen c*li;a."Joit.'; But high-class trainers, .with ; prixe . horseOesh . under thejr care,.re»li« that.adminlstra- 11911 ol 'drugs does not pay. .' - ' ~»' • :>• . A trainer, ol a cne-horse stable on a- vleaky-rool" circuit- once told the writer that he hopped his horse every time_ he ran. - He did not even know what, dope he was giving the animal, saying "a druggist nmkes it^ up for me .- The horse's record showed he had won one race in 23 stirts.. The eflect of the stlm- want must be'sUghtly discounted "Common dopes used at tracks art herein, morphine,, strychnine, and whisky. Both strychnine and whisky are stimulants 'and, given cor- r««y, : are not tnjuriowflo the • _Xhey step up the heart «nd :motor reflexes. Further, and whisky »re easily m * y Wneflt * hws « who .. , ^'• One Just ^eloping » sU»ht cold. But strychnine re- qjnre* from 20 minutes to six hours ln..W!.lcli .to Uke. effect in<J t trUn- ST^JJ*, 7 * to «P"«»«nt often lerb* OBtain of the time allow- «ng>. Even then he wauld have to gamWt.on unexpected post delays. and : heroin, are. Etr0 ng . but ir.-given' to horsel d ° 8<!8 vt Ior a tlm « « Trie .horse, will .sweat WPHs: of ;th« i yef uid he will be very ner- - overdose 'ctuses. him to part .of his muscular control «*», »Ux* many hones are nervous ->'* 0 * V*^ .« U hard -dope, except by 'the sa- -detoltelv prom ' • '' JOIHH. JM, > 1 "I 1 ."Wl th « effect. f *,5* n •'•• hypoderintc, either oJ'tl*-*ug« work* tlmost imme- l and (hew vtfte cnance It »-«« . while- rth* animal •„ half hour In the paddock ' •«< th» steward. *!*** • <T heroin is -bjMlrtnch-diluted in pound down the horee's ^** S "Wt : quickly. hws* is necessary to dose, the.'Wea being to worilnTas the "fle U po». • »'.'" h « r . «',' U>es* narcotics '- his dlges- Blytheville, Tourney Favorite, Wins First Game, By Score of 55 to'3 [School Officials Huddle with Frbsli Coach from 'Rama The ..hlcku tfoclo, Hlytlierlllp Whltwgrth. and Laslie returned i the ; TuseakXMa university late esterday. . TW3C)UGH THE BT EVEftKTT S. DEAN. *ketball CMeh, Indiana Unl Georiia. Tech's basketball coach, oy Mundorff, president of the ational Basketball Coaches' As- Klation, '• gives us « good men- I. picture tit basketball in tlic uthern' states, ilundorff says-' "Basketball. In our section has eveloped amazingly .| n the last w- yeiirs. I think the best 'teams the south since 1930 could cohi- ite on an basis -with the ams of any; section. This is not ue, hoover, of the average am. This y^ar. we have a few wlstandlrte teams but' several are ••ry: much below par. '• "The'-dUtstandlng teams of the res^n^ ^seaAoh .ih tlie, southern i id ,4iou4heastern . conferences ' will be_ : C»rolliM, Kentucky, Alabama lilHh Mq., quint*! In tile first gnine of the iimmal Blytheville Invitation caijp tourney which ^ot tindu'rwiiy at ihc 1 ,ir;i;ory here tliLs iiltenioon. •,' The Chicks .vArpt Hie Mlssourl- HILS under fty [l,e jistonlsliiu^ score of K to :|, :illiiwlng thn visitors but orn' |Ki!nt during ii». first lialf nf play. Moselcy, Clilek l9rv,nrcl; ltd itio Korcra wj'tli H .points. Form illsplayGd in ' the O]x!iiln(; gntiu dp (lie Chicks .hij; favoilttts lo win ihi' tourney. , • Other games fn'low this' ufltr r.exin fliid tonight, wllli' the clmin- pluiiKhlp aiid coiisoldtlon finals 10 fie singed. 'Bntiirduv nlglit... Many .Want 1'nslmasterslilp EL PASO. Tex. (UP)—The olJ- ,«st town in Texns, Yslela, ni m0! ,i has more applications for the post- niastershlp than li has mall. Huuy B. _ Ambler. ixKlinistress, •' said 19 persoiiB hrire rcKlstcreil' to take the civil service examination. . Turktv lUns Strikes -ISTANBUL. (UW-StrlJtes -nnd lock-puts wilt'be" haired'by a new Turkish '.ichor; b'lll. Tne -bill is intended to assist In the foundation Of .'extensive state industries under a flve-year plan, and win u !sp nu- v to private Industry. R O XT That I'urduf Jim I'Hiiliic line defeated Indiana In « mil rj| 52 Iraskctlwll gfiines plov- fd Iwiweon Hie two ettimls Kliiri I'jiJl. i. Orange DM ]( Illinois Is one of .the few schools in (he mid-west that't owe cent on Its football stadium « P ],\ house and oilier athletic buildings. •Dip Gaelic language Ls nst-d ns sin everyday tongue Wy mofc ,,.„.. 15.000 persons livlni; on Cii|™ Biv tun Island, Nova Scolln. .——___ FRIDAY, JANUARYVir/ : mJ.^. & Saturday Matinee 2:30— lOc - 25e /;' .Nile H:.15, .10.25C ilylfeo; '•.-/Sir. :<v . ..'• \ I " - ; - : ---" 'A•"•" •wv^Vr' .'.--• !O , '" nd L. S. .U. I think any 6r these ams would put up a respectable »ttle with almost any team in he country. "Most of. these teams use the »n-to-man defense. On offense ost of the teams use the pivot ay from which '» fast passing d cutting game results . This eatly resembles the pro game." The University ol South Carona won the 1933 Southern Con- rence basketball title by defeat- g Duke at.Raleigh .North Carona. More than 12.000 people wit- essed -the southern tournament lere. Kentucky *on the chatnp- nship In the southern . conter- nce, with Alabama second. The accompanying* chart shows me formations which have made outhern basketball popular, dentally It is a strong offensive gme which supplies thrills and xcitement (or the Ian. Counties Redan Indebtedness HELENA. Mont. (UP) — In to ears Montana counties hove re- uccd their indebtedness $13.000,0, according to a recent survey f the Montana Taxpayers' Assa- atlon. . MEXICO has the !il E h- est blrlh t»te among the stales, uir In' coln «Be mint, * lc \ n HILADELPHIA, D K & V E 11 «d BAN FRANCISCO; Tlic BACRAMEJJTO 1« tl, c only C'Htoi-nlt. CARTOON,- . SERIAL - Monday MAT?. & NITR-lOc - 25e WOMAN HELIN TWILVITRIES VKTOft JORY 'Wollow Ford Clolr. D«dd WonM Hint, OirwW fy VICTOR SCHItTZINOK A C«4*«b4a PIclur* IMPRINT Ghairley Chase Comedy "Novelty Reel Last Time Today Mill. 2:30, 10-2!>c Nitc (ii'lTt, J(K15c Dorothy W i I s <i n, J)ouj,']ii> MonlKomery,. K 11 y. Johnson: HIM) Walter Connolly in j '8 GIRLS IN A BOAT' Travel Talfc '_ "A Day in Called & l>:il!el(e Comedy Saturday Only •MAT. and Nile—lOc - 25c The girl he loved . . . death-marked by the fiend who slayed at the mystery, witf, - n CHESTER MORRIS^ VIVIENNE OSIOtNE fRANK McHUGH ALLEN JENKINS H«nry Sttphenion Grant Mitchell Di/icF.d t r lay fnr'skl ' IKO-RAOIO Plclur* frodvcfld lij SERIAL CARTOON Sunday - Monday MAT., rand NITF^ioc-35c P : y ••••'/.,. '. ' E_i Jou cant make a ^ CHUMP of your HUSBAND V • if he makes a CHUM of SWEETHEART AXTER ;LEN VINSON fARNER OLAND Catharine Doucei Oirtctld by Hamilton MacFadden Screen play by Sonya levle.i .A<Willonol Dlologui t, Som 8 ( K raal Musical Short "Rufus Jonos" with Klhc! Waters IGHESTTEST^ and welre sticking The rapport of motorists like yourself "»«to 1933 the peak year in the history of the Phillips Petroleum Company proved that experienced drivers appre^ ciate honest hi K h test gasob'ne at the price of regular. . Deeply grateful for this ever-expand|"B. preference, our pledge to the mo- torme puhlie is continued with renewed einpliiisis:-"///yAwl MiluHli-biock ul tlie jincc ofuntimir '. th? anti - k »°« k ««»id former- only ,n premium-priced motor fuels. In addition, it is always em. rectly matched to your weathe?by the scientific principle of CONTROLLED ™: Pioneered by Phillips. hi test (gravity) is so high This is the greater value made po»- HiDIo l>y our jwsitiHii ;LS world's largest producer of natural high gravity piso- Please consider these facts before you niy your next tankful of gasoline: Phillips 06 at regular price contains tetra- .aon we ui plain figures, below. ' I particularly invite new car owners aiuioua to protect their motors to Win-up unth PkMp, 66. You can confidently expect faster starting on freezing days, and finer performance and more mileage on every day in the year. . Frescknt, PhilliD« Petroleum Company GRAVITY 65°TO 69.5° INSTANT STARTING MORE P E R S ON AL --to a Lady dress you wore a good many years ago? 0, e suve-he'd silently wonder how yot coi d n to dresses? Remember what you told hi™ fi, ciay, "Most of the furniture in this houi J G I ^' I'ig'ht after we were married ") house ' was bou -? ht -.There is no better time than now to jn-eet him in that wedding dress— ahd then show him ft * " ture advertisements in the nevranaVr <SS m ~ can read ,about and see prVvS of th T ? day -° u shows that will be held next month so Jw And it will Probably,surprise you'to YeLin interested as you are. Men don't like f-n the stores But it's qu°te rea the advertisemenl Wouldn't today be a good time - .boat that new future

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