The Anniston Star from Anniston, Alabama on December 25, 1970 · Page 42
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The Anniston Star from Anniston, Alabama · Page 42

Anniston, Alabama
Issue Date:
Friday, December 25, 1970
Page 42
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4C AnniBlon &tar Friday, December 25, 1978 r mi Tm ii Bomb hunters at work Policemen in Pittsburg wear special armor as they demonstrate how a bomb (top photo) is placed in a fiberglass-reinforced container and then carried to a special sand-filled trailer (bottom photo). The container is designed to force the blast from an explosion upward. 'Civilisation has historical gaps NEW YORK i AP i - The division scries "Civilisation" might appear to he a discourse on the history of Western Man. but to Lord Kenneth Clark if is his autobiography His view ol civilization is witty and trenchant, and inextricably woven into it are the whims and prejudices acquired over a long career in the art world "When I sat down to do this 1 discovered 1 had a viewpoint." he said Clark, tornier director of London's National (iallcry then a prolessor of tine arts at Oxlord I'niversity and former chairman ol the Independent Television Authority of Groat Britain is author and host ol the But ish-made "Civilisation" beuif; seen in the I'nited States on public television which also explains the British spelling ol Untitle. "I had lunch with someone Irom BBC and we discussed a program about the history ol art and I wasn't interested, but when he said 'civilization' I telt a call." said Clark in a recent interview "1 didn't know what civilization was but I lelt it was in danger and I wanted to say something about it I knew that civilization was better than barbarism, although some people don't agree. But I thought this was a notion worth defending " Clark admitted that the title "Civilisation" is vague because of his inability to define it. but added. "Anyone but a chump would know that the real title is Western civilization ol man since the tall of the Roman Em-pire. as illustrated by works ol art.' " Economy sags, marriage down i Thcccono-isn't helping SEATTLE i Al nv apparently A decrease in the nu.nix-r ot marriage licenses issued in 1970 parallels the state's cconoim. The decrease began late in 19ti9 and dropped even more sharplv this year, with applications running 10 per cent under the l!H9 total. As ol Nov. Hi). King County issued 10.758 licenses. 1.,'iWi less than lor the same period in lWd when a record ol 13.231 was set County records going back to 1925 bear out the parallel Tin-numbers varied only slightly until 1929 and the stock market crash. After the crash, the largest previous decrease was noted. As the nation emerged from the depression, the number ol licenses increased. The rate remained high during the war years, then almost halved during the post-war recession. The licensing rate stayed at that level until the aerospace boom of 195H MAXWELL FURNITURE COMPANY BUY NOW PAY LATER NOTHING TO PAY STIL1971 All Accounts Handled In Maxwell's Store No Outside Financing Nevertheless, it is not a true history First ot all. it is limited by what can he illustrated effectively And second, the course ol the Ki-vveek series is determined by Clark's own feelings. The Spanish, for instance, are not represented because Clark does not feel they have contributed enormously to the improvement mankind The Viennese also are absent because he does not like their- works The German Romantics are missing Ix'cause he said there was not enough time to include them "To pretend to be dispassionate or impersonal not only would have been a hoax, but boring as well." he said In the end. all I could make of this was an autobiography " The project was conceived lor television, but Lord ( lark sail I looked at these programs as operas, with movement and art and color and vitality and mu sic All I did was write the li bretto " Of course, the tifi-year-old Clark brought much more than that to the project His erudition is leavened bv a touch of eartlu ness and a dash of whimsy lor the lollies of man. His approach is off-hand and conversationa and his attitude is anything but that of a pedagogue "I took this on as being enter tainment." he said "It it wasn't entertaining people would switch it oil." The series is In-ing shown on the Public Broadcasting Service through the end of the year Museums and colleges will con- " tmue to show the series altc that, however. Filming the "Civilisation" series required an HO.tHXt-mile trek through 11 countries and called upon the 12-man BBC crew to exercise perserverance and ingenuity. In Florence. Ann Turner, the still producer, wanted to shoot Mom the top ot a monastary and the monks couldn't have Ix-en nicer about letting everyone climb up into the beltrey. Kv ervone. that is. except Miss Tur ner. Women simply are not per mitted in monastanes and Miss Turner had to Iranticallv direct the shots Iron) the ground But. anove all else, noise caused the most trouble. Loru i la IK signed, there is noise everywhere in the world We went to the island where Rousseau got his revelations It's in the middle of a lake with vineyards all around But it was in the week before vintage and the vintners had put in guns going off all the time to keep the birds away. You buy them off but you can't buy oil everybody. And they come back for more." On one occasion filming was halted hy a mysterious creaking The sound editor searched everywhere for the offending noise. Finally, the search led to Lord Claris He was wearing a pair of leather suspenders that creaked every time he moved a muscle - M ill ill vr... J V M I GREATER VMM ERIEURLY SERVICE FMfOUS BRANDS SHOP WITH E0NR0RI& PARK : AND SHOP WIDER PRICE RANGE BETTER VMUES It's A Bean Bag! It's A Chair! It's A Chaise! It's A Great - 'V Conversation Piece! alje AnniBlOn &tar Friday, December 25, 1970 Grown-Up Fun Furniture! The conversation pieces of the year! They're the fabulous bean bag chair. . .the talk of professional decorations! (So practical, too.) Light in weight and filled with polystyrene beads. . they're spongy. . .this chair conform to your body for the utmost in comfort. Upholstered in rugged vinyl for durability. Come in and try em! $28 On September 17th, 1970 Maxwell Brothers opened their beautiful new store at 930 Noble St. We have been opened for only 3 months and we are most appreciative of the wonderful reception we have been given. The Grand Opening Sale in Anniston was the greatest ever experienced by a Maxwell store in 66 years of operation. Because of this we are going to show our appreciation to the people of Anniston by repeating our Grand Opening Sale for the week after Christmas. All prices will be the same as existed during our Grand Opening. Thank You Very Much, Charles Riddle, Mgr. Converts to bed H 1 I T f WA hi... 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Deep door storage. ..holds milk, butter, eggs, fruit juice, drinks etc. Easy to clean. ..all shelves remove easily. A Frigidaire exclusive! 5C y ' s Space command post trainer Astronauts will control solar experiments and earth resources tests from this work station in the Skylab's Multiple Docking Adapter (MDA). The MDA, a 10-foot diameter cylindrical pressure vessel attached atop the Skylab airlock, is one of the important elements of the Skylab cluster planned for launch in 1972. This mockup is being used as a trainer by NASA at Marshall Space Flight Center in Alabama. Ceylon Socialists work on promises COLOMBO. Ceylon 1 AP 1 -Sirimavo Bandaranaike is a 54 vear-old widow from an aristo cratic family that owns vast coconut plantations in Ceylon. Like most of Asia's rich elite, she has sent her three children abroad for studies, and she has had no problems balancing her family budget but as prime minister of Ceylon she is having trouble making ends meet. She is short of money to pay for the food and clothing her country must import, and she has to' find jobs for 700.000 persons, many of them impatient college graduates. Mrs. Bandaranaike. with Communist allies, came to power in May in a landslide victory. They promised to solve Ceylon's problems by establishing a Socialist society, with a priority the nationalization of the foreign banks. In her campaign. Mrs. Bandaranaike belittled the aid given by Western nations and banking institutions to help Ceylon's economic development. She said the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund had infringed on Ceylon's economic sovereignty by forcing a devaluation of the rupee and reserving a veto power over those hired to do local development projects. Mrs. Bandaranaike made no secret of a hope the European Communist bloc would become an alternative source of aid. helping to fill any financial gap. Within weeks of her inaugura tion, she recognized East Germany. North Korea and North Vietnam and suspended relations with Israel. The anticipated aid Irom Eastern Europe did not materialize. Foreign Trade Minister T. B. Ilangaratne. a friend ol the Socialist bloc, did not conceal his unhappiness. An article he wrote in October for the weekly newspaper of the ruling Freedom party said: "Sometimes I wonder why our Socialist friends cannot appreciate the fight we are putting up. We are fighting neocolonialism and imperialism Our foreign policy is very clear, and that policy has been effectively implemented. "If our Socialist friends aid armed national liberation movements and antiimperialist wars, why cannot they appreciate our economic struggle against the very same forces'1 There is something wrong somewhere in the new Socialist thinking.'' With problems mounting and a budget deficit of $195 million forecast for the coming year. Mrs. Bandaranaike has had to turn to the sources of aid she once denounced. Pierre-Paul Schweitzer, managing director of the IMF. was treated as a state guest when he heard Ceylon's plea for a standby credit of about $25 million A World Bank delegation also was invited. Although Mrs. Bandaranaike threw out the U.S. Peace Corps and the Asia Foundation, listing them as imperialist agencies, her government has continued to rely on aid from the United States, now totaling $20 million a year. Perhaps Mrs. Bandaranaike's most embarrassing retreat has been the decision to postpone nationalization of the eight foreign banks five British, two Indian and one Pakistani because of the need to rely on them for short-term credits. Ceylon's Communists, who want Mrs. Bandaranaike to move faster, have become restless. Although they are represented in the Cabinet, they have liounted a campaign through their trade-union wing for an immediate takeover of the banks and foreign-owned tea and rubber plantations. Price controls are in el feet but the cost of living has continued to rise and increasingly to affect most of the 12 million persons living on this Indian Ocean island. A pound of red peppers, which Ceylonese use to flavor their curries, now costs 8 rupees 1 $1.30 1 or two rupees more than a manual worker s daily-wage. Scattered strikes broke out in mid-December in some government-run commercial and in dustrial corporations after the Cabinet decided not to pay a traditional vear-end bonus be cause ol the ditticiilt financial situation. Although Mrs Bandaranaike promised to create 100.000 new jobs a year, economists believe that her domestic policies may-aggravate the unemployment problem Private investment has virtually dried up. according to authoritative sources. The government plans to progressively take over foreign trade from the private sector beginning in January. No help has come from a decline in the world market prices for tea. rubber and coconut. These provide 90 per cent ot Ceylon's foreign exchange. 30 per cent of its national income and employment for about a fifth of its work force. Legislation permitting takeover of any business was passed in the lower house of Parlia ment Dec. 17 and was forwarded to the upper house where it could run into trouble because Mrs Bandaranaike's opponents are in a majority. Increasing expenditures go to a vast array of social services. These include free education through the university level, free medical and hospital treatment, subsidized bus and train travel and even some free food. The government, for instance, provides Ceylonese two pounds of rice a week free of charge and an additional two pounds at a subsidized price of about 10 cents, hall the market price Over-al!. it is estimated the government this year will spend $22 a year per person on social services, while it will receive $3ri in per capita revenue. Suggestions that reduce the extent of its weltare state seem politically impossible The country has had a tradition ol extensive social services dating back to the British colonial period before independence in 1948 The problem is expected to become aggravated as Ceylon's population grows by 300.000 a year. Like many mothers around the world. Mrs. Bandaranaike faces the problem of how to pay for the rising expectations of a growing family with a shrinking income 5-Year Warranty... BACKED by GENERAL MOTORS l-Year Warranty for repair of any de- ( i.f In tha antirn rnfr iaorator . Dlus a 4-Year Warranty for repair of any defect in the refrigerating system. Atlanta theater boasts unique training program A real money-saver! Bonk beds complete with 2 foam mattress units . . . headboards . . . footboards . . . guard rail . . . ladder. Mattress unit is supported in sturdy steel frame rails, converts to 3?" run twin oeas Similar To Illustration ft 5-Piece Colonial Dining Set Warm Salem Maple finish highlights charming Colonial dining set. Round, 36" mar-proof table extends 36" x 48" for extra length. Four mate's chairs. Authentically turned rungs and legs. SATISFACTION GUARANTEED FREE DELIVERY WITHIN 100 MILES M3 ATLANTA. Ui 'AP' --Someone new is lee-ding the sea-lions and bears in the Atlanta Zoo. Their ex-keeper is taking part iran ixld theatrical experiment. With him are 14 other hopefuls including a 50-year-old Russian emigre who used to be deaf, and a 17-year-old lathei who ran errands lor a paint store. "I guarantee that by the end of the season they'll either nev er go near a theater again or will have developed some amazing skill." says David Bishop, managing director of the Alliance Theater Company. The project is part of the company's reconstruction and stabilization effort after one of the most hectic, arduous struggles on the national cultural scene. The professional troupe began as part of the elaborate Memorial Arts Center launching in November 1968. Two months later the venture was in financial hot water. The founding organizations the symphony orchestra. High Museum and Atlanta School of the Arts were continued but ballet, opera, drama and children's theater seemed doomed Actually, opera did end. ballet reverted to amateur status, the Junior League rescued the children's theater which has been thriving ever since. To complete the season of prepaid subscription, the Center management provided additional financing lor the theater, and again last season, with the help ol u S250.1XK) grant from the National Endowment lor the Arts, seven plays with professional casts were staged over a 28-week span. But heavy clouds were gathering "By any standard except attendance last season wasn't bad by anv means." says Bishop, a man ot wide experience in regional theater management who was summoned midway through the year as chiet drama consult ant to William Herring, president of the Arts Alliance It theater was to continue, it was obvious, extensive re-thinking was in order Herring and Bishop made a detailed survey and as far as audience was concerned were gratified to determine 'attendance was numerically about on a par with that in professional resident theaters elsewhere." - The glaring difficulty was that the theater here has 800 seats, compared with 400 or 500 in most other cities So Bishop de termined to change the statistical arithmetic. "Each of this year s seven plays will be done tor only 10 performances during a two- week span instead of a larger number over weeks." explains Bishop. "This not only will intensify the audience per performance but with some other careful planning provide just about as much rehearsal time for the following production as previously." Following the 14 public performance weeks, three weeks of Shakespeare will be done for schools in the area. Another economy measure is designed to cut the operating budget exactly in half from last year's Hstronomical $480,000 is selection of plays requiring a maximum ol about nine performers, compared with a dozen or more previously. Then comes Bishop's most adventurous ingredient, an apprentice training setup which to the best of his knowledge has never been tried before "Instead of the usual arrangement, each ol the students is going to be paid. They'll each get only $25 a week, which isn't much but it is very important. " Every morning they will attend training classes, afternoons they rehearse and at night do a showcase performance in the smaller Studio theater which will be a free bonus available to everyone who has bought a ticket upstairs."

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