The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 17, 1930 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 17, 1930
Page 6
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. PAGE SIX Amateur and Professional I Kings May Sta^e World • Title Battle for Charity. By MIXOTT SAUNDEHS XEA Scniee Vfiittr PARIS—A p;rslstw. demand (or: an open tennis championship is being msdi> here fotbivhu; the fine piny In tournaments tills year of Karcl Kozeluh, the Czechcslovan- ian professional, and Ills desire lo meet Haul Corl'.oi. as the best of i)ll> YOU KNOW THAT— 'Tls a pad, sail story, but un less Len Shires, brother of Ar. i'ne Or?atJ Slilres, peps up ir ills play, he may not last In : semi-pio league . . . Tne youn. man was ballyliooed to t!>e skies las', spirng In San Anione, w.iere he wns given a trial by the Ulont.s ... lie went to Bridgeport in the Eastern Leagu: when tile st-ason opened . . . New he's back In Texas, play- with—juevi »ho? . . . Goose Creek . . . Yr-.s. sir, Len'., play- 1:13 'or (loose Creek, :i se.'ri!- pro loop of [hp bushiest type . . . . The Octcber iliMSj Issue of Tne Weekly Carom, u Diinaril piicln'ulton, silcl: "Little WIHI .-loppe Is booked for a .series r, exhibition* al Maurice oitiy 1 : billiard exnibilion room . , . According to Daly, the hid haf made runs of 200 at straight rail and upward of BO in balk- line . . . Orvlllc Addle, who ."iv. 1 the youngster disporting <itli the ivoilcs, pronounces him -i wcnder for his years and e c;:nlnf! champion." . . Sev;i yems later, l.itlle Willie won ;hr world's Inilkllne thamplon- ilnp by defeating Mniirlcc v i n.uix in I'arh. . . And he held t oh so ninny times after that Cubs Do No Bcllcr Than Splil\VilhRol>ms; Yanks i Win Duel. NEW VORK- 'I;'." I'.iu'ik THURSDAY, Jt) ClashnTiiloBom iifd llu-ir ici: National li-ai,-. day with Uir- [ good inarKiji bill nlth III. !ic! Mrivele uvc' '.hi' -- lc-ad'-r>hi|i IJidnrs- Ki.bur. ir Idini; i!u-ir b; >p!il':nK a doiibit- "lli-iiii/. :-.l lisuoklyii In '.he Aiiii:ic-:in tin-nil ijn- Athletics won us Ihc Million:)!; luilvf-d : pair and. aclili il .-lightly lo Ihr-ii lead. Tile league U-iuling Robins v,'r-ri Innnbltd in lh" fim i lu-niiKli-i- b; Put Malone ami the Cuti b;il swing- I ers. Muloni- ]:i-ld tin- IVduc-rs lo i five hits and lour run;; while the I Urulns jurnjxd un Mo.- 1 , for a sk- iory. Tin- VI-H-IHII Cuban. AdoKi- Lucille, usirlid ihi- Nniiin into Mib- 'A'llilt- Roo: W;r, i.j: (he ItislJH', t-;id. SlL-phcnson iind ll;;iT;t-u hit hmr^-r 1 . Icr the. Cub.s. At ria,-.u:i ihi: I'i-.l bur^h l-niiirv and Boston Bravis also divided twn The tlrsl went to '.he Uravi-.s -I t" 3 while Hit Biles v.-j n by u bi^fr | margin, U to i In lla- nlijiili'ap. Tiic- i Pirates bumped Khf.rdi 1 and Brnndi foi M-VOII run?; in ih>j lifih aiu slxlh mini's; <jf the M-cnnd name tn Way Hack \\Tu-n take Ihc lead, 'i'wo hoxi- inns in There was a time when hitlers i suici-.'slvi' Urn-:; :,t bat en tin•who could compile a bulling aver- | fcnrth sUrlcd tin- Ikies. Juniors To Play Stoele Boys Here Friday (IJA\ _* ' • SA.M.MV MAN(H:i.L :»}- umniy Maml(-)l. world's j-huwn here .M. sfs'f;i:it liylilv.'i-i^lil champion, and Al bin* ju-,1 hi'forc their chuinpionship lx)iit at 'ork. loni-jhl. M-.indell won Hie crown in I92li before Singer 1(lr * : s "loiis when they toot a iwo --". *™™.F™«* ??.?*« "— '"* srxi 1 M^rr i-c^; had dig. withslMKl (lit- atiempLs of lh:ce other i:o!Hende:s lo wrest il from him. The Dud Cason juniors of this i cily, Northeast Arkansas junior champions, and ihe Steele. Mo., I Legion team. somheaM Missouri Soulhern Leaders Gobble ^^™&£ ^"™ Jllird bll'Ulglll oft Look-: : '' rldav afternoon ai 3 o'clock. , n i • T'he Blytheville juniors have teen OUtS; IMl'OHS Lose. .working out Ihree limes a week ;.since they swept the district elim- ATLANTA Ga.—Those Mctpnhis Miia'.icn series al Trumann several hick.--, the hustling, bustling whirl- '. weeks ago and will play in the winds (hat are showing the way lo -"' elimination <eries at Little all oilier Sculhcrn league teams ftcci: Angus 4th. If successful si and ure almost lo far ahead to' Little Keck the local youngsters ever, ever feel worried, walloped' play nt Shreveport for the the Chattanooga Lookouts fi 10 Gi Southern regional title, for their third slraight triumph In ! The Dud Cason boys have made a row over tin-It 1 Tennessee neigh-', a good record this year winning *"''"•• ;i!neo om of four unofficial games league"leadtrt Marled the ''I- Memphis, wliere the little game olf right with runs in «'rrld serif; will be held. In addi- ihi first inning ar.d wi-ie never tion to copping the state seciional hcodcd, although ihe Lookouts did! lil '- e - The Iccal team is in charge -i Biax Smith during the absence of Charles T. Kramer, head coach. Birmingham Atlanta .tttlc Rock .. ihattanooga Nashville ... Mobile SouUirrn I.fa°ue W. c:i 51 48 L. Pel. 30 .071 39 .5C7 American Philadelphia Washington New York Cleveland Detroit Chicago St. Louis Boston 48 W. 59 55 50 <3 41 32 32 31 .527 .52V .550 .462 .430 i'ct. .5iO .',0) .'•61 MS Nalional Brooklyn Karcl Kcieluh : nge of .3CO for ihe season v.-ere iscnrce. Pitchers were the heroes ol the day. Usually they held the up. per liand ami seldom were they remover from tlie mound became of unable 10 biuilf out baling the amateurs, in a spovlinj duel for the benefit, of charity. K:7e- lu'a recenll.. wen the European professional championship at no- land Garros stadium in play that attracted good crowds. Cochct is very sympathetic with Koziluh's snjgestl n and Mieve.i that he has as much right to meet professionals ns Bobby Jones has in at MC( r, a br _ ull ,,, nvmf ^ Km . his department of spoil*. Cachet -,,„„, , or ,„„ N , aUmill „,„, Amcrl . has publicly announced Hint he, (cm T . C ague lo note the dlllcrjnc" will be glad (o play vim Ko?.e- l nm llot sur ,, r , SMl t - :;M „,.. ul; i. luh If the match Is sanctioned by (]nl( , pl i chel . i-eroiillv ailv!.:ccl vcmr Ihe French Tei:nis Fed-ration, S3 Incn who contemplated b: B ipagu- far his body Is not inclined to cal oeis to discard tin.- pk^ilii- ids 1 agree, but pressure Is beim; brousht; and go in for Jjbs tliut riu.ri! Ill- illlsers In th" aw class were su- 1 permen, fellows with unusually j . keen eyes and supple wrists. They ' connected for hcsui- runs occasion- j ally, but never more than 10 or n . dozen times iu one season. But, times h,U'p cliar.jjcd aiul 1 knowing that they have. 1 looke: to gain consent. The French Fed-' tic. If nothins.-, more than b.V.tln Ve could eraifon is nsked to allcw Hie match - the ball lo ff.r rorncrs of Ihe un to be held and thereby eslabllsh, derslzed major l-.-.igui-parks, a precedent which, it. Is tjlicveti. • • would be welcomed in all coun- Now Look ml Them * r ' es - ! National Lcuiiiie nveio^es ,xt h'.ini' "I wruld be very happy to meet tell me that 70 a'.hltlcs urn rap Cccli2t," said Kozeluli. "I am not pins t'-^c ball n!. a .SOO or bolte; challenging him, because thai would, clip. America^ League statistics re be unfair, since he^ restrained b;--' vciil'.thal 41! players top Ihe .:)0f amateur regulatloiis, bul I think' mink. Thai makes a total of 111 .. ball players, doesn'l it. who nre .30" hitters. And (here are only 403 players in the major leagues. In 1808, the National League liar' i four players whose balling average: were in ihe charmed rirch. TV.'. ' 1930 averages recently showed eight l men with batting averages of brl- ter Hinn ,400. The t'lratci led th: \t:ld in hitting in 1908, compiling a team average of .254. Nine of the 10 learns today have club battln? averages of more than .300. Tlu •"54 record of I'iltsburgh 21! year; i ago just about matches (he marl of the St. Louis Browns today. We Worship the Heroes of the game back in 190° i i ere Donovan, Plank, Joss. Brown, Bender, Mathcwson—all of Ihcm pitchers. Of course, a few cheers vere distributed to the \Va?ner he Cobbs, the Magees and one or J wo others. Donovan won 25 gcun^s lost four and was not taken ou f a game; Plank won 24, lost r and wa.i not relieved; Joss wan 27 and losi 11 and wns taken out only once. Even the eccentric Rube Waddell, playboy of the big leagues n that time, pitched 32 Raines and was taken out only seven lime; An.l his was the- poorest examph of the year. Name cur big shots today. Th-.-Ruth. Ochrig. Simmons. Foss. lirds Tiiki- Cunts The New York C'liaius wi-iv hiiiu- lilccl by the Cincinnati Rwls ;-.i Ni-v. York. The Krds walhid uwny with nil El to 1 ilcilslon after S'IIK- lini'-- ly mid hard hitiihi;. lied Lnr-:r held Ihc Giants wort-less exi-t-pi in the seventh Inning. Tlie Phillies baijlj.udi-d I'liii-. Ithein off the inoimil before Ijvc Innings had pa.ssrd und turik a ' anmi- frcm the S'. l.ouls Cardinals.! 10 to 5. Hursi :-.iu! Waiiilns croiili- ; ed homei.-. ij ;:id in luriilni; the , tvlck. Colllii'. u...- ;!i- wi!ini::i' • Imrk-r. Tne- Cliiiiiiio \ ;-;ox l:nci-k:'[! ; Lefty Gi'CVf. Mai-k's an-, out o; . tl:o box bu-, tailed to win from tl:i- Athltlics cncl Ihe Mackmt-n rc<le ii! fic-i-. H lo 7. The A's did s- ni» up. :i-'.llng lhcin.s-,'lvt-> sciulliii; Ti-:i Lyons lo tin- -••hinvers eiirly. Shores, who relk'ml Grove, v;as the win- liiB to the Oh SiUTE DcruiyShute EYES ON TUt BftLL, WI.UOW3 VftlEOu THEY BELONG, to \vin a yame Il ' c " 1 llie Birniinsliain Harms, 3 lo 9 al ' lu " e11 sll(1 Mi-sstiiBer hooked TFO COPI3F.CP.Y AM'JYOUCftK'V scoring slojjped while went on l-j -:ton live bi'gin to miss V.MI \: ; ,nti it i:-,!i:-.-j"" K "^ h[ you. You try und UH »'> hr-f.ii-. 1 ' i! " ; Allu »l= Craci'.trs got right'. Hie ansivi-r? H :i:ay be o-i" of IT; l in lhp n: ' :t inning «"<i then wpil- I lliinus. You may bc'.sMiyJing i-lcs- ! L><1 l!nlil l! '- c elevenlh before they | or lo the bill ihnn you foimtrly did. A:)yl:nv-, (Hat's soinc:!!!!^ for yon lo cliecl: up on. If iMi't. it. you're probably v.ay too tt.-nse. Tenseness grov:s on one an f.lii Savcril" goes wrong. Ill- l)3i<i.i' l 1 ) Ii--;-.: :he clnh, Instead of trying ih" shin v.'liliout caring v.hKiiei ;h-- t-li.'o cDiinecls si|i::tielv or not !°^' ^'^ offerings r ( . i!te Bruiji huil- Tiie old ball will fly, "all ri"hii 01 ' ! ' J! ' a '•« to 5 triumph. Enjllsli- (•n.viBh, if those tl'rxjws stav wii°- - man w£irit - th <' tmlf 1C! ' llle Bears ' ;c-y i.-t-long, the eyi- is on in" hall dispiti 1 the ilrubljinv. Bamhart Tile Missouri juniors hn'iule Bly- Chicks itheville with a eood reputation and a hard bailie is predicted. the more runs Ball Team Meets Mbnette Today LEACHVILLE. Ark., July 17. The Leuchville Baseball Club \vi! piny ihe strong M'nette Buffaloes iev; York St. Louis Boston Pittsburgh incinnaii Philadelphia tip in one of those plu-iiing duels ! this afiernoon at three-thirty, and Messenger finally got the vic-^vionette has claimed the champion- i The f > e3ic:ans crashed inlo Ihe 'oiphan Btars and pounced 13 hits .and '.In- «tl;lii L-; being cll.. i lior,-. liglu foot in tin.- liac-ksivliig . l:> Ii!t lot-, on i?:c- dowr.swini;. i Read Clouner News Wain Ads. ship of northeast Arkansas am- Lcachville ha-, disputed their claim. LtBchville will have such stars as Luke Young. Jack Woolen, and Kity Minatree in their starling line-up this afiernoon. Minatree is slated for m-iind duty. A lurgi as the \vinne-r. \ number of fans from Manila, Hor- I nersvilU-, and Cardwr-11 are plan- Value of automobile lourlit. trade l ninj to join the car caravan at tc Canada in 102!) Is officially esti- | Leachville to go to Monette Imafjd at $208,744,000. 'body. L. 31 30 38 38 42 44 44 49 .013 .571 .5,1 .51!) .4S1 Games Today Southern Lcasrue Memphis at Nashville. Birmingham at Atlanta. Little Rock at Chattanooga. Mobile at New Orleans. American Leagun Philadelphia at Chicago. New York at. St. Louis. Boston at Detroit. Washington at Cleveland. National I.f3£ue Cincinnati at Boston 12 garr,::.' St. LouLs at Brooklyn. Chleat'o at New York. Pittsburgh at. Philadelphia. every yolf p'.ny.-r hus • f.ivoiitc club and a favorite rhoi .Maybe your favorite is the midirnv und". if il is. so much Ihe beiu-r for the iniuiron is to be my exam- t.:. 5 assume Dial yon are par- mifuJr'ihe'second i°'"o 6° '" ' ' v:l111 ™»™"^ ™« "*™ The New Yuri: Yankees ekod cu: : a 2 to 1 victory over IIu- .St. Louis; Urc-wns. Kit Wells went Ihc naiu- Hie win. Stewart who tuinetl in n tor the Yanks holdiin; the Browns, very ciedilable performance for the' lo live lilts ami wus credited will-. ! Bruwint-s lost. ten you connect well with it. Pi'i-lty r.oon, however, you may 1 licnrl Cochtt malcH- I am talking only of a sporting proposition. I want nothing f:r myself, and would accept' nothing as a prize, but 1 susgcsl! the proceeds be given to a worthy charity. I wish only to b,- useful : Wilson. Steplicnson. Klein. O'D.m'. as far as posslbl" a'nd to meet a otti B ^rocr antl n lour list of o:h- formldable arversary." , er men-all sluggers. We send up n Kozeluh suggests two matches if 1 cVlrev now mA * llcn (or Lctlv permission is granted, one to be Orovc - Earnshaw. l-'errcll. Waib^r- held in Paris and the ether in' Ucoi - Lllc l™- "ubbbell and a fe-w Prague. He believes this would he' mor<> - , „ ... more fair to both to determine , Rl1 "" \Valberg nilchei a thrr whlch Is the better player Ccchet '• '"' ° l1mo for lhc Mack "«» '!'" is agreeable and believes that such o;llcr d:> >'- 1>1:1:lkm S , l ' lc nnrd-hll- a match would b2 good sport and. ; "''3 Yn » ke "' £ r "' lolls . lo , , llla ' draw a big cate i some, though. Walbcrg had bee:"Why not?" asks I/Auto In- • sliellecl (rom lllc box ln s - ; " flueniial sporting daily, in an ap-| ^•isecutive starts. . peal to the French "Tennis Fed-' ~ eratlon to sanction the match. "Or. | what principle should a tennic om-1 ateur be forbidden lo p'.ay a pro-' I fesjional, when a golf amateur is| allowed to ploy against professional', golfers? All lru,2 sportsmen want] to see an end of thb tennis snob-1 ,berv. Ccchet and Kozoluh atei ready to play and their match ! would be,magnificent spectacle, so i rhat moral right has the federation to-rcfu&e to author!?,; It? The' governing bodies rf amateur tennis I should play the game." —millions of people know that this means "the best money can buy." That's what millions of people sa,y who use Uudvvcisci- Barley-Malt Syrup—bcoausc it is free from substitutes, adulterants, lilk-rs, artificial flavors or coloring. Those who recogni/u the advantages of using a 100 per cent pure product are not .satisfied with ordinary brands of lesser quality. dyed 5 Months in the Jlakiny James Macklin and Kid Young To Meet Mondav Plan ?25.000 Gymnasium fnr JonssVoro Schools JONESBORO, Ark. —A bricX gymnasium, for the city school system to cost near $25.000 and to'be erected on the Junior Hl?h scho"' grounds was announced by the Jonesboro school board after F meeting Wednesday afternoon. The gym will ha James Mr.rklin. local negro fijlit- '-. wil attempt, to even up his standing with Otto Youi'.2. ar.oi^c- local negro featherweight, when they meet in one bout of a double ^"ind-u:* n* 'li n !-rn! '->---ni v. -- 1 night. The two negroes are slated for ten rounds or less depending on the sock displayed. Kid Prilchard of Stecte and mbe Lifferf. of Carutliersville arc to oiltle in an eight round bcut that I will share the headline position. I Pritchard fought one of the fast- Jest bouts ever witnessed here with j Okem of Memphis several weeks I n go in a prlimtnary bout and was I awarded the bout with Lafferiv Anheuser-Bn s cli er Barley-Malt Syrup UGMT OR DARK - UICU IN 110DY - NOT BITTER „,-- _ve n sEatln^ ci ; — .... pacity of 1,500. It will also be used i who boasU something in Ihe way of as an assembly hall for the use of i" 1 '"-''a'^n un Missouri way. 'l the various schools of Jonesbcro. | Noel l^mbert meets Kid Boydd It Is planned to comolete th' : In a four rounder and Lefty Wil- structu-e in time for the fall term j bur, glove slinging negro. Kid De- of sch«el, li'iJEj I troit ln another preliminary, Distributors, A, B, Jones & Company Blytimoilk, Ark, ANHEUSER-BUSCH ~ ST. LOUIS Alto MakcrtojBiitcti Extra f>iyG!nQtrAle H TIRE SALE! First Line Tires-No Seconds We find in the lus( 3 months \ve have sold 6-pIy and Super Tires but very few 4-ply, so have a big stock on hand. For 10 days v,'c will sell for cash our entire stock at these prices, compare them with other tires. This is the best 4-ply tire Seiberlin," makes, also the Second Line Seiberling; Portage. Regular Sale Price $5.55 $7.65 $6.35 $7.95 $6.30 $9.40 $8.45 $9.75 7.98 Stfe Price Second Line Portage $4.79 Second Line Portage $6.35 Second Line Portage $6.75 Second Line Portage $5.35 Second Line Portage $6.40 Second Line Portage $6.75 Second Line Portage $8.20 Second Line Portage $6.95 Second Line Portage $8.35 Price 29x440 Seiberling $ 9.50 29x475 Seiberling $11.90 28x475 Seiberling $11.45 30x450 Seiberling $10.45 30x475 Seiberling $12.35 29x450 Seiberling $10.10 30x500 Seiberling $12.60 30x525 Seiberling $14.50 31x500 Seiberling $13.10 31x525 Seiberling $14.90 29x500 Seiberling $12.25 Seiberling best grade tires have beauty, rugged strength. Quality not found in even the so-called Standard tire. Seiberling now stands for the Super Quality (he Rest, finest tire made, the toughest tread, the strongest cord, the longest life. Made by F. A. Seiberling for 20 years the leader in tire industry. If you want a cheaper tire, one to compare with Firestone, Oldfield, Goodrich, Caviller, or any other Second Line Tire then buy SEIBERLING PORTAGE, both lines Guaranteed without limitation as to time or mileage, if any tire fails to give you the road service you have a right to expect we will repair it or replace it charging only for the proportionate wear is has delivered. The most liberal guarantee ever made. Please don't ask for credit at these prices for we are making this sacrifice in order to get cash to pay bills that are heavy this month. HUBBARD TIRE & BATTERY MAIN STORE Main Street COMPANY TIRE STORE Ash Street BM161 Phone 476, 32 i

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