The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 19, 1934 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 19, 1934
Page 7
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FR1DAY,JAN'UARY 19, 1934 BLYTHEV1LLE. (ARKj_COUR| E R NEWS PAGE SBVEM.•-'"'•.=:••••' CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION ^ally rate per iin* lor ootutcu- H\e insertions: FORDSON Tractor equipped with disc turning plow. Paul Byrum. itc VH RADIOS <Flve average words to » line) One time per llr.e ............ 10o TITO time's per line per day .. (Me 1 wee times per line per day . . Me b!x times per line per d»y .... 08« Month r«te per liD3 .......... 600 " lm cfc»rg» Mo All Badloe, InrlBdJn* K. C. A, art Ixlnt ttoaet out at cuet fop CASH at Hubbard Hardware Ce. 1'HONE 1»7 BUCHANAN "Our Coal It Blatk But We Treat Y«w White" Be k2-8 Ads ordered lor three or ill (lines and stopped before expiration will !» charted for the num- ter of tunes tl-e ad appeared and adjustment ol bill made. All Classified Advertising copy luL-mltted by persons residing out>;rte ol tile city must be accom- [anled by cash. Rates may be easily computed from above table. No responsibility »Ui be taken lor more ihun one Incorrect lii- Kitlou ol any classified ad. • .Advertising <rdercd lor . Inegu- iar insertions take toe one time rate. . Phone 306 or 307 COAL & WOOD SEEDS & PLANTS Book seed with us now for March delivery. Tliey are sure to tx. higher. Hubbard Hdw. Go. ck25 PEAL ESTATE FOR SALE. 44 acm, all in cultivation. One mile south ol Gos- ncll. Roland GntD. 6cku C«ne to, \M yo«r real e<Ut« See wut we June to aeU E. M. Terry Unwed Dealer T«rry-Worthlnjto« Title Co. M*ne til tit USED CARS WE NEED ROOM SO WE A R E 'OFFEUING YOU SOS1E REAL BARGAINS •32 FORD DELUXE V-8 . TUDOK. Looks . and Kuns ''Good ..... ..... ...... ..... *j» •^0 FO'ltD FOKDOR SEDAN.' A-l .............. $195 'io" FORD TUDOR SEDAN. A Gtod Car . ............ 5195 '30 NASH SEDAN. Clean ... $S45 'SO . CriRVSLEK UOADSTER. Paint, Rubber acd Motor ' "A FORD STANDARD COUPE f 4!> f TRUCK SPECIALS • • '39; ; G M-C TK.UCK ' ,V/.. .:...- ^195 '28- GRAHAM TRLCK . ..... $m '3ti DODGE PANEL. Barpiin J1B5 '30 FORD PICK-UP. Clo«a Cab . ..... ..... .......... 3185 Your Old Car I'std As Part -.; .. Payment. _POULTBY ft EGGS HIGHEST PUCES FAIO Cuk Fet4 StN* lia E»st Main r:fO'-- Pickwi's trocerjt 1M4 ChickaMwba. -"- JOB RENT Apartment in War •iI031 West Ash. Will ._6M " Thfte room Apeirtmen bath, urJumliljed, Phorw 37-ci-ti 200 tail i-Uain Street Fbiiue 811-811) fliythcviUc, Arkansas. BUSINESS DIRECTORY EXPERT Typewiikr and Adding aiatliinc Kep»Jrinf. U. s. Blan!;- enship, us £. R OS( .. call 165-J. 2Zc kl-Zl AUTOMOTIVE Aato Class Ail Kinds Installed The Ark-Mo l.umbrr Co. •' . lOc k2-lO Call 308 - RcD ! a place - 118 .E. Miin For Aulo Painlinr. 5^)dy and Findtr Serrice ' 29ckl-29 _ LARGEST STOCK USED PARTS Between MempKls and St. Louis Also Auto Glass— Phone 66 JACKSON AUTO PARTS CO.-. 3o k2-3 LOW PRICES on winter car needs, heaters, alcoiml, GPA glycerine, Model T tops '& sWo curtains, fl.93 up. \VOLV ARIAtf, 128' E. Main. 23c ki-23 Call Us When In Netd Of Guaranteed Merchandise lires-liiltcric* - Replacement Parte UUBBARD HARDWARE CO. Automotive Dept. Ick2-l CLEANEKb. TAILORS To look >our best is always essential. Ixt m keep your Clothes fit. Unique Cleaning Sen-ice Cull 171. 20-ck-20 CAIU'ENTERS R. J. Peterson— 200 N. 21 St. Carpenter work of all kinds. Ilck2-Il BATTERIES New Fc"d Batteries Henfai - Recharging - Repairing 'V7 TIRE & BATTERY STATION 26c kl-26 FOR SALS FIVK Pool Tables inrt ollirr - ment in blllinrrt hall doins ?oort cnsincM. Cheap. Mrs. Ed Wcbslcr. 6l(i L;ikc. Call 74^-J. ivp j;21 Stotieville No. 4 COTTON SEED price SI.75 hundred. See F. Black or Clarence McDcrmolt at Bly- tUcville Ciin. . 5c k2-5 JTJRN1TURE: Conlenl.'; five room house. Good condition, reason- alilc prices, t,. E. .TULL, 1302 Hc.itn Slrcet.."' ' . 10pkl9 i 1 pair mules—$200 i 1 pair mules—$251) 4 farm wagons—$20 e«ch. Trinityfarra Construction Co. Steam heated BEDROOM, private home. Mfi\a if desired. 30 Ketucky. Phone'833. ' 19-ck-23 Two or three room nicely furnish ed apartment, private batn!'SI ,W. Main. Call 332J. k2- Uniurriishcd Koonis! lor ligh ^usekeeping or bedroomi &TEAM HEATED, lights, wat«: truth,.'Free. Peabody Hotel or c«l 234. • '. , ' •' • no k2 MCELY. Furnished t>edrobm, phon , 303. 310 'W. v/alnut street. k2- .... rooms, lights 'lights, bath'/garage. Reasonable eOl.'.W.'Adtv''. : 12-SJ STEAM HEATED BEDROOM. 61 W. Main. Phone &8.'-' 2c k2- FUBNISHED' bedroom, ioT?^"w •Walnut. Mrs. Ed Hsrclin after p. m. Furrj FdR LEASE For lease: 40 acte° cut over lane Two year lease, .will bnild tiomM 5 miles west of Elylheville. Con t>iy * Usachirs. .. I5c WANTED GOOD used Ford or Chevrole coupe, 1930, '31 or '32 mode Must be. cheap for cash. Phon 287. _ IB,, W2 We pay more for pecans, furs hides, brass, copper, radiators aluminum, leai, batteries. Phon I'i6, Wolf Arian, 128 E, Main. : - 23c kl-2 Three SOLICITORS to sell ens selling article here. Pay ever t. McKinney, Coif Hotel. 17p ANNOUNCEMENTS Mrs. L. M. Bnrnette announces th openin s of shoH hand, typewrit mr and bookkeeping classes. Spe. rial Prices. Call SJ1-W. Ick2 LOST WORM gear to Fordson tracto between. Armorel and Blythevill REWARD. Lee-Coppedge Gin. ' FEMALE HELP WANTED ^fiddle aged or elderly woman t live in home and help with ligl house work and care of bah State weekly \vagc expected. Ac dre.s^ ' IIMI'' cniMii.i- ?j*..i.- HI ,\,< GOOD COAL IS THE SCHEAPEST M There b no coil, '^West of the Alle gheny Monnlalns, as birf, la beat and as low, in a*h as toe Suptr.Utat a bold h. . n* it fa ethkal, btcass* it's true. W« have authoritative aralyifa fll«.on all fotl Md ,, this claim.. . • SUPREME Supw-fceat Is the only coal of its kind and MM only by this eotnpiuiy. - ^ Gi3 Medium Size Lump Ton - J7.50 'A Ton H<H Cash Rich Man's Coal at A Poor Man's I'ricc .Superior Ccal & Mining (Jo SM W. Walaul - Pfcooe IN irds and StuHed Beasts Are Hunter't Sole Assets CLEVELAND. (UP) - - W li e 11 archers for possible "hidden as- ts" of Kenyon \v. Painter. Clevc- iid philanthropist, mill blg-«ame unter, who owes tlic tidied Union "rust Co. here $3,000,000 (CQ> dc- 'oyed through his property they und the only icmaiiilng sxtlach- ble assets were: A down cackling liornbllls, cock- UUR BOARD1ISG HOUSE atoos and [>arrots for whose carc|>-i.-! v ,„ •„.,,, lfc ,, , ; P..ln,er has employed a housekeep- \^^^^^. A motley collection of a " f "° : '' '" 'I'o l-imu-h Dfslrujrr QUIKOY. Muss. lUP)—Mis. »i««i E. UOO.SCVPII. the I'resl- iii-uis daiighter-in-liur. will be i-iransor when tlio new de|] \IT u. S, S. r'armgiit, \s "i-iii-d at Hire Hlver In Pebm: • '.*•; . Ktutted iinimnl lip.uls, nuw 10 years old, stored In a sioiic s:uxl. N. li. M.iiblFii. alterney for the closed bank, smitclutl Ills head doubtfully over iliu dcslrabllUy o( acquiring elllicr '.lie slutted nnl- mals or the live birds. A woman V.HO lives on me es- Ulc testini.-d filic W3 s employed licugo Hotels Gleeful Over Fair Reservation io' (ur')-cii:cni!o hold owners und vc'.sliiuraleiu.s ure looking forwnril IQ (he suniini'i- momli.s whun tlicy vx\xcl (he wc- iTil fdlllon of A Century of I'ro- tKss lo ntlract mon; visitors lluin llii: n'coui-brcnkh icamtuij In dally, ]:o;d manajjcre |»'e optimistic. "We have iniiile a canviis ot llir past w:ck, and Indicatir-ns •sum (o iralnl lo u KiiMter' number of visitors 'K'.u I'.-'ar than Inn." saIII one Pair odldnl. "We cmuaclcit six! hotels and kait: yenr. at l.i's time tourist r/OTOC-s.worc enl/rlng 6rders for Mcia of rooms t ( . accommodate H> and 75 iwrson.; he said Tod(.y llicy arc inabi-c reservations fur .203 and 300 rrom blocs. Dclj;[um is the most, .densely •uicnunij iuj,( m r. .. V-M "" l "ij W;TC b'ei- innn nttd •eountrv in £•,,*„.: i i WH,,_r__ Ior roon,,:";;;,,-^^,^^ ^ '^™ *S^***^& A1,I,KY OOP " ~~ OH! Oil! IT'S OUTA TDK _ / OU1,OU7.ZY- •{'vouKMovMCftn'i , HELVO, QUEEN ..-. CR-A YES, I 1HINK HE'S ' VERY CUTe- OOOLA.' OUt WALWN OH, HUM-) GO VBED'NET- mv SAUHV, cu? HAVE VOX) EVER SEEI-l AAV U1TLE ON05P.URP HE in', CmtSI 1H\H6<^ '••! , I V.I.IIKlU \\ GOTTA 1AKE TURN IN-} LITHE ^"«» SP^^ ,-/, M \\jy --__J^"' ; '^' Ss'-'; j''- V ^'^ ; '?'^ : ?M ^ VA WOW -V? MK ^\ I O 007TA SEE 1HAT 1H 1 )/ YOUR" UJTLE DARUNGS /fJ\ BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES SUT, wcrco vpo. E 'WJR.T WASH TUBBS WERE' in' -fug" HOUSE OU DOWY KMOM HOW THW W-OOD-SWEKOMG HIPPOPOTAMUS WHO'S COOCOO; BiTTER QUESriON/ I'LL UKLW1 TH' SPOOS BROUGHT ' 'IM 1W H& WAS AsVwBLL. U-T ( S FULLft OWE CXJTA TH' WALLS. CATS TURN IMTO CAWftRIES, DOLLAR BILL? CHANGE TO SILVER. WHV, NOTHlia'S IMPOSSIBLE IM THIS PLftCE. J •:HE SERVAMTS, / SAY TO THE SERVANTS, HIM. HE WAS rjUlTTINE-. H^E AKID 1 SO HoW BW£ awri TUC*/ Chio Crt.r* LJi^ ../»n ^r.^s . ,n I . . ~ . „ t __ J ..._i ' - MIKE. TH£$E GUVS ARfi COO - COO SftQ Ht WAS FEP UP THE BUTLER ON WORKIM' FOR A WftSMT MURDcREDyl COllPLfl SQUIRRELS. AT ALL. 7V— ' -^ HEAfTtVAS I VK'RE JUST EVER, THEY / WASTINQbiid SALESMAN SAM NOTHING STOI'H SAM! \ OL.' MO.VJ DO-JO& IS COV6REO WlTu ShlCKO DOME 1U (V ^IFF-/, Vi\O\ TriEkS I'X-L. f':\-( ^ft TLtC-B\TS PER. ~w use ce seR. SHOVEL. \ FRECKLES AND IItS FRIENDS MO 6000 CM COME OF THIS, IT So Tl-IEV BE I OP5HATE IT. 1 . 1

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