The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 26, 1938 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 26, 1938
Page 1
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VOLUME XXXIV—NO. 2S3. BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPKR O!> NOHTJIKAST ARKANSAS ANO SOUTHEAST MISSOUHI ^"^ Elylhevllle Courier Ulythevllle Herald MlMlsslppl Valley Leader I Blythovllle Uatly News HU'TIIKVIIXK. AKK' AKKjANSAS, SATURDAY, KKHKUAHY 20, I93S SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS MEDDLING" cctzse Three Of Accused of Activities In Behalf of Unidentified European Power NEW YORK. Feb. 26. IUP> — Q. men .arrested three persons today, one Sin attractive red .haired wo- nian. and charged them with espionage for an unidentified European power. The a ]• res Is were announced by Reed Vetlerli in charge of the federal bureau of investigation in New York. Those arrested were: Johanna Hofman, 26. of Dresden. Oermany, a hairdresser aboard the s. s. Europa. GmUher Gustav Rumrich, 32, formerly of Panama Canal Zone described ar. a fornjer U. S. army sci-fc-ennl and a deserter. Erie Glascr, 28. a soldier at Mitchell Field. Veterli said the three were part of a widespread ring of spies who were communciating confidential nrilitary. and naval intelligence of the United states lo "certain Eu- rcptan agents." The roundup which began wllh Ihe arrest of the attractive red haired woman aboard the Europa, Is expected to yield several more arrests. James Roosevelt Off On Flight To Cuba WEST PAI.M BEACH. Fin, Feb. 26. (UP)—Jumes Roosevelt, son ui President, Roosevelt, look off by plane at one p.m. today ror Cub:\ where he will .spend lwo weeks training wllh Iho U. s. marines rrservi;. Roosevelt, u lieutenant colonel in Ihe marine reserve, was accompanied on me night by two other officers. ctivities J[|||||||J McNull Boom Launched Ekron School District Annexation By Dell Asked ':..-,•• '-A .petriioii r asking "that School —T3Etvict-N6. 38, Ekron, be dissoIvM ami (his territory be annexed to ) . f rhosl District No. 23, Deli, has been filed in county court here. A heaiing on the petition will be held at the county court room of the ccurt house here March 15, at which lime any one may show cause why the petition should not be granted. The petition, purported to bo sijned by n majority of the quail- fit::! elector.? in the Ekron district asks that (he district be made a |:arl. of the Dell dlslrict because of liu- advantages tor school studenis according | o some of the petitioners. EXPECI FIFTY IB 10 LEHE City Officials Of Five Counties To Gather Here Tuesday. Fifty officials of cities and 'owns in Craighead, Poinsett and Mississippi counties are emected lo attend the regional meeting of the Arkansas Municipal League, to be held here Tuesday, 'it has been announced by Mayor Marion Wil- 'iams, who will act as offldnl host for the city of Blythevillc. The morning session will be held: at the city auditorium when William Hopson of Little Rock, director of the slate group, will be 'he principal speaker. The meet- Ins will be climaxed with a round table discussion of problems which confront administrations of cities and towns. A luncheon ni the Hotel Noble will be given at noon and the afternoon will be spent In motor- ins over the city to view points of interest. ill: preparation .for.. that drive over ^the .city, the Blvtheville Qar- ''en 'club is attempting to have the downtown section and Division street, cleared of nhd the "Heys clean. The club has asked Mayor Williams to Instruct the ~lty engineering department to see that the allevs are cleaned of all rlebris late Monday afternoon and 'hat the streets arc cleaned by Tuesday morning. The club has also asked that all vacant, lots and .other grounds be cleaned of trash. Owners not cooperating In' Oils movement will be cited later by the club, which has announced 'hat it will complete its' plans for "leaning the downtown section at this lime. Says Processing Taxes Necessary For Farm Aid . MEMPHIS. Feb. 28. «tTP)_Ed- wnrd A. O'Neal, president of the American Farm Bureau Federa- ^tion. said today levying of professing taxes would be the only ' menus of assuring farmers of parity payments on tilt 1938 cotton crop. "Polity payments are provided for in the bill onlv to the extent thai funds are rvailnblc." O'Neal ?!<ld. "processing taxes appear lo !>: the ooly pcjslble source of s:icii revenue." . O'NEal asserted that processing taxes on cotton wd wheat would btiiii! "tariff cr.valization' to the formers. He rrs::,td the new crop conlro! program as "giving an even break in the farmer who otherwise v.oulrl play second fiddle to industrial wtikers -In the matter o' Income." Woman, 83. Has Studie.d, Music for Past 75 Years ROCHESTER. N. *Y. <UP>—Mrs. Frances Grant believes In the old theory that one Is never loo old to learn. For 75 years she has been study- Ing music and now at 83 she not only is the oldest voice student in the country, but. is looking for a job—"radio or concert work." She is a student at the Eastman Schcol of Music here, where she works with 'Arthur Kraft. "I'm still studying because I want to get a job," sjje explains. She is no stranger to the stage. for a half century ago she was with an orchestra in an old music hall here. S. T. F. IT Appeals For John Lewis', Help Threatens Lavvsuil UTTLE ROCK, Feb. 26 (UP) — Delegates attending the convention of the Southern Tenant Farmers union were evicted today from the old community hull where sessions were being., held. H. U Mitchell, union secretary, said the 200 delegates were asked to leave tho building by Frank Manning, president of the Arkansas .Properties company, which owns the hall. Mitchell said no court order was Issued for the eviction but that the delegates left peaceably when Manning said there had been much criticism of the convention because of its expected affiliation- with the committee for Industrial organization. Other persons had criticized the meeting because negro and white delegates sat together, Mann- Ing said. Union leaders Immediately wired John L. Lewis chairman of the C. I.- O., the Workers Defense league of New York City and the American civil Liberties union asking that they give their support to bring civil suit against the Arkansas Properties company. Lewis was asked to aid in making "the nation aware of the Injustice, and inliospttality shown to this labor organization in the capita! city of.Arkansas, ' Mitchell said suit would be filed In some court seeking damages for the eviction. He said rent for the hall already had been paid. Mitchell said another hall Was being sought where sessions could continue .this afternoon. No vote had been-taken yet on the direct affiliation wltlvthe C. I. O. Manning defeiided his action with the : statement that ''It you white men can't mtike n living in atiy other fashion than' by stii-ring up revolutions and race difficulties in the United 'Stales (hen I am not going to be a party to it." ATannitig said when he rented the hall he was .Informed the union was not affiliated with the C. I. O. but that now nearly nil delegates were wearing c. I. o buttons. "I am not opposed lo the negro race as a people," he added, "but with conditions In the south as they are It would only mean trouble when negroes and whites sit together for mtsfeulded discussions of controversial subjects." •U T€L YOU BY - BOB BURNS _ Thieves Suoil Dinner BERKELEY, Cal. (UP) — Mrs. Bertha Weber invited a party of friends to visit her cabin at Redwood Estates and enjoy a dinner cooked on her new $160 rural gas stove. The party arrived but the stove was not there. Thieves had got there first. When people visit a place for the first time, they're naturally a little bit-nervous. That's the reason the local officials who come in contact with them should be kind and patient. That's why my Uncle Fud- was such a good conductor on a train down home. One time a young married couple was ridln' oil his train and when Uncle Fud asked for> the tickets, the groom was so nervous he handed my uncle his marriage license , instead of his ticket. Uncle Fud looked at It and says "Well, young fella, you got a. ticket here for a long, weary journey but Hain't on this line." Stock Prices NEW YORK, Feb. 26 (UP) — Stocks and commodities eased sliehtly in leisurely tradin? today while bonds were irregularly higher, featured by strength In U. S. government issues, some of which made new highs for the year STOX 8« x A. T. & T. 139 Anaconda Cop. 33 7.3 ASEOC. D. 0 71-8 Beth. Steel 59 3.3 Boeing Air 30 3-8 Chrysler 55 5.3 Cities Scrv 15.3 Coca Cola 122 Gen. Elec Qen. Mot. 41 1-! 32 In I, Harvest. "7 685-1 Montgomery Ward 35 5-8 N. Y. Central 18 3-4 Packard 43-4 Phillips -Pet, ', 393-1 Radio "'/' 7 Schenly Dlsl "!!!.'.'[ 25 1-4 Simmons " Socony Vac '..'."." 163-8 Std. Oil N. J. G i .in I Fleets Report ccl To Have Clashed In Bal- llc 'M' SHANGHAI, Feb. 2<J (UP1 — A Japanese cominimlnue said that 30 Itusslan and Train Hits Auto; Four Are Killed NliW OllLKANB,' Rb. 21). -Four pel-sons wore killed today Says France Will Not Abdicate HeV Interests In Central Europe when n Southern Hnllwny pnsscn-i today, Mrs. H'lcan ' _ fly United Prtw BIT (rain »ti : ii(-k" B""cai'"'ln" which 1 ,, y ,'°» l)0 Uclbos ; Frene ! 1 forel S n Ilicy wo rldhv at Poplarvlle mm , lstcr ', wnmc ," °°™ m V »°day Ml-* luiimixmialolv fin i ,1i™ n(!al ' lst '"'Muring In tho affairs north ot lien , o! cctlll ' nl European countries In "•> dc-a iwon. identified n, P,I' 0 "° or lhc 8lro »8est parliamentary I In Idcimncd us Ed- speeches nmde by " ward lladlc.. Mrs. Edward Uofflc.! m i,,| s i c ,. of „. ma .J r Sam uoole and Mrs. Sam:cent yours. made war places hail been shot •town In a RlBtintlc air biitllo over Nanchamj. capital of Klnngsi province. Chinese reported' that Russian 'illots, with Ihclr forces, shot down eight Japanese cralt In the fight which Involved 1DO planes. Nothing was said regarding Chinese losses but the Chlueso also claimed a "crcat victory." Fearing further attacks on tho Island of Formosa off the east coast of China the Japanese command ordered two destroyer groups to return to Japan-to bu equipped wltli additional aircraft, guns, Iho Chinese asserted. were said lo he residents of Cnm|; Rolaud, Miss., n community netir Paul ,V. McNiiU, Plilliiipliio Htgh Commissioner, Is shown, right, greeting Secretary of Commerce Daiilel 0. Roper, one of ihe conspicuously few New Dealers lo attend the -monster banquet with which McNutl's Hoosier friends Inaugurated an Unofficial "McNuU-for-Presldent" boom in the very shadow of She White House. On the receiving line behind the Commissioner are his hosts,, Senator and Mrs. Sherman Mlntoii of Indiana. The general view below shows how the boom was launched on a wave of canapes, caviar .and cocktails at-one of • Washington's most sumptuoiis dinners, where mbre than 1000 guests, at n total cost of $6000, partook of a buffet "suack" consisting of $3000 worth of delicacies and helped depjele^the makings, of lOiOGO cocktails. No Permanent Site For Auction Sales Found Directors of Ihe newly formed Mlssco corporation, sponsored by' the chamber 1 of commerce for! weekly auctions sales of live stock and other products of the farm to be sold, have not yet decided upon a place for holding the sales. In a meeting last night, at the city hall, It was announced that of the lolal $2.500 in slock needed for the project that $1,800 had been sold to farmers. Tills is believed to be sufficient to start the sales but plans are underway to Petitions Are Filed For Whitton Candidates Only petitions from district for pln one more lnj board j el ^ssr^sr?, 'ir r F™ <='« r oS ??I e . _. u _™ ay '. . M . arel ?. 10 - "Plans of Mrs. Thomas R. Ivy. county tor a permanent location'are com pic ted. /Veio' York Cotton NEW YORK. Feb. 26 <UP)Cotton closed steady. . open high low close Mar 014 9H 907 gu May 916 918 911 Jul 922 825 918 Oct 930 932 923 Dec 931 931 925 Jan 931 931 926 916 924 931 923 931n examiner. Today Is ihe final day for filing. School District 19, Whitton, which wll elect two dreciors. has petitions filed for the candidacy of C. R. Banks and P. A. Bullard. Petitions for several candidates at Leachvtlle. Blvtheville and Osce-' ob liad already been filed. There arc 41 school districts In Mississippi county. Barbers Do Good Turn PORTLAND, Ore. (UP) — The Portland chapter, Association of Master Barters of America, docs a good turn monthly. Every 30 days, seven mastcj barbers, serving In rotation, pay a visit with shear* and clippers to the Shrine hospital for crippled children and keep the 50-odd patients tonsorially neat. P. . MI .• IT n UlOVaimiO LVlanmelll DC- comes III While Singing . In Verdi's "Aida" Unihlc To Take Food or Water; Nc«r End Believed TUCSON, Ariz., Feb. 28 (UP)— The condition of General John J. Pcrshlug, who Is near death from a lienrt ailment, was aggravated today when his' kidneys ceased functioning. Physicians attending Iho 11-yonr- old commander In chief ot the American expeditionary forces during the World war, said that he Me to tako f<XHl NEW YORK, Feb. 28 - Olovannl Martlnelli, 1 Metropolitan Tho power ol-. speech also -left " the . general. Dr. Roland Davl lson .feared .lo . . leave the sick room this morning 1 a, in. Cm. s. t.) read: Tll » Whalinp Cakh Smaller - For Canadian Fleet \ OTTAWA (UP) — The British rvuuiu listeners were nwnre omy Columbia whaling ' fleet, only one that something hnd happened to ! ° f lls kl "d In the Dominion, killed MartinelJl as the announcer ex- 3!7 wholes In 1D37, compared to a plained that n delay In the per-1 lt)3 ° ltl " of 373. consciousness •w-iu •»•*•»• >'*ui tilh^iii| IILUVI v/jjuuiuii iuu* u u LU ajurv luijm LULS lllur(unK opera tenor, fainted OIT tho stage to glvo out his regular bulletin oil during a performance of Verdi's tfershlng's condition. •Alda" today and was carried to I H ls handwritten statement Us dressing room as the curtain (brought to newsmen bv a mirso, was rung down.' - """>«, A capacity audience was witness- Ing the performance and radio listeners from coast lo coast wen)' tilled In. Martlnelll had been suffering from Indigestion during the night but thought he felt well enough this afternoon to proceed with his scheduled performance'. He was singing the familiar "Celeste Alda" shortly alter the opening of the opera when his voice faltered and he clutched at his side. Tho audience gasped and fellow singers came to the tenor's aid. The backstage ordered' "quick curtain" and the rest of the scene was blotted out. Radio listeners were aware only Dclbos told thB chamber of deputies Hint France would not tolerate German domination of other states on tho pretext that they Imvo a percentage of Germans In (heir population.: France, he said, will not abdicate her Interests in central Europe. Ho mentioned Czechoslovakia •"'cclficnlly and warned that France would spring to arms .'if 1 Us territory is violated. He tur- 'her Informed Germany that Franco.has no Intention of desert- I«R its alliance with Russia. "Franco loves, peace but not peace al,ruiv- wlce." he declared. —--'- Clarifies. Situation His speech,' arid other developments In Europe, served to clarify what has been a murtfy situation and to Indicate to an extent, what the future trend will be. Tl»o news market earlier In ths rak was bullish on dictatorships. Today It was bullish on democracies. Britain and France, it was dls-' Closed, have not drifted auart. as had been feared, but Intend to' "•ork together. Delbos revealed that Premier Camllle Chautemps had received a personal letter from Prime Minister Nijvllle Chamberlain assuring him - of Britain's faithfulness, to British-French,co- operatirm.; vVjV;;^, M ^i-, B -.,. ^,,,^. Sir Eric Phlpps, the British am- "-nS'ador. visited Chautemps yesterday nm! Informed him of'Brt with •"s In > negotiating Mussolini, Italy Conciliatory At the Earrn fln^ , -n, re. vonlcrt that Italy Is showing a • • -----. v...... *uu*j> 10 O11UWL11K ft "The general Is gradually be- [ conciliatory spirit • In the delicate coming weaker and Is itnablo lo ^edlt^rraiiein nrnbVm by rndiif- lalk or to tnke nourishment or to, ln ? her armed forces In Ljbla, is. mo juuneys hfivo ceased toj" 1 ' 1 '''' 1 fldlnins K'ypt and Is; a 3tton, Although he regained i source Of deep concern lo Britain, piousness for brief Intervals, for ( In 'Austria Chance'lor Kurt the my . , , . t.), he has remained uncorciclous." Tho general was placed under an oxygen tent, _, e great part of the time since ir- ellusclln '^ '.<"*. a strong stand f lust bulletin (1:45 a. m, (m, s firevont the German Nazi move••- ...... - mcnt from retting out of hand. f^o sent special Ins'rvctlws to po- ltr<» throunhout the country to enforce a ban against demonstrations orpropaganda. The pro-Naal mayor of»Graz was forced to resign. Six "Flying Fortresses" Reach Cristobal Today CRISTOBAL, Panama Canal ' •- i Th« inV-r'T ,. , , j Zone, Fob. 28 (UP)-Th<r six Unlt- tormancc was necessary. | The 103T slaughter Included one ed Slates army ,bombers returning While Martlnelll was being car-' sulphur, seven humpbacks, U nn-' from a good will flluht to South ried to his dressing room a doctor 'j^ks and 285 sperms. Largest In-j America, landed at "France field fe- " • s ressng room a ocor s. ages was summoned and was on the , dividual capture was a 70-foot mnl ° -"'«'-- -"-'- "-- • scene within a> few minutes. A call was sent out for another tenor so that Hie performance could conllnuc. , after a --hort - " risco installing New * i Crossing Signal at Steele F" STEELE, Mo.—Work has begun 1 by the Frisco railroad crossing signals for the crossing at Main street In Steele. j 'Some form of signal has been I requested by the city council scv- | eral times as there have been sev- i eral fatal accidents at the crossing. _--, ..„. „ .„ . vv ,. .„ wuuy «i«:i u snore sia male sulphur whale. One female ama.City. The „'«,« finback measured 71 feet. •-- - --• - -"- Weeos at Hint of Death Chair In Pan- leave for Miami before 3 a.m. tomorrow, pending a check of the motors. Four Waive Preliminary steady 'and "un-' ln Theft > ^SSory Cases Tctl Sparks, charged with burglary ond grflnd larceny In the Fnttnr, \ (hc!i of ft muslc m «chlne, and vutton ) Doyle Sanders. Chester Cato and k nf I Harold Caldwell, charged with ac""')— i'ccssorj- to grand larceny, waived 53 Texas Corp, , . . ...... 43 1- U. S. Smelt ..... ...... 0. S. Steel 55 1 Mar ... May ... Jul Oct ... Dec ... Jan Spots changed ... 822 ... 927 ... 933 Oil .... 940 ... Ml closed' steady at »3B. high low close 920 929 935 943 943 922 924 929 937 937 941 and anil were held to circuit court. All ot the four wore released on 820 bonds ot 51,000 each, pending their 823 appearance In the higher court. They were arrested by officers late Thursday In connection with the theft of the music machine stolen from O. M. Morgan's ware- hours on South First street Saturday night. 635 942 942 942 Will Be Courier's Show Guests Two persons will <bc guests of ithe Courier News at the RItz Theater Sunday or Monday to sec Joan Bennett and Henry Fonda In the show "I Wet My Ix>ve Again." Their names were selected at random from the list of subscribers of the Courier and appear in a small "box" at the head of the first column on the society pngc of today's issue. They will be entitled to attend any one rjcrformnnce of this show, matinee or night, either Sunday- or Monday. The only requirement Is that the "box" be clipped' from the paper and presented to the ticket taker at the theater, where they will he admitted free. Each day for an indefinite period the Courier News, through the cooperation of O. W. McCutchen, owner of the .Rltz 1 theater, will publish the name of some subscriber selected at random from Its circulation files, who with a companion, will be the show guest of the newspaper, The "box" will appear In the same location on the society page each day. Selection of \hese names will not ba cmiflned to those subscribers In'' Blythevillc. and from / time to "lime names will* be chosen from the lists of out-of-town readers,'including those residing on rural routes or living In nearby towns. "^ Wils Davis' Condition Is Described As "Poor" MEMPHIS, Feb. 26 (UP)—The! condition of Wils Davis, Memphis •"Homey and former Blythevllle, Ark. resident, was described as "ppor" this afternoon by attendants at Methodist hospital. . They said, however, that he was resting well and slightly better than yesterday. He was admitted to the hospital Thursday. Golfer, 75, Is 2 Under ; Age Par DEL MONTE, Cal. (UP)—Frank Hunter, 75-year-old golfer of Pasadena, realized his ambition when he shot,two strokes under his age. He made the outgoing nine to 41 and came in with 32, or a total of 73, which was two over par. AMIcne, Tex., Gets Museum ABILENE, Tex. (UP)—The West Texas Chamber of Commerce has moved into its new $200.000 office building here. In addition to offices, the building will house a museum, lounge and recreation rooms. WEATHER Mrs. Palricia Ryan, above, comely 21-year-old mother of two children, on trial in New York for the allsgcoV murder ol her policeman husband, bowed her head and wept when proseculum queried jurors on their scruples against sending a woman to ihe the electric chair. Arkansas—Fair tonight and Sunday. Memphis and vicinity — Partly cloudy tonight and Sunday, not much change In temperature; lo#eat temperature tonight, 48 to 53'. i .The maximum temperature hsre yesterday svas 47. m.'nlmum 27. clear, according lo Samuel p. Norris, official wyvther observer.

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