The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 17, 1930 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 17, 1930
Page 5
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.THUKSDAY, JULY 17 ' 103 ° RLYTHEVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER-NEWS PAGE They Share the Glory The Los Angeles Athletic Club, victorious in the National A. A. U. swimming and diving championships, here displays Its trophies and the Iwo individuals who wero almost entirely responsible for the victories. Buster Crabbe, left, established three new world records as his contribution toward the Los Angeles conquest. Fred Cady, right veteran coach, is credited with developing most of the club's point winners. The trophies they hold ave those for men's and women's championships. HE BOOKS SURVEY! By BRUCE CATTOX KEA Service Wrllcr and liien; but "Crucibles," *liilc it presents Its complicated facts clear-- - ^sj-:-e.-rr K^*^^^ fieri. There is a liberal education in these two books. "Crucibles" leads yon down chemistry's amazing path, frcm the dark laboratories of the medieval alchemists to rcoms of men like Thomson and Mosely, who discovered an infinite new universe concealed within the sub-microscopic alom. "The Great Astronomers" traces the development of astronomical- knowledge frcm the starry-capped astrologer;* 11 stands head and shoulders above tlie general run of such books and becomes, not only nil excellent slory about (he war, but high-class Ht- leiaturc as well. Henry Williamson wrote 11, which guarantees its merit In advance. It is not a long novel; bill U has more power llian a dozen o( Us brothel's, and I know of no oilier book lluil presents the brutal senseless, destructive nature ot modern war better than this ono does. John Bullock, private soldier, hero of Ihc book, becomes more than an individual, lie is Use common soldier incarnate; tlie common soldier cf all armies. \vho rcsixmded o something fine in Ills own soul nnd endured unspeakable inlamles, .tnspcakab!e siillering, unspeakable (iisillusloiimenl to serve an eiul thai grows less and less clear as lite long years pass. At ihe cud ot the book John Bullock Is slumping around London on one leg, the other one having been left along Ihe Somine somewhere. London Ls celebralisig the armistice; and a sllk-hatlcd, pompous cctebrator steps up lo John Bullock and remarks thai "England won't forget you boys." To which Bullock remarks simply, "We arc England." Thai remark—a trine too apt, perhaps, to eomc from tlie ordinary soldier—Is deeply, terribly true; and it is the especial virtue ol Ihis hook that H mak.?s you realize ihe lad. The book Is offered by E. P. Dutton and Co., and sells at $2.00. 50 Pages of This Novel Were (juilc Enough "Park Avenue" is by Cornelius Vanderbilt, Jr., in person; and I can think of no oilier reason on cartli for its having been published at all. TIw book Is a slory of high 50- ciely—a pililess expose, very likely, mitten by one who grew up in the Diddle ot It nil; but. It, Is, 1 mist, TS poorly-constriiclcd a novel as hcse tired eyes will ever look upon. Every hackneyed idiom, every shopworn cliche iu the lexicon of third- rate p.uthors is called into play, anil f you can struggle past the first 50 pages you are a far better man I han I am- I couldn't. j The Macaulay Company is pub-1 shiag the book, and the price Is Manila Watch Dog Mourns Death of His Canine Pal MANILA, Ark. (Special)—Alirok- en-hcartcd dog Is Tex now. His running male !s ileiut. The mongrel Damon mourns for Ills Pj-lliins. Rex cut Ills fool r.'.i n broken ylcce of u bollle lust Thursday, nml <lled from loss of blood. Ever since Tex has lieeri looking for Ills pnl. Hut his search 1ms Ijeen fruitless. Nothing interests Tex nny more. He comes up with his master fur work. Mr. George Shcdd, who owned Rex, nnd \vlio kept Tex, is the night, mursriiiU for the city. Now Tex does Ills nlghlly duties In a very mcclumlcal manner, for He 1ms not a bit of interest In what he has to perform. Ills owner feels tl:e some wny nboul the mutter, but work is woik, nnd luis to be done. Tex never Icnvea Mr. Shcdd while Ihey mukc lliclv nightly rounds. It^ts \vl'.o used to fear hhn, cuts who used to spit at him from Jiiyh, lufty iwrclies. now \vnlk past, llic iiioiinilus! Tex in coinuuriiUv'v sufe- iy. About a year ago Slicdd concelv- eUl the l(k><i of tii-iiiR a pair of German flwllcc dogs as companion in Ills lonely walks through the dark alleys ol Hie loivn. He borrowed Tex from Mrs. Mae 1'lorre. locnl posuuistress, niul bouglil Hex. 'IVx was tlireo mouths old, and flex luout two wcuks, Tex trc:itcU Hex us u big brother would do. 'He laughl him all (ho tricks lie knew, and defended him from liny larger dog, or spiteful child. Every night during the past year the dogs iiavc been wllh Shcdd. In (lie hands of the Ivio lifts the safety nnd the welfare ol Ihc town rested. Never was the wcuMicr loa cold or loo wet to keep them from patrolling the streets until d.iy- llght. Paid to protect the lives nnd. properly of the citizens, llinr were always to be found ul ilu'lr posts of duty. Shcdd had the two dogs so »•<•! trained that, he could make hi: round in half time. H« would patrol one alley, while the two mongrels wenl down the oilier iillry I'lly tlie iwor wrelch lhal (hose twi dogs caught after midnight in the forljUUIen alley. They would calch liiiu tuiywIiiTC Ihcy could, and lokl him until theh 1 mnslcr came ii|>- If he were lo resist the dogs ulgln do him some bodily damage. The oilier night Hex saw a rul |).iss by. Quickly ho left his master's side m pursuit of the rodent Tex ius right after him. Uut suddenly Hex quit Ilia chase, nml enisled under a car to lay down. Tex followed him and set on his luimclK's watching Hex. Perhaps he understood thai something wns the maim- wild his pnl. bill lie didn't inaki 1 any noise. When Shcdd slarl- i'd away he noticed llial .rfx was haiphig. He stooped lo examine Uie dog's paw, and found it covered with b!oo;l from a deep gash. He touk the womuled imlimil home and corded Ills loot. When he came back ui the illuming after work lie found lhal Hex had died, for he had icrkcd the cord down. Tex had al. ready gone away. ' .':• Only two-walk the streets where ;hrce trod not so long ago. Texils a sad dog. He misses his old pil ii lot. come and go, made as as Ihe ingenuity of their authors permits; b'.il for real mystery, real adventure and real excitement it is impossible to beat the sober record of tho world's great scientists. Tlie publishing house of Simon and Schusler offers graphic proof cl Ihis statement \vith two mealy summer books; "Crucibles," by Bernard Jalle, and "The Great Astronomers," by Dr. Henry .Smith Williams. There are two ways about il;ju owl , to the Eddingtons, Elnslciiis these books aro just naturally ex- nnd JcanSr wh(> pusn , 3() the borders citing. "Crucibles" lells of Hie ot infinity back beyond the limits world's great chemists and Ihe of human thought, thinks they have done; the other book, as its title indicates, discusses the wurk of the astronomers; each OIK lends you up to Hie brink of mysteries so profound that they make your head swim. I think "Crucibles" is the better booh of the wo. "The Great Astronomers" sutlers a bit from the author's elfort to make it "popular" ami becomes over-slinptlnV'd now $2. IF THEY. COULD ONLY PARK* j MEMPHIS, Tcnn, (UP)—Only 10 women were Involved in 400 traffic accidents i during tho first six iponths of 1930, Sergeant Hal V. Allen, motorcycle squad chief announced. "Now, If women could only learn to park a car—" was Allen's conclusion. A POINT TO THfS MANICURIST (seeing a man with badly scratched face): I feel responsible for that man's condition. Yesterday his wife came in here lo have her nails pointed.— Buen Humor, Madrid. It is hard to recommend these two bo^ks too highly. "Crucibles" winner of the $75000 Francis Bacon Award, sells at $5; "The Great Astronomers" costs $6. A War Tale That Is Also Ilisli- Class Literature "The Patriot's Progress" is another war novel; yet it is hardly right lo damn it with lhat phrase, for fc—^^—^^—^——^^—«• 9 , "Crush)' 1 'says: \Flirti you're Iliirsly us n lord, Hoi nnd lircrl niul tori o' lx>rc<! Orange-finish will make you fvcl Peppy, fresh nnd full of /enl. CMc3 rage-Crush Mad? frtftnjnicy orange* ttitlt sugar, fruit nciil, cofor and iralfr n titled x r — S>M irj-n.IJ wlicrctrr jou BCC tlir "Ou»lL>" *'fi" —«t all fountain. Ity the nil** — at all »l*niU and floret in the ** KrtnVly " Lotllfl J. Frank Beasley NEW LOW RATES to St. Louis & Return One way $5.00 Return $6.00 Good returning anytime within 30 days Southwestern Transportation Co. s Glencoe Hotel ' Local Agents Phone (HO For State Treasurer J. Frank Kcaslcy, formerly of .lonesboro and Walnut Rirlge, well known throughout .Northeast Ar- 'kansas as a successful btis- "ness man and faithful .Hiblic servant, is seeking the nomination for State j Treasurer. 3Ir. Beasley has from the first been an anlent good roads advocate, and did much toward tlie passage of the Martineau Road Law. He has been a supporter of the policies of the present chairman of the State Highway Commission, the Hon. Dwight H. Blackwood, and of Commissioner I .an Williams of this County. He wa.s one of the original supporters of Mr. Blackwood whose administration of the affairs of the State Highway Commission has met with the approval of the people of the State who believe in building roads that go somewhere. Efficiency Strict Economy Common Honesty A REAL CLEARANCE Of Summer Suits and Furnishings Hart Schaffner & Marx Dixie Weave Suits $25 Values These tw,o; groups are all 1930 patterns and models as created by Hart, SchalTner & Marx . . . they represent the very finest of styling 1 , tailoring^,and fabric and most of them have two pair trousers. These suits are not only appropriate i'or wear now but tor early fall us well. $30 and $35 Values $' Genuine Nurotex and Palm Beach Suits Smarty tailored of genuine Ncurotex and Palm Beach cloth and shown in a great variety of patterns, every suit with two pair trousers and all 1930 models. $16.75 4-PIECE LINEN SUITS Genuine Irish linen suits with and 2 pair trousers, nc;itly tailored in tho approved styles for summer wear, regular ?25 values. 75 ODD LOT OF SUITS This lot includes suits lhat luivs; been carried over for several seasons, mostly small si/.es, real haryains at 3-PIECE LINEN SUITS Linen ;iml Mohair suits with two iniir trousers, K'»"<! assortment (o select from, regular SI7.SO values. 75 All Straw Hatslat One-Third Off SHIRTS Manhatlan-Eaglc-AiTOW-Enro §1.50 Shirts $2-$2.50 Shirts $3 Shirts SI .15 SI.05 S9- 25 $3.50-$4 Shirts 55 Shirts $8.50 Shirts S 2 >65 S S" 65 EXTRA 30 Dozen 75c Interwoven Silk Socks §1.50 Values $2-<?2.50 Values $3 Values SI .15 St.65 $9-25 • A JL | <w 53.50-54 Values $5 Values §8.50 Values >.65 $*J.65 ££.35 Jantzen Bathing Suits'*4±" S 25% Discount MEAD THE NEW ''1

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