The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 17, 1939 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 17, 1939
Page 2
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lo Romanoff Party ' '- } PLYTHEVILMV'(AKK.r COURIER NEWS Milwce Cites Fine Record Of Loan Payments By j,j State's Borrowers With more than $4,000,000 of tbeh principal Indebtedness repaid, the great majority of the Arkansas borrowers of the Home Owners' Loan Corporation were en their Way to the debt-free ownership of theh homes as Ihe Corporation observed Its sixth anniversary this week. Nearly 700 of Us original Isuns i In Arkansas have been fully liqui-1 dated and crossed off the book, the HOLC announced, while moi than 1033 other borrowers wei in satisfactory, standing—their . ac counts current, less tlian thre 'ijaanths in arrearages. There wer ~595 other borrowers making nd justed payments • to keep their ac counts open, with a record of faith fulness In meeting their obligation which give hope that they, too will "come through." The Corpo ration's collections in April, a shor month,, were 99.3 per cent of bill ings and in - May, were 102 5 IK cent. "Tills is a striking contrast will the situation only a few years ago, declared R. P. 'Milwee, state maii ager of the HOLC. "The averag HOLC borrower, when refinances was two years in arrears on boll principal and interest ana betweei two and three years on taxe,s. Th breathing spell that the HOLC wa. able to allow has enabled thous ands of sincere home owners it Arkansas to rehabilitate themselves. Tlie HOLC's lending period enrtcc June 12,1930, and the average loai has more than 11 years to run according to Mr. Milwee. Yet the $4,G13,oao repayments <m principa UJyi .Arkansas mean that nearly 2 *Jier cent of tlie principal debts ti tlie HOLC in this state have beei repaid. ., The number of loans fully liquidated in Arkansas iis of Jun Stir was 60* amounting to $953,00 and 'representing 5.4 per cent' o loans In the state. "The HOLC has been forced t< acquire 135,927 homes in the Unite: States as a whole through fore closure or voluntary deed—20 pe cent of them in the lost category, said Mr. Milwee. "It has sold ove 40,000 of those homes, turned then over to people whom it is believe: will be good home owners in tin future. Only about 36 per cent o our foreclosures were instituted be cause- 1 of owners' Inability to-naj The rest-were-'nied because peopl had abandoned their-home r because of Ih death-of the owners.and th refusal of-heirs to assume'their ob ligations, or because borrowers wliu actually had : funds refused lo kee; up their contracts. ^ "Loans of HOLC borrowers froir ^jlhe nation at large were reduce< some $200,000,000 at the time o refinancing, through agreement, the HOLC was able lo make will mortgage holders. Those borrowers since have saved at. least $175, 000,000 on their interest payments— the difference between the 5 pei cent rate .and the higher rate tl hnd-on their'original contracts. "Tlie HOLC advanced $229,000,000 to settle up delinquent tax accounts during .its lending period. It since has advanced many millions more for the same purpose. The HOLC directed the spending of more than $70,000,000 to improve Ihe homes on which it made loans; it since has spent, another $50,000,000 to improve homes, it has acquired. Every dollar spent in this manner has resulted in improved neighborhood -value; and most HOLC borrowers, showi the advantage of putting a home in good condition, have properly , maintained them since. f j "Tlie HOLC went to the old of more .than a. million (distressed home owners, then' utterly without private:credit. When it is realized that nearly 85 per cent of those borrowers now own their homes are well on the way to complete ownership, or at least have kept up the struggle for several years andi-havc a chance of coming through—and only a comparatively small per cent remain in Ihe last category—the fact is a tribute to courage in the -face of heavy odds. 1 Ten Years Ago Today , June 17, 3929 W, Mrs. Ernest Roe and two daughters, Betty Lee and Mary Sue returned Sunday from a three weeks visit in Lake Village and Little Rock. Miss Ola Bob Harris, Lehman Glllespie, J. A. O'Bryant, and Mr, and Mrs. Samuel p. Morris spent Sunday in Jpnesboro as the guests of Mr. and'Mrs. Frank Love. Mrs. Harry Brown spent the weekend in Memphis as the guest of friends. Mr. and Mrs. H. A. Smith nnd son, Homer, spent the weekend in Memphis. Homer remained for a visit with his aunt, Mrs, S. S. Sherrod. Miss Leslie Williams of Columbus, Ohio, is the guest of her sister, Mrs. I,, c. Thompson and family. ~9 Tne first confirmation service •icre in. four years -was held Sunday afternoon when Mildred Lan& daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Win. Lang, and Charles Edward Joseph, son of Mr. and Mrs. Sam Joseph, were confirmed In the Jewish -•«-« in (.iiy uvv church. Rabbi Joseph Lclser Helena conducted the service. of Steele-Cooter Society—Personal Wilson-Gray Of interest at Stcele Is the announcement ot the marriage oi Miss Eula Gray formerly of Steele now of Sikeston to Jim Wilson ot Steele which occurred in the home of the officiating minister, Rev. D. K. Foster of Cnvuthersville, over . , last weekend. Only intimate friends attended the ceremony. The bride is the attractive daughter of Rev. and Mrs. Ira Gray oi Zalma, Mo. She resided iii Steele for some time being associated with Mrs. O. T. Story in the Beauly Nook Beauty Shop which wns destroyed by nre in Aprlt Since that time she has been cm- ployed nt a beauty shop in Sike- The bridegroom is the son of Mr and Mrs, C. c. Wilson, long prominent residents of this city. Pot some time he is employed at the Parks Chevrolet Co. They will Make their-home in Steele., ' ' • • * * .... Rotary Members and Guesls at Jteelfool Lake The annual spring and summer sented Mrs. Meadows. The hostess served, n dessert plate. * * * Jolly Eight Club And Guest Entertained Members of the Jolly Eight Bridge club of Steele and four guests were entertained by Airs Dan Steele Wednesday afternoon. The high score prize, club, Mrs. Willie Giau and guest, Miss Until McDaniel and Bridgo to Mrs. E. H. Watson. The guests were Miss McDnnlcl Mrs. G. G. Travis, Mrs, Marshall Cameron of Stcele and Mrs. Rodney Brasher of cape Glrimlenu, who Is the guest of her mother' Mrs. R. j. Talcum. Coca Colas were served during the games and at the close of the evening banana splits were served ed. Linda Jo Itishop Mr. and Mrs. Joe Bishop are announcing; the arrival of an 8!'. pound baby girl at their home at Mnplewood, 3; miles north of Sleele on June 7th. The baby 1ms been named Linda Jo. Mrs. Bishop was before her marriage Miss Lucille Williams of Sleele. '••"•• ' : : • 'i 1 -. ". *•, » * .- . The little daughter born to'Mr and Mrs. Hans BeccMngs on June 4th has_ been named Leah Tta\ Bcedtngs. by reading the collect. The next meeting will be held Tuesday, June 20 In the borne of Mrs. Helen Willis. Seventy Attend Eastern Star's School in Cily Seventy members of the Fifteenth district of the Order of the Eastern star lit tended the meeting last night which climaxed 'Hie school of instruction conducted here yesterday by Mrs. E. R Began of Luxorn, pnst worthy grand matron of the slate, who was assisted by Mrs. Geneva Fowler of Wilson, district deputy Brand lecturer. TVIru -0,,,,,,,, II , i, , "•-••'«-, UUKK.-S VVOOCiaKI 01 USCC- Mra. BoBim called the morning ola, D. s, Neal of Lepnnto W II session to order yesterday at 10 Glover of FrenchmmS Etayo. O rlnrlT A CIMMr r/llln.,....! I..: tv._ I,, ,-, ,. MV|..> iJUJUU, o'clock. A song followed by the Invocation given by Mrs. Fowler preceded the instructions on questions conducted by Mrs. Began. Engineer Says Mississippi Cotnily Co- Op Entirely Practicable «?''';'' , wo| W">li 1 «l feasibility of the Mfsssslu],! county Uuuil Electrl- lleation project Is excellent, In the opinion of H. B. Ue, nold on e iuw for Arknnsas. Oklahoma. Knstern s ana Northern Louisiana, who lins eomiiletcd his llrst lour of in- 6JOTIIO.I for (in. u,. oj ,, c i. H O W!ls icceiitly usslBiieil to this territory iiflrr ImvliiK t.cen for the past year In lie orilce of the Coordinator of JuigImwliig for the liiu-al Elcc- Irlllcniloii Administration in Wiisli- biglon. , Tllc " A " project consisting of 217 miles in t|,i s colmty (s onl tlll . beeliinhig of electrical development In MII :il Mississippi county, ac- IIHK to Mr, Lee, who nnnoune- cd Him llie niti, of (lie luirnl Electrification Administration Is lo serve every fanner In the county where lined or inoix; customers per mile will a,;roo | o |,iku electricltv, hlaHi's for l,r> m || M of i| ll(!s )mvc already been sot nnd ,,cliial .suiting oi the llni's will bciilii wltliin a short lime so Dint (lie lines will be complied by early full, R Is said. Only a small portion in the extreme; southwest pu,( nm | noi-u,. west |mtl of the jirojccl remain lo be staked. At least CO per cent of the customers' houses are now bslng wir- cd or contracted with an --— •- ~«>"> lll,lvll WILII 1111 electrical concern for wiring while the remainder expect to have tills done during the remainder of the summer. Many others arc expected to sign up before the lines are energized. The staking, which has been done by engineers under the supervision of p. j. pnvor, resident engineer, has been accomplished In record time, It is said. • Officials of the Rural Caopcr'nUvo In Mississippi county are: p A. Rogers, clear Lake, president; Charles R. Colcnian, Osccola. vice president; s. 15. Segraves, Luxorn, secretary and treasurer; H. 0. Knnpncuuergcr, fjlytnevitlc, superintendent; Mnx B, Reid, Ulytlw- ville, attorney; John G. Hoyt, of Lcnchnile, Lcachvllle ,„„,. „. Blytlievilie, Charles Lutes of Bly- UiDylJIc, James Wooclard of Oscc- Jahn p. Benrde'ii' I 3 . H. Raspberry , *•" "njv»n, ,in\l W. E. nngan of, olhei members' of the board of directors. Mi. Lee Micsscd the fact tl.iit I). , - -* —Q siicli slates ns Iowa Texns Ohio For luncheon, Mrs. J. A. Saliba, and Indiana, where power .as orthy matron of the local chap- ken available o a nmita- of T, was .hostess to Mrs. .Bogan, ycn.s, the uiral elecUlnca on ill Ji'frS J"V*»'i«f- ILI^.I- <*ri« _ r f, .. _ I . . _ viv-^vijuniUUMI m. online held by notary members Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Godfrev and their wires'was held at Reel and daughter. Belt,, nf sL... nl,? foot Lake, Tenn. Wednesday nigh when sixteen members and fifteen guests attended and reported a very enjoyable time.' The list included Mr. and Mrs Baxter Southern, Mr. and Mrs Jerry Holly, Mr. mul Mrs. T. A Haggard, Mr. and Mrs. , Mervln Wells, Mr. and Mrs. J. R, Morgan Mr. and Mrs. P. W. Coleman, Mr •mil Mrs. J. W. Heno, Mr. niul Mrs Russell Fiakes, Mr. and Sirs. Wm A. Carter, Mr. and Mra. Lee Yoa- ;er, Mrs. Ruth Ijiwhon, Frank Harper, Carl Barrett, Sain Hntnra 3 hilli]) Koury Al Jordan, Leyot 1 Saris, and C. S. Allbrittou all of 3teele and Lloyd Meadows of We- umka, Okla. xvho is the guest of Mr. Earls. Most of tlie members and guests vent over in the afternoon. All re- .urned Wednesday night. * + * Hosless to Jolly Eight club Mrs. Toin Burns was the chanting hostess lo her Jolly Eight Bunco club of Cooter and two , Mrs. Tom c. Lewis and Miss Jo Wright nt her home Thursday night. The high score prize at bunco went to Mrs. Lewis nnd the )lher three prizes, bunco, travel- ng bunco nnti low went to Mrs Torn Perry. The hostess served pineapple uiidac, angel food cake and Coca took' Club Mrs. Lee Yeager, charmingly en- erfained her Tuesday Rook Club nd one guest at her new home In >teele this week. Mrs. Cecil Brown IBS the guest. After a'series of Rook games ie high score award went to Mrs Baxter Southern, and low score to liss Ruth McDaniel. At the close of the very pleasan' veiling tho hostess served sand- viches, pickles. Ice box pie with •hipped cream nntl iced drinks * * * >nu;hlcr Bora Mr. and Mrs. Ralph . Barnett re announcing the airivnl of a 54 pound baby girl at their home Vednesday night. Tlie baby has not been named. This is their second child, the ther being a boy. Mrs. Barnett is ie former Miss Pauline Blackborn * * * mcsl of Club Mrs. Lloyd Meadows, of Wetum- a, Okla., who fs the housegiiest f her cousin, Mrs. Leyon Earls, as guest of the Tuesday Bridge ub when they were entertained i the home of Mrs. Robert Bteele r. Uiis week. Tlie high score prize t bridge went to Mrs. Jonnle hodes who was presented n deck f cards, Mrs. Raymond Brooks re- eived the low score prize, toilet ater and the guest prize, lovely and daughter, Bctte ot Sayre, Okla have arrived for an extended visit with Mr.-and Mrs. Q. C. Wagster and other relatives. Mrs. P. E.-Waters was a visitor in Cariithersvillc yesterday afternoon, she returned by Tyler and visited Mr. and Mrs.' Homer Walers. Demonstration Club News Notes ...._....,,_„. ,„.*,!,, ,v,uiy (UN, wived a saiau Dial/' \viiii boxes of handkerchiefs was pre- «1 tea, The meeting i-as closed Club Has Luncheon Members of the Rocky Home Demonstration club hart a dutch luncheon Tuesday afternoon at the home of Mrs. Annie Patterson. The 15 present included two new members and two visitors. Various members of the group demonstrated hairdresslng. The recreation period was spent in playing Softball. The next meeting will again be a dutch luncheon July 11 at the home of Mrs. Emma Rogers. Anyone interested in becoming a mem- 3cr of the club is invited to attend this meeting, officers of the group said today. * * • Club Has Dress Revue Twenty-four members, including one new member and five visitors attended tlie Yarbro Home Demonstration club dress revue in the lome of Mrs. Albert Hollingsworth fucsday afternoon. Roll call was answered by answering the question "Would You Jkc to attend the rest camp?" Tlie Woman'/s Creed .was read and 'America" sung. Mrs. George Bunch gave the devotional after Mrs. Ross Moore read a won. The card of thanks presented by he club to the school directors and cachers for their cooperation dur- ng the play tournament was read by the secretary. Miss Cora Lee Coleman, county tome demonstration agent, discussed the live at home program, rest camp and the canning of ntits and vegetables. She also appointed ft rest camp committee. Fourteen dresses made for the evue were Judged by Miss Virginia Simpson, home economics teacher n the Blytheville schools, and Mrs V. A. Stickmon. Mrs. c. E. Parker 'ho received first place, will carry dress to the county revue Picures were made of the women nodellng their dresses. During the social hour, games vere played. Mrs. Hollingsworth ssisted by her mother, Mrs Stlck- served a salad plate with inl'n of the local "chapter, Ml'isl T of-'r- 1 Cora Lee Coleman, one of (lie ficere selected to serve at las'. night's meeting, ancl Mrs. J.'Walter Hill of Lepanlo, past worthy Matron of Lcpunto chapter. | fills. J. E. rjaltcrson and Mrs. Stickmon entertained die same group for slipper Inst night at fhe' I'nllcrsoii home. . , The afternoon session was call-' cd lo order by Mrs. Fowler after I which Mrs. Bogan, iissislcd by Mrs. Fowler, directed Die examinations. Mrs. Saliba presided over the meeting last night for which representatives from chapters throughout the 15lh district were selected to serve ns officers. Members from the Lepanto, Joncsboro, Osceola and Luxora, Manila and Monette chapters were among those nres ent. After the work hart been put on rcfre.shm.enls of punch and cookie.' were served. At The Hospitals Blytheville Hosiiifal J. A. Mudd, Danville, Ky., admitted. Walls Hospital Mrs. Opal McClure, Manila, ad milted. Valtie Edward. Patterson, city, admitted. Nnrila Davis, Manila, admitted. Mrs. Ray Reynolds, city, dls- Kay Tiplon, Manila, dismissed. Memphis Si. Joseph's Hospital Barbara Dudn, city, admitted. Billie 'Dudo, city, admitted. ••COURTS A number of divorce suits have been filed recently. Waites Garrison seeks a. divorce from Davic.Lcc Garrison, charging desertion. Mclvin Klter charges desertion in his action against Vcrc Klfcr. Percy A. Wright is attorney for the plantiffs. Sue Hollingsworth charges Indignities In her suit against W. A. Hollingswcrth. Bon Mct'ourtncy is her attorney. FACE THREE. IWHEAT-Along the Farming Pront-COttON v 'jjH-J..-i—. --r- -t.iT-rn-j.- ..., ~. . p.. Tfrjj^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ t | >r . ^ , ' > £ «o r Zc,7L°/ t Imrvom of lm i) )nu 700 million bcIs' i nifiht: 75-ycnr-olcl Francisco Ixwuno of Mis on year, poses with 424-poum) bnie more u oo modi ™ nf n.. if ,o yie.d n B ' 8ht U)lal U " S ' vhe ' at "I"" m ' rapcr cr °P ° r 1838 - ) coUo " tor lhlrd consecutive Hie people have tiiken more ad- viinliii'e of the fncllltles offered Ihcm by tlie Kiimi Electrification Admlnlslrnllon for the development of rural lines. The adviuilnBC.s of cooperative electricity lin.s been proven since the first days of the Hum! Electrl- ncntlon Administration set-up nml many projects are operating under Rurnl Eloltrlncalloii AOmlnlsIrn- tion supervision which.nre models for all farm electrification, he snlil. The people have found out through experience the great benefits they have received by cooperating lo- Bclhcr for their mutual good, he continued. Mr. Lee pointed out Hint there «ve 200 uses of electricity on the farm nnd on innny projects 60 p»r cent of the farmers have portable motors mul luvvc electrified their farms almost completely. .He staled that the advantages of cooperative electrification' had been put to use less In the- state of Arkansas thuii most anywhere else. He explained the fact that people arc Just now beginning to develop rural electrification lines In tho stnte of Arkansas and this wan caused by the fact that the people in general knew less of the lulvnntngcs of cooperative ulfort to secure electrical advantages 'limn elsewhere. However, he slated In the first project In Arkansas, which Ims been electrified less than a 5'ear, shows promise of being one of the' best In the whole Rural Electrification Administration system. Mind Your Manners Test your knowlcdrt of Mrrecl sodu^ usiiKi! by aiuH-rrinf the fol- lowlne (|Ufs(loits, (hen chtcklne ajnlnsl (lie iiulliarHutlvo answers below: . 1. If you write a Idler to your Senator, how should the envelope be addressed? 2. jf-you wrlle a business letter to a woman and do not know whether or not she is mmi led, Kliould you leave on the Utlo on the envelope? 3, In addressing a letter to a - youiijf jimji of high school age should you write Mr. before- his name? 4. Should a yoims woman sign her name "Miss Janet Hay" when writing n business letter? 6. Is It good laste to write, letters to public figures and not sign your name? ,- > What would you, do If— • You are addressing an envelope to a physician— % (a) Wrlle "Mr. James Orny"? (b) Write Mr, James Gray, M.D."? (c) Write "Dr. James Gray"?, ' Answ«r» . 1. The Hon. Ralph H. Smith. 2. No. Write "Miss- Mary Brown " 3. Yes, 4. No. Unless she puts the "Miss" In parenthesis. D. No. Best "What, Would You Do" solution— (c). Tire exerts believe lliat the ronr tires on cars driven over'lmrd surface ijcads wear out just about twice ns foitVis the fioiit tires. Featuring His Stars of the Radio .4. WALTER " CUMMINS NEW ARMORY Sikcslon, I\ln. Thursday, June 22nd 10 p. m. lo I a. in. Subscription $2.25 advance Tax fncluo'ed 52.75 at the Door Tnx Included Secure Tickets from T. C. Dye Sikcston, Mo. or O. W. McCiildicn Blylhcvllle, Ark. Dollars Saved Are Dollars Made Anti-Knock Gas Genuine Ethyl 73-f Octane, Gal. 80 Octane, Gal. 13.Sc 14.3C _ _ (All Taxes Paid) SPECIAL LOW PRICE—100% PURE I'fiNN^ SYI.VANIA MOTOR Oil—TAX PAID 2 GAL. CAN ; )Uc Highest Quality Products at SAVEON GAS CO. 4 Miles From State Lino Holland Mo HARDY PERENNIALS "I love my garden, but I don't have much time and energy to spend-on it. "You've probably noticed that most of it is planted in hardy perennials. They come up by themselves every year. I can depend on them — and I know exactly what they're going to be. My mother taught me that ' ' ^-»«l hardy perennials are the way to have the nicest garden in return for the least effort." Advertised products are much like the hardy perennials in your garden. You ktiow you can depend on them. You'll find that buying advertised products will bring you the greatest values for the least expenditure of time and money.

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