The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 19, 1930 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 19, 1930
Page 2
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E, (ARK.) Activities^ ' and News 'of Woiften ">•• Hall, TUtfjn* iWprthiniton,. Maii- r%e ,B»nso«p. 8u«.-Butt 'and Mary orginlKd Ladles soc. „ r __ Lutheran church will '; tjn«t;'«t-2;30 o'clcok at trw home • w;itr».'H.. j. KUesdist; 1130 west *•-*- : «t«et. "••>/;;;;. rs. 0. W. AffUck hiving Thurs- :; day Luncheon club:\^'' :, \Toum' liatroniv club'party with "v Mn. Matt MoDifbin']r. '•. ' h Ladles Aid society meet-' '. lug with Mrs. Mfltbri Sternberg at >7;30. o'clock. ' : : •. r ... ; :; ;'.. Ulu litude Cuittson is having a :!,.:.brldg« party at t o'clock. ;.- ' ' .>, Annorri Parent-Teacher wsocla- ,^ ; Uon'al UK school at 3 o'clock. *"•' Mrs. H. U. AdUniou entertaining • '-• the Thunday Rook Club. *' ' ' ,: M^ulc"'department' of the Wo:- men's Club i- meeting', at the club hOUSt. : . "...' '.,'• • ' ' --. --Hhi^ W.. U. UcKchile and Mrs. •T.. G. Sea! /sponsoring•' a .benefit bridge and rook, party at Cathcjif: eocial haUi at 2:30. o'clock. ' VtnUon, - Mrs. Leslie Hooper, assisted by Mrs. Oeorf« w.' Dllla- Christian Endeayor iopiely of • the First Christian church the croup met at the social hall Tueiday eve-' nlng, dress, "Cultvlatlng : the -Appreciation of Good Literature In Adolescence," Mrs. Marsh M. Callaway; address, "Th* Value of a Study;: Group," Mrs, O, N. Haw- kif- • ' ..-.C. M. Gray, program chair- inari,- arranged the program. '' egate to the state convention at Kon smith December S, 6, 7. Miss Gladys' Barham and Mrs. J. Cecil Lowe did a tap dince duet, Miss Helen Lowe- gave a i^lano solo and games were played In the tn^lal Knit** " CtoV'!*eeU:: ' " . ; Mn.:R»y .Worthhigtcn cnUrtalu- ed members of the Tuesday Rook .club aaH Me»*uheVo. W. Beale of Little Bock, .Virginia Keck, Eva T. Morrison, Marlon ' WUllams, M. FlUsunmor.s,. W. • H. Easley ami 1 Herman Cross; Yellow predominated Uy the color motuT with yellow" and whit* '•: chryianthemums ;.»r- ranged In, tow; bowls among ! the , P, T. A. Ha* a Gacd Attendance. At the meetltng of the Lange Parent-Teacher -assoclatlbn Tuesday afternoon these numbers were presented in the program: piano aolo, "Tlie Japafe'eft;. Doll Dance," Bara Pauline Evrard; a Thanksgiving play, pupil* of the thh-d grade; poem, "The Pilgrim," Bessie Sue Arwood; song, "We Cele.- brate Thanksgiving,", pupil* of the fourth, fifth and- sixth grades. Mtss Gladys Hardtn's room won the dollar prize offered for the best attendance. The count showed that this was the best attended, meeting of the year. social hour. Sandwiches and were served. ' PraM-Wrifht. The. marriage Ij'nd Mrs. 1'oarl Waij and eon D"" • - •>'.-•- -• ' The womans. Missionary 'Union ''of tl« First MethodUt churcli h' regular .DMi'Wesl, son r,f Mr, B West Ir fo'raerlv ' f 1 ....' ' ',.. _ 'y. MethodUt churcli heid'itj mecllng Monday ; guest. Twenty-two new; pa.stor, lesson oh "Co-op- much aUoti. . C Mrs J. A. Leech motored to May- flcjd, Ky.. yesterday to accompany her faUu-i, Dr. P. Flint of Orange hot ciwcolnte : Cal i to this city. Ho lias b«en ill i hospital Uiere for Mrs. L. Howton, Mrs. D. P. Crcuch- anci Mrs. W. L, Begars. Mfisdamos M. Summers .and : WEDNESDAY/ NOVEMBER-' 19, tended by. twenty-five members or Wright, of KenntW, Mo,, and Mr. Elmer Prultt, of Hiytl, Mo., took place . htre ,Tue»d»y. Justice R. L. McKnlght rlerlormed th« ceremony, Marcus Evrard transact«d;..lju5l- o! Mtss Jewel ""3 In Lttlle Bock Monday,''-. R. A. More returned laj;-. ninht 1 Tlie same shade ..was', seen in the ' salad plate. ••'.•' ' •' • • - '"Members oi ; the Tuesday Luncheon' club,, which :o!teri meets at night to the', fall season, were : en-. 'tertalhed by. Mrs.' George L. Muir ... last evenhij; for, a, delectable two, •' tntnu and bridge ' . bourse: dinner ':'•'•' gaine. •'.,. Mrs. Bernard Gooch,won a scarf . Tjfor tne'pni*. ' "' '.' •. . •' .».-«•'.» ."To tfare Party •••''. . " :.-.''.:' ; ,»trs..T..G. Seal and Mrt. W. M. r.McKentlc are sponsoring a bene- 'S' : ?'Si bridge, and rook party Saturday '.', . iftemoon at ,Uie Cathriie social f.''' h all for . . Uii . school 'of the. church ." " - at the Imnjacultt* Conception. '"' vations 1 in»y be ; made by 8Mr or 798 .W: : . i; • '-' '• " •• ' ' "• * ' •'vjji'Mlis Farink '-'Ma* ,B^l(qrd .of; . -;- ^Brownsville, iTap.', .w»'.. '£ the. '?>Hpuseguest .ol'.flt«sJ?E.'piiJ ; Terry, ='" i -^-' 1 -- honored.ijuest it a lunch- darby Mrs. to, Ellis at e on the Memphis hrsii- L. L. : Hall, Bib Mostly Personal Clab Hu GnesU, rMesdamPs Everett B. Gee, Edgar- Borum, W. D. Ohamblin, Jr., E.. Miss Ada Duuavant lias returned from Paragould where she spent the weekend with her parent*. Maurice Rosenthal spent Sunday In Paragould with hU parents, Mr. . Mrs ' Hosenthal. D. Glllen, Elton Klrby and ' Mn. I . Charles Ovoss, of Memphis, is Earl Koontz, of Springfield, MO., the guest of Mtss Pauline Lang for were juesfs of Mra.'M. A. Ba»c» wveral, days. . when she ^Iso entertained the . Mr. and Mrs. RUey Jones have Tuesday, Bridge Club. „ uielr guest Mrs. Jones' mothevi In the -contract bridge, Mrs. Mrs. Walter G. Card of Wilson: Hunter p. Bims won hosiery for Mrs. Jones was in that city yes- club honors ana the guest award, terday and Mr. Jonea motored i a. double deck: 61 cards fn a lac-, down lor, tliem last night. Officers, lor next year were elected as follows: Charles Hampton, president: Irma Bumners.'.vlce president; Martha Ray, recording tec- r<?tary; Pauline Rodgers, corre- jpondlng secretary; Lyman Slied- dar< clwrlster; Lillian Florida, pianist; Mrs. Andrew Flctrida, Bible' readeV's leader; Gordon Hampton and Beatrice Rose, group captains. M.?«i)f,mes j. T. Ccston, Geo. Rauies arid John Cramer were joint hostesses-to the. Clirlstlan- Workers, womans. f.rganlzatlon of the First Christian Church, which met at the home of Mrs. J. T. Costoh for a social meeting. Miss Fmuife Nichols lead the afternoon's devotional lessen arid Mrs. Qco Diclw- son way In charge of an entertaining program for tlic social hour. lisf piinri'h !./.». u in, t -i—'' Re(r f sru nents were served to slx- ist Cliurch 1-crc wllh a harvest and teen members home coming social at Mrs. Sura- I nremDers -. . , lier's home, the function being at-' Women members of the First from Fulton, Mo., whore- hi-attended business for « few days.' Mrs- r. A. Roblnson,-who 1$.'critically Hlj is no better today.' v.- : Mr. and Mrs. Fred, Brovroraiid Mrs, Louie B, Story are In Memphl:; t-/lay. '•.-•' .•! Frank Bird, of Little Reck, a membor of the firm of Robinson. House and Motes, attended to-''business hero yesterday. .••.'•'• ! Mrs. Harry Klrby Is visiting rtla- i lives In Paragould today. ••. ''i • Mrs. C. G,-Hires Is 111 ; at l:.:r | home frn Division street. Mr. and Mrs. O. W. McCutchcn will return this' afternoon from a two days business trip to Slkei- ton, Mo. ' '•.';' Dr. and Mrs.' Paul L. Tip Ion bave as theu- guests today Mr., and Mrs. Tom Suggs and Mrs v MatUc Todd, of Dyersburg, Ter~"'"•'••' What Mrs. Dougan Says A bout the Successful Hostess quered box, went'to Mrs. Chamblih.! Ihc hostess served delicious refreshments. • *.'••. . Xo Present Play. ,, , : The Olrls Reserve of the city high school,,In a meeting 1 Tuesday afternoon, decided to present the nlflV. "Tlin fiiirVnn' 1 at ' «>i nnrlti play, date. 'The Cuckoo," at' an early .Martha Lee Hall, Mildred Moore and Elizabeth McLean were appointed to prepare posters for the event and Elizabeth Burnetle and Vlrglnja Nurm will collect money. .This pUy was outlined by Mildred Moore and another production, "Class bay Conspiracy," was given by Icle,.Shepherd. Pictures for the annual were also discussed. . • Tuesday^ •. >ber home' '..; -way. .--.,. . , -.J 5 Guests were: . Mesdaines •= « Ward, E. M..,. Terry, A. G. :'. SGwirge W. Barham ,'-i: b. ;vSbropk,.R;.L. : pedman,;Miss Gladys : .- 'Barham, Mrs. '. A^ F, ! Barham and 0 Ssori, : >rank; bf.Osceola, little June ?. »6aiirley Barham,. oI^Marked /Tree. •j:" Pastel shades' -showed ln..the'dcr. ' illlcloui two course "menu served' at ,. ; *»" table which 'hid' cannas and -• jEweetpeas -for the centerpiece. •• - ' -"' *'' "- :• 'V' : ". -*'-',*• *'• - • '• . -. ; . , E TbaaksfMnc Profram : 'T.-.E.' 0. f. ,Has aut and \! the reguiar monthly business meeting of >ihc OSenlor Jr 1 *. ,.*'•' "* 'i?* • '-" Mr. and Mrs. Fred Warren and daughter, 'Margie, accompanied by Miss 1 Pauline Lee, spent the weekend,in Gates and Halls, Tenn. Mrs. May L: Aldridgc , is In Greenwood, Miss., for .the wedding of her niece, Miss Catherine Bledsoe,-to Mr. Ed Jones, which is to be brilliantly solemnized tonight She will return tomorrow. Miss CM a-Bob Harris was in Paragould yesterday where she has a dancing class. Judge G. E. Keck and his court stenographer, Charles Partlqw, will go to Marlon .Monday for circuit court. Mr. and Mrs. E- G. Btetiler, of Tyrcnia, and, Mis! Irma Oliver, of this city, left Monday for a 'motor trip to St. Louis and Kansas City. i'hcre U-.2y -will visit relatives. They, expect to return Saturday. •'".-: N.- 1 J. Humphrey, of Tyronza^. Is 'spending several days with his \ cnta/hl^ sister, Mrs. C. M. . J. ; The 11 members ; of the T. E. L,' f Sunday school class;' of the First r. Baptist church heard a "T^ianksgiv " i'lng program'jih'Jtfie meeting nis :£ evening aj ' the 'fcliujch'."; '.- : '' g; Mrs. eiajfles. -.New-comb, presl '5. dent, Ied:,tee;;devotldfnRl. ' i f?" : FoUowlnjj":«'' 1 shoj* business 'ses J siou . refrisluncnta^'wcfe se^ed In ' V -• : • - : . . • . .;.The prsfrfeni of^'uie/Scnlor High . f EChpol' ParohtrTeachEr association ••• ^Tuesday af tern obn]f was gtvert ; at •'•'•' j! thei auditorium /with these Yium- -.bbers: Current Events,, Miss Stlma ; jj.Lenti a&sisted/by Misses Carolyn PLAIN Clothes •\ i You'll /earn to and sert)e niany new at Christian Pa.tor Will Speak at Temple Israel All the Thanksgiving seniice of '' the Temple Israel Friday night, 8! o'clock, the Rev. E. K. Latimer,' pastor of the First Christian phurcli, will be the .principal speaker. All members and friends of,the' congregation are urged to attend this, special service. ..'-'. : "No good hostess would think of pffending her guests. A had cup of coffee sometimes'DOES offend, even tlioiiKh the hostess does not realize it. CofFea lovers- arc generally critical of their favorite drink, for that reason take no chance, choose: Four Lea£ Coffee Baptist church were e ucs!s of the;school• of tlie hostess^,,,,,,,, WwnanBi MiawnaryUnlcn at a toe- For the final meeting tu IK it be-'' fcl. meeting., held at-the home of ginning at 7:30 o'clock and contih- Mrs. Ada Butler Monday afternoon, j ulng for.45 minutes, she will sirak A dellghttul social hour followed on "Applying Every Day Methods the Royal Service lesson ft, the to the Sunday School.Teacher afternoon lead by Mrs. C. C, Boiven. ««ier. Says Happiness Should Be teacher's Philosophy That the' philosophy of a tcael:- er should, be happiness was urged by Miss Willie A. Lawson, county superintendent, to 75 teachers' and adult members of Sunday schools who attended ( the second, of a series of lectures at the- First Presbyterian .'church last evening. "Create happiness In'others and live it In yourself If you w'aiu to be Successful" was the tey'tiote of the interesting address. Looking at the Sunday school teacher from a purely professional viewpoint Is the .general, theme of the three lec- tures'sponsored by the Sunday (isli .. • without smoke [anil with tut improvement In the flavor] -"Cold •'Weather .'Demands a. new, : ' >rardrobf!: This ..year it.aiso'Hvil! mean\T i'grcatcV'economy'in care -. of the w;ardrobe. Many ;pf oypiir last, season's igarments may. be .made ..:BerviC£ab}e 'and'present- ;;able b} ; airip'to , ^I^^SVK^-M: •'•"" '--Phohfi'rieb/.J. fog Schfyjl this you can get many new'piecet of silver and Fosloria Dinnerware here to enhance the beauty oj ^youriable. All Moderately Priced tore tlielish.-Then I put Crisco into ! -the constant attention frying would if I were to use only a little fat. • '•• • •'' V -'.;•: '.•}" '.".' -^.Ijml the frying paii iyer low licat. As soon as Crisco is melted, I put in a small niece of bread. •' • "" J - . "•• As soon as Hie bread sl.irts to brown, I put in the 6sh. Cook slowly until the fish is nearly done; .then turn to brown the oilier side. With plenty of Crisco iii the frying pan, 1 can turn tlic fish easily without breaking, if I wait until it is almost done. Mrs. C. A. Tillman, Tornalo was admitted lo the Blythevil'le' hos pltal today. Mrs. J. M.- Uoiielas Kennett, Mo., and Joe Billy Me- Haney, city, were dismissed. TOO tATE TO CLASSIFY WANTED - Sewing. Reasonable prices. Mrs. C. O. Brandon, 115 West' Ash. PK-24 NOTICE November 29th, 19M.-I will j two mare mules about sixteen . hands high, weight around 10 pounds, that I have tnken up a [ posted en November 8th, 1 Wlll sell said mules for feed pensas. Said sale will Burdette Store at 10 A. M. cash, • Hazel Gordon by Cook, 'J.' p. Mrs. Dougan Says: The Laundry will do it better" 4t' 1st ram the Crisco back into the cmplycan through chccspclolh or a fine sieve. Then I can use. the Crisco for tlie nest Ihing I want to Fry.. Crisco doesn't ntry tli« flavor of one food to.:thc next; Furthermore, Criscp itself tastes siycct and fresh, just as H comes.from its nir- light can. And, when you (omc to tliiuk of il, should you ever fry in a tat you arc unwilling tnl.ietj>? COOKING SCHOOL NOTE by Mrs. Myra Oliver •'Dougan •;In UiB cooking school I conduct th'is \veck under the auspices ot the Conner News, listress modern methods of cooking. Naturally, then, I use and recommend CRISCO—for it's a modern shortening. ..—Mrs. .Myra Oliver. Dougan. W L ashwoman Here, it is, nino -o'clpik, and her absence grows more noticeable with every • passing minute. For shame, madam! Would you begrudge'':*, laundress her holiday? Would you even so much as disturb hur. beauty nap? One must be charitable, even with the. delightful : prospect of doing one's own was.hihg as a sequel to charity. Of .course, there's-one-way out of the whole mess. Lift the telephone and murmur 327. A laundry (ruck \vill respond at fire department sjiced. Let its driver relieve you of yotir washing burden. -Let your temperament resume its wonted tranquility. And let your laundress ;;slumber.. till the cows come home. Phone 327 Laundry

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