The Star-Democrat from Easton, Maryland on September 25, 2001 · Page 11
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The Star-Democrat from Easton, Maryland · Page 11

Easton, Maryland
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Tuesday, September 25, 2001
Page 11
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said he was doing more, expanding the list and demanding that other nations and banks follow suit. “We’re putting banks and financial institutions around the world on notice,” he said. If they fail to assist, the Treasury Department “now has the authority to freeze their banks’ assets and transactions in the United States,” he said. Wall Street showed signs of optimism for the first time since re-opening after the attacks. The New York stock exchange gained 367 points, reversing roughly one-quarter of last week’s 1,369-point drop. In a spate of actions announced during the day, the administration ordered airports and airlines to redo criminal checks and scrutinize employment histories for baggage handlers, food service workers and other employees who have access to airliners, ramps, tarmacs and other secure areas. The order came more than a week after officials lifted a ban on flights imposed in the wake of the attacks. In other actions, the administration: • Extended Sunday’s moratorium on flights by crop dusters, viewed as possible weapons for chemical warfare. It will be lifted at 12:05 a.m. local time. Attorney General John Ashcroft told Congress that one suspected hijacker had shown interest in crop-dusters and that another person now in fed- eral custody had downloaded information about the planes from the internet. • Announced the Coast Guard was beginning checks of the identities of passengers on inbound ships. • Announced that all Reservists and members of the National Guard who are called to active duty will have their home mortage interest rates reduced. The government invoked the 1940 Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Civil Relief Act to re- quire all Federal Housing Authority-approved lenders to reduce their rate to a maximum of 6 percent. Mortgage lenders also will be prohibited from foreclosing on military members’ home loans while they are serving on active duty, and renters cannot be evicted. The Education Department announced relief for reservists with student loans. The investigation ground on. Ashcroft said 352 people have now been arrested or detained in the investigation of the Sept. 11 attacks and another 392 people were being sought for questioning. Bush’s comments about the economy came in the Rose Garden. “I think when the investors sit back and take a hard look at the fundamentals of the economy, they’ll get back in the market,” he said. “I think the consumers will realize life is going on.” Tuesday...Northwest winds 15 knots. Waves 2 feet. Tuesday night...Northwest winds 10 to 15 knots. Waves 1 foot. Wednesday...West winds 10 to 15 knots. Waves 1 foot. Tuesday...Morning showers likely. Becoming mostly sunny in the afternoon. Highs 70 to 75. West wind around 10 mph. Chance of rain 70 percent. Tuesday night...Mostly clear. Lows near 50. West wind 5 to 10 mph. . Wednesday...Mostly sunny. Highs 65 to 70. Wednesday night...Partly cloudy. Lows near 50. Thursday...Partly sunny. Highs in the mid to upper 60s. 0,1,2 minimal 3,4 low 5,6 moderate 7,8,9 high 10-upvery high T ODAY ’ S F ORECAST E XTENDED F ORECAST T HE B AY F ORECAST ; U LTRA V IOLET I NDEX C HESAPEAKE B AY T IDES E XTREMES I NFO S TAR 3 3 F REE I NFORMA TION S ERVICE Call 410-763-9300 410-228-4151 Dorchester or 410-810-0900 Kent County (Enter four-digit selection) WEATHER #1030 TIME AND TEMPERATURE #1000 MARINE FORECAST #1212 Sponsored by Easton Point Marina TALBOT SCHOOL CLOSING INFO , #7000 BALTIMORE DC Dorchester Talbot Caroline Kent Dorchester Talbot Caroline Kent Maryland Today FULL MOON LAST QUARTER NEW MOON FIRST QUARTER 60’s 60’s 60’s HIGH 67 LOW 51 Chesapeake Bay Pooles Island to Sandy Point BALTIMORE WASHINGTON, D.C. AREA FORECAST FOR TODAY EASTERN SHORE AREA FORECAST FOR TODAY Provided by THE STAR DEMOCRAT T W EATHER Tuesday, September 25, 2001, Page 11A CHESTER — The Chesapeake Exploration Center at Kent Narrows will get $40,000 in state funds for upgrades. A news release from the governor’s office said the state Board of Public Works voted Sept. 19 to approve $40,000 for the exploration center. Funds will come from the Maryland Department of Natural Resources’ Program Open Space. The exploration center provides Eastern Shore residents and visitors an opportunity to learn about the importance of the Chesapeake Bay and its tributaries. “This attraction gives visitors a unique educational experience and a first hand look at the ecosystems that make up the Chesapeake Bay watershed,” Gov. Parris N. Glendening said in a statement. “These upgrades will provide more convenient access to the exploration center and the newly-opened Cross Island Trail.” This is the third project funded by Program Open Space for the exploration center. This phase will include the redesign and realignment of the center’s parking area to accommodate an expected increase in visitors. Many people are expected to use the recently-opened Cross Island Trail’s direct link to the exploration center. The project will provide parking for the Queen Anne’s County visitors center and conference center. Upgrades will include paving, lighting, landscaping, benches, regrading of the site, a realigned entrance and enhanced access to water views. The project will further promote the skipjack, Anna McGarvey , displayed in front of the exploration center. DNR’s Program Open Space provides funding for Maryland’s state and local parks and conservation areas. More than 3,000 county and municipal parks and conservation areas have been built through the program. Exploration center gets $40,000 grant REGIONAL Briefly LOTTERY National Temperature Extremes High Sunday 111 at Gila Bend, Az Low Monday 19 at Tower, Mn TUE., SEPTEMBER 25 SUNRISE 6:55 am SUNSET 6:57 pm Eastern Standard Time High Low High Low St. Michaels 11:36 am7:29 am——— 5:50 pm Easton Point 10:55 am6:47 am——— 5:08 pm Denton 2:14 am9:59 am2:07 pm8:20 pm Chestertown 2:44 am10:01 am2:37 pm8:22 pm Oxford 10:55 am6:47 am——— 5:08 pm Cambridge 11:06 am6:46 am——— 5:07 pm Vienna 11:56 am6:09 am——— 5:58 pm Hooper Island 8:54 am4:46 am10:02 pm3:07 pm Kent Narrows 12:17 am7:59 am12:10 pm6:20 pm Wye Landing 11:49 am7:46 am——— 6:07 pm Centreville 2:07 am9:36 am2:00 pm7:57 pm Queenstown 1:53 am9:13 am1:46 pm7:34 pm Matapeake 12:28 am7:39 am12:21 pm6:00 pm Love Point 1:31 am8:42 am1:24 pm7:03 pm Bloody Point 11:08 am6:43 am——— 5:04 pm WED., SEPTEMBER 26 SUNRISE 6:56 am SUNSET 6:55 pm Eastern Standard Time High Low High Low St. Michaels 12:44 am8:23 am12:40 pm6:56 pm Easton Point 12:03 am7:41 am11:59 am6:14 pm Denton 3:15 am10:53 am3:11 pm9:26 pm Chestertown 3:45 am10:55 am3:41 pm9:28 pm Oxford 12:03 am7:41 am11:59 am6:14 pm Cambridge 12:14 am7:40 am12:10 pm6:13 pm Vienna 12:32 am7:10 am1:00 pm7:02 pm Hooper Island 9:58 am5:40 am11:00 pm4:13 pm Kent Narrows 1:18 am8:53 am1:14 pm7:26 pm Wye Landing 12:57 am8:40 am12:53 pm7:13 pm Centreville 3:08 am10:30 am3:04 pm9:03 pm Queenstown 2:54 am10:07 am2:50 pm8:40 pm Matapeake 1:29 am8:33 am1:25 pm7:06 pm Love Point 2:32 am9:36 am2:28 pm8:09 pm Bloody Point 12:16 am7:37 am12:12 pm6:10 pm FULL MOON LAST QUARTER NEW MOON FIRST QUARTER October 2 October 9 October 16 October 23 BALTIMORE (AP) — These Maryland lotteries were drawn Monday night: Pick 3 3-3-8 (three, three, eight) Pick 4 8-5-4-2 (eight, five, four, two) Cash In Hand 04-10-14-18-20-23-27 (four, ten, fourteen, eighteen, twenty, twenty-three, twenty- seven) Let It Ride 1-1-6-6 (one, one, six, six) These Maryland lotteries were drawn Monday afternoon: Pick 3 5-5-7 (five, five, seven) Pick 4 2-8-0-4 (two, eight, zero, four) Maryland they could be used in a biological or chemical attacks — a ban that was being lifted at midnight — and also asked airports and airlines to take new precautions with their own workers. The FAA ordered that workers’ identifications immediately be verified, followed by new checks of employment histories and possible criminal backgrounds. The order affects tens of thousands of airport workers who have access to secure locations in airports, people such as baggage handlers, food service workers and mechanics. “We are requiring revalidation of all airport I.D.’s to make sure that they are genuine, current and belong with the person they are with,” FAA spokeswoman Rebecca Trexler said. In Florida, court records in Broward County showed one of the 19 hijack suspects was wanted on an arrest warrant at the time of the attacks. A bench warrant was issued June 4 for Mohamed Atta for failing to appear in court on a charge of driving without a license. Atta’s Florida driver’s license was revoked on Aug. 23. “There’s over 200,000 warrants in the system,” county sheriff’s spokeswoman Veda Coleman- Wright said. “So naturally, you’re going to make sure you’re going out and getting those wanted for murder. This is not one that’s going to jump out at you.” In Virginia, an FBI affidavit filed in federal court alleged that as many as five hijackers — Hani Hanjour, Salem Al-Hasmi, Majed Moqed, Ahmed Saleh Al- ghamdi and Abdulaziz Alomari — went to the Department of Motor Vehicles in Arlington, Va., on Aug. 2. All five were at the office that day to “conduct transactions relating to Virginia identification cards,” the affidavit said. The affidavit alleges that Villalobos and a second man — his identity not revealed because he is a confidential witness — signed identity papers for the hijackers. The affidavit said Villalobos, using the alias Oscar Diaz, signed papers certifying that Alomari lived in Virginia. Alomari has been identified as a hijacker of a Boston flight that crashed into the World Trade Center. The second man, a confidential witness, signed both a residency certification and an identity affidavit that was used by Algham- di to obtain an identification card, the affidavit said. Alghamdi has been identified as a hijacker of the second plane that struck the Trade Center. The affidavit said the unidentified local man was standing in a parking lot near the motor vehicles office along with several other men, including Villalobos, when three men approached in a van and asked for help in getting Virginia identification cards. Villalobos and his acquaintances then drove together to an attorney’s office nearby with the others following. The papers, which can be used as identification for getting driver’s licenses and state identification cards, require the signature of a notary public. As for the crop dusters, Ashcroft told the House Judiciary Committee the FBI had gathered information raising fears the small farm planes could be used in a biological or chemical attack. “There is no clear indication of the time or place of these attacks,” he said. Ashcroft said that Atta, one of the hijackers, had shown interest in crop dusters and that another person now in federal custody had downloaded computer information about the planes. J.D. “Will” Lee, 62, general manager of South Florida Crop Care in Belle Glade, said Monday that groups of two or three Middle Eastern men came by almost every weekend for six or eight weeks before the terrorist attacks, including the weekend just before the assaults. Lee said a co-worker, James Lester, positively identified one as Atta. In other developments: • The Coast Guard is requiring that incoming vessels supply local port officials with the identities of crew members and passengers. “We want to identify individuals and cargos that should not get into the United States,” Capt. Mike Lapinski said. • Nabil Al-Marabh, 32, a convenience store clerk arrested in Chicago last week by an FBI-led terrorism task force, was transferred to New York following four days of questioning, FBI spokeswoman Virginia Wright said. • A San Diego Zoo security guard told the FBI she recalled finding a metal case at the zoo several weeks ago that may have belonged to suspected hijacker Hanjour, zoo spokeswoman Christine Simmons said. The case, which contained identification, some other papers and possibly cash, was claimed from the zoo’s lost and found. The zoo kept no record of who claimed it, Simmons said. • In the crash of United Flight 93 in Pennsylvania, the FBI has determined from the onsite investigation that no explosive was involved. Passengers on the flight said in cell phone calls that one man had what appeared to be a bomb strapped to him. Suspects from page 1A Bush from page 1A blown off a Home Depot store, and a church also lost its roof, Prince George’s fire spokesman Chauncey Bowers said. Rescue crews at the university were checking to see if people were under fallen debris, Bowers said. A collapse rescue team from neighboring Montgomery County came in to help. The same team helped find survivors after the Sept. 11 terrorist attack on the Pentagon. Windows of a campus dining hall were blown out and a clear path of downed trees, power lines and debris stretched out from the university’s northwestern edge. In Laurel the roof was blown off a building at Laurel High School. The tornado touched down at about 5:20 p.m., as part of a storm system that stretched along the entire Interstate 95 corridor between Baltimore and Washington. The system tied up traffic throughout the region during the evening rush hour. Tornado from page 1A A car lies overturned in the wake of a tornado that tore through College Park Monday. A tornado ripped through the University of Maryland and nearby communities, killing at least two people and damaging numerous buildings. AP LASERPHOTO EASTON — One man was arrested and one man is still being sought after an alleged burglary at a local heating and cooling business Sunday. Easton Police received a call Sunday that two men were inside Thomas Pierson and Sons Inc. after hours. While an employee unlocked a gate, two men ran from the building into a wooded area near New Springhill Cemetery. Police found one of the suspects, who police say resisted arrest attempts and threatened to cut officers with a knife. Officers arrested 19-year-old Easton resident Christopher Michael Fay and charged him with fourth-degree burglary, possession of a deadly weapon, failure to obey the lawful order of a police officer, resisting arrest and three counts of second- degree assault. Police say they found a razor in Fay’s pocket. Police also found that Fay was wanted by the Worcester County Sheriff’s Department for failing to appear at a trial. Fay was held on $3,500 bond at the Talbot County Detention Center. One arrested, one sought in burglary DOVER, Del. (AP) — These Delaware lotteries were drawn Monday night: Play Three 8-3-2 (eight, three, two) Play Four 1-1-7-5 (one, one, seven, five) Lotto 03-09-11-14-23-28 (three, nine, eleven, fourteen, twenty-three, twenty-eight) These Delaware lotteries were drawn Monday afternoon: Play Three 1-5-7 (one, five, seven) Play Four 7-6-7-8 (seven, six, seven, eight) Delaware

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