The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 11, 1936 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, May 11, 1936
Page 3
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MONDAY, MAY 11, 1936 JT[ ELUDESplflE Kidnaper of Louisville So- cicly Woman Escapes G-Men's Grasp Ily NKA Service WASHINGTON—The 1 ''nrdened Balusters, the crafty killers who turncil to tlic lucrative "snatch racket" two years tiyo are nearly nil dead, or In prison, today. The relentless pursuit of the Department of Justice G-men ha,; limited (hem clown, o»s after nii- olher, until wlml looked like a rising menace seems to have IWMI broken. Only one major kidnaper remains at large, and department operatives here are someivhra chagrined by tlic fact that he is a .slight, soinewlnil elTcminatu youth of 29. who never killed or even shot anybody, and whose mind is alleged to wander in the dark borderland between sanity and Insanity. He is Thomas H. Robinson jr., and a concentrated search since Oct. 10, 1934, 1ms never even conn- close to catching him. On Unit day, Berry V. Stoll, Louisville, Ky., oil man, returned 10 his suburban home about 5 P. M. lie entered the house, and was greeted by the sight of the Stoll housemaid, gagged and lied securely to a chair. lie frantically released her and listened in horror us she told how an invader nml beaten his \vifc. Mrs. Alice Spaed Stoll, and carried her away in an auto. She was 111 and was dressed only in a nc-gligec with n fur coat hastily thrown over It. $50,000 RANSOM ASKKI) Stoll rushed to n neighbor's .and called police. Returning, lie found a rambling ransom note demand- Ins $50.000. Scon after, another ransom note named Thomas II. Robinson sr., and Mrs. Thomas II. Robinson jr. of Nashville, Tenn., as intermediaries to whom the distracted Stoll was to pay the $50,000. Federal agents naturally suspected Thomas H. Robinson jr.. the son of the one and the husband of the other. His fingerprints coincided with prints found on the ransom notes. Agents who shadowed Mrs. Robinson trailed her from Nashville to Indianapolis. For n few hours'in tlrat. clly, she eluded them,..and when they picked up the trail again she had started to ,reU'rn. • * caught npV with her ""at Scbltsbtire. Hid. Loth Mrs.'' R o b5 inson rind Mrs. Etoll wore'in the cnv. The few hours unobserved in Indianapolis were enough to effect extJian& of the I'annom money for Mrs. Stoll. IDENTIFIED BY VICTIM The released kidnap victim identified. Robinson from photographs as her kidnaper, and told how he entered their home by posing as a telephone repairman, threatened her witii a revolver, and struck her twice with a piece of iron pipe when she tried to reach a gun. Both Mrs. Robinson and the kidnaper's father, Thomas Robinson sr., were arrested for complicity, but acquitted. They said they co-operated in getting the ransom paid only because they thought Robinson jr., was a maniac, and they feared he might kill Mrs. Sloll If the ransom were not paid. Apparently Robinson committed the crime alone. Very little of the ransom money has ever turned up; how and where he lias been living remains the only important unsolved kidnaping mystery of the last two years. Robinson had worked as a legal clerk and also for the Stoll Re- fininj Co. lie was once sent to an asylum for a 30-day observation period, but was released. Examiners disagreed as to whether he was 'crazy. IS I-XATALE IMPERSONATOR He was also charged at various times with impersonating an officer and with a robbery. He is known to be an expert at female impersonation, and is believed to have resorted to this ruse in escaping detection thus far. Though six feet tall, -he Is slender and fair, with blnck hiilr and gray eyes, and his pale face and unusually red lips have been noted. Some Tennessee doctors called this "last of the kidnapers" a plain case of dementia praecox, a definite form of insanity. Others said he was merely a victim of "psychopathic personality," but was not insane. Little is known of the progress of the two-year hunt for Robinson, except that it has been country-wide, nnrt that repeated rvmors that he had been cornered in California, the Twin cities, in Ontario, and in Tennessee, all came to nothing. One by one the famous kidnap- ing cases have been solved — Lindbergh, Bonn, McElroy, Hamm, Factor, Luer, Bremer, Urschcl, Gettle and Weyerhaeuser. All that stands between the G-men and a. clean slate Is the twisted brain of a slender, lonctv young fugitive from all the forces of Justice. BLYTH^VILLE, (ARK.)' COUIUER NEWS Journey's End For Hindciibnrg on Maiden North Alh PAGE THREE nilic Flight Dwarfing mast at the name to pinpoint dots the members of the landing ercw, the i;iant. Hlndonljiu•• Imns-AUinllp nlrlhur .1, „ . , , , Lakehurst, N. J., having completed the .1381-mile vovisc IVom Prl, IrCi , ' h '"""" " s "'"' Wlllt """ ll> fllsl '" "'" ------>>>^^^ __ . cabin mny be seen Ihe windows cf the pnssenjer <|ii:irters. ~ mooring Hi'iH'iUli tuiiiiol After Arabs Venice] Mainine Ualred of J "^".iT""*"-"— — T — mT ,,, vm O c\vs Moves Up From Twenty- Fifth Place to TweiUy- Fourlh Among Stales WASHINGTON, May 11. : — As the result of an estimated gain of 144,518 in the five-year period IMO-as, Arkansas is now twehty- fonrtli in population 'among : the stales of the union instead of twenty-fifth, according to n census bureau report. ' . Arkansas went ahead .of Kansas and Mississippi in population, the bureau believes, but South. Carolina went ahead of nil three, lluis' leaving Arkansas just one 'notch up in the population standings. Mississippi is one of ten states for which the bureau reports an actual decrease in population despite the fact that for the country as a whole the five-year period resulted in an estimated gain of 5,000,000. Other states registering i decreases arc Michigan, Wisconsin, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Montana. New Mexico, Arizona...and California. ' The bureau estimated the population of Arkansas as of .July 1, 19.35,'at, 1,903,000, compared to the official census figure of '1,854,41)2 as of April 1, 1030. Woods Baby Dies Funeral services will be held at the family home this afternoon for the infant daughter of Mr and Mrs. D. P. Woods of the Holland community, who died at 7:30 o'clock Ibis morning. She is survived by her parents and two . brothers, Willie nnd Freddie. Burial will be made at Coleman cemetery. The Moss Funeral Service is in charge of funeral arrangements. , Property Transfers Warranty Deeds George p. Kirslner' to Byron Morse and R. P. Kirehncr, frac- (jonnl half of. section. 24, township 10 noith, range 10 cast. Byron Morse and II, 'p. Kirsh- uer 'to Aubrey CJomvay, fractional half of section 24, township 1C north, range 10 east. Arkansas Grocer company to J. J. nnd Emma Johnson lot 18, block 24. Blylhe second addition to Bljtbeville. ' Addie M. White and W R White to Fred G. Rclclwl, lot B block I, Chicago Mill and Lumber company second addition to Blytheville. 'Hie "singing 1 ' of katydids Is achieved by the rubbing of their Viings. KEROSENE r5> IN JiAKKKL i C J,OTS GAS 8c A MARTIN OIL CO. Stecle, Mo. 2'I Hour Service STEWART-WARNER REFRIGERATORS NO MONEY DOWN "COSTS LESS- RUNS LESS" BROADWAY SALES CO. I 11! S. Broadway - Tc!. Ill I Burned (o the ground by. Arab rioters on the border line scwnalins Jaifa nml Tel Aviv the ruins of a Jewish tenement house • testify Io the intense hatred thai brought renewal of their bloody race war Firemen were kept ; as busy .e.xl!n S nl S l,n 1B names as police were In quelling riols that caused the death o, 19 persons and injury of .scores, tlie rows of chnrrcd bedsteads In' [lie ruins iibm-c [ell of'the . • . crowded conditions under which the brlldinu's inhabitants lived. Drunken Joyriders Assessed $10 Fines Five men, residents of Iho Lone Onk coimiuinlty, were- fined $10 each by Municipal Juilue nuyle Hendcr.son llii.s morning on their plens of fiiillty to ulmrnes of iiublic (Irnnki'iiness. Tlic men, a])purenLly Imbibing freely, were on n. Simdity afternoon pftyrlde wlicn n box cnuftht under the axle of their new car as they were riding OH Hli>hway til (North Sixth .street:. It, wns lifter Ihey had climbed out of their cur In an attempt. Io remove Ilic: box Unit llti'lr condition ^tt- Imcti'd the attention of others nnd Sfovvifr Clarence II. 1 Wilson wus fiin'iiimmed to (iiko them : Into custody. Believes House Will Override O'l) j'cc lions to Overtoil Measure WASHINGTON, May ll._Ac- wplimrv by tlio hOuso oftlicOvcr- tuii Hood control bill for thu low- n- Mississippi vulley by a "cli-rtr mujority" and the defeat of any i>lli'ni|)(s to - inui'iid tlic bill to piuvltlu for eonslructlun of rcsei 1 - volrs by (he dame majority Is [iiri'si'tn by OoiiBi'cssmnu W. J l)rlvi>r of Osecolii,' Ark., one of Mm principal sponsors of the Mirp. lie measure hus been nlluckcd miolher ; Arkunsiis n'piv.ienlu- . .l»lni !•:. Mlllt.f, as a "(iiiuro n iloltislon" and Miner ims. iuiunrrtl Hint ho..w|ll seek Io Inch re.'icmilr i>iniM)diiie,nt(i Io bill, which . him imsfii'tl ih,. Expect 200 Will Take Missouri Pharmacy Test Mo.-Cml, H.isklm, propilctor of Ihc Mcahee- Atlnma IJiUK stoic here .nnd a member of the State; Pharmacy bcurd, lias announced Hint tbo board will hold the next -slato board examination' In Cnrullicre- vlllo on Jiiim 22-23. It Is expected thnl a class of (it H'iiKl 200 will bo hcro-for the cxiimlniitlmi. After this cxnintn- ulion upplleiiiits for pharmacy registration will . be required to attend and gmtlunlc fronr co\W. Since hotel accommodations are lniuli'<|iin!<! n drlvu Is being nnido. to .sct'iif,' taljIncjH lu 'prlvniyj liiiiiii's for many who will take Hie examination. MIC Town 'Orders Beards For Pioneer Day JFete .ORNTIiAI.lA, Wnsh. (UPJ — Against the women's wishes Ccn- truliu men will wcur wlitskers before nnd • during Ihc city's annual Pioneer Dnys celebration, AUK 7, « nnd 9. Objections voiced by Ihc women were dial- the beards look bad. The celebration committee submitted n referendum when Iho question wns dlfipiilcd and the- V(4e was 280 111 favor mid 270 annlnst. Tlie men unist let their beards BLOW or pay a line. "I urn .sure tlio homo will bo >:ulilc'd by the recominoiulnUons ol llui iinny eiiBliiwrs, ralhcr Minn by Hie unsupported claims i'f iiiy ijood friends nnd colleiimies ttlui are not engineers," Driver ."aid, Driver quoted from testimony of Mnj. Gen. K. M.. Murklunn, chief ff urmy enuliiecrs, thnl rcservolm on Ihu Arkansas and Wlilto rlv- j m wonl<l not end tlio necessity if the KuclOLii tloodwny, one of llnee proposed In the Ovnrlon nensnre. lirlver will nol opposu . 1-e.scrvolr |ilnn If such Is proposed by Uuxsi) now eiiBaned iti milking n stirvcy at Iho r«nic' nf I'lcsiilcnl itooscvcU. Caruthersville High Will Graduate 66 Thursday OAUU'rilERSVlfjLB, Mo,—Sixty- i:lx lil«h sclioul nonlois will receive dlpliiniiis a,l exercises next 'Miui-Ktluy liviiiilng, Mny M. gy,.,.. ell•Heeves, ]!resldenl of the selioo uosril, will tiwurd ihu illplomiin, Thursday liflonioon i\t .3. o'clock 59. C'lBlilh gniilBm will. recflvo ccr- tincalL'.s In ihu ijminnu'L school audltoi'iiiiu. liucciilaiirealo ncvvlcc.i for: Ihc lilf.h school : were- held Gimdny iilghl. al. tlin high school luidltor- imn, Hie liny.- W. :,. Meyer, pastor of the Kaslwood Memnrlnl Melhoillsl churcli, delivering the Canithersviilc Pastor Is Royal Arch Chaplain MO.— TIW Rev. w. I,. Meyer, pustor of the Ka.stwood Memorial Methodist Church of this city, has been flirted drum! Chaplain of the isrnml clmpli'r, Royal Arch Mil- sons of Missouri, the election tak- IIIK 'pine* at tlio recent stnto of Masons, held in Jefferson City. ( , Malayan mils crows streams by rolling into luuje balls and float- h)g across. Itcpulatltin The cpnndcncc people lm\o In nii\ck-i:i-iiuuhi. built up fiom satisfactory use ha many yeais, Is shown In its bolus handed on frcin oui! gciiernllon io another. It must be good to have such n slroni; follow ln,j "We have used Dlnck-Ur-niiglit (or twenty ycaii,," wiiles Mi . TicJ lllchuid.ion, of Ilnrtshorne, Okla. "My inolhei has used It for fifty yoars. it is the best medicine I know anything atom. I take It for sour stomach and coustlprv- llmi. or when 1 feel and bail. ntaek-UrnuiUil Is splendid t» regulate HIP bowels, UransliiK Ilicin of waste nuillei, itddlni; them of constipation I expect to use It twenty-live ycara more If 1 live and It ulvcs snilsfiic- lloti us it liu-s nlunys given" —Adv. 2111(11 Drs. Wert & Werl Ol'TOSIETUISTS Over Joo Isaac.! 1 Storo "WI! MAKK 'KM SKK" n Phono MO • RITE P KICKS Every dny nn , Food, Flour. Meals, Qioccilrs, Ficih Pailtf, nml Produce, Fancy nnd Staple, any quantity. l ( '(ir .ciinvt nlenrr isr ofTcr "l*ro- llt Slmrltij; •Vrotucllvt' Orcilit" Come In or Phone RITE PRICE GROCERY I'linnc 231 \\'c UctMr 111 K. Main , In <Hil 1'. O, Bhhr. ... CAMELS Busy Americans Find Smoking Camels a Plensanl Aid That Holps Digeslion io Proceed Smoolhly — Increases Alkalinity! s O. D. GLADWELL describes operating a pneumatic drill. "This battering ram is tough on'th'c digestion" he says. "I just smoke Camels, and Camels set me right'" AT THE MAYFAIR ROOM of the Book-Cadillac Hotel in Detroit, Camels are a natural complement to perfect Jining. Paul Fischer. (f'Sf't) says: "A glance around our tables proves that those who appreciate quality hive made Camel cigarettes their first choice." LIGHTNING SPEED of ptllie Mrs. Etlicl Arnold {atari) depends grcally on digestion."! smoke Camels with and after meals," says Mrs. Arnold. 664 JUMPS-ihe record of Joo Crane {alionf. lie says: ''Camels set me riglitl It's just natural for me to turn to dm els for digestion's sake." METHOD USED. The evidence obtained by scientists definitely establishes the fact that smoking a Camel increases the flow of the digastivc fluids. The importance of this ia facilitating digestion is a matter of common knowledge. accos; fsx? • Camels arc made horn liner, MORE EXPENSIVE TOBACCOS...Turkish and Domestic.,,than any other popular brand.

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