The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 25, 1938 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, February 25, 1938
Page 8
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PAGE EIGHT BMTHIilVTLT.,13 (AUK,)' COURIER NEWS Go On, Toot That Horn, Torn' Is Here To Slay, Say Schnicklefritsws Reads Newspapers By All- Day Moon, Suffers from Mosquiloes •BY BIHTV JAXK FERGUSON' NEA Sfrviir stair (.'urr NEW YORK. ivlj. n.-E Knows thai this Arctic is Of tlie mltfnlgiit ,s,m'' but lew realize II Us also th<- land of the all- day moon. Just us the sun shines for six months sklmmln» u,o horizon al midnight nnd rls'tn* | mme . Uiately (o begin ft new <lay. so the moon slilncs sttndlly the other s>lx months, its light in so sll . ollt , lhlll one can road a ttewspancr Uv It Mrs. N. Wilfrid Champagne,'wite o! a Canadian government official In faraway Fail Smith, vcpoils. "We have one of your chief torments," she says. "Mosquitoes. Probably becsuisx? their lives arc shorter, they arc much more pernicious, our summer ivuchi-s a temperature of.eighty degrees ami they breed by the minions In the. bogs. we have ( 0 deep with netting • around our beds but even then, the hungry creatures get thiQn'jh." » In the winter ouch number of the family Is tucked into an eiderdown sleeping bag and zlpnwl snug by the last one to go to |JN|. But then the good sanmrltnn li:is i the Job of zipping himself into place. Live in Frame Houses • Seven white ftimilies at Fort Smith live In wooden frame houses. Tepees still serve the in'llnn as Ills plif.e of shelter, when ihcsc become too dirty, the Indians do rut c i ... »K- m .j| w j U5l m)| . ool ,| lem and transfer lo n new locution. "Our Indians nre n pretty sad M,'as a whole," snys Mrs. Champagne. "They seldom unites. A squaw -buying n new dress will put it-on right over her old ones, so that sometimes she wears sis or seven. They skin Ilipir animals by gnawing at. the pelt with- their teeth.. • "Eskimos on the other hand, are very clean. They undress each night and wrap themselves In furs, when you go to visit an Eskimo he mnkas you welcome by offering you an enormous piece or dried fish. You couldn't possibly chew through tt because It's so tough; so you just fasten your teeth on a corner, nnd the Eskimo cuts off the rest close to your lips." Aside from 0)6 nirllne noiv connecting Port Smith with the outside world, there are the dogslerls. toe ,old standbys of the frozen north. The dogs are never taken indoors, summer: or winter. When n bliv.- aard blows up, they arc cut. loose from their traces so that the drifting show won't, smother them nnd they can find their own shelter. People.stay indoors when the dogs are loose. While one dog will not attack.a man, two or more might. .:The ; only law of the land Is that provided by the roving Roynl Northwest' Mounted. Police. They are: greatly, feared uy the-Indians who ..respect their swift .justice. •'.'Our bodies, our minds and our ; ••/"Slang" Aesop ;^ Hale at 72 ' RchnlcUlcfrllMs Corn r>:mtl, IPU lf> njtflt: Ki'ji Trlskn ill drum: Stanley I'rJlls, fourl- loiic, trombonist and jutr man; .Vcls l.aakso, rornrlht (Jn front 'it .Trills and J.aakso Is flic "comr.inffnn"); Charles Koenic hull fiddler; Fredillo FIslier, oiler anil comcllsl; I'aul Coo- anil arraurcr. ihink "corn" n swing. Is) ditty, knows a tiling or two About corn himself. . , ...._.. ....j Aiiywny lie I.-; trained with play siverrt and they play hoi. bm MUM the SelinickletilUes their i fit- siiei-lalty or the sclmlclik'rritos ! clmiice in Hollywood, and It Is corny musi::. nmi (hey sinv can ' lio who introduced ihc-m at The SchnlcklerrltMis :ue six joiing mt'n from the mrnilnnd.s of Minnesota bill lhi>y nlso arc one of the best-known novelty bmuls In tile Unileil Stall's bemuse of their phonographic records iili;| their eel- Hist was ; .studio when they arrived there the other <lay. in one of his characteristic oratorlcnl niBhts-to-nowhero Mr. VnlJcc wild: "Having heard of the band I looked them up when I got to St. Paul because t knew Hint these boys really had something nnd mv curiosity, was piqued no end when tl that tickets week In tul- vu- Hundred Hoar State Oi-f/anixa lion Official Here Ihursday i <;. II. (SiKildiid, assistant state •)1 11 club will., was the guest sneaker ill Hit mmrlerly meeting ol the N'orlh Mississippi County 4-H club council held ;a the court house y. Tl!<w were 110 members nnd lociil lenders present l;otii club, ut Armorc], Uluckwtitc-r. Brown, Kkron. Forty »iul El;jht, Gosnell. Mulf Moon, Hull man' Lone Oak, New Liberty, Promised Land, Khady Grove nnd Yarbio. Ail of (he ciiibs but five were represented. Miss Eileen Hagcn of Ilullinan, H-crenry, presided In Ihe ubxenci.- of tlie president. James McOhee, of Forty and Eight. Much Interest was shown In the talks by Mr. Glllilnnd, wlio praised ) the work being done here, by Miss 1 Cora Lee Colemnn, county home demonstration Hgem. who discussed "Financing Poultry Projects for •I-H members" and D. s. Lanlri|>. i county agricultural aueiii, \vho lold ot how to Bet a loan to buy a reg- j Istereil purebred Bill, A number of tlie members plan Clubs urc Doing in Arkansas" Mr GlUlhmd said In part: "The enlhuslnsm shown by (lie dub members themselves at this conference is one of (lie best examples of (jcc'J work that I have -seen anywhere in ihe state And tlie fact thai the boys ana K Ms themselves nre actually doing their ow;> tlfjb work is also evidenced by the reports given and pans •"ken (in tiic pi'oijrain by tlie tlub members. There was also evident "f iscxid rooperalion of local lenders and parents, whlcli is probably one PTiTDAY, FEMUARY of Uie n-nsons that Mississippi County leads nil other counties In the slate in the number of boys nnd girls taking part In 4-H Club work." "H is (lie nim of 4-H Club members to try to show to their par- CMs and to other people In Uie communities that they are inter- i'*ted in doing worth-while things and (hey aru asklnf; that Die udiiHs visit their projects and al- tf-iKl llif-lr dub metiings and also ask them questions iiboul iliclr 4-11 Club work. In tluit, way ih»v will he :ib!e (o diolr own pro- Apple pie Is the favorite of Uu> American nation. Blueberry pie runs a close sesond, .' Have some 2x1, 2xC and 2x8 twelve anil fourteen feet lout,' cypress lor I sule al S^2.50 per thousand dellv. \frti In lllytliMllle. ; fl. (,'. CAUDIIJ, 1 I'lioiie TJ7 stovepipe hat and ImitnlirijT a train ' -•Hack In Wfnona, Minn., 1 1935 he !° l mr< ' lin£e IJa ' J V chicks In a |)ro- BOt Ihe Schnicklcfrltzes together uiul tor n year they . bnmsionncil vance. but i looked up tlicii' mun- . 10 minutes. Vallee sat down uiul . nnd Ihe Schntekl ftest. Some ol (he/ critics In .slick- paper ma s aa!nc.s iilveaily have com-, l got there and 'fouiu meiited on them res|)cctfully. so Imil to be rcsci-i-O'l u finy dny now you can expecl to hear "cwji" liuilcd us mi !>f(-form, nniil- yacd and Interpreted by highbrows, and plfiyed by Slokowskl, If tills happens, the Schnickle- frltzes will liave iintldiiuled the vogue because they already have a song that goes. "Mister Swing lias had his dny; old mnn com Is here to stay." '"Corn" is hick music. In dance band circles U is anything oUI- fashloued. If you coufd make an arrangement combining: the rhythm nnrt execution of "Turkey In the Stnnv" nix) "Jn-Dn," yo»'<l have corn. CreilU Mr. Vallee The boy.s are out licre lo appear In "Gold Diggers In Paris." nlons with the Warner nroUicra' .ilock company and Rudj- Vnllce. Mr. played. through several stale's. One nisht a iihonoijrapli record salesman named Elvln Clivistmaii' heard them and persuaded his campany to muke a recording This was done reluctantly after Ihe musicians paid their own fares to Chicago. The first record sold above 50.000. Next the boys went (o a beer warden In St. Paul, ncfused a salary of $300 n week, (hey Dually settle;!: with Ihe inaiut-jcmcnt for 20 per cent of the first $2000 receipts each month and 40 per cent above that. Quicker than you could say Schnick- "V - '^-""".-B.ii:iii«i-!i piayeu. yuicKcr than you could sav SchnicV- " l They were worn, waiting for. The! lefrllx. l hc , vere , ockctlng $SOO(I " mllllbcr sextet owns and uses C3 iuslrti- n week as their share cirishvm nlso hcalU nidlta lllclllf llir nil ll.n ,, t .,,..l „.,„.. !,...,„. ,...,. . """"" VjllllSUlUll jeci. .sponsoi-cd by Ihe lllylhevllk chamber of Connnerce, whereby chicks are distributed at $8.50 per hundred ami this sum, or chickens equivalent lo llil.s .sum. plus eight per cent interest, will be repaid next fall. The basketball awards were presented to Ynrbro. Blackwalor and Oosmrtl clubs for having won in the recent 4-H tournament. T. ft, Icy made Ihe presenlnltom. Plans for the pjny tournament, to be held March 29. were explained by Miss Delia Purlle, chairman or the committee in charge. and musical selections by number of club members weti . . Viillee. ivltli his Stein Song and that Including nil tlio ti.stuil ones nnd sonic slide whistles and jusjs, nnd the "contraption." The latter is a washboard mounted on an easel fringed by nine bulb-operated horns, various bells (household and bnni- yiird), n frying pan and n rnchcl. 'Die horns nre tuned. The contraption Is a two-man Instrument, and (lie com fairly pops out of it when it's attacked by Freddie Pisher, leader and organizer of the band, and Stanley Prills, who is liie baritone, also trombone, ocarina, jew's- lini'H mid Jiif man. Fisher Is a little guy who wrestles with saxophones and clarinet, and (or whatever' who does many of the visual sjicclal- uccame liieir manager. So They (Sot married Coining to Hollywood is quite « thrill for DID corn merchants,, niul Ken Trlsko. Hie drummer. aiu'lNcH. 1-iiakso, coniftlst, celebrated by gel-' ting inar.rled and making the trip' a honeymoon. These two. and 1'aul i Cooper, pianist and arranger, used ' 'to work on fnnns. Frills Is u burlier-college gradu-1 ate, and Pisher Is a former garage mechanic with n normal school diploma. Charles Koenig. n little fellow who loots the tuba and whops the hull- flddlc, dug graves to earn the money to buy his Jmlrmnenls. In his souls," siiys Mrs. clinmpngnc, "are cared for by hospllals, .schools anti churches operated by the lionmn Cntholtc ami Anglican faiths. The Dominion government helps them with subsidies. Everybody—while, Indian, Eskimo ami half-breed—Is given equal privileges." The long Arcllc day and night nre relieved by radio programs, many of them'picked up on wavelengths from Now York. The sets, Recep- 126 Enrolled In Baptist Church Trainin School One hundred twenty-six are en- volled with iw In attendance at the eight classes In one of the largest Training schools In the history of the Training Onion of the First fercd by the church each year. The next school «•!!) be conducted wirly In May witli courses for Sunday school workers and Bible students. The moon Is accompanied by a shnctow which averages 232,000 miles hi length. Sometimes this shadow touches the cnrtii, as the moon passes between us and lhc sun, and then we have a solar ccllose. Because It cost the country too much to feed him, a nre bnttery-openitcrt, of since (here is no "juice" lion Is excellent eiccDf when lhpl« •;•• '••"•-•B ""ion ul mo rirai '"<".n iv i«:u mm, a MusKogee, Nortlt-nf uih are o, ( " n iB;n>tist church. The school opened , Okla., prisoner ate himself out o ' '"r , ° , I " L , 0n ; , ixronday night nnd will close to- the county jail In 20 davs Caribou Is the meal staple In. the | morrow night with an examination!—— • ' northern illol. Butler nnd milk or, canned, eggs are fresh. Vesi-lnbie.i out of cam for (lie most piirt because corn and tomatoes will not ripen during the short summer nnd others have only one crop. Bread Is fitly cents n loaif further north and twenty-five In Fort smith. "We'd like lo have steak, of •mivsr" £i p >hs Mrs. Champagne. "bul It would be loo expensive, n would have lo be bought hi Edmonton for thirty-live cents a pound and llown in and that would cost another thirty-five cents. So we do with caribou, which Is very c.ocd." Pat O'Bryant Reopens Store Here Tomorrow Pat O'Bryant,' local jeweler, will I reopen lor business tomorrow in his new location In the stmoii Building tin the corner of Main and second streets. The store was closed Iwo weeks ago when it became necessary for Mr. o'Bryanl to move from the Alford building across from the Rllz Theater where the store was located for a number of years. The Simon building has been remodeled and redecorated bv P.iris Simon al a cost ol between $1.500 and S^.OOO. The Ihrce display windows have been remodeled and will be finished In gum paneling. They will be completed within the next few days. The Ulterior of the building has been' replastered and repainted and a number of other Improvements made. The exterior of the building is also to be redecorated. dm-iiig the first part ol (lie session. This will be followixl by :i social hour. The emphasis of study Is placed on methods of Chrlsthni training with Die various Unions iisitijr the department manual as a text book. Teachers throughout (he school employ the clinic mettuxl of study wilh each union [lertecllug Us organization, preparatory lo the citywide enlargement campaign next month. Alvin Huffman, jr.. Is principal of the school, ami the instructors are: Mrs. \\r. P. King. Junior No. !• I Mis. Herman WrUpole. Junior No. I j 2; Mrs. Lewis Rogers, Hustlers;, j Miss Clara Bell Kiuion, EvoiV'ois- , 1 ->«s.s Luim B. Wllhelm. Seniors'; The liev. Alfred Carpenter. Galaxy; Fletcher King. Grains; Mrs. U L, Rccder. adults. Tills is one of the six courses of- FOR SALE Eleelrle II o I Water Heater, comparatively n e w a n d In pcrfer.l condition. \y|i| sell nt a bargain. Call (MS-,! After n P.M. imiNK-WORTHADIMf •—«•»» ..»»^ nu^u flulnor end i humorist at whose "Fables in i filing" the country chuckled at j th« turn of th« century, proves th»t h* U itlll hale and hearty at 72 by posing for the above ,;birthd»y photo during i stroll V-.tro»> hii Miaipi B*»w home.. Marriage license uppllcaius in Turkey must present a certlfica^ showing that they know ttie new Turkish alphabet. QUALlfY FOODS MEATS GROCERIES We pay highest prices On poultry at all times. S SAVE P MONEY AT GAINES MKT. 118 W. M»tn Phone Dependable - Low-Priced mm m$ FOR SALE BRAND STRAIGHT BOURBON WHISKEY This Whiskey Is 90 PROOF 2 rt Mos. OM HIRSCH fllSTILLIKG COMPANY KANSAS CITY, MISSOURI 1936 Ford V-8 Pickup. $295 Color (,'ri'tn. Good Tires and Mulor. Has Safely Slicker $98.00 Down $23.00 Per Mo. — ALSO — 1934 Chevrolet iy 2 Ton Truck - - $147 Dual Wheels—Closed Cab Roy Calvin, Used Car Mgr. 5th & \Valntil phone 810 - - - - $136 MEAD'S Tomorrow is your to share in the savings of HART SCHAFFNER & MARX and Mans field Final Reductions 50 Values to $40 Tomorrow evening and it's ail over! Just one more day to get in on these savings that are too extraordinary to miss! Choose from single or double breasted sport, lounge or drape suits. Fine durable year round weight worsteds, homespuns and twists in sizes for every otie regardless of your build. Every suit unconditionally guaranteed. As usual the best is always at D'S 313 WEST MAIN STREET

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