The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 17, 1939 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Saturday, June 17, 1939
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BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS TJJE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NORTHEAST)'ARK A Mn4H 1M « «,„„„,:,„. . ""^ * * ^-^ VOLUME XXXVI—NO. 76. Blj'llicvlllo Courier Ulylhevllle Herald Shanghai Scene Oi Latest Trouble In Far East Tension Mississippi Valley Lender Wyllievllle Dally News SHANGHAI, clash was Ihe police had attempted to seize a, police station on tlie western border of the International Settlement. British troops Intervened and the police retired Then the British withdrew' and the police reformed. An urgent message to British authorities said that the police Imd taken a threatening attitude find heavy forces of British trooos and; International Settlement police were sent to the scene Anxiety was acute lest tlie Japanese-might plan a move against tlie Internalional Setllcinenlr-the richest and Wggest foreign area in all China—as they had dono in blockading the British and French concessions nl Tientsin. Police, moving under cover of darkness, went to (lie -western edge of the settlement and remov- "anil replaced their barri- CfltlCS, The police retreated fighting into Japanese other al barbed wire barricades nnd seals which British military authorities had placed at the Tatao polce station in March after jurisdictions] disputes. A detachment of British police was rushed to the station. The troops drew a cordon about the " without occupied mal Road from tho sta ->' continued to loiter ii vicinity, however, and anxiet\ ?'° uc . e * rew . ] et the Japanese intended to make this incident the basis for a bid for control of tin bnanghai area, After fixing their barricades, the British troops withdrew Then a group of police, armed with rifles or with revolvers drawn returned and lined up across the .street from the station, where tliev stood, awaiting orders. Brilish troops last March evicted the Chinese police, opcratln" mi- der the Japanese regime in shaiv- hai proper-fhe portion outside the. International Settlement and French concession—afler a series of •^disputes. They; of nclnlly sealed • the.;station and the Japanese had made-• no move since. •-• Youth Critically Injured, Apparently Was Asleep Upon Track Quincy Griffin, 19-year-old negro was critically Injured when struck by tiie south-bound Frisco freight train early this morning while sleeping on the track near the Steniberg gin. lie received four scalp wounds which nonetmlKl to tlie skull, his Knee cap was badly cut and hts right elbow dacerated. Members of ^ MlteOURI SATURDAY, 'JUNfc 17, lS3o" Their Thoiiglit$%re Far Away •aamMii'iiir-JriMiM••• •-•-—-' L - •---* 1 -• -• -"'^'--^-'-i^•-'• • • -• • , " '••'.. J lie train crew saw tile negro's [rernely angry, .at the.^ritisli 'action, and the Japanese-sponsored Chinese municipal government made the formal demand that the station be redelivered to the po- Itce. "Drastic steps'-.will be taken' unless the British troops permit the reopening 'of the station,' ' Siao-en said. .Mayor Prepare for Emergency LONDON, June n. (UP)-prlnie. Minister Neville 'Chamberlain warned all cabinet ministers today to remain In contact with hts office ready for a passible emergency meeting on the far eastern situation. . ,j Government leaders were understood to fear that some sudden dcrcolpment at Tientsin, Shanghai or elsewhere might make government action imperative. body ns it was flung from the track by the cow-catcher and they notified tlie police who removed um to the Elylhevllle hospital. Although very seriously Injured .he negro was conscious for a short .line today. He said that he left lown before day break and walked' down tiie track preparatory to going over lo Highway 01 where he planned to catch n ride to a cotton field lo chop cotton. He sat down to wait until daylight and apparently fell nsleep. The negro, who lives on the E A. Stacy farm at Musgrave Bar came. to town a week ago lo chop cotton for others, he said. Grants Full Amount Askec •By Roosevelt But Im poses Restrictions WASHINGTON, June 17, <up)The house passed arid sent lo th senate early today, after a turbulent H-hour session, a $1,735,000,000 re lief bill for (he next fiscal year I carries (he full amount requests by President Itooscvelt for th WPA, but Includes restrictions lha he opposed, giving congress grcale control over relief. v e final vote, 373 to, 21 eami 2:47 (e.s.t.). Only nmi Democrats and 12 Republican! voled against it after provisions :peclfically opposed by the 'president and relief administrators ha( been approved. Early senate action was promise, by Chairman Alva B. Adams (Dem Colo.) of the senate appropriations committee, who announced that hearings will begin Tuesday Bui New Deal senators .will nght to eliminate some of the house provisions. : • \4 As approved by the' house the appropriation Is $38,850,000 less than Inidgct csmlales and $804,205,000 below the amount voled for relief during the current fiscal year. Major provisions of the bill would: 1. Appropriate $1,477,000,000 for the Works Progress Administration of which $125,000,000 Is ear-marked for Public Works Administrate projects. This was the amount requested by the president, but he objects ta (he earmarking of funds for PWA. 2. Appropriale 5100,000,000 for the National Ycuth Administration The budget estimated $123,00000- the house appropriations committee cut it to 583,000,000, and the final figure was offered by House Majority leader Sam itayburn (Dem., Tex.) as a. "harmony" pro- 3. Create a three-man bl-partlsan board , to administer WPA, eliminating the present one-man administrator. ' , 4. Impose stiff penalties tor pb- .litical • activities • by .relief workers ahcj adiniiilsirativc personnel. '' Gamer Is Planning Personal "Adjournment' WASHINGTON, June 17 (UP)— Vice President John N.' Garner will leave the capital for his Texas home if the senate becomes deadlocked over neutrality legislation; it was learned today. 'Mends of.Garner said he would ike"" his/ personal "adjournment" ..'., 1S ,99'V' ns' ^congress • completes • action ori, Ihe .administration's relief and. lax 1 'bills. He hopes to leave for Uvalde, Tex., about July 6 or 1, it was said. Garner's decision lo go home was understood to have been made despite earlier plans to slay until lie end.' "Blue Beard" Dies For Slaying American Girl PARIS, June 17. (UP)—The body and severed heart of Eugene Weiil- nan'n, German "blue beard", were juried in the "convict's corner" of V cemetery at Versailles today, along with the holy medals which le had prized. Weidmann was executed on the —.„_„. —„„„„ guillotine at .Versailles at dawn to- slnce J' 1IS 'congress met in Jami- .^ Bad fi. Substitute the theory of 'a security ^vage. fcr ' the prevailing wage to WPA workers. 7. Prohibit employment under any relief agency after April 1, 1910 of any person eligible to receive social security act benefits 8. Require a .periodic review, not less than once every six months of the rclls of relief employes 9. Remove persons from WPA rolls after they have received benefits for 18 consecutive months Heads of families who arc 45 years of age or cider and war veterans are exempt from this provision. 10. Prevent, rcallocation of WPA funds to other agencies. The house picked the holiest day cf (ho year—the temperature reached 96— for the longest scssioi . ciay with more than 5000 persons British- Japanese relations were , looking on for the murder of Jean at their most delicate stage, per- ! DeKoven, 23, Brooklyn girl dtme- , the rupture of the haps since World Diplomatic quarters understood that the government was now prepared to ta^e reprisals against Japan for its blockade of Tientsin unless the situation was clarified satisfactorily within the next few days. It was said that the government had determined that it could not give in lo the Japanese and accept their demands. Baby Born by Glow Of Single Flashlight T.« i,J ^".C o! " = g ushered, the scven-pcund, 12-otmcc son of Mrs. Kenneth Wallace into the world. l ( , lti ' , WM cut ofr from «< E hospital when an automobile ¥ knocked down a nearby utility • pole. Arriving only a few minutes before the baby was bom, the attending doctor was forced to use the Improvised lighting system. Bill lor Pair of Shoes In 1803 Only 50 Cents LANCASTER, N. H. (UP)— ifar- tln Duff has proof that the cost of living "ain't what it used to be in the good eld days." The evidence Is n bill sent by a shoemaker 136 years ago, listing "a pair of new shoes, 50 cents" and a 2-cent charge for having a shoe "peased" —a process unfamiliar lo Duff. T „ Dictionary For Educators ' DETROIT. (UP)_ A "Dictionary of Education," comprising 19,000 educational terms, has been complied under the direction of Dr. w. Ray Smlttle, of Wayne University Its aim Is to clarify technical language and promote uniform word usage in tlie profession. cr, and five other persons. Plot To Assassinate King Carol Reported BUCHAREST, Rumania, June 17. (UP)—Reports were circulated in Bucharest today of a plot to assassinate King Carol, .Crown Prince Michael and Premier Calinescu. A government, spokesman emphatically denied the report. Nazi Secret Police Chief to Czechia £ui the heat did not worry the legislators who debated In their air conditioned chamber. Leaders called the house to order at 11 a.m., yesterday In an ellorl to avoid a. Saturday session. But Saturday's dawn came less than three hours after the house recessed until Monday. There were lols of Interesting Ihfe going on at the Tournament I recent Royal ._ ..... „„„ -London, where Princess Margaret Hose left nnd p r m- cess Elizabeth were .spectators. But, lHe«. pensive their thoughts were far away Hi. America will, their parents King poses suggested thftt nnd Qiiecn Elizabeth. Governor Bailey Principal Guest On Fair's Arkansas Day NEW YORK,'June 17. (UP)- tov. Carl E. Bailey of Arkansas Arrived at the world's fairground's oday for the dedication of tiie \rkansas building and wns src'ei- d with a is-g'un salute, nud a re-' cpliou by fair officials. ' He was accompanied by his wife, ils IG-yoar-old daughter, Ellza«th, and a party of state officials. At Perylon Hall the governor's «iiy was received by Capt. L N Neill Reed's Mother Dies At Heber Springs Mrs. Ceorgc W. Heed, mother of jNcill need of this city and long • n resident of Hcber Springs, riled nt her home there early this morning, She was 81. , Mr. and Mrs. Reed were called to her bedside Thursday where they joined other members of the Immediate family wlio Included her Husband, Judge George w.-Reed- three other sons, Howard Reed of Little Rock, Moyd Reed and George R*ed Jr., of Hcber Springs aiid one daughter, Mrs. John Robertson of Monroe, La. Funeral services will be held at Hcber Springs .Sunday afternoon, two o'clock, and burlnl will be made there. A number of friends from Dlylhcvllle plan to attend the riles. •nils was the first death in the and Col. Joseph' j. .Hare] eilllrc Rood family in. 61 years ex- epresentlng Graver Whalen. Laterl cc l >1 ' 'or two babies. Judge and Mrs. hey ' reviewed a detachment iif oldiers, sailors and marines from 'amp Washington, After a brief lour of the „„>„ xlilbll areas Bailey called at the ederal building where he was reeled by Edward J. Flyrm U S ominlSsioiier of-the. fair. Dedicating of- the • Arkansas^:', iittdtiig was • .scheduled ' ' ' i dm day. .." -,Bcod recently celebrated Hum- 61st wedding anniversary. Unusually ' iwell for a. person of her uge, Mrs only became ill four .weeks SINGLE COPIES PJVE CENTS •'OTI6KH H'SIJECJS Representative Cox Says Administration Is Infested With Communists ATLANTA, Cla., June 17, (UP)' -Roprcwnlntlve j?. E. Cox <Dum. t Oa.l, crlllc of Ihe Now Deal, clmrs- ed today that President Roosevelt's administration is "shot through anil through \vllh seditious Communists." He declared that tho Congress of Industrial Organizations also Is "infested with Communists," Uuu the National Labor Relations Board Is "filled with Commimlsls" and that the wage and hour administration Is a "nesting place for Communists." In nn address before the South- ?ra Textile Manufacturing Association he stated his belief that Ihe idmlnlstratloii's policies were Intended "to destroy our whole con- itltutlohnr system into some form of ivelsm." • nd carry us state collcct- 'ago. Case Involving Costs In City Cases Heard Circuit Judge Neil Killougli heard argumenls of counsel yesterday in an appeal case frcm the city division of municipal court which will probably determine the future handling- of most city cases in the lower court. City Attorney Roy Nelson contended that the municipal jud»e cculd assess costs in addition to hues in the city division of municipal court for violation of stale laws within the city limits where arrests were made by city officers Claude F. Cooper contended that such costs were net taxable In behalf cf the nominal defendant The test case Is an effort, by the city, according to Mr. Nelson, to impcse costs so that city prisoners may be sent to the Mississippi county farm lo w;rk out costs. Judge Killough withheld final Judgment although indicating belief that the costs could be taxed. Will Attend Episcopal Church Diocesan Camp Five members of the St. Stephen's Kpiscopal church of this city and j the Calvary Episcopal church of' Osceola will leave Monday for Petit, Jean where they will attend the i Dlccesan camp for .the state of' Arkansas for ten days The Rev. Matthew A. Curry priest-in-charge of the churches,' will accompany them to Camp charge of ury Half Completed For Trial of Jeffers LOS ANGELES, -June 17 (UP) -Selection of a jury to try Rev oe JcfTers and his wife, Zelia on inrges of commit liny /immoral cts was half. completed .today, ourt was In recess for the week Tlie entire -day yesterday was onsumed with questioning .nosedive jurors. '••'• Two persons, one an tnvestlga- >r of the district attorney's office, aimed to have witnessed the aired Immoral acts. The Rev. Jef.'s denied the charges and sate! e was "framed" by investigators. Terrier Mothers Chick LAWRENCE, teas. (UP) _ Mrs. K. E. Dower said she didn't know whether Dusty, her wire-hatred terrier, was kind or. hungry He brought .home a live chick, and has been mothering it through Infancy. The chick doesn't allow Dusty out of its sight—and vice versa. Fork's Grandson Does'Own Wash ;pr. F u Sees 30 Pet. Cut Jn; Chinese Illiteracy CLEVELAND, O. (UP)-Dr. : DaVi- le! C. Fu, who helped '"streamline' Ihe Chinese alphabet from 40,000 characters to 1,000, snys that Clil- liftse. Illiteracy has been reducei Irom 80 per cent to 50 per cent In the last 20 years. . ; '"The oast for each Individual's Instruction in reducing the illiteracy rate ivns only five cents In American money," said the cducn- llon director .of the Young Men's Christian association In China. New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS, June 17. (UP) -Cotton futures closed today with iet gains ranging up lo 45 cents a bale. July Oct. Dec. Jan. liar, vfay open high . 927 035 . 850 8d3 . 825 . 810 1fl9 828 817 809 802 low close 927 D33 848 853 823 815 HXi 798 828 817 800 802 Spots closed quiet at 045 nn- chrmged. New York Cotton NRW YORK, June 11. (UP»- Coltoif closed steady. July .. Oct. .. Dec. .. Jan. .., Mrir. .. May .. Spots Up 1. open high 92-1 927 840 845 SIC 818 804 739 703 ... 801 ... 7S7 ... 790 closed low close «22 .027 83S 84S 813 803 818 79C 787 nominal at SOCn He cited the battle between so- called conservative Democrats nn « Dealers, contending tha some ot the New Deal policies Im engendered that split. • "The time has come," Cox sal( 'when we no longer dare to clos our eyes to these facts or to delud ourselves by wishful thinking. "The 1 battle In this country I on between those who want t jresorvc the democracy of' Wash ton nnd Jclferson, the sovereignty of the states, the frecilon of agriculture, industry nnd labo nnd those who would reglii...'. Hid regulate and limit, exactly U .he 'manner of the toialllorlui lovernments which the arlmlnlstra .ion has so bitterly assailed fo Ihe pust year or more." His address was a vitriolic', nt .ack on virtually every phusb o he administration's program. H denied that tho- south Is the na .Ion's number one economic prob em ns /stated Several' limes President, Roosevell. Instead, h contended that the norlh Is th south's economic' •'problem •- numbo one. cox.said he hud no desire I sllr up pecllonnHsni' but; , "If the" south had gotten 'u fal deal \t would today ba one 1 of th most : 'prosperous sections' of ' th country. ' "The south it In the plight it 1 today because of- years and'dec ados of-'dlscrimhinllon against it. Midwest Company Would Restrain Manila Officers Tlie Midwest Dairy Products Corpqralion has filed suit In chancery court here, seeking to reslrnh- Ihe mayor and .marshal of the lown of- Manila from Interfering with Ihe delivery of Its products, In' thhl town nnd from arresting Its truck drivers. The corporation charges that the Manila officers arc attempting lo force collection of a privilege license and arc Interfering with their ilrlvcrs for refusal lo pjly such a license. II alleges liiat the corporation pays such a license in Jonesboro ami under Ihe law is not rc- jiilrcd to pay a similar license In vtanlln. Archer Wheatlcy of Joiics- boro Is attorney for Ihe plnlnllff, Local Guard Officers Called To Little Rock No Tce Is Found Of Missing French Submarine Phenix ,,.. S £ [ , G0 . N ' Imlo-ChJnn, June 17. (UP)— (Bv Ra- Rftnh Bay wlth f01 ' im men. Stock Prices NEW YORK, June 17. (UP)—The stock market rallied fractions lo a point today in light trading under the leadership of metal shares AT&T 1583-4 Anaconda Copper •;.. 23 1-4 Associated. D G 7 7-8 Beth, steel 55 Boeing Air 21 3-4 Chrysler • ,. 68 3-S General Electric 35 General Motors 43 1-2 ,_i InL Harvester 56 3.4 Montgomery Ward 505-8 N Y central 14 1-4 Packard 3 1.4 Phillips 35 1-4 Radio .-.; o Simmons 22 l -2 Socony Vac n 3.4 Standard oil N J 421-2 Texas Corp 383-8 U S Steel 46 1-2 Representatives of the Dlythc- ille National Guard unit will visit n Hoxlc tonight and Little Rock omorrow, where a state National Guard meeting Is to be held. Major Ivy W. Crawford will bo 79D i accompanied by Caplabi Wendell 792 M. Phillips, Lieut. Arden B. Crow- 987 der, Lieut, a. T. McHenry of Manila, nnd Scrgt. Paul Damon when he makes his regular Inspection of the Hoxle unit tonight. They will then continue their trip to Little Rock for tomorrow's meeting. Promised Land Infant Dies At Friday Noon , James McGaughey Jr. died yesterday noon at the family residence at Promised Land a short time following Ills birth. Funeral services were conducted this morning by the Rev. A. W. Harris, pastor of the Promised Land Methodist church, and burial was made at Elmwcod cemetery. Besides his parents, Mr. and Mrs. James McGaughey, the baby Is sUr- vlved by one brother, W. P. afe- GRUghey. Cobb Funeral Home was in :harge. Make Final Public Appearance Before Saili'ng For English Home ST. JOHNS, June 17. (UP)-, I"B George and Quecu Elizabeth, cheered by thousands of subjects who Hue,! u.elr route, rode In an open car Ihrough the streets of si Johns today on the last public npjicarance or their historic lid-day torn- of North America. The royal couple arrived In port aboard Ihe Empress of Britain last night. They drove 35 miles llirointli tho cnpHnl clly of ihls, G'rrat Britain's oldest Norlh American possession, and wero formally received ' at govcriiiiienl house by provincial nnd city official's. The kliifr, In n broadcast, «nld Hint ho wns "not unmindful of the distress experienced In' ; Newfoundland in recent years, owing to the economic depression common lo most countries of tho world," At the vyar momiinenl Hie king walked through tho ranks of ex- service men shaking hand? htid chatting with them. of estimatefl •* It was fcaral that detoils.of the dknster would never' be known ' llieic was no clue to the sinking »ml tecause of the depth'of the water ami the turbulence of the' sen, snlvase work was regarded us Hlniost Impossible. '' v - " AH thai was known' was that the Mmmailne started down for a half- iflur practice dive Thursday morn- int; and never came up. Officials suggested that, as there w»s no alarm of any sort from the su taken ship it might liavo struck n .submerged rock 01 other obstruction and that, its crew might have died at once. The ship had'no escape apparatus. - Paragould Hitch Hiker „ Kilted By Automobile HEWPORT, Ark, Juno 17 (UP) <-E W. Patrick, n, of Paragoiild,' was killed early today when shuck, by an automobile, tlncc miles not lli of here while sleeping along Smith, also of ParaEonlcl, was struck and injured • ; , Smith said ho and PMrlek weic sleeping with die Intention or liltch hiking a ride after daylight to;their Paragould home. The' dilvoi of the car was exonerated of hjame. the road. A companion, \Vllbuni Convict Memphis Man Of Murdering Paramour MEMPHIS, June 17.. (UPJ—Don- ills M. Drncey, Memphis business mini charged wild the carbon monoxide murder of Mrs. Dora Mac Singer, after nu nil nlghl drinking >nrty several weeks ago, was found guilty by n criminal court jury lo- ilny. .'..•: •He wns sentenced lo K years In the state prison. C. J. Evrard To Fly Back The alaim foi the Phenix was received here laic Thursday. Ifc was too late, for effective 'rescue work ml wnislilps already In the vicinity started a search,'and seaplanes nnd nddlllonnl ships from (he Cam Ranh bnsc-lhe rrench Singapore —Jonlcd it yesteulny.' They itaft- ci out again at dawn today, but with no rcnl hops that they would nnd n trace, of the thhd first class submarine to be sunk in four weeks, all In practice dives. .;, The American Squaltis had sunk'' on the Neiv Hampshire coast May ' 2J vtlth the loss of 20 men The Biltbh Tliclis Imd sunk off Liver: pool Juno J with- 99 of the' 103' men aboard, it. There were other warships wlth- u live miles of the Phenix when it went down They were nil changed In maneuvers. , But there was no real duo even to tlie-spot whore tho ship dived, and'It wnS fcaicd that the swift under-cuf- ronls might have swept It out lo sea * Officials of Iho navy base said mat they had no suspicion that sabotage woa responsible .for the accident. In V low of Ihe fact that no [itarn; was given, -, they be- lloved Hint the probability'was lhat IIW ship sluick-an under water obstiucllbii.. ' ••" < \, > - l - jAmcilcan navy authorities "at Ma-"^ iltn, nna ,'British authorities' at ' L '°"» Ke,ug,--wcre l ieager,tb'.give 'ahy '•"•• »M they could, i But - tries* bases •" were nearly 1,000 mlles^away-anil theTfienK had'not eVcn been lo-" cntctl. ' Thi! ' American' navy sub- inmlne rescue ship Pigeon wa s at Cavilc, the Manila Meet base un- dcigolug icpahs which would take several days Vice Admhal Sir Percy Jfoblc, commander In' chief of the British China fleet, was spetdiiig from Hong Konij to Slrig- npoie (o attend a British-French far East defense. conference Noble wirelessed an offer of aid The Phenix and Us sister submarine, L'RpoIr, had been due to liny « friendly visit lo Hong Kong neU week and to Manila June 30 - Tlic last' word from the Phenlx. to (ho maneuver fleet flagship off Cam Ranh Bay Wednesday was a roullne wiieless that it intended to start a practice dive of about half nn hour. Olher ships continued maneuvering in the vicinity. «.. > nmi the vi p • i ^ (1 hour t/iiiacu iuiu tne snip had lork OUnday » ot 'enppenied. Other ships in the "Ml tried to telephone it by radio. G .J. Evrard, aged niytheville iT liey be8n " R search but could e.sldonl, who "made his first air- "° *' rocc of " '" 'he vicinity, )lnne trip when he new lo Now i !Si crc tlie de l" 1 ' VBrl " from 450 to York several weeks ago to attend ^ """ " le undercurrents he World's Fair and visit relatives ! nr ?, -™ 1 /. 1 vlll return home tomorrow. He will make the return trip by „„„ „ Irllner also. He will motor from ±, p .1", tllc Memphis, end of his airline destination,- to Blythcvillo. It .was feared that the Phenix in water at least twice 4 cs Jewish Student Branded on Neck "" ynnn ov ' '' s Chicago Wheat July Sept. open 12 1-4 13 high 12 1-2 73 1-8 low 11 l-t 12 close 71 1-4 72 Chicago Corri ters in Gales Ferry, Conn. •- July open 497-8 511-2 Shipload Of Jews Are Given Temporary Haven ANTWERP, Belgium, June 17, (UP)-The Hamburg American liner St. Louis arrived today to give more than 900 wandering Jews turned out by Nazi Germany, a temporary haven. A large crowd stood on the dock «i, a *,,„ ready to sl *se a friendly demon- 513-8 511-2 stratum for the homeless refugees ; high low close 503-8 497-8 497-8 62 from which 1 .. „ frohl a stricken snbmaiine. It was estimated that Hie final deadline for escape of Ihe crew had been reach,«l nt 7 p. m. (EDT) Friday, np- i proxlmatcly 42 hours after the thin went down. The Plicnix had left Us bass at Toulon, oil the French Mcdlter-* ranenn coast, in April, to join the jCnm Ranh, 240 miles up the coast, .French far east fleet. It went lo especially to Join In maneuvers I based ori n theoretical defense of the new naval base. Cam Ranh Is i rated one of the five finest natural bays In the world and Is to be France's approximation of • Singapore. I Mechanic Is Awarded j $250 For Injuries The first jury verdict for ' a plaintiff In a damage suit at the present term of, circuit civil court' was recorded In the last case on the trial docket for this week Friday afternoon. Jesse W. Litcy, former mechanic at Langslon- Wroten Company, auto dealers, was awarded a judgment for. $250' against the company. Lucy injured Ills hand while working at the company's garage and claimed the accident was due to negligence of his foreman. W. , Leon Smith was counsel for Lucy and RD 'd and Evrard for the de- 'endants. Branding on neck of 15-year-old Melvin Bridie, above, Jewish student at Gwynne Falls junior -._ .„ high school, Baltimore, Md., WEATHER resulted in fight between Bride's friends and alleged Arkansas-Partly clcudy tonight pro-Nazi classmates, suspension j and Sunday ' of 18 pupils. Authorities inves- i- Memphis 'and vicinity - Partly ««n« , 5P ys °' "5 ll - s ? ni " ie cloudy tonight and Sunday, not sentiment among student body. | much change In lemperature .

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