The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 19, 1930 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Wednesday, November 19, 1930
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:-.••• ,•:>: '.,'f-nr Served by the United Press BLTrHEVffiLE COURIER THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OF NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AMD SOUTHEAST MISSOURI VOL. XXVII—NO. 211 BIytbevlUe Courier,. Blythetllie Herald. . Dal!; New«, Mississippi Valley Leader. WLYTHRV1LLR, ARKANSAS, WKUNKSDAY', NOVKMIJl-IMa, 1930 SINGLE #>j?IES ;FiyE TWENTY DEAD IN '^ Big Ne\0 : Levee pr revent Overflow from ring Little River .Drainage System. IgNNETT, Mo.,- Nov. 19—Work- .day'and night, a crew of 40 U exerting every effort lo r,?t" St. Francis river levee west of lite Oak competed before Ihe •ivance of winter and early spring filers to tills sectkn. The Fred . Crane Construction company is landling Ihe job. j According to .engineers, the en- tra levee will be completed by the litter part of December, at which finie tlie permanent lie-in will be nade to thc old levee. 'However, it "is S'j aiTanged at this time that in the event of a sudden riis 'ofv.'ater si temporary tie-in could be effected that would prevent the water the latter streams were unable to accommodate the great volume of wuUv and inundation of fertile land In' the south end of Dunklin county was :he result'until the channels allowed the water to pass into Big Lake. • .'..> .'..;. A move 'is under way at this time to continue the levee to "-a point even with"Kennett, Mo.,' to prevent the pent-up waters of t'.ie Francis, from; overflowing the territory In the. Irhmed late vicinity of this city . as a result of the slrengthened levee north of here. Definite information concerning this • movement will be divulged In few days completed. when the report Is Dunklin County institution Closed by Directors This Morning. l new levee will also benefit I "« ° f W 'cUat-)»pik. .from'-entering the Little-.: River •iftalfiaVe'"'system. "It will thiui re- Ii3ve, tlie Big Lake, levees in Miss} IssTppr county iif a burden that 'has been phice'd upon them at times of flood in recent years. Proof Asalnst Any Flood . The levee, the result of several yearj of planning by Levee Board Nuniter 7 of Dunklin county, and which will cost S315.0CO when completed, is pronounced by all who view it ns one of Ihe most substantial of its kind In Southeast Missouri, and is believed to be cap- ab'o -f withstanding more .water Irian has hitherto .been thrown through St. Francis channel. With less than one mile yet to go and the liklihood of a. suddon rise in the river remote at this time, mere than lO.UOO of iuiiii that has previously rested precariously be: hind UM ever growing menace of a devastating overflow of St Francis water will be practically secure bank; examjner to .-take charge of the in L stitution. . ;.'-';V'.;< .,; ".. FJpze'n :'assets'T and ''ttncbiiected loans were' the reasons. given by the board of directors lot cibiing the bank There had been rib 'run nor any heavy-withdrawal of deposits. :' .... Officers of the. bank are M. L. Cone, president) p. ;H. Hall, vice president, and T<.A.,.W<-,cd jr., cashier, and .these -meii; also constitute the board of 'directors. ..-. The bank was! established thirty years ago. Its closing leaves nine active banks in Duriklin county, and one, the First State, at Campbell. The latter institution has arranged for ar. additional cash reserve, in event <~~f a run, hut at noon today there was no indication of anv nervousness on the part of depositors. • '. Capital and surplus of. the First National was in excess of JW.COD. Early; Reopening of Numerous Financial Institutions Is Goal. LITTLE 'ROCK, Nov. 19. (UP)— Calm reigned in Arkansas banking circles today following two days of hysteria among depositors which resulted In suspension of business by forty-seven financial institutions and ..the outright closing of nine others. ' The only Arkansau bank- to clrsc today Vos the BanW of Stamps at Stamps, Ark., which took ad vantage of the five day law to "re adiust and reorganize" iti'affairs. The state .banking departmeni this morning stated no further suspensions had been reported since last night when the Bank of Salem, Salem, Ark., announced cessation .of business for five days ant the Bank of Oxford closed indefinitely, turning the institution ove to representatives 'of the banking department. •Hope to Resume Business , Officers of the A. B. Banks c6m pany. which holds controlling In terest in the American Exchang Bank arid Trust company of Lit tie Rock, the first to suspend oper atlons, as well "as a large Ihteres in a majority of the suspende< out-state . institutions, : continued conferences with directors of the various banks today. • Spokesmen for the Banks, group indicated a plan. of reorganization was being formulated whereby most of the suspended banks would re- sffime business Friday or Salurday. They refused to disclose the nature of the reopening plan. Reported uneasiness oo the part of Little Rock depositor's was put at ' rest Seek [National Honors Left to right'are Oreh Ross, Criafles Bcoll and Harmon Wilson, members of the Wilson high school'Arkansas championship livestock Judu ing team, now. at Kansas City .competing this week ngalnst teams Iron throughout the union for national honors at the American Royal Live stock sliow. In this picture theyfare shown with the cup which Ihej won In the state'contest at Faye'ttuvllle.. E. ,Y. Fitch, dirccior of vo calioiml agriculture at .the" Wilson school, coached them. Enthusiastic IGromi at Courier Cooking,Schoo Urt ;nlght . by, a. statement of.'-": from the danger of a repetit:in cf I a: it winter's flo-d when families were forced to leave their homes iu the coldest part of winter. 'Ihe new levee runs parallel to the eld St. Francis levee which lias EO often broken and allowed disas-1 irons floods in the Hojcomb, White Oak, Gitsnn. and Frisbee district;;. It siarts at Chalk Bluff, near Campbell, Mo., and runs along Ihe course of Ihe river to a. point 2 miles south of White Oak, Mo., a rtis'ance of sixteen and cne half miles It maintains a dHance of from 400 to.l5&C feet from the old "^ ° ' . .. ...... levee and r.'3 a base width of approximately 100 f«t, tapering to a. G fcol p^ak, and towers seven feet above the highest flood w.ater mark on record in this vicinity. Tlie project has been under way Library Book,Shower Planned by Auxiliary In observance' of the National Book week the American Legion and its auxiliary will give the Bly- thevilie library a book shower, according lo Mrs. , Edgar ' Borum. chairman of the 'unit activities of the auxiliary. " . Good books of all kinds are in demand and historical novels are , Clearing iuxxlatioo. that -there wijl be no more banks closed in greater Little Rock. Increase Reserve* • ' '. .Large sums of money continued to. beV dispatched today to small banks' throughout the state. Officers' bf the institutions seeking additional finances stated their requests" were based on a desire to safeguard their Institutions -against possible' runs and not because of financial difficulties. : Little Rock banks were reported to ; have plenty of cash on 'hand, their reserves being 'increased b'y JJ5.000.000 shipped from St. Louis yesterday. The situation .here and out state remained quiet this afternoon 'as bankers, from various Institutions in which the A. B. Banks company is. interested converged here to confer regarding plans for reopening. American Bar Votes • Wet, 13,779 to 6,340 CHICAGO, Nov.. 19 (UP)- —ij Members of .the American .Bar. Asscciation voted, 13.7T9 to : 6^41, in favor of repeal of. the IBthj arhedement in a prohlbiUon re-? fererfdiim,'a'Stata-j la'jui, f rpm •' tiaClonah headqua^ eri'of 'the organisation htre.' Clmrles A.Boston, president of thr/association, anouuced about 75 per r>nt of the entire mem- bershlp'.bf the organizittori participated in the. refernedum, wlileh started last January. An increased attendance today a the Courier News cooking sehop when 325 worn'eh registered, Is.ev dence of the {interest being .taken Yeslerday's'class, the first o^-a'se rles of four being held this wee at the city auditorium, brougl forth mnny praises.for Nfrs. Myr Dougan and her methods used .In' preparing the ' delectable dishes. The .economy,,demonstrated by.the' .usii;. o.f '.inexpensive,'." -'simple', foods .was popular with .-the"B^the»iile" hoiiKcwives oho nre anxious to have meals at a DO-X Flight to America Called Off LISBON,*-, Nov. Blnnl. Dormler will not tnkc'. Its 19 (UP)' — The boat DO-X proposed flight Officers of Manila, Leachville and Osceola Institutions Optimistic! Ho|ic that the three. Mississippi ounty banks, which, closed early tils week would re-open within thp mil of the live-day suspennlon of he stale tanking cod« .was:, ex- ircsscd by bank /;officials tril&y The banks nre the First State bank )f Cfcceola, which dosed its doors Uondny. anrt'. the Bunk of Ltach- ,' 11 V£ a ? Imk orMn »"» * lilo 'V fupT"Fce'aiid' loV'oiou'dsprcvcnt- from the Azores to New York,,Cudell Q< crt?., representative of thu Domler conipuny in Lisbon, said today. Tile DO-X will arrived here ThurMlay, Goerl?, s:il<l, and wl\l re- mnlu for el«ht days. Two dcmon- cliatlon nights will be murlo during which President Carmoniv ami ollw prominent Portuguese arc expected to Uu passungers. The flying boat will continue to tlio Azores and return here luter, ,Gocrtz said. BORDEAUX, Francs, Nov. IB, :lot«d Tuesday , „ VTT^i' l! '•',.. ' • ed trie D.-i-mer iiying coat. uu-x. J.F. Roderick president, of the from continuing Us flight to Lisbon Bank bf Uailwllle, In a statement o .live Courier News .tills 'afternoon declared he had "'(lib brightest hopes" thai liie iqslllutlqn would . : Mr.. Roderick salci that a lion had been worked out whereby the. 'deposltc-ra In the bank would slgiwl lime) certificates of deposlUj. themselves lo. allow 10 per cent of their deposits to remain- In th> bank. The certificates would make tlv; deposits left in the bank ;ubjcc( to withdrawal according to a determined ratio at' 12, 18 and 24 months periods.. ..••''• Approximately '$30,000, hi cadi Is on hand, according to: Mr, .Roderick, which will be , enough to. pay the depositors Z5 per. cent ol .their detwslts, Deposits , total around $1(8,000, according, to trie < bank of- Soldiers' Called -to Aid jured and Homeless, I vent Pillaging. ; •, / -; : OKLAHOMA CITY, Nov., : jf9 (UP)—Tho Red Cross .announced ; at 2:15 P, M, Uils; afternoon UritJ I a complete clieck' bt ". thft'iBi^^Eurx^l cyclone had revealed • 80,^1'"'""" dealt, M uijuVcd./O.OOOY;l) and- $350,000 , : '-'"••-^ /OKLAHOMA (UP)—The number in a"'cyclone s'.at r ficials. Shaver 'Is Hopeful Sheriff W..W. Shaver, president of. the Bank of Manila, which closed yesterday soil} after the Leaoh- vllle bank failed to open Its doo'pj returned here from. St. Louis' list night. Tills afternoon ,lir. Shayer issued a statement that he,was ne- gctlating. lor tfe^op<rjVJUi:;.oi;- the - - . :Manll» Institution 4 ' . - iitpe- Vlauretariia ;With America To Doomed Ship. NEW YORK, Nov. 19 (UP)—The Cunard liner Maurctanla, which formerly flew the blue peed pennant of the Atlantic, won her way througlihcavy seas to fresh glory today by ; beating two. oBier vessels to the stricken steamer, Ovidla and' rfscrulng the crewT,? '','.'• ' Too late to be of atslstance came the U. S,'liner America/Vlth.Cap- tain Oeorfe. Fried, h«ro :6t several rescues, on'th'e brida*,'"betting .by two hours'the best'Ume nujrlrrtre ' : reached' nine at • noon... least:sixty persons were:; . The'.cyclone'cut a !; »'' 1 "~ wide tlirough the ,.vj| more than sixty homes" AdvlcJ celvcd here at noon said the:a,U also dcmonllshed ': a schoplhpusf «l southwest of. Bethany;. Tw.pVchUiti:;! dren were reported :kUl«d ; 'ahd,il4"«fr "injured In the Mhwlilbuse'. 1 '.. : v 'i-;.i..?;.k : Adjulant' General .Charles;.;.-! 1 ..-;]:: Barrett of the; Oklahoma ;natlon»l;,fj guard 'ordered /'three. cornpanles^'ofU troops to Bethany upon' his 'return.;-' here after a hurried inspection} Of.' the damage.. , . .'- ';.;•,r'-.-ip '.f-i"'*4 Town .Under Martial Rple^Cv The soldiers were In command: ol. ; .'Col. Turner 'Heart All were' from f Oklahoma'. City. ",.''"".;• •'"•'. ':.-3 5. Reports. reached : here that :efforts":'i had been made-to pillage homes';? and business houses in Bethany and';a. virtual state'of marllal law.was v .; i ordered b'y .General Barrett;"* •' Attractive, delicious nominal expense. . . •-, . ; '; Prizes also features the opening day. These received awards: Evergood sausage, Mrs. R.'M. Sanders. Mrs. 0. B. Bullard of Dell,.Mrs. W. Deck Johnslon, Mrs. Tom J. Love, Mrs. E. M. McCall; Whitewater Rose and Home Queen' flour, Mrs. Norman P..Moore, Mrs. S. A. Beall, Mrs. John W. Snyder, Mrs. Crawford Qreene, Mrs. Victor-.Bray, Miss bellivPur.tle, Mrs, w> A. Edwards, •-Mrs: WV P: Veazey jr., -Mrs. L. A. '-miters, Mrs. ,W. J. LeRoy; K. C. ! baking powder, Mrs.'J. Ij. MacFarland, Mrs. J. A. Harris, Mrs. Nora H. Pepper of Huffman, Miss Marguerie Perry, Mrs. . Fiank Thrasher, Miss Effie Hall; Foul Leaf Coffee, Mrs. E. Crlhfleld; Mrs. J. M. Roberts, Mrs. R. L. Hah•A brief evangelistic campaign has' «**• Mrs - chra Jordan, Mrs. Er- Rev. E: K. Latimer Will -t NioKrlv S i nignuy o at Christian Church. been planned' for the First Christian church to begin Sunday with all leaders from this city. The Rev. E. K. Lattmer will con- Roc; Crisco, Mrs. A. G. Hal! Mrs. Carl Matthews, Mrs. Felix Hill. Today's program was equally'as for three years during which time two devastating floods have occurred against which the Incomplete barrier was impotent, the rushln? waters flowing down the riverside of it and breaking the temporary tie-in. > . • . : May Continue It to Kcnnett The Levee Board, composed of J. P. McHaney of White Oak, S. E. Bage of Holcomb, and Charles Oarriion of Campbell, is actively supervising the construction and making an effort to have the entire project completed during the. month of December. McHaney ' says. 'We have always needed a levee, ana now we have it It costs a s upendous sum, but not so much ns the crop loss 'that has been oc- currlng with disastrous regularity durmj the past few years. The loss of a single crop would pay out the aim of the two the shower, are to be left at Bor- not later than on. Friday. Aiding in a project which will benefit all members of the" library is but another project In the program of activities in the auxiliary carried put under'the direction of Mrs. Borum In which community service plays a large part. duct' nightly ' services for ten interesting as the first session. Veg- nlghts or two weeks-and the muslr etables, salads, bread, toast, pud- will be sponsored by the choir of ding and cake-were made today as the church. Roscoe Morris and C. the Interested women watched Mrs '. .• • V •' ! M. Bone, assisted by T. H. Haynes. Dougan demonstrate successfu Precautions Increased as I wl "."* a ctlvel y in charge, with Miss cooking with the latest Improved • f -i. , j Mildred Judd as pianist find Miss methods. 01 Disorders Is | Gladys Barham and Mr. McDowell Tomorrow will be cake day. Tlic as violinists. . measuring, mixing and proper tern Three objectives have been out- peratures for baking cakes will b« . lined for the meeting which were discussed from thc stage and (Hies MADRID, Nov. 19. (UP)—Military | given support by every member whs • tions pertaining to cake problem precautions were Increased In Ma- j attended the congregational meet- will be answered. drid today, reportedly due to ad- \ Ing when the matter was taken uo. ^ e 5-egg-\vhlte cake lemon Jel yl, Ce ? T^fil* d 5 7 >the .government j First, to active! y enlist every ]y cake del | c [ ous cake, ginger crea that further demonstration • and; member of the church in the cam- cookies w n| be made with choco possibly disorders'were planned. Ipaign; second, to have every mem- , ate and crcnm ic i ng and a ecori , t Detachments of the civil guard ber, cooperate in the support of the j™ and the security carps --*—•<-•• • '^-- j Feud Brines Death to Brothers in Kentucky BELLEVTJE, Ky., Nov. 19. (UP)— Edward Gallagher, 55,.former city and his *$k to deathand Bnathel . bro ther,- Francis, was WOUTX , ea eariv M ln wh ; t , 1M ^^ was ^^ {eu() Foa o{ Newpott near here the streets and were strategic points in suburbs. Troops were placed about royal palace where King Alfonso! XIIL is in residence. ; ps patrolled , church program for 1931 and third, stationed at to bring tato the fellowship of the the city and [local c&rch, every membe? of the „„„„„ «it.n^ • (1I * ome " at ^ d •«•* •«»«. f a t »«t. . > Eclo ° ful of resuming business as.lisuall M L.Sumners, cashier of -the! First Slate ! Bank of Osccbla, anci Sullivan, vice president,- re-' urncd to OsciKjla this mernlng rom Little Rock, where' they spent loftday and Tuesday In.conferehce: th A. B: Banks and other officials f the Banks group with wtych the Isceola bank Is affiliated.. Reached this morning frj- the irst.tnne since the bank failed to pen.Monday, Mr, Simmers •• said, I-have no statement to make at his tim.':. Wo are working on two ir three plans for're-opening the iank', aiid, it 'us p'tsible that Inside he next twenty-four hours we will inve arrived at some definite'con-, luslon-"" ' •. -' Banks May $t\l Stock - In view of thc statement issued .reslerday by A. B. Banks, president ind controlling slock holder in this ond other bunku >< the so-called chain", it is believed that the proposed plans on which directors of .he Osc'eo!a : institution are working devolve solely on local support, and :hat perhaps complete' rc-organlzi- tlon of the banks with local interests purchasing the i-tocl: own- will be the ultimate" solution <f the problem. ; Officials of the Citizens Stale Bank of Monelte paid that85-pe r cent of 'tne'dcposHcrs had signed 12 month' certificates of deposits, pledging themwives to all^w tlielr :he;i of the' OviSla. In ''rhid-Bffefnoon another: Te»- sel, the Endlcott, presumably still was pushing toward the position, given an 900 miles east of ^Boston, where the • Ovidla lepprted '.early today ahe'.was leaklflg and'sink- ing. '.-•'.: ; •: ,' : . ;'• . national guard • tehti and- 'cpts : Stanley, Bog era asitea th9.> *-'-••' — '"' ^^--""i 1 • to. supply hospital!/. i;imrnedlately'i^--v'^y. the injured were'brought to'C*^:^! tahoma. City : hospitals,*, to'-ambu- >;I i»nce». arid-private' .cfcrs; i''-.••': ••':;$ '.;;:$t '• '''Flrit" wttil i of.: the" disaster- was vl ' ~ ;: -:Oklalidiaii''Oity \r"-—' ! * LISBOH, Nov. .19 , (UP)—The Steamship Highland Hope, which went, aground off the Parlthocs Island, was'believed to be a total loss today ns waves pounded the ship after a thrilling rescue of 545 passengers and crew. Conference Claims for Next Year,Reduced at Session Today: Ptanertr8tat« J ll«rut. :••••• - v .5.•, "A terrific . wind 'c'anie ^without" warning from', tie soutji," -'she!_"»al(l,j:- Iri describing .the: cyclbner ; "It^VifiB.-.'; tlirough the town' crusrifnE • tvtrf-:fj thing lii its path.' Then .came V der?X; luge -of rain''inakbig ; cUfficultVtriy;-:. efforts-of. uninjured to• .aid,inose4 who-'were'hurt 1 ! •'.- -:-;- : - •' •;•'-'.-.' :'•••>'• J.'T.'W>Us, a mbtorlst,;sald':he-.i was driving', along, .the; highwB^"> when the storm swept 'through - the : / : eastern i>art : of the town/'He/saidJ\ the! twister,. demoiUh'ed-• buil'Singa..:; over an area 300.feet ta''width.>'-"'.'i4? V Misses ,OU«hi>ni«'.:;€itjr.V;;'.'-,-,¥l; Five persons'were're the debris by Reginald'- ,.,..,—„...., a student at P.ennell. college, jocatr.'..: ed tit Bethany.!All -were senomrtj] :~i injured he said. They were crusfiea'.' 6y heavy timbers.of billldings^'ln . which 'they were' trapped b'y-theV; cyclone. \'-i '...-•-:••- ,-''"?3i AlthoughXpklahoma City is 7 .b.ut -!i five miles from Bethany ho dU-;i ''---' ---, felt':here.'=-A--h&"™'^ money to rcnuin in the bank wil open Mcnay. Barcelona Qnkt BARCELONA, Nov. 19. (UP)— ! Aged Man Seriously in Fall TSSS 8 ^^".^fill^L 0 ' 88 ^ I J- H. Humphrey, 68, is In a ser- and others for the new preparation of oW dishes. Mrs. Dougan has dedicated her life to thc ..emancipation-.of 'the American housewife from,the drudgery and nervous strain, of cooking activities. It Is predicted on every hand that the recsntlon tended by the women of Ing. Kelly admitted •• being with the p, . tt-:-' ,. -., | ttytt naltra by FOg • lei the levee several times over." brothm but denied shoollng them. Because of realization of tlie ne- -^ cessity for the protection of del • . • " 70.000 acres of cotton land behind j PlttSDfmrh-Cnh* Woman the levee in addition to the region In the south end of Dunklin! county where the swollen waters' of the Little River Drainage Can-1 PITTSBURGH. Nov. 19 (UP) als, following a break in the river Mrs. J. M. Kel'h-Mllter was forced levee to the no^h, flow across to return to Pittsburgh Butler alr- culllvated land between Homers-1 port hv fog today two ho'irs and ville and Kennctt little objection ten minutes after she had token to the cost of the new levee is 0 K on a proposed night to Hav- heard among the residents of the ana. bcnefltted area. In the past when Mrs. Miller had reached LHrobe. the levee was washed out and the p a ., sixty, miles from tlv> alroort. St. Francis cut its way across the W hen a thick blanket of f-g forc- Holcnmh strip anrt entered Hi* e a her W returtli began subsiding here to- .rlkcs anc : ; East Cnerr y street, as the nan* of Rnaln otVu;r ! of a fall from the roof of the BlyYficviile'anrf vicinity wiii"prove Fonr oSis were killed «o- eS! ?° Uon ?! at6s Saes company war5 ' ««* only an ovation to her remark- Four persons were killed, house tnls morn ing. ab!e perammity tut will also stand man was as- an amazing testimonial to the n,rh»nr« hATP Tho "HI,, h.,.^ t' n ! others •"' ^PP'S' 111 ^ , so '? e ta . r r °9 r ' high interests in culinary stand- turbances here. The city began toi lng (o tnt T00 j O f the structure „.... Dr.-.ipnt t n —— some of Its usual anima-; when he slipped and fell 25 or 30 T' y " v "' e " 1 stores, cafes and bars re- '• fwt to the Rround. ! Aami ?s 1 o n ls . ww r The dan « er ot {ur » h « "is- i He was rushed to the Blythevllle ™ Ue u u . tar turbances, however, was emphwUel ; hospital in a Cobb ambulance. Ac- c . ' B « M "f uch BB< " d ' ' r ° ra oln B « n tlon as t r,, ' . by the presence of heavy patrols of 'cording to reports an examination' civil guards in thc revealed a broken collarbone, brok- police and streets. _ Toledo Youth Seeks Junicr -P'i?? A r Record who have not been taking advant- en riu and punctured lung. • . »« e ° r ^Iwi are urged to do so. i 1 Humphrey was later removed to \ — | his home. Mnore Enters Creek Sanitarium Stock Exchange House Suspended for Insolvency NEW YORK, NOV. 19. (UP) — The stock exchange house of NEWARK, N. J.. Nov. 19 (UPV- ! nprald P Nettleton. ' 20-ycar-cld BATTLE CREEK, Mich, Nov. 19. Tcledo, O, flyer, left- the Newark • (UP)—Colleen Moore, motion ptc- Bauer, Payne, Bond and Vlclan airport at 8:30 a. m. today f^r : turl actress, was In a sanitarium *as suspended from the exchange Cpli'irnhii O, In" an att.impt to here today. It-,was reported she was today for Insolvency. IriWf'ths Junior 1 trans-continental not ill but .was badly In need of • The company has" offices In New fill-lit record: •" ' | rtsC .' York but ftae In other clliej, • FLASHES PORTLAND, Mi-., Nov. 19. (UPI Joseph Force Crater, missine New York supreme court justice, is anil has been re&ldine on the outskirts of Portland. John W. McDonald, asslstanl clislricl attorney of New York ctly, lolil newspapermen on his arrival here today to question Mn. Crater, who has .been Iking at the Hotel Eastiand. INTER-SOUTHERN' STOCK SOU) LOUISVILLE, Ky., Nov. 10. (UP)—Purchasers of livo million shares of stork of the Inter- Soathern Mfc Insurance com- piny for $6,000,000 will be announced 'at Nashville lonitM. the law .firm of Woodward. Hamilton and Hobson, couiise! for the Insurance company, said today.' The stock' Is now lieM by the receiver for Calawell and com- p»ny. The 45 visiting, ministers, -members of boards of steward and laymen of.Methodist churches In the Jonesboro district, (it a conference meeting here today, apportioned conference claims for each church next year, with a tolal reduction of »1M» for all claims and voted to reduce the per cent of the presiding elder's salary for next i'ear. The fifl present at the Lake Street Methodist church, which wfi< t h " hostess church,' heard Dr. J. M. Hamilton of Forrest City, prefiu- Ing elder of the Helena district district,steward, speak, this Ing lii'arr inspirational 'prog BOB NEW YORK. Nov. If. (UP) — Charles V. Bob, mhitnir * l <x* Promoter who disappeared m>-steri- onsly »ii weeks «*<>, siirrcndrrjd at the district ntlornrv's office and 'formerly presiding elder of this district, ..Dr. James A. Anderson of Jpnesboro, presiding elder, and C. J. : Chapln of Jonesboro, morn- prograni. .'."The-. New,') Financial.' Plans »• Handed'Down Fr-m the General Conference,':. w-as Dr. Hamilton's subject., Dr::. Anderson discussed the raising of' the benevolences early in the. church year and-. Mr. Chapin's theme was the upkeep, of the district parsonage at Jonesboro. The women of the church served luncheon,'' . , .'"„'. • . Ministers .-. present from these churchM were: King, First Church Jonesboro; Lark, Fisher Street church Jpnesboro; Holmaii, Hun 1 - ington churchvJonesboro: Lester •Weaver,. Marked. Tree; Slaughter, Trumann; Scwell, Marlon; Bump- frs. Ma;i!U; Myers, Osceola; Johnston, ; W.iisori; Cpuchman, Yarbro and Promise Land; P. Q. Rorle, First church here; W. J. LeRoy, Lake Street church here; Castle- herry, Brookland; Gibson Hamilton Bono; C. C. Jordan, Kelser; Paul Galloway, Joiner. All. of these churches also had stewards and laymen, present. turbance ^ rain fell throiigh'out' the •' but the wind was''abt-' uniisiaaUfvi high.'- .• . • ' ^-'•'•'.:••::•'£$! As It swept toward Bethany?yie"v storm struck- the Campbell Cr±ek<V. rural schoblhouse. .The- building' r was razed, two'children were/Hll/: 1 ed, and twelve b^her pupils L^rS.^ the teacher, Mildred Proctor, were/ • Injured. - ' -•'«• ; '.'. ; s 'The cyclone lasted but two "nitty:.: utes. .<-...'.. ; ••:;• ;;-',;/; f:'- • After striking'the Bchodlhotue', it" lifted momentarily only, 'to idro'i*^ down on Bethany. The ': St'.' Jf6seph ; : orphanage at Bethany was nirt'rhilp. Troops were* ordered to patrpi,th«% cyclone area with loaded rifles and, IP arrest anyone found Jn . the; stricken zone without urgent bus- : Iness there. . • -~''"[".'. : " Walnnt Ridge Baiter '£?£ ; Remembers James Boys ; WALNUT 'RIDOE, Ark. Charlie Bruce,'- aged negro, was aY waiter In 'the .Old Railroad Hotel here back In the days, when" Jssss. and Frank James used to 'visit here. They had f J.ends IK In? near here and came to. 'visit them oftsn:" They would always -stay at the ho-' tel. ' . - - . •"' According to Charlie the "James boys never at* In the dining room, but always had their mtal 1 ! ssrred In their rooms. "They had lots of guns and always kept their back to ms_when I came in. 1 never saw their faces," he said. WEATHER Tlie airplane strength of the today to answer an indiftr(\fnl [Royal Air Force of England is.7&3 in connection with the flnanrini |>p'anes. France's ilghtln? planes of «ome of his slock enter- ^number 1310, America's 850. Holy's 1100, and ARKANSAS - Rstns ,c"!dcr tonight and Tfrirsdav: Thursday mostly cloudy and colder, freezing in northwest portion. . According to ths officlsl weather observer, Charles PhiiUps, thc minimum temperature here yesterday was 59 degrees and the maximum, f>9 degrees: clear. On thr- same dr.y,»( year ago the minimum temperature was 35 degrees and th«' maximum 59 degt*«; ckar. ,.,.,.

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