The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 19, 1934 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 19, 1934
Page 5
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_£RIDAY^JANUARY 19, •1954 jLYTHKVILLB. (ARK.) COURIER NEWS conflict* for thj. BM*|p« to -to Florence Brobecfc, B4ltor ' -: ~: • V.* iu women ,»*» by rccognl « d wlhor , tta Oll „„ phases o( hame niakll)B Mrs. George Thurn, Associate Kdilor Physician Should Explain, However, Jusl What Patient May Have. l)»r Ktaders In Blythtvlllf: So many times the physician says "give a liquid diet" or "give her a light diet" and neglects to explain to the housekeeper just what is meant by these terms. And the housekeeper is left to wrestle with her imagination and lo worry as to whether she is giving her patient Just what he should have. II. is best to ask for more explicit directions. Liquid diets are those made up of milk, broths, fruit Juices, stritn- cd soups, strained gruels, and other drinks such as egg mixtures and Serve Lamb Like Hotel Chefs Do Leg of lamb Is the .champagne pUtter surrounded by hot vegeta- . medium-sized leg of Inmb (about bles, .it it '-.ttyjt i the < gourmet • appreciates. Besli!fss,.:.lts- delightful- ajoma and roast nt mod- another fifteen minutes, haste j again nnd lurn the meat over. At. j ench basting a cup of water should - .- you person- to be served. Afte The gruel Is usually a ctreal cooked in more water or milk than when intended as a breakfast dish, and seasoned differently. .Two ta- blesooons of barley, oatmeal, corn-; meal, cracked cereal: ' rice-, '.of' cracked wheal cooked 'In one 'quart ol milk, with' about. three-Iourliris leaspoon salt, for two fours', makes a plain gruel. 'It should"h'owe^'er be seasoned with a little nutmeg grated on the top, of 1 one' table-, siicon of sherry if the doctor willj permit that. or.brown sugar; and strained, served in a shallow bowl, and served hot of 'course. V Milk Punch One cup milk; one 'teaspoon of brandy; nutmeg, sugar. The milk should ue very cold, add brandy to 11. Ihen a liltle sugar, according'to the taste of the invalid, shake well, and grate a little nutmeg over the .top of the glajssful. Use whiskey or sherry in place of'the brandy. . ,., Egg Nog One egg. beaten; three', fourths tablespoon. (.. sugar;. .thr«|'.fo,urths nm milk; .nutmeg. Add sugir'to the beaten egg, beat one minute and add the milk, which should be very cold, sprinkle nutmeg on top. For variation, use cream instead of milk, either whipped or plain: increase ihe. egg amount; use cinnamon in place of nutmeg; bent in one and one half tea- snoons cocoa; or add melted chocolate. Chicken Broth One small chicken; one quart cold water; on.e teaspoon salt. Disjoint the thoroughly cleaned chicken, discarding all the fat and the organs. Orind the meat fine, crack the bones. Put with the water in the upper part of a double boiler and let stand an hour, then cook, very slowly for six to eieht hours over hot water. Strain, add salt. Let cool, skim off the fat. reheat and serve. Cooked rice or barley may be added if ordered by the physician. Beef Broth . canybuy,djhcafe : qn& : lny9ur^wh- minutes, basto again, adding two grojery/store.- •./-.-,..•,,....;-';--•--! bay le»v es . After the second basl- -" allow the oven to get a bit be the most, important part of your dinner and the appetizer, salac and dessert all should be simple and easy to digest. Wheat Cake Nourishing and; g ood-although- not as'lender.and fine-trained as cake, ^ -made with -white flour. Recipe given 'elsewhere ou the page. Cakes and Otter Desserts Made of Whole Wheat Flour brown sugar; five eggs; one cup table molasses; one 1 cup sour This is a filling and delicious EC-HP, which because of its components may serve as the main (iish of a family sup]>er, adding a falad. dessert and beverage with trend and butter for (he re<t of (lie menu. To make it. have ready: -Iwo Inblespoons butter; three tablespoons chopped green pepper; two tablespoons chopped onions; three tablespoons Hour; four cups beef slock tor prepared bouillon); one cup canned..tomatoes; one tablespoon grated horseradish: one teaspoon vinegar; one fourth cup of cooked rice; pepper, salt nnd cayenne to taste. Put the butter ir. an enameled sauce pan. add the green nopprr and onions and simmer for ten minutes; then add the Hour stirring smoothly, flic stock, tomatoes and seasoning. ' Simmer for twenty minutes longer. Strain One pouna lean beef; one half teaspoon salt. Use round steak or some other tender cut. Cut the m?at very fine and soak In three cups cold water tor one hour, to draw out the juices. Set'Over hot water in the upper rart of the double boiler, add salt and cook until the liquid is reddish brown den to twelve minutes). Strain, ndd more salt, to the taste of the patient. buttermilk Sttw Two cups buttermilk;, one half tablespoon butter; one teaspoon Binder; sugar or honey to sweeten. Put the buttermilk, butter and pincer in the saucepan and bring to the boiling point. Then sweeten to the taste of the patient and serve hot. Some doctors want the pinitcr omitted: others recommend flavorings of various types. Toist Use bread which is at least a rtav old; trim crusts: toast lightly but thoroughly on both sides, in an electric toaster. Spread with a little melted butter; or. cover with hot milk. Coddled Kfts Have ready a deep saucepan of boiling water, at least two cups of water for each egg. Lower the eg? in a tablespoon. Into the boiling water, remove pan from the heat &l once, cover let stand in a warm place for six minutes, or eight minutes for a little harder egg. Then plunge each egg into very cold water for a moment, crack fhell lightly in several places witu a knife, remove shell quickly, put CRF in a hot egg cup, serve as directed by the physician,, that! Is with 1 seasoning and biifclcr, if allowed. • • '('•'. —Mrs George Thurn. and those almost recovered from some aliment,'' call for mild sweets or . those ' made with whole wheat Sour, pith perhaps brown sugar or honey as trie sweetener. The recipes given here are all made with graham or whole wheat flour; and 'one Is sweetened with honey. Graham fmtilag Two ciips graham flour; one cup table molasses; one cup milk; one tablespoon ground cinnamon; one fourth, teaspoon salt; one teaspoon £0d»; one cup seedless raisins chopped fine. Dissolve the soda in about one fourth cup boiling water and add it to the other ingredients evenly- mixed together; ..add the raisins last..Rub a mould or large baking powder can with shortening, pour the', pudding in. and cover tightly witn the lid .also rubbed with shortening. Set in a kettle of boiling water, or a steamer, and steam for three hours. Serve hot with foamy sauce. Foamy Sauce One cup brown sugar: two tablespoons water; one tablespoon butter; one egg; one half cup sherry. Put the sugar, water and butter in a saucepan and heat but do not let them come to the boil- Ing.point. Beat-the egg very light then add the hot mixture, beating with..a wheel.egg beater until all is foamy and light/serve on. the pudding 'while -.still hot. ; •-' ' . . Pecan Cake : Three:- fourths \- cup .-'shortening- one-, and; one Mf° 1f '"'•'— • --—'-•'- - -•-* Distribute Dictlantrits MOSCOW (IIP)—Millions of dictionaries arc going into Soviet homes as a pirt of the Communist rrgi'i^s drive to spread knowl edge among the proletariat. The State Publishing Trust In 1933 Printed mere than 2,000,000 dictionaries, many of them Cn(ll£h whole wheat bread plates. in the so:ip cream; one teaspoon soda- Two' , A ,? oosc 5mcs as " watc 'idos" „ ™..._j _,_--°. ' . for the vicar of Kcwstoke, Eng- tablespoons ground ginger: one fourth teaspoon salt; three and one half teaspoon ground cinnamon; boiled Icing to cover it halves of walnuts or pecans foi the top. Cream the shortening and sugar well together, then add the eggs beaten to a froth. Sift tile dry ingredients tojether. and arid them, then add the molasses, cream and the soda dissolved in a little warm water. Stir well. Pour into a deep , cake pan which has been nibbed i with shortening. Bake in a moderate oven i'3oO degrees) for about' three quarters of an hour. Ice and. decorale with nut halves. See il- ? lustration. Whole Wheat Nut Cakes One cup shortening; two cups sugar; two eggs; three cups gra- i ham flour; one half teaspoon sail;! one and one half teaspoons bak-' ling powder; one and one halfi :H . tl cups chopped n:its; one half cup Cream the shortening and sugar together; add the eggs lightly! mu "' l i'- bealen and (he milk, mix well. | le "> x°» °i then ndd Hie Hour, sail and bak- w ing powd°r silted together, with uljrionrjs:'..'one. •-'half -cup PfWi^'one'.'cu'p' brandy or shram,....six ; -.eggs; : .= one :half' cup sexless .raisiiis'.';;,:...-:..- -'and' 5U ' -a' 5U - gar.UoRellier.;Hiijn' add •.th'e.crcani Brd.vbeat . smoslUli-/; aja.; silt and bakings powder ~^ilh 'af\c flbur.'lhen the? brah:'-si(t'irigs'-'to ' tho mixture. Chop /Ihc'riulb .and add lo rthe. nour;mixtufc;.thcn/add Hie plher-.mgredlents'.an'd-: beal well logclher. RUbJa-mpld'-wilhvshOTt- -- ening and - fill -ihree ' quarters - full •v'i -'a .tight cover 'and slesin :-for -Ihre hours, . Remove; the • cover ' and v set he :cake j in a hot' o«n luiitliuhe top is dry and delicately browned. *" ? lth hot ' sauce, or . Ice with - v, boiled -Iclns.. Madam, Save This Valuable Directory lilt of tho brands of India T;ai available inyour<o:n- Indi leal conlafn ' Tsa ... lea from lh« land wh«re Ihn world 1 ! fines! lea II grown. Each of P' """ brondj ij Irad-marked ~:ih l!ie Msp-oMndia [above], in addiHo.-. to Ihe brand name, v> graranlit lhal you a.-« gelling g«nuin* India T«o. i AIRWAY Ihe graham sittings returned lo Hie mixture. Add' the nuls and mix to a stiif dough. Roll out very thin, and cut with a round cutter. Bake on tins rubbed with shortening, in a hot. oven (400 degrees) for about fifteen minutes. 1 ' . Honey Cakes .-- One cup shortening; two cups liqticy: fiyc cups graham flour;, . — one teaspoon ground 'ginger: one; AtT uS ,\ll Dealers fourth.-teaspoon salt; one half cup I '"IEKICAX LADV ... All Dcslt.-s milk. I'ASTOR INDIA All flc.iicrs Melt the shortening but do not! BANQUET INUIA CEYLON let it get too hot. -then add the honey to this ancf mix together. Sift the flour, ginger and salt together, returning the tjraham sift- tfigs to the mixture. Add the milk S'y Hisgly or Safeway Slnrcs BESINIPIE l'ia«nmt and Freshly Brewed Tea Is the First Kssculial. JMIJXUS FOR TIIUKE TEAS Tin- Informal [e:i which is serv- ''i i<> lili'iuls dropping In for a li:i.f hour of gossip vnrlcs from '••'• loini;il tea only In the number l 'i ilnr.^.s served ami the character <•' i In- service; the Informal tea "«iy In- .served from a tray hastily l : "t tiiucilier In the kitchen, and "m.-bliiii; of small tea set of (limn -.\aiv or earthenware. The iii"iv [iiniuii Is served ":omi<l a li-a | : ib!e. as ulubonitc «'iih inn. S ii m -. beaiillful china '""I imen as the house budget pi ruins. ( »i» at each, (he [ea must 1« • '•'turn and freshly brewed. Ihc S'lffNsork's tlu> traditional ones; il-in slices of lemon, sugar, Ihii: iH-iiin or milk, TlHw menu suggestions are for informal teas: Clnnnmon Toast Toasted Cheese Crackers 1ml Cup Cakes Tea with Lemon, or Cream Tiiasied Muffins anil Jam Cream Cheese. Sandwiches Chocolate Cookies Tea with Lemon, Cream, Sugfir IVanul liuiicr Sandwiches W'uler Cress Sandwlche.'! Unlc Ears with Cream. Lemon. Sugar Three Formal Teas Nut Pound Cnke Ai-sortci! Smnll cuke.s and Cookies Kollccl Ham Snndwlclics Anchovy Discults Smoked Salmon Ciuinpc.s Trri Cream Lemon * * • Toasted Scones, Jam Chc-ow ami Pimento Sandwiches Urown-Siicnr Cinnnmon Tonsl Iced Cookies Cl:ocolnte Marble Cuke Tiny Strawberry Tnrls Tea Crenni I/eiiion Colfce, CrKim Mints * '5 * Asjorlcd Camiiws Toastrd Clit-esc Crnckcrs Rolled Sandwiches Tiny iced Cup Cakes Brownies Coffee' Cream Tea Cream Lemon Assorted Mints and Bon Bons PORTLAND. Ore. (UI'>— Oregon! 1833 hop crop has been set at Q8.COO bales by government officials. Approximately 17.000 ncres were in production. Both figures are larger Ulan for 1032 and 1931. All Dcal-rt BO-KA Indcpcndcrt All nr.iltri! All nrili-n All llralrrs and stir to a dough stiff'ciiduelil FltEK(;H MARKKT .. All Dm ITS •'••• - • -• GOLDEN DRIP All Dralrrs FAUST FKSTAL HAM. . FOKRKS' QUALITY GRANT CABIN TKA KAI,1,S to roll. Cut with a cookie cutter, nnd bake on a tin rubbed with shortening, in a hot oven (423 de- £rccs) for about twenty minutes.i '' lr ' llT m ' ASIA All Dralrrs --,.. Poond Cike • on« - cup>tlrortsning;• two • cupa • GRADE A Raw Milk Phone 1* Craig's Dairy Independent Grm'Ts MONARCH . Indcrenilcnl GTIKTS MORMNO JOY All Dralrrs Ol'EKO . Uggctfj & Ucxall Slnres PRIDK OK INOIA ... AH Dr.ilrrs RANNEV'.S FINEST .. All Dealers SANTA FK AH n r alm ROBIN All Dcjlcrs WHITE RIBBON .... AH Dealrrs When You Ask for REELFOOT BACON You Get the\ Choicest Quality Produced ! Practically every market | in Blytlipvillti is MOV/ handling t h c famous Reelfool line of fresh • and cured meats. It will pay yo>i lo ask for Hcclfool products. U'c especially, r e c ommcml our hijjli tirade bacon, country style cural ham and llial soort old Reel- foot satisa<;e. Try them once and you'll demand them hereafter. Reynolds Packing Co. CITY, TENN. PAGErFlVK Hcie Are Three Recipes for Hot Breads Thai Will Please. !)« yon know how to mnke corn muffins? There Is no better llino to servo them, and other hot bu'iids thiui oil these mid-winter menus. ' Corn Muffins One half cu|> yellow corn meal; oiu 1 cup (lour; three leusuoons of baking iwwder; one teaspoon su- BIU-: one rourlh teaspoon salt; t\™ Uib!i'.'i>oons .shortening; one Imir cup milk, one egg. Mix tin- Vornmeal, Hour, baking IKnvdcr, sugar i\nd salt together by siniiiK. Melt the shortening, and udtl It to (he dry Ingredients siliThUf In slowly. Add the milk, inn! \vell beaten egg. Pour In muffin tins rubbed with shortening, nnil bake In a hot oven 1400 degrees) for twenty minutes. KtKkss Muffins One cnii Hour; one cup corn menl; two tiiblesjioons sugar; one half teaspoon stilt; one cup sour milk; two tablespoons melted shortening; one 'teaspoon soda; two tablespoons baking jiowdcr. Sift (he conimcnl, Hour, sugar mid .salt together. Add the milk llent to H bnltcr and let It stand covered, over night. In the morn- Ing ndd the baking powder, melted shortening, and the soda dissolved In a little hot water. Bake In muffin tins rubbed with shortening In a. hot oven (400 degrees) fur about twenty minutes. Rice Gems Two tablespoons rice; one cup writer; one half cup milk; whiles of two eggs; one cup flour; three tcasijoons bilking powder; two In- ulesinons incited shortening; one fourth (cnspoou salt. Boll Ihc rice with the water until well done. Then stir in the nillk. Cook uijtil creamy. Add to the cooked rice the beaten whites of the eggs, nnd the flour into which the seasoning nnd baking liowdcr Imve been sifted. Sllr until ... and creamy, 'llien add the shortening and mix well. Pour Into hoi muffin pans nibbed with Hioilcnlng. Bake In n moderate I oven (3M degrees) until browned i»»uMLwcnly; mlnules. Sevvc hot! Popovers " One cup dour:, one fourth teaspoon salt; one cup milk; two M? S ' if* "'" SI>00 " """«! butler. Mix ltu> flour nnd salt; odd Ihc II.' 'T, 1 ',,"' 0 IW >' olks ' i> Ll *> Hie »lilies stiff anil mid th om (() lhc other Ingredients. Melt Ihe butter "I" add thai. Hcnl the mixture with an egg uealer inilll very llghil dud foniny. Heat Iron nuiffi,, tins ' rub them with shortening, fill with' the- mixture, and bnte In a very! hot oven (415 degrees) for twenty 1 minutes, or until they arc puffed up nnd brown. Turn off heal let Hand ten minutes in the oven I then serve nt once. "Ncprrsslon Club" Optlmlstta IMLTON, Oa. (Ul 1 )— Concrete; evidence thai the depression isl over Is borne out. by the fuel the "Depression Club," pamposcd ol prominent Dallon women, has changed its naiui! to the "New Deal Club." Tomorrow You Hny It . for th! Roasting Date on tl'c Can. "tllGHER in FOOD VALUE* fine for growing Children CASH GROCERY PHONE =603 Saturday and Monday LETTUCE ORANGES NiCL ' ffl " '"'r Extra large Head 7JC Yolltnv, Ripe 1,1). GRAPE FRUIT HENS Fant'.v Full Dressed Ib. lie CELERY Jumbo Slulk IOC Kach CAULIFLOWER 9 C CCCOANUTS r ""' 0 'S 4 C Veal Roast F:mcy lill; FctI Ib. lOc BACON Iti Uic I'ictc Ib. lie SAUSAGE Pure Meat Pound 5c Coffee lb.Can27c All ,'irands Ib. lOc Blylhcvillc. Cut N'o. 2 Cans 3 Cans 25c No. 2 Starilaid 3 Cans 25c CATSUP EfifiS lanty Sekcl ! " fcrlilc Hell of Saiix Cily. Petit : 1CC _ I'ois. No. 2 Can i-J SOAP l>iilinolivc - No Limit BIRD SEED French's OCC 2 for

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