The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 25, 1938 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, February 25, 1938
Page 7
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KK1DAY, PEBRUAftV 25, 1938 BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COU1UEH NEftS CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Daily rale ner line [or cijnsccu- /ivc inserllons: One time per line lOc Two times per line per day ...0?c Three times per Hue per day . .OGc Six times per line per day 05c Month rate per line COc Cards of Thanks 50c Ss 75c Minimum charge 50c Ads ordered for Wirec or six fifties and stopped before c.vplra- t ('.«> will bo cliarged [or the nuni- l t?r of times (lie adrt appeared and Adjustment of bill made. All classified Advertising copy submitted by persons residing outside of the city must be accompanied by cash. Rates may be easily computed from above table. Advertising ordered for irregular insertions takes (lie one time 'rate. No responsibility will be taken for more than one incorrect Insertion of ntiy classified nd. itusincss Directory HARRY BAILEY'S CURVE IN CAFE Good Food at Good Prices •All Kinds Sea Food Fresh Crappic Cigarettes 2 for 25c HARRY BAILEY'S Holland, Mo. Phones S-F-4 & 878 For Rent For Sale Modern bedroom, steam hcul, ,cu-( 5 , 1 ™'" ho " SC WUh l '?, l Lif' ld . toth ' sonable. 8 8 W T Y T' "'""'l " f Tcrms> Walnut. " i r-t -i Ilnl »«<>atc pOBsesslon. ». Ham_" llt " J I mock. Tom Little Chevrolet Co. 317 Doiigan—?25.00 1133 West Ash-530.00 Phone 100—E, D. Ferguson 24-ck-U Newly decorated 'J loom fwwshe;! aparlment. Very reasonable. 717 Chicknsiuvba. lfl-ck-l!ti I lunbcr cheap. 1 :$ Strike Brought Death Threats Good flooring nnd lumber . Mrs. Henry Rcldman. 15-pk-3-15 Living room, l>cdroom nnd kitchen furniture. Stoves. Phone 5112-J. Mrs. Brivle Morris jr. H-ck-3-5 Four room house. 1)07 Call next door. Holly St. 22-pk-3-l Furnished apartment, newly decorated. 108 W. Kentucky, phone 083. 22-pk-3-l -1 Burke Hardware fixture.* for sale-. Box "B", Courier News. H-ck-3-H Well arranged, newly decorated. 4- room apartment,.' Unfurnished. Private bath. 1129 West Ash, phone 582-M. 21-cMl Comfortable bedroom, ion wal-i ,. ,, nut. Call 10 1 ' 19 <-k if' Com " !ctp ln volume set of Stnn- .— 1 '" '_ I dnrrl Reference nooks with loose Comfortable bedroom lor yenlle-i lcaf Wilder. Coll 239 or TO2. mun. Phone 277-J. Call at 025 MULES FOR SALE DE1TA JMPLEMENT CO. Hay—Soybeans—Ofils Bccd Corn—Milch Cows And Trnclor Work. See W. L. Tale, Armorcl, Ai'k. Main, Three-room iiirutehed apartment, 713 Chickasawba. E. M. Eaton. lfl-ck-tl. Comfortable bedroom adjoining bath. 'Gentleman only. 113 \V. Main, phone 80G-W. 7-ck-'ll Coal My Cflal Is Black But 7 Treat You While. LOCAI, HAULING John Buchanan Bl.vthcviUc, Ark. rhone 107 40 Acres land. Require stock, feed, tools. D. R. Garner, Armorel. DUPLE*— 3 & 4 ~ apartments. Private 280. Radio Service EXPERT RAIH6 SERVICE Complete LhVe 6if PARTS, TUBES, B*TERLES UardaVvay AiJpHah'ce Co. Main & 5th 233 Nicety furnished bedrooms. Steam heal, convenient to bath. Call 560- 15-ek-3- Nicely furnishcrt sleanmcBled ted- voom. 603 \V. Main, call C42. li-ck-3-14 SAVE flic Top of Your Furniture With Glass All rtcsijrj'is cut A finished CALL US RlythcVillc Paint & Wallpaper Phone 880 baths, call 26-ck-tf Nicely furnished room entering into bath. Innerspring mattress. Will plve 3 nicals a day. Call 638. 818 Cliiokasawba. '25-da-da Furnished comfortable bedroom. 516 Walnut. Phone 38 i. 10-ck-tr One corhfortable bedroom, Call Mrs. 8. S. Sternbeig, 081. I2 Holly. 28-ck-2-28 Fomici teath'er folder with 2 keys. Owner can have same b.v paying cost of this ad. Black leather key holder containing one key. Owner can have same by paying cost df this ad Courier News. ,4Kifbfs Active Live* PiUs ' Arouse Sluggish Livers RolleveJ bllftniiltt.. c'p'n'BtliiVCoi iild bu»u«che,. Aeliv« Llvet .Pillk gtt i't thr real cause 01 >OUT tln(jgie'tineBi tnu piake you 'eel like a new ptrioi. Hid ?uur tfBteiD ol «urplua noiBon> *-<th ActiTf blver I'illj. U»iirle««, zeuils. Hold «t ill Klrbj llru* Slorei. 15-fa-fn Pasts, 12'-c each. Jell M. Rt. 2, Smitlivllif. Ark. Glass ill S. 2nd Hatchery B»hv Clicks HATCHING. Mnrilvn Hatchery. BlvHiei'ille, Ark H W 'I North. Phone 742. Athon* the Tbdas, hill people of southern India, a dairy is a sanctuary and a milkman is ;i gotl. before whom everyone bows down He delivers ncivicc to those who ask it nnd no one may touch his divine person NIIHS T!|tV rro AMAItU,U), 1> X . ,U!'J .- Tllr Aniniillo Nc\vs-0)ol)c has adopted a pmii for netting Its i-o.irter.s in- lerostod in lipping the pann 1 off on news events. Three nrl/cs. one of $5 and («•(, nt S3 KIT. ottered endy v.'eek. 1 lu> (Utit iVviOT wfls wll | )y Mrs. !rn M. n.iii ington who pluuuxl Die |),ii>;r unit tt cat Imd In-on -'Vi'ink-ii Htoji a telephone pole for 18 1 1011 is. Mnnifil ('uuph-s «« Tnliel NEWUURCJH, N. Y. (UPl- I'-our on « limn, would crush mm. PAY $2 WK "< K| < V . iiiMer, won- nmtitui a special pane) 0 | 100 Jinws drawn (o nerve on ,,n orungo ComUv Ccnirt jury. Thr Jury idll M for iv ninrd'T i rial. , Then- i:, „ Btni- timwn only us' A. f. plus no degvi'O.s 82)7,"' Hint s TOiii|in.<n| of nmlrrinl M huiuy that 11 Mivii) pinch ol It, If dropped FOWLER" DRUG CO YOU It I'KKSCKU'TION DHUGOIST Main A 1'hone 141 Charged by the A. P. -of L. with favoring a rival union in a maritime strike lo the cxloiH tliiil .she "was practically the lutsinccs iigf.-nl of the C. I, O.", ualionally prominent Mrs. Elcanore M. Hcv- riek, Regional Director, nt Now V'orli of the National Labor Hela'.ions Board, is seen above as si* told the Senate Commerce; and Labor Committee that A. I 1 ', of L. accusation iras false, and declared that during strike settlement negotiations "anonymous threats against my lifc'luul beet) made." |-ARM LOANS""" 1500 utid Vf Arkuusns And Ml.utuirt J Low-si tatts—lowest mu'nsi H. KASSRRMAN Thom.w Lund Co. OfTlcc f. 0. Box 470, Phono 627. And Smiilj Down K'N'JOY A CJENIJJ'NK CnliVKO Auto Radio ONI A' CURVKOI.KT pf.\-is you !!uuii\nlped Selccl-0-Kiiillc Tirti- Ins. Push a button nnd thtw's your :;ltUion. Com* In Today! Kef nnd Heni 1 Ihls .wnsaliomM wx radio. You too will vraiU cue c n your <•«)•. Auto & Household Radios Repaired TOM LITTLE CHEVROLET CO. 3(.t U'ulmil I'hoiie W PAGE 8EVXS SEEDS I'liilKfnr B»«i» of AH Xliidji Wholesale''* Kctali W.- Q: REEVES »«• H. R. 81.: ItylhevUlf, Ark, * ACEtYlENk WELDING «&sr«&s Barksdak Mfg. Co, Hemorrhoids-Piles CUHEI) WITHOUT SURGKRY & GUAHANTKKU Ssft, sore *nA n!lh leu dliconitort. All sore *nA n!lh leu dliconitort. dlsi'asm anil ronilltlunn of nervouj cured at our clinic. rout illlmfnts nnd skin csncfra trotted and USED &CARS ALL TUUCKS TICK!) 'J'O PASS Sf Alt; INSl'KCtlON. Phone 802 Delta implements, Inc. Dri. Wert jfe Wert \oprbsiriBisTii <£$ Joe UUc«' 8tor» "WE MAKE 'EX 8KB" ' J. C. EVANS Box 601 Blytlievllle, Ark; District Manager ILTON TKUST fUNU Sponsored I!y Haiulliou Dtposltora Corp. Hubert Utley's Service Station and Cafe All [.riKlliif Itrnjuls o{ Rt(i; Whiskey, wine, dins Anil CordloU 1M'.A[.K11 IN C'o;il — Huy _ f. _ I''S 66 13!$o TAX PAID CIOAHKTTKS Z |ik. Urn- i)r $1.15 per C'Srloli 24 Hour Service ».«'. CI, t'hoiic 11 Holland, Mo. Now, lacaM al lOl'Noilh Second ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU > HON KDWAKDS, Vroprlcl* C'alcnlalors—Itcp^lrliiff—i'jru—Hftiljonj All makes of Itcbullt Tyiicwrlltrs, Adding MacUlhe* « CKlciiltilovs—Itcnuirliig—I'uits— Metal key ring with 13 keys. Found near High School. Owner can have same by paying cost of this ad. Batteries BATTERY SERVICE .1 Ben Clune Phone 8 at Tom Jackson's Room and Board MEN OLD AT 40! GET PEP. New Ostrex Tonic Tablets contain raw oyster mvigorators and other Stimulants. One dose starts ncv.v pep Value $1.00. Special price SSc. steam heated room with board Call, write Kirby Bros. Drug Stoic I 803 \V. Ash, phone 151. ]2ck3-12 Blind Author HORIZONTAlr » Answer to Previous Puiz'.c 1, 5 Unusual, deaf nnd blind %voman. 10 Smell. .JI French measure. 12 Do not. 14 Slaves. 16 Humor. 17 South America. 18 Suitable. 20 Musical note. 21 To exist. 22 God of war. m Grain. 25 To separate from others. 20 Family o£ bees. .11 Networks. 32 East Indian disease. 33 To rub out. 35 To arrogate. 37 Sun god. .18 Snare. 41 Verse. 43 Electric unit. ' 44 Mother. 46 Ocean. -!7 Being. •18 Afternoon. •19 Roman •garment. M Cut of meat. as a public 1 Stop! Z Whirlpools. ."i Booty 53 Fold of thread 4 Sc ., P3g}( , 55 Enemy ol tnc 5 Osculating. S^s- 6 Gibbon. H7 Finish. 7 To Sail nearer 58 To wait upon , the wind. 59 Mrs. Anne/ 8 Flag. .Macy was 0 Musical note. 54 By. her friend 13 Playhouses. 55 Sound of. and-—. 15 Tympanic pleasure. 60 She is known membranes S3 Southeast. DRS. NIES & NIES Ostcormthlc Pfaystclaiu Vhone 9) except another dairy COBB FUNERAL HOME' SO MOO HAS A \ /QUITE 7H'CONT(2ARy DICTATOR MOW EH? \ QUEEM UMPA.' VOU ' WELL, NOW I SUPPOSE) 'WILL RETAIM7H' EXPECT ME TO J 7HKOM& AM' HAMDOVER TH' .-A TAN 1H' DIGrJ)TV CROWW.' / ^. THGREOP OO SOU THlMK I'M GOWWA JUS7 Sit AEOUWD ANJ' ORDEE.5 HWMPH.' HOW CONSIDERATE WELL, DICTATOR, i I'LL TAKE A WALK - IF /PERMf'S VOU WILL PERMIT.' MV PEAR. <?L)EEfJ IF Vdu'D FIND }T MORE ME AS DICTATOR., WILL DICTATE VOUR POLICIES.' TAKE STANPIWG/ ~_ . .. 1 . -*».(/?.'-'/,YI" I Yllt \WVIy riMa BV NE< SERVJCE. INC. T. M. REo'u.S. F->.T. 0Ff BOOTS AND HER RUDDIES Willie's T\vo-l«»= w..r'i, off To A 6000 OMVOCVi. -Sr\' OOOS MOW WASH TUKHS A HOBO TRIP IN ^ BUZZARD! • ^^ H F vRD OF ftNY - \ K| WDK "DRftFTY ON, |TH1W& SO CftAiy IN MY LIFE. A.MOTHER MILE ON THAT FREIGHT TRMN, VOU CRWLK- WE'DA FROZEN DEATH UJOT'STH MATTER ? WHEN I GET REAL COLO. HELP! MUftOEfe* ITS MLUKKME! T. M.'atC. U. 5. P\T. Off. FRKCKLES AND HIS I'UIEIS'DK BY'MKRRILL THAT BOV LED ME T& BELIEVE TMERE V/AS Oil. O}-! MY PROPERTY, So I CANCELLED HIS LEASE 3 KJUTTY WAS OIL ow TM'AT PPopEprrY.' i f.-V-DE HIM BEJLtE>/E. EY THOUGHT THE CHSCkS I SEUT WERE POP. OIL ROYALTIES .' IT V/AS f/!Y \VA\ CF' SEEtKra MOV/ THE-i''D ACT ;l ^^E^r' HAD PL&/TY IF YOU DOSl'T <3ET OFF THESE ^/tv• WEPMEV/ IS GOIJ-'G TD 1-1AVE TO WATCH HIS UWCLE PUMCH A MAH NAMED SCUTTLE RIGHT OH THE NOSE U SPEWT DEVELOP V/ELL .' EtJDIrJG f/OklEY V/OR7HY FAMILY of I he car. 16 She is also famous as IDVagianls. 21 Blessed. 23 Ascended. 26 English coin. 27 Note in seals. 28 Babylonian deitv. 29 Lava. 30 Mcoiey apple, 34 Branched. 3STo move away. 39 Bronze. -10 Father. 11 Vcrus(>'. 12 Writing fluid. •15 Large toad. •48 Pig's meat. "'i9 To make 50 Part of a circle. 52 Half, an cm. Meadow.

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